Jim Lockwood Show

Jim Lockwood Show


LIVE 4-12-118: Will Trump fire Mueller, Facebook testimony was a joke, Syria war imminent

April 12, 201859 min

59 min
LIVE 4-11-18: Ted Cruz and Zuckerberg, personal story, Trump’s attorney FBI raid

April 11, 2018117 min

117 min
LIVE 4-10-18: Facebook Zuckerberg testimony, Trump's attorney attacked by FBI, war with Syria coming LIVE 4-10-18: Syria, Trump FBI Attorney

April 10, 2018108 min

108 min
LIVE 4-6-18: Trump China tariffs, jobs report, millennial generation & more

April 6, 2018114 min

114 min
LIVE 4-3-18: The woman being abused as we watch

April 3, 201855 min

55 min
LIVE 4-2-18: Trump vs Amazon, illegals heading for US border, market crashing & more

April 2, 2018114 min

114 min
LIVE 3-28-18: Comey CNN town hall, 2nd amendment repeal, & more

March 28, 2018127 min

127 min
LIVE 3-22-18: Blasting Zuckerberg and Facebook

March 22, 201842 min

42 min
LIVE 3-22-18: Zuckerberg breaks silence, why we are leaving Facebook, FB working with Democrats, Trump lawsuit

March 22, 201813 min

13 min
LIVE 3-21-18: I explode on Liberals and facebook

March 21, 201853 min

53 min

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Jim is a blind Conservative lawyer who’s troubled by the erosion of our Constitutional system by those in DC the district of corruption. Everyday Jim battles those who don’t see what’s going on. This is where the blind #FightTheBlind. Live 10 EST... Show More

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