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April 19, 2024 100 mins
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Cacoday radio program Glad to Have Youalong. I was, I was just
telling Ross off the air. Well, obviously, I feel like if I
had to average it out, Iwould say about once a week there is

a story where I go to dowe need to do people not know that
this is not a thing you shoulddo. And I'll give you an example
yesterday and you can still see thevideo if you want. I didn't think
people needed reminded of this, butyou had a woman at her son's funeral

in a club and dress tworking onhis grave. Again, people grieve differently.
But then they filmed it, theyput it on the internets, and
and I didn't think at any pointI had to remind folks that's probably not

a good look. But it usedto be about once a week we'd have
a story like that. What aresome other examples? There was one one
actually earlier this week. I'm like, I need to do we need to
remind people of this? But nowI feel like it's every other day or

something. And you know, insome instances, I'm fine with that because
it just means, you know,probably more Florida Man stories, stupid stuff,
but some of it is truly ghastly, and to prove my point,
let me. I was just Iliterally was just reading this before the show,

and I'm gonna I'm gonna turn thisinto a quiz. So and it's
not just horrific human behavior, butalso it's a learning opportunity. And I
don't know, maybe maybe we cancurb some of these things because I'm torn.
Those are always those stories always dowell, They always do well,

all right, Rosier by Guinea Pig. Two question quiz you ready? Very
easy? I know it's early,but it's Friday. Whatever, let's do
this question, numeral. You knowwhat is the first rule of fight club?
I don't even know what you're talkingabout? Okay, very good,

very good. That's sure. That'scalled passing kids. Almost he's halfway there.
What is I can't believe I'm havingto formulate this sentence? What is
the first rule? I want tomake sure I have the the deats absolutely

accurate. What is the first ruleof special education? Classroom? Fight club?
What is that? Do you knowwhat that person? I don't know
what that is, but it soundshorrific and it should not exist. Yeah,
it's actually and I know a lotof people aren't up on this.
So it is if this teacher,after going through our constitutionally protected criminal justice,

if this is guilty, you wantto keep this so secret that you
bury that person under the prison.So in case you didn't know Indianapolis,
by the way, do you wantto guess the grade or grade range,
I'd probably say like kindergarten or prek or something elementary. Yeah, they

went elementary, so not quite highschool, but elementary. An Indianapolis elementary
school teacher orchestrated a fight club stylepunishment between classmates, including a seven year
old That was his mom who broughtthis to the attention of the school,

although not entirely because not only ishis teacher, Julius Johnakin, alleged to
have essentially set this up, butalso filmed it, filmed it and put
it up there so people could seeit. The child's mother folt of lawsuit

with Marion County against the teacher fromGeorge Washington Carver School, alleging the teacher
condoned other students to duke it outin the classroom on multiple occasions to solve
differences. And let me approach thisfrom somebody obviously who is wholly on the

outside looking at I don't have kids, none of that. But but I
there was a girl I dated whowas a special ed teacher and she come

home with wounds man because of someof the issues that she was dealing with
with some of her students. Sheloved what she did and still she still
teaches special ed up in Minnesota,but she so like a big thing with
her students was dealing with some ofthe physical stuff that manifests with some of

the students in that class. Sothe idea, when you're already dealing with
that, that you would then belike, you know what, let's do
a fight club. I'm a filmthis world star. Baby, I'm gonna
I want to go very deep underthe prison if we could. Yeah,

it looks like uh, mom andfather, life looks like your kid won.
So you know, there is thatsmall thing. Uh. The mother
inquired because she thought she thought herson came home and was like, hey,
you know what we did today?This because he had some marks on
him. No, I mean that'sunderstandable. I mean, because you're having
a special special needs child, sometimesthey will come home like that where it's

like because sometimes it's another student willdo it. Like you said, they
have they have emotional outbursts, andLincoln sonded himself, he like, you
know, it's the uh, hisbig trigger in the classroom. It is,
you know, the phone in theclass the phone in all the sound
that the phone makes. It's notnecessarily the tone that it makes, but
it's the unpredictability of what it's goingto be. So it'll randomly be like

he calls it the heat heat sound, it'll go like he heat, and
it'll cause him to have like amajor meltdown, like an emotional meltout.
And they've tried to stop before,and he's he grabbed a ta's wrist and
broke her Apple eye watch wristband,which we paid back. But there's been
times when he's come back and theteacher will be like, hey, he
has this on his back or hehas this on his arm, and it's
because another student had an outburst,and we completely understand it. And for

them to have this fight club forspecial needs children like this in like elementary
school, that's right at the agewhere like if they did come home,
there might be some plausible deniability therewhere you'd be like, oh, well,
like if they did say, hey, the teacher had to fight ourselves.
You might be like, Okay,well he's making this up. It's
his imagination. It's not really happening, because that is absolutely insane. Mom

didn't believe it. Kid was cominghome and like, you didn't you guys
didn't have a fight club, right, come on, and actually you know,
and it was like, I don'tbelieve it, but you know,
eventually went and tried to get toschool administry to you know, answer her
questions, and they just ignored her. And at first she at first she's

like, no, that's insane,that didn't happen. And then I guess
her kid backtrack, probably thinking hewas going to get in trouble. And
it took about two months and thena video emerged and mom lost her crap,
and the school still ignored her fortwo more months, even though she
pulled her kid out. In thevideo, which is awful, a suspected

classmate is seen throwing repeated punches ather son while shouting don't mess with me.
In the background, the teacher yellsand I quote, that's right.
You get him to the kid beatingup this woman's son. Toward the end

of the clip, the attacker boytells the teacher quote, and I'm gonna
get him again. Johnakin, it'sthe teacher still filming, replies, I
know you want to get him.When he does those things, you get
him, so you know at leasttwenty feet under the prison. And by

the way, it's it's like inkill Bill. And I'm assuming the teacher
hasn't trained with pie May, sowe should be good to go if convicted.
This is alleged, even though there'sa video, which I'm not going
to play you. It's it's justawful. You get that transcript, I'm

not Jonakin. The teacher told IndianaDepartment of Child Services that the two students
were sometimes friends but sometimes had negativeengagements. Okay, well that's kids,
specially at kids or not specially atkids. Right, but there's video of
you hype manning the kid beating upthe other kid. When I asked about

the video, he claimed it wasa recording to have proof of what was
happening, and finally admitted that hehad quote run out of patience to interfere
in the melee. How does dohow does this guy end up in a
classroom? Yeah, not just aclassroom, but a special needs classroom.
It's just it's mine. The likeLincoln's teacher, I'm saying, like it's

a special sort of person, that'sthe deal, Like incredible people, incredible
patients, right, so you don'tbelong there, and that the fact that
they put him there is just nuts, dude. And you know, you
know what, and I'll be I'llbe directly honest. Do you know what
likely led to me in that specialed teacher not work out is she was

way too nice a person for me, Like like I don't have that level
of patience or any of the rest, and she did. And uh that
was crazy, absolutely like coming homeand like her arm would be all ripped
up. A kid hit her witha plastic knife one time, and she's
just like, yeah, you know, we're working on some stuff, blah
blah blah. I'm just like,oh my gosh, I yell at people

on the radio and and you're outthere doing that. I didn't used to
be patient. I will say thatLincoln has made me a lot more patient
than I used to be, likelooking back now, because yeah, there's
certain things that you just it justit is what it is. Man.
I know a lot of people hatethat saying like I hate that but you

just learn to roll with it.Man, and you got you gotta be
patient because if you're not patient andyou're not understandable, you're gonna lose your
mind. Well, you don't havea choice, right, No, you
know you have to have to.You either go and say and you become
gandhi. It's one of the two, all right. Well, like road
rage doesn't have I don't get I'mpatient in traffic. I'll take my time
or lines or stuff. It doesn'tSo in that way, it's been a

blessing because learning how to have patienceis a great thing to have. Yeah,
I kind of like yelling at idiotson the road. I don't know,
but I'm but not like crazy,chase him down and let's do this
thing. I don't know. Ifeel it's like cathartic. But I don't
yell. I just comment in aneven voice but horrible words. And that's
still it's a hobby. But Imean, I might look at the guy

and be like, look at thisguy, but that's the extent of it.
Yeah, look at this idiot,But I'm not like, no,
I want to roll you up theroad. You you know what's even worse,
is it wasn't just this teacher.They came to find out as they
dug into this, that a substituteteacher who specialized in, you know,
being the sub for special at knewall about it. Yeah yeah, yeah.

In fact, that teacher is quotedhere in an exchange with the the
So this is the substitute teacher's communicatingwith the main teacher who was filming this.
When asked, are you uncomfortable withthis, replied quote, special needs
students are demonic possessed. I don'tcare. Wow. The substitutent also allegedly

texted quote, they're bad kids.This is what you do. What an
awful person? I mean, justthe two of these in like, I'm
not for some of the stuff theydo in North Korea, but right,
but you might consider the mortar fieldhere. No, that's too nic because
that would be instant, you knowwhat I'm saying. It's just like when

hey, I mean and I'm missed, right, No, no, no,
no, something else and again gothrough the process. Here, let's
see here, uh, in thisthing, she's probably she should probably own
the school district after this, Accordingto the mother, during the three months

when she initially contacted because Remember shedidn't contact right away, She just yeah,
she thought her kid was at thevery least embellishing right and was reassured.
But then after two months of beingignored, the mom started digging into
this stuff. And let's see,was repeatedly informed by the district, including

the principle and the superintendent, thatquote it was that was not true.
It was her child who was disruptive, lying, and they suggested that he
be diagnosed with perhaps disordered personality afflictionsor perhaps a more expansive diagnose of ADHD.

