Discussing Nothing

Discussing Nothing

Want to know the answer to some of life's biggest questions? Well move along, you won't find them here. Join the YouMore team for Discussing Nothing: where the one thing we don't do is discuss life's big questions. Inspired by the random, stupid thoughts that pop into our heads throughout the week, this podcast is all about getting to the bottom of the pointless questions we ask ourselves. Sound like your bag? Then come and dip your toes in our pool of pointless knowledge.


September 22, 2022 11 min
IKEA, the wonderful everyday. If you've been to IKEA you'll know it's a great place worthy of a day trip in its own right. Now let your mind run wild and think about all the amazing and magical things you could get up to if stuck there for 24 hours!

Who knows what mischief and adventures could be had within the confines of that giant warehouse containing every room in your house and more.

Like kids let loose in a sweet sh...
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We all love supermarkets, right?

WRONG! If we're being honest, we love some supermarkets and hate others. With this in mind, we wound up Alex and Ross and let them go hell for leather to rank the UK's supermarket chains from best to worst.

Will Tesco trump all? Will Asda get assassinated? Will Somerfield be forgotten about completely? Yes, obviously. No one's gone to Somerfield since Hot Huzz.

Anyway, there has to be one s...
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August 25, 2022 12 min
Let's go to the beach, beach... Unless it's a first date. Then stay away at ALL. COSTS.

What's the worst possible first date? That's the puzzle we're trying to piece together on this week's episode.

Whether it's an awkward 120 minutes of silence through some gore-filled film or a boring wait in the multi-activity centre known as the "car garage", team YouMore discuss all sorts of scenarios you woul...
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August 11, 2022 12 min
We say the craziest things, don't we? "It's raining cats and dogs", "pushing an elephant up the stairs", "they've got a chip on their shoulder", and so on.

Now, imagine if these sayings were literally true and join team YouMore to discuss what life would be like... If you dare.
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At YouMore, we get our minds blown by things on a pretty regular basis. So can you imagine what the modern era would do to the primitive, peanut-sized mind of a caveman?

That's the nothing on discussion today - what would blow a caveman's mind the most if they were alive today?

How would they cope not having to fight and scrap for every meal? What would they think of people over the age of 25 (a near impossibility in the Ston...
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July 15, 2022 19 min
They Ask, You Answer? No - Aalyn Asks, We Answer.

We coaxed our resident introvert in front of the camera once more, and she has some pressing questions on her mind that need clarification. So who did she come to for answers? That's right - three wise men. Alex, Jordan and Tristan are tasked with solving age-old conundrums like "how do you say hello?", "how do you say goodbye?" and "do you look people in the ...
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Come Whine With Me at Jordan's lack of grace and decorum during his fantasy dinner date with Tristan. Bringing your own bottle is one thing, but have you heard of bringing your own kettle?

Jordan treats Tristan to a selection of his finest margarines, whilst Tristan sets the mood with some dim lighting, cool jazz and an all-night session of Risk. Is it easy to spot who's trying to impress who, and who has all the grace of a ...
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This episode is best enjoyed with visual accompaniment, where you can see Jordan attempt to draw Alex and Aalyn's wonderful designs on a whiteboard.

This week Aalyn gets in front of the Discussing Nothing cameras for the first time to give her opinion on our most pressing issue to date. The task? To design a single tool that can be used for all your kitchen-based needs. But wait - there's more. Jordan will be attempting to d...
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Discussing Nothing is renowned for answering the questions we've all got on our minds, and this week's edition is no different. The question? If you could inherit the powers of any animal just from it biting you (i.e. Spider Man), what animal would you choose? Would you want the speed of a cheetah? The mesmeric voice of a nightingale? Perhaps a mouth as big as that of a blue whale? Check out what Alex, Tristan, Jordan and...
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Could you live without coffee? Would you live without coffee? What lengths would you go to in order to get your hit were coffee to become illegal tomorrow?

A world without coffee. This is the terrifying reality that manifested itself in the imaginations of team YouMore this week, on the latest edition of Discussing Nothing. A reality filled with bean dealers, where the smell of coffee roasting hangs in the air of dodgy neighbourhood...
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Discussing Nothing is back with another conundrum that will twist your tongue as much as your mind. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? What is a woodchuck? What does "chuck" mean? What is wood? Listen to team YouMore tackle these questions, going in more circles than Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (or Woodchuck Day - inside joke) and becoming increasingly confused with each attempt, but still manage to squirrel away gol...
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This week on Discussing Nothing we've abandoned our normal approach of talking about inane, useless topics, and decided to discuss something truly important. So, the question for this week is: Where would lions rank on the insect food chain if they were the size of ants? Yes, we're serious. Would a lion be able to take a beetle in a fist fight? Would they build underground labyrinths of tunnels and caves? Could they escape ...
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We're back with another mind-bending question to ponder: what inanimate object would be the most annoying if it constantly played upbeat music whilst in use? 🎶

A disco door knob? A funk-playing football? Maybe a hip-hop hip replacement? 🎷

Whatever the answer is, you can be sure the investigative powers of the YouMore team will get to the bottom of this conundrum. Listen on!
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Ever wondered how big wasps would have to be to cause humanity's extinction? No, you probably haven't, and you won't ever have to because we have the answer! You'll find it wrapped up in 14 chuckle filled minutes with your well-informed pals here at YouMore, doing the brainwork for you.
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