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March 25, 2024 81 mins
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Here we are, and I hearda few things happened while we were off
fighting communism and saving the world andstuff. Let's see somebody somebody prognosticated on
the future of the auto industry andy'all lost your minds, and uh,

let's see here, well, literally, our soldiers are being attacked. That
is that a fair summation of justa couple of the things that I've tried
really really hard to ignore, andfor the most part, was doing a

pretty good job. Even with thePlanet Fitness thing. I I kind of
I sniffed what was going on,and I went, nope, nope,
I'm on vacation. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope,
And yet still got the got thegist of the story. So look,

we're gonna have to cover these things. I know they're gonna sound a
little noozy to some of you whostay've completely plugged in, but I haven't
had a chance to chew on himyet. And I got some questions because
you know, a lot of thisstuff, especially when you're talking about backlash
stuff like with Planet Fitness and whatnot, it it gets anecdotal real quick.

So you kind of have to yougotta look for smaller signs of things that
are going on their ways in whichpeople are reacting. Uh, you saw
with the bud light, right,you know bud light. At first,
they were gonna be gonna I'm notgonna tell you everything, right, just
know that we love you, andhere's a soldier in an ad and just

like old times. But you know, the reality quickly became pretty obvious.
And it became obvious to anyone whowent to a grocery store and had eyeballs.
You get on that go down thataisle where the where the beer normally
be, and there's a whole lotof one and not a lot of another.
You go to a sporting event,go to a sporting event where a

lot of times each concession booth isone brand oh beer, right, and
so you really quickly see what thelines look like at that booth versus say
another booth, And yeah, arethese things anecdotal? Are they hard numbers?

No? Not really, but youhad up the totality of them,
and it's it's pretty hard to arriveat a different conclusion. Whatever the decision
that company made not a good decision. And this planet fitness one, it
seems like you know what, itseems like a test is like an act

to his test. I I justwait, wait when I see the details
of it. So Planet Fitness women'slocker room person shaving their face in there,
I have a question because I don't. I don't work out a Planet
Fitness, I don't really regular gym. So, for all you Jim Jim

folk out there, is that commonto shave at a gym? Just in
general? Man, man, womanor otherwise? I mean, just is
it is it common to shave ata gym? All right? So I'm
not the only I'm not the onlyone with this. Like I admittedly I

did utilize the gym when I playedfootball in high school, and yes,
I was even shaving then. VeryI don't remember anyone ever shaving in a
gym because it just seems impractical.I don't like shaving in a hotel room,
do you know what I mean?All right? So, Ross,
you're not a gym shaver. Rossis not a gym shaver. So I

don't like shaving in a hotel room. Even though you know, I traveled
like the last week, obviously Itraveled. I had my I have my
razor, I have a you know, uh, I have an actual,
you know, bisrazor for going aroundmy beard and trimming that, and and
then I have that I don't likedoing any of that, even though arguably
the outlet in my bathroom at homeis not real conducive to shaving. It's

in a weird spot whatever. Builder, But like so at a gym,
now you're even more crunch for time. I just don't understand that. So
then I see somebody shaving in there, and I see that that kicks off
all of this, and I haveso many questions. So if you don't
know, if you don't know theI guess the rest of the story.

Well God bless you. You didbetter than me, because unfortunately I figured
this out. But but two,I'll fill you in. I'll go over
it and we'll talk about it comingout next here on the KCO Day Radio
program. Happy Monday, KCO DayRadio program. So things look log looks

a little weird this morning. Tellyou if things sound a little off,
working hard behind the scenes. Rossis on a giant hamster wheel right now,
So just know that that's happening becauseit's I guess it's still better than
the alternative, unless you hate theshow. Then this is like the worst

thing ever happening to you, andfor that I am truly thankful. All
right, So yeah, just acouple things made me pull the old Ostrich
head out the sand. Last week. I really really thought I could by

literally escaping the hemisphere or put somedistance between, you know, the the
news of the day and the debatethat was going on. And I quickly
realized that TDS is worldwide people.I mean it is, and it's fascinating.

It is absolutely one hundred percent fascinatingbecause obviously it plays out with its
own version of it. But itwas fascinating to me to you know how
when you're you know how, whenyou're in a mall or you know,
some big, some big place,right you happened upon one of those signs

that says you are here. Well, I was there, except there was
not Argentina in twenty twenty four,you know, third week of March.
There was also month, right,you know, months following the inauguration of

Donald Trump and in the form ofthe new president they have down there,
which I make it. I makeit a rule, a general rule,
to not get into politics when I'min somebody else's country, because I don't
really like foreigners sticking their nose inour stuff looking at you, sorouses.

So with that in mind, Idon't ask for conversation. I don't volunteer
stuff like that. Unfortunately, ifI tell people what I do for a
living, there is a higher likelihoodthat it's going to migrate. But I
didn't even have to do that.I didn't have to say the word roddio
once, which is very convenient ifyou want to pronounce it in Spanish.

It's just a drunken slur version ofit. I didn't even have to get
into that. People are people activelyhave a lot of opinions. And you
see people who are very happy forthe new president there, which not trying
to hide it. And then yousee others, especially in the hipper quarters.

And admittedly one of the hotels Istayed at is kind of so it's
a little hipper brand, but itwas price right, and it was largely
priced right due to the previous presidentsthere because holy crap, the inflation.

But people wanted to get into itand it was and it was bonkers in
the the outright rejection of of whatwas going on is in any way,
shape or form being representative of youknow, people in the periphery of individuals

who were upset, like not evennot even wanting to under stand. Okay,
well, why why did why didmy countrymen and women go out and
vote for this individual? What?Well? Possibly, no, it's it's
doom and gloom. It's uh ifI may, it's bloodshed, isn't I
kind of discussions with stuff. We'reback at It took a week off.

There very important things to do.Ah, most of them accomplished. I
ate so much steak by even goingback to Wyoming and we got a couple
there's a couple kind of interesting steakhousesin the Wyoming area, although it's less

steakhousing more just around the house kindof thing. But you know, even
going back there and being able tolook by victims in the eyes as you
do, I don't think I atethat much steak as I just ate the
last week. It was mmm mmmmm mmm mmm. And I will I

will not be not thankful for that. I did find it interesting too,
because, like so for those whodon't know, we just we just had
vacation. I've been kind of tryingto cross different countries off the list,
and I thought Argentina would be funthis year, and it was. I
had a great time. I hada great time. There were things people
told me to worry about that neverreally became an issue. But a lot

of that's location based, and I'ma little sad I did not find a
quaint German uh Nazi village, becauseI know that those do exist. But
what was even more fascinating, Ithink than than just that is the amount

of like German and Italian people downthere. But it makes sense when you
realize that there was a lot ofpeople and where the Germans and Italians were
around World War two, and that'snot the extent of the immigration down there,
but it's it's very significant. Whatwhat what what really stood out to

