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April 8, 2024 89 mins
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All right, good morning, everybodygonna welcome. It is Monday, it
is six oh seven, it isdoomsday. I guess I don't know,
you know, I really wish oneof these doomsday days that we've encountered over
the years, you know, Decembertwenty first, twenty twelve. I guess

I don't remember why two K was. It would be really nice if like,
if it's gonna fall on a workday, it's like at twelve oh one,
does that make sense, Like ifwe are going to do this thing,
just so I don't got to putprep together. Ross doesn't have to

put prep together. You don't haveto be up getting ready to you know,
start another week if this is gonnabe it. So yeah, that's
the thing I saw. I sawa forum where some two folks were talking
about how they have people that arein there, you know, in their

their their business realm, who wereliterally adding and I'm sure it was to
be funny some of it, butlike they were showing people's read receipts that
they were attaching to emails where they'relike tentatively, like you know, saying
yeah, I'll tentatively be at thismeeting unless the world comes to an end
where they were trying to decide whetherthat's professional or not. I can't speak

to that because Ross and I bothhave when we send out of office receipts
on our email. You know it'snot one hundred percent serious. But anyway,
so that's going to be dominating people'sbrains today. But unfortunately, you're
gonna have to put in the workbefore it in case it doesn't have happened.
So I know, mm hmmm.Although I said you were doing on

your Twitter, you would get apoll to determine whether you should be here.
No, no, no, Firstoff, you understand the polls I
put up. It's just out oflike curiosity. Oh, they're legally binding
because if the world ends today,I'm not coming to work tomorrow because there's
no paycheck. Well it's digital,I mean maybe maybe it'll have already been

programmed in. Yeah. No.The question I asked was if the world
ends and I like, somehow Isurvive, am I still obligated to go
into work? So you would bedead. Majority of people would be dead.
I doubt the radio words people survivetoo. If not me, I'm
why what I'm saying is I'm theonly survivor, like the world character got

you. Yeah, I'm not oronly character. I'm not coming up.
I guess that would be all right, well not even the loot, Okay,
I mean this equipment and work onmost days when the world it's fine,
right, relatively fine? Yeah,and let alone like you know,
the apocalypse. Yeah, it's probablya good point. I had to think
there are some pieces of equipment thatwould work that we just are with the

ones that we hate. So Ihad like eclipse nightmares last night. Some
I'm driving in and Marky texts me, tells me the same thing. She's
like, I had like weird dreamsabout the eclipse superd Have you guys been
talking about it or no? Notat all? Huh you say weird does

that mean weird bad or like weirdgood? Like Yeah, it's one of
those things where like the more timesgone by, like you know, you
tend to forget your dreams. SoI just like, now, like all
the details are going. I shouldhave written it down, but I know
the basic you know, topic ofit was the eclipse, and it was
like not fun. Well no,no, not try but I'm trying to
point out it interpretive differential and thatis, with the exception of your family,

the idea of everybody else disappearing inthe world so you can read your
books, right, Like, Ifeel like you were the one who took
that that that famous episode of theTwilight Yeah you were. Yeah, you
were a little more excited than others, right, because you're just like,
ah, no other people to annoyme, you know what I'm saying.
It's such a weird episode because he'slike, oh, I can finally read

my books, but I don't havelike glasses, And I'm like, dude,
there has to be glasses somewhere right, right, yeah, like when
everyone out of there and like notall of them dropped and crashed on the
ground. Yes, no, Iwas presented with the same thing, but
I think it was an allegory.So there was that, all right,
So if the if the apocalypse happenedtoday, Ross is not coming in tomorrow,

So we'll just that's going in yourpermanent record. Sir oh Man who
was in playing with the button bar, all right, all right, dude,
we got we got so much insaneyou know what you're gonna be wishing
when I get I was just likea the audio here you might be wishing
you might, you might get onTeam Apocalypse. So all right, now

I got it. I got it, I got it, I got it.
You're good. Rosse is trying tocheck something out? No, no,
no, no no, it wasthe they moved. It was the
something else with the with the login on a different window. I just
realized somebody had a VPN in anddidn't VPN out. So it's all good,
all right, No, but I'mlooking at the audio here, and
yeah, I mean, who wantsto live in this world? On traffic?

You know, I don't. Youdon't know the context? Maybe you
do. I did post the videoover the weekend. This is this is
an end of the world party you'dwant to be at from a distance.
I mean, you don't want tobe participating in it. And I understand
that's not what their party's about.But you watch videos like this and this

is do you remember people are buyingGiant Asteroid twenty twenty and Giant Asteroid twenty
sixteen and now Giant Asteroid twenty twentyfour bumper stickers. This is the kind
of stuff people see and then theymean it. I'm telling you what,
man, all right, we'll takeyou to a Biden Harris Pennsylvania primary rally

party with a bunch of women whowho've always been told how they're the quirky
ones, and their husbands who havenever ever, ever probably objected to anything
ever in their life and don't havea spine to show for it. It's

almost like it's almost like a parodythis video, like tell me how long?
All right? So this is whatI asked. I'll ask you live
on the air, all right.So door number one, you have to
be at this Pennsylvania Democrat primary Moonbatcollege professor looking party where a woman in

a brightly colored dress with with youknow, rainbow leggings. You can smell
the petuli coming through. They gottheir little skinny beta male husband's it's it
looks comedic if not for the factthat it were real. So yes,

they're like the people you imagine whenwe read the Moonbat email. We even
though that in a while, butit's like these people like the mystic crystal
revelations of the histories. This isthe this is the this is right there.
And by the way, I know, don't you know that when that
as that woman was going through life, people would call her quirky, but
they actually probably found her annoying.It's like like if if it was an

SML skit back when SNL was funny, way back way back in the day,
it would be like Kristen Wig orsomething with President Wig is the quirky
woman the one taller, little skinnyhusband who's is had a dance he's doing.
That would be Will Ferrell, right, if we had to if and
and then they have like she's holdingsome is that a speaker with with lights?

I don't even know what the hellthat is. I thought it was
like sunglasses or something. I know, I don't know what that is.
It's probably it's it's probably a alike a high end VR goggles. No
no, no, no, nono, uh incense machine if you know,
it's probably from like the airplane onewhere you know you ordered on that

airplane magazine back in the day.So it's like five hundred dollars. It's
probably Goop. Actually it's probably athousand dollars Goop incense dispenser. I could
see those fans spitting out incense.Yes, and then if and then you
can also because it's from Goop,you know where you can store it too?
Right? What? Oh? Now, you know nothing about goop and

where prop most of their products actuallycan go. Well, I mean it's
not in the shape of an egg, you know what. That's why it's
the pro model, right you don'twant to start out with that way here
here is it? All right?So step number one you can go to
the incense speaker, thing, dancing, SNL caricature, whatever the hell this
is, which by the way,you got to go see it at Casey

on the radio. Or and allright, difficulty sober, yeah, repeat,
you gotta be at the whole theparty, and you got to stay
for the whole party sober. Ordoor number two wood chipper rusty blades barely
spinning but just enough to get thejob done. Feet first, all right,

those if you want to leave intothe wood chipper. If not,
you got to stay with this thisright here, Oh Pennsylvania run traffic.
Whoa she swaying the whole time withher thing, and you have to vote

or biden hair rock because that otherguy, the orangeman, the orangeman like
this, he is going to takeaway your sil she slaps her behind,
by the way, he's going totake away your health care because kids right

now until they're twenty six, canbe on their parents' healthcare, and the
orangeman wants to stop that. Whoa, oh no, okay, everybody Pennsylvania
in the House, vote for Biden, vote for parents. These guys,

by the way, their husbands couldn'tstop a rabbit bowl, right, Okay,
yeah, Oh, we're here tostop people. Oh man, I
can't even imagine. So go checkthat out. Tell me what you think
where you're going with that? Okay, could you make it? Could you
make it sober or a wood chipper? I just imagine. They have like

an absolute conniption every time Fetterman openshis mouth on an issue. Oh yes,
because you know they voted for Fetterman. Oh, I'm sure they did.
I'm sure they did. And thenyesterday he's like, what was it
squatters? Right? He was going, uh, yeah, he went up
on squatters. Yep. Yeah.That dude is like way more conservative I
think than doctor oz ever would havebeen. Well, at the very least,

