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May 17, 2024 97 mins
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A little, just a little early, not you know, like early in

the morning, obviously it's that,but early in the calendar, as we
have not hit the official unofficial kickofffor the summer season, i e.
Memorial Day. But it's there,you can see it. We'll be pestering
Ray Stagic about it later. That'sa thing. So I'm ready to I

think I'm ready to announce the officialkickoff of Do you remember remember it was
hot Was it Hot Girl Summer orwhat was the stupid moniker they used when
everyone after COVID just wanted to goout and hook up? It was Hot

Girl Summer? Right, Well thisyear it's bleach blonde, bad bill butch
body Summer. So yeah, howdo I know? Because I watched the
New Mean Girls? Have you seenthe New means It's been a while.
I don't even remember when the originalMean Girls came out. I think it

probably was before everyone figured out shekind of a hoe. But back in
those days that came out, thatwas I that was a big movie,
right, that really wasn't in mywheelhouse. I'm sure I've seen parts of
I probably have seen the whole thing, because I can vaguely remember because it's

got right, Tina fazed in thatright? And oh so who's the other
dude from SNL? But whatever.So they're sitting there and that movie comes
out, and I understand that itdid very popular, it kind of got
its cult status. And then I'mwatching Congress as I do yesterday, as

we all do. Obviously great sportthere and boom there it was. You
know this happening? Do you knowwhat we're here for? You know we're
here? Well, you don't wantto talking about I think your faith.

Let me set the scene for this, shall we? Okay? So you
have on this committee. You haveMarjorie Taylor Green. All right, Marjorie
Taylor Green, you have AOC.And then the one who you may not

recognize is a squad Light member namedColeman, Representative Coleman, who apparently Green's
got beef with and she doesn't likeher eye eyebrows or eyelashes or something.
I don't know. This is goingon under in a committee hearing. So
here we go. Do you knowwhat we're here for? You know we're

here for, Well, you don'twant to talking about. I think your
fake eyelashes are messing up orders ofyour committee order I do have a point
of order, and I would liketo move to to take down. She's
not in this. That is absolutelyunacceptable. How dare you your feelings her

words down? Oh girl, babygirl? Oh really, don't even play,
baby girl. We are gonna moveand we're gonna take your words down.
The second motion. It goes onand on and on, and then
one of the culminating points is representativeColeman says, all right, what if

I use bleach, blonde, badbuild, butch body to describe a member?
And that was her little Koy wayof being that assessment, and then
of Marjorie Taylor Green, and thenit kept going and going and going,

and then Green said she's turning fiftyand she's still hot. Af that was
a congressional hearing yesterday. It means, but you know what yesterday was.
Yesterday was like a high school reunion, but everyone had to act like they
were in high school again. Andit wasn't just there, it wasn't just

whatever the hell that was ye alsoup at the Trump trial, dude rolls
up. I can't name I can'tcall it what it is apparently named,
but it is an artiste installation wherean artiste. Did it play on the
dukes of hazard, but duke wouldbe another word that starts with the D.

He ends with a cuh but doesn'thave a U in the middle.
If you catch them a drift,we'll play on words there. Because it
was hundreds of like three foot tallphallic balloons. So these are you know,
these are the metallic looking balloons,but they're in the shape of a

sports car with fuel tanks, okay, as best describe it. And on
them they have super imposed photos ofAlvin Bragg, the judge is a handful
of other Democrat and or Democrat associatedpoliticians in New York, and they had

him. They had them with theright amount of heliums. So they didn't
just poop to the moon they wouldlike they would rise very levels, so
they kind of created either this reallyslow rise outside the window of the entire
courthouse, or they would just kindof hover there. And there's another scene.

Look, NYPD doesn't want to bethere for that. They don't want
to be there for any of this. I mean, I want to be
there because that's probably a pretty goodgig rather than having to go deal with
the insanity that is Times Square andthe the migrant crime problem that they're dealing
with over there, probably a cushiergig to stand around there. But watching

some of these NYPD dudes right afterthe U haul rolls up with the balloon
fallusies have to then wrangle fallusies.I know was not on that officer's BINGO
card, but still I was dyinglaughing watching that, because at no point
do you think, hey, kissingthe wife for the husband. You know,

guy, I gotta go to work, right They're they're all they're nervous
because they're married to a law enforcementofficer but also one in this current environment,
right, so there's all you know, it's always in the back of
their mind. They're like, whatare you gonna be doing today? You're
kicking doors, you know, forwarrants, you doing patrol? What are
you doing? I'm nothing, veryI'm just gonna be I. I just

have to stand out in front ofthe courthouse, okay, all right?
And when they get home that day, so how was it uneventable? I
wrangled falluses all day. At leastyou got a story and then you kick
over to mean girl Congress and uhthere you go. Wild times man,

But it's Friday, so uh,in a way, it is kind of
the culmination of this stupidity of theweek. All right, coming up on
the show, are you ready fora big gay animal summer. I'm just
gonna keep with this trend. Well, don't worry. NBC's got you covered.
You lost Anderson Cooper, you lostthe Vanderbilts on this whole Trump trial

thing. The View does the viewstuff and just a collective of insanity.
But before we get to any ofthat, let's take a break. We'll
oh, we got Pete calendar comingup as well. I'll finish a prizing
you and we'll dive right in nexthere on the CaCO Day Radio program.
They should not be doing mean girlstuff in the halls of Congress. And

frankly, right now, if youwant to get me on the repeal of
the nineteenth the bandwagon, I'll hearyour case. These men have the common
decency to go beat each other withcanes. But also, I'm not gonna
sit here. And you know,because the pearl clutching on this is amazing.

This is the House of Representatives,sounds like a and then you know,
insert whatever you want to compare itto. But basically, mean girls
yes, it does. Is ituseful? Absolutely not. Is it even
in the grand scheme of things,just viewed on its own without you know,

recognizing the absurdity there make you angry? It should, But I'm done.
I am done hitching my wag intopeople who are only getting it right
when it scores political points. Andthat, and that's on all fronts.

The absolute state of reporting over thethe oh North Carolina anti mask bill could
violate federal law. Disability rights andfree speech advocates say, all of you
can go pound saying, go tohell. All of you advocates out there

who didn't spend one moment actually attemptingon this issue to get it right on
each side, have no moral standingto comment on this at all. I
don't care that your law lawfair advocates, you went to college, you got

your organization with your little funding comingin. When you're secretly taking marching orders
through one side of the political aisle, you don't have moral standing to sit
here and go this is outrageous.Let me run to my favorite reporter at
my favorite outlet who print whatever wesay and talk about all the reasons why

this is a problem. I'm goingto explain this to you like your two
year olds, and I'm not alawyer. I had rosscheck three times before
the show Triplicate. You guys lovestuff like that because there are wildly disingenuous
arguments. This is not me thinkingthat this bill is written in the way

that I think bills should be written. But I also understand it, and
you do too, even if you'renot being honest. Let's talk about the
history of the Anti Mask Bill inNorth Carolina, and not just at the
surface layer. This has been alaw since the fifties. It was a

law that was put in literally tomake it more difficult for people to don
clan hoods and other masking ways togo after people in the Civil rights era.
That's what this thing was. Andthen what people will tell you because

they're uneducated and they don't care tolook it up, is that from nineteen
fifty three to twenty twenty that lawdid not have the language that they're saying.
This must have a specific carve outfor people under Americans for Disabilities Act,

basically people who have medical exemption reasons, right, And that's a whole
other issue that kind of started thisthat we'll get into in a moment,
but from nineteen fifty three to twentytwenty, that is not what was going
on. Let me ask you aquestion. For anyone who lived in the
state of North Carolina from nineteen fiftythree to twenty twenty, I count myself

among those folks. I was herefor a decade by that time, even
if you were here for ten minutes. Let me ask you a question during
from nineteen fifty three to twenty twenty, how many people do you remember walking
around who just you know, justhad their key or you know, one

of the yes, absolutely legitimate medicalreasons, who were whisked away by police
for simply walking around the grocery storetrying to be able to shop for food
and not heighten their possibility of infectionbecause they are immunocompromised because of the treatment
they're getting. How many people doyou remember Do you remember the squads in

vans at night that would run aroundand snatch lonely masked grandmothers off the streets
of North Carolina, never to beseen again, for violating this one unique
weird law they don't want you toknow about that was highly publicized at the
time and then re highly publicized whenCOVID rolled around. So then in twenty

twenty, somebody brought up the factthat we have this law right that people
could find it confusing, and ratherthan pointing out the law as you know,
the reason for it, it wastweaked, and it was tweaked with

an exemption added to it, which, don't get me wrong, is a
bit of an admission, but it'san unnecessary addition, meaning here's how laws
work, do you know? Andby the way, for those of you
who's very beliefs and actions were thereason for this law getting passed, I'm

