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Josh Lane, owner of Vitamin Center of Agoura Hills, has 35+ years of experience as a nutritional consultant. Mr. Lane has: Written nutrition and health articles for East West Journal, New Age Journal, Hallandale Digest and Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review Taught nutrition at Broward Community College, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and has lectured to civic, athletic, environmental and community organizations; sponsored many lecture series with leading nutritional and health experts, such as Viktoras Kulvinskas, Richard Passwater, Michael Murray, Chris Kilham Hosted a television show in the mid-1980s called Viewpoint On Nutrition which was one of the first television shows to discuss environmental illness Hosted the Natural Grocer radio show in South Florida as well as a featured guest on many radio talk shows about nutrition and wellness Worked for Dr. Ann Wigmore, the originator of wheat grass therapy at her clinic, The Hippocrates Health Institute of Boston, Massachuset... Show More

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