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January 5, 2024 23 mins
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I am a Chicago kid, bornand raised in the city. I grew
up in a small, type andknit neighborhood, and I had the opportunity
of having wonderful friends and family aroundme at all times. All Right about
what about school? Where'd you goto school at? Well, I grew

up with very modest means, andso I had to work really hard at
either getting getting a scholarship or eitheracademic scholarship or sports scholarship. And I
was lucky enough to be able toget a scholarship to Salin Illinois University,
where I majored in finance outstanding.And you and I have something in common.

I'm also a Chicago kid Rogers Parkback in the olden days. So
I found out from my mom theother day that Cook County is no longer
hospital. It is a hotel now, Thanks change, Thanks change. Well
we're neighbors. Then. I grewup in Hollywood. Yeah, yeah,
not too far away at all.Well, listen, it's a pleasure to

talk to you, and we're goingto talk about everything that is Liquid Oxygen
today. I know that you know. Even though the company has been around
for almost a full decade, it'sbeen really cooking for the last six years,
and we're going to talk about missionstatement and what you offer and all
the cool products. And you know, when I read about you, Craig,
I was really intrigued about it,you know because for me, as

an older guy, I think whenit comes to skincare, dudes might have
thought that that was only for womenat one time. But things have changed
so much dramatically over the last twentyyears that men and women and everybody out
there gets a chance to take careof their skin and their hair and their
body and all sorts of things.So we're going to talk a lot about
liquid oxygen, but I first wantto ask you before the company about what

you did, just to give alittle context to our listeners. I know
you're very entrepreneurial, So what didyou do before the company? Well,
let me bring it back just alittle bit into my childhood years, which
really shaped what I do why Ido it. As I said, as
I shared with you, I grewup in a small neighborhood and at the
corner of the street there was aQuentin central Jewish deli and the first time

at twelve years old, eleven twelveyears old, when I walked into that
deli. I met the owners,a husband and wife, and it was
at that time that I was firstexposed and saw the concentration concentration camp numbers
on their arms. It had anamazing, profound effect on me. And

you know, this is the timewhen, at twelve years old, when
I'm studying for my bar Mitzvah,learning about the Holocaust. And it was
at that time also my father becameill and he could not work for two
years. As soon as the peopleat the Delhi, the Holocaust survivors found
out every day for two years,without fanfare, without recognition. Every day

for two years, food would arriveat our door. So at an early
age, I understood the meaning ofhumility, of appreciation of tolerance, and
that has carried me through my careerand everything that I've done, all the
deals I've done, have really hadthe same theme in mind. I'm looking
for things to be involved with asthey did for me and my family that

changed people's lives. And so Iwent on to become an investment banker,
head of two investment banking firms onWall Street, a venture capitalist. I've
been involved in a number of technologiesand sciences, that all have the same
thing in common, which is changingpeople's lives. That involves cancer drugs,

delivery of protocols and sciences for cancerdrugs, nano materials, superconductor materials,
a number of things which again allfocus on changing people's lives. And so
several years ago I was introduced toa few really smart people, some doctors

and scientists, and they were tryingto figure out how to hold oxygen inside
any substrate, any water, anda gel or lotion. And what's the
significance of that is because oxygen killsbacterian viruses on contact. My first reaction
was, well, you know that'sa known science, that's the science of

oxygen has been known for decades.I'm sure somebody else has it. And
they said, no, nobody's beenable to figure it out. So I
made calls to a bunch of peopleI know, large companies, and found
out that no, in fact,nobody's been able to figure out how to
hold oxygen inside a liquid or agel or lotion, even with the top
off, and deliver that to killbad they and viruses. And so we

spent the next three years and itwas difficult because when you're pouring energy and
resources and money and money and moneyinto something that takes a long time.
You have to be dedicated to thepremise of what you're doing, and that
premise is I knew, we allknew that if we could actually do this,

this would be a game changer inskin care and healthcare and many other
issues. And that's what was ourmotivator. We had to press on,
we had to pursue it, andthree years later, we did it.
We did it. We found away to hold oxygen inside liquids, gels,

and lotions and the first application ofthat. As I looked at all
the applications in skin care and healthcare, my research pointed me to skincare and
in a particular area of skin care, and that particular area is acne and
y acne, because eighty million peoplesuffer from acne in our country alone,

in the US alone. And whatI learned was acne is not only a
physical issue, but a terrible emotionalissue. And that emotional issue drives low
self esteem, it drives it drivesbullying. And I said, this is

where I need to be. Ineed to I have the opportunity to change
lives. This is where I needto be in focus is in the acne
market because the existing acne products havebeen around for eighty years and it's the
same old chemicals. It's the sameold benzyl peroxide, and benzyl peroxide drives
out the skin, has terrible sideeffects and people are looking for something new.