me is Argentina thinks and this isn'ta knock on them, Like Argentina has
this vibe that they think they're European, if that makes any sense, And
to some extent they kind of are, but obviously not. I mean,

obviously they're the you know, theircore functional Latin America. They just you
know, it's it's it's just reallyinteresting. It's it's interesting where the mindset
is and then to watch those mindsetskind of plugged in with the same intellectual
dishonesty and intellectual turmoil that followed thetwenty sixteen election. Was was kind of

fascinating, right, because you're seeingall the same stuff you're seeing. Yeah,
you're seeing if you can if youcan read the newspapers or you know,
just uh you can Google. Youcan google you into the Google Translate.
You could literally just hover it andthen I guess the a I'll tell
you what it thinks it translates to. Like you, you see stories like

that about the new president. They'relike, ah, here's something he's doing
and it's it's just the end ofthe world. And then when you read
what he's doing, you're like,oh, that sounds that doesn't sound like
a bad idea. Maybe we shouldtry that. So yeah, and then
and then but it's all taking placein like another language. It's just so

strange, man. But uh yeah, So go for the stake, go
for the tds, go for theweird cheek kissing a lot that makes you
If that weirds you out, youprobably shouldn't get to know local people there
because saw that a lot more,a lot more than you expect. And

uh yeah, you know, thumbsup two of them and I didn't get
them chopped off by cartels or anything. So there you go, ask me
anything. All right, So,well that's all going on. I'm still
I'm trying to just keep like aslight eye on the ball with what's going
on back in the US. AndI'm watching this Planet Fitness thing go,
and well it's got a lot,it's got a little bud light vibes there,

but the whole thing was weird fromthe jump, like because one who's
doing a full shave session in ina in a Planet Fitness or in any
gym for that matter. I mean, I'm sure some people do, and
I've you know, I've seen peopleshaving at golf clubs and whatnot. And

fine, I guess I understand that, but it really drives the point home
if you're in a woman's locker roomand you have somebody who's got five o'clock
shadow they're trying to handle. Andso Planet Fitness in response to the woman
who complained because the woman took aphoto of the individual shaving. Now,

the individual is not naked in thephoto. However, it was a photo
that was taken inside of a lockerroom, and I also of the agreement
that people shouldn't be snapping photos inlocker rooms up until this point normally,
but you've been dealing with as douchebagswho want you to follow their fitness journey
on their Instagram and don't care thatsomebody else is in there, and you

get these amazing videos where they're likescreaming at some elderly gentlemen who has a
problem with them filming and or makingfun of them. This went in a
different direction, and I understood,Look, I understand why you don't when
people taking pictures in locker rooms thatbeing said, to simply sit there and
go, well, this is Look, this is about this singular issue and

not what people are experiencing and howthey feel about this and maybe have an
adverse reaction to what is a geneticmale in a locker room. And Planet
Fitnesses had incidents. They had anincident down in Georgia where it was claimed

that an individual was flashing young girlsin this now in the locker room,
and they pretended to act like there'sno nuance to any of this, and
there obviously is right. If Igo into a life, I go into
the boys locker room, man's lockerroom and I'm standing by my locker and

I'm doing that quick, you know, quick thing where it's off with the
jim shorts, towel around, goto the shower, come back, throw
us some underwear on, some shorts, boom your dressed And yes, you
know, in those in those fewmotions, in those few moments, is
there going to be the possibility ofnudity. Absolutely, But it's far different

than what we've seen in incidents wheresomebody goes in and is intentionally trying to
show parts of their nude body,especially to miners. Right, And we're
able to distinctly pick up on whatsomebody may be doing in a locker room
setting that now falls outside of thebasic understanding of how that's supposed to work.

And people have been arrested and prosecutedover then, and yeah, I
can get a little sticky, whatyou know, because there's some people that
are they embrace, they embrace thenaked time in the locker room to an
uncomfortable extent, but not necessarily amalicious intent, Right. They're just somebody

who instead of walking with the towelaround their waist to the shower, will
sling it over their shoulder and you'relike, all right, that's you,
that's you. You have to lookat different actions, different things that were
going on. And when Planet Fitnesschose to ignore the concerns of what was
going on in the Georgia locker room, eventually law enforcement said, no,

this is something this is something elseright here. This is clearly somebody wanting
to in the in the opinion ofthose who did the arresting and the charging
and then those who did the adjudicating, this was somebody who was making it
a point because they there was somesort of happiness or pleasure that they were

alleged to have gotten by making surethat these child they're these children were the
ones who saw full view of thenudity by this individual, and they gritted
their teeth and fought that at thetime, and frankly I saw people were
like, oh, I give themthe bud light experience when that was going
on and it never really materialized.Well here, what do they do?

They punished the world. I'm whotook the photo, which again you can
make the argument that you don't wantanyone taking photos for any reason, but
also told anyone who's like, well, why is there somebody in there full
five o'clock shadow shaving in the inthe women's locker room. The hell's going
on? And then people ask questions, they're like, shut up, bigot,
And that was it. That thatwas what it took for a bunch

of women to get organized enough onthe internet and say, uh no,
we're gonna be h we're gonna becanceling memberships. And they ask they estimate
that just in the first weekend thatPlanet Fitness lost four hundred million and that's
just based on stock valuation. Uh. And then you know, and then

you have to have the the peopleout there, uh who are who are
having to report on it but tryingto do it, and they're like,
well, look over here, here'sa different a fitness related stock and it
too is down from this week.So I don't know. And it's like,
well, one it was trending down. Two, it's not even the

same thing. And three it's clearlyeven if they're both down, one is
clearly far more down than the other. So you know, it's the same
disingenuous analysis or reporting on this story. And as best I can tell,
they're sticking with their policy. Soif you got a five o'clock shadow and

a razor and some time on yourhands, and you identify as a trans
woman, then as far as Ican tell, Planet Fitness are like cool.
You want to stand there naked atthe sink, shave and do your
thing. And the response that,well, you know, anyone, any

woman who would would cancel a membershipover this, they just don't get it.
You can hold that opinion until theend of the day. And at
the end of the day, ifyou have four hundred million less memberships or
dollars worth of memberships, it doesn'tmatter what your interpretation is. You're sticking
with what you say is your yourbusiness's official position. Then quit pitching about

it, because now people are reacting. And frankly, if you think anyone
who would who would even consider stoppingtheir membership because of this is you know,
basically a bigot, Then why wouldyou want bigots at your gym?
Why would you why would you wantwhy would you want these people who you

who you feel are so full ofhate anywhere near any of your facilities.
This is they're they're doing. Thisis a good thing they're doing for you.
Uh A Planet Fitness saw four hundredmillion wiped off their value. Since
the story broke, that numbers probablyquite a bit more. I haven't even

updated it since I was just readingit yesterday putting this together. So they
did not go, well, anybodygo in and cancel? What was that?
And again, this is not meorganizing Boycott's, this is me analyzing
them. You would do whatever theywant. Some would say there was a
there was a bloodbath over there,but you know, be careful where you