You know, a similar thing happenedto Lincoln when he was in pre
K. A bunch of the studentand I'm not going to mention the teacher
no longer works in the district anddoesn't work in general as far as I
know, but there was a bunchof times that he would come home and
we were like those are and wewere just assuming it was another student because
of the difficulties we've already mentioned,and I we were asking about it,
weren't getting any answers, weren't gettingany answers, and we weren't and I

eventually had to get Dan Forrests helpwith this issue. And it turns out
the teacher, it was this prek teacher was abusing the children, and
my god, but it took usforever to get any answers. Like it's
like I was sending emails and sendingemails though the parents. I remember,
I don't remember. I don't Iremember. I didn't ask you all of

the details, but you had saidsomething was going on. And when Dan
was doing one of his things,I know you talked to him, but
I didn't. I didn't pry onthat. But that's horrible, And you
know what, let's let's get everybodytogether for my first rule of fight Club.
There you go Friday morning, andthat's what I was sitting there reading

five minutes before the show. Allright, let me do this because there
is no way I'm going to pairanother story with this. But we'll take
a break, i'll come back.I'll give you a rundown of some of
the stuff we're going to get into, including our conversation with Pete Calender chat
with him. Since it's Friday,that'll be our number three eight oh five.
But you listen, because you're agood citizen to all three hours of

the show, So just you know, stay tuned. For a very long
time, and we'll get to thatand all sorts of insanity, but that
might be the insanity takes the cake. All right, we'll be back.
Hang on, all right, welcomeback. It is six thirty five.
I'm gonna dig We'll dig deeper intothis, or I guess we'll redig into

this, because I am going togive you the details now. But this
story about Mark Robinson's wife is,and especially the outlet that wrote this story,
this is fascinating to me. It'shorrible if true, but it's also
fascinating. And I was surprised wrL wrote this story, So kudos on

that one, because unless there's somethingI'm missing here, this is I think
she's she might be right. Idon't know. I mean, I'm not
there for all of this, butI think she might be right because initially
I saw this and I was like, you know, people exaggerate in the

world of politics, and I don'tknow Mark's wife. I'm trying to think
if I've ever met her. Ithink I did. Where did I meet
her somewhere for just a for justa few minutes, and I've interacted with
throughout social media. Seems like avery nice woman and I I, I,

you know, I don't feel thatthis is exaggerated. And what was
interesting to me, and this iskind of crazy, is the fact that
Ral seems to acknowledge that there mightbe something here makes me think that there's
a lot of something there and theyjust they just you know, wrote it

in the way that they did.Like, is that a weird barometer to
use over the veracity of a storyWhen you see an outlet who you feel
might be unsympathetic to an individual whowrites the story that I feel was kind
of fair. That's where we arein the world of journalism, all right,
So you don't know what's up.And then when I said, we'll
read to this because we're gonna betalking to Pete about this for sure,

coming up at eight oh five,but I want to get into this now,
remind her phone number eight eight eightnine three four seven eight seven fours.
So first line of the story,here's the claim. The second Lady
of North Carolina says a state agencytargeted her nonprofit because of who her husband

is. All right, look,that's that's a big claim. That's a
big claim because you're claiming the thingI thought that used to make everybody skin
crawl because it's it's it's a tacticfrom not America, right, this is

you know, these are the theseI understand that it happens one hundred percent
obviously, but like it goes soagainst the ideals of how this is supposed
to work, even knowing that thereality on the ground is this stuff happens,
and it happens a lot more thanyou think in a variety of different
ways. And it doesn't just happenbecause you're the wife of Mark Robinson.

It can happen because you're a bloviatingidiot on the radio. It could happen
because your neighbor doesn't like how youpark your card. You know what I'm
saying. And they happen to workfor they have a semblance of power that
they can use against you. Butthis is so on the nose. So
Mark's wife's name is Yolanda by theway, all right, so anyway,

Yolanda Hill said earlier this month thatshe and tended to shut down Balanced Nutrition.
Okay, so for those of youwho don't know, his wife runs
a nonprofit and and by the way, this isn't some Clinton Foundation disaster set
up following Mark's election. She's shewas doing this well before any of any

of us knew Mark Robinson save probablya few people in Greensboro who knew Mark
Robinson. But you know what Imean? The nonprofit, I what is
it? Is it? An?It's uh sorry sorry, I started scrolling
down and I wasn't ready. Allright, Balance Nutrition where she has run

this charity for nearly a decade.Okay, so this is back when Mark's
still I don't know, working atthe furniture factory, teased off because the
city of Greensboro decides, oh,maybe we shouldn't have a gun show at
the colliseum. Oh and he's like, no, no, not having that.
And you know that was the thatwas the the the pathway to office.

But all of this precedes him.Balance Nutrition, by the way,
is works with basically if you're aperson who qualifies for federal food subsidies,
that those are the folks that theywork with. Okay, and I don't
I don't know the totality of whatthey do, but that's the that's the
the realm in which they operate.In fact, let me read the descript

the exact description. Balance Nutrition helpsadult or childcare centers in the triad that
qualify for federal food subsidies. Okay, so in some way, shape or
form, that's what they do.But it doesn't matter what they do.
They've been doing something that it wasn'ta problem for a decade and now this

So let's get to where this getsweird really quick, because you're probably asking
yourself, well, how do youprove that? How do you prove that?
Lois Learner. Let me use anexample that woman in Texas with her
organization, which is so weird bythe way, because I actually met that
woman just really odd, visiting mybuddy in Houston and we went to something

where that woman was and I hadmet her and it was just a passing
thing because I don't live in Texas. I'm like, okay this event,
and it was like her and MattressMac if you don't know who that is,
that's the guy who owns the furniturestories, who does the big bets
every year. And I remember therewas conversation about how all of their nonprofit

stuff was getting stymied, and youknow, the suspicion was that somebody at
the IRS was doing that. Andthen you know, crazily like months later,
boom, we got the lowest leernerstory and no accountability. But this
is a little different. Hill said, I didn't know her, don't know

her personally. That person as sheis referring to works for the d DHHS
Department of Health and Human Services,And according to Hill, the employee,
in February of twenty twenty three,so over a year ago, started sending

her colleagues Hill's Mark's wife's social mediaphotos that showed her standing next to Mark
because that's her husband. Crazy stuff, right, and started setting that around.
And let's see, she used herstate cell phone to send that picture

to her colleagues on their cell phones, writing quote, look who this is?
Look who her husband is? Herhusband is Mark Robinson. The employee
then told colleagues that Hill quote misledher about her husband's identity. Day.
I don't know the conversation, butwhat is your your damn business who her

husband's identity is. I mean,now, obviously you care because he's a
lieutenant governor, and obviously it soundslike you may have a problem with him.
But Mark has since assuming office,according to his office, has not
in any way, shape or form, helped in any way with the business.
I guess he probably did I don'tknow to what extent before he was

lieutenant governor, but recognizing that sinceher nonprofit in part deals with government funding,
that it would be improper for himto do that. Plus he's lieutenant
governor, he's got stuff to do, okay, So if she doesn't want
to get into who her husband is, because for all practical purposes, he
doesn't have anything to do with it, that's it's a little weird, right,

Well, it's gonna get more weird. The person who reportedly circulated those
images is DHHS child Nutrition assistant.I don't know exactly what they do,
but sounds like that's probably someone youwould interact with. Woman by the name
of Joyce Bonner. Bonner was laterin charge of reviewing balanced nutrition and the

case was assigned to a different specialistin March, obviously after some of this
happened. And for those of yougoing, well, how does she know
this? Well, remember how Isaid it doesn't matter who her husband is.
If people are doing stuff on statephones, lieutenant governor gets wind of
it, he probably has a prettyeasy time tracking it down. And if
the irony is if he in facthelped and I don't know that he did

some Moonbat's probably gonna be like,oh, it was improper. It was
improper, So I don't know thebackstory. I mean, I'm gonna ask
you about this next time we talked, but let's see here. So as
a result, then they started theyopened reviews on Mark's wife's nonprofit. So

now they're putting under that same governmentmicroscope like they're doing to you know,
the people want to do business withTrump for the bond or anyone really who
is ever photographed near a Republican seeminglyin March. In March, a letter
from d HHS asked Hill for abroad array of financial documents, including bank

statements, tax records, internal recordsof transactions. There's also a report of
what I kind of skipped over whenshe said this woman was see misleading her
about her husband's identity. The waythe conversation sounds, and I guess maybe

other colleagues may have spoken to Yolandaor to Mark, she's really cheese because
it's it's soft sold in this story. It's very clear that this person had
a problem with Mark Robinson, whichis fine. You don't have to like
whoever the elected officials are, butthis is this is Russia's stuff, right,

