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April 22, 2024 11 mins
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Thirteen ten Wiba Madison in the Morningand ask the Experts. Join this morning
by Joe Odo. He is withnext Door and Window. He's a design
and energy expert with next Door andWindow. The website Nextdoor and Window dot
com. That's Nextdoor and Window dotcom Delphe number six. So eight three
zero two thirty six thirty six.That's three zero two three six three six.

Joe, how are you doing thismorning? I'm doing well, Shan,
Thanks for having me on, Thanksfor joining us, and I get
a chance to talk with you alittle bit before we came on the air
this morning. And I've really enjoyedthe past few weeks talking with the folks
at Nextdoor and Window and a littlebit about all your all your different stories
and experiences with next Door and Window. Let's talk before we kind of get
into windows and some other things.Let's just kind of do a quick overview

on what's your history with the company, and when we hear that term design
and energy expert, what does thatmean for the homeowner? Yeah, So
I've been with next Door and Windowfor a little over a year now,
and actually I've been a bit ofa hybrid role now where I am a
designer energy expert. But I've alsotaken on the role of our sales trainer,

so I work with a lot ofour new employees coming on and teaching
them what it means to be adesign and energy expert. Most of my
background has been in and out ofthe building industry. My father was a
handman, general contractor, one manshow for thirty years, so I've been
in it since I was about fifteen, doing just a little bit of everything.

So coming to the next Door Windowwas a really great home for me
to take some of the experience Ihad from other industries as well as my
family history with building industry and blendedinto one great solution. It's really interesting,
Joe Canny, What is it forpeople that when you're seeking somebody,
when it comes to somebody to workfor next Door and Window to do that,
what's kind of what are some ofthe qualifications that you guys look for

in a design and energy expert?Well, you know, industry experience or
building experience always helped to be ableto have an understanding as to what exactly
is going on when we're looking ata customers project. People who have that
experience sometimes will be able to havenot perfect, but almost X ray vision
in terms of understanding how an openingis built, and when they see a

small issue that's visible from the outside, they have a good idea as to
what's going on the inside. However, we don't necessarily require that when we
bring somebody new on. That's partof my role is I teach our new
people how to do it. Unifyingthings that we look for really is ethics,
integrity, drive, and a willingnessto learn. There's a lot that
goes into this job, and ifsomebody is willing to be a student for

a few weeks, we can helpthem create a really great and engaging career
here that is really neat. Talkingthis morning with Joe Odo, he is
a design and energy expert with nextDoor and Window also trains a lot of
the folks at next Door and Window. You can learn more by the way
about next Door and Window on thewebsite. Really is to remember Nextdoor and
Window dot com. That's Nextdoor andWindow dot Com Telpha number six eight three
zero two thirty six thirty six.That's three zero two thirty six thirty six

for next t Window. And whenwe talk about windows, not all windows
are the same and not all.I don't know if I call it like
insertions or what are the same either, there's difference between getting like a window
insert and full frame. What arewe talking about there, Joe, Yeah,
So there are really two primary waysthat a new window can be installed

in an existing home. Sometimes that'swhere having an expert coming out to take
a look at it can be helpfulbecause depending on what is going on with
that particular opening in a home,one installation may be appropriate, one may
not be. And that's where havinga trust advisor coming in, somebody who
knows what to look for and kindof what pitfalls might be involved, can

be a really benefit for the homeowner. To give you a little bit of
an idea, is the difference betweenthe two. An insert installation, or
sometimes it's referred to as a pocketwindow, is a very simple installation process
with something like that the sash ofthe window, and that's the component on
a window that holds the glass andtypically moves, whether it's up and down

side the side or cranks out.That's removed, but the original window frame
remains in place. Within that windowframe, a new frame is put on
the inside edge of that and thena new window inside of that new frame,
so you essentially have a window insideof a window. Okay, Now

with that installation process, there's somebenefits with it. Typically there's less labor
that's involved with that, so sometimesit comes out to be a more cost
effective option. Any interior trim workthat is in place, so that would
be kind of the wood that goesaround the inside of the window, maybe
painted or stained, that typically remainsin place as well. However, some

of the pitchfalls with that is ifwe're not going beyond the old window frame,
we're not able to see if whathas caused that window to need to
be replaced has actually been resolved.Sometimes the underlying issues are in the what's
referred to as the opening, andfor people who are not familiar with building
industry terms, you can think ofthat as those are the two by fours
that support that hole in the sideof your house that has been filled with

glass. Interesting, So, Joe, when your guys are out and they're
taking a look at a home anddoing a window inspection for homeowners, what
are they kind of looking at tokind of make that differentiation between whether it's
an insert or a full frame typeproject. Is it something could both of
these be done on any window.Is it more of a conversation with the
homeowner or are there just certain windowsthat you say, you know what,
the best solution here is going tobe the insert or the best solution here

is going to be the full frameoption. You know, it really is
situation specific, and that's a bigcomponent of the training that all of our
design and energy experts gets because sometimeswhat's going on with that opening in the
house is what tells us what wecan and cannot do. Some things that
would immediately eliminate an insert option wouldbe if there's a significant amount of deterioration.