say that, even if it's directlyadjacent to cars, they'll cut that part
off. Yes, that was theother thing I tried to ignore, which
unfortunately I was not able to thatstupidity, that dumb assery, that thing
that even from the other side ofthe planet, I was quickly able to

ascertain was much ado about nothing bysimply watching a couple different versions, so
that I made sure to not limitmyself to videos that were trimmed, which
shockingly were most of them, andthen running around and you know, posting
funny video mashups on the Twitter justbecause I was bored. I did participate

a little, so we'll have totouch on that as well. Lots to
get to six forty eight hang ona KCO day radio program, that is
a video of a man eating aperson's leg. That's what that is.
That's not what I needed to seethis morning. Now, for those of

you wondering how he procured the leg, that's fair because somehow it does make
this not as bad, if that'spossible, considering what I've already told you
about the story. It happened inCalifornia. Yep, not Florida. I
know, I know, I knowyou were thinking it. No, it

happened in Wassco, California, whichis a very fun town named to say.
What started as a typical Friday fora group of construction workers quickly turned
into a bizarre scene. This fromKBAKTV. The crew was laying down concrete
outside of Amtrak station in Wassco.Well, I saw a quote horrifying site.

I guess unless they're into that.Here's a quote. Not sure where
from where he but he walked thisway and he was waving a person's leg
and then started chewing on it overthere against the wall and everything, said
Jose Ibara, a worker who sawthe incident. Hopefully he didn't see it

right before lunch break, because thenyou're not gonna want it, and then
your boss is gonna explain to situation, and I, you know, I
don't wish that upon this guy soundslike he's out there working hard. The
leg apparently came from a person whowas hit by a train near the station
earlier that morning. So again,leg procurement happenstance, I guess, or

or you know, maybe maybe that'snot fair. Maybe this maybe this individual
had wanted to eat a leg fora very very very long time, but
realized that all possibilities rested right onthat edge of illegal. So he needed
a scenario where his dream could cometo fruition. And at that point,

if you if you're looking for humanbody parts, he didn't need to find
a populated area that interacts with arailway of some sorts. And then maybe
eventually if you just you know,you sit there long enough, it's like
eat. It's like stand hunting.Sometimes you just you're out there staring at

nothing for a week, even thoughthat trail cam, holy crap, look
at everything that's on there. What'sgoing on? You just gotta you gotta,
you gotta put in the time,you gotta put in the effort.
And maybe that's what was going onhere. But then also there's the question
like, okay, well, hownow did this come to fruition? Like

how did that person end up infront of the train which then provided sustenance
for your weird little fetish here,Like you gotta look into that extra hard
to make sure it was everything wason the up and up. This is
this is constantly the the argument thatpeople have when they make it legal to

eat roadkill. Right, some redneckgonna be out there shoving deer in front
of stuff. Should you be ableto procure horns, even though they might
be a motivation for somebody to stagea roadkill? These are all these are
all debate points, These are alldifferent nuances and tweaks of the laws.

And just so we're clear, itis not legal. Should all right,
you got let's say you're let's sayyou're standing at the bus stop right now.
It's you and Bob from down thestreet. You don't really you don't
really like Bob. Bob's kind ofa you know what hole, But you
don't you know, you don't wantthem dead? What is wrong with you?
People out there? In response toa video of a man eating another

person and and doing so like theyjust like they stumbled upon a taco pop
up truck or something, you know, like a food truck, like,
oh, I didn't know there wastacos over this gas station and then just
mowing down. They're all excited,right, And your respond to that is
to run around the internet and scoldpeople with the story like, well,

uh, you know what it's notis it's not a migrants, okay?
Is I don't even know? Idon't because at that point I don't care.
I'm just like, there's physically aperson eating another person. Why are
we having to run around and havegot you things? You're like, oh,
that's right, biggots, that youthought it was a hard working You

thought it was a migrant here becauseour migrants wouldn't eat people, and they
were here to eat the people thatour people would need. Like what kind
of dumb exercise is this? Canwe just recognize that obviously we've jumped the
mental health shark, right, that'snot normal eating people, whether you're doing
it secretively or in this weird likeecstatic way that he seems to be chowing

down on Bob or whatever the guy'syou know, whatever the victim's name was.
We don't have to we don't haveto score points on a on a
whole other issue. And yeah,if it was somebody who came here to
eat people and was in the countryillegally, I don't know that. I

don't know the people bringing that upto point out that that would be a
less you know, that might cutdown on the eating people quota for the
day, would be an accurate Idon't know how that would be inaccurate,
because it's just this weird game weplay where it's like, you know,
we're after what happened in Georgia happened, and you had people that are out

there they're like, yo, hey, if you read the news, there's
here somebody was born in America whowas accused of burdering a woman about that
age. All right, well,that doesn't make the other thing okay.
And all you're proving there is thatthrough strict strict controls of immigration, we

only stopped some of the women beingmurdered brutally allegedly. And now you've got
to argue that that's not a goodthing. That's still a good thing.
If I knew that five people weregoing to be eaten today by just random
psychopaths, and two of us saidpsychopaths were only able to gain access to

the body part they're mouing down onbecause they were put into this this you
know, this forever loop of asylumclaims. Then I can still recognize that
two people probably wouldn't have been eatenthat day. And the more heinous the

thing is that you're trying to makeexcuses for the higher the likelihood is that
it wouldn't have happened organically on itsown without that individual involved, and that
individual didn't have to be here.That was based on decisions being made by
lawmakers in pandery bureaucrats. So yeah, sorry if I'm not going to jump

on board with your stupidity there,But that's a dude eating another dude.
We need to figure out what's upwith that. We need to figure out
why. We need to figure out. You know, also in California,
what is the process even for dealingwith you pat him on the back for
not spilling. I mean, howdo you begin to approach somebody chewing down

on another person? Don't know?Remember, you know what do people think
of too? By the way,when you see this story, they think
of the Basalts thing in in Florida, and I want to remind you that
while there is a there is somespance of it that they're unable to test

for, it's not clear that that'swhat was up. Remember, they didn't
find bass alts in that dude's system. Who ate the other dude's face,
So you know, you gotta yougotta look a little a little past the
surface, a little past whatever theinitial narrative is, and try to figure

it out. But arguing over immigrationstatus, have said face eater is just
dumb, Like, who's even bringingthat up? Bring it up when it
becomes a narrative or a part ofthe story. Bring it up when like,
okay, well, what was therelationship with the victim? And then
you find out maybe there were somebodywas working on their asylum claim, or

somebody who had also migrated or whateverit may be. But I none of
that looks present here, And you'retrying to sit there and and inject it
into this. And I'm just ofthe opinion that we don't need random people
running around eating random people's body partswhen they find them. That's not a
very helpful Samaritan. Right, you'rein an accident, somebody stumbles upon you,

