Welcome to the NEW Jabbology! Still me, Jabbo, knee deep in the middle of life. Come hear about what makes me tick, the cool ass people that I know, and everything that goes into my crazy ass podcaster life. Most importantly, come meet my people. You know all the crazy stories from Jabbo and The Teeb? Listen to me talk with the people I actually did the crazy tuff with. You know how I spill my influences all over the place? Listen as I sit down with people that motivate and inspire me. Same great show, a bit of different packaging.


April 14, 2023 54 mins
Finally, The Jabbs has come back to....his own fuckin show! It's been long overdue but I finally sat down to record a new Jabbology episode. There are so many new things that I have been working on, and here ya go, I'll tell you about them all. What's been going on with the shop, the shows, Proper Rumpus art stuff. Im pretty sure I thank half the world in there somewhere. There is so much stuff to breeze over, yapping about it here...
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Welcome back to another Jabbology! I've been so busy with the other shows and all the other side projects, that sometimes things get shuffled. I'm hglad this was though, cause it allowed time for this episode to happen. After months and months of planning and trying, I finally get to have my big sis on the show. We both have two strong personalities and it madee for a great discussion on life and parenting. I get to pick my sister'...
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November 18, 2022 78 mins
Well, D Con is upon us and we couldn't be more relieved, or tired. lol Welcome to the second part of our D Con journey! Nashutty and I pick up where we left off, finishing the pieces for shipping. We were in the spot to try and do something big to show off what we were capable of as an art team. Not too many couple teams in the field that we know of, so doing this together, to us, was important. Everything about this art drop, WE d...
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November 15, 2022 119 mins
Welcome to another episode of Jabbology! Ya know, I've been calling this block of shows, my artists series, obviously cause I have been sitting with artists of all mediums, so how in the fuck were WE not gonna talk about OUR arting on here? Well, it's been a long ass road, but we were up to the challenge. This is it, where we explain IN DEPTH what exactly it is that we do. Proper Rumpus is a house for all creative expression and I ...
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October 31, 2022 139 mins
If you have ever wanted to hear me fan boy, here it is. Welcome to probably one of, if not the best episodes of Jabbology, for me. After being a longtime fan of their work, many commissions and texts later, I FINALLY get to sit with Chris and Jay Salce, owner/creators of Blood Red Comics. I giggle like a school kid as I get to chat with two of my personal heroes, being in pretty much awe the entire time. lol. We talk comics, art, m...
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September 24, 2022 78 mins
What's going on all? The fuck yall doing? lol In my search to become the busiest mofo in the world, I been going on and on about art and artists and all that shit. I decided to just start having artists on the show, from all walks, in all mediums. This one was interesting though. Meet Kayla, my kids employer (kinda), and a family friend. She is a young business owner (28 years as of this), with hair styles that have been featured i...
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September 16, 2022 62 mins
I'm baaaaaack. The show that I have been trying to keep rebranding and push to new hights keeps taking the L cause of other shit, but no more. I get to iron out some things, slow it down a bit, and get back to what I really love doing. Not for a time crunch, not looking at a clock, not fitting any guidelines, just a much needed release. A manuver to get back to my base. Wanna hear about all the crazy shit I have going on? The art, ...
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August 19, 2022 91 mins
It makes me so humble and even happier when I get to do this show. The main focus was to be able to share my passions as well as let people hear the other things that people were passionate about. It's no secret that I have developed a media group and it's also common knowledge that I am now a resin artist. I sit down with artist Jason Vooheez aka Crystal Lake Confections for one hell of a story and a motivating spirit that I was b...
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Hola weirdos! Here it is. The final chapter in Igonutzz taking over my show. Rebranded The Un-HOST-ile Takeover, I spread this last one out. I FINALLY have a good amount of content to shuffle with alot of new shit on the horizon. We close this one strong. A few more layers pulled back with a small glimpse into the future of me, my art, my company/collective (proper rumpus rulez), with all the trimmings. Enjoy and I hope this shit i...
