Chained: An Audio Drama

Chained: An Audio Drama


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The series is centered around 23 year old, Iris Reed, whom married her high school sweetheart while she was still a teenager and is now desperately fighting to save her marriage. Her spouse, Austin Reed, consistently plays games with her mind and her heart but she can't seem to find the strength to let him go. Her life is further complicated when she meets and develops a friendship her new neighbor, Chase Reynolds, who reawakens feelings inside of her she'd forgotten existed. Written and Directed by: Desiree "DMarieLuv" Pickett Starring: DMarieLuv, Anyssa Ortega, Everett "Dre Zounds" Longston, Ron Baker, and Theresa Gordon This is a KeepItScripted Production. If you like this show and would like to see more from KIS like it, you can donate however much you wanted to help us continue to produce quality content, including more audio dramas. Show More

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