he's more vocal because you know,the standard run your mill Republic and
you would just kind of stay outof that stuff. I bet you.
Just they just can't believe like whatwhat he's become because they thought he was
going to be like a rubber stampfor Biden and everything. Well, I
don't know that he hasn't been inI mean, is there anything that he's
separated his vote from that was tothe level of like where Mansion was holding

stuff up. I realized didn't haveall the power, but he kind of
does. He's come out on thesquatter stuff. He's come out of the
non the Israel stuff. They're freakingout about history Israel. Yeah, yeah,
and walking by the protesters his littleflag was very funny. But you
know, as he voted away fromthe by and I don't know the answer
to that, just because the Senate, you know, kind of with where

they are, a lot of it'sbased on what the House is going to
do. But I don't know.But go see the video and uh,
you know, make your decisions anduh you know we'll go from go from
there. Do I evern't want toknow why you just added that to the
button bar. It's amazing and itdoes have a tie into the show,
to this story when I just addedto the button bar, no to the

show in general. Ah, gotyou okay, all right, all right,
Well I'll take your word for it. So coming up on the show.
Well that you know, you shouldgo see that at Casey on the
radio and we'll dig deep. Also, we got a canceling coming up.
Oh, the CDC had a whoopsieon Friday. They told us about.

So hey, mistakes happen, Sowe'll get you the details there. We'll
figure out why Ross has added tothe button bar. We'll do it coming
up on the CaCO Day radio program. That's what i'd I admit I did
not watch any of it, sobut I did see about five or six
different storylines from it, so Ifeel like I was there. All right,

So wrestle Mania over the weekend.Here's here's what I know. Snoop
Dog did something and people enjoyed hiscommentary. Okay, I actually enjoyed the
little bit that I watched, thoughtthat that was funny and the are we
gonna do this thing now where streamersare now part of WWE? More so
because I was reading that they loganPaul was there and then other obnoxious Twitch

streamers like did I show speed orwhatever. I shouldn't say he's obnoxious.
I've seen a couple of things wherehe's kind of been irritating, but other
things where it's just not my bag. But now you've got like social media
influencers running up and like being partof the storyline. No, no,

no, no, no, no, what are you doing? I just
missed the days when WrestleMania was onenight, Like, I don't have two
nights, led, I have liketen minutes to check it out before the
show. That's how much time Ihave. You don't have two days?
It was, yeah, look,everything's cash grab, man, Everything's a
cash grab. And you know thefact is people will watch it. People

watch it, and the amount ofpeople and friends of mine who we're not
boxing fans, but you put onsome MMA it's over and they'll sit they'll
sit there and watch it for sixhours. Doing me wrong. I want
to see some of the future matches, but by I don't, it's a

seventeen fight undercard. I'm like,what are we doing? So it was
ten hours? Two days? Ihad no idea. I had no idea
was that long? Did we didwe have a resolution anything? Do we
have a champion? Did uh?Cody Roads is a champion? Now?
Oh? What for storyline coming offof that? All of that stuff right
there? So okay, all right, So in your ten minutes, though,

do you feel like you were ableto do you feel like there it
was there was good, it wasbig. It seemed like there was one
of the biggest pops I've ever heardin history WrestleMania. Okay, go ahead,
or do you want to wait tillafter the break? Are you teasing
there? We don't have time now, so yeah, yeah, I'm just
look at it right here. Soall right, So Rosta, there was

a moment you know how I mentionedI mentioned I did people want to trash
talk. Yes, even in women'sbasketball whatever, and it's not you know
where, you know where draw youknow, you know where it goes over
the line, and you also knowthat you better better be able to back

it up. I'm fine with allthis, but every time now I see
some story, especially as it surroundsthis, uh, the Caitlin Clark out
of Iowa. But I'm sorry ifallow me to do this in the reverse
because normally I like to, uh, I like to I want to know

that when I when I assign amotivation to something on the part of somebody,
it's because I'm one hundred percent there. Because I think it's unfair when
we do that we just this persondisagrees with me, and I'm going to
assume why. However, I amhaving a really hard time listening to analysts
other players, including uh former formerformer record holders coming out, and uh,

they're being what clear feels like aracial issue underneath this. I don't
know how to arrive at another,at any other conclusion. I think that
people who are considering themselves the gatekeepersof basketball have a real problem with white

basketball players. I'll lay it outthere, and I think that if you
ever want to get into a situationwhere they, oh, well show me
what you mean, I have Ihave so many clips. I don't know
how you derive at that conclusion otherwise. And it's not just Caitlin Clark.
You saw it with a couple ofthe big joe Yosic and the other guy

I'm thinking, Donsik. Yeah,yeah, like you see like you see
it in there, You see theanalysis, you see the reaction of some
of the analysts, and you seewhat clearly in this play, in the
case with Caitlyn Clark, there seemsto be racial undertones there. So if
you know, as many times Ihad to listen to oh, well,
that's just a dog whistle, tellme how this isn't I'm all, I'm

all for protecting the legacy of thosewho have come before, right, And
you know where you get analysts whoare gonna be damned if you're going to
undermine Jordan's the greatest of all timeor whatever that that's but that's not the
that's not the discussion here. Thisis one of pure numbers. So you
know you got all of this goingon. Iowa lost. They lost to
South Carolina. South Carolina had anamazing season. That's fine. Their coaches.

Their coach is also like cool withhaving to face you know, men
playing basketball. It's made that clear, but that'd be fine. But like
LSU, the angel Rees chick whostill butt hed over it was besties with
the South Carolina girl that defended CaitlinClark. Clark, by the way,
I had a triple double. Ibelieve she had eighteen points in the first

quarter. Yeah yeah, so likeshe did defend her, and by the
way, she looked like she defendedher a lot better than other people have
and and Clark, and so whathappens It gets over and all of a
sudden, the chick is defending herhas the LSU check on FaceTime so they
can make fun of her. LynetteWoodard, who held the record that Caitlin

Clark broke with her with a tripledouble back in February, who initially had
either been quiet or just kind ofyou know, calmly acknowledged this. Now
she says she doesn't believe Clark's recordshould count because the three point shot exists,
which is but which by the way, that's not an that's not any

a discussion. That is a newdiscussion, right, and and it's that's
why there's eras in some instance.You have the modern era of football,
you have the you know baseball.They really don't look until I should say
they don't look. But you know, there there are people who feel that

the different eras of the of baseballrequire a different recognition of who might have
set the record for a variety ofreasons. You got basically way pictures are
utilized. You have d H obviously, and and you know, all of
these are fine debates that have gonein football, basketball, baseball, hockey
even it's you know, going backto the what two thousands, when hockey

is like we got to do somethingto get more scoring. That's that's a
definable different era with the way theblue line was treated. So but I
don't know. I just I getthey don't like her because she's white.
Vibes on this and maybe I'm wrong, but you know, I have to
listen to one hundred stories a weekrun sitting here saying, all right,

explain, explain why you think that. You can't just claim that there's that.
And I feel like if we wantedto sit there and just stack examples
of this, I think most people, if they were open, would would
seriously consider the notion. That's justso strange. I mean, in the
end, you know, basketball isa team sport. In South Carolina had

the better team, right, Alot of times you can have a generational
player, right that just can't getthe team all by themselves over that hump,
right, You've seen it before,unbiased opinion. I'd point out Josh
Allen and the Buffalo Bills. That'ssort of the same sort of generation,
ready breaking breaking records, you know, the NFL superstar, but the rest

of the team, well, anMVP then probably for the same reason Caitlin
Clark is getting the hate. Hmmm, it's weird. So uh, And
I I kind of drug ross there, but a lot of people make that
argument and I find that argument lesscompelling than this one. Just that in

just my two cents. But anyway, we did the thing. Now onto
the men's side here it it wasamazing watching this run. I just I
want to be clear here and too, and to be able to count among

my friends so many old time Raleighnatives. Guys I've gotten to, you
know, who are the old schoolState fans, right old school, and
they, you know, they firmlyremember eighty three and everything that it had.
And it's in for every moment thatI've known these guys and and been
lucky to enough, you know,in this position to to participate in some

pretty cool things, the the Laurenlegacy of the you know, the Valvano
era and the national championship. Justto be getting like repetitive vibes from that
watching you know, with everything thatwas going on that was really cool and
that you know that didn't obviously endin a champion and ship the Pack loss

to Purdue. It they really lookthey just didn't look like they had and
you can chalk that up, Ithink to Purdue being a very very good
team having another good big man toreally let him and DJ go at it.
And of course just the inevitability ofyou know, playing outside of outside

of your average How how long canhe keep the iron hot on that?
And it's really hard to do that. So, I mean, there's nothing
negative to say. I do havea question. No, I saw people
bitching on Saturday on Twitter on Saturdayabout Roy Williams being in the crowd,
quote rooting against NC State And whatis that? What are you talking about?