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July 29, 2022 293 mins
This episode has been the longest anything I have ever done in all my time in podcasting, but if you're gonna pull this off, you better be fuckin capable, so why not bring one of the best to the table?! I grabbed up one of the most interesting and dedicated cats I have got to meet in this game, CJ. He's a DJ. He's co host of the EVER SO DOPE PodAskew, and he was my guest on this great episode of Jabbology. Take the day off and pack...
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July 14, 2022 126 mins
Welcome to an early Jabbology! Taking over the Jabbo and The Teeb spot cause the boys are on vacay...from the show...tell next week...anyways, it's part three of the Un-HOST-ile Takeover! You know Igonutzz came at me hard for these last two. Shit isEXTRA special, enjoy!
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July 8, 2022 50 mins
In a rare...well, once a year actually, celebration of my big day, I give you a new and fresh Jabbology. I bring along my better half, Nashon, to help explain the ruckus at Rumpus. What have we been up to? Why all the hush hush? What the hell is #PropFor44? We drop a few surprises on you with the whole birthday surprise prize pack sweepstake or whatever its called. Anyways, it's my birthday! I'm too old to party, but I can talk for...
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June 24, 2022 131 mins
Well, here I am making yet another post on time! Yaay me! Anyways, so when my good buddy Igo decided to rip me apart and make a show out of it, he originally saw this in three parts. I mean, I talk ALOT of shit about getting to hear crazy ass stories and whatnot, so here ya go. Part TWO of the raw. High school and college were...special...it's all me. It's all Jabbology.
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June 17, 2022 123 mins
I am back and still on track. Oh god I had fun with this. Igo stops by, and in true bestie fashion, decides to grill the fuck out of me. Asking all those random questions you weren't sure you wanted to know. It turned out to be a good way to share some stories with one another and be able to talk about some soul healing shit, with you guys right with us. This one is a bit interactive, so get those questions ready. It's prolly one o...
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June 10, 2022 90 mins
Oh Lord, if I could only explain to you all how crazy and fantastic shit has been. lol. This show took a back seat to a few joint projects that still allowed me to get out content, but Jabbology was still always the thing. I have been chasing this young lady for quite sometime because she is just an amazing soul. She is the host of Musings of the Nerd Scorpio. She is an amazing cosplayer and creator of her own comic series. She is ...
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June 7, 2022 113 mins
Ok, I'll kiss ass and apologize later, but I have just been dying to post. I have SO much shit to share with you guys and I'm tired of being held up, so here we go! Just a bonus taste of the content that I love to make with one of my favorite people on the planet, Igo. If you need a list of all the shit we go over...Footloose...Dream On...Over The Top...Cobra...getting high with Bootsy Collins...how urine doesn't taste very good......
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February 1, 2022 64 mins
On this once again expertly misplaced episode of Jabbology, we find our hero once agin, overexplaining. Oh, not about why this was late, oh no. It seems that some of the shit I have been saying and tweeting have come into question. lol. Nothing serious, but enough to address. In the most light hearted of ways, I talk about my absolute love for Shang-Chi, and the importance of being represented. I talk about the whole Spotify/Rogan ...
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January 14, 2022 76 mins
I can't begin to tell you how amped I am for this episode. I have alot of teachers in the art game, and having one for the podcast realm has been one of the best things I ever could have asked for. It's cool when your teacher becomes a friend and is still a mentor to you. I am proud to finally have gotten MidnightSmoke1 aka Stevie on the show. If you've listened to ANYTHING I have recorded, you've always heard me talk about Odd Pod...
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January 10, 2022 57 mins
Holy hell and Happy New Year! I'm back! After another random, life filled hiatus, I was finally able to sit and jaw my ass off again, and this one is a doozy. What happens when an impromptu road trip through the mountains gets jabby? Wanna know about how I became a cowboy for like...three hours? This is the episode that I have been trying my ass off to sit and record, but more shit just kept happening! I left some shit out, but tru...
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December 24, 2021 75 mins
Oh, I'm sure there will be some sort of end of the year wrap up, but it's Christmas Time on Jabbology...kinda. I finally just sit and talk about just some of the cool ass people that are gifts to me this year and shit I'm thankful for. It's been another crazy year and no JATT Chistmas episode! This doesn't make up for it, but I ramble.... I also, for some reason, really feel the need to defend Will Smith. More pieces of my weird as...
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