and you're like oh my thank godyou're here. I'm just I'm laying
here and I need help, andthey're just like, You're like, yeah,
I got my my arm got severedbecause this thing happened. Can you
call nine one one? And they'relike, ah, yeah, in a
minute, and you're like, whatare you doing with my arm? What's
happening? So, you know,we don't want those scenarios. So I'm

you know, get to the bottomof it, figure out what's going on.
And if that dude is somebody whoneeds to talk to somebody or it
kind of appears that they may begreat. If it's somebody who just got
confused on a recipe, then makeit make sense to me. Whatever.
But arguing over immigration status is justthe dumbest thing I've ever heard, all

right, eight eight eight nine threefour seven eight seven four. So I
saw a lot of really disingenuous argumentsover this. So to day is the
Donald Trump bond fraud day. Right, So today's the day where he was

supposed to have secured four hundred andfifty four million through the process of appealing
in this this case where they decidedthat even though the person who's supposedly the
victim was not defrauded out of anymoney, in fact, sought out and

acquired to do the piece of businessthat they're being sued over. Well,
that's four hundred and fifty four milliondollar judgment and it needs to be secured
in some way, shape or form, which is easier said than done.
And then I see a bunch ofreally disingenuous people doing the analysis on why,

and I you know, I'm gonnause this platform because we have this
platform just to say the super obviousthing that is being ignored. And I'm
sure people realize is being ignored becauseit makes them feel good because they feel
like they've got their political opponent.So we'll cut you in on the details.
They're coming up. Seven sixteen,CaCO Day Radio program. CaCO Day

Radio program. So today is theday the former president said to appear in
Manhattan on a hearing for the hushmoney case. On the same day he
faces a four hundred and fifty fourmillion dollar fraud bond deadline, so has

to post it as part of theappeal. And it it made me lose
my damn mind watching the same pieceof garbage analysis just be lazily suggested here
without even attempting to ascertain what maybe motivating individuals, and in this case,

the individuals or businesses where in thepast Trump may have done business with
them, may have, you know, under different circumstances, been standing in
line to essentially issue this bond,not just because there's a profitability standpoint,
right, that's one part of it. You know, people do bail bonds

not out of the goodness of theirheart, right, They're in it to
make money, and so this isyou know, this is obviously a different
version of it, but still youstand to prosper here. And yet it
became abundantly clear that company after companydidn't want to issue this bond. And

the question is why why did theynot want to issue it? And what
I saw from the you know,for the moon bad analysts like h this
is this is all of these folkswho he's been fool all these years,
and now the chickens are coming hometo roost and they're figuring out what's going
on, and they don't want todo business with this guy. And you're

kind of right in the sense thatcompanies don't want to align themselves with Donald
Trump anymore. But it's not forthe reason that you think, and the
reason that you think when what I'vewatched the analysis is, Hey, look
at these folks that are watching whatjust happened with this poor bank he defrauded

and't realizing they don't want to dobusiness with them. And that's not the
vibe anybody else is getting. Thebank who was the quote unquote victim here.
Remember that bank went out of theirway to do this piece of business
with Trump. They went out oftheir way to do it because they had

done it in the past, andwhen they did do this particular kind of
business, they stood to make alot of money. And sure enough,
that's what happened here as well.They took the risk in part because they
knew that the possibility, based onthe previous track record, was that even

if we don't see eye to eyeon valuation of something, the fact remains
that he's been good for it inthe past, and he's built up enough
credit that we're gonna go ahead anddo this. I remember it is that
evaluation process that is at the forefrontof what is supposedly the beef here of
our equipment's on fire, which isnot unusual, although today was a special

kind of hell. So poor Rosshas been just ingrained in that randos are
shaving inside planet fitnesses, which throwout all the transgender stuff. Who shaves
in a planet fitness? Who doesthat? Who shaves at the gym?
Anyway? Isn't that weird? Thatseems weird if you play golf at a

club, or if at a privateor semi private club, like you know,
they have shaving equipment and stuff forpeople, but it's still weird if
you see somebody shaving there. SoI don't know that. There's a whole
lot of things where you try togo mental disconnect on these stories to the
extent that you can, and whenI'm traveling, that's what I want to

be able to do. Yet youcan't get away from it because it just
it just permeates your inbox. Whenyou glance back at your email, no
matter what setting you have on it, people got takes. And then people
will write you email or they saysomething and it's really you know, it's
very uh say controversial, but it'sit's very hard opinionated, and it's like

I don't even I don't know howto valuate what they're telling me because admittedly
I'm not as up on the storyas they are, and then like that
weird work ethic thing in the backof your head goes, hey, dummy,
maybe you should read up on thisso that I find myself going into
blood bath and going into the planetfitness, stupidity, going into the guy

eating the leg even going into andGod help me, the royals? What
is why? Why? For thoseof you out there who are the very
first when I whenever we will likewill tweet a story, even if it's

a funny, stupid story, They'relike, I don't care. We have
a carriage seventeen seventy six f them, right? Are you also the ones
running around trying to figure out whethersomebody would Kate Middleton's dress is the same
as seven years ago because AI deepfakes, because conspiracy, Like, if
you don't care about the royals,why do you care if the what what

even triggered this? It was thestupid AP photo? Right? What do
you care if somebody photoshopped somebody's handsin an AP photo? If you don't
care about the royals, this isthis is what I want to know.
Why do you care if you thinkthat video of Kate Middleton or whatever shopping

at at a store, even justa few seconds of it is part of
a larger cultural a boondoggle through theutilization of AI. If you if you
think that, then ask yourself whywhy would they do that? And if
they and even if they did doit, why would it make any difference?

If they don't run your life,They're they're simply there to be I
guess, viewed from a distance andadmired within the hearts of British people or
whatever the garbage that I've heard,and please don't throw another beer in my
faced British people. I don't care. We cared once and then we're like,

nah, We're done with this crap. Then we didn't care again,
so I don't. But now Ifeel like I feel like there's a lot
of people who say they don't careabout stuff, who put in the most
effort of attempting to not care aboutthat thing of anything that they usually do

care about. Right, they willput in the time to show you how
little they care about the royals,And if that includes reading every story and
having some I don't care comment underit, you can bet they're gonna be
there. So is the Duck,the Duke of Duchess of York or whatever.

I don't even know what her titleis. Whatever is she a clone?
I don't care? And I wouldask you what difference does it make?
What difference person sending me? Lookat this ring on her finger and
how it's slightly over here a yearago and this is from that? What?