What did a big creepier if RoyWilliams was sitting in the crowd rooting
for NC State, look for foryou care line at Homers. Do you
would you have a problem with RoyWilliams rooting four NC State in that situation?
Is he gotta he's got to beloyal to the brand until he's dead
and probably after that was a weirdthing, that stuff people, Can you

believe how classless he's there? Howmany of you die hard State fans or
we'll just use it for this,how many of you die hard State fans
would sit there and actively root againsta UNC championship as long as as long

as it wasn't against somebody who youhated more? I guess you know what
I'm saying. That would be thequick caveat, And I feel like that's
the thing that works in all sports. That's a Packer fan buddies. He'll
try to get me like, here'sa situation where you should root for the
it's not going to happen. It'snot it's not going to happen. You're

not ross. Are you ever goingto? Would you ever root for the
Patriots? No? No, Iget well, hold on, there's not
a scenario that could come up whereit'd be like, ah, you know,
come on, man, get overyou. If it maybe if there's
like a devil went down to Georgiasort of thing and it's like the Patriots
versus Team Devil or something. Youknow. All right, so you need

that, you need the full armiesof Hell versus Patriots, is what you're
saying. And the same for Miami. Okay, what if in both instances
the army from Hell's like, don'tworry, we'll leave you alone. So
now it's none of your business.Would that quell your quell it? Or?
I mean I feel like I havea moral obligation to stand against the
devil and say in an evil soright, that would probably be the only

scenario I can envision where I wouldhave to take the side of the patriots
of the Dolphins. Okay, allright, so yeah, so Roy Williams
sitting there, You don't go andboost eate, like, how are people
supprized by this stuff? But speakingof surprise, people were surprised. Uh
if it was we round up ourlittle sports collective here by the way eight
eight eight nine three four seven eightseven four. So uh you said this

was the biggest pop uh so tospeak, but uh in wrestling, and
that was the surprise that awaited.This was at the very very end.
Like I said, there's two nightsnow, so even I'm confused by it
all, and I have ten minutesto take it all in before the show.
I'm like, oh, that wasWrestleMania. Let me check it out
and checked it out. My ohmy god. So Cody Rhodes is a

champion. Uh he won? Therewas If you're not following along, there's
a lot of drama involving Roman reigns, and The Rock's been back and The
Rock has been putting out these amazingpromos. Everyone's endorsed Biden too, so
I saw he's persona and uncreat right, and he's like a big heel now
and he's like, you know,he's taunting Cody Rhoad's mom from the ring,
and John Cena made an appearance.All these all this stuff happened,

and and then towards the end,I guess from what I'm taking in it
was the second art of the first. It's the biggest pop I've ever heard
in the history of WrestleMania. Yes, let's let's alright, let's play the
audio and listen, and if itdon't worry, we'll tell you. If
you can't figure out what's going on, Oh my god, South Rolls,

isn't the Ringlets just stop? Sethbut taking out the rocks, set Rolls
stepped out of the old seal.Heremeter what we went through last time?
The time Dragon himself come talking allthe outs once again. Oh yeah,

you know that sound right? Andthen the ring goes dark. Well,
of course it's gone. The lightscome back on and guess he's behind him?

All right, all right, Soif I guess you couldn't figure out
what was gone? What now dothey have his his seventy how old is
undertaker? Now I'm not picking onthe dude. But like we were just
talking a few years ago about howwe was lucky he didn't get murdered in
Saudi Arabia. That pop from theaudio completely destroyed my headphones. It's amazing.
I had to rep my headphone forthat. I don't replug a man.

I'm like, oh geez. Like, so the Undertaker, all of
a sudden is you know, itgoes dark, pitch black, the music
is going, the crowd is goingcrazy. It comes back on and there's
the Understaker. Undertaker standing behind therock. Rock turns around, is like,
oh, oh my god, chokeslams and what a I heard that
Steve Austin was going to be there. I heard that John Cena was going

to be there. I hadn't heardanything about the Undertaker being there, so
what so this dude just they gothim what parked under the under the ring
or something, I guess I yes, the entire time. Well are they
moved him in? Oh my god? That gives me an idea. I
just oh, we have folks,we have an opportunity today and it will

be an opportunity as as the foundingfathers intended that will be inspired from UH
Wrestling wrestling works. So what doyou think of that? Huh, yes,
that's right. This wrestling may saveAmerica. I'll explain coming up next
here on the CaCO Day Radio program. Welcome back CaCO Day Radio Program.

Uh so we just sent this emailJohn Cena, Cody Rhodes, The Rock
and the Undertaker. This sounds morelike Hollywood trying to bring back old movies
that work because new ideas suck.Is there a senior citizens section at WWE?
I don't know, man like,especially in the world of sports,
although the difference is in other sportsthey bring him back for like ring night

or somebody's numbers getting retired. Thisway, they bring them to throw them
through tables. Yeah, like youknow, like they're not They don't have
a Bill's Ring of Honor ceremony whereThurman Thomas is in the game that night.
So I mean, I would agree. I mean, and the older
product, in my opinion, butI'm old is better than the newer product.
Great, welcome to generation exactly basedon everything. Yes, yeah though,

but yeah, yeah, and theydo treat them a little different,
right not Yeah, we just doa lot of stuff with Bird bly Levin
with the Twins broadcast but at nopoint where they're going to put Levin back
in. So it is a littledifferent. But I guess all right,
so letogram, Uh you have acall or two? Uh, Anthony,

you're up first, go right ahead. Yeah, I was just gonna say.
I got two guys in my churchthere in their seventies and eighties,
and one of the state along Olands, the Carolina alum, and the Carolina
alum says that, uh Gerald,the state alarm back in the eighties,
if Carolina would have been playing theRussians, Gerald would have pulled from the
Russians. I mean the rivalries orrivalry. So what's the problem with Roy

Williams doing what Roy Williams does?You know? I do? Have you
since you're talking about the Devil andstuff, the Devil army or whatever a
popular opinion. I know, butin the Devil went down to Georgia,
I liked the Devil abandoned Demon's alot better than Johnny's. Oh well,

you know what music is tasting.It takes for the call their sirs fickles.
So and when you're explaining that tothe pearly Gates, let me know
how it goes. Yes, Donnawhat's up? Good morning, casey h.
I have I have a bone topick the juice, sir? What
did I do? Nothing? Ididn't do anything. So yeah, you're

suggesting I wear a cat for waistcoast. Oh what are you talking about?
A cat for waistcoat? What doyou I don't understand what you rambling on
about. You sent me a tweetor whatever they're calling them now, a
post about cat fur coats being madein China. I'm sorry? Was this

the I'm sorry? Was this thethe? This was the weird what are
you wearing during the apocalypse tweet thread? Yes? Yes, and you said
you were wearing it looks like aprincess ball gown from a Disney movie,
right right? I and I simplysuggested that it's still chilly enough. I
mean, look at the temperature rightnow that if you're going to wear something

open shoulder, you should have acoat. So how did we get well?
Cat cold? Was that made ofcat? For? I just thought
it was a fur code? Ididn't know. No, it's cats.
I don't codes. I don't I'msorry. It is either doomsday or Monday,
or or both. I guess I'vealways had the I've always had the

suspicion that the world would end ona Monday, because this that's just how
they do, you, right,It's like who was it was? It
was it? It was Kataku rightwhere they made everyone come in and a
few Mondays ago they actually physically comeinto work only to tell them, Hey,

uh, I know you're all hereand none of you can log into
your computer and you can't figure outwhy, and you're fired. So like,
for whatever I think of Kataka ormaybe that was dead Spin anyway,
that was dead Spin. For whateverI may think of all of that,
that still sucks, man, fireme on a Friday kind of thing,
you know. So, yeah,I could see the world ending on a

Monday, because that's just how itwould be. However, if it doesn't
and we just have the you know, all the insanity expected to ensue with
the eclipse or nothing at all forthat matter, I feel like there's an
opportunity here. So I was justI and I want to tell you I
was inspired by the apocat I'm gonnasay this wrong. What are we calling

it? The eclip ellipse is howI screwed it up, which is the
apocalypse and the eclipse and because thatwas too dumb to realize that apocalypse is
really already a combination of the word, we went in the other direction.
So copyright eclip Ellipse. That's ours. So you know there's a possibility here.