going to use the word you like, do you know what the supremacy clause
is? Now, Don't get mewrong, that's the thing that's been in
many people's opinion, mine included atool that has allowed the outgrowth of the
federal government to govern things they neverhad the opportunity to. But it basically
it works like this, if theFeds are able to do something legally,

everyone is absolutely to the same point. I'm going to end up on all
this mask insanity because I'm just donewith it, especially when I see that
the reporting they've had three bites atthe apple for many publications to explain this
to you part of reporting, andit is sometimes the part where people start

launching into the you know, youknow, now you're politicking, and it
can be. But I think thatcontext is important on stuff, and so
I'm willing to do this for you. I'm willing to put in the time,
and I have a limited resource.These a holes have as much Internet
as they need in reality. Sonineteen fifty three, in North Carolina,

basically to the start of COVID,we had a law you couldn't wear masks
out there in public. It wasa law. There's more words than that,
but basically it was a law thatwas that was broad, and it
was a catch all. Right,it's not even a primary thing necessarily,

it was a catch all. Andthat means that if you were out there
doing stuff you shouldn't be doing andyou were concealing your identity to do it,
then it's like tax stamps on marijuana, which a lot of state I
believe North Carolina does. Oh I'malmost positive North Carolina does, now that
I think about it. Who whatdrug dealers are buying tax stamps And the

answer is they're not the same withcigarette. But really the law was about
cigarettes, right, So North Carolina. You couldn't just do your own not
get them taxed, and then youknow, ship them up to a high
tax state, which is a thingthat still happens. By the way,
they still smuggle cigarettes to New Yorkfrom North Carolina. Those bus happened all

the time. But also you hadthe marijuana component of it, and so
you just run out and charge peoplefor that. They waited to a restitude
and it was literally something that theycould add to it, even though no
self respecting drug dealer is going tobe like, yeah, I'm in the
business, I need some text stamps. So from nineteen fifty three to the

start of COVID, the folks wouldhave you believe that there was an epidemic
in North Carolina of people who weremasking for the you know, they just
had chemo as the example they keepusing because of course they want the you
want to tell a grandma with cancers, you can't wear a mask. It

wasn't an issue, and it wasn'tan issue because there was the intent of
the law and following federal law surroundingthis. Americans with Disabilities Act is the
big example, but there's lots ofother stuff. The North Carolina law had
to comport with that, even ifit was through application, and I have

not seen them one issue of onething prior to that. Then in their
fervor to do anything just for thesake of doing something, around twenty twenty,
you had an addition to that law, and this would be the restoration

to how it was now. Theheadlines are NC anti mask bill could violate
federal law, disability rights, freespeech advocates say, and to those free
speech advocates who are arguing in mostof most of the statements, I've seen
that because this is the hook they'regoing to have to have, They're going

to have to have you as theplaintiff and some explanation why you have to
wear a mask be arrested out doingvandalism or doing you know, doing things
as part of a gathering, notlegal things, and say, look,

this person's First Amendment rights were violatedbecause they wanted to quote peacefully assemble.
And then we'll get in the debateover whether it was peaceful or not,
and they couldn't, among other reasons, for the fact that they were wearing
a mask and it was hindering theirrights. I don't even know that it
has to be the driving reason whythey were removed from the scene, or

at the very least part of itwhy that would likely fail that arrest is
because of this ada. But therehas to be a challenge to it.
And this is where the federal government'srules will supersede local rules, i e.
The supremacy clause we just talked about. Now it's more complex in this,

and there's probably some lawyers rolling theireyes, but it's the general gist
of this, and you know me, I like things very clear and concise.
That being said, it is ahigher bar for an individual to overcome.
If they're able to avail themselves ofthat, then it should not be
a problem. But here's how.Here's where this thing turns sideways and is

the most hypocritical thing you'll see ifyou put something in there. Let's say
that the language says and and look, I have reservations about this too,
but after going through it, Ialso recognize the absurdity of the arguments against
it, and it m and ithas now motivated me to have to get

into this because here's what, here'swhat will happen. All right, So
let's say you want to formulate someprotest I don't know, Ross is putting
one together. It's Ross against thewolves or whatever. I don't know.
And you guys want to go gatherand scream and march and chant and have
your signs whatever. But if you'reout there and you're all masked, and

and you know, you got somefolks around there that may be doing some
stuff, and you know, policeget up in there and they start making
the rests, and there is anexemption the bill saying, you know upon
a doctor's note, Well, howhard is it going to be to find
a doctor who will just pony upnotes pretty easy half the time, and

they're arrest and folks, especially inthe campus stuff, there's professors on there.
You're going to find one. Someof the people put pen to paper
to excoriate the or the interim chancellorfor his actions are professors in the University
of Medicine or in the unc Schoolof Medicine. So then it becomes a

catch all and it doesn't have tonecessarily satisfy the requirements of the Americans with
Disabilities Act to be that exemption toa state law. This puts the onus
on the individual if the authorities evengo forward with charging them for that,
because again, this isn't just aboutrounding up people with masks. It's basically

about, hey, you want togo protest to your thing. But when
everybody's masked around there and we havevideo of people doing crimes, but we
can't identify any of them because theyall had to have their COVID mass that
day, people know what's up.And those folks, if they have a
legitimate complaint, they can go aheadand they can say, hey, this

particular charge is unlawful and here's why, and lawyers will be happy to do
it. But when we get tothese advocates, I don't want to hear
a peep from you. I don'twant to hear a peep if you believe
that laws should not impede people's abilityto conduct and do basic rights. And

I know the argument going to make, and I'll address it in a moment.
Basic rights. Where were all ofyou during COVID Where were you?
Where were you with your you know, your pre approved funding for these lawfare
suits, These these donors, theseadvocates, these these freedom fighters for all

of your rights. When they weretelling people that they couldn't park in a
parking lot more than the six feetaway from each other inside of their own
vehicles to hear a man or womanon an amplified speaker system tell them about
God. And you had to goin their hats and bats and get people

out of there. Screw you.Well, you're not advocates for this.
Your advocates for your thing when itserves you. And remember, even though
those exemptions were utilized or attempted tobe utilized, and this is what people
will say, they were in manycases denied or delayed, and delayed was

the key. Why do you thinkwe're seeing a rash of lawsuits finally come
out and in almost every single case, all of a sudden, through the
clarity of the judicial mind, theyrealize you couldn't do that stuff. You
can't do that that was absurd.And the and the argument that'll be made

is, well, one thing wasduring an emergency and the other wasn't.
And when you look at ways inwhich there are, they're carved out exemptions
to actual rights, enumerated rights thereare, they can put in reasonable they'll
say reasonable things, and they'll say, well, it's more reasonable during COVID

for this versus you know, thereasonableness of law enforcement wanting to better be
able to figure out who's graffeeding something. Right, because one thing threatens an
inanimate object, you're graffeeding the otherthing's going to kill all the Grammars.
Except it wasn't, and you didn'thave the science to say that, And
now you're finding out that the sciencewouldn't have backed you. And none of

these advocate groups would put toe inthe water. I shouldn't say none of
them. There were some out theredoing it. They're not the same ones
bitching to ral right now. They'renot the ones running around oh b oh
my. And they also weren't theones that were filing lawsuit after lawsuit and
in story after story from the yearnineteen fifty three to twenty twenty. You
know why they didn't care. Theyprobably cared when it went into effect,

because remember a lot of these arethe same folks that were out there dawning
the mast harassing black people before theycould go to the polls. So it
is really rich to me that nowall of a sudden, oh this is
a problem, Well, why wasn'ta problem for all those years? And
also why wasn't it a problem inreverse during COVID? You could have a

doctor's letter, and they would tellyou they don't care. They didn't care,
they didn't advocate on your behalf,they didn't give quotes, they didn't
do nothing. These are the peopleyou don't need. Folks who are dedicated
to uh uh, the the protectionof your rights. If the only time

they're dedicated to it is when itis politically good for them, That is
not a fervor for the work.So yeah, that's the that's the Nickel
explanation for this. I it does, it does everything I said? Is
it perfectly one how a judge wouldrule. No, I'm not a lawyer,

and I'm not knowing which judge yourshopping. But I know that that's
basically how people see it. Becausemost of us aren't lawyers. Most of
us look at it and go,that makes sense. I don't want.
Yeah, if you're going out thereand you're covering up, well, well,
how do you know why they're doingit? I don't know. They
all showed up and they look likethey all bought their masks together, and

chances are they're probably not masking inmost other situations. And if they want
to tell you, oh, Imeet the I meet the requirements. Okay,
show us and if you do,then the protection should be there.
If they don't, you can quibblewith NC, or you can quibble with
what your your your your litmus testis, which is are you protected under

the ADA? And if it saysyou aren't, then your beef is not
with lawmakers locally. It's with thelaw that is attempting to or that supersedes
our local law, which is thefederal law. And if it doesn't protect
you, your beef is with thelanguage in there. Is that simple enough?
And all you advocate groups, youhad your chance to shine. And