And because of that, I devotedthe focus of liquid Oxygen skincare first
to the acting market so that wecould help eighty million lives and we're doing
that. We're doing it every day, changing lives. And in conjunction with
that, we've extended our reach intoother organizations that are changing lives. For

example, PACER, it's the nationalorganization dedicated to anti bulling. And so
here's an organization, a fabulous organizationthat does everything that can to educate to
help people in every way to combatbullying. And so we've now joined up

as a partnership to be able toprovide the education, the understanding, understanding
and even the tolerance with the productthat makes the difference. And what is
by how perfective is liquid oxygen.We did nine clinical studies that prove we
killed greater than ninety nine point ninepercent of common acne bacteria on contact that's

the science of oxygen. The breakthroughof oxygen was the fact that we created
the way to hold the oxygen insidethe substrates. So now we have a
product which is scientifically, scientifically proven, clinically proven to be the most effective
ACTI product you can get. Noother company in the world can say what

I just said. Our proprietary oxygenscience kills greater than ninety nine point ninety
nine nine percent of common acne bacteriaon contact. So together with PACER,
we are moving throughout the country helpingkids and have their families. It's not

you know, acne is not onlydebilitating for the person that's going through it,
but it's also debilitating for the familyas well, the moms, the
dad's, the sisters, the brothers. So now we have this organization of
liquid Oxygen, skincare and PACER andwe're going around the country educating, providing

all the materials to help people understandthat bullying is not the answer. But
we're also providing the solution, whichis liquid oxygs and skincare. All right,
well, Craig, it's an amazingstory. I love talking to disruptors
and new stuff, new technology,but also thank you for sharing your personal
story because it really connects all thepuzzle pieces for us about giving it back,

paying it forward, and doing somethingto change a lot of lives out
there. So thank you for allthat. So when it comes to Liquid
Oxygen, what is the company's missionstatement to change lives? That's it to
change his many lives because in thetra the Tora says, when you change
one life, you change the world. And think about it. If we

can take a kid that's struck struggle, that's withdrawn, that's getting low,
has low self esteem, bad grades, no friends, and we can move
that young adult that team through theacne journey and into a place where they
gain self esteem, then we're changingthe world. Agreed. Agreed? All

right. So, if somebody isbeing introduced to Liquid Oxygen for the very
first time and they hadn't heard ofthe company before, Craig, if you
were to give kind of a thirtythousand foot view about what you do but
also what you've offer, and thenwe'll get into specificity about products, what
would you tell them the liquid oxygenis liquid oxygen is the clinically proven,

scientifically proven answer for the physical issuesof acne and also the emotional issues that
you're dealing with as well. Theygo hand in hand, they go hand
in hand, and we're the solutionfor the problem. That's what Liquid Oxygen
is. All right, let's talkabout products because I know there are different
kinds of variations and what you offer. And then of course we will give

the website a lot of our smartlisteners already googling the company, but we
will give the website a couple oftimes to make sure that you can do
online ordering. But we want toget you excited about what is offered.
So when it comes to different productsout there, Craig, what do you
offer? Well, right now,we're focusing on our acne system. That's
where our brand identity, our brandpromise is really focused. We change you

know, we change you know,a person's life very quickly because of the
results are so fast that that's wherewe need to focus. But we have
a full line of products that aregoing to be coming out over the next
several months. And again, whatwe have developed is a is a foundational
science oxygen. It's a foundational scienceand it's oxygen. So it's perfect for

of course all skin types, allethnicities. It's oxygen, and so we
have a full line of skincare productsin all the categories, anti aging,
repair, lotions, serums, allthe things that people really need, and
those are going to be rolling outover the next several months. Right now,