I know that we've been talking alot about the path right and some
of the stuff you're seeing in likeupstate New York and and further down through
Pennsylvania and others where you got likeif you see a listing of Airbnbs sold
out, it's the entire line.They have traffic concerns, but the Eclipse
line moves and starts moving a lotsooner than before it gets there. And

initially we'll transcend through Mexico. Andspecifically, if you were to take a
line from Austin to San Antonio,which we leave Austin and had a short
distance south and west, you gothrough San Antonio that is right on the
edge of it. Dallas is rightin this line, and then eventually it

goes over the Mexican border there,and it just so happens that the part
of the Mexican border that it's goingto travel over is also a part of
the Mexican border that has a fewtowns that are commonly in discussion, specifically

because of like Pedras Negras and thearea through Chihuahua north of Laredo. There
you get into uh see you data Kuna where and del Rio where you
have a lot of people staged followingcoming over. They have a big lake
there so they can't and and thelake literally is on both sides of the

border, so that is a porouspoint of entry. And so here's the
thing, all right, And I'mgonna be inspired by what we saw at
the WWE event where the lights goout and all of a sudden they're standing
directly behind the rock is in factthe Undertaker, and it made for a

hellacious everyone lost their minds Rossi's headphonesheadphones blew out almost So so here's what
we do, all right, pathof totality goes over, goes pitch black
for a moment. Everybody's just stopseeing what's going on. And then during
the out right, you're gonna haveto act quick. You're ready so that

when the sun comes back out,all of a sudden, standing behind the
tens of thousands getting ready to bedistributed across cities in America, largely unchallenged
during the initial vetting for asylum process. All of a sudden, the walls

behind them. All right. Now, again, this is going to require
a heavy, heavy It's going torequire a lot of work. You've got
a very short period of time todo it. But imagine the shock on
everybody's face as all of a suddenlight returns. Your pupils are dilating and
trying to figure out, you know, how to adjust. You know that
moment, that first moment where youturn on the light after you've been to

sleep or just in a dark room, and then boom, there's the wall
on the other side. And theneveryone's just got to act like nothing happened.
I feel like that would that's goingto take a big bite out of
at least this month's numbers. Justsomething to think about. And you can

even use, by the way,just as it is getting light out,
just for the hell of it,throw that in just to add to the
confusion of what the hell happened?Man? All right, So there you
go. That's my that's my plan. Thank you, Thank you to the
WWE for the inspiration. Okay,all right, very good, very good.

All right, let me have acall in a Kaitlyn Clark insanity too.
By the way, I just sawthe worst take on this. You're
ready. So this guy's argument overwhether Caitlyn Clark or the woman who's complaining
because she had the record who pointedout, look, we didn't have a
three point line. The argument is, yes, you didn't. However,
there is you know, people couldargue that the women's college basketball of the

seventies and eighties. I guess Ishould I shouldn't say that. When did
she When did she quit? Iguess it was in the nineties. Lynnette
Woodard, who by the way,is a hell of a player, but
you just seems really petty, atleast at this moment. This is stuff
for like a book to her latersix months from now. But the argument
was for the same reason that sheshe's wrong and that the competition is so

much different, and I don't that'salmost inarguable. You're talking about an era
pre w NBA era into where itis now women's college basketball. I think
anyone who coaches within it will tellyou that you have because you have so
many more women who want to participate, and that's a good thing. But

then the guy writes it's for thesame reason that if you agree, then
you need to also understand why it'sdisingenuous to say that Michael Jordan's the greatest.
He played and he played against janitors. What Carl Carl Malowe right?
That was Wasn't he the janitor?Am? I I don't think it was

a janitor now that he took theco Wasn't it was the janitor? A
truck driver, I believe, thetruck drive eighteen wheelers. Yeah, yeah,
okay, I mean he played againstMagic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isaiah
Thompson, the Detroit Pistons. Itwas a much more physical game back then.
Uh he played I mean, listen, he played against the rest of
the dream Team. Yeah, soyou're saying the dream Team besides Michael Jordan's

garbage, he played with janitors.Man, this guy's all Lebron. He's
got Lebron love too. I wentthrough his timeline here. So the game
was so much more physical back then. Like if you took the players of
today and put him back then,they wouldn't survive because they're used to flopping
and there used to you know,you you you breeze past somebody and it's

a technical foul. Now. Yeah, back then, you remember when Jordan
would take on the Pistons, beforehe got past them, they would it
just like it was a football inthe court. It was some beef there
that was there was some beef.Who who's the who is the one?
He was a white guy played forthe Pistons who had just he would have
a Bill Lamber. Yeah, lamberdhave a technical every game now just so

that's it. And again, youcould argue that the NBA was different back
then, but you can't argue thatit was a in a pre current state
stage, do you know what I'msaying? Like there was a lot of
really really good people, just asthere's really good people now. And you
can have that debate, but youcan't say that the NBA of Jordan's era
was just getting its wings, doyou know what I'm saying, and really

hadn't attracted interest. It wasn't like, and this is unfair to even say,
but it isn't like Jordan was playingwith like a bunch of Bob Coozies,
even though Bob Coozy is a legend, right right, But it isn't
like the nineteen fifties man, right, Yes, So that is that's a
horrible comparison, but whatever, allright, Jamal, thanks for hanging on.

What's going on? Hey, Ksey? And that was the mail man
kar him alone was the mailman obviously, Okay, I just want to be
clear. Obviously we know that,but we're having more fun doing it.
I think they called him the plumber. Didn't they get a plumber driver?
I think, hey, hey,hey, now we love plumbers. Now
we love plumbers and each back people. But can't see that whole Caitlin,

that whole Taitling Clark team. AndI watched it how it whole transpired.
The whole time you had that girlAinger Rease looking like a hair hat monster
with all that weave and stuff onour head out here talking jump. She
wanted to play the role of thebad guy. And this is what a
lot of people have to understand.A lot of you know, a lot

of people like oh there against angeriesknow they against anger reaes because she wanted
to play villain. She can't sithim, want to be Lex Sloop,
Lex Slooper, she can't sit him, want to be the Joker, she
can't send him, want to beMegatron. And then when she get out
there and she meet Optimus Prime,Superman and Batman and loses. Then she
want to cry racism. The samething happened with the girl from Duke Remember

the girls back volleyball team when shewent to Brookham Young and she said,
somebody call her the N word.Thirty thousand people. Nobody heard it,
but they sit here, they playvictim. Then with oh no, they
played the bad guy. Then whenthey cried buser. Then they want all
black women to unite with hair HatHooligan, unite with all this we even

stuff, and then they want tooh, oh, you know we did
this for her, or she reallythis girl, you know, this white
girl really don't deserve it. Youknow all this, but it gets to
the point where people got to stopback and say, in the year twenty
twenty four, hey, listen,racism is wrong, no matter who does.
I don't care if you a blackwoman and you went through and you

was marching on Jim Crow segregation,old blood, it's under don't matter if
he was doing it, it's racism. It was racism. And speaking of
basketball, you remember that controversial whenIsaiah made that comment about Larry Bird and
everybody jumped down. Isaiah Thomas stokeabout him saying, Okay, that's how
people used to address racism. Racismwasn't except that people didn't like, get

more white people. What a beneficiariesof racism? They should have the same.
It's like now blackfel because the isthe beneficiaries of racism. Because yeah,
let me just and then let mejust add this just as a little
bit of a summary. I don'tthe reason this is extra stupid is the