getting the goon squad to go,and oh, well, you know,
we can't do anything to him,But how about that meddling wife of
his. I mean, that's notstuff we expect here. That's that's China
stuff. That's you know, takehim to the farm up state and you

know, dig through his life andruin it kind of stuff. Let's see
Robinson they quote in the story here. Robinson, who hadn't worked for the
nonprofit since entering office, has beencriticized by conservatives as hypocritical. This is
this is what a line to putinto this story, a story that is
predicated on what may or may notbe a giant abuse of power by a

government employee. And now you wantto dig into beef with Robinson in the
middle of it. It sounds likeyou're justifying it. Just my two cents,
Robinson. But here's what it's about. Robinson, who has been criticized
because it appears hypocritical for condemning governmentspending while his wife and other family members

have derived income from an organization whodoes receive funding from the federal government.
I always love this too. Ilove this argument where they're like, well,
you know, if you were goingto vote against the spending and you
didn't win the vote, so butyou know, don't you shouldn't avail yourself
of it. And that's not thecorrect answer. Now, that is dealing

with the situation as it exists.That's rolling with it, Like I don't
like all aspects of it, andI think that I think that there's a
lot of things who could identify that. You know, frankly I wouldn't fund.
But if they exist, and theyexist to the extent that they do,

you know, you're saying, you'resitting there and it's like it's it's
like it's like utilizing public services whenyou're one of these a cab idiots,
Right, I understand why you're callingYeah you can, You're you're gonnappear a
little hypocritical, but I think you'rewrong on the issue, So I understand
why you use it. I justchuckle that you're spitting on a cop one

minute and then calling him over notbeing able to go change your tamp on
the next, looking at you,Vanderbilt. But yeah, let's you know,
stick that right in there. Thenthe end of that story. That's
wonderful. Uh. A spokesman forRobinson's campaign said the Lieutenant Governor's office didn't
immediately respond to a request for comment. Uh. Tyler Brooks, he's a

he's a lawyer, uh in Greensboro. He he is Yolanda's lawyer. Uh.
He didn't respond to a request forcomment either. That's good. Nobody
should call Rio. I've told manypeople who'd he mark this? So,
but yeah, I don't out check. We'll tweet the link out, check
it out. And again, what'swhat's strange here is like I was surprised

they did this story, but italso sounds like she may have some receipts
and we need answers and the DHChess director at the very least should address
this to Mark and probably publicly nowthat this thing's out there. Uh here

we and then it's just what's crazyis then they use it's like that's the
first half of the article, whatthat is? And then the second half
is just digging into digging into hernonprofit, I mean literally doing the thing
that they're accusing this this government employeeof doing, which we used to all

find repugnant. But now when welive in an area, in an era
where we have you know, thethe all of the Trump insanity right where
the majority, the vast majority ofAmericans think it's political, like seventy some
percent, and that includes a bunchof Democrats. The difference is they may

think it's political, but like itthat we're having this conversation right here.
Uh all right, so here andthen they go the tax filing show the
organization paid out more than seven hundredthousand in salaries and wages the most recent
publicly available data. Let's see hereHill. All right, so Hill appears,

well, yes, she runs anonprofit. She probably is the largest
payroll. All right, So accordingto documents, Hill appears to have earned
three hundred and nineteen thousand dollars overthree and a half years. Non sorry
is it three and a half onthis it might just be three. Yeah,

it's three. So she as thehead of this organization. And remember
that's going to be salary plus thecost of benefits. Okay, so whatever
this, I have to remind peopleof this. It's not just the salary
when you're looking at this, itis the totality of the cost to the

individual employee. So I know whatI make, you know what you make
but if you have you know,employee insurance and really just compliance costs in
general, that number is substantially higher. So should the totality of somebody who's
the head of a nonprofit be justover one hundred thousand a year? Well

maybe, depending on the size ofwhat they're doing, depending on how much
of that is not straight salary butother stuff. I don't know that sounds
reasonable to me, because you know, what do you what are you talking?
Maybe so maybe here pays what seventyseventy five, which is look,
it's a good wage, but Idon't know, and they start slicing and

dicing through it. It's ugly stuff, man, but check it out.
We'll be right back hang on.So, as I'm sitting there and I'm
just kind of putting together some ofthe rollover stuff, you know, like
things who didn't get to the lastcouple of days and how it ties into,
which is a normal process every day, but it's just been like there's
just so much stupidity in the newsthis week, Like every time I say

I'm gonna roll something, we havea John Cougar Mellencamp cut that's just been
chilling on the button bar for whatthree days. Oh, it is wild
times out there. And this storyabout Mark Robinson's wife who just real quick
and then into the calls. Theshort version is his wife, Yolanda,
for more than a decade has runa nonprofit in the Triad. And you

know, before anyone, you know, knew Mark on the political scene and
everything, you know, everything wasfine. And then now we have her
claiming that she was targeted by dHHS employee in state North Carolina state office
employee. And she also apparently hasreceipts so showing that the the employee in

question posted fun literally took photos offof her social media and sent them around
to her colleagues saying can you believethis woman? She tried to she tried
to not be forthright with me aboutwho her husband was. And it sounds
like the story sounds like the employeedoesn't light Mark, which again she's that's
you're well within your right, butwhen you work for the government, you

don't pull this crap. This isthis is jackboot stuff, man, This
is this is this is what putinyearns to get back to under a more
formal setting. Now, don't don'tget me wrong, he does this anyway.
But you know, back in theback in the day when the KGB
was the KGB for the that isI guess if you don't know, that

is Putin's dream man, because hisPutin's best days were when he was a
KGB dude, when it was stillthe KGB and before the fall of the
Russian USSR. Right, because herevels in this stuff, which is why
obviously it comes so naturally to himwhen his political enemies keep falling out of

windows. But that's over there,and already people are sensitive with what's going
on with the Trump stuff. Butit's like, it's like with your kid.
Now, here's what I mean bythat. Right, if if your
kid, and remember I don't havekids, I'm the best parent advice,

all right, But if your kidcontinually sees something, even if they know
it's wrong, but they see youdoing it, what's the stopping from thinking
they can do it? And Iunderstand, you know, my mom's thing
was, well, you're a kid, shut up, and I'm an adult.
Fine, but when when you workin the government, and by the

way, I'm not sticking this label, and everyone who works there, there's
there's there's very competent very helpful peoplethat do work within the government. That
being said, when you see ata federal level all this stuff with Trump,
and it feels good if you don'tlike Trump, right, you can
just you can just tell and andand it would feel good to you if

Joe Biden was under twenty eight indictmentsor ninety five and dit or whatever the
hell it is, right, youfeel good about that. But also I
would hope that you would, youknow, also check the veracity of like
the charges and the claim and maybebe an independent enough thinker to go,
this is not right, this isthis is not right. But a lot

of people feel good. And ifthat is your political position and you see
it going on literally mostly uncontested withwith the former president who gave you your
TDS, why wouldn't you think youcan do stuff at at the state level.
But again, these are allegations,and there is a perfectly acceptable there's

an acceptable way in which this couldhave played out. Right, Oh yeah,
but you won't guess who I talkedto today, Right, she didn't
even say who her husband was.Isn't that crazy? Right? That's it,
that scenario, that's just that's justpeople still doing their job. Point
something out that is not what thissounds like at all. And why am

I convinced? Oh you know theydidn't. Why didn't they ask Roy Cooper
for a comment or the the headof the DHHS. So that's weird.
Huh h strange? All right,to the phone from all what's going on?
You know what, KC. I'mgonna say this, and I have
to disagree with you on something.When you said that it would feel good

if it was Joe Biden. Youknow, I will feel good if the
Republicans would do anything and the remotethat would look like this, because I
don't know how that would feel becausewe don't. We're always being told we
need to uphold the institutions, andit seems like the only thing. Let
me let me all right, letme let me remove that from Joe Biden.

I just if it was Hillary Clinton, Okay, okay, and you
know what, Okay, you knowwhat, KSE Republicans don't even do it,
then it would feel good for Republicans. They have been coming after Mark
Robinson, doing this man dirty eversince he been in office. They're gonna
compare him to this man, literallyto a clansman. Why because he's a

black conservative and it's okay. Andyou know what, case you can't always
blame white liberals. Black folks gotto be held responsibles for standing beside and
not doing nothing about Mark Robinson beingbeing treated this way and dirty black folk
we got to be called out becauseof what we're doing. But these people
came after his wife. They knewhis wife had a private organization. And

you know what, thanks for confirmingwhat the the judge in New York daughter
is basically doing. You said,oh, it's wrong. So if it's
wrong for Mark Robinson white, thenand she has to stand and lose everything.
I think, guess what, maybethis judge up for New York Daughter
needs to he needs to step downor his daughter needs to resign. A

site is Mark has been done dirtyever since? All he did was said
I want to be because I didn'tsay anything. There's anything wrong with her
running an organization. No, no, no, I understood why when Mark
got elected they wanted to make surethat he didn't involve himselves for obvious reasons
like that's a conflict. Yes,I want disagree with you now I'm talking

about the part about No. Iwas disagreeing about the part about if it
had been Democrats, and I won'tdisagree on everything. That was a disagreement
on the part about if it beendemocrats because Republicans don't want to hold on
and I I do this, Ido this, I do this not out
of that but out of friendship.But Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton got purp