our mission statement is focused on helpingas many people as we can with
acne, because almost twenty three percentof our population is suffering waking up with
active acne every day and that's holdingus back. And you asked me about
something relative to you, the responsibilityof a CEO, and I got to

share this with you. If you'rein a position to help, and we
all are, we're all in aposition to help. If you're in a
position to help, the response,the opportunity becomes a responsibility. So we're
not in the acne business because ofthe opportunity. We're in the acne business

to change lives. That's our responsibility. And I challenge every CEO. I
don't care if you're making pencils,I don't care if you're making chairs,
whatever you're doing, there's a differentway of thinking about how you can reach
outside of the box and make adifference and change people's lives. So Craig
a couple questions about the product itself, and we have a lot of future
entrepreneurs and a lot of current onesand CEOs and leaders out there. They

get really intrigued about a business planand why you do what you do.
So you've obviously researched this. Youworked very hard at it for six plus
years the company over a decade,so a lot of time, blood,
sweat, tears, and money hasgone into this whole project and now you're
here with proprietory stuff that is justfantastic. I'm curious about decision making about

online to brick and mortar stores.I'd love to you explain about that that
the people that are listening. Butalso there's got to be a lot of
companies, all very large companies worldwide, especially with the speciality what you have,
that would like to partner with youor put your product in there.
So I imagine you got people knockingat your door too, So I imagine
there's a lot of differ some thingshappening right now is you develop this and
grow this product. So tell uswhere you're at with everything when it comes

to those things. Yeah, thankyou so much for that. And you
know, I want to start offby saying there's a major fact that the
public doesn't know, and that isthis, most of the acne companies use
chemicals, and most of the chemicalsare benzel peroxide. Everybody knows that the
side effects of benzel peroxide the negativeside effects, of course, but what

the public doesn't know and they needto know, is that benzel peroxide,
because of its side effects, isbanned in every EU country in the world,
including being banned in the United Kingdomand it's even banned in China.
Benzel peroxide is banned in every EUcountry, UK and China, and people
need to know it. That's there'sa reason for that. There's a reason

for that, and we need totake notice of that. Hey, Craig,
I think that all our listeners,I know, I'm curious about this.
You've been mentioned liquid oxygen and kindof telling us a little bit about
that, but why specifically that,Thank you, Dennis. It's the science
of oxygen and let me share thatwith the audience. Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria

on contact. That's the science ofoxygen. The known science of oxygen.
Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria on contact.Acne is anaerobic bacteria, which is why
we pursued this course of trying tostabilize and hold oxygen inside the liquids and

gels and lotions. So that's whywe get the clinical study results of killing
greater than ninety nine point nine ninenine percent of common acne bacteria on contact.
It's the science of oxygen. Acneis anaerobic bacteria. Oxygen kills anaerobic
bacteria on contact. Oxygen kills acnebacteria on contact. That's the science and

the breakthrough of oxygen, and that'swhat we have the opportunity to now deliver
for the first time in the historyof skin care and the most effective acne
science based upon real science, thescience of oxygen. You know, also,
Dennis, most people, especially women, have heard of oxygen facials.

All the movie stars get oxygen facialsbefore they go on the red carpet,
before they're filmed. And the reasonthey get oxygen facials is to clear their
skin. So they have but oxygenfacials cost five hundred to fifteen hundred dollars
and they work. It's fabulous.You get an oxygen facial and your skin

looks like, you know, ababy's butt. For a couple of weeks,
you look great. So what we'vedone is we've taken that and we
now have coming out every day oxygenfacial regiment, which is a cleanser and
toner and a moisturizer, all withthe oxygen science, and we'recalling it our

everyday oxygen facial in a bottle.It's our everyday oxygen facial in a bottle.
All of our products have the oxygenscience. So whether it's acne,
whether it's an oxygen facial, whetherit's repair, whatever it is, it
all has the oxygen science embedded intoit. But now people will really understand,

as so many have heard about anoxygen facial, we're delivering for the
first time an oxygen facial in abottle. Okay, well, let's talk
a little bit more about how peoplecan get the product. I know we
talked about online. We can givethe website addressed now, but when people
want to order and are their memberships, how does it all work when you

