Doomsday: History's Most Dangerous Podcast

Doomsday: History's Most Dangerous Podcast

Doomsday is a history lesson that easily disguises itself as a horror story. We explore the most traumatic, bizarre and most awe-inspiring but largely unheard-of disasters from throughout human history and around the world including the science behind every disturbing detail. If you like shipwrecks, decapitations, things that melt, living blankets of insects and people screaming for their lives, Doomsday is the podcast for you.


October 25, 2022 34 min
When you see All-purpose flour at the store, you know it can make everything from breads to cookies to cereals? Well did you also know it can make explosions?

On this episode, you’ll discover how bloodthirsty the French are about their favourite food, you’ll see what happens when you ride through a machine Charlie Chaplin style and you’ll learn what to do if a limb ever became two dimensional.

By the end of this story, you’ll learn ...
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On today’s very special episode, you will hear a tale of love and heroism unlike anything we’ve ever told. But at the same time, you’re going to hear about people riding over waterfalls in rubber balls and barrels and jet-skis. So yeah – it’s an emotional mixed bag of an episode. 

On this episode, we’ll discuss the blood thirstiest natural wonder in the world – and it’s not the one you’d think. You’ll learn what “coming to grief” ...
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If you hate the idea of horses being injured as I do, then let me say right off the bat that there will not be a single horse injured during this episode. I promise they are pretty much the only things NOT getting hurt in this episode. Welcome to the Happy Valley Race Course. The unhappiest happy valley in the world. 

On this episode, we’ll discuss Britain’s atrocious people kills, you’ll hear Occam’s Razor used as a verb, you’ll ...
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On today’s episode, we’re going to play the biggest game of the floor is lava in California history. But there won’t actually be a volcano in this story. That would make so much more sense. 

On this episode, we’ll discuss the difference between evacuating your home and evacuating your body, we’ll find out why you don’t mix crude oil with electricity, and we’ll discover a weather phenomenon strange enough to remove your eyebrows.

I ...
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Depending where you live or grew up, there’s probably some dark moment of local historical injustice you’re not overly proud of. On this special bonus not-so-minisode, we’re going to check out mine!

On today’s special extra not-so-minisode, you will finally learn why you hate clowns so much, you’ll find out why early Toronto had so many teeth on the ground, and we’ll discuss fighting techniques included but not limited to: thumbing...
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If you think going to the bank can be a hassle, and always wondered what’s the difference between flammable and inflammable, have we got a story for you. 

On this episode, you’ll hear about the worst bank deposit in aviation history, you’ll learn why you should never parachute without practice, and you’ll learn the medical effects of reverse-telescoping your legs into your abdomen.

We will rediscover the tale of America’s very first...
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A lot of people have fears about flying: turbulence, engine failure, the sheer this-is-too-heavy-to-stay-in-the-air of it all, but we’re going to tell you a story about a whole new way to die in the air you didn’t even know about. 

On this episode, you’ll hear about people being reduced to burning tatters, you’ll learn why your $200 IPod Shuffle is more dangerous than lightning, and we’ll even maybe teach you the best seats for sur...
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We always say the only upside of a disaster is the legacy of safety from the lessons learned – but not today. I don’t want to spoil the surprise here, but I think you’ll find today’s story, most riveting 

On this episode, there will be your typical mutilations, manglings and scissorings. You can try to imagine being repeatedly cut in half but in three dimensions. And we’ll play a game of Would You Rather fall 150 feet onto rocks, o...
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You know the story about the guy who started with a paperclip and traded up to a Porsche? This episodes like that, but replace paperclip and Porsche with cancer, and here we go

On this episode – not a lot of heist stories turn into full-on nightmares, so this is our first sort of cross-over crime/disaster episode. We’re going to talk about non-sexual swelling and burning, we’re going to see a punch-up at a funeral, and by the end so...
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Today, we’re going to make you afraid of water, and invertebrates, and working. We’ve covered a lot of Bad Day at Work episodes, but this is by far the worst one we’ve ever done, and we don’t mean just by blood volume. We mean by pure existential horror. Enjoy! 