walk today, How you would beon Twitter and Facebook the rest of the
day, we all would You wouldbe insane. But I would also evaluate
what I want to tell you,Like this casey, if you had a
supermodel when you was in high schooland you said, Jamal, if you

had a supermodel, A, guesswhat. I never had a supermodel.
I've never seen the Democrat models inhigh school. So this is lo so
know that pleasure is It's like Republicans, we don't know that pleasure of Democrats

suffering and crying about stuff like thisfor them to say, hey, we
don't need to do this and putlaws in praise so they can't abuse Mark
Robinson and they can't abuse Republicans.It's just that Republicans, we just uphold
the constitution, upholder institutions to theDemocrats get back in power and they can
finish destroying it. This is allthey do, and and it's I'm a

friend of Mark Robinson. Mark Robinsonis a great man. Your lot is
a great woman for them to forthem. This is a government employee that
sat here and use this extreme politicaland what she fired, she put on
her jacket. She can never workagain. Was she even was she even

some type of retribution? And knowwhy because it's okay because it's Mark Robinson.
And it just gets This is why, Casey, I'm the biggest caller
for the tech for tack because theykeep picking the Republicans not tacking, and
until the Republicans start packing back,it's gonna continue going one way. And

it just gets so frustrated because Markis a great person. All thing he
does, he has Christian believed onChristians. He's a Christian Republican. He
believes in the Bible, he believesin doing things right. And they count
that against him. And the mainblack folk that is dancing and shouting in
church talking about they got the holdergossit there and staying right then watch what's
going on against him and won't speakup and say nothing. And I don't

know. I see every time Isee a video of him in a Black
Church. They're you know, they'rethey look like they're happy he's there.
So that's that's bishop upper room.I believe that's upper room when he because
as bishop BIG's bishop, he's withthe W. But he's a great person.
I mean him the one church downon rot was the rock Quarry area

that in fact, I think wordtabernat, that's the word taberanac or well,
he's a great person. I methim when we passed amend met one.
He is a great bishop. Andwhen you meet his people, they're
great. But I'm talking about themajority of black churches in eastern North Carolina,
Dunbar, Rocky, Mount Greenville,everywhere. They're silent on it.

But to preach about transgenderism and preachabout the stuff. But then you won't
stand up and suppose how about BlackHistory Month? Nobody gives him the respect
as being the first black lieutenant governorof North Carolina. We don't see w
r L people do stuff like that. Permently everybody wanted him to speak for
Black History Month. To ignore him. This man goes through something and it

really that's why people say, Jamalwalk you rump office again because I'm too
mean and I'm too either black orwhite. I don't play gray areas.
That's why can never win office.And not that I thought it would be
intimidating that right, right, butnot just and then I have to go.
Not that I think you would beintimidated by it, but you know
that is also if if you're ablack conservative and you watch what's going on

with Mark, you you know allthese arguments that voter id has a chilling
effect on black voter turnout, andthen you know then they as are they
allege and there's no numbers that supportthat. But in people's minds, if
they're sitting there going you know what, maybe I would run, but uh,
if they came after my wife thatI'm I'm I'm not gonna put my
family in that position. And there'sa lot of people it's meant to have

a chilling effect. Do you understandwhat I'm saying? It It is,
Yes, it's a feature, yes, yes, yes, That's why I've
always told people if I ever getelated to a public office, I'm the
firewall and Democrat Party and we havean all out rule. I'm gonna do
everything in my power to pay themback. Because still somebody does that to

them, They von't stop until theysee there. They von't stop. Well,
I want to hear them. Yeah, yeah, jam I'm sorry,
I gotta go to break, butI I in the story. They say
that the while she was initially investigatingthat in March, so remember in February

was the email. In March,they assign somebody else to the case,
but maintain the case. So Idon't know if she was disciplined. We
don't have comment, and frankly thecomment would probably be we don't comment unemployment
matters, but I think the publichas a right to know. Jamal,
thank you very much for the callthis morning. Okay, thanks Casey.
All right, Oh and then Ijust put them on hold. Sorry,

uh, the wrong button there,Let's try that. Okay. Yeah,
you know, that's one thing Iguess I forgot with my larger setup.
There is it? It's it intimidatespeople, right if you see that going
on and you're like, I don'twant to, you know, run for

this office, because not because younecessarily have anything to hide, but because
you don't want to bring that onyour family. Like people make those decisions
every day, whether they're going torun for office or not. I talked
to guy. I talked a guyout of running for office one time.
I won't tell you who it was. I think that And before you jump

on me, what I knew aboutthis gentleman who I have known for years
is his privacy is paramount. Andhe came to me because people were trying
to get him to run for office. I didn't necessarily talk him out of
it, but I said, look, let me I said, let me

show you what in an hour Icould dig up on you. And this
guy, this guy is not abad dude at all. He's he is
a truly good guy. But heis super privacy oriented and I just knew
from his personality this is what itwas. And him and I we had
dinner on the steakhouse this year andwe talked. I said, I just

want you to understand this going in. He ultimately made the decision not to.
He's very protective of his family.So people, you know, people
think about this stuff, and soif it has that second, you know
that the chilling impact to do that, well all the better. If this

is what you feel like you cando to people, And it's crazy,
because ross can you look this upreal quick? Would you see if Democrats
have ever used intimidation to keep blackcitizens from fully participating in our democracy,
our constitutional republic. Whatever. Sure, yeah, let me check yes they
did. Oh wow, really reallythat is crazy. Apparently there's a history

of that. Get so fast.Yeah no, that was so. I
didn't even hear you type and seeingnothing no click any clack in there.
So oh man, yeah, thisstuff is this stuff's not okay. And
then lastly, if at noon todaybreak you get all the breaking news alerts
right, uh wait, was itRoss you talked out of running for office?

The office? No, I wantedto say thank you for helping me
with that decision. I do appreciateit. Thank you for the kind words.
Dude, that was an awkward conversationto have with my buddy because I'm
like, I think he'd be great, but also like, he's one of
those dudes that is real, real, real protective of his privacy and I'm

just saying, it's just you're notyour personality type. So but luckily he's
got he does okay, so hecan help in other ways. But yeah,
it wasn't Ross. But yeah,going back to this man, it's
just oh, it's so bad,and I we we have to know what

they did, because this isn't justsomebody was late to work too many times,
all right, this is something elseand maybe she didn't do it,
and if that's the case, reportedwe'll be back. That's right. So
Ross and I let me let meexplain this. So we go to we
go to break. We had alonger break there because I rolled it through,
and uh, Ross and I havebeen talking about Star Trek for the

break and then I and I rememberwe had a story that got me thinking
about this, and then we weretalking about it, and now I can't
remember why we're talking about it,but I'm also very glad we had a
long conversation about Star Trek, sobecause that's a good use of one's time.
So any who, maybe I'll remember, but either way, all right,
let me let me get over tothis. Do all right, So

you knew it was going to happenafter twice during his visit to Scranton,
PA, Joe Biden told the storythat we talked about yesterday once again.
If you missed it, here heis chatting about his war hero uncle,
who, by the way, Iwant to be clear, I got I

got, I got no I have. I don't know anything. Well,
I guess now I do, becauseI researched it so I could have the
truth for you. But I don'tgot beef with his uncle. It's in
Honestly, the whole thing's just soweird because like Biden's thing is telling like
ten stories over and over and overagain, but different each time. And

by the way, that's not aunique thing, especially for politicians who especially
the ones who are more pandery,like hey, I'm just like you kind
of thing that that's not different.This was just so crazy. I couldn't
believe I had never heard it before. Here is Joe Biden talking about his

uncle, who was among four membersof his family to immediately go to war
during World War Two, and tragicallyhe was the one who didn't come back.
Here is Biden explaining that yesterday MsFinnan they called him Uncle Bosey.

He was shot down. He wasArmy Air Corps before there was an air
force, before a single engine planereconnaissance flights over New Guinea. He volunteered
because someone who couldn't make it gotshot down in an area where there were
a lot of cannibals. In thebeginning at the time, they never recovered

his body, but the government wentback when I went down there, and
they checked and counts parts of theplane and the life. And what I
was thinking about while I was standingthere was when Trump refuears to go up
to the more. Yah yah,Yeah, we've heard the suckers and losers.
And by the way, that'll comeback here. So that story,

and again, as I reminded you, if you can simply look at the
record, his uncle did serve.He was second lieutenant. UH. He
was on a on a dual engineplane with the three crew members. He
was not a crew member. Heis listed as a courier on there.
But as Biden pointed out, hesaid, somebody couldn't go to his uncle

went. So that's that's not unusual. But everything else is wrong. One,
they were not on a reconnaissance flight. They were they were literally transferring
him and some items from baseless Negrosto the base that we had in New
Guinea and uh and the reason justa reminder, because I saw some people

go why would they be down there? This was this is right in the
window of when the Japanese and theUS are in this struggle to control all
of these pieces of land nearer Japan. Japan is japan is doing everything their
power to make sure that the USdoes not have an airfield within striking distance,
because eventually we did, and wecarried out a lot of bombings,

including two big ones you probably heardof, but that you know that follows
you with Jima and all this otherstuff, so reconnaissance flights, especially with
what the Japanese were doing in thePhilippines and parts of Indonesia, it's it's
if you've never read the Japanese occupationof the Philippines, it's it's insane,

like they just go they just gointo villages and they get all the dudes
and essentially put them in custody,and then they would just rape all their
women in front of them and theneither kill the dudes or keep them around
to watch his prisoners. It's it'sit's really really twisted horror, you know,
just another twisted, horrible portion ofWorld War two, all right,

