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June 27, 2022 49 min
In this message, I begin by asking a few questions and referring to a couple reports.

Next, I share 3 "Why"s for Preparation and 4 specifics the scripture tells us to Prepare For, then, concluding with 3 Requisites for Preparation.

We look at Luke 14:25-35, while, also referencing other bible verses.

In addition, I share additional statistics to discuss and validate, just, how important Preparation, really, is.

Throughout this ...
Mark as Played
In this message I speak of UNITY.

Included, herein, are some very basic courtesies we overlook and how these subtle nuances, if not rectified or stopped, produce damning results. Much of the crimes that take place in our world could've very easily been avoided, if, we had exercised common sense treatment; showing love, dignity, and respect for humanity.

But; since, we neglected these, we have created neighborhoods and communities...
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In this message, I speak about BEing Unique and how there are, both, Good and Bad Consequences to such.

I share 3 FRUITs to Uniqueness and a characteristic that's associated with each.

In Addition,
When you're the first to be or do something, you are indeed different in some capacity or to some extent. If that's to be you; well, then, this will require you to be unique.

Your uniqueness can be what gives you the upp...
Mark as Played
In my second message on the subject of Utilization, I speak of Neglect.

No one likes to be neglected; to be neglected is to be rejected. Yet, many of us have a tendency to do, just, that - to ourselves.

Not to mention, in many different ways; much of which are tied to our health. What do I mean?

Forms of Self-Neglect
>Tolerate Too Much UNwanted, Harmful Ways of Others
{Lifestyle: Beha...
Mark as Played
In this first of two episodes on Utilization, I share a message to encourage you to utilize your expertise and intelligence.

Herein, I bring to light how many of us, in spite of, the joy there is in utilizing our gifts and talents, our expertise and intelligence; still, we neglect them and, just, let them lie dormant within us.

Why is that?

Listen in as I speak of the...
3 Classic De-Motivators

What are they?
Where do they come from?
Mark as Played
We looked at how chemistry is more than an academic subject and it's necessary for more than love.

>Business will flourish
>Sports' Team will excel
>Marriage will be the joyful, dedicated union of two souls being one

How do we generate Chemistry in our lives?

Listen in and learn about the...
4 Necessary Components
To: "Drive" and "Enlive"

1] What Does ...Look Like?
2] What Does.....
Mark as Played
I shared why Community is necessary, along with its correlation to living a vital and vibrant life.

We looked at the Early Church - specifically, from Acts 1 and 2 - considering what enabled them to flourish and how their experience is translated to our times, today.

In Addition,
I shared 5 steps we can implement to create such a community amongst ourselves.

I call these...
The 5 Vowels for Creating Community

Do you desire real Community...
Mark as Played
I spoke of how Competence is necessary to Living Life to The Fullest.

In Addition,
I speak of how competency affects us at every level with each stage being a step on a ladder; 1] being the first step, from the ground up.

Moreover, each stage (step) leads to the next and with each step up, the greater the impact and the farther the reach.

The Impact of Competence
5 STAGES (Steps)
1] Individuals/Families
2] Companies
3] Industry
4] E...
Mark as Played
Life shows:
the lord of your life
the love of your life
"Your Life!"

I speak of how subtle nuances can easily become obsessions and if not rectified, lead us into places we hadn't intended to go and unwanted relationships or situations we never intended to enter into.

Who is it that reigns and takes precedence in your life? Or, is it an "it" and not, a "who"?

Obsessions - as long as we allow t...
Mark as Played
WHO or WHAT is The Love of Your Life?
Is It HIM?
If so; why is it we veer off the path of the straight and narrow?
These are some of the issues we discuss.

In addition, I talked about how our unbridled love leads to adoration and spills forth in the form of idolatry. Yes; our "Love" can very easily become our FALSE god (Idol).

I elaborated on one's...

How each of these can very easily become ou...
Mark as Played
I ask my audience, "Who" or "What" is your Lord?

