Invisible Ink: Conspiracy Code

Invisible Ink: Conspiracy Code

Invisible Ink, hosted by Dexter Vale, is a deep dive into the world of conspiracy theories. Beyond the sensationalism and alarmism, we delve into the true heart of the matter: the misuse of power and the deliberate obfuscation of facts. We explore the implications of labeling someone a 'conspiracy theorist' and the impact it has on their credibility and the perception of their claims. Each episode strives to separate fact from fiction, shedding light on the truths buried within the 'conspiracy bucket'. Join us as we venture into the murk, determined to expose the hidden facts and silenced voices. From the intriguing to the controversial, Invisible Ink is a daring pursuit of truth in a world that often prefers shadows.


July 28, 2023 10 mins
In this mini-episode, Dexter Vale delves into a listener's question regarding soft water. Is there a conspiracy lurking beneath its slippery surface? We'll explore the rumors and realities of water softening and its potential implications on our water supply. Join us as we uncover the truth behind this everyday household necessity.
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Dive into the lesser-known truths of the Titanic disaster in this compelling episode of Dexter Vale's Invisible Ink. Beyond the Hollywood dramatization, we unravel the design flaws, the critical decisions, and the unfortunate circumstances that led to one of history's most catastrophic maritime disasters. Explore how aesthetics trumped safety, how the unsung story of the Californian factors in, and learn about the consequential inq...
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On this episode, Dexter Vale navigates the turbulent waters of our global fresh water crisis. From controversial additives in our tap water to multinational companies monopolizing fresh water resources, we tackle the pressing concerns that lie beneath the surface. We'll investigate the health implications of fluoridation, explore the damaging environmental and social effects of bottled water, and probe into the potential future con...
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In this chilling episode of Invisible Ink, hosted by Dexter Vale, we embark on a haunting exploration of the vulnerability of the US power grid. Delve into the shadows as we expose the sinister conspiracies that threaten to disrupt our way of life. From real-life evidence of physical attacks to the looming specter of cyber intrusions and potential foreign threats, this thought-provoking episode sheds light on the stark reality of o...
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In this episode, we take a deep dive into the concept of planned obsolescence, starting from the story of the Phoebus cartel's lightbulb conspiracy. We explore how this seemingly ancient plot continues to influence modern consumer economies and discuss the environmental and economic implications of this practice. Then, we delve into the right-to-repair movement, shedding light on how consumers and advocates are challenging planned ...
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July 20, 2023 11 mins
In this inaugural episode of Invisible Ink, host Dexter Vale sets the stage for a profound journey into the heart of conspiracy theories. He explores the essence and purpose of the 'conspiracy bucket', a tool often wielded by the establishment to discredit truth-seekers and muddy the waters of reality. With insightful analogies and a robust dissection of the conspiracy label, Vale introduces the listeners to the critical mission of...
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