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May 16, 2024 8 mins
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Eight fifty thirteen ten WIBA, alittle over a week away from broadfaest.
Oh yeah, it's going to bea great, great year at Broadfast.
We'll talk about entertainment and some ofthe other events going on at Broadfast.
And joining us this morning is JeffSchrader of course with Broadfast and Jeff before
we get rolling on all the justcool things, and you know who doesn't

love Broadfast, Let's talk real quickabout volunteer opportunities. I know for organizations,
they've got their applications and there's anumber of fantastic charities folks can volunteer
to work for or work their workhours go to. Let's talk about how
that kind of all works when itcomes to volunteers. Jeff, oh sure,

I'd love to. And thanks againfor having us on. You know,
it wouldn't be a Broadfast without kickingit off on thirteen yet. Now
I know it's really I know it'shere when we have our conversation and tell
you what's going on and what's newestbroadcastppreciate it. Yeah, we're I'm on
Willow Island right now. Kevincaff andI are marking tenth with a GPS unit

and we've got the broad ten goingup. We'll be working for the next
three days, four days, andwe'll all the way up until next Thursday
getting this place ready for all ofour volunteers and all of our guests.
The volunteer situation has always been achallenge, you know, and this year
we're not bad. On Friday andSaturday. We've still got some spots open

both for set up as well asduring the festival and teardowns, so there's
there's opportunity for charities to earn money. And to the way it works,
as you've asked, is that avolunteer organization or any individual volunteer signs up
for a three hour shift for example, and then we raised the money that

we pay to the charity to twelvedollars an hour this year just to help
encourage for participation and that charity.We paid to the charity that twelve dollars,
and the volunteer earns money for theircharity or they pick one of the
broadcast Broadfast charities to donate their timetoo. And that's how we raise one
hundred, one hundred and twenty thousanddollars, probably a little bit more this

year over it's done two point seventyfive million since we started, and this
is over forty over forty years nowwe've been raising funds for the charities in
the Dame County area. And it'sa lot of fun and a great way
to kick off summer. And it'sa great way for families to get together
and you know, show the peoplein their family, the children as are

growing up, just you know,how to do something for something other than
yourself and provide for a good cause. It is. It's a fantastic cause.
It's a great great weekend of eventscourse Memorial Day weekend out on Willow
Island. It is broadcast more informationvolunteeropportunities, uh a different event opportunities,
musical lineups as well, all availableat broughtfest dot com. That's brought Fest

all one word dot com. Allthat information right there on the website.
And it's interesting, Jeffrey, whenyou mentioned, uh, the GPS stuff,
I someth that is that is somethingthat has never dawned on me,
is when you guys walk out there, Uh, you've got a blank slate
and but you've got to kind ofput together this this puzzle and for folks
like for example, what take yourBrought to Work Day, which is one

of the most most finely tuned machinesin all of Madison. How everything flows
that day. It is It isimpressive to watch. But it's weird now,
as when you mentioned that, it'sweird to think that there's a that
there is a point where that planis like we are literally starting with a
blank slate and it's such a sucha fantastic thing. And of course take
You're Brought to Work Day. Forfolks who don't know, let's talk a

little bit about that event. Well, you know, to your point on
the GPS, Yeah, we Kevinand I would come out and we would
line up the corner of the bigbroadcast sixty by one hundred and twenty with
a couple of trees, and oncewe would line it up, then we
kind of mark it off. Andonce we got that set, then the

rest of the festival kind of revolvedaround that. And then we decided,
well, why don't we use aGPS. And his friend at Nighter Excavating
came out and he GPS did.We came out the next year they cut
down the trees. I mean,if we hadn't GPS, it we'd still
be here trying to figure out whereto start. And yeah, now it

goes pretty well now and the takeyou're brought to work day is it's an
amazing you know. We get outhere about three thirty four in the morning
and on Friday the twenty fourth,and everything's set up so that we have
a couple of lines for large ordersand small orders. I mean, if
you want one brat, you candrive through. If you want one hundred

brots you can drive through. Itdoes help if you have bigger orders.
The pre orders so that we canget I'm ready for you. And between
six and nine we'll probably do twentythousand brats and probably another ten thousand between
nine o'clock and noon we have delivered. So we work with an organization called

Do Good Wisconsin that delivers brats tobusinesses all over town. And all that
you have to do is call inand he'll bring one hundred and two hundred
broads to your business and you cantreat the office and have a picnic and
celebrate the Memorial Day for all thisglory kicking off again this Friday, the
twenty fourth, running through the MemorialDay weekend. It is broadfast It's back,

brought to you by Johnsonville and Metcalfsand Jeffrey. You mentioned Kevin.
I love seeing both of you outthere. You know, there's never a
slow moment. There is just somuch great stuff going on. Let's talk
about some of the music I knowhere at thirteen ten WIBA, we'll have
an opportunity for folks to win someVIP passes to see the Village People.

They're one of the headliners. You'vegot a little something for absolutely everybody when
it comes to music, don't you. I think it's one of the best
lineups that we've had yet. Ithink I say that every year. But
Michael Alexander is our music director,and we've got Village People. On Friday
Night we've got Bobaflex. Saturday wehave Lanco and then Quiet Riot. That

will be a night. I meanthat Saturday night, it's gonna be a
great night as well. Sunday we'vegot Neil McCoy and then we've got Tiger
Lilly Gold, a couple of youngladies from Nashville that has two Country Music
Awards nomination, one for Best Albumand one for Best Song. They finished

in the top five. I'm reallylooking forward to that. Actually, their
seventy five bands, three days offree music, free live music, and
I mean I anticipate this is goingto be a crazy weekend. It should
be great. Folks. Got timeto plan forward, get everything ready,
whether it's getting stuff ready to placeyour order for take your brought to Work

Day. If you're gonna do abig order, you're gonna do a small
one or a big one. Youcan still just head through. But as
Jeffrey mentions, if you got abig one, it helps a lot to
pre order just so they are readyfor you. And again it's a well
oiled machine kicking off with take yourbroad to Work Day and then running through
the entire weekend music events. Greatthings for the family and a fantastic charity.

Jeff thank you so much for allyou guys. Do say hi to
Kevin for me as well this morning, and look forward to seeing you at
Broadfast coming up in just about aweek from now. Well, I appreciate
it. I appreciate the opportunity ofsale or everyone. And now I know
Broadfast is coming because we had thisdiscoversation. It's official. Jeffrey sure Schrader
with Broadcast the website, and Idid that too. You know, every

year I've I've got to get yourname, your last name wrong one time
in the website broadfest dot com.That's all one word, broadfest dot com.
Dan o'donald comes your way next righthere on thirteen ten, dol.
But you I B eight
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