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May 13, 2024 1 min
NBC has big SNL 50th plans and is Chris Evans coming back as Captain America? We'll get it all in today's #MikeJonesMinuteCon!
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It's your daily pop culture rundown weekdayafternoons at four fifty ish. Well go
the Mike Jones Minican on DC oneon It's a ways Away. But there's
a lot of buzz about NBC's announcementwith the fiftieth anniversary of Saturday Night Live.
They're planning a week of celebration showsand it will finish with a three

hour long primetime special February sixteenth fromeight to eleven PM. You got to
figure that the show will have manyof the stars from over the years returning
our favorite special guests and musical actstoo. There's also excitement about the report
coming from at My Time to ShineHello on AX, and they've given us
a lot of spot on scoops.They're saying that Chris Evans will return as

Captain America, starring in a newDisney Plus show that will have him going
through time to return all of theInfinity Stones. This series could show us
where the Captain went while he traveledback in time at the end of Avengers
Endgame before returning much older. We'llwatch out for more news to come.
Get your daily pop culture run downaround four point fifty every weekday with the

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