like everybody else in the system,scared out of their minds that do their
damn jobs, this was the plan. Yeah, we know we really can't,
but we're gonna. Well we knowthey really can't, but they're gonna,
And don't worry. These things taketime and by the time it actually
gets adjudicated, it'll be okay becausewe'll be out of the pandemic and then

we can go whoopsie, Now weknow and you all knew, you always
knew. How would remember how somebodywho? And I don't know whether everyone
had quote unquote legitimate objections, butI didn't see one person who raised that
objection where anybody stood around, includinglaw enforcement in a lot of instances to

determine whether that was true or not. They said, well, I have
a governor's order, I have anemergency declaration, I have whatever it is,
and that supersedes it. And itdoesn't. And it doesn't because we
have we have checks and balances,and we have a general understanding of how
this works, and everybody knew howit was supposed to work, and nobody

cared, at least not among thesegroups. So if they bitched your bet,
laugh at them, ask them wherethey were. And if they think
that it is somebody's right to weara mask, they think it's somebody's right
to not. And if they sayit's because of this, show them the
numbers and explain why that's dumb,Because now we have definitive evidence on what

many people suspected and many people knewand didn't say anything about. All right,
eight eight eight nine three four seveneight seven four, there it is.
I have sacrificed two segments of myshow so that we're all on the
same page. If you think I'mwrong, call the show and tell me.
And if you think this is rightand what I said was wrong.

You explain the difference. I don'tthink you will, but I'm offering you
the opportunity eight eight eight nine threefour seven eight seven four Ross. I
don't care how many callers we have. They want to talk about other things.
You make sure at all times there'sat least one line open so somebody
can call and explain why I'm wrongon this. And we will wait the

whole damn show if we have to. Six point fifty hang on. By
the way, June Pride Month.I know we haven't had any holidays surrounding
the LGBT community all year, andand so just a reminder that here in
just a couple of short weeks it'llbe Pride Month, and NBC is ready.

They got a whole new Attenborough Lightsstyle series. You're gonna enjoy.
You Ready, here we go?Really are everywhere. Everything you had told
us a kid is wrong. Yougapenguins, bisexual lions, sex changing clown
fish. Queen always existed. It'sonly in humans that we have such a

stigma about it. The idea ofjust having two fixed sexes is clearly out
of style. Mother nature is prettyopen minded. Sex is not just to
reproduction. It's clear that no matterwhere you look on our planet, nature
is full of queer surprises. Tobe honest, we should all probably get

laid a little more than we do. So if you want to edumicate the
kids do all that stuff. Look, here's the deal. And this goes
back to any of the gay penguinsto discussion any of that, either the
range of human emotions that your claimingis on display here are applicable to animals

and not just when it comes totheir sexuality, or you're using specific animal
behavior and then anthropomorphosizing it. IfI said that word rightasically you know human
eye adding these human characteristics. Becauseagain, and I've made this point before,

if you believe that, you thenalso have to believe that animals have
the capacity to do things like Idon't know, premeditate for legal purposes,
you have to you have to alsorecognize that some of that particular animal if
you think that some are making youknow they're they're inherently gay or outside of

that and not just you know thatdog that humped your leg but also still
had a litter of pups, okay, which is oh well, he's bisexual,
is he is that Now when youget into a natural adaptation by certain
species. They mentioned clownfish, there'sa few others. You have reversal of

roles within seahorses and all of that. Go, well, look that this
is evidence of it's not. It'sit's not because that's not a human.
And I'm sorry. You can't haveone bite at the apple and one part
of it without asking yourself, well, wait, doesn't that mean this as

well? Because when you start sayingthe other stuff it sounds absurd. So
you got twenty penguins and one's agay pay or take us two's a gay
penguin, or one's by right oneshe doesn't know what's up, he's thinking
about stuff, right, You're stillapplying these human motivations to it, which
also means that the other penguins haveto have a rage of emotions. One

of them is a big fat racist. You're gone to the zoom and been
like, that's the racist penguin rightthere. That sounds absurd, doesn't it,
Although I don't know it, probablyjust send me a video of a
penguin in a little little robe.Maybe I don't know, but no,

So that's that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna we're gonna take all that
nature footage we have banked up thatand then but it's all that b roll
stuff you didn't use because they're like, why is that lion dry humping that
other lion? What's going on?I need the I you have. There
has to be the voiceover, theAttenborough style of voiceover in this or what

are we even doing? People?Right? I want to hear about that
pride of lions stalking that gazelle.Yeah, it's mostly the women's doing the
hunting, so it's like, youknow, it's five of them and they
all got they'll got their their theirbabies nearby, so you know they I

guess they're by right, they getthat gazelle though, the pride stalks the
gazelle who doesn't even know they're there, and by then it's too late and
they're upon it and all what arethey doing to the gazelle? Because you
gotta have some crossover stuff. No, it sounds stupid, doesn't it.

So no, having just one partof it, I cannot even imagine if
somebody was an honest arbiter from abiological standpoint reviewing this and was actually willing
to speak because if not, they'llget canceled. They're trying to fire the
Kansas City kicker. Yeah, theNFL put a statement out somebody got some

old Mahomes video when he was doingan interview like a year ago, saying
that in the meetings he sits nextto Butker, but they don't talk.
But it kind of sounded like hewas saying it like they're both laser focused
on stuff and not. This hadnothing to do with because it predated all
of him going to a university,speaking to a group of students at a

private religious university and saying, hey, for the women listening, you have
been sold the most lies. Andyou know, ask yourself what is more
important in your mind? Is ita career or your career or is it
your family, your kids, allthe rest of it. And that's a
complicated question because sometimes your career isabout your family and your kids. There's

no question, man. But hewasn't challenging you to do that. He
was challenging the importance that society putson stuff and doing it from a Christian
worldview. You watch that tape asmuch as you want. I watched it.

I get what he's saying, couldhe have could he have said it
a different way? He could havesaid it a different way, But I
don't think that because it's the pointthat they object to. And his point
was, there's nothing wrong with beinga homemaker, and uh, you know,
if that's what you want to do, Uh, that's what that's what

God would love you to do.You can disagree with the guy all you
want. He did tell it youhave to be in the kitchen barefoot,
knocked up. That wasn't what wassaid at all. And for his now
his this is not a view thatis outside of the mainstream. It's not

everybody's view, but it's not aview that's like women from the you know,
should be sold by the time they'retwelve and chained in two with a
room so they don't leave before theyget completely Stockholm syndromed and added to the
harem. That's not that's not theview that was expoused. And I I

if, if, if that ishow a family wants to structure itself,
where one of the one of them, yes that's right, even the dude,
but where somebody stays home and theyare wholly dedicated to that part of
the life. That you're all buildingtogether, then there shouldn't be some derogatory

judgment on that, and you shouldbe But most of all, you should
be You should not internally debate ifthat's what you feel is right for you,
how society feels about that. It'sit's I have to correct you.
It's not just a pride of lines, it's gay pride of lines. Nope,

that's too simple, sir, becausein my scenario they are by lions.
And yes, while there may bepride there, it gets redundant and
questionable at that point because I'm questioningwhether you can attach human emotions and decision
making to ammals. So it's atouchy, complicated subject and one you're welcome

to comment on. Eight eight eightnine three four seven eight seven four.
That's fine, we'll hear you out. Eight eight eight nine three four seven
eight seven four. You want tobe on the show, will we'll get
some calls on that. I wouldn'tbe honestly, I wouldn't be surprised.

I don't think they're going to firethe dude, But how long is his
contract? They could feasibly ostracize himfrom from this, and I look,
I've mentioned on the show if wheneverthey bring up these oh well, the
Major League Baseball won't sign black baseballplay, Yes they will. If they

can hit or pitch or whatever thething is they want him to do,
they'll sign him regardless of that.And that still holds true for Butker,
by the way, but he's nothe's not like, he's not vander Jack.
He's not one of those dudes.But he's a He's a functional kicker.
So if Kansas City thinks, thenget so. You see how kickers

are valued based on how they're draftedor how teams like last year, San
Francisco started the season with no kickerson the roster. I will figure it
out, they said, and theydid so. I think the one thing
can hold true with people still justnot wanting the hassle because just like with

Colin Kaeperdick, a decision was made. And yes, did that decision have
to do with his activism to someyou bet, But wh when you're on
the bubble, those are the thingsthat also factor in. Could we get
a functional backup quarterback because remember he'ssuper backup by this time, but not

one who's going to distract from everybodyelse on the team. And everything that
we're doing. And in the mindof Kansas City because they're getting fed the
kid, the city of Kansas City, who's docksing this dude. The NFL
itself issuing statements people inaccurately portraying whatwas said. The line with him is

he said women should be in thekitchen. Did he? I didn't hear
that. I believe he said theyshould if they want to, and they
shouldn't feel bad about it. Andthen of course you got the harpies on
the view who had the weigh in. So the NFL released a statement that

he gave this speech in his personalcapacity. They do not, the NFL
does not share his views. Soyou know, listen, I like when
people say what they need to say. He's at a Catholic college, He's
a staunch Catholic. These are hisbeliefs, and he's welcome to them.
I don't have to believe him.Good I'm whoop right now. We're sitting

in that audience. Do not haveto accept them the same way. We
want respect when Colin Kaepernack takes aknee. We want to give respect to
people who's right. But if Icould for just a moment, remember the
thing you open with Whoopee about hewent and did this. He's not doing
this on company time, So Ifeel like that is a distinction there.

