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August 30, 2023 1 min
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CEOs you should know powered by iHeartMedia. Hi, my name is Richard Moore
and I'm the CEO of the GoodFeet Store. What are we about.
We are about improving people's lives twofeet at a time. What do we
offer our customers? Will? Weoffer a system of art supports personalize just
for you and your lifestyle. Theseare supports come with a lifetime warranty.

What makes us unique, Well,it's our art supports specialists. It's the
people you will meet when you comein our store and we will listen to
you, hear your story. Whatdo you want to do? What have
you done in the past that youcan't do anymore, or what's a goal
for you? Whatever it is,We're here to listen, and then we
will develop and work with you ona personalized system of art supports that will

help you achieve the goals that youwant to achieve. What will you experience.
You'll experience a free fitting and testwalk. You'll be able to try
it before you buy it, andyou'll be able to walk out of the
store that day with your products.Within our communities, we are fortunate enough
to partner with TAPS and other militaryorganizations. We want to be here for

everyone, including our veterans. We'revery excited that we are growing, already
opening about thirty stores this year,with ten or fifteen more. So we
need dedicated, committed arts support specialistswho care about their brothers and sisters,
who care about the people in theircommunity. Super excited to grow, come
grow with us. Please visit usat the good Feet store or good feet

dot com.
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