w NBA or women's basketball in general. This is everything that's happened here.
I know it's the individual personality things, but just the amount of pub that's
been out there, like, thisis all the stuff that I've heard in
every interview they say that they wantright because this is good for it more
people. You know, the thewe didn't have the numbers directly, but

that lsu Iowa game, I thinkthey did like twelve and a half million
on cable for a women's basketball game, like and so then to have a
brigade of the Who's who, theSheryl Swoops, the Lynette woodard U Tarassi,
all of the as well, ishalf the ESPN people to decide that
they're going to declare war on arguablythe the biggest young star that they've had

maybe in the history of women's modernwomen's basketball, just from you know,
from a notoriety standpoint, why yousay you want this and then the opportunity
is there for you and uh,it's it's it seems to be the last
thing you want. You know,you're giving a gift. Run with it.
So I'll give you about a minute. Then I got a roll,

but it was somebody. His nameis Emmanuel Ascot. He defended Catlin Kaw
and he called out Angel Reese onthe so called US racism death threats and
AI generated pictures. So there wassome one one dude he called out,
and they went after him. Ohyou don't love black women, your mama

black, your sister black. Youknow, they went after him because he's
sitting there and said, no,the girl, Clayton Clark is of that.
And at the end of the day, basketball, if I remember correct,
was made by a man named York. He was white. So for
people to be like, oh,let's you a white girl playing a black
girl sport, where you black playinga white sport that a white person came

up and created, So they needto just go and call the racism out
for what it is and stop it. Thought that was that was an a
Nate Smith who with the peach smell. Anyway, I may been wrong,
but my point is who cares?Like if anything that's during twelve and a
half million people to a women's collegebasketball game, just just take the w

that's understand. Yes, they doKC because you know what, well,
yeah, okay, k I gotI got a roll man, but yeah,
I had you're preaching to the choirthere, Uh you're given a gift
man. Yeah, total? Allright. I don't sir, I don't

honestly think they could build a wallin whatever the number of minutes, was
it like three minutes? Well I'mlooking at my chart here, two minutes
in the Texas area. Yeah,totality begins one point no four. It'll
be about four minutes. About twoof it will be pure, pure,
and then the rest will be withinninety percent. Yeah, you probably can't
get a whole wall built. Butit's also a joke, sir, So

it would be funny if you moveda few trucks back behind, made a
little confusion. All right, therewe go, All right, wonderful coming
up on the show, that's we'vegot a lot of ground to cover.
Boy. Joe biden Man just onceagain over the weekend, speaking in Baltimore.

Part of the speech, he saysdirected to the family members of the
victims, the six, only twoof which I believe that they've even found.
And you just know Biden was goingto do a Biden's way and the
Jeopardy freak out. I'm dying holycow with sticks and people's craw man and

a strange, albeit a horrific storyof a how do these not only how
do these two people exist, whichI constantly question, but how do they
find each other? This husband wifeteam, which by the way, I
saw some people who were late.They were upset because the wife got charged

because they they the way that theevidence was found, which is, hey,
if that's the hill you want todie on, that's fine. We'll
have the story and let the audiencefigure it out. Consequences seemingly for the
actions of some with the Vanderbilt studentssit in with the weird nine to one
one tampon call, but I thankfullyit's what I said should happen, because

everyone was ignoring that part of thevideo. And yes, we will even
get into earthquakes and climate change.Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
apparently that's the thing twice. I'llexplain coming up next. Hang on,
I'm sure on Friday, the thoughtprobably crossed your mind when you started

seeing the kind of the random tweetsfrom people, Was that an earthquake?
What just happened generally people in theNew York, Connecticut, New Jersey area.
Well, there were some other takes, and I'm sure that the thought
crossed your mind. Man, thisclimate crisis is real, right because an

earthquake, because that's the thing,or is that simply a thing that generated
previously fake news. I remember somefact checks back in the day where it
was it was incredibly clear that,you know, public officials, high profile
pundits and others were intimating things likethat, and then some would go viral,

right, a stupid tweet and I'llread you some just you know what
they sound like. And then peoplewould be like, leave this guy trying
to say that the climate global warmingchange is to blame for earthquakes, and
then the fact check from snows belike, that's not what they said.
They were talking about climate crisis anddisasters that it causes, and comparing it,

and it's like, no, that'sthat's not what they said. And
so once again we have to gothrough this. Ringer. Let's see where
do I want to start. Let'sstart with this. This is an actual
headline from what this is the NBCstation in New York. Okay, NBC

New York. Can climate change makerare Northeast to earthquakes more common? Experts?
Way in the hell are you talkingabout? So four point eight earthquake
late morning Friday, New Jersey,parts of New York. Although there was
reports in Connecticut, and I wantto say even up even further up in

the Massachusetts. But a four pointeight eighth the biggest thing, it's not
as big as it used to be. They kind of readjusted the numbers here,
not that long ago. But afour point at four point eight's you're
gonna feel that. What was ita year and a half ago? It

was a year and a half.About a year and a half ago.
I was in one on vacation.That was four point I think it was
four point six four point seven,and look, you knew what was up.
And my bigger concern I told thisstory. My bigger concern is I
was I was at a beach,and so when you feel an earthquake,

the thing that you worry about obviouslyis tsunamis right now, they didn't seem
very concerned. It was so closeto land. I think they said it
was eighteen kilometers, so you know, do the mile conversion on that.
Not much, but still it wasvery interesting watching people who felt the earthquake,

who were in buildings, you know, come out of their buildings,
which is understandable, but do sothen on the beach, whereas I'm like,
I'm gonna go not be on thebeach anymore. And I'm like,
I don't know if they ever toldanyone about Tsunamis. So like, I
understand those concerns, but never hasclimate change been a part of it yet.
NBC New York's ready to explore it. New Jersey and New York dwellers

were abruptly shaken Friday morning by escalatingrumbling vibrations. It was the second time
this year an earthquake has struck theregion. An earthquake usually foreign experience to
New Yorkers, although you know itshouldn't be the when you think of the
largest earthquakes in US history, thelargest I believe were centered in both on

the east coast, although maybe theMissouri one was the second one, but
like I think South Carolina was theepicenter for one of them, and then
further north. Now these are theseare way back in history. But it's
it's not like we're immune. Infact, the the fault line in the

name escapes me. That's right onthe North Carolina border Tennessee, Kentucky,
like right up in there, northSouth. That's a doozy. So they
go through this whole article and talkabout how earthquakes, you know, what,
what is it, the seismic ways, fault lines, you know,
all the stuff that you probably shouldbe armed with. However, it's all

under the premise of let's talk tothe experts and see if there is some
climate global warming change to to blame, and they kind of just skirt around
that, even though they bring expertsin who are like, no, dummy,
it's that's that's not how this works. They leave open the possibility,

which is medical malpractice or at leastscientific malpractice in my opinion, because you
have you have nothing that supports thator supports this rather lengthy article. Let's
see here, who's the yeah,doctor Jeffrey Park, who is Yale University's
professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences.So this person should undoubtedly be able to

come in and be like, no, no, this isn't about carbon emissions
any of that, and he reallydoesn't. But that didn't stop then,
uh, public officials in this casea Senate candidate in New Jersey from then
tweeting the following. Her name isChristina Khalil, and Khalil tweeted shortly after

the incident quote, I just experiencedmy first earthquake in New Jersey. We
never get earthquakes. The climate crisisis real, the weirdest experience ever.
And I saw this and I thoughtthat has that can't be a real person.
But it is. It is areal person. Yes, a real

person who is running to serve inthe Senate in New Jersey. Moments after
the incident, went on to talkabout how the climate this is climate crisis.
So look, if you vote forthat individual, you get everything you're
entitled to. Although I did seesome people who kind of mind her previous
tweets and this almost is one ofthe saner things she sent out. Anyway,

in case you were wondering there mighthave been a connection there or might
not. NBC News New York wasunable to get that question answered, so
I guess we'll just wait. Ohman, this story now, you hate
to see this right here? Thisis oh you hate to see that.

This is very sad. A Floridaman was arrested after a skirmish with four
other guests at Walt Disney World's resortin Florida. Let's see here, Brent
George. Oh man, you're oneletter away from baseball immortality, sir.

