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June 24, 2024 91 mins
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I guess we're going to do thisthing. How is everybody doing? Let
me approach it from an outsider's perspective, since Ross and I didn't do it,
we didn't do any of that workstuff last week. One, it's
my understanding that there's nobody listening rightnow. And here's what. Let me

explain why I have it. Ihave been reliably informed that those of you
who didn't die from a heat domewhich I fled to escape, were then
killed off by Gordon Diel or something. That's basically what's in my inbox that

I didn't check for that, Sothat sucks. You know, nobody wants
to see that. But you know, we're still contracted to do this thing.
So we're going to do the showtoday. Ross, how did you
survive these two things? Obviously I'mgonna impact. I'm going to tell you
that is the hottest I've ever beenup in New York. Oh, I

don't believe it wasn't hot. Ilived. I went to go visit my
mom, and I've been in thathouse from third grade till after high school
graduation. Okay, my mom hasbeen in the house thirty seven years.
It's not a matter of you know, it was ninety degrees. We've had
tons of ninety degree days in NewYork. She doesn't have ac right,
no, no air conditioning right,like an old window unit that did absolutely

nothing right. And that's and that'sa lot of houses. The difference between
the past and like a regular ninetydegree heat wave was the humidity. It
felt like Georgia. It felt likeGeorgia, Louisiana, it felt like Florida.
It was that sticky humid stuff andit was constantly. It was three

or four days where it felt likeover one hundred and five. The humidity
in the temperature was hotter than NorthCarolina, and it was absolutely absurd,
Like just say, I had tobuy my mom some tower fan, Like
I said, my mom's in thathouse thirty seven years and still didn't have
a plan. She because she's neverexperienced never, so she constantly for three
four days, I had to buysome tower fans to put them around the

house. They took it, andthe kids in school, I think it
was like their last week of schoolbecause they get out early up in New
York, like in June, andyou have some kids that were in summer
school. They were like you guysare going home because the schools there have
no air conditioning. Like there's noair conditioning. I saw period, like
they're they're passing did you post somethingnow now? But they're passing a bill

to put air conditioning in the schools, which I think they probably should.
Well, sure, but and ata cost of only thirty thousand per windows.
They well, they were supposed todo neverthing doing right, But didn't
they get money for that through COVIDrelief? Like that was supposed to be
cold? Yes? Yes, yeah, so I guess that the money discipline
that went to diversity book readings bytransgender whatever or not not that uh drag

queen's excuse me? It was literallysomething no, no, no, I
want to be clear here. Thatwas literally something in the state of New
York that they spent money. Yes, okay, So it was literally three
days or four days of my momgoing, I've been at this house thirty
seven years and I've never say thisturbustack go over seventy five. It's the
boy situation. It's been eighty eightfor three days. What is this sweat?

I just have something wrong with that. She was literally panicky, thinking
there was something wrong with the house, and I'm like, ma, this
is just that like southern humid heatthat you're not used to in New York,
and that house consists like the bottomfloor was probably like eighty eight.
The top floor where we were sleepingat night, a dad had to be

around ninety ninety five. Well,it was just sweating. And then there's
the side. Yeah, it wasgross. And I'm I bought some tower
fans that put him around the house, and she's like, I'm just worried
them. I gonna lose power.Well, is this tower fan? Is
it gonna break up? Is thecircuit breakout? My mind's fight, You're
gonna be fine. But dude,it was so high. It was so
high you didn't want to eat thepizza, Like, I'm too too hot.

Stop. I'm happy. I'm happyI was, man, I'm happy
I was there last week because Iwould not wanted I would not have wanted
my mother to be home alone byherself like that. So how did you
explain? Did you try to distracther from it by explaining the significance of
the number eighty eight and pop culture? Or would she have murdered you?

Did she I don't care about killBill dude, like in the news n
and hold on kill Bill and eightyeight miles an hour. Right, okay,
all right, So the thing is, when I go back to my
mom's house, it's like going backto nineteen ninety five because there's no Internet.
I got the like internet in myphone, like through the network.

But she has no computer, shehas no PC, she has no table
thermist though bright. She has athermostat from the fifties, no air conditioning,
Like I said, you had likea window unit that took the heat
from downstairs from eighty eight to eightyfive, we went down three degrees.
It feels it doesn't feel cool toyou. No, mine does not.
But so you're trapped at nineteen ninetyfive and the only thing you have to

watch on TV are like the sixtyseventy channels she has in the basic like
spectrum cable in her cable TV.And it reminded me watching this because like
whatever's on TV, remember back inthe day, that's what you're gonna watch
on TV, and all of yournews sources, like you know, you've
got like the three NBCCBS, ABC, that is what she watches. It

reminded me of just how much theInternet completely decimated their power, because that
is her news source. That isthe news, and it is what it
is. And if they don't reportsomething, it doesn't exist because we're back
in nineteen ninety five apparently. Andif you're angry, you have no even
way to express yourself. What areyou gonna do? Write a letter to

the to the editor whatever, Yeah, the director, the producer at the
news CBS six or whatever it is, and be like, hey, I
disagree with your because everything every dingfor those three days where it was super
how under the heat Dome of doomwas a climate emergency and climate change,
every story went back to climate change. The governor Hochel whatever her name is
on the news talking about how,you know, we need to pass bills