And I would encourage you if ifpeople concentrate a lot on obviously, towards
the end of the Japanese battle,some of the bigger ones like Ywajima,
and of course you know what wasgoing on over in Europe. But what
the Japanese were doing to people inthe Philippines, Indonesia and parts in between
was it's really really I know,Hitler gets all the attention when you're talking

about the most horrible people of that, but what the Japanese army was doing
there and their medical program, whichis what they called but really it was
some of the most obscene human testingthat you could contemplate. So with that
in mind their positioning over there,we obviously have positions down there. None

of this is unusual. And ifhis uncle's plane, as listed in the
documents, was a suffered dual enginefailure and tried to ditch in the ocean,
there's nothing to be ashamed of ofthat, right that this is a
guy who, along with other familymembers did what a lot of people during

World War Two did and said,oh hell no, and and you know,
literally lie about their ages and stuff. I mean, that's so I
saw some people that are kind ofbeefing on the uncle And I don't what
Joe Biden's telling you though, isn'tright And it's not even close. Like
the only thing is his uncle wasin a plane and then the plane went

down. It wasn't shot down.It had engine failure. And we know
the series of events because one ofthose three crew members survived and was able
to detail exactly what was up andgave you there's a very detailed description.
Can go read it if you want. And he said when he came up,
the other three never emerged. AndBiden also said they went and found

parts of the place. No,they didn't the things at the bottom of
the ocean. So you knew thatthat was to be a question that came
up for missus Jean Pierre. Andnow it's almost like a sport to me
to see how bad she can bewith stuff she doesn't want to talk about.
And we had some doozies. Butlet's get into it, shall we.

Oh man, Ross just sent mesome nuts. All right, Hey,
let me do this. All right, let's so this is this is
not in the press room. She'straveling and you have the press pool traveling.
I think they're going to Philadelphia orwherever, so it's a more casual
environment. But also listen to this. Look. I'll just and I think
we shared this with some of you's. I'm just gonna kind of repeat.

Look that you saw the president Hewas incredibly proud of his uncle's service in
uniform. You saw him at thewar memorial. It was incredibly emotional and
important to him. And by theway, nobody has beef with that at
all. I mean, not anyonewho matters idiots on Twitter. Idiots on
Twitter. Is this email cut himsome slack. He said his uncle's job.

He was not applying. He wason a reconmission, and I mentioned
that yesterday when we talked about it. But also that wasn't his uncle's job,
not that day and not other days. Okay, So it was similar
insomuch as his second lieutenant, hehad some command control. I have to

go back and read it. Butagain it's the cannibal's part that I think
is sticking in people's brain, andthat requires that you went down literally where
the cannibals are, which is notthe middle of the ocean. Okay,
all right, So anyway back tothis horrible answer, here we go.
Saw him respond to all of youwhen asked about the moment yesterday and his
uncle who lost his life when themilitary aircraft he was on crash in the

Pacific after taking off near New Guinea. The President highlighted his oh, this
is the story, as he madethe case for honoring our sacred commitment to
equip those we send to war andto take care of them and their families
when they come home. All right, And I'm gonna pause here because everything
she just said right there, Imean, it is spin right there.

But Joe Biden, the reason JoeBiden was talking about it, whatever you
think his motivation was, is becausehe was at that war memorial and he
is the uncle's name is on it. And yeah, yeah, people want
to talk about their family. Buthe didn't tell the correct story at all.

And while she is, if youlisten to her word, she's being
very careful how she words it,so it is accurate. But the last
fifteen seconds where she goes are rightwhere you think she's going to go.
So here is the rest of herstatement. And as he reiterated that the
last thing American veterans are are suckersor losers, and he wanted to make

that clear. He wanted to makea statement the story. I mean,
look, I don't have anything beyondabout what I just laid out, but
it was a really proud moment forhim. It was incredibly emotional. Yeah,
Okay, Again, I don't begrudgeany of that, but and and
they let her, and then theystopped pestering her about it. And you
just if it was one of Trump'speople, they'd still they wouldn't accept it,

and they would still be you know, they put it on the list
of Trump's lives. Remember the NewYork Times had that Washington Post. I
think Aril was doing that with McCrory, right, that was the hot thing
then. So yeah, but youknow, what do you expect? All
right, seven forty six, here'swhat I expect. Race stage. It's
going to take your Friday and throwyour curve walls. Maybe some fun weather,

no, no, stop, yeahno, we scheduled this stuff for
Monday. Maybe let us let ushave our weekend. No, well,
the weekend's not all bad. Today, I'll get a little tough at times.
Already seen showers coming into the mountainsout near Ashville. They're heading east,
so spreading west east. Showers scatteredabout late morning into the afternoon.

Try it to the triangle if they'recoming west east. Obviously, if that's
how it goes, at a fewthunderstorms that could be severe. There's a
small chance of severe weather it's aslight risk from the Storm Prediction Center,
which is actually one of the lowerrisks, but it doesn't mean it's zero.
It could only be one storm.Just means that it could have strong
winds and hail, small risk ofa tornado that's spin up. Otherwise,
clouds and maybe some sunshine around aswe've see in some spots this morning.

Tonight, we'll still have some scatteredshowers and thunderstorms around. After we go
near eighty today tonight we'll drop tosixty. And the beginning of the weekend
actually not bad. Cloudy seventy fivebut dry, so no rain Saturday,
and then rain's coming Sunday, butit looks like it's early to mid afternoon,
so you may get half of Sundaycasey with dry weather, but it's

gonna be cool and probably an indoorafternoon on Sunday with highs close to about
sixty degrees. I will say thefurther north you go in Northwest will be
less of a chance of rain.I wouldn't be surprised if some of us
don't get much rain at all onSunday, especially as you go north into
the northern parts of state, upnear the Virginia borders. You go south,
there'll be a better chance. Butthe good news is next week high

pressure is going to be back.Great start to the week next week,
mid sixties on Monday, sunny,sunny Tuesday, sunny, Wednesday, probably
sunny Thursday. Chapters back into theseventies, maybe close to eighty degrees by
the middle and end of Wednesday.So it looks pretty good next week.
Got to deal with a little wetweather a couple of rounds today, there'll
be dry hours in between, andthen a little rain on Sunday afternoon.

That takes Saturday as the better dayof the weekend. Okay, all right,
well, yeah it is what itis. Thank you appreciate it.
Yes it is okay. All right, there you go, raced agic from
the Weather Channel. So I guessdo all your fun stuff Saturday. All
Right'm gonna take a break. Ihave one other Biden cut from his travels
this week, and I'm just gonnalet you know. You're gonna have to

make a decision. Okay, I'lltell you what it is. Plus Pete
calendar, He comes and joins USeight five All on the way here on
the CaCO Day Radio program. Comingup. Like I said, we'll chat
with our counterpart down Charlotte Way midDay's WBT that is Pete counter and we

share our prep lists. We shareour prep list. No I'm not damn
it, the paywall and the CharlotteObserver, Oh look at that. Just
go to this website and bypassed.Okay, and it seems he had he
too has been captivated. Captivated bycrazy this week. Man. I know

I say it every week, butsometimes I'm I'm embellishing, but not this
week. So we'll get into abunch including and this is really why I'm
excited to talk to him. Ifyou remember the story we did yesterday of
this sixteen year old in Lexington who'sin a high school class English class of

some sort, and the teacher isgiving them a list of vocabulary words,
which one of them was alien,which, by the way, the whole
thing is kind of weird because thatsounds like stuff you do in like elementary
school, with vocabulary words, shortvocabulary words. But I don't know the
assignment, but I do know everyoneseemingly agrees that when the teacher said that,

he asked a qualifying question, andthat was, do you mean space?
Aliens or illegal aliens, and forthat question, and I guess he
asked it at least twice. Hereceived three days suspension, and that is
also going to be explained in hisrecord, because it's going to say along

the lines that he was suspended forracism and his family, as you can
imagine, is not pleased. Andthat was the point that they brought up.
You basically just label my kid arasis. How is that gonna look
trying to do college stuff, especiallywhen you consider the the mindset of many

who work in university environments. Well, Pete actually interviewed the mom, so
we'll get into that. I'm verycurious. I listened to just a couple
of minutes of it and then Igot super distracted yesterday. So I'll let
him explain it, all right,let me get over to this one other
cut here. So when not waxingnostalgic about that time your uncle got shot

down and eaten by cannibals, youknow, Biden still saying some other stuff
during those speeches that had me scratchingmy head, like this one right here,
and this is Biden talking about what'sat stake in this election. Okay,
here we go Are you ready tochoose freedom over democracy? Because that's
America? Okay, all right,just a little short clip. Are you

ready to choose freedom? He's freedom, I guess, and then democracy is
Trump? But I thought Trump wasopposed to democracy, Like isn't that all
of That's what all of the thestuff was, right, Like his own
advertising is like he's trying to destroydemocracy the line in the media, Now,

