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August 23, 2023 10 mins
Motor Oil Coffee’s founders, Rich Fazio and Joe Bonilla, come from both a background of running an award-winning creative strategy firm, but also movie theater exhibition. This combination allows Motor Oil Coffee to expand through enhanced promotions, but also a focus on delivering a product to consumers that is focused on speed, quality, and presentation.They may be similar in those areas, plus given both were born in Brooklyn, are Geminis, went to UAlbany, worked in the exhibition industry – Joe and Rich are appropriately different.Whereas many see Joe’s exploits on social media, traversing the country by plane or bike, Rich wages the daily (and often losing) battle of raising two girls and a boy with his wife Casey. Rich is a fan of the New York Mets, where Joe is all for the Boston Red Sox. Rich, the New York Jets. Joe, the Los Angeles Rams. You get the idea.And most importantly, where Joe is the big picture, big idea person who can be detail-focused but also lofty, Rich is rooted on making the mechanics work behind the scenes both financially and operationally. It’s a winning combination that has worked for more than a decade.
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