That's probably what drove him to drinking. See, that's an important concept here.
According to police, George was arrestedand charged with four counts of battery
following an incident that unfolded near theDisney's Boardwalk in I'm not super familiar at
the Bellevue lounge. They say thesixty one year old was obliterated. According

to reports, bartender say he consumedat least three shots of bourbon and a
beer just in their bar, butobviously had been inbibing elsewhere. But apparently
the alcohol coupled with you know,the whole thing seems stress inducing to me,
based on pricing and crowds. Ithink it's a personality thing. But

I don't know if I do wellbecause I get frustrated in those situations and
I just don't want to deal withit. And so then to pour a
bunch of bourbon on top of it, I don't know that'd be a good
idea for me, but I wouldn'tdo what this dude's accused of doing.
He then channeled that aggression to anearby table of four and started to make
fun of one of the women whohas Down syndrome. The woman's mother confronted

George, asked him if he wasmaking fun of her daughter's and George allegedly
stubbed, stood up, shoved themom twice, slapped one of the other
guests at the table when she triedto intervene, and continued to rant against
the woman with Down syndrome, atwhich point, you know, we always
ask where are the men? Well? At that point, the husband of
the woman who got slapped jumped upand beat this dude, and then another

bar bystander kicked in, and policeeventually got like, who on what?
Yes, I'm sorry in this case, you know, a little little Western
justice seems fine. That doesn't looklike they beat him enough. Just zeph
Waye. Also, how do youwhat is that? What blest that cost

to get that drunk at a Disneyrestaurant. I'm sorry, I don't I
don't have the working Disney knowledge.I'm actually surprised that they served booze in
the park, although I also understandwhy they tend to do it. I
believe it's that like Epcot where youcan go across the Yeah. I always
say, like, I'm not goingto leave the country because they have all
the dues there in Epcot. Solike, yeah, say you like visit

Scotland, which is a tiny kiosknext to England, which I find to
be hilarious. They'll have, youknow, like Scottish beers, or if
you go to the UK, you'llhave UK beers, or you if you
go to Germany you'll have you know, blonde German girls serving German beers like
that. So but that because Ican't imagine how much it would cost.
Yeah, yeah, so this atthe one bar, he just he had

three bourbons and a beer and I'massuming, you know, the bourbons would
get me even if it's not greatbourbon. Dad had to be twenty five
bucks a shot, and we wentright, Yeah, we went to Disney
before I got sober, before Istopped drinking, and even then, like
I did not want to drink thenbecause you're walking around in the heat.
Its gross and it just didn't appealto me at the time. So and

this guy didn't just get what yousee he was. He was make fun
of the down syndrome woman at thetable next door drunk. Right, I
don't say I don't have never beenthat drunk, and I've I've done some
awful things while I was drinking,and I've never yeah, never that never
crossed your kill in the face ofa kid with down syndrome and make fun
of him. No, at Disney, I don't know. Somehow so much

more, How awful of a personare you. I think he's a dude
who's just coming to terms with hespent two hundred dollars to get a buzz
and I'm not justifying it. Buthold stay home, dude, buy a
bottle and stay home. And kudosto the the actual men around there.
Oh, look at the time,all right, seven forty seven, we
got ray stage it back back atit. Look at that morning he dipped

out on his fun Friday, probablyto get rid of called the basketball.
So no, no, it wasa it was a late weekend. It
was a late weekend with the family, so it was all right, question
question, Yeah, are any ofyour anchors going to be weeping during the
eclipse? This year? She mightbe, but she was removed. She

was, she was, and thisyear she might be because of the clouds
along the path of totality. Quitea bit of overcast skys. Now we
catch it, we'd be lucky tocatch a break Texas maybe, but there's
a lot of clouds that actually stormson the forecast there. As this thing
rolls north northeast and through the OhioValley, you know it's better chances.

But as you get into New YorkState and Pennsylvania, Western Pa and all
that, a lot more clouds thanclear sky. Then it get the northern
wing, it looks a little bitbetter. So for anybody in Texas,
it's gonna be tough, but itgets a little bit more in the way
of clear skies. Go east andnorth and northwest of the path of totality.
Here we get about let's say eightypercent. As the crow flies close

enough and this afternoon, a fewclouds I think we'll have a good opportunity
to see most of our partial eclipseas you go west, a little more
cloud into the mountains. So yeah, we should be okay for that here.
Okay, all right, thank youappreciate it. Oh Weather, do
you want the rest of the weekor and I will take that next time?
Now, I we'll do that nexttime. Okay, it sounds good.

Yeah, yeah, all right,very good. There you go,
raced agic from the Weather Channel.All Right, coming up, we got
the Vanderbilt thing. I gotta fillyou in on that jeopardy and we'll try
we'll answer the question, was Rossand Sacramento over the weekend on a crime
spree. We'll let you be thejudge. Coming up here on the kc

O Day Radio program pc O DayRadio program. Here on your Monday Doomsday
apocalypse a clip ellipse insanity. Sothat'll be a thing all day. But
it does make Twitter slightly more interesting. Oh and there's a TikTok trend where

you're doing your doomsday dance. Soand from the video the few that I
saw just kind of scrolling through onone of the articles, I'm kind of
praying for naboo U. Well,it's just gonna get worse. Look at
this New York City. You assigneda controversial deal with TikTok to bring TikTok

to every street corner. Didn't thatsound fun? Right? We've all,
I think by now, been somewherewhere somebody's filming a TikTok the middle of
the Costco downtown the what was therewas a trend in Raleigh or they were

filming them. I'm trying to rememberwhere it was. It was. It
was over somewhere over by NC State. I don't again, I don't follow
these things close enough. But NewYork along with Link NYC, and basically
it works like this. So it'sgoing to have public displays and it'll be
and it's integrated into billboards, bars, the bus stops that have the screens

there in addition to just pumping adsyour way and content. The screens on
the city's cell phone polls and WiFi chios allows for what's called out of
phone service. So basically TikTok userscan then interact with all these different kiosks
and they'll be able to integrate specificchallenges. Right, So this bus stop

has this dance challenge, and thenso idiots can gather and try to score.
You know what, it'll feel like. It'll feel like a much more
annoying version of the Pokemon Go peopleand your phone and the TikTok will then
just integrate it into these service thenyou can get your video up there and

people can vote on it. Soyeah, yeah, I don't know why,
but this just sounds one hundred timesworse. And I didn't even bother
attempting to understand all of it.But you've been warned, and that's something
that they want to do up upin New York. So our number three
eight oh seven here on the Cacodayradio program is we await the impending doom

or minor traffic snarl runs the gamutthat today's eclipse may may convey. I
was just seeing this, So theseare this Challenger Gray and Christmas. So
these are the people do the NCAAst Anyway business consulting firm out of Chicago.

I think it's Challenger Gray and Christmas. I don't know why it's cut
off in this little shorty here saythat employers are reading themselves, especially along
areas near the totality of the eclipse, to see fifteen to twenty percent reduction
in fource, So basically people callingout taking vacation time all the different ways.

So yeah, I believe it.I saw what happen when one snowflake
is threatened to a week's worth ofschool days, Like the second year I
lived in North Carolina, I wasblown away coming from Minnesota. All right,
wait, so you're canceling. Ithasn't snowed, and you're canceling the
school crazy? So yeah, doI think people are going to take time

off? Probably, especially if youconvinced yourself that this is the end of
you. What the hell do youneed to work today for? Right?
All right? Boston, Paul?Uh, what's up, dude? I'm
doing in the booker, just supportedto check my communications, can you hear
me? Okay? Uh? Yeah, that's that's great. Are you well
regulated as as we would know theterm from the seventeen hundreds? Well regulated?

Yeah? Yeah, I'm good.I got everything I need down here.
You know, Hey, I rememberI have that audio? Yeah,
I had that audio right here?Do you remember you said it to Ray
just a few minutes ago on theon the last weather check about I can't

the name this is? Uhha?All right, all right, turn that
turn that, turn that down,sir. So, uh, that's the
reference I made to ray Is duringthe last eclipse, one of their anchors,
she started crying. So yeah,very emotional. I don't know what

somebody wants to cry it in eclipseand not because their corneas just got burnt
to I don't care whatever. AndTrump and by the way, Trump looking
up at the you know, justglancing up will always be one of my
favorite eclipse moments. So that wasa good one. I forgot about that.
We did a whole we did awhole parody. Saw you reminded me.
Yeah, he did that. Thatwas that was something else. But

hey, stay safe, don't lookall right, well, stay in your
bunk or now did you did youget Is there water in there? Or
is it just all beer? It'sbasically your beer in the wall. There's
a couple of there's a couple ofbottles of water, swim gyms, beef
chick eat potato chips, uh,some cheese. It's a couple of boxes.