I got it. Don't call bythe way, I understand, we
are not a democracy, and franklya pure democracy. I'm not good with
that. I like the system wehave, you know, when people are
actually abiding by the rules. Butso, but if I had to chop
ross, you're on your going freedomright instead of democracy, if you're forced

to make the decision. I mean, for me, freedom sounds like freedom
right right, all right? Butdemocracy speaking democracy, you know, it
leads to my rules. So I'mgoing freedom right right right? Yeah?
No, no, no, ifyou put it in that in that pure
point, but correct me if I'mwrong. But isn't every attack Biden attack

ad and isn't it about Trump's tryingto destroy democracy? Every congressional talking point
from Chuck Schumer and others, it'san attack on our democracy. I mean,
that's so for him to say that, but that also being the strategy
of his campaign. It hurts mybrain. It is the CaCO Day radio
program. It is that fun timeof the week when we welcome our radio

buddy to the South Pete Calendar MiddaysWBT. You can hear him on the
iHeart radio app or should you dareto go to the most dangerous city of
Charlotte over the airwaves. I'm justlook, you got naked people in your
planet fitnesses. You got crazy folksrunning around stabbing people. You got the
homeless who I guess they're they're stickingthem in the stadium or something, which

I it was my idea, bythe way point, or I'm sorry,
yes, yes, yes, yea, at the airport, at the airport,
uh but no, no, no, But basically to relocate them,
I advocated for the stadium, uhbecause there's you put them up up upper
deck. Nobody's up there even duringthat So yeah. So, uh but
we're going to try to cover acrap ton of things and uh so let's

uh, let's both of us committo uh being quick, because I want
to get through this list where doyou want to start? I'll ask you
because I look at your list andit's most of the stuff I love.
Oh, I just throw stuff onthat list just to say, like,
these are things that I'm reasonably awareof, and then I, uh I
send it over to you. Souh yeah, anywhere on the list is

fine. But since you already hitthe the crime, we can do this.
I just highlighted the difference here betweenif you get busted for something in
Charlotte Mecklenburg County versus getting busted inGaston County right next door, just across
the Cotsauba River. If you arein uptown, apparently you get to stab
people multiple times, life threatening injuries. They go to the hospital, no

self defense claim necessary, you arereleased on an unsecured bond. So I've
wanted to while in uptown of Charlotte, I have thought about stabbing people.
Yeah, just basically because some peopleare so rude in public. The difference
is I didn't, but now knowingthis, I wish I had right or

anytime, just you know, duringrush hour, just if you can get
close enough, stabby, stab andyou're free to go. Go across the
river though, and just walking aroundnaked in the women's shower area asking seventeen
year olds to rub lotion all overyour body while showering with them. That
will get you thrown into the jailand a bond. And as far as

I know, the person who isalleged to have committed said lude and lacibious
act, they are still in thejail. I don't know the person claimed
to be trans but the nine oneone call said that it was a dude,
and I saw there was one reportWSOC TV said that they have not

yet spoken to this suspect, sothey cannot confirm whether the person is transgender
or not, which I told theSoC people like, that's you're not going
to find that out by talking tothem, because all they have to say
is that they are transgender, andthat's all it takes. Right, And
it was the k you mentioned inthat the comment about the lotion was more
than just that it was lotion andwas some other It was clearly not typical

locker room behavior if you're just,quote, you know, trying to live
your true life, because well,I don't know, I've not spent a
lot of time in women's locker rooms, Casey, I assume I assume if
they're like women's restroom for whatever reason, they're like nine times filthier than men's
restrooms, which is because usually it'smen who are dirty, but women's restrooms

are roast man. That's true.No, that's I've seen the science and
the data on that. That istrue. Well, I think it's also
the like you can go you cango in and out as a dude.
You can go in and out ofa restroom and really not touch anything in
the in the room. Right,Yeah, yep, it's it is.
It is an art, but itis doable. My question is, in

in jail, is he also likethis is the true test of whether he
really wanted somebody in the public showerto rub lotion on him, if in
fact he requests that at the inthe pokey there. So yeah, we
know, do we know? Imean because that my master is claim or

her claim or whatever. I don'tknow. So that's story number one.
And let me attach the story ifI could, Pete, what a difference
who's in charge of actually enforcing ourlaws makes? I know that we beat
this to death. You saw thevideo in Winston Salem with the kid slapping
the teacher multiple times knocking the glassesoffer Jim O'Neill, who just full disclosure,

is still he is in the Lieutenantgovernor's runoff, but he's a prosecutor
there. And that dude was onit yet like five minutes after it happened,
or the video was and is actuallypursuing it. And it is so
night and day when we see thisstuff right and right there. And that's

I've said this now for a while, which is all of this garbage that
we're seeing, whether it's the streettakeover because you know the Golden Gate bridge
takeover that occurred a couple of daysago over quote Palestine, they all of
those people walked, no charges forany of them, and what they literally
did was kidnapping. Everybody that wasstuck on that bridge and could not get

off that bridge was being prohibited fromdoing so by somebody else's actions. Right,
So, I mean I've seen peoplethat charge kidnapping when you know,
close a door and you can't getout of an office or something like,
that's kidnapping because you're preventing them fromleaving. Right. But yes, the
leadership makes a difference, and thisis going this kind of stuff is going

to continue until Americans say no more, until Americans say stop, we are
no longer putting up with this crap, then it's gonna it will continue.
And now how Americans say that,I don't know whether it's through law enforcement
like gremonial or it's through direct vigilanteaction out on the streets when somebody tries
to prevent you from driving to workor taking your kid someplace or picking your

kid up, and you're just gonnapeople are just gonna start taking the matters
into their own hands. And I'mnot advocating that. I don't want that,
but that's where this goes, no, and that is to that that
is a point that we have harpedon on this show because I also don't
I don't want people feeling like theygot to go out and go full nightstick
or maybe even worse on somebody.But it is the inevitability once you determined

that the job which you're paying forright to be done. When he paid
taxes and my buddy, my buddyowns a store in downtown Raleigh, and
when they had the mostly peaceful protestsand they started, you know, burning
the CBS just down the street fromlooting through stuff, sitting there and listening

to him explaining to me all theways in which he sought help from city,
from the city, whether it waspolice or lawmakers, only to be
ignored. And it ended with himand the adjacent shop owner moving into their
stores with guns yea, and stayingin there until this was over and nothing
happened. And he's a responsible dude. I don't think he would go but

sometimes this does. But in Nebraska, I know. Do you remember the
story of the bar owner in Nebraskawho shot the dude who came into the
bar, And initially they're like itwas it was self defense, and then
an activist, activist prosecutor got inthere and eventually decided to go ahead bring
it to trial. Do you thinkI killed himself? Well, there's a

story today. There's a story thismorning out of New York where they are
not bringing charges against a seventeen yearold who shot and killed a store owner
after he robbed them. He robbedthe store and as he's walking out,
the shop owner goes after him,like walks after him to say, give
me back my stuff, and thekid kills him. And he is not

a defense right, That's what obviouslymy head oh dude. Yeah, all
right, I'm gonna I'm gonna continue. Yeah, it's going to continue until
people say stop, I gotta Igotta pull this over. But no,
I share your prediction. And whenit does, the the feigned outrage is
going to be just I'll probably havetake the day off. It'll make me

so angry. Here's what doesn't makeme angry. Although I am going to
disagree with you, although technically thisis a quote, so I'll see if
you agree with it. I highlyencourage any visitors to the great state of
North Carolina, especially dumb ones,to avail themselves of this amazing opportunity where

you can. We have such greatagriculture here. Literally we have bear cubs
growing on trees. Feel free tograb them, absolutely kick them off.
What you want to do is pokethem so they make this squeally noise that
bear cubs do for you know,anyone who may be listening just slightly into
the woods, that's fine. Sono, I'm I'm all for it.
I know Ashville officials like, don'tdo this, dummies, and especially don't

drop one, but no, no, no, I'm going the other way.
I don't want to get hurt.I want you to have that cuddle
session and good luck. So thatI thought, you know what, Casey,
this is why we get along,because I love the same thing I
would like, Oh yeah, thisis a remarkable method to co our herd.
You know, Darwin Awards and tree. I'm thinking I told you about

two rist scoring season, right,Yes, you did, right, one
of my favorite growing up memories.Right. So see I saw the story
as I immediately thought of you,and so that's why I put it on
my list, because yeah, yeah, you got these morons that literally walk
there in some apartment complex. There'sa chain link fence and on the other
side of the fence there's this treeand it's not a very large tree.

