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February 7, 2024 18 mins
Life's not easy, especially if you're struggling with pain, stress, and chronic conditions. Today, Tim talks about what you can do for ADHD, sciatica, and testosterone replacement.

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It's Wednesday morning at eight thirty nineand taking your calls to keep you smiling
with the healthy play bits too,Martin Shana, I'm doing well. Great
to talk with you, my friend. Last week had the opportunity to hang

out at the Fitchburg location of theHealthy Place. It's always great to get
out and uh and see all theexciting stuff going on, whether it's Fitchburg's
on Prairie the website finds your HealthyPlace dot com. Tim, you guys
got it going on. And lastweek we were out at the out at
the Fitchburg location for a very specialevent. You recently launched Wild Theory,

title Wave, the Delta and ITHHC Gummies. Let's talk about those.
What what kind of brought that about? Obviously you've got Strata, Cosmos,
Outer Limits, other things like that. Where does title Wave kind of fit
in with all that? Yeah,for sure, dude. So it's it's
interesting story, you know. Imean, in the very beginning, it
was like CBD, we can sellCBD and this offers many of the benefits

of medicinal marijuana without the high,which was pretty cool to introduce and watch
the results with things like chronic pain, stress, anxiety depression. And then
a couple of years fast forward,we discovered, hey, we can have
delta nine thhc, which is thenaturally occurring thchc in all the science and
research we've heard about coming from outWest for decades, and we can have

that it provided it's under point threepercent thchd by dried weight, and in
a gummy format you can get afew more milligrams in there. So that
started the whole THCHC conversation about eighteenmonths ago with a product called Strata two
point five milligrams THHC and twenty fivemilligrams CBD, and I was shocked,
frankly, just surprised with how muchthe help it it brought to people again

chronic pain, stress, sleep issues, areas and situations where we couldn't find
solutions that worked for someone, andthen that Strata worked and it was just
great. And doesn't mean it's acure all. It's just more something to
have in your tool belt when you'remeeting resistance and suffering to any degree.

And then you know, the conversationgrew from there. Cosmos is five milligrams
THC with twenty five cbd and outerlimits was last year last January, actually
ten milligrams THHC and ten milligrams CBD, and these all fit different niches in
our community. There's people that needa stronger amount of delta n iin THHC

in order to get deeper sleep,in order to treat the PTSD, in
order to really uplift the mood andbalance mental health issues. There's all sorts
of case studies and use cases forthat. And so then what became clear
in the last year. You know, I'm just a who's on a mission

to help Madison and Dane County findtheir healthy place. You know, that's
why we named our website that.And it became evident to me that CBD
can change the assimilation of delta nineTHHC, and it can. It can.
Sometimes people don't need CBD, orsometimes they don't their bodies and their

systems don't like it, and itcan actually have an anxiety producing effect for
a small percentage. So for thosepeople, the ten milligram THHC with zero
CBD, and that's the title Waveand that's that's why Title Wave was born,
is exactly those use cases and andso far, you know, we

launched it just over a week agostart, I'm getting the first kind of
five star reviews back and different usecases where people are like, you know
this, I just feel better onthis one. And you know, my
nerve pain or psiatic pain or whathave you seen seems to be affected better
than the outer limits with ten tenmilligrams, and so just it's so interesting

the human body, the chemistry ofour systems. We're all so different.
So these different cannabinoid profiles. Ilike to summarize it all with we all
have a different CBD thhc suite spotand that's why these different formulas were born.
Pretty amazing stuff. If you wantto learn more, of course,
you can head on over to thewebsite find your Healthy Place dot com.