If he was you know how theymike up some of the players every week,
right, if he was miked up, I don't know. I don't
know that I've ever seen him mikeup a kicker, But what the hell
they could, right, and itis part of the official program, and
he uses that as an opportunity to, you know, launch into his Christian

worldview. I can understand what theNFL is like, could you not do
that right now? Could you justdo sideline stuff and high five and slap
your teammates. But because they dida good job, you know, do
football stuff, I would understand themwanting to do that. I know something
that there's probably some of this audiencethat be mad. How dare they cut
him off? I'm saying that ina perfect world where they're like, we're

here to do football and all theother stuff. You got all, you
know, all your free time,go do whatever you want. So Whoopee
had it so close? Are differentfrom ours because the man who says he
wants to be president, you knowwho, Yeah, he says, the
way to act is to take awaypeople's right to say how they feel.

Right, because you remember when Trumpross did you see that speech with him
at the college, and then Trumprolled out right after and high fived him
and then said the same stuff.Yeah, you had to watch the video
all the way through. A lotof people didn't get that far. How
did we get to a Trump discussionhere? We don't want to be that.
We don't want to be those people. So I'm okay, why don't
you want to be the people thatIf somebody wants to be a homemaker and

that's what they want to do,who has to not view that in a
negative connotation. I don't want tobe that person. In the same way
that if a woman wants to,you know, be an underwater welder,
what do I care? Go doit? And if she's good at it,
good for her. She'll make aton of money. So don't let

him say whatever he says. Andthe women who was sitting there, if
they take his advice, good forthem, they'll be happy. If they
don't, good for them, they'llbe happy and different with ll that's my
right right, and that by theway, that could have summed up poor
ross having to dub that in,and we got another cut having to dub
all that insanity in. They're goingto be happy and they take the advice
great and if not great, AndI think that's his opinion too. That's

the read I got. So Iagree with you, and I disagree with
you. So I agree with youthat freedom in the spirit of freedom of
speech. I don't want people shutdown or fired for things they're willing to
say. I will break with youon the comparison to Colin Kaepernick for this
reason, Colin Kaepernick was standing upfor the rights of many and saying,

in a social justice moment, thisis what if not expousing that people or
women in this case, since that'swhere we turn this, but how about
expousing if women just want to beleft the hell alone from making a discis
to do this thing because their friendsfind it non progressive. Look at the
trad wife pushback stuff. All thatis so absurd. So that sounds like

you stand enough for people, andit just happens to comport with how he
sees things. It's a reminder thatwe're not there yet. What this man
is doing is not just a devoutCatholic. This is someone who's practicing something
called the traditional Latin Mass, Yes, which is divergent from the majority of
Catholics. It's compared to being cultlike and extremely No, it's not as

somebody who did the Catechism and wasraised within the faith. I don't know
Catholics who see it as cult like. Not mainstream Catholics, but a lot
of people who are political Catholics inWashington and within the press. They do.
It's not for everybody. But alsothat view is not something that is

necessarily strictly within that version of thefaith. Understanding understanding biblically what it means
is pretty common. All right,hang on, we'll be back seven thirty
five. Hey, uh, maybeit's Aliens. Say. I'm trying out

for the new season of Ancient Aliens. So I'm reading this story and I'm
very confused. This morning from theGuardian, scientists find buried branch of the
Nile. Okay, all right,I'm interested. I'm click click aty click
click, Let's see what's going onhere. Discovery of the branch, which
ran alongside thirty one different pyramids,may explain how the blocks used to construct

the pyramids were moved right, thisis this and Amelia Earhart every year we
got a thing. All right,I got a question because there's a twist
here. Does that make sense?Although it doesn't make sense, but it
does because of how much they weighedand based on the time the types of

boats that you'd be talking about,but it is much more feasible. We
carry heavy stuff through the beauty ofbeing able to displace a large flat surface
onto water notncessarily flat, but youget the gist, and that's the thing.
Okay, cool because the other youknow, one of the other options
like ah aliens with their space carrylasers or whatever. But then I'm reading

the story and where scientists are baffledis who covered it up? Who masterfully
did this over the length of ariver that ran this you know, thirty
one pyramids long and was wide andlarge enough and deep enough to be able

to carry heavy block. Because youcan carry as much as you want.
But for every time you do that, based on your boat build, you're
going to have a bigger draft.Right, so you stack stuff on,
you get a bigger draft. There'sways to mitigate, play around with it,
but you are It's the laws ofphysics. Man, So how do

they cover it up? Well,you may never know, so maybe that's
the alien part. And now I'mconfused. If you have the aliens,
have them move the blocks and coverthe river, or don't cover the river
up. But you're telling me thealiens sat there and watched you haul all
those blocks all day, and thenwhen you were done, they're like,

ah, huh, that look likeit sucked. Anyway, let's disappear a
river. So I don't know howthat works. By the way, what
a jerk move too? Can youimagine sitting there watching somebody toil away or
a lot of somebody's all day everyday, and then only then with your

advanced technology, you're like, oh, that's cool what you just did.
Hey, watch this poof No MoreRiver. So I don't know. I
guess they're gonna have to do updatedepisodes. See, we're learning stuff.
Love learning stuff here on the show. It's how we roll, all right.
I got so much stupidity here.I don't even know where to start.

I guess we'll start here. AdamSandler is reportedly and talks to do
a Happy Gilmore sequel. Are wedown with this? We're feeling good it
sounds like it would be for Netflix, so it would populate there if you

got the Netflix. I don't knowa timeline on this. Most of the
people are gone are dead, right, I shouldn't say most of the people.
I mean obviously Sandler and Happy Gilmore'snot but his you know dude with
the fake arm, that guy's he'sgone, right. And Bob Barker obviously,

so we lost Bob Barker. AndI know he wasn't a main guy,
but he was definitively one of theprotagonists. It was amazing is shooting
McGavin's Christoph McDonald's still alive, soI guess you know, because he's talked
about this. McDonald in an earlyin an interview earlier this year, suggested

his character might be back in themovie, saying he talked to Adam two
weeks ago. You know who else? Nor McDonald right, Nor McDonald was
in Happy Gilmore. Obviously he's nolonger with us. Did two McDonald's working
on that. How about the bigdude, the the big gentle giant dude.

Man, I think that that guydied too, right, So I
don't know, But reportedly the filmis part of a two hundred and fifty
million dollars deal that Netflix has signedwith Sandler. Netflix has had a lot
of success with Sandler. What wasthe movie? It was Uncut Gems.
I don't know if you guys watchedthat. I don't know. I didn't

think it was a great movie,but it was. It was okay,
but it was very successful. Idon't know what it was about the movie.
I just I couldn't get into it. But still, and I guess
it would be funny if you couldincorporate some of the yeah, the various
narratives within golf. You probably geta lot of cool cameos too from some

of the guys nowadays, So Ithink it probably do well. And even
though I don't one hundred percent knowwhere Adam Sandler's head politically is, I've
never worried about him doing super politicalmovies. So it would just be nice.
Maybe if the Hollywood's going to goback to the well on something that
they don't try to modern audience thisthat would be my hope. But yeah,

I could, I could definitely getdown with that. All Right,
we got to talk about and we'lldo this coming up and then we're gonna
chat with Pete Calender at eight ofive two weeks ago, something happened at
Quantico Marine Corps base. And itcould be a couple dudes with ahead of

steam they were gonna do something wedon't even necessarily know what, you know,
what exactly they were trying to do, or it could be a lot
more intricate than that, but itdeserves discussing. We'll get into that and
specifically what these two back on Maythird we're attempting to attempting to do because

there's still a lot that we don'tknow, and frankly, I don't know.
Somebody's gonna have to help me outfrom a military standpoint. Let me
ask this question for I get init. If if I roll up to
the gates at Brag, Yeah,I'm gonna call it Brag deal with it
up at Brag or Seymour Johnson orCherry Point or whatever it is. Right,

if I roll up to the gatesand I'm like, hey, I'm
here with I'm a delivery driver asa delivery driver for like Amazon, which
is what's it? Please? CanI get access to the base? I
mean, it kind of makes sensein the sense that you know a lot
of people live on bass and theyprobably want to order Amazon. I don't

know what the protocol is, soI'm gonna throw that question out. I'd
love to know how that works.Or maybe you can't tell me because it's
like, ah, you aid,somebody wants to do something bad. But
I want to know if I'm adelivery driver, if I'm a singing telegram
dude, and somebody about a singingtelegram for the I don't know whoever's the

whoever's the the officer in charge ofthe armor or whatever it is, and
I gotta go. And he liveson base and I got to see you
telegram, and it's my thing.Is that a way I can gain access
there? How does that work?If I've got deliveries? Let me know.
We'll get into that and then I'lltell you why this whole thing sounds
incredibly creepy. But first we'll douncreepy stuff with rayced Agic from the Weather