It's maybe like you know, tenfeet fall or whatever. And there are
two little baby cubs and these cubsare young, right, you can tell
these are very young baby cubs.And these people go over and they pluck,
they try to pluck both of thecubs out of this little tree.
They only get one and then theylike dropped one and they took a picture
with it, and then the cubis trying to get back. It like

tries to run away, and it'srunning along the chain link fence, but
it can't climb the fence. Andthen like the wildlife people had to come
and they took the cubs into intocustody or whatever they do with these cubs
to to protect them. Basically.Now, what's amazing to me was that
all of those people that did itdid not get mauled by the mother who

was apparently not around. Not surewhere the mother went, but the fact
that all of those people were notjust savaged. I don't I cannot explain
that. Yeah, yeah, it'swell. And then and on a more
serious note too, I'm sure everyone'sheard this, but just a reminder it
don't don't touch baby animals unless Ilike it's stuck in a fence or something

and you're doing it, because alot of times they will be rejected.
And now you have a scenario whereyou have an animal who is has essentially
been excommunicated because of the scent itcarries and and other stuff. I've seen
it with antelope, man, I'vehad to pull it. When I was
growing up. I pulled a coupleof baby antelope out of because they tangle

in the fence because they don't jumpon the deer, do they try to
go through it. Yeah, andin both instances have lightly handling their legs
to get him out of the fence. Both instances the mom rejected them.
So yeah, but in this casethat would have been the sad part would
be then they destroy the mother.So so there is that. But yeah,
no, I'd encourage a tourist goringseason favorite family memory. And that's

probably because I didn't have a familymember consumed by cannibals. So I did
have I did have a distant familymember who was killed in Native American raid.
Yeah, yeah, back, theydid not, and he had,
and I'm relying on the reports ofthe time from the notes at Fort Pilcarney,

they indicate that he had attempted totake shelter in an outhouse. So
literally a distant relative was killed,like he was the dude in Unforgiven who
cut up the whore. So butthe difference was he wasn't in there for
traditional purposes. He was in thereto take cover and it didn't make out.

But not canals, No, theydidn't need them. So what do
you think the Tourism division in NewGuinea thinks of that story that our president
fabricated, because it's It's clear hefabricated the story. He made it up.
The records are not right. Therecords indicate that the plane ditched in
the water, not that it wasshot down or something by the cannibals.

Now, I was not aware untilI saw it on y'all's Twitter feed that
mermaids and merman are cannibals. Iwas well aware that that is one of
the historical versions of what mermaids andmerman are like. When you see the
way that they've been represented prior toyou know, the Disney movie. Yeah,

a lot of times they look likethey look like demons with big teeth.
Man. But oh my, somaybe those are the ones he ran
into. I don't know. Look, here's the deal. You know New
Guinea Papua New Guinea as a oneof the most recent histories of cannibalism.
You have the story also of theKennedy cousin. Right, he went down

there and that specific tribe. Iwatched something on it. That specific tribe
to this day doesn't make pun intended. They make no bones about it.
Right. A lot of times itwasn't for consumption purposes. It was along
the lines of eating your enemy soulkind of stuff really creepy, right,

But I think that's the story.I think that's the story Joe adopted.
I think he adopted the Kennedy story. I think when you get as adult
as he is, I think allof the lies and stories that you have
told from your past, you don'tremember what's true any longer, and so
you've now adopted these stories you haveheard as if they are you your history.

Yeah. Yeah, crossed my mindbecause of the similarities there. But
man, he was, as JeanPierre said, he was so emotional,
so to share his memory there.And then have you seen the RL story?
Aril wrote this story. It's amazingabout the d HHS worker and Yolanda
Hill, Mark Robinson's wife. Okay, that is crazy town, man,

I'm gonna get We'll get into morenext week because I have to ask you
about this. We did the storyyesterday the kid in Lexington with the illegal
alien thing. You interviewed the momI have, Yeah, I got two
minutes, give me the reader's digeston that's what's happening. And Mark Robinson
said he's going to dig into this, but fill me in, fill us
in. So right, So kidnamed Christian McGee he's in English class.

He's assigned some vocabulary lesson in Oneof the words in the vocabulary list is
the word alien, and I guesshe's supposed to use it in a sentence
or something. And he says,you know what an alien like space alien
or illegal alien without a green cart, and some other kid who apparently maybe
a minority, I don't know,uh, it gets offend thretons to beat

him up. They go, theteacher calls the principal. The principal settles
it out in the hallway and hewas just asking a question. The kid
was just kidding when he said he'sgoing to beat up Christian, and so
they go back to the classroom.Later, an assistant principal comes in and
takes the threatening kid out, talkswith that kid, and then suspends Christian
at the end of the day threeday suspension non appealable. Mom is now

trying to get it expunged from hisrecord, saying that it was overreach and
it was you know, the punishmentdoesn't fit and there was no crime.
Basically, I've been I've been forwardingthis stuff to her, which is she's
been offered representation by various lawyers andorganizations. National media is now seeming Dylan.
Yeah, yeah, Army Dylan wasone of them. Yeah, So

all right, so that's the researchwhere we are. So she but just
line thirty seconds. But she gonnafight this thing because I don't blame her.
Your kid on his record, itsays suspended essentially for racism. How
does that look into college admissions intoday's universities? Right, And this kind
of stuff can actually lead to younot getting admitted or getting scholarships, just

like the cheerleader chick out in Ithink Texas or Louisiana or something. So
yeah, it can have detrimental effectson the kid's future, and so she
wants it expunge. I don't blameI. I got it. I'm sorry,
I got like ten seconds. Soyeah, just real quick. The
only thing to say is that wedon't know what the school side or the
other kid's side of the story.Correct. All right, thanks Pete,
and we'll be back hanging out here. In the show, I mentioned that

in Indiana they arrested a teacher,a special ed teacher, and may charge
another substitute because running a special edelementary fight club on video. They were
literally having special needs students fight eachother to resolve differences and laughing about it

and sending messages like all these kidsare demonic and I won't bury him out
of the prison, but I havewe got one to go with him,
which we'll try to get to thatas well. One last thing on uh
Papoo in New Guinea or New Guineauh. As far as you know,
I know a lot of people ofthe tourists that go there. I guess

on the uh Papua side because theisland's split. They have some pretty intense
and kind of famous climbing and mountainclimbing and free climbing, but also you
know, like UH and I andit's it's incredibly beautiful and I can't remember
the mountains are called, but theythey're like the Teitons. There's just nothing

that looks like them. So Iknow folks go there, but I'm reminded.
I got a buddy who is fromAustralia. He's lived in this He's
lived in Raleigh for I don't knowa long time now, but him and
I play golf, and I rememberone time he was telling when he was
still working in Australia, he workedfor a company that they were involved in

shipping, and I think they didenergy exploration, but they worked up in
the Torres Strait, which, ifyou don't know, that's the area the
small gap between the very northern endof Australia and New Guinea. It's basically
like the distance to Cuba from Florida. And as a result, he on
occasion would go to, you know, some of the villages there in New

Guinea, whether they're refueling, droppingstuff off, and he said that one
of his first times up there wasreally weird because he's sitting there and it's
like if you ever got off acruise ship in the Caribbean and all of
a sudden, all the locals arethere, either trying to sell you stuff
or whatever. He said that itwas that, but one of the guys
there was attempting to negotiate something andhe didn't quite understand what it was,

and then it was explained to hima dude tried to trade. He wanted
my buddy to give him a pigand a hair brush. I'd always stood
out the hairbrush part in exchange forhis thirteen year old daughter. My buddy
refused, but that was that wouldhave been late nineties. So I don't

know, man, But again,maybe they're screwing with him too, but
he didn't sound like they were.He was just super creeped out, as
most people would be. All right, let me pivot over to this.
If you maybe you've seen this storyin Utah. You had about what seventy

eighty kids who walked out of aschool there, you know, stage to
walk out, and but not forsome of the reasons we've seen, like
divest from Israel, or I hateTrump or whatever it has been. No,
no, no, they walked outbecause they claimed that school officials were
not doing anything to stem the tideof students being harassed and in some cases

physically harassed by students who identify asfurries. I suspect they're not in full
regalia, and you know, we'vegot the years and stuff. But the
students claimed that like some of thesestudents who would come up and lick them,
and it's just really creepy. Now. Now, look, it's a

bunch of kids all talking at onetime explaining that. However, the school
has responded, as you'll hear inthis this news clip, and they didn't
outright dismissed what these kids are sayingso like that. That tells me that
something's up there. So that's thestory. And then about twenty minutes ago,

Ross sends me this amazing video.So this is the NBC News Salt
Lake City. I guess salt isprobably the Salt Lake because it's in just
outside of Salt Lake interviewing. Notthe students, not the teachers, not
principle, not the other students whoare accused of licking. Instead, this

reporter decided to set up an interviewwith a member of the furry community.
And it's a thing, thank you. This is Strudel, by the way,
I forgot, and they go byStrudel. I refuse, I refuse.

All right, anyway, here wego. Thank you. This is
Strudel, a member of the furryfandom. Though they've been a furry for
over a decade, they have theirown opinions. It's crazy that it's escalated
to this point where these kids arebeing so distracting to their peers that their
peers want to stage at walkout orto have, you know, the next
generation kind of muddy our name andnot represent it very well. It is

kind of disappointing. Strudell believes thereshould be some limits. Continue doing things
you like, continue dressing up,continue making art, but maybe let's keep
it outside of school hours. Asfor the school, Sorenson says, they
have one main goal. We wantevery student to feel safe when they come
to school, and we want studentsto get along. In fact, we

want adults to get along. Okay, all right, well yeah that's and
sorry the little floating head there onthat he's I don't know if he's the
principal or one of the ministrators,but he's the school spokesperson for the for
the purpose of this how did youprocure this inner? Like this is what
I'm fascinated about, Like she hadI suspect that I'll use it. Strudel

didn't call the newsroom, right,so this reporter who is you know,
tasked to go and report on thisstory? What do you just reach out
to like a free meetup group?And then is there a conversation about whether
you're gonna wear your suit or not? Because like from a sound from a
sound standpoint, it's it's it's distracting. It's like, I think it's perfect.

