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April 9, 2024 11 mins
Dr. Corey Pompey talks with Shawn about the UW Marching Band's Spring Concert.
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Eight forty five thirteen ten Wiba Madisonin the morning. It's just a beautiful
day out there. It's spring likeweather, which means the UW Marching Band
and the Spring concert right around thecorner coming up April nineteenth and twentieth.
That's a Friday and Saturday. Ticketinformation and tickets also available online at UW

Badgers dot com. That's YOUW Badgersdot com. Joining us in studio is
the doctor Corey Pompea. Corey,how you doing good to see it?
I think I ask you this everyyear for doctor. Am I only person
I calls you doctor? Everybody callsyou to call you doctor. It just
depends a lot of work to geta doctorate. It is a lot of
work. Well, it's great tosee you, and of course we've got

the big spring concert coming up justa couple of weeks from now. Tickets
still available. Tickets are still available. We hope that that those of you
who are listening, if you're interestedin doing something over the weekend next week.
Said of joining us, it's it'sa great experience. And I was
telling you, I love I loveseeing it. I love rewatching the videos,

whether on YouTube or other places.As well. Let's talk about that
the marching band and the band itselfand a little bit about your role is.
Uh, you know, these arevery talented young people that that play
in the band, and there's alot as I why, I think what
I'm always impressed by is the coordinationand that doesn't just come innately. That

that requires a lot of hard work, doesn't it. It's a lot of
practice, more than most people realAnd it's not it's not as we're sitting
here in a comfortable studio. Uh, these kids are you know, they're
out on the football field that yousee them on game day, walking up
and down, going place to place. It's it's not just an inate ability

to to to be a musician,but you've also got to have a good
level of stamina as well, don'tyou. Absolutely those those there's a high
level of physical activity involved and thatstarts on the very first day of what
we call Ridge week and it continuesthroughout the football season. Let's talk about
it. I was as asking,of course, talking this morning with doctor

Corey Pumpei with the UW and theMarching Band band director, and as we
think about this stuff for kiddos inhigh school right now, maybe parents,
grandparents listening. I know all thekids are in class already this morning.
But for those that are listening,what's kind of that process? For people
that always dream of being a badger, being part of the band, what's
kind of that process for them?What should they be thinking about to try

and try and achieve that goal.Well, there's an audition process, and
so if they're high school students ormiddle school students that have aspirations of being
in the band, what they needto do most of all is to continue
to listen to their teachers and improvethe musicianship. And so that's the one
thing everybody can do that's going tobe in the band. It's just be

a decent musician. Now, themarching that is not an eight. That's
probably the thing that levels the playingfield for everybody because it's so different than
what everyone else does. And sowe teach people how to do that.
Let's talk about your background. Youuh, sax is your is your instrument
of passion? Correct? Saxophone wasmy instrument? Yes, indeed, So

when you teach you do you havea special ear for for the sax when
you're when you're working with the withthe students or is it is that one
of those areas where you go,I'm a little tuned in, a little
extra toe sometimes okay, sometimes atleast certainly you know a lot of times
when you listen listening to a wholebunch of instruments, you can hear things

that that, uh, not exactlythe way you need it to be.
But sometimes when it comes to thesaxophone, I can pinpoint it just a
little quicker, sure, simply becauseI played it. What about with with
the with the concept, and ofcourse we mentioned tickets are still available?
How long? And I'll want toask you a little bit about this this

year's program, because there's some reallygreat highlights as always that we need to
touch on. But real quick,just for the planning for this event,
this is this is something as wetalk about the students getting ready for months
and months and months and behind thescenes, you've been getting ready for this
for for quite a while as well, haven't you, doctor. We have

it's it's a lot of a lotof moving pieces, a lot of meetings,
and a lot of planning into it, that's for sure. So speaking
of planning a timely performance this year, of course, are you going to
be playing the hits you want tobe a badgeer all that stuff, but
also music of the nineties and musicof Taylor Swift too new, you know,

it's so interesting. The reason we'redoing a Taylor Swift show is because
a lot of the students have askedus to do it, and so this
is you know, months and monthsbefore you know, her relationship was in
the news, but you know,it's been pretty serendipitous. That is fantastic