Channel. He's just here to he'sjust here to ruin your weekend. So
hey man, what's going on?Hey? Hey, yeah, pleasure,
it's my pleasure. I wish thenews were different. It's not great.
You still got quite a few hourshere, though to go today and this
morning before we start to see someof those showers come in. So oh,
it looks like it's gonna get wetterbefore it gets any dryer. I

don't think a bunch of rain thisafternoon, with some showers, maybe a
thunderstorm coming in. Most of us, even to the Triad, probably gonna
make it through at least lunchtime withno rain. Early to mid afternoon we
start to see the showers come infrom the west. That should help us
get to the upper seventies close toeighty. The threat for showers and thunder
showers tonight and some scattered showers tomorrow, maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon,

mid upper seventies and more the sameon Sunday, bed upper seventies for daytime
highs. So I'm not gonna saythere won't be dry periods mixed in,
but plan on at least some wetweather over the weekend. Early next week
looks a little drier. Middle ofthe next week we get a little warmer.
So it's not a great forecast,but I do think we'll get some
hours of dry weather. And ifyou're planning and you want to say,

well, when's the best chance ofrain, it's gonna be in the afternoon
Saturday and Sunday, but still youmay see some stuff in the morning hours.
So so a few hours ago todayrain showers just start to creep over
the mountains to the west of us. So obviously try it first, and
the triangles we go through the afternoonthis evening, and again I'm just gonna
say a little unsettled to try tomake it sound a little bit better for
the upcoming weekend. All right,Well the way to pass the bucket?

All right, thank you, sir. We'll talk in an hour. Appreciate
it, all right, we'll comeback. I'll let you know what was
going up a quantico again, justbecause we got Pete coming up, so
Ross, I see some calls comingin. I'm just curious. What I
want to know is how does thatwork if I'm an Amazon delivery driver?
What's because I understand why you'd wantto and you'd want to be able to
order it, but you're on amilitary base, things are different. Uh,

And we'll get into that. Sothat's that's the call I'm looking for.
We'll get into it next CaCO Dayradio program. So the you know,
we got the golf tournament in Louisvilleat Valhalla this weekend. Even if
you don't follow the PGA, justfollow along with me. And in a
wild video this morning, one ofthe golfers his name Scotty Scheffler, and

if you don't know anything about golf, know that he is the top golfer
in the world. Numero uno.Okay, he's trying to drive in there.
Well it's still it's not even lightyet, right showing up. I'm
not sure what his tea time is. I guess I could look it up,
but you know he's getting there.He'll get changed, get pumped,

get motivated, go hit a gazillionballs on the range. You know most
of us hit like ten fifteen beforewe go. He'll hit buckets and then
he'll go out and play golf,right, that's what you do. And
he's rolling in and according to reports, he they say, either ignored or

didn't see direction being given by lawenforcement. So you ever been to a
PGA tournament, And I'll give youan example of how it works down at
Pinehurst, since we got obviously oneof the majors this year. If you're
coming from the southern Pine side andyou know how it is. You start
approaching the village, you have firstyou have that big, big roundabout there.

By the time this is why itworked at the last US Open,
I'm assuming it'll work the same.By the time you hit that giant roundabout,
police, sheriff, all of thefolks from you know, that little
neck of the woods are they arealready filtering traffic and they're not screwing around.
Pinehurst is exceptionally difficult because of thenumbers and how there's all these layers

of how you get deep into there, which is what makes it so quaint
and vacationable and all the rest.But when you got a gazillion people descending
on it order of the day,and Valhalla doesn't. It's not out in
the middle of nowhere. It isin Louisville. So anyway, this is
going on and Scheffler is attempting toliterally drive into the course. The scenario

goes like this, he either ignoredor didn't see it's dark. Member,
it's dark, but they're wearing thevest, or he just done this a
thousand times and he thought the dudeswould pick up on this. And the
reason is is because at a tournamentand it's not the same everywhere, but
it is a constant and consistent thing. Generally, these dudes are not driving

their own vehicle, and they canhave they have people that will drive them
around, but also the whoever's thevehicle sponsor. A lot of times they'll
have a fleet of vehicles. Soif BMW's that's you know, the BMW
Championship one of the later tournaments.These guys, all the players have accessible
to them BMW's and some guys preferto drive themselves, so they'll get one

of the cars, and obviously somewill bring their vehicle. I don't know
if this is his vehicle or not, because I don't know Scheffler's proximity to
Cleveland, I don't know where he'sout of. But and at the very
lead and then they have little placards. And I know this because a lot
of tournaments that I've been to,the media parking is the same as the

player parking case in point Wakefield withthe what you know, the tour has
changed a whole bunch, but basicallythe the minor league tour right the corn
Ferry and going back previous names,and in that case, you know how
it is going into Wakefield there's theone entrance and the media parking is off

to the left, and then theplayer parking is basically wherever they want in
a lot. But you all haveto go in there, and they have
a little checkpoint there, and yeah, you have to have something on your
dash and a lot of those carswill have it just permanently a fix for
the players, and that's how itgoes. So also from a distance,
they all kind of look alike becauseyou got to do it in there.

Who looks like he plays golf andhe's driving the correct vehicle. So once
he gets up there at that pointof you're checking, so he's not at
the gate, and they're like,they get him out of the car and
they they handcuff him and haul themaway. Now he stopped, and I
don't I'm curious the story he stopped, but man, you're rest of the

number one golfer this weekends tournament rightbefore. But also maybe he didn't have
his stuff out and maybe he don'tyou know who I am. I don't
know what happened, but I justknow it's crazy video, all right.
So if I'm a delivery driver,not a pro golfer, and I want
to go on to a base.Can I just be like, hey,
I got a bunch of deliveries,all right, Matt, what's up?
Yeah? So the print gate thing, right, yeah, will Ferry Park

too easy. What they do isif it's a large company like Amazon or
something like that, they are thecontracted agreement and they're vehicles, they'll have
a delivery guy or two that isauthoristently delivering, yeah, consistently delivering onto
that installation. So they'll have anauthorization, you know, a permanent authorization

for that vehicle. Okay, Andthat makes sense. That makes sense.
And I also understand too, whythese knuckleheads. I shouldn't say that they
are potentially terrorist up in yeah,but up in Quantico maybe they saw that
they thought that's our way in becausethey present two guys presenting themselves at the
gates of Quantico saying that they wereAmazon drivers, and he didn't go.

They arrested their Jordanian nationals, andthey're being real hush hush, like why
were they wanted to get on base? So, yeah, they probably didn't
have the right to credentials. Becauseif you're a delivery person and you're not
a huge corporation, you got togo on for a daily pass. Yeah,
so you go in, you getchecked out at the front gate,

they search your vehicle inside and out, and then you go about your merry
way with a piece of paper thatgoes in your window. Yeah my experience,
Yeah, it's been my experience.I remember I was staying at one
of the motels. I stayed atthe motel that's on Basis Seymour Johnson for
a retirement thing. And I gotback from the party too late, and

I'm a grown adult and this pooruh, this poor woman had to this
poor airman, I should say,she had to literally physically accompany me from
the gate to the motel, soI didn't get in any and I'm awesome.
These guys are potential terrorists, socertain yeah, certain parts of installations
can be separate from the major installationto where you have to get further security

access. Yeah, it was veryready. Yeah, definitely sounds like some
shady stuff. Not me, sir, I was, I was. I
was up to all good, butthey look like they're up to no good.
All right, thanks for the callthere. Friday. It is the
k c O Day radio program,and uh, frankly, I'm ready for
a weekend. Because I just can't. But before I just can't, we

got to put in the hour,So Pete calender middays, WBT joins us.
How you doing, Pete? What'sup? Man? Hey, I'm
doing it right. How are you? I'm pretty good? Do you like
the new Mean Girls? Was thatgood? Do you like that? You
saw the Mean Girls? Right?You free from Yeah? But like I
saw it years after, it waslike already a thing. You haven't seen

the new reboot? Huh no,Mean Girls? D C. Do you
know what we're here for? Youknow we're here. What you're here for?
Well, you don't want to talkingabout I think your fake eyelashes are
messing up. Yeah, all right, look look it's not working too.