That's find your Healthy Place dot com. You can chat live with the wellness
consultant there also order right online.Even better, it's always the best.
Just stop on in. It's suchan enjoyable that's my favorite. We like
to see the space, you know, and then what they say, like
ninety percent of communications nonverbal, andI sally, we help our community more
when you come in, so wewant to see you. Stop on in
West side of Madison, Fitchburg andsun Prairie. Today is the day to
get into the Healthy Place, meetwith a wellness consult and talk with them

and they will help you out.And it's a great day to do that
again. West Side of Madison,Fitchburg Sun Prairie website find your Healthy Place
dot com. That's find your HealthyPlace dot com. And we haven't mentioned
yet and I feel remiss about this. Haven't mentioned the phone numbers to get
you on the air with your questionat six oh eight three two one thirteen
ten at six soh eight three twoone thirteen ten if you have a question

for Tim O'Brien from the Healthy Place, love to have you join us this
morning. And Tim, not onlyis it going to be a great conversation,
you incentivize that question that called don'tyou, I sure do. It's
twenty five dollars gift card that canbe used on our website or in our
store just as a thank you fora couple reasons. It demonstrates what are
Army of Wellness Consultants does for DaneCounty every single day. So you calling

in with your question related to yourhealth or a loved one's health is super
helpful for that demonstration and It helpsme complete my mission, which is to
help you and maybe we can getyou pointed in the right direction. You
know, there's a lot of peoplesuffering out there, and there's natural alternatives
that work. Every day we're seeingit happen. Beat the rush right now,
get you on the air before Iknow. As we go through the

segment, typically the phone lines startto fill up, so it's a good
time. Now. You don't haveto worry about waiting or any type of
busy signal. All I can dois call three two one thirteen ten.
That's three two one thirteen ten.We'll get you on the air with Tim
O'Brien from The Healthy Place three locationswest sid of Madison, Fitchburg and Sun
Prairie. The website find your Healthyplacedot com. That's find your Healthy Place
dot com. Speaking of email,internet, find your Healthy Place dot com

Tim at find your Healthy Place dotcom is another way to make contact.
Get a lot of great emails.A matter of fact, Sarah wrote,
and she says, my daughter,now fifteen, was diagnosed with ADHD when
she was ten. Are there anysupplements you'd recommend to help alleviate her symptoms?
And that email from Sarah. Yeah, Sarah, very good question,

and this is a common one fromour community because all of our kids stars
in school, trying to stay focusedand calm is a challenge. And I
have four kids with baby number fiveon the way, so I can tell
you I fully get this, andmy heart goes out to you as far
as kind of balancing all of that. So, the top most studied ingredient

on the planet for ADHD is epadha from fish oil. So Barlens makes
a liquid that I promise taste good. Nobody believes me fully until they taste
it and then they're like, mygoodness, this tastes exactly like an orange
creamsicle, and it really does.So there's one called Barlens Omega Swirl,

and I like it because it hasfifteen hundred milligrams epa dha. Fish oil
in itself has zero value. It'sthe active compound epa dha that gives it
all of its value for brain health, and fifteen hundred milligrams in a tablespoon
is powerful and the studies have shownthat this can help with focus, this

can help with mood health for ourkids. Stirs. And then number two,
I really like to bring up isa product called Chill Pill, and
Chill Pill by Lively Vitamin Co hasyour Magnolia bark extract which balances the cortisol
stress hormones. I mean teenagers isit's very stressful. I still look back.
It's like the most stressful time ofmy life, I swear. And

you know thethienine in chill pill iscalming amino acid. Then it has five
HTP which is balancing to the serotoninlevels. So that's uplifting to the mood.
I mean our kidsteris and our teenscan use that help as well.
And that combo Omega Swirl for thebrain health and which is the fish oil

and then the chill pill for thecalming side of the hyperactivity piece to ADHD,
that's been just a match made inheaven. We've seen a lot of
kids see great results there and parentscoming back for it and kind of sharing
those referrals with their friends and it'sbeen something that's working, Sarah, So
I'd encourage you to try it.That is great to hear, great email,
Sarah. Of course you can alwaysemail Tim as well, Tim at

find your Healthy Place dot com.That's Tim tim at find Your Healthy Place
mentioned earlier. When you call in, you get a twenty five dollars gift
card to the Healthy Place I failedto mention. And speaking of other cool
things going on at the Healthy Place, they are having their twenty percent sale
this week to zero twenty percent saleat the Healthy Place. Get on in

a great day to get in Westside of Madison, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie.
Also online find your Healthy Place dotcom. Let's find your Healthy place
dot com. Kirby's calling in.He does not want to be on the
air. That's understandable, he says, he's on the belt line. That
makes sense. But he's got agreat question. He says, what can
you do to help with sciatica?Oof? Yeah, sciatica is no fun.