I point out how we can - and, many times, do - lift and love a person, animal, or object to the extent that we are, literally, worshipping him, ber, or it. Thus, whether or not we intend to; in effect, we exalt that person, animal, or lifeless object as our lord. This, my friend, is IDOLatry.

This is what the Israelites did. In the OT, we see they turned their backs on ...
Mark as Played
The next phase of going and growing into a deeper relationship with The Father is our Love for HIM. How Deep Is Your Love? Perhaps, you've heard that before (Bee Gees' song)? So, How Deep Is "Your" Love (for HIM)?

One's Love "for" The Father is crucial to one's development "in" The Father and HIS Love for him or her.

Do you long to be closer to HIM? I believe you do.

All of us - at our very core...
Mark as Played
One's Like "for God" will - more than anything else - denote and dictate his growth and intimacy "with God". But, this is just the starting point; there's more.

Join Brandon as he teaches us.

In today's message, I share The 3 Constancies that are vital to the Enjoyment and Enlightenment of one's relationship with The Father. Our relationship with HIM needs to be Three Dimensional. Just, what do I mean?

Mark as Played
March 23, 2022 49 min
Today, we looked at the precious gift that often arises from a person's gift.

Exceptional Talents AMAZE and ASTONISH, ATTRACTing Others and When The AMAZEr shows a Genuine Interest in The One who's AMAZEd; the Camaraderie can Rapidly Grow, Uniting and Impacting you, BOTH, Wonderfully.

From this, a wonderful relationship, just, might grow into something much more and, perhaps, greater than you ever would've imagined.

Join B...
Mark as Played
March 23, 2022 49 min
"RUA" Asks:
R U "A Blesser" OR "A Bleeder"?

To: "Bleed Out" - and, especially, "On" to another - is not good. Yet, many people do this; much more, than they realize. Their bleeding isn't necessarily from a cut or a physical abrasion; many times, it is mental. Thus, he bleeds his troubles on to his teammates. She bleeds her pain "on" and, perhaps, "in"to her friends.

I spoke o...
Mark as Played
March 23, 2022 42 min
"RUA" Asks:
R U A Helper OR A Hoarder?

In today's message, I spoke of the characteristics that identify each type and, ultimately, how these characteristics go a long way in portraying the individual.

Found, therein, is how each one FATtens himself. I also describe the motives that often accompany each type, in addition, to speaking of the purpose of one's gifts and the delight found in blessing others with our gifts.

Mark as Played
March 23, 2022 53 min
"RUA" Asks:
R U A "Because Of" Person OR An "In Spite Of" Person?

In today's message I spoke of how both components are important and, even, critical to the formation of True Friendship. Being responsive has its part; but, should not stand alone. Initiating goes a long way to showing your genuineness in being a friend.

The one is an act of reciprocation. The other speaks more strongly; but, does so, suggest...
Mark as Played
March 23, 2022 45 min
"RUA" Asks:
R U A Gracer or A Grumbler?

We looked at different specifics which typify each one, as well as, the GPS of each character. Like many things that have life within them - that is, people or otherwise - all we have to do is look to their innate workings or their DNA to discover the destination they'll end up at.

So, which one are you?

R U A Person of "Grace"?
R U A Noted "Grumbler"?

Each one has its...
Mark as Played
March 23, 2022 45 min
We looked at the difference between A Thermostat and A Thermometer from a human standpoint and some characteristics of each one.

One is noted for his concern for others and for a having A Spirit of Humility.
The other is often depicted for being Selfish and Arrogant; this one is known for his Spirit of Rudeness and for making himself the one of ultimate importance. He is, constantly, looking out for himself. The latter of the two, a...
Mark as Played
March 23, 2022 45 min
"RUA" Asks:
R U A Needer or A Feeder?

We looked at our need for relationships that are mutually beneficial. Whereas, those who are needy have a way of draining us. It seems like what we do and what we give them never suffices. They don't know the word: Enough. On the other hand, they're all too familiar with: Greed. Yet, they might not even know it.

The Needer is a Breaker and an Emptier of Relationships, Bank Accounts...
Mark as Played

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