On this episode, we’re going to explore a job so difficult, there are less than 400 people on the planet who can do it, you’re going to hear about the forced the expulsion ...
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No matter what the scariest thing you’ve ever seen on Halloween, it was a baby food sampling party compared to what we’re about to talk about.

On this episode, you’re going to hear about people crushed under concrete two feet thick, a particularly instructional kind of trauma, and the generous help of volunteers trying to straighten out twisted limbs to make people appear more comfortable. 

On this unusual episode, we’re going to ...
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If you’ve ever watched someone using drugs while going to the bathroom on a train, you’ve seen some pretty egregious stuff, but I can promise you’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s the Malbone Street Disaster of 1918

On this episode, you’re going to hear about people performing acrobatics through a cacophony of sharpness. And debatably, it only gets worse from there. And it all takes place in the dark. We have had plenty ...
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Do you like mountain roads, claustrophia and not breathing well? Have we got a road trip for you. We’re visiting Afghanistan, but we’re not visiting for the breathtaking beauty - we’re visiting for the unrelenting brutality. 

On this episode, you’re going to hear about just about every bad thing that can happen behind the wheel. You’re not going to hear a lot of impact injuries, but there will be fire and people will suffocate as m...
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Today we’re going to cover a ghost story, which is cool, but most of the ghosts are women and children, so actually I actually would have been more comfortable starting with a child labour joke

You’re going to hear a lot about bosses and employees and employee rights and work-life balance, and in our history of bad day at work episodes, this one is special. That said, you’re going to hear about people Tetrised into debris and then s...
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You’re about to hear a story about the most unique and deadly natural disasters to ever hit the US that no one was allowed to talk about. An amazing story that started out as a draft.

This is the first story we’ve done where the resulting damage can be compared to laser damage from space, so you know you’re going to hear about a lot of people Hereditaried and bisected and a whole host of things so awful most didn’t make it into the ...
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Elephants make a trumpeting sound to indicate excitement, aggression or distress, and it’s loud enough to hear up to six miles away. You know where you don’t want to hear it? Six feet away.

On this episode, we’re going to explore several new ways to die, most of them bloodless. You’re going to find out how to out-smart one of the smartest creatures on the planet, and this will be the second time you’ll hear Kool-Aid Man used as a ve...
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On today’s special holiday disastersode, we’re visiting a story so unbelievable, NASA actually uses it as a diagnostic to pre-screen test applicants. They study it for inaccuracies. The record so far is 168. Let’s see how we do

On today’s special Disaster Moviesode, we’re revisiting the cinematic spectacle of Michael Bay’s 1998 end-of-the-world Action Adventure Sci-Fi Thriller monster smash hit, Armaggedon. You will hear about peopl...
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In space, no one can hear you scream. But on the launch pad? You can yell, scream, or bleed all you want. No one will hear you there either.

For example, on today’s episode, you will find out how rockets work, and how they don’t work. You’ll hear about people vaporized into flaming mists and others faced with a kind of toxic shock syndrome you don’t hear about in commercials

You are going to learn about one of the worst managers in h...
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The Lake Peigneur Vortex of 1980 | Episode 24

Buck up, idiots. Today’s episode is almost guaranteed to make your next workplace screw-up seem a little less screwed up.

This is not normally the podcast you play around kids.or while eating, but today’s episode is different. No blood loss. No body count. What happens in today’s story is unbelievably dramatic, but no one gets their face lasered off, or turned into steam, or crushed to ...
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In 1917, job and housing markets in the UK were really blowing up.

On this episode you will not hear me mispronounce Trinitrotoluene for half an hour, but I’ll probably mispronounce it anyway. You will also hear me describe people losing their heads. Or parts of their heads. Or limbs. Or lives. But definitely bowel control.

This is the story of the single largest explosion to ever occur in the United Kingdom - which is saying a lot....
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