Yeah, I'm good, We're good. What are the what is the
family going to eat then? Becausethat sounds like Austin Paul stuff they find
for themselves, you know, it'sit's a crisis. Well, you got
the three dogs in there, right, yep, all right, you dog
that you got some long term proteinplanning. All right, I'll let you
back to it. I have glassesfor them too. During the during the
you have doggles. Is your droneass man who has doggles? And you

called in you dog? And thenwe got a little you got rein to
your ears for him or Christmas too. No, they got boots, rain
cone boots just in case. Allright, well, I want you to
do me a favorite. I'll letyou get back to it, and then
later before you know, the endtimes when we post the podcast, I
want you to listen to yourself andreflect. Okay, all right, great

day, Yeah you too, allright. I think it was the New
York Post that had an article thatwas like, how to explain the the
eclipse to your dogs or your pets? Stop stops. I was like,
dude, I don't think my dogknows the sky exists. You know what
I mean? Do you think Ella? Are you gonna sit down Elliott when
you get home and hey buddy,this is this is a cat that eats
plastic. All right, hey buddy, he'll be find his box. There's

something a little later, a littlelater. She like his box. He's
a big fan of his. TheAmazon boxes. Oh yeah, the greatest
thing in the world. Man.Oh, but if you put him in
a carrier to take him somewhere,which is essentially another complete chaos and panic,
It's like if you wrote Amazon onthe side of the carrier. Have
you tried that? All right,now, I gotta find this song,

man Oh, hold on, Ithink you should be able to do it
pretty quick. I forgot that weI forgot that we had a parody song
just for the eclipse, and Ialmost didn't use it. Hold on,
let me just search the bits Iknow it's in. Here is to be

that's right, you're waiting on myineptitude. Just deal with it, all
right, well, let me letme do this because it's one of those
things, right, Just don't rememberwhat I labeled the damn thing. Here
we go. Absolutely found it.Yay for me, and uh yeah,

here we go. This is asafety reminder for today. Okay, all
right, all right, I wantto make sure it was the right song
so we can do this thing.Let's do this. There's one of those
songs that has such a great linein it. It prayed to be this

parody and then it just worked.Looked up block a noosh with nothing ju
projects the light, looked up withnothing protect kind by the lights looked up
like a douche. Manfield On andDon a rebel Connor Hill the summer with

a tripped ass, fallen fat withbetter trip on mons than I had to
be the chump who had no specialpass yes folded from the solar. I
wheelish, I wasn't over. Myheadache was browth out. It was very
real. Please and my reason thestream and was a corney a crashed through

the crowd byes smoldered from the solar. It's very proud of the fact my
corney crashed through the world. Manwas tied to her private piots looked up
like a douche with nothing to protectby banded by the lights looked up like

a douche with nothing you put checkthe lights look like a douche. Shouldn't
have light, A douche should Allright, there's your report safety reminder from

the kco DA radio program. Now, what made that song perfect is the
term douche, Because it's like oneof the most misheard lyrics and we just
leaned into it. You know,occasionally, from time to time, something
on this show is inaccurate or wewe talk about it, and then you
know, as news develops, itthen becomes inaccurate. So now you try
to make an effort when that happensto make sure you're armed with the latest

information. But this one not onme, And that very same excuse,
I guess cannot likely be used byjournalists who never really questioned some of these
numbers. And I think that wedid because there were a lot of a
lot of concerns when they were talingCOVID numbers that you know, we discuss

like, you know, are wegoing to delineate between somebody who died from
COVID versus somebody who dies with COVID, And then the excuse would come out.
They'd be like, well, technically, people don't die of HIV,
they die of an infection that theHIV has rendered the body the inability to
I guess AIDS in this case,but you know, the AIDS has rendered

the ability or the the the abilityof the body to fight back against things
like pneumonia, which is generally mixedin there for a lot of those cases,
and it's not the same thing.People want to transparency because they already
thought that they were getting lied tobecause well, they were getting lied to

in a variety of ways. Andeven we had Fauci here on the show
and I asked him it was Ithink the first question I asked him,
right, So, if you rememberthe initial kickoff with the mass was they
initially told people don't go get masks, it won't do any good. And
then later they're like, if youdon't have a mask, I will purge
you from society. And you knowthat about face, and Fauci did talk

a little about of it, alittle about it. That was a known
deception. Now you can argue thereason for it. The people are dumb,
panicky animals reason, and they realizedthat the nation's supply of mass that
even healthcare providers would would need,if everyone in the public was out there
buying those, then they would runinto problems. Like that's a justifiable concern

based on the way that human reacts. The humans react, And it's long
been one of my biggest beefs inpolitics because I just I've said here as
an observer, you sit here asan observer I'm not out making policy.
However, when a politician or abill that a politician is backing comes up,

and it is easily predictable how peoplewould react to that. For them
to operate not thinking about that knowledgeis disingenuous at best and also opportunistic.
The best example I can give youis the adjustment during the Obamacare era of
what constitutes a full time employee rightwhere the number used to be forty and

you had a lot of people thatwere in working situations where they'd get,
you know, thirty seven hours,thirty eight hours, thirty nine hours.
I'd been there. If there wasa time when I worked for Iheartware,
I was considered a not a fulltime employee, and I would come in
and I would work somehow I wasable to fit it in, but I

would come in and I would workthirty you know, thirty nine hours or
thirty nine and a half hours.And then when Obamacare came in and they
said no, no, no,full time employee constitutes thirty hours, it
was you could know nothing. Youcould have never interacted with humans, and
you knew that people would adjust tothat, and they did. And the

opportunistic side was then the Democrats couldrun around and say, look at all
these businesses. They're doing it rightnow. To the businesses out in California,
which following the implementation of the twentyhour or the twenty dollars per hour
wage for these fast food situations,minus some carve outs that seemingly went to
one of Newsom's restaurants and some ofhis buddies that you knew what the reaction

was going to be. There wereand the reaction was what you thought it
was. There were whole restaurants closing, major adjustments and hours and some other
changes that likely will be more longterm, but I promise will be automation.

So yeah, yeah, you seeall this stuff, and it seems
it seems incredibly predictable. So backto this, the CDC has announced a
whoopsie claiming that going back to thereporting which let's see here this goes back

to spring of twenty twenty, theyhad showed that oney seven hundred and fifty
five Americans under the age of eighteenhad died from COVID, and that was
that was always an interesting number.It's not a big number compared to other
other groups, but it is whenyou compare it to what we now know

about people under the age of eighteenand the likelihood that getting COVID could be
fatal. It just doesn't track andwould ask to explain it. You know,
there are a lot of people like, oh, do you just you
want more dead kids? What areyou talking about? Well, now,
the CDC admits that the number wasjust twenty five percent higher than it should

have been, and there were evenexperts who say it's actually much higher than
that. But but they say therewas a coding data error which apparently had
not been found during the entirety ofthis reporting, and only now as the
CDC is going back and looking atit, they are adjusting the numbers and
it's not just the youngions, butthat's one of the highest percentage of what

they say was a quote coding air. The actual correction from the CDC will
remove over seventy thousand deaths and it'sstill unclear as to what the dividing line
is there, And the CDC saysit was a coding logic. Care I
mean it feels like that's on purpose, does it a little bit? Yeah?

Because what are people most protective of, right their children and their pets.
I was gonna say, but gunsright now, chill their children.
And that's why a lot of peoplewent along with this BS that maybe in
the back of your mind you werelike this, somebody doesn't feel right,
but you know, I'm gonna putmy children for They scared people with the
kids. MM. Yeah, becauseyou take that out of the equation,
and and most of these shutdowns,and especially obviously the school stuff, it

never happens, and we never getto where we are today. All told,
seventy two two hundred and seventy sevendeaths, including four hundred and sixteen
PG pediatric deaths, have been removedfrom the CDC's official number. Now they
actually charged they started changing number Marchfifteenth, and really didn't say anything.