So what? Let's say that sheis a space cyborg. Okay,
I'm gonna I'll go full sci Fion this thing. Let's say that she
is she's the Borg. Okay,dah, this is just she's got.
This is her get up, Thisis her disguise one once you in on

it. So instead of dream,you know, dressing like that creepy bald
lady boom Kate Middleton, but actuallyborg if they don't have any real power,
what does it matter? If she'sthe Borg? Why do you why?
Why would you? Why would youengage in this? Why would you
care? Why would you be sendingme deep fake stuff that I'm not gonna

read? And I'm gonna be annoyedthat you sent me because I got enough
crap to dig out from after aweek and a half. So no,
do I care that she's You haven'teven explained to me why there would be
any benefit for them swapping her outfor a more robotic model or whatever the

theory is, What does she evendo? She runs around and looks less
bitchy than her sister in law,and once a year they wear a bunch
of ridiculous hats because it's tradition.At the thing with the people with the

hats, the learned the word ascot. That's it. That's what I know.
That's right, I am. That'svery good points or somebody just wrote
said I am a TikTok winter winter. Absolutely, that's how I feel this
morning. And I also feel likeI don't understand why dudes eating another person's

leg and we're arguing over migrant statusor why I have to figure out whether
Kate Middleton is a cyborg or not. How's your Monday going? That's not
how I thought my Monday was going. I thought I was gonna tell you
about steaks and stuff. Do youknow how I have a steakhouse called Gordoninho
a fat baby, fat little boy, fat little boy mmm mmmm mmmm.

If you ever get a chance toeat there, you should eat there.
You'll have to go to Buenos Aire'sArgentina, but I highly recommend it.
Do you know. They also havea tea that I don't know why they
still do this that comes in thisbig thing and then people just sit around
with a big straw and like drinkit with each other, which I did
not do, not because I'm oneof those weird COVID people. But I

wanted to tell you about that becauseI found that I found that oddity of
society rather fascinating. That was kindof cool. I've never seen so much
fakedike stuff in all my life.Hey, this like the swoosh isn't even
right on some of this stuff,but it's three dollars, so what are

you gonna do? These are whatI find fascinating. I did you get
to find my Nazi village? ButI found out that there's like three million
Italian people living in Argentina. Didyou know that? I didn't know that.
Consequently, you got good food andthen you remember, oh yeah,
Italy was on that side and allthat stuff. But it creates this very

interesting dynamic. And these are thethings that fascinate me. And instead I'm
having to evaluate whether Kate Middleton's arobot or not. So I don't know,
And much to the surprise of whois it rased agent today from the
weather channel? Do spin backwards whenyou had so so not the toilet stuff,

but gesture goes in the other direction. So yeah, things go I
knew that low so low pressure goesthe other way, high pressure goes the
other way, Coriolis force goes theother way. Yeah, so sounds like
a good trip though I was listeningin YEA. Yeah, dude, this
stay good for you. Let mejust tell you. I mean, yeah,

there were two days where I'm justlike, I don't move now I
move. I just I'm a jobof the hut. That's what you just
feel like after right doing that toyourself, and then the next then you
do it again the next day.So yeah, it's it's a pattern,
and it takes you what it willtake you a week or two to get
out of it. I try toget I told Ross like, I feel

so awake and alert and great thismorning, and that I could also sleep
for nine days, so I don'tknow this weird drill. Hey, and
I only went upstate New York fora week, so you know, and
I felt beat up. And peopledon't realize how long it's like, how
far down. But it's like flyingTranscontin's not flying LA. Man. It's

okay. Yeah, speaking of LA, I bet you didn't have the Clemson
Tigers in the sweet sixteen headed toLA by the way, you know what,
I thought. I was also goingto have a hard time following that,
dude, I'm telling you, man, they are put You know,
soccer is obviously the big thing downthere for this messy guy. They're very

po yeah, a little bit right, but people are all up on the
basketball. So yeah, well itwas fun to watch. So yeah,
it's bad, believe it or not. Even last night, I stayed up
for the A and M in Houstongame. I mean they A and M
made some comeback. Man. Iwas watching NC State in the ACC Tournament.
Yeah, I mean just crazy.So I actually have n C State

Originally, of course, I tookClemson all the way, but I took
them out. So I do haveNC State, North Carolina, Iowa State,
and oh Tennessee as my final fourthan Tennessee Wining. So I'm doing
well actually cool. But anyway,yeah, let me do what I'm supposed
to do here. There really notmuch going on but Darfree's warnings and frost
advisories around this morning and looks prettygood as we go through the day.

Some clouds and low sixties, alittle below average but not bad. In
the thirties again tonight, but probablythe mid upper thirties except instead of the
low thirties. Still could be somepatche frost early tomorrow, a little mid
sixties in the afternoon. Midweek looksa little damp, with some rain and
showers around. Showers Wednesday, someoccasional rain Thursday, and then sun show.
It'll be back Friday. The weekendlooks great actually for Easter. I'll

throw that in and start talking aboutthat now. Mid upper seventies with sunshine,
the steaks again, I mean byoh anyway, all right, sorry
dude this morning, but yeah,so problem all right, cool, cool,
thank you there. You gonna raceagic from the leather channel. Uh

seven forty seven hang On d haslaunched a new National Resource Center. Oh
okay, national resource center, sosomething from which you're able to draw resources
on a national level. And obviouslyit's going to have to be something that

the federal government is obviously tasked withdoing, but maybe has been falling down
on the job, right, andso they needed to make it more readily
available to the populace. Right.So as you know a lot of times
see National Resource Center. It's liketax advice or it's you know, things
having to do with COVID. Yousaw various resource centers out there. So

it's not a new government undertaking.However, it is a really fun way
to basically bypass Congress in how themoneys are spent for what is accomplis and
it just kind of stacks on andadds to all this executive order stuff and
various other projects like canceling student loandebt, you know, all things that

used to take place in Congress thatnow just presidents think they can go ahead
and do so. Yeah. Ikeep a watchful eye on this stuff,
especially when I find out the Resourcecenter is Second Amendment related. Oh that's
interesting. So what resources are aroundthe Second Amendment? Are you making available
helping folks to understand maybe the besthome defense situation for them based on training

and money available and all of that. Okay, all right, I still
don't think that's the job of government, even if I feel that it's positive
what they're doing, I still thinkthat's their job. But never fear this
is not that. Instead, theNational Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center.

We're here from the government, andwe're here to help, is how you
should read that. Surprised even manycongressional Republicans when its mere existence was announced
Friday, Attorney General Mary Garland said, excuse me, Saturday, it was
now Saturday. Mary Garland said ina Saturday press release that the new National

Resource Center will provide quote, ourpartners across the country with valuable resources to
keep firearms out of the hands ofindividuals who pose a threat to themselves or
others. So read this as ared flag policy center, I guess.