I'm picturing you're driving right now,dude, and the traffic with that
pain going on, and sciatic painis no fun at all. And the
pain, the root of the painis inflammation. So nerve pain obviously with
the siatic nerve there, and youcan reduce the inflammation with my very favorite
two ingredients. And I always recommendthese two together when battling ssiatic because they

make a good team. First isBCM ninety five Kurkuman. That's BCM ninety
five Kirkcuman. And if you can, Kurby, just remember my email Tim
at find your Healthy Place dot com. You can shoot me an email.
I'll shoot you back a couple linkswhen you're in a safe spot to do
that. BCM ninety five Kurcuman iskercumanoids bound with the turmeric essential oils and

sunflower lessthan and those three units togethermake up something special called BCM ninety five
Kirk Baylor University doctor A. Jailgoul is one of my heroes in this
industry. He's been studying that specificcompound in treating chronic pain and inflammation for
like fifteen years. He treats cancerwith it with success. He treats depression
with it. Really anything inflammation relatedthat BCM ninety five Kurkcuman is helpful for

which pain is probably the biggest kindof issue in our community as far as
from a health perspective. And numbertwo ingredient is our lapoic acid. Our
poic acid. Germany's used it forlike forty fifty years now in their medical
system. It's wildly successful for nervepain, nerve inflammation. A nerve damage,

a numbness, tingling, and certainlythat ssiatic nerve. So the kirkcuman
is fifteen hundred milligrams twice per day. That's the therapeutic or the clinical dose,
and the arlapoic acid is six hundredmilligrams twice per day. And I
would imagine that you would feel adifference in the first few days. Most

people do, and certainly inside thefirst week. And if we could get
that forest fire under control with thatssiatic nerve, you know, quality of
life could improve for you. Kirby, great question. Great day to get
into the Healthy Place again. Theyhave twenty percent off sale going on this
week. When you call in likeKirby Day to get a twenty five dollars
gift card as well as a littlegift from Tim from the Healthy Place.
The website find your Healthy Place dotcom. That's fined your Healthy Place dot

com. Speaking of getting in sayinghello, it's Tim points out they love
seeing your smiling face, whether it'sWestside, Fitchburger, Sun Prairie location of
the Healthy Place. They are therefor you. Still got time also for
your question six oh eight three twoone thirteen ten. That's six oh,
eight three two one, thirteen tentalk about more of the great stuff going
on at the Healthy Place take yourcall and as well as get to emails.
So much coming up in this nextsegment has asked the experts with Tim

O'Brien and The Healthy Place continues righthere on thirteen ten. Wuiba can't touch
this? Okay, touch this?You can't touch this. Eight fifty one
thirteen ten WIBs hanging out with TimO'Brien from The Healthy Place online find your

Healthy Place dot com. That's fine, Your Healthy Place dot com three locations
west side of Madison, Fitchburg andSun Prairie. Don't forget twenty percent off
sale this week at the Healthy Place. And that's not only in brick and
mortar, but it's also online aswell, isn't it, Tim? You
got it? Yeah? The qutancode for online is Feb twenty, so

Feb two zero gives you twenty percentoff everything on our website and in our
stores. And I just like tosay, it's like our favorite time of
the year when we have these salesbecause all of our regulars come into our
shops. We get to see allof our names of our regulars on our
website, and you know, asa kind of small community at the Healthy