And then people I guess who werestill paying attention to this way what wait
a second, what what's going onhere? Eventually the Washington Examiner did a
big piece and actually got a CDCspokeshole to comment on it. Uh and
uh it was this guy's her name, I'm sorry, Jasmine Red said that,
Look, we're working with real timedata. It's in an emergency.

We have multiple reporting tunnels referencing sometwenty six states, which actually we're providing
all of the real time data,and it was only after where they started
to reevaluate some of the information anddetermine that the mortality rates due to either

confusion on the part of the Statesor a misunderstanding on the part of the
medical community as to what the CDCwas looking. Yeah, I'm not buying
any of this, So you justeverybody else is dumb except you and you're
coding. Are absolutely, absolutely,probably a lot more going on there,

and this is just them trying tosoft sell it craziness. All right,
eight forty four, Let's get RaceStagic from the Weather Channel. He's joining
us, and all right, herewe go the day of insane, which
if the world does and I wishthey'd pull this crap before the show,
but for now we'll operate under theassumption that other than traffic snarls and some

bad corneas, here we are.All right, So what's up? Yeah,
well, yeah, and lots ofsunshine, some clouds, a little
more cloud and a better chance ofseeing some clouds this afternoon. Try it
and west into the mountains. Butif you catch it at the right time,
you can be able to see whatwe get of our partial eclipse mid
seventies obviously to be a temperature drop. I don't have a forecast of how
much that temperature will drop, butit may drop a few degrees when we

get that partial coverage of the insulationor the sunshine. Today in the mid
fifties. Tomorrow normal day, lotsof clouds around, maybe some passing showers,
not a bunch of rain, lowto mid seventies, but I think
the rain chances later the week aregoing to go up Wednesday not they have
a Thursday, and into Thursday nightand Friday, there could be some heavier
rain, especially Thursday Thursday night assome of the guidance kick it out,

maybe some heavier rainfall across parts ofthe western parts of the state, Western
Carolina's into the southeast Orgia, Alabama, which may extend this far east into
the Try and the Triangle. Sowe're kind of be on the edge of
that, maybe one to possibly upto two or three inches. Those two
three inch totals will probably be inthe mountains casey, so I think we'll
get wetter later in the week,dryer for the beginning of the week.

Okay, all right, well,uh well, we're kind of in this
pattern, So let's do it.Appreciate it, sir, yep, all
right, look at this hold onsomebody's a coding air is completely plausible.
I do a lot of data analysis. I can tell you the errors occur
frequently. It could take months tofigure out a single line of coding thousands.

And don't get me wrong, Idon't I don't disagree that when you
have what do you have so manysources of the data coming in for such
a large operation. I get that. I understand that. However, the
evaluation and the scrutiny on this particulartopic was so intense, was so intense

hence, and people were so righteousin the numbers that they were putting out
in the decisions that they use thosenumbers to make that I'm in twenty six
different stule. I'm just not buyingit. I think it might have been
where people realized those on the insidethat the numbers coming in weren't exactly fitting

within the parameters what they're looking for, and felt that if they stopped to
uh, if they stopped to checkit or contest it, that you saw
what happened to people even within themedical field, even medical professors at Stanford
and Harvard who stepped outside of theuh of the lines during COVID. You

saw what happened. So if you'resomebody who's handling, you know, your
health and human services for one ofthe states reporting, and you feel like
the numbers are not right, areyou whistleblowing on that? There's not a
chance. There was not a chance, especially during the high proportion of that,
that somebody could step out and doit. Some to think about.
We'll be back. Well. Goodmorning, Casey, Happy Eclipse day.

Looks like the stock market could openhigher this morning. Saw the futures very
volatile earlier on, but they've settledhigher now with the Dow futures up sixty
three points. Big media mergers beingdiscussed. Source to say sky Dance,
led by David Ellison, is intalks with Paramount Global on a deal to
combine the two companies. Paramount's controllingshareholder, Sherry Redstone, has agreed to

sell her holdings to Ellison on thecondition that he can close the Paramount Skydance
merger. CEO of JP Morgan Chasecompares the potential of artificial intelligence to the
invention of the printing press, thesteam engine. Computing in the Internet.
In his annual letter to shareholders,Jamie diamond says AI may be the biggest
issue his bank is dealing with.He says the technology could augment virtually every

job. Diamond says Chase has thousandsof AI experts exploring deploy generative AI.
A proposed national standard on data privacyis picking up by partisan support on Capitol
Hill. If adopted, it couldbe a major step forward in the effort
to protect American's personal information online.We could get a first look at Tesla's
Robotaxi this summer, and ex postingby Elon Musk said the electric carmaker would

take the wraps off the autonomous vehiclein August. Tesla first pitched the concept
of a fully autonomous vehicle to investorsin twenty nineteen. More than thirty gigawatts
of the nation's solar energy will bewiped out today by the total solar eclipse,
which will occur during prime generating hoursand a case. Target is among

the retailers that found out that whenthey save money by replacing cashiers with self
checkouts, theft increases. Now Targetis deploying new technology it's called true scan,
going into its self checkout registers,cameras detect items on scanners, and
alert shoppers if something is left onscanned. The system will supplement weight sensors

already in use to enhance security andreduce theft hopefully anyway, casey, yeah,
at what point they're going all scienceto? At what points should you
have just let I don't know,humans check people out. I mean it's
got to be. It worked foryears, didn't it. It seemed to
work. Yeah, I remember,all right, appreciate it, Jeff every
seven, Okay, you tooe takecare. Yeah, and look it had

its pitfalls, don't get me wrong. But still the self scan. I
like the self scan if I havetwo things and they're open. But I
don't like it if one of thosethings requires somebody to walk over and punch
buttons, right, because it's like, you know, maybe I got some
beer or one of other nine thousandthings that require somebody's code. But you

know, we all know. Butman, these things are going like super
sciency, and it's like, again, I could have predicted this behavior some
people, if they think they havethe opportunity, you're going to do this.
By the way, this is anamazing story when you actually you actually
think this thing out. So haveyou seen bot so, I don't know

if you know this. Botswana ismad, okay, and they're mad because
in nineteen eighty four in the nationof Botswana, there were fifty thousand elephants
left, which is a lot ofelephants, but from a Botswana standpoint,
that's pretty low number. And asa result, a litany of European and
American interests and environmentalists jumped in,which eventually, at the time, through

basically some bribes, you had thesefirst world nations that essentially got Botswana to
agree to a ban on hunting,which wasn't the problem. The problem in
Botswana was poaching, right, butthey went they decided to go full scale
with hunting, and then later whenthe money dried up, Botswana, who

had trophy hunts, were a hugerevenue producer. Now they're mad. And
following that, several countries, includingdelegates from Germany and the UK, started
to When Botswana brought that up,they started to demonize them over at the
UN. And so Botswana said,well, the problem is is we don't

have any population control. Now we'vedone the poaching crackdown. In fact,
the UN is involved in that sothey have you know, armed individuals and
there's no hunting and as a result, Botswana is overrun with elephants. In
fact, they've reproduced, which isonly about every four years they reproduced,

but with no pressure on them,they've reproduced and tripled and they estimate one
hundred and thirty thousand animals, whichhave now become a giant threat to humans
because the elephants are looking for range. They're bigger than the humans and if
they want to do something somewhere,they generally do it because they can.

And so last week Botswana said,hey, if you like these elephants so
much, they threatened to ship thirtythousand elephants to Germany and thirty thousand to
the UK. Can you imagine ifa boat pulled up to the to the
you know, uh uh, theCliffs of Dover right south southeast of London

there and offloaded thirty thousand elephants,the absolute hellscate pandemonium that would soon encompass
the UK. I'd watch every minuteof that, like that's that's a declaration
of war. Man. And thesmaller the country, the crazier it would
be. Right, pick a tinycountry. He's got a big ego just

won't shut up. You drop thirtythousand elephants on their shore to just run
amuck. Just think of a pandemoniumyou would create. So I don't know
if they're going to do it,but I don't know why. I just
think it'd be really funny.
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