BAM! Wedding Podcast

BAM! Wedding Podcast

They say opposites attract. For Sam and Bill that saying has never rung more true! Tune in as these two navigate their way through their own "grownup" relationship, while simultaneously trying to plan their BIG DAY. Send help, and therapy credits.


December 7, 2022 45 mins
Bill and Sam close out the wedding chat montage in their final episode of this 4 part series. They let you know how to prevent mistakes they made, spill some tasty wedding dramas, and have somewhat of a beef midway. Plus, the future transition of this show has been decided.....
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Episode 3 of 4 on the big day party-down! Bill and Sam share their secrets as to why they looked so fabulous, disagree over Spiderman, and reveal what they gifted one another! Although Bill gave a gift every rom-com lover dreams of, Sam shocked with something quite......scandalous. Little fails, little advices, come along for the ride.
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December 1, 2022 36 mins
In this part 2 of 4 series, Sam and Bill cover their wedding additives that aren't at everyone's party, but certainly added to the experience! These are the goods that got people REALLY impressed, because it just made the night stand out. Also, Sam accidentally almost drugged all their guests. Don't get weird about it.
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November 30, 2022 33 mins
AHHHHHHH!!! This happened, Bill and Sam are hitched, can you tell they are still on cloud 9? There was just too much to discuss, so this is episode is part 1 of 4, where the married couple breaks into the wedding staples . Get ready for some detail. Oh also Jake where is your gift.
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November 23, 2022 39 mins
Wow. This is the last episode as an engaged couple, only 48 hours away from being married! Bill and Sam discuss their fears, last minute happenings, DEEP advice from Sam's dad, what dollar amount you need to pay taxes on from a wedding gift, and whether or not they an have sex in the venue's bridal suite. So many thoughts. See you on the other side.
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November 16, 2022 45 mins
Sam and Bill hash out their "do not play" list for the wedding, applied for their marriage license, and try to list out their own flaws for one another as a partner exercise. WHICH basically turn the rest of he episode into a peaceful beef. No shock there. OH and Bill as a baby is horrifying, Just wait.
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November 9, 2022 53 mins
Sam tries her best (still somehow hungover?) to recap the bachelorette weekend for Bill, describes having her first edible, and attempts to theorize what kind of penis she'd have. Bill presents 3 mini-moon locations he's narrowed down, and they have some hot takes on what eloping actually is vs. isn't! One of their friends is doing it and it's sure as hell stirring up some feelings!
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November 8, 2022 21 mins
This. This is what happens when Bill is left alone to record an episode without Sam. Anime, climbing, strippers, sex kung fu. Sam only claims responsibly to this caption, and nothing more.
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November 2, 2022 48 mins
Bill finds a note from Sam's ex boyfriend in her old room, and decides to do a dramatic reading of it, while they read it for the first time. YIKES. It might be the first time Sam is embarrassed on this whole damn podcast. They also vent about their current wedding bull crap, and Bill pulls out quite the beef.
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October 26, 2022 43 mins
Sam and Bill sat down (again) with special guest, Jackie, from Dog Friendly Living! They chat about different ways couples can include their dog on the big day, because whom are we kidding. The dogs are the real stars of our relationships. They also cover some every-day-dog-parent advice, and tangent on people who don't like pitties out of ignorance. Take is personally.
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October 19, 2022 51 mins
Yep. It is what it is. On top of coming clean, Sam and Bill chat about their cake tasting, and parents who take back their check after their kid gets divorced. What?!
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October 18, 2022 68 mins
Sam sits down with her friend Karina, the professional wedding planner who's been whispering advice in her ear for the past year. They answer questions from followers, chat about what someone can expect from hiring a good wedding planner, and what someone might expect by NOT hiring one. Woof. This is one hell of an industry!
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October 12, 2022 36 mins
Bill and Sam had their joint wedding shower! Sam drank too much and Bill felt up legs and fell asleep on the bar. Obviously, the day was a massive success and they now have wisdom to impart on you. Take notes.
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October 5, 2022 58 mins
On this very special episode, Sam sits down with "Date Yourself Instead" queen, Lyss. She's been in the world of influencing for over 10 years, and has basically been in a relationship the entire time.....until recently. Instead of turning to another partner, she's turning to herself. Healing, learning, and ultimately creating her best self without distraction. Sam believes that if you EVER want to be ready for a lifelong commitmen...
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September 28, 2022 53 mins
Sam had quite the first-wedding-dress-fitting moment when her seamstress told her how drastic her difference in boob sizes was! Bill has been keeping an old photo of him and his college ex in storage, and the two discuss purging ex's from social media. All in all, this one is quite the balance of advice and fuckery.
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September 21, 2022 45 mins
Bill and Sam give their take on choosing music for your wedding, how to win at hair trials, and the perils of trying to be all cute and adding wax seals to your invites! MAY be their worst idea yet, time will tell. Oh also, what the hell, Adam Levine?
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September 14, 2022 40 mins
Sam is quite all over for this one, and may still be a bit tipsy as she writes this (rumor has it). Bill and Sam talk about the COMPLETION of their invite journey, actual SABOTAGE of a listener, and stuffing their faces. Also, did she lose the pimple popping bet?!
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September 7, 2022 55 mins
Bill and Sam are visiting Laura (previously known as episode 28's Bachelorette Bitch) and her husband Scott! They rate two different weddings they were at over the weekend, and frankly have like 3 separate beefs. But at least this time, they have company to help hash out who's right!
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August 31, 2022 56 mins
Bill and Sam discuss the possibility of their alternate relationship paths if they never got together, and Bill reveals he's still technically on Bumble! Plus they spill the beans about some more intimate parts of the beginning of their journey together. Turns out they're both pieces of crap humans, for different reasons.
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August 24, 2022 37 mins
IT'S SAM's BIRTHDAY EPISODE!!! Now that that's out of the way, she needs some help from Bill picking out her first set of lingerie for him EVER. Plus they plan a very unconventional shower, and argue over how gross/not gross one of Bill's public habits may be....
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