It would not only on the windowitself, but even around the opening
where what I mean by deteriorating youcan think of that as rot. Essentially,
if you were to gently press yourfingernail into it and it goes into
the wood with no resistance, that'snot a great sign that you want to
see on your windows. So ifwe're seeing a scenario like that, that's
going to eliminate the insert application forus right away, because we know that

we don't have the structural support necessaryto properly support a brand new window where
that doesn't give you issues in ashort time as well. Are people sometimes
surprised, Joe when we talk aboutthe different types of materials I know,
Marvin fiberglass windows for example, andthe warranty and the strength that goes on.
Are people sometimes surprised by just theadvances made when it comes to windows.

Maybe you just had them new windowsput in ten fifteen years ago.
I just kind of the progress thathas made been made in the last decade
or so. Yeah, and itreally has been on all components of the
windows. So the glass itself hascome a long way. I mean even
just in a period of twenty years, where we're seeing a more efficient,
better quality, better insulating glass.That alone has made tremendous leaps and bounds.

But the frame material is really wherewe're seeing more of a development when
it comes to Okay, this isa brand new window. This is energy
efficient for me now, But isit going to be energy efficient in three
years? How about another three years? How about the following three years?
And that's where we're starting to seemore of a development, more of a
focus on that where it's not justI've flicked the light switch. I have

energy efficient windows now and next week, well, that's got a little fogging
in it. What's going on there? That's what a lot of the industry
is trying to avoid. What isit? And as we talked this morning
with Joe Odo with next Door andWindows, a design and energy expert at
next Door and Window, the websitenext Door and Window dot com. That's
next Door and Window dot Com telphonenumber six. So eight to three zero

two thirty six thirty six. That'sthree zero two thirty six thirty six.
I'm with that, and we lookat I feel like sometimes glass and windows
are underappreciated. You think about allthat they are expected to accomplish. I
mean, we've got these holes inthe side of our house that we can
actually see out of. But wealso expect them as homeowners to perform well
to keep the heat in or thecold out, or the cool air in

when we got the air conditioner runningand those type of things. We really
expect a lot from those windows.And we talk about too, and you
mentioned over time the longevity is youwant to make sure that the product that
you're installing, we're not just havingthose those great experiences this summer, this
winter, but for summers and wintersto come Yeah, windows are kind of

a funny thing, and even doorsfor that matter as well, where for
the most part, people want threebasic things out of them. They want
to open them, they want toclose them, they want to look through
them. That's all they want todo with it. Really. They don't
want to have to think about itbeyond them, and most people don't start
thinking about them until all of asudden they have a reason too. There's
a failure. Either it's a functionalfailure, it doesn't open and close anymore.

There's an energy efficiency of failure wherenow this room is really cold and
I got to throw on three orfour extra blankets at night in the winter.
That's when it becomes front of mindwhere the material of the window can
really have a big impact on thatis that's going to prolong that time until
you have to start thinking about yourwindows again. And that material really,

in terms of what's appropriate for yourhome, is primarily dictated by the climate
zone that we are in, Sobeing in a northern climate zone here,
there are certain materials that are goingto work better than others, and that
is one thing that Marvin really lookedat with their windows. They're a Minnesota
based company They know all about arough winter and a hot summer. So

having something that's going to perform whenit's negative twenty degrees for a week or
ninety eight degrees for a week istheir main butter zone. On that there
are other materials that are out therethat are better suited for a more southern
climate zone that do not perform ina northern climate zone where we're at.
Interesting as we talked some morning withJoe Odo with next Door and Window and

Joe, can you kind of walkus through a little bit about that consultation?
What typically causes people to call nextDoor and Window is it Is it
something in particular that they say,you know what, this has been nagging
us for a while, or arethey saying, you know what, we've
just had these windows for a while, maybe it's a good time to have
them check out checked out. What'skind of that process like and when it
comes to that consultation, what areyour guys talking with homeowners about? You

know, the vast majority of itis some pain point has come up for
the customer, And like I said, it could be these windows are no
longer functioning properly. They don't openor close, or they don't stay open,
or they don't stay closed. I'vegot a draft coming through, I'm
feeling cold, i see ice formingon the glass of my window in the
winter time. That's the vast majorityof it. And when our design and

energy experts go to someone's home tomeet with them, our main focus is
to really get an understanding of reallywhat those pain points are for the customer,
so we can then look at whatwe have available as tools for us
to create a solution that that painpoint is eliminated and something that they don't
have to deal with again for yearsdown the road. That is absolutely amazing.

Today is a great day to callnext Door and Window if you've got
one of those pain points, you'vegot a question. Maybe you noticed over
the winter you're getting some frost onthe inside of your window. Maybe you've
got that soft wood around your windowas well, or maybe you just want
to have your windows checked out.Today is a great day to call Joe
and the team at next Door andWindow. The telephe number six soh eight
three zero two thirty six thirty six. That's six oh eight three zero two

thirty six thirty six to website Nextdoorand Window dot com. That's nextdoor and
window dot Com. Joe, it'sgreat chatting with you this morning. You
enjoy this fantastic day. Thanks Sean, you too. News comes your way
next right here on thirteen to tenwib
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