Yeah. Yeah, well the bigbad bleach blonde, bad bub whatever body
body or something or other. Uhyeah, last year was hot girl Summer,
and now it's that, So that'sit's already attained meme hood. Look,
you know, look like the guyshave a good sense to just go
beat each other with canes, butyou know, not in a while.

But yes, I agree. So, Uh, first off, I was
not aware, and it does explaina lot. Uh, that representative comer
who was chairing the committee. Hesaid that he wears hearing aids in both
ears, and so when there's alot of cross talk going on, he
he loses a lot of what's beingsaid. And then actually, I did

not know that, in all seriousness, I did not know that. And
that does explain some of the waysome of the questions I have had over
the last two years or so watchinghim chair these committees. But I just
I always I always have to pointout when Congress behaves like a bunch of
uh, you know, entitled parentsthat their kids youth sports games and such,

they truly are our representatives, youknow, like you can't tell me
that that doesn't sound like any randomcity council or school board or hoa meeting
that occurs throughout America. And forpeople who are like, oh, well,
you know, we expect them tobe better. Yes, I'm not

sure that now. I don't like, I don't expect them to be better
than us, just that maybe theywere better at the at the being a
politician or a campaigner part. Butwhen it comes to, you know,
being able to interact with people ofa different political persuasion that vehemently disagree with
you and call you all sorts ofnames and such. No, I don't
think that they're going to behave betterthan just any random people sucked it from

a phone book. I'm gonna I'mgonna go on the record too. You
don't have to agree with me,and I will. I will see that
guys have their own version of this. That was the most catty woman thing
I've seen in a while. Andlike and because it was a congressional committee,
but I've straight up seen that.I've seen women at a party low

blow, soft, insult another onebecause somebody's getting too much attention. They
copied the dress. Anyway, It'sall petty, and guys have their own
petty, macho crap that they pullin these circumstances. Don't get me wrong,
but it highlights uniquely, much tothe chagrin of some of the there
is no gender folks. That wasso in the wheelhouse. It was crazy

to see people default to that.Yeah, well and this, so let's
bring it to the patriarchy, allright. So for a long time,
Yeah, for a long time,we have heard that the patriarchy is bad,
and the patriarchy is essentially like thesociety ruled by dudes, right,
like guide engaged in Yeah, exactlyright, written large. Okay, So

that's bad, okay. And whenin a patriarchical society, you end up
with the people who are in chargethe dudes who engage then in antisocial behavior.
And when you go when you godown that spectrum to the far end
of it, you have certain behaviorsthat are represented in the population. And

we have as a society said,you know what, in a patriarchy,
dudes engaged in. The most antisocialdude behavior is violence. That's where that
goes, right, So you knowwhat, we don't like that. We're
going to incarcerate you. So wefigured out a way to kind of put
some guardrails there for the society sowhen there are abuses, we can say

you're out. You've gone too farin the antisocial behavior. All right,
So let's now moved to a matriarchicalsociety. What would the far end of
a matriarchical society's anti social behavior looklike? Well, they don't need it.
I saw you saw wonder women,a wonder woman. They already loved
each other. It was great.Yeah, I would submit what you saw

in that video, what we sawin Congress. That's on the other side
of that spectrum, right, that'santisocial behavior in a matriarchical society, and
we don't yet have a way toset up guardrails for that you're talking about.
And these are classic things Jordan Petersontalks about. This stuff has for
a long time, and people like, oh, he's you know, anti
woman, and he's not. He'sa clinical psychiatrist and he's saying, these

are the behaviors that we see inmen and women, and we have these
ways that we deal with it forthe dudes. We have to have ways
that we deal with it for thewomen. And we can't just ignore that
there is anti social behavior on displayin the society at large, things like
reputation destruction, that kind of ideasa tax, These petty, uh,
what we see as dudes, welike, oh my gosh, they're petty

attacks on the way you look andall that stuff, right, But in
a in a in a female society, female dominated society, that stuff carries
a lot more purchase and it's it'svery harmful psychologically to people. And so
how do we go ahead and addressthat. I don't have an answer for
it. I'm just saying it seemedto me to be on that side of
the anti social scale. I havethis solved. I'm sorry. I wish

you'd talk to me before the show. I know exactly how to deal with
this. Go back to the patriarchokay, uh, like one of the
you know those inflatable kids pools,you know, yeah, yeah, but
but with oil. Oh that's interesting, is it? Because let me let
me, let me let me saythis the cave, because you're talking about

men versus women. The caveman brainDNA for a moment, looked at that
and went do it sausually. WhenAOC started screaming, I'm like, you
know what, there's only one wayto know, So I just for a
moment, and then I want tothere's your there's your toxic masculinity on display
right there. You automatically, yeah, you automatically went back to the physical

violence side. You're such a patriarchaldude. Man. You don't want to
see AOC and MPG, right,but they can have walk on songs,
right, and it's both basically asboth of them half hunched over each with
a clump of the other's hair,screaming at each other for five minutes.
I thought the worst of it camefrom jazz was a Jasmine Crockett. Crockett,

Yes, yeah, well she's theone who laid out that wonderful uh
saying the bad blonde, bad bodyor bad built body. Yeah, bad
bleach blonde, bad built body.And it depends on do you mean bad
in the bad way or bad inthe good way. I don't know she
meant bad in the bad way becauseyou also I think she also used the

word but yeah, butch that's absolutelycorrect, yes, yes, so just
just great. But you know what, on the very same day where right
before I saw that, I hadto watch one hundred falluses float slowly through
the air outside of the New YorkCourthouse with Democrats pictures on the balloon falluses,

and I did chuckle because we're anation of trolls, Pete, We're
a nation of trolls. And Iyou know, I've I've mentioned how I
feel about this. I hate itwhen idiots, when some Republican walks in
with a snowball to Congress be likeglobal war. I mean, look at
this, or the guy when what'shis name was eating the KFC so he
could crap talk Chick fil A likeyour all children you're all children. But

if you're gonna all be children,then do it in the most amusing way
possible for me. Right, it'sall about me. They are our representatives.
This is my point. Right,every we everybody, this was okay.
So everybody now has their own TVstation, right, Yes, that's
the thing. Everybody has their ownTV state, and everybody has their own

radio station right via podcasting. Right, everybody has their own newspaper via Facebook
and such. So the democratization ofthe press, if you will, is
you know, fully achieved. Andit might not be such a great thing,
just gonna throw that out there.It might be esthetically thing. No,
what it means is that there area lot of people that have taken

bits and sticks and the way otherpeople that they have seen behave and they
identify with it. They like it. They think it's funny and entertaining.
And when they're not outright thinking,hey, you know what, I'm going
to flash this video conference art installationover into Dublin, and they think,
yeah, they think that they canget the clicks, they can get the

engagement, and so they're going todo it. And we again, look
at this. I always say thison various issues, which is examined the
incentive structure right as a society,what the incentive structure it is to get
the very kinds of behavior that weare getting, right, But also sometimes

you you know, remember to chooseyour own adventure books them. Yeah,
okay, all right, but you'rein this case every day it's somebody actively
choosing the sand pit. I feellike and like with the art installation,
I think it's cool. But alsoif you'd have told me that you're going
to put one in front of TempleBar in Dublin, which I don't know.

If you've been to Ireland, you'reto Dublin. They like to You've
never been to Dublin. Yeah,never been to Dublin. Big fans of
big fans of drink. Yeah welland yes, even in the southern part,
but in that part of the Yeah, okay, all right, so
they have obviously, you know,there's a lot of people that are getting
pretty lit over there. A lotof tourists go over there, but it's

a huge like party destination. Well, what is Times Square adjacent if not
a party? So you're like,let's put the in two of the drunkest
places on the planet. And ofcourse it's gonna be flashings, it's gonna
be uh people holding up nine toeleven photos right on the It's just pure

troll. It is exactly what youthought it would be, and then be
like, ah, how did thisget here? Give me a break,
Come on, right, it's it'sthe Internet, that's all it is.
So like this would have been toeverybody, So like, oh, I
can't believe it, Like really,I you can't believe OnlyFans thing slid into
this the way it did every poston Twitter for you yesterday. Shut up.