start looking at your products and purchasing. Yes, we've chosen to go direct
to consumer. We've had discussions withthe big retailers. All the big retailers
want us in stores, but wefeel in terms of our brand, our
brand messaging our brand promise. Wewant to be close to the customer.
We want to be available to thecustomer. I answer emails, you know
constantly through the day. People havequestions, they have concerns, they have

ideas. So we want to stayclose to the customer. The best way
for us to do that is directto the consumer. And so we're using
different advertising TV radio, you know, we're partnering up with this great company
called iHeartRadio. You may know them. What a fabulous, fabulous company they

are. And we're dealing, youknow, with such wonderful people and and
and getting together, you know,to address the issues of not only ACNE,
but the issues of bullying as well. So direct to consumer is where
we want to be. You canget us at liquidoxygen dot com. Liquid
oxygen dot com. Any questions,please feel free to you know, to

to email us at any time.And Craig, is it a one time
by always, no matter how manyproducts you purchase or is there any kind
of membership you offer where people cando with savings at all? Oh,
thank you for asking that. Yes, we have two different ways you can
purchase. One is a one timepurchase and the other is through a subscription
if you buy the subscription, thenyou get a significant discount every month going

forward. Well, listen, Iwant to give the floor to you and
just kind of wrap up with somefinal thoughts about the company. You know,
you're very passionate about this, andthat's a common thread also when we
talk to leaders, entrepreneurs, foundersof company, the passion that they had
behind their product. But also there'san extra layer with you when it comes
to the bullying that everything kind ofcenters and comes back with each other,

which I think is just a wonderfulstory, and I love how you present
that, Greig. Maybe just somefinal thoughts and maybe some takeaways that you
would love to have our listener havewhen it comes to Liquid Oxygen. Thank
you, Dennis, and I reallyappreciate the time together. I think we
as a community and we as acountry need to kind of look inside ourselves.
Now, what can we do betterindividually? What can we do better

in our community? What can wedo better in our country. I'm in
the business of changing lives and Itake that very seriously. I think every
CEO, every mom and dad,every business leader, community leader, religious
leader needs to ask themselves the samequestion right now? What can we do
differently, How can we really embracetolerance, How can we really embrace understanding,

knowledge, education and use it constructivelyin whatever we do in our daily
lives, in our communities, lives, and everywhere we can make a change.
Liquid oxygen is dedicated to changing livesthat will never end. And we
have other products that are going tocome out that address a whole number of

other issues that oxygen is so incrediblybeneficial for pariasis, rosation, all sorts
of things that oxygen is this amazing, amazing product for remedy for. But
now's the time for clarity, Now'sthe time for education, and now's the

time for unity in our country.Given my childhood and how I grew up,
I developed a deep sense of prideand commitment for our country. And
after school, I joined the Navyand became an air traffic controller and a
pilot and served my country, whichI'm so proud. I had the opportunity

to do something else that's very importantrelative to liquid oxygen. Relative to that,
also is I want everyone to knowevery ingredient, every bottle, every
pump, all the manufacturing, allthe labels, every part of liquid oxygen
is proudly made in the USA.We are parabin free, alcohol free,

cruelty free. We loaded up theproducts with Vice Himan's AC D and E
as well as the oxygen and delivera really comprehensive solution for skincare. The
oxygen's the driver and we eet andincredible ingredients. But I want everyone to
know how much America means to meand has given me such a wonderful opportunity.

And everything is made proudly in theUSA. Outstanding, Gregor. That's
good to know and I really appreciatethat. I think our listeners will too,
And thank you so much for yourservice as well. Thank you so
much, Dennis, my honor outstanding. Well, Craig, not all have
you shown about what sustainability looks andsounds like, but also about growth,

which is coming up very soon thatwe're all excited about. Let's give the
website address anybody that wants to checkout more of the products and maybe make
a purchase. What is that website? The website is liquidoxygen dot com.
Liquidoxygen dot com. Outstanding. Hey, Craig, I know how busy you
are. Thank you so much foryour time in joining us on CEOs.
You should know we really appreciate it. It's been an absolute pleasure. Thank

you so kindly, and thank you. iHeartRadio.
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