Place of you know, maybe thirtyemployees, like we we get we kind
of like celebrate the community coming in. They're stocking up on stuff, we're
giving high fives, and we getto hear a lot of testimonies of like
results and breakthrough that they've had,and then new questions come up of like
health conditions with loved ones, andit's just this cool mission that we get
to execute every day. So yeah, if you're out there, you're listening,

you've never stopped in our shop,you know, maybe it's a good
time to check us out, ourwellness consultants. You know, there's a
kind of a corporate picture of whata health food store looks like, and
you know it's commission based and pressuredsales and salesmen and all that kind of
thing, and the Healthy Place isjust very different. And if you've ever
been in our shops before, weeven call them wellness consultants because we want

to we consult with the community.We don't sell the community, and we
work alongside the community to find solutionsthat work. And then when something doesn't
work, you know, we areencouraged to bring it back and exchange it
for option number two, which isoften successful in the first one doesn't work.
And it's just this cool relationship withthe community and with Becky and I

just in general, coming like backto local. You know, we had
a period twenty nineteen where the CBDboom kind of causes to grow very quickly,
and it was in a way thatyou know, I might if I
could go back, I might havelike turned down that growth a little bit,
because it just sort of gets yourfocus on all of these things that

sort of matter less to me personallythan just my local community. And you
know, you find yourself with brandsand other websites and trying to sustain sort
of like a infrastructure, and thenall of a sudden, your focus can
get off. So anyway, it'sbeen a kind of a hard couple of
years in that respect, and thislast year coming back to our roots and

coming back to local, and it'sjust like, why did we start this
company. We started it to impactDane County, and I love the whole
world, and I'd love to changethe whole world. And I'm going to
just focus on the next twenty yearshere on Dane County and that's what it's
all about. So yeah, now'sa good time to come in with the
sale we got going on. Shockup if you take stuff, and if
you never checked us out, comecheck us out. West Side of Madison,

Fitchburg and Sun Prairie locations up theHealthy Place online find your Healthy Place
dot com. That's find your HealthyPlace dot com. Fortunately, Greg,
we don't have time to take yourcall per se, but we can definitely
answer your question. Greg has aquestion about testosterone replacement. Is there is
there anything available that he may belooking for? Tim, Yeah, absolutely.
You know people will ask that questionfor a couple of different reasons.

So sometimes it's connected to sexual enhancement, other time it's connected to hardness of
muscle, muscle tone, and thenjust in general your testosterone levels can be
low. So i'd encourage you tostop in the store, give a shout
or pop on our website and hitthat live chat button to start a conversation
so that we can ask you afew more questions. But I would highlight

a product called rock and Roll.Rock and Roll is a mail enhancement product
that helps boost your testosterone levels,helps boost blood flow, so overall power,
strength, endurance, maka in thereas an adaptogenic herb helps kind of
lower stress. The jo himbi tribulusis all good for boosting that testosterone again,
so Lively Vitamin Co makes a productcalled rock and Roll and that has

been one of our top sellers.So I would highlight that one. Great
call, great question, Greg,don't forget we do this each and every
every Wednesday, and we'll said Thursdaycloser. Look at it always feels like
a like a mini vacation when wehang out. Tim NAT's for sure.
We do this every Wednesday morning.And of course you can reach Tim anytime.
Email Tim at find your Healthy Placedot com. That's Tim tim at

find your Healthy Place dot com.The website for the Healthy Place. Oh
yeah, it's find your Healthy Placedot com. Find your Healthy Place dot
com. Three locations up the HealthyPlace Westside of Madison, Fitchburg, and
sun Prairie. Great day to getin there. Every day is a fantastic
day to get into the Healthy Place. Even better, they've got the twenty
percent off sale running through the weekagain at the locations Westside of Madison,

Fitchburg, and Sun Prairie, aswell as online Find your Healthy Place dot
Com. That's fined your Healthyplace dotcom. Tim, It's always informative,
always fantastic hanging out with you,my friend. You enjoy this beautiful day,
you too, my man, Thanksso much, and again that website
Find your Healthy Place dot com.Find your Healthy Place dot com. Dan
O'Donnell has your chance to win onethousand dollars. Do that next here thirteen ten Wiba
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