Yeah, yeah, so it doesn't. I was amazed that, like
they still are like trying to convinceme that this is quote art. It's
not at art installation, it's it'sthe Internet. It's too well. The
hot dogs, the the hot dogsthe artists. Did you see the hot
dog? I did not see thehot dog. Oh my gosh, Pete,

if you go literally, if you'dhave turned around from where this damn
thing and you might be able tosee it. So in Times Square they
have a hot dog. It's aboutit's like the length of a couple buses.
It's pretty big, and you're thinking, okay, well that's a hot
dog. Obviously New York has hotDog as part of its you know,
mysticism right there with their version ofit, the lesser version, I call

it compared to the Chicago but whatever. Okay, but it's not just that
at a like much like Old Faithful, every now and then the hot dog
turns into a decepticon, right,it literally rises. One end of the
hot dog rises like it's one ofthose ridiculous cannons for shooting a circus performer

out and out of the tip ofit it sprays confetti and obviously that has
visually a very strand it's about.It's about toxic masculinity because sometimes it's just
a hot hot dog, dog buddy, Yeah, yeah, yeah, well
that's what it's about because you thought, oh, it's just a it's a

perfectly fine hot dog. But thenit got mad and now it's spitting confetti.
So give me the dam give methe only fans girls flashing I you
know, if I had to pickone, I'm gonna go right, And
this is what I mean, Likethis stuff is this this transgressive art right
like ooh, I'm so cutting edge. Like once again, sir, there

is the internet. If people wantto see this stuff, they can see
it all over the place, thedenigration of public art, like as just
an entire industry. I think ithas uh. I think it's it's on
the it's on the way out right. I call it by explanation. I
do this art by explanation, wherethey just throw up a bunch of literal
garbage, weld it together, andthen give me some plaque that tells me

a name, that says this isa piece of art, and here's the
name, and this is what itmeans. Because otherwise nobody would recognize it
as art, right, so youhave to tell me it's art. And
I think at this point now thereisn't any way that people are being shocked
like the crucifix in the urine jaranymore. After forty years of leftists doing
this to quote public art, wherethey literally weld garbage together, I think

at this point we're ready for areturn to actual art, things that inspire
beauty right, that represent beauty rightand call us to a higher way of
thinking and representation. And I thinklike we're I think our society is actually
very thirsty for that. And Ithink that's why you see people who actually

stand up and say this stuff goingviral, Like you mentioned the kicker for
the Chiefs the Ye, what's thename butt kicker? Butt kicker? Yeah,
and he I think he. Imean his jersey is now like the
number one selling jersey in the chiefFans store for men and women. People,
right, people want that stuff.And let me say this, because

people go, oh, you andPete hate art. You are wrong.
I'll tell you what. One ofthe first things, one of the first
things I did when I moved toafter high school, went down to Santa
Barbara for school and got to gointo La one of the days. They
have amazing art galleries out there,and it is and say, right right
next to Libre of tar Pits.You can go see some of the best

art in the world. And it'samazing, right, it's inspiring, especially
when you look at some of themarble work from from Rome and Grace that
they have. I mean, it'sjust how do you get how do you
get perfect veins like on the backof the leg out of marble where it
looks it's it's incredible. It's nota phallic hot dog. I gotta we

just have a couple of minutes left. I in detail explained this whole mass
freak out. Screw all of thesegroups that are like, oh, we
have to do some people just wantto exercise rights and over a matt and
I'm like, I didn't hear apeep from you guys during any of the
people couldn't even be in a parkinglot to hear church service. I'm done
with you. But from nineteen fiftythree to twenty twenty, this law existed

in the form that they're having it, and there were not any problems because,
and you correct me if I'm wrong, the supremacy clause. Right,
they can make laws in North Carolina, but they have to and many laws
will have a little part in therethat says this, it has to comport
with any federal law that may supersedeit. And from nineteen fifty three to
twenty twenty, Pete, you've workedin this market longer than I have.

How many grandmas were whisked away outsideof oncology centers post chemo for wearing a
mask? Do you know what thatnumber was? Do you do you remember
the Great Whiskings? I don't,well, I don't have a specific count,
but I can tell you every singleone of them was engaged in rioting
and looting and criminal activity. Yeah. Yeah, so this is the absurdity,

is right, And you know thekicker on all of this is is
that you know the rule was putin place because of the KKK, right,
Yes, that's why the law existsin North Carolina was to prevent the
Klan from running around with their maskson. So it is not terribly that
far off brand actually for the NorthCarolina Democrat Party to be on board with

the remasking, but I think they'vedecided they've identified this as the emergency.
The headlines are absolutely pearl clutching.Unfortunately, out of time, we're not
gonna be able to talk about videogames, which I saw that you and
Ross added to the list. Butmaybe next week better better try again.
Okay, okay, all right,there you go. Pete Calendar here and

thank you for hanging out. Andyeah, you can listen to a midday's
WBTV the iHeartRadio app. We'll beback. So I was talking earlier about
there was this video. Well there'sa story, and then you saw the
video. It's still dark out.It is very early outside of the golf
course in Louisville where the Valhalla PGA, where the PGA championship's going on.

And I can tell you as somebodywho has attended a PGA Championship, not
just US Open, but a PGAChampionship when you get into the championship levels,
because there are more people, becausethere are more not just the people
there, but all of the ancillarystuff that goes on, sponsor stuff and
various events, and it's it isreally crazy. And you know, most

of these golf courses are not rightnext to a major thoroughfare, so a
lot of times when a course isdoing a tournament, it's a bit of
a nightmare. Some of you livein wake Forest, you kind of know
how it gets a little preston wooda little and then of course you know
with the window in Greensboro, youtry to make it work, but ultimately

there's going to be a lot ofstuff, and so a routine happens.
And we do now know that ScottieScheffler, who was arrested for disobe it
says disobeying and the officer's command onhow traffic was working, basically was driving
a late vehicle. So as Ipointed out, now they were using SUVs

for this. But they all lookthe same, they all have the same
logoing on them, the same passes. I've seen him every turnam I've been
at. They give him to thedriver or to the players to use,
and that's what he was in.He was not in a personal vehicle.
And there's also more to what wasgoing on because everyone's decided either Scheffler is

a jerk or the cops a jerk, but understand the situation. So it
is still dark out. Scheffler,like the rest of the golfers, who's
getting there early. His tea timenow is stated at ten twenty, so
he previously had I guess a nineam t time because they've delayed the tournament

for an hour and twenty minutes.Here's why. Prior to Scheffler and the
rest of the golfers trying to getto the course this morning, it's on.
You know, it's pinched into thisthis one road a I don't know
if it was a fan or somebodyattempted to run across the street and got
smoked by a bus that was usedto transport I don't know who The bus

was transported is part of the tournament. A lot of times they're transporting workers,
you know, all the different volunteersthey have hundreds of people that are
in a volunteer work capacity around thesethings, and they got to bust them
all in from somewhere in that timeof the morning. They're probably busting in,
you know, groups of the individualswho stand inside the ropeline right and
go shush or all the little signsthat say shush. So they're busting in,

and a pedestrian got mowed over andkilled. Now Scheffler and none of
the other golfers would know this obviously. The officers who are out there directing
traffic, they would look like normallyofficers directing traffic, providing security. And
you also have homeland security concerns.You have anything where you have a large

gathering of people, especially one likethis where they might be outside some crazy
you know, I'm gonna get myvirgins kind of dude or whatever the motivation
is. If they wanted to drivesome sort of explosive device in the middle
of that, it would be really, really bad. So that's what they're
used to. But understand the process. If you're one of these golfers who

drives to these courses six times duringthe week, right because they got practice
rounds and everything, this is prettycommon. You see everyone getting slowed down,
you know that you are eventually gonnahave right of way, and what
these guys will do, and they'renot jerks about it necessarily, but they'll

kind of they'll get out of trafficand drive. I've literally been in the
line and watch the player vehicles goaround. Even though technically I can park
in that lot, I was ina private vehicle. And the cops may
initially be like whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa, whoa, but then
they'll see what it is. They'llsee and then they'll just go ahead give
him away, or they'll just ignoreit. And so Scheffler, at first

thing in the morning he was goingthere, he did not know that they
were. It was a death investigation, which I understand why law enforcement is
going to have to roll things down. They're investigating somebody who got killed.
Scheffler doesn't apparently know this, andnow his mugshots already out. They took

him and booked him man and amongthe complaint. In the complaint they also
say dragged an officer. That's nottechnically accurate, but maybe legally accurate because
of this. At one point afterhe had kind of driven around thinking that
he could, he would have beensurprised to hear somebody jump onto the vehicle

because it's got the you know,the step side that you have on like
you know, a suburban or atahoe. I think it was a tahoe,
right, And the officer jumped ontothat thing and was banging on the
window. And at that point Scheffleris said to have stopped within about out
twenty five thirty feet, right,you're probably trying to figure out what the
hell is going on. Maybe thoughtit was a fan, I don't know.

