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The Penthouse On Demand

The Penthouse On Demand


Episode 72-Recap the solar eclipse from yesterday, more celebrity nude photos released and G's buddy had a girl problem. Go figure.79 min
Episode 71-Of course we talk about the eclipse, a guy that rigged the lottery and what would you do to make up for bad service.79 min
Episode 70-Jaylah from our sister station Wild 955 and Mia joins us for a couple hours and you don't want to miss this159 min
Episode 69-Come reminise about Robert DeNiro movies, odd sex facts and hot celebrities with small boobs.76 min
Episode 68-G's buddy put his foot in his mouth, G, tells us about the night he got engaged and find out the oddest places we made woopie.159 min
Episode 67. Greek meets the man doing his wedding ceramony, we take a ride in the way back machine and a celebrity got hurt doing a stunt.78 min
Episode 66-find out about Judge Judy's big pay day, Greek is one step closer to his wedding, Elvis is still making money and lots more.80 min
Episode 65. More funny antics and another special appearance by Neon Leon.158 min
Find out about Greeks moms birthday, we have a new Greek mispeak and Psychic Radio Star Neon Leon joins the program.79 min
Here is the latest and greatest Greek Mispeak for your listening pleasure.1 min

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