Now. Let's also point out that, as we have seen over the last
few stories of high profile active shooters, there have been multiple examples of where
contact with government officials or governmental entities, law enforcement, in some cases investigators,

things like that we're very much presentor should have been present, and
just for whatever reason, never reallypanned out. Nobody ever really did anything,
nobody ever took it seriously. Andeven when you find out that there
were glaring things that were witnessed bysome individuals in the backgrounds of the very

same folks we've evaluated for committing somevery heinous crimes, we're all told that
you know, frankly, they wellthey didn't have the teeth to deal with
it, or they weren't in aposition, or it wasn't their job,
or you know, they tried toerr on the side of humanity as one
that I saw. And it's fine, right, because now you're trying to

make that argument that the government shouldn'tjust decide. Well, look, we
found out we we did some research, and we found out that of the
people who are shooting up schools,they are exclusively human. Right, We're
not a lot of chimpanzees this weekdoing that, not a lot of frogs,
but yeah, humans humans. Sotherefore, because that then all humans

should and then you know, insertsome totalitarian way of dealing with it.
Right, we're not talking about thatold canard, right, that old argument
we've had where it's like, whyare you punishing the people who actually follow
the law when they're the only oneswho are going to follow Now you're punishing
law. Doesn't make any sense,Like you're missing the boat here, We're

gonna out some kinks, not afew things, but yeah, no,
we're here. Vacation is done atleast for now. Trying to think what
is even the next day off.We I guess I mean Memorial Day maybe,
yeah, we get in, thenwe get into the summer doldrums and
it's an election year, and uh, we're gonna We're gonna be buckled in.

So uh, thanks for hanging outwith us. A few different things
obviously developing while I was gone onethe Planet Fitness insanity. Remember, I'm
trying to evaluate all this stuff withoutreally evaluating it because I'm trying to hold
to my mental promise to myself thatI just I would actually unplug. And

it was really hard with the PlanetFitness stuff and the blood bath stuff,
because you just couldn't get away fromit, and even even literally in a
different hemisphere. I mean, I'mhaving it blasted in my face. So
to some extent, I sit thereand I embrace it, and I watch
a movie. You ever, youever turn on a movie and you're like,

I think I've seen this before,but you you can't, for the
life of you distinctly remember that you'veseen it, but it just feels too
familiar. You're watching the plot,you kind of know what's going to be
happening, so you determined you've seenit. That's really how I felt from
a politics perspective in evaluating the waythat the population is dealing with their new

president down there. And then Ihad it, you know, kind of
thrust in the face because a coupleof people said, well, yeah,
obviously you're the person I want totell about this, because you know,
you had to put up with Trump. How however did you survive? And
you know, they didn't get theresponse that they wanted. Even though I

try to try to stay away froma lot of this, but you realize
that that's also in that narrative andthat process by which the media acts shocked.
They're just shocked that anyone would notwant to keep doing the same thing
over and over again, even ina country where every five years they have
to redo their currency. It's aslight exaggeration, but not much. And

then it gets really confusing when youstart getting into some of the stuff that
they some of the coinage down therebecause of them having to reissue currency,
Like there's still stuff that's not thecurrency anymore that people still use. So
strange, man, But it's thatsmugness and that idea that you know,

trying something different in a time witha faltering economy where you had rapid inflation
that quickly was rendering once again thecurrency of this of this nation a place
where the rest of Latin America goesin shops, which is which is which

is kind of a cultural thing,which is like you literally there are people
that are on planes to pop overto a different country to shop because they
are taking advantage of the poor economyof their neighbor And it's a phenomena that
I, you know, I didn'tfully understand right as somebody didn't grow up

there, but I do find quitefascinating. That's kind of what Argentina,
like Costa Ricans going shop in inin Colombia, they have big market centers
and they have planes full of peoplecoming from Central America, where you're thinking,
well, why such because Colombia wasfar worse off when when I went
there, when I did the ColumbiaEcuador last year and Ecuador to some extent,

and you saw that in the formof a soft coup going on there,
and that's what that's what that's whatit happened to Argentina. So the
smugness of those who saw this precariousfinancial situation and then were overwhelmed that some
bombastic person with very differing views couldfind himself somehow in charge of things is

not something that they abide, andso you know, they run around with
the scandal stories. I was veryinterested to see, you know, some
of the publications down there, andit all feels like a video that you've

watched before, just with a differentperson, and all the same players are
there, right, all the disingenuousmedia people, the remember whens who misremember
stuff but do it intentionally so thatit becomes history, throwing out facts and
figures that even I know, notas somebody who's in any way, shape
or form ever associated with Argentina,but I know to be false because I

have a general understanding of how economicswork, and I have a general understanding
of how economics work. When youcreate a separate valuation for your currency,
albeit one that is Internet based andwhich creates this giant loophole that people use
to rob probility of profitability within yourcountry for Internet purchases, which is a

very complex thing that if you spentabout twenty minutes looking into today, your
jaw would hit the floor. Wouldhave what they were doing in Argentina with
that basically honoring the black market currencyvaluation it's craziness. And all of the
people who were happy to go alongwith this are also the ones screaming and

running around and sitting on some ofthe weird you think our weekend yelly shows
are yelly like sitting on those showstalking about how everything was perfect and this
individual is undermining everything that we've built. And you see regular, you know,
regular Argentinian sitting there going, whatdo you mean everything that we built?

I can't I have no buying power. This sucks, This sucks.
Now you want to do this?No, we're not going to do this
anymore. And then people being flabbergasted that the individuals would want to make
that decision. How familiar does thatsound? Meanwhile, you have modern media
here, who is running around inyou know, sketchy barrios in Brazil so

they could find old photos of aNew York congressman wearing drag that one time.
And the Washington Post, remember theyhad teams of people on it,
and they're willing to deep dive thatI went to go eat a bunch of
steaks and stay at slightly overpriced butwildly under price based on the the inflation
rate hotels and Engorge myself on stakeslike a fat you know, that fat

American tourist. And I'm able topick up on this stuff just on the
periphery, just paying attention, havinga basic understanding of the Spanish language.
So when I see a headline ina newspaper, I go, oh,
that's interesting, and that I couldtranslate the rest of it and go that
sounds like a story we saw.It's just crazy. And I don't know

how to communicate that more effectively thanI am doing right now, because I
feel like that's the takeaway message.And you're seeing it in Spain. You
saw it with some of the weirdrigging of elections that they did there.
You saw it in Portugal here justa couple weeks ago. You're seeing it
in Canada. Get ready for thatdude. He's probably gonna sitting there.

I had a big, long conversationwith a Canadian dude who just happened to
be a person who was sitting therenearby, also gorging himself on steak,
and he's talking about he doesn't evenlike the guy. He's the dude I
was talking to strikes me as abit of a leftist moderate and they're sick
of Trudeau, and he thinks thatthey've literally backed themselves into the point where

this new dude in Canada's probably goingto be the guy running things Porvo or
whatever his name is. Look atthat. I don't even care enough to
know his name or be able topronounce it. Yeah, I'm telling you,
man, there's some craziness coming.And the more it it it it
parses into different players and different languagesand different stuff, the more it all

looks the same. So yeah,get ready for that. That's that's my
report. That's that's my takeaway fromthe Southern hemisphere. And I'm a one
man show. And the Washington Post, who's running around looking for drag queen
pictures, can't figure it out longenough to understand why it also happened in

