Devil in the Details: Running With John McAfee

Devil in the Details: Running With John McAfee

When computer anti-virus mogul John McAfee was wanted for questioning over the murder of Gregory Faull in Belize, he went on the run and invited VICE editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro. Alongside conflict photojournalist Robert King, Castoro documented McAfee’s white-knuckle escape from Belize into Guatemala. But their story has remained untold, killed by VICE's top brass days before publication. Ten years in the making, this podcast drags you through the heat of the jungle and inside the paranoid web of McAfee’s twisted reality. It tells the long-censored true story of what happened before Netflix’s Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee drops on August 24.


September 14, 2022 99 mins
While John McAfee sat in a Guatemalan detention cell, he made an exclusive deal with documentary producer Francois Garcia to tell his story. After his deportation to Miami, McAfee traveled the country worming his way back into the media spotlight, despite looming cartel paranoia. Garcia followed McAfee for several years producing a documentary series about McAfee's life with director Billy Corben, facing some typical challenges of ...
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Rocco Castoro and Robert King talk about the aftermath of their adventure and how VICE barred Rocco from any further reporting on McAfee. Robert King continued with the story when McAfee was deported to Miami, using a list of questions from Rocco.After Rocco announced his resignation from VICE at a media ethics panel at the University of Chicago, King released a short video clip clearing their names of responsibility for the geodat...
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August 24, 2022 101 mins
Polishing off the Running With McAfee article, Rocco walks through the experience of having his belongings stolen and trying to get them back from a Guatemalan detention center.Rocco and Robert King tell you in explicit detail how the media works vis-a-vis the John McAfee story VICE Media’s bosses killed. Rocco and Robert clown the entire media. They were 100% correct and every other journalist who wrote about how they weren’t but ...
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August 23, 2022 62 mins
After making it to Guatemala City, John McAfee retains the former attorney general of Guatemala, Telésforo Guerra, who also happens to be the great uncle of McAfee's girlfriend Samantha Vanegas. Guerra assures crew he can get their passports stamped. Guerra arranges a press conference for McAfee to announce his application for political asylum in Guatemala. Just as the heat seems to simmer down after the geodata incident, federal p...
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This episode begins to dissect the specter that has haunted Rocco Castoro since he was editor-in-chief at VICE: the geodata incident. Since 2012, hundreds of news reports blamed Castoro for leaking McAfee’s location in Guatemala while he was on the run. Despite Castoro’s warnings to remove the data before publishing, the VICE news desk in Brooklyn made the monumental error by irresponsibly publishing the photo with exif data, which...
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August 10, 2022 49 mins
Rocco Castoro draws us further into the nebulous vortex of John McAfee as he follows him down the Rio Dulce and into Guatemala. Evading an international crisis of his own making after being labeled a person of interest in his neighbor’s murder, McAfee schemes ways to cross into Guatemala undetected by the government officials, death squads, and narcos whom he is convinced want his head. Rocco continues his conversation with Françoi...
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August 5, 2022 68 mins
Featuring unheard audio, Rocco Castoro illustrates his first day documenting McAfee's escape from Belize as the paranoid millionaire fugitive crafts elaborate distractions for the authorities to assist his escape. Ten years later, Rocco re-connects with the man who set him on his bizarre excursion, Francois Garcia, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on this chapter of the antivirus mogul’s life. Like Rocco, Garcia’s long-gestat...
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August 2, 2022 29 mins
Ahead of the upcoming Netflix documentary, Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee, Rocco Castoro sets the stage for what really happened when he and Robert King went on the run of a lifetime with John McAfee — and the aftermath of having one of the biggest stories in the world caught and killed by a major media outlet.
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