And at that point he immediately stopsand they take him right out of
the vehicle. They don't mess aroundup against it, cuffs off, you
go, and his mugshot's already out. So if you're the PGA, and
I understand that somebody's been killed here, if you're the PGA, that in
and of itself is a nightmare,obviously, And it may have nothing to

I mean, granted was a busover there, but it may have been
somebody who's just thought he could crossthe street, didn't realize how much traffic
was coming. But now the numberone golfer in the world is arrested.
I don't even know what the statusis, just because I'm having to do
this the show, so I'm followingbits and pieces and wait, hold on,

what did you just Arrust has sentme a tweet here and having a
big day with jeez, somebody tweetedyou know who else was arrested and taken
away and chained three days before abig Sunday. I see what you did
there. To be fair, hewas not in that Jesus was not in

a position having won four or fiveincluding the Masters, and potentially being able
to get the two first majors ofthe year while in the number one position.
But you know, if he wantedto, he could have been yeah,
oh what a mess up there?And don't I don't know because then
it's turned into well you got theoffice here here, who's overreacted? And

I might have thought that at first, because there's been incidents. There was
a golfer Adam hadwin last year.It's kind of funny it was actually was
it last year? I think itwas last year. His buddy won one
of the tournaments and had when withyour credentials, with credentials that you have

a lot of times they have abunch of little letters on there but and
it tells you where you can be. So well, I have I have
a meat output media credentials for thetournament at Pinehurst, and I had to
go through and say, these areall areas I want access to. So
you have the media tent, youhave inside the ropes. There is an

area that's designated that's inside the ropesgreenside. Generally that's for photographers, but
when you're a player, you havea you have a little thing that says
you can go anywhere you want.And the problem was had when it put
on a shirt because you know,tournament's end as it's getting into the evening,
or a sweater or a sweatshirt.I can't remember what he was wearing,

and you couldn't see his credential.So when his buddy made the putt
to win, Hadwin was standing therewith a bottle of champagne and it buddy
makes the putt and Hadwin shakes itup and runs out there and starts spraying
his buddy. All the security guyon the green seas is this dude who
he can't see credentials on and herugby tackles him, and you know what,

after it was done, everything wasfigured out the security guy. He
didn't lose his job. Hadwin understoodwhat the issue was there, and they
said, hey, all right,you know this is what it was.
I understand what you did, whatyou did. You understand why I did
what I did. And they hada laugh about it and it worked out.

This thing has now gone to bookingphotos. I don't know. I
don't I don't know what they're goingto do with this. But if you
faded Scottie Scheffler on DraftKings, goodfor you. Okay, I'm sorry at
five rays stagic from the Weather Channel, are you follow this insanity? I
just started picking up on it alittle bit. I didn't know the pedestrian.

The pedestrian killed thing. I understandwhy the officers obviously, and and
but a golfer driving in. Haveyou ever been in one of these tournaments?
I have not. Okay, nowgolfer's driving in. They will pull
out of lines of traffic because theyhave official vehicles, and mostly there may
be a cop at first, likehey, who's this a hole? But
then they'll see it. And soI think Shuffler was expecting that was what

was going on. But also Iunderstand the officers are sitting there going,
look, we got a we havea crime scene, right, we have
at and it got hit by Thewhole thing is a mess. But yeah,
putting his bucking photos already on theinternet, it's crazy, man.
Yeah, I did see that,So I forgive me for not paying.
I mean, and he's supposed tobe playing this weekend, isn't he.

Yeah, he's supposed to. He'sthe number one golfer in the world,
that's what I mean, the lastfive He just won the mask. H
yeah, right right right. Idid know that because it's my youngest daughter's
a favorite golfer. Yeah. LikeI said, I'm just putting good and
he's like, he's like one ofthese guys who's so stupid nice too,
Yep, I know. I'm I'mprivileged enough to know. Uh why,

I know a guy out of Raleighactually plays on the tournament, right,
and uh he he has his reputationfor being super nice guy. And even
he thinks he's super nice guy.Right, so it sounds like everything probably
think that guy's nice guy. Holycrap, man, Yeah, that's going
on all right. So that's upin Cleveland or excuse me, Louisville.

You deal with the weather here maybepeople getting into golf, but here's here's
stage screw you. So yeah,you still have time if you've got something
before noon, maybe even early afternoon. Some showers will start to come in
west east after that, so tryit first in a triangle. Maybe a
thunderstorm, no severe though, Iguess that's the good piece of this load

of mid seventies. Over the weekend, more scattered showers, had a few
thunderstorms, of thunder biased toward theafternoon. I don't think you get hours
and hours of consistent rain, butconversely, I don't think you get hours
and hours of dry weather. Soit's kind of a mix all weekend.
As the rain chances are up prettyhigh. I think early next week we
started proving and getting warmer and gettingback up of eighty degrees as soon as

Tuesday. A couple of dry days, maybe a shower Monday, but through
Wednesday looks like we'll start to getback into the middle eighties. And yeah,
so the next couple of days alittle unsettled. Uh, there'll be
what I mean, just prepare forit. If you're gonna go out and
golf, i'd say go early.You may only see showers for the mornings
through Saturday Sunday, the afternoons,it could pick up just a little bit

of this weak low going to develop. And I think the worst day will
be Saturday too, So probably gonnaday at the club. Yeah, yeah,
probably inside, right, nothing canjust you're ready. You gotta be
ready, and right, you gottabe ready to go. All right,
all right, thank you sir.Having a good week, okay, yeah,
and we'll come back with Jeff Bellinger. Hang on, Jeff Bellinger here

to cap off the week. Jeff, what's happening? Well? Investors took
a breather yesterday, a casey afterthe three major averages closed in record highs
on Wednesday. Yesterday's loss is reallyvery modest, and right now it looks
like a stocks are poised for ahigher start now futures are up nineteen points.
More central bankers, including the presidentsof the Federal Reserve Banks of New

York, Cleveland, Atlanta, andRichmond, sought to tamp down speculation that
interest rates might be cut soon.They all indicated rates will need to stay
high for a longer period. ABoeing is holding its annual meeting today.
The Airplanemaker's executives will no doubt facea lot of questions about canceled orders and
safety issues. A federal panel hasaffirmed the dismissal of a proposed class action

over Amazon dot COM's use of voicedata. Two plaintiffs alleged that Amazon used
information gathered from Alexa devices in itstargeted campaign. The Ninth Circuit agreed with
lower courts that Amazon's privacy notice spellsout just how that voice data will be
used. Cracker Barrel Old Country Storejoined the other casual dining chains that have

indicated their dealing with some challenges.Cracker Barrel says it completed a review that
resulted in some store closings. Thechain has seen a decline in the number
of customers, and it slashed itsdividend. Nostalgia brought vinyl LPs back from
the abyss. Now another relic fromthe analog audio era, the cassette tape,

is making a comeback. The musicindustry sales tracker Luminant Data says more
than four hundred thousand music sets we'resold last year, and that, of
course is a far cry from thepeak sales year of nineteen eighty eight,
but up from eighty one thousand,nine years ago. Experts say it's the
younger music fans who are behind thistrend. Casey oh okay, all right,

well, how nice for them,Jeff, appreciate it. Have a
good weekend, sir, You dothe same. Talk to you on Monday.
All right, there you go.Jeff Bellinger from Bloomberg News. Oh,
man, like we're coasting the endof the show. Everything's worked,
you know, okay, and BostonPaul calls, what do you want?
Hey, just before I get tomy point of channel five and channel eleven,

helicopters a circle and it boaches overthere by aquake men. But yeah,
smular situation. Probably arrested a cancerSure, grandma with cancer had a
mask on. Outside, it's alreadybegun, I could agree. Yeah.
Uh at the masses, I rememberthere was a guy that was it was
outside and uh he curve trying toget to the olive gardens and they pulled

him out, coughed him and wait, wait, wait wait, I got
a green jacket and uh yeah,he had a green jacket in the back.
They uncuffed him and it turned outto be Ross going in for a
fifty percent discount. Here's how Iknow that's not true. Even under the
stupid made up parameters that you obviouslyhave previously discussed. Uh my understanding,
you would have to have two jackets. One was on a hanger, he

was, one was on the seat, and one was on a hanger.
Yeah, yeah, I see,I see. You know the real as
everyone's running Shuffler's mug next to tigersand completely ignoring the six John Daily mugs,
including the one he caught in Greensboro. It's the open. So yeah,
in the earlier you you mentioned anothercut compared to Wakefield. It's Wakefield

Plantation. Say it? Well,technically it's TPS. There was TPC at
Wakefield Plantation, So why don't yousay it? Oh he told to correct
me and you did not. Idid. Man, by the way,
you watch, tell me answer mea question. So for those who know,
know, a bunch of these MITstudents who were protesting, they put

out their own sizzle reel of copsspinning them around and landing them on the
ground. Did you feel a littlenostalgic watching your former brethren go hats and
bats on them? That makes youfeel And you know, I know,
you know, back in the daywe had to go back for you know,
we always didn't training every year,and they come up with the PR
twenty four and they called it theGeorgia State Police takedown, you know,

because of the riots down and theycome up with that pH one four thing.
Man, Yeah, you just missedthose days. Yeah, take him
down, flip him around, andyou know, didn't puff him and stuff
him. You're a monster, allright, get out of here, enjoy
your weekend. Yeah yeah, yeah, all right, there you go,

Boston, Paul. See how wellbehaved he was after his beatdown.
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