Brazil since they hat's where they werechecking out the miss Bumbum contest and getting
some photos. Then you realize howmuch is being misreported and and and and
just unreported to you. That's that'srevolutionary kind of stuff without the marching in

the streets and the hay come livehere Nazi signs. That's what I just
witnessed, and I'm glad I didit. I'm glad I'm able to come
back and tell you and the samedirty tricks are a foot down there absolutely
eight nineteen hang on CaCO Day radioprogram here on your Monday. Yet we're
back back and full of energy andlife and already I'm tired. So but

you know, it's just doing amorning show. Wow, you travel,
You gotta get your head back straightkind of in there. But lord knows,
there was more than enough to chitchat about on this fine morning we
get. You know, we talkedabout obviously Trump with the tempting to secure

bond on that judgment, and thenpeople going, look, see, businesses
won't do business with them because she'sbeen unmasked as a fraud. Ah no,
no, they'll do business with himeven if they think he's a fraud.
This is the other thing too,right, They're like, oh that
now they understand that he's a slickbusinessman. He's always had that vibe,

right, But that's not how yourun a company, especially when it's a
financial services thing. Right. Youlook at it and go, when my
business, when my business does businesswith this dude, do we get paid
back or do we make our money? And they evaluate that in this particular
circumstance they get paid back or maketheir money. It's like you going through

the loan process for a home loanor you know, whatever it is,
car loan. Somebody's going to sitthere and look at it. Regardless of
how you feel about it. Theperson loaning of the money is going to
have to convince themselves one way orthe other whether they feel good and loaning
the money. And the reason thatcompanies are scurrying from Donald Trump is not

because they think his hair is funnyand he has bad taste and you know,
making everything gold in an apartment oryou know, any of the any
of those kind of alleged things.The reason that they're they're looking at it
is they think that if they dobusiness with him, there is now a
higher chance that it has a negativeimpact on their business. But not for
the reasons you're spouting, not becausethey think Donald Trump hasn't over the years

honored these particular loans at least enoughthat people are willing to make them.
They're looking at it and they realizethat nothing is normal around this guy.
So the possibility that you would loansomebody money who in the very next week
could be scooped up by a gendapjustice department that goes in the L column

when you're evaluating whether you're going todo something, it is that Trump's fault,
or is that due to the unpredictabilityof his enemies who are willing to
open fire not just on him,but anyone who stands roughly on the same
side of the street as him.And I had our brethren out there in

Oregon, specifically the communities of Eugene, Springfield, and Portland. The leadership
for those three communities have now partneredwith thanks for the music, They've now

partnered with the University of Oregon sothey can get to the bottom of a
problem that has been festering in thesethree organ communities for quite some time,
the theft of nearly three thousand shoppingcarts. So that's right. Businesses in

Eugene and Springfield and Portland say thatover the last few years, roughly three
thousand shopping carts have been stolen fromthe walmarts and the you know, the
standard local grocery stores for the costcosor basically anyone who's got a cart.

Three thousand of them been stolen,and they have no leads. They cannot
figure out who in these three citiesin Oregon might be stealing the shopping carts,
and as they are steymied. Nowwe find ourselves with the University of
Oregon turning this into a research projectso they can figure out who's stealing the

shopping cart. What's this piece ofcrap costing? Because frankly, give me
the money. I'll tell you rightnow what's happening. We got some leads,
we got some we did some brainstormand we got some ideas. Ross
do you think maybe you might havesome leads on who's taking the shopping carts?
Since officials in Oregon don't seem toknow any theories that could netch you

the eight hundred thousand they're going tospend on studying this. Sometimes it sounds
like I probably maga Trump Conservatives.You think it's that's what it is.
And then they're putting like flags onthere and stuff like they do with the
boats, and yes, that's thething. Huh. So I hope you're

sitting down. I appreciate you waitingin there with your idea. Apparently,
this person who looks like they votedfor Biden eight times, there's no way
to describe that particular look. Theyare suggesting. I'm gonna assume it's a
they. For the way this iswritten, they are suggesting that this might

have to do with a quote recentuptick in the number of the unhoused.
You think it might have something todo because your hobo numbers are up.
Might be connected. Might this wouldbe very clear. Might they're using the

word might. I don't know.I'm trying to think if I know,
if anyone has ever stolen a shoppingcart that wasn't a hobo at least kept
it. I've seen that move wherepeople if they you know, they don't
have a car or whatever, orthey're gonna walk home, they'll walk home

with the shopping cart. I've seenthe laziness of apartment dwellers. Right,
you're lived in a big apartment buildingthat has like two or three of those
carts that are, you know,so that people when they go get groceries
can use them. What inevitably happensin the same way, in the same
way that things happen when people goup to a hotel room that's high up,

right, and they have to useone of those luggage carts. Nine
times out of ten that sucker.That sucker lives there. Now, that's
where that lives. And if youwant to if you want to use it
for something else, you gotta rememberit's up there. Go get it.
What do you need it? Becauseyour neighbors probably ain't bringing it down,
and maybe if they're I guess somewhatdecent, they may think about it the

next time and actually transport one ormore of the uh the cards down.
But for the most part that's that'sjust in use. That's done. But
this is where we're headed down.So there you go, all right to
the phones, start with Rick,what's up ry? Hey Katie? How

you doing good? Sir? SoI'm wondering if Latsia James is smart enough
to realize that if she tries toliquid ate Trumps at keeps them, then
she kind of creates a catch twentytwo situation because she has to tell them
or she's supposed to sell them atsafe pair market value. And if she

does that, then it bolsters Trump'sargument on his valuation. And if she
doesn't do that, then they openthemselves up if he wins the appeal for
him taking action against her. Yeah, I mean, and it doesn't help
that she's on the news talking aboutquote having her eye on the Trump Tower.

So I don't know. I mean, I don't think she's she's really
smart enough to realize it. Andby the way, even if the cars
are two hundred and fifty dollars each, that's still the same amount that they're
going to spend to investigate it.I just but that's the thing, sir,

I feel like, and thank youfor the call. I feel like
it is not necessary to do aneight hundred thousand dollars study because I can
guess where. I guess where yourcarts are going, and I probably don't
have to guess. Oh, thecity of Raleigh. What a few months
ago they you saw where they theyget like three hundred shopping carts off of

the five forty underpass up a capital. There's one after another peering out the
grass there. So this isn't everyoneknows where you need to look. That's
the thing that everyone knows where youneed to look. Just go handle that.
But instead, now you're gonna,you know, flee fleece the public

hall over again, Casey, Hello, how you doing good? Sir?
The answer to the chopping cart questionsalien space aliens stole little carts. Well,
they would blend, They would definitelyblend. And the dinosaurs, I

don't know why they wouldn't steal carts. That's a good point. I can't
argue that they did steal them.So all right, all right, get
out of here. So look,you come at me with flawless logic,
What am I gonna do? Igotta agree, Dave, go right ahead,
Hey, the morning, Casey.Hey. When I used to work

in the boat business, I wasup in Maryland and we would do boat
shows. We had a boat showat the Baltimore Convention Center, and when
you take the boats off the trailers, you put them up on blocks and
put like dressing around them so thatyou know they're the lower. We went
and sole not spol We acquired twoof the flat bag carts from BJ's who