Why do you think it's because Ithink it's funny. It is fine.
I think the muffled sound of herand her strudle, What is she
a cat? I don't know.I was going to ask you because I
have no idea. I don't knowif it's a county. You know what
she is. She's a human,That's what she is. She's a human.
Wow in a Halloween disrespect. It'snot disrespect, it's she's a human.
And here's and here's the deal.I look, I understand the whole

furry If you just want to weara suit whatever, and then uh,
you know, have weird uh youknow, orgies at coton whatever, do
whatever you want. Or if youjust feel like you want to wear it
to uh David Busters down in theApex, which was a thing that happened
a few years ago, like afurry meetup group, that's fine, do
whatever you want. Obviously, whatwe're talking about here is students harassing other

students and in some cases physically.And I agree with Strudel, but you
said, if you're a frey givenan interview, there's no question you wear
your suit, right. I mean, I would think so, but in
this situation. The most famous furryinterview until this was when they interviewed the

head of the furry conference in Chicagowhere they had to quickly evacuate the hotel
from a chlorine leak I think fromthe pool. And so you have pandemonium
on the snowy streets of Chicago andit's just covered with fire trucks and furries.
And then the dude in charge walksover and he's not in any costume,

and he gives an interview and hesounded exactly like I thought he was
going to sound. Here is thatfrom a few years ago, we've been
having a grand old time and wedo not know what's going on at this
time. We've been asked to leavethe hotel for unknown reasons. But we
have a lot of costumers out herewith big, fluffy costumes that'll keep people.

So at this point we're not atall worried, all right, And
he look, I appreciate the guy'sattitude, right, He's just like,
look live and let live. We'lldo this, and uh, that's fine
because they weren't run around licking people. But I don't know, man,
thing is so creepy. The andhe didn't constant, no, that not
the costume, the part where youjust be sitting like kids suck anyway to

other kids. Occasionally it's part ofgrowing up. But if some person dressed
up as a cat, even ifit's just the ears and some makeup,
as they describe it in one ofthe other stories, and they just run
around licking people, no, no, no, no, no no no.
I'm surprised somebody hasn't got punched inthe face. But anyway, I'm
sure what were you saying the guywas side there in Chicago. Yes,

because he was not in his fora use that he didn't have his his
maskot or whatever. It's non professional. Throw him out of the pack.
Well he's that he was the leader, but don't vote and ban him for
life. Doesn't have the respect andthe admiration like Strudel does for the community,
right, Strudel Strudele is a pro. Really you think Strudel's the real

name? And what does Strudel haveto do with an animal? But do
you make Strudel out of cat?I don't know. I know that we
got to talk to Ray real quickbecause weather's gonna be a mixed bag,
all right, fire aways, sir, Sorry to hit you there. Yeah,
well maybe if you're going home andget a cut the grass, do
it. Now, you got acouple hours yet before the showers come in

Dispatch now getting through Ashville and movingon into Yancey County, Avery County at
heading east. So obviously try itfirst in the triangle and then we get
a break. Then we'll get moreshowers, thunder showers into the afternoon.
Now the Store Prediction Center does giveus a marginal risk for a severe storm
or two, so well, we'llhave to keep our eyes out for that.
Near eighty degrees may stay in theupper seventies, especially where you get
more rain, and we'll have somescattered showers with butterstorms early tonight. Then

overnight we'll drop to a cooler sixtymainly cloudy tomorrow up into the mid seventies.
So Saturday is going to be dry. We'll get some rain around Sunday,
mainly in the afternoon. Cool temperaturesthough Sunday only near sixty. But
it looks like a beautiful start tothe week next week with warming temperatures getting
back into the seventies by Tuesday Wednesday. So the little rain got this one
batch of showers coming through. Mayrain for maybe an hour or two and

then we get a break. Thenwe'll get more later today, so we
probably actually end up KC with interms of daylight and dry hours, more
hours of dry than wet, soit's not a complete washout. Sunday afternoon,
Sunday night looks a little different.That could be a steadier rain,
but less rain as you go justnorth or maybe some of us near the
border of Virginia to get no rain. It'll be a little bit more just
down towards the south. Okay,all right, we'll have a good weekends.

Yeah, appreciate it. We'll chatwith Jeff Bellinger next. Hang on.
Well, good morning, Casey.Yeah, the Blue Chips managed a
small advance yesterday, but the Sand P and the Nasdaq both ended lower.
Stock market futures have turned a volatileafter reports of Israel launching retaliatory attacks
on Iran overnight. Right now,the S and P futures are up by

a fraction. The NASDAC and Dowfutures are modestly lower. No relief in
sight when it comes to sky highchocolate prices. Cocoa prices surge yesterday.
They closed at a record high.Coco futures are nearly four times higher than
they were just a year ago.Federal Reserve officials are still driving home the
message they are in no hurry tostart cutting interest rates. Atlanta FED President

Raphael Bostik spoke in Florida yesterday,saying that for now he's comfortable with rates
at their present level. He thinksit will be close to the end of
the year before it's appropriate to startlowering rates. Minneapolis Fed President Neil Cashkerrey
told Fox News rates could be heldsteady all year. White House Economic advisor

Lyle Brainerd says the administration wants tokeep gasoline prices from spiking this summer.
She did not offer details on whatwill be done, other than to say
that officials want to keep pump priceswithin current ranges. Brainard sidestepped questions about
a possible new release from the strategicpetroleum rege. Netflix, coming off a
blowout quarter. The streaming video servicehad its best start to a year since

twenty twenty, adding nine point threemillion subscribers in the first quarter. Paramount
Global may become the target of abidding war. Paramount's been talking to David
Ellison's sky Dance Media. Now,Apollo Global Management and Sony Group are considering
making a joint offer for the parentof CBS, MTV and other networks,

and Casey, being remembered in aloved one's will doesn't necessarily mean a gift
of money or fine jewelry. Asurvey in the UK found a significant number
of people leave things like washing machinesand refrigerators to their heirs, and a
lot of the recipients, especially theyounger ones, are happy to get them.
Casey, it seems normal. Isthat not normal? I remember my

mom's will literally detailed some of hermore expensive items. So all right,
maybe we're the weird ones. Allright, No, I guess it just
gets rather granular. Okay, yeah, like far as you had farm equipment
in there was crazy, man,But yeah, it just seemed natural at
the time. We'll have a goodweekend, okay, Jeff, Okay,
you do the same, take careall right, Yeah, there you go.

Yeah, it was I remember thattoo. She had an old detailed
the whole thing. And anyway,all right, let me grab a quick
phone call and then we're gonna tryto fit. We're gonna have to rapid
fire a couple of things. Janet, real quick, what's up, hey,
Casey? I was just wanting totalk about President Man lives there.
Maybe we should just be grateful forwhere we are in the moment, because

you know, I mean, nextmonth it could be anything like his son
got eight miles of Arts and Nemesiscorn Coffer and whatever. If it wasn't
so such a serious job, itwould be, uh, it would be
one hundred percent funny. But itis. It gets funnier every time I
will say that ror cannibals are notright. I thought I would be thinking
about this week. So yeah,I don't know, Janem. Well,

I just hope it lasts long enoughto you know, finish out his time,
because I'd rather have president than Presidentspreading. Okay, all right,
well that's is that. Well anyway, I'll leave that right there. But
have a good weekend, Okay,Janet, there you go. Oh Man,

all right, all right, herewe go. Uh, Elon Musk.
This is the headline. All right, So as you know, he
has h he has been suffering quitea few allegations, investigations and government interference.
Uh. This is uh, thisis uh an ex NASA physicist who's
quoted in here. Here's the headline, Elon Musk, Starlink satellites might be

eroding Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere andslowly poisoning us. All I know that
there are the Starlingk satellites are numerous. That being said, there's a crap
ton more satellites than than you knowthe totality of what Elon Musk has.
And why is this the first timeI'm hearing that the satellites are doing this?

Do you know how much crap isflowing around the space? You ever
see a map of that including satellitesand other stuff? This is bonkers,
man, And it's it's all conjecture, right, It's a guy's theory on
this, but it's like, isthis where we are? He's he's literally
he's the bad guy in Star Trek? Which Star Trek? Was it Star

Trek Insurrection? Stealing the planet's atmospherethat kept people from age? I remember
that movie's a piece of crap.It is, it's a dumpster fire.
I totally agree, But that wasthe premise, right, it was they
were I have purged that from mymemory. Oh well, it's probably good.
Do you know it was the highestgrossing opening weekend of it. I'm

not surprised it came after First Contactthough, I believe right so, and
that movie was amazing, so peopleare like, oh my god, star
Trek is so back, and thenwe would Man, it sucked. Do
you think Elon's dresses are Romulan whilehe does it? I think that's who
was stealing it, So I don'tknow. Yeah, that movie was not good
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