timing with that, and we thinkabout kind of putting together that program brought
appeal. That's the other great thingabout the about the Marching Band is there's
definitely something for everybody pop obviously someof the traditional stuff. I mean,
this is really an event for everanybody that loves being entertained. We certainly
hope. So one of the thingsthat we do when we're talking about the

setlist is aim is to have somethingon for everyone. You mentioned Taylor Swift,
So if you're really young, youknow you're probably gonna like that a
lot. You know, the nineties, that's a very particular generation. So

hopefully we'll we'll check all the bucks. You calling us old, well,
I happened to like the music fromthe night. So no, not old
at all. When we talked aboutmusic in the nineties, what are some
of the some of the songs thatare on the setlist? Are you holding
that holding that park back? Well, I can say, uh, we

will have some of the I don'tknow if standard bears just the right word,
but you know Madonna was big inthe early nineties, as was Britney
Spears and the Spice Girls, andso you can expect to hear some music
from those people. Oh, thatshould be absolutely fantastic. As mentioned,

of course, tickets are available forboth shows Friday and Saturday. That's the
nineteenth and the twentieth of April.Details online youw Badgers dot com. That's
UW Badgers dot com. Of courseyou can always stop by the box office
fourteen forty Monroe Street and doctor Let'sI mentioned earlier a little bit about your
background, and I had asked youbefore we came on the air when you

started playing playing instruments in music,and the question I had for you,
which is did you know right awaythat this was something that you were that
you were destined to do? Andyou said no, not not really?
Is that is that the case?For a lot of musicians where they just
maybe pick up an instrument one dayand don't really know where it could lead
them. I think for a lotof musicians, not certainly, not all.

You know, from time to timeyou run into musicians where it was
a family thing and so they knewfrom an early age that's what they were
going to do because it was alwaysaround. That was not the case for
me, you know, I don'tcome from a family of musicians that just
happened to be in a good schoolsituation that had music offerings. I took

them and this is where it hasled. Not a medicinative. If you
are from Alabama, well, Isound like it, though not a little
bit you sold me. I triedunsuccessfully to you know, speak a little

bit. What's that? What's yourfavorite Badger song? Is out of the
so coming to coming to the universityand being part of this for you?
What's your favorite one to play in? What's your favorite UW band song?
That they just give your those onlyone right, even if there was a
different I would never say it noon Wisconsin. Next question, what's your

second favorite? Well, I reallyenjoy if you want to be a bachelor,
So out of the Wisconsin songs,I really do enjoy On Wisconsin.
I kid, I happen to thinkit's one of the best fight songs in
the country. You listen to someof the other this this is gonna sound
bad. So if I seem overthe negative right now, I ask for

everyone's forgiveness. But some of thecollege fight songs are really bad. I'm
just grateful that we have one that'sreally popular. And quite frankly, a
lot of high schools around the countryuse on Wisconsin as the basis for their
fight song. So it's really ajoy to play that every week. How

much do you and the musicians feedoff of the audience interest and involvement and
excitement. I mean, that's gotto be infectious for everybody. It is
infectious. It makes a difference.Now the students enjoy what they do so
much, they're gonna go out anddo what they do to the best of
their ability. But when the crowdappreciates them, there's something in eight about

it, and it helps them tolift their performance up even more. I
love seeing Homecoming and that when someof the former musicians players come back,
and I'm kind of gonna get achance to relive that. I mean,
what a once in a lifetime experience. And also as we talk about experiences
for folks that haven't been to theSpring concert, it's great for We talked

about great for everybody, and Ithink once people go, it's hard not
to go the following year. Imean, you see a lot of folks
going year after year after he becomesa family tradition, doesn't it. You
know, it is a family oftradition. And the people that love the
band are really loyal and we appreciatethem for that. It's a great day
to order those tickets now again Aprilnineteenth and twentieth. Details available as well

as tickets available online. Youw Badgersdot com. That's UW Badgers dot com.
Calso ordered by phone eight hundred GoBadgers, or stop on in right
at the ticket office fourteen to fortyMonroe Street. Doctor Pumpey, it's always
great to see you, and you'realways engaging, and I love what you've
done with the band, and keepup the good work and continued success.

Thank you so much. We appreciateit. News comes your way next right
here thirteen ten Wi
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