were putting these twelve y twelve oakblocks or the push them around the boats
because those things heavy, right,So there was there was a purpose behind
it other than can that make youbetter than the hobo? No, not
at all. I mean those daysI look like I'm homeless, all right,
I'm just saying right. So,and in that case, then people

could claim that I was being toogeneral, h and thank you for the
call and assigning motives for why thecarts may have been stolen. But I
still think that my thoughts on thiswill pan out ninety percent of the time,
and then occasionally you just have onedude at a boat show. So
but if you solved ninety percent ofthe problem, I feel like that we're

not having this conversation. Just somethingto think about. Eight forty four raised
agic from the weather Channel and standingby. All right, So the shopping
cards keep disappearing in these towns inOregon, and they're gonna spend a crap
ton of money to figure out what'shappening to them, because what could have
whatever could have happened to the shoppingcards, Right, let's spend eight hundred

thousand to figure it out, notjust ask cac so put it in there
with the shrimp experiments, right right, right, Yeah, shopping cards experimenting
the shrimp, the same thing.But give me the money, I'll burn
it just as quickly as you're solisten, listen, I could spend it
with the best of them myself.Thus here I am, and I'll probably

be here for a long time aslong as you'll have me oh chili morning.
A lot of low and mid thirties, believe it or not. The
warmer readings are slightly milder readings downto the south as you get near Fayeville
thirty seven, right now Ashboro thoughthirty six, and around Raleigh in Durham
upper thirties there are a couple oflow forties. With the north side of

town it's thirty two, and outin the Triad seeing some low and mid
thirties, even some mid twenties asyou get out Surrey County. So little
chili for late March day, lotsof sunshine and the low sixties for most
of us. Tonight in the midupper thirties, so maybe a little mild
there, but still jacket Tomorrow morningmight not need one. Later a little
more cloud coming in low to midsixties, but some rain around as we
look ahead toward Wednesday, and showersand showers will continue Thursday and Thursday night.

By Friday, all the sunder beback middle week, so little ifty
by Friday and the upcoming weekend Easterweekend looks real nice, nice warming trend.
If it works the way it looksright now, Saturday could be low
to mid seventies and sunny, andon Sunday could be in the mid to
upper seventies and sunny. So goahead the week, have forecast. Let's
hope it works out. Okay,all right, well, thank you sir,

appreciate it. Okay, we willcome back chat with Jeff Bellinger next,
hang on the Jeff Bellinger from BloombergNews and everything. Nothing exploded while
I was gone. I hope right, No, you missed a good week
on Wall Street. But no,nothing nothing terrible. Oh okay, well,
I much preferred the exchange rate inArgentina. I'm not gonna lie.

So well, listen, unter financialnews. There's some good news for you.
But anyway, what do you go? All right, well, welcome
back. Boeing's going to have newleadership in twenty twenty five. The troubled
airplane maker just announced this morning thepresident and CEO Dave Calhoun, has decided
to step down at the end ofthis year. He will continue to lead
the company for the next nine months. Stan Diel, who is headed Boeing's

commercial airplanes division, will retire.He'll be succeeded by Stephanie Pope. That
is effective immediately. There are alsochanges on Boeing's board. Boeing shares are
higher in pre market trading, butoverall the futures are pointing lower. Now
futures are down seventy three points.Last week was a good one for Wall
Street. The major averages all postedsolid gains, though the Dow and the

S and P five hundred ended loweron Friday. Federal Reserve officials says central
bankers may cut interest rates just oncethis year. Atlanta FED President Rafaelbostik had
previously predicted there would be two ratecuts in twenty twenty four. He now
foresees a single reduction coming later inthe year. Cost of filling an Easter
basket with chocolate, eggs and bunnieshigher than it was a year ago.

Experts say the price increases are justgetting started. The price of chocolate,
candy and stores reflects the twenty twentythree increases and cocoa prices. Since then,
the cocoa prices have gone into overdrive. They've already more than doubled this
year, and on the commodity markets, cocoa is more expensive now than copper
for the first time ever. NKCGhostbusters frozen Empire was the nation's number one

movie over the weekend. Com Scoreestimates the film took in more than forty
five million dollars, and after fivemovies, the Ghostbusters franchise is now taken
in more than one billion dollars.Casey, can I jump back real quick
to the Copper Coco story? Yes? So does that mean meth heads are
instead of stealing my ac unit andcatalytic converter, it's gonna be the kid's

hot chocolate? I mean, whatis that? That's right coming for your
hershey powder? Yeah? Yeah,nine thousand dollars a ton, geez,
that's what we need. That's allright. So there you go, meth
heads. There's there's a new thingfor you. All right. Well,
thanks for that, Jeff, allright, have a good day. Oh
man, watch out, watch outyou bonbond hoarders at work. You know

you know who you are with thechocolate in your drawer? Could you know
a meth had taken advantage that?Or a zombie? I trying to figure
out this headline this morning. Youhave the super pop up over the top.
Get out of my damn way.So the Biden administration has apparently this

is so stupid his All right,here we go. The federal government has
announced that they will begin investigating thestate of Kentucky's zombie minds. What is
that is that? And tell mewhat you would prefer to be? Is
that a mind where all the bindersare zombies or is it a mine for

zombies? And which would you be? Which would you find more interesting?
Ross, better? Better? Bettersetting for a video game? A mine
completely staffed by zombies or one wherethey mine zombies for use in. It
sounds like two completely different games,right, it does. Absolutely. It

sounds like, you know, SurvivalHorror. The other sounds like some sort
of weird, twisted Minecraft's sort ofpuzzle game. It sounds like a slavery
loophole, doesn't it right? Itdoes. They're like, oh, no,
we're not paying them, but wecan't because all they want is brains
and currently we just you know,it's illegal to pay in brains, so

we don't. We're not trying tohave them work for free, but well,
how do you get them to dig? Ah? We we use a
brain spray. It just smells likeit. It's like cat ing it brilliant.
It works, And they're like,I don't know man, it's just
seems dangerously close to slavery. Andthey're like, well, there's zombies,
they're not real people. And thenwe have that conversation, so and you

know, that's just what our countryneeds. So I don't know if to
me, if I had to guesstimate, if I could for just a moment
kind of wonder what exactly what exactlythe big whoop is? It almost kind
of sounds like just another little toehold for the Biden administration to go in
and start screwing with people who areengaged in the industry that they don't like,

whether it is on day one destroyingyou know, pipeline worker stuff,
to having to figure out from othermining perspective or natural gas production that they
rules that have put in place havebeen done so basically to cripple your industry
without having to get Congress involved.This is what this smells like to me,

unless it's actually mining for zombies ormining with zombies, then in which
case I'm interested. Here we gothe investigation into supposedly active but abandoned coal
mines. By the way, thisis what they mean by zombie is follows
a citizens group in Kentucky that saidthey found as many as forty percent of

the state's minds were left in thisnon producing and dangerous state, and now
they're having to sit here and dealwith people who are going in mining
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