to protect ourselves, we need toraid taxes to get rid of the climate
dome of doom and it's awful.Did they did? How? Don't I
ask this politely? Does your momhave the wherewithal? Maybe not to swear,
but does she like look at theTV and go you're alone in her

own way? Oh, it's theopposite everything you see in those news networks,
that is that is the news.She's seventy five, That is the
news. The day wouldn't lie toher. That's Andy's sit there and seventy
five year old listeners who are listeningin a bunker right now, right right
right, right right. But thisis up in New York, and it's
a little different, and it's justokay. It's sad. I'm like,

and I'm sitting there and I tryto just shut my mouth because I just
want to enjoy the time. Andmy mom but she like, I like
watching the View because these people andthey're like my friends, and I'm like,
oh, are they on about lastI did accidentally hear something because somebody
texted me and they're like, dude, dude, dude, you're gonna be
so sorry you're off this week,which, by the way, I was

not regardless of what I was aboutto be told. I was not sad
that I was not on. Andthen they said something insane. The View
said one. I just kind ofignored it. One thing we did both
agree on because she doesn't really believein a lot of the climate stuff.
Back in our day, it washot, but we just we didn't have
any condition. It was fine.We would just go aside tricks of water
they're so what they're doing up therein New York is they want to take

the school buses and they want tomake them all electric. They want to
make all the buses electric, andit would have been amazing. Do you
know how many days off? Youknow how stupid that is? So they
didn't do it in Wyoming. You'reright. It's me and my mom both
ranting about this news story, bothof us talking over each other and using
our hands and talk, but inlike a New York fashion, And she's

like, this is so stupid.The bus is not got to be All
the charts of batteries are gonna die, then the buses can run, then
the bus drivers to demand more money, and it's an endless cycle. I'm
like, she's right, these buses, you put them on, the electric
buses? Are you insane? Itgets cold in New York. Raleigh's got

electric buses. They also have theones that run on like the the stuff
you fry food in. Yeah,and propane. So I think one of
our propane I think the Green Busis propane that circulates around downtown. But
as you know, it gets prettycold up there, like like in Wyoming.
Right, Well, no, thisis where I was going to go
with the batteries are going to diein the cold. That was your point,

and it's a it's a valid,great point. It's like, yes,
those batteries are going to die inthe cold when it when the third
or fourth blizzard rolls around in thesecond week of October Chicago this winter.
Do you remember Chicago where they hadto elect they were abandoning electric cars everywhere,
right, Yeah, that was Thatwas a few months ago. This
is what I was gonna say aboutthe climate stuff that it's much easier to

convince a twenty year old college studentwho's frame of reference, of memorable reference
is what ten years probably where youcan actively remember, right, the world
didn't exist before you're born, correct, And that's fair, and that's kind
of you know, for a lotof people. But your mom's in her
seventies, so her frame of referenceis sixty some years right, where she

can actively recall, you know,certain elements of certain weather in certain years.
I still I've tried to think theyoungest weather memory I have, and
it's a blizzard. I was eight. I'd have to check it, but
I distinctly remember it because we didn'tleave for like two weeks was amazing,

was amazing, and so it allbuilds from theirs. So yeah, you
know, you're seventy something year oldmother is going to be a lot more
skeptical because it may not have beenthat hot in that humid and I don't
know, I didn't look up therecords there, but it's never been hot
and humid across the state of NewYork. Please, so but yeah,

no, you make a very goodpoint. If you don't have internet,
man, and you got nothing competing, does she get a newspaper or anything?
She does she switched from the SchenectadyGazette to the Times Union. Oh
yeah, wow, okay, andthat and because one is much more fair
and balanced, or they're both dumpsterfire because the one never came on time.
And the one thing I think itwas like last year, she switched
because she got a notification they wouldnot be getting the paper on July fourth

because it was holiday. But you'rea picture, it's a newspaper, right,
This is that acceptable? I knowwhat people are saying. They're like,
well, you're not gonna be onyour July fourth, and probably I
think we have the fifth off too, right, because this is July fourth
a Thursday, or we only havethe one day this year. Stop.
Yeah, we don't have the dayafter stop. Sorry, I can't.

I just started checking in our companywebsite. I'll get to that here in
a moment. All right, dude, I just assumed because that's the Nope,
Well what did What is the thingthat they're where they decided to do
that is thanks because we it's allweird at the end of the year for
Christmas because that's a shorter thing.All Right. I hope I'm wrong,

but I believe I looked into thisbecause Marky was like, you've got it.
It's like on a Thursday or summer, they gotta have the Friday off
of the day after whatever. Wedid not do it. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, fourth of July is aThursday this year. Oh wow,
okay, but now I'm so distraught. I don't remember what I was gonna
say. Oh, people like,well, you're not gonna work on the
fourth of July. Yeah. Thedifference is that's not been how we've done

it since paper do you know whatI mean? If you get a newspaper,
they print an edition and I understandthat, you know, some papers
have ditched like Saturday editions, andthat's part of a larger thing. But
you know, if that's one ofthe days that you print on, people
expect a newspaper. Man, we'realso not the news. The big distinction

there, well, I understand,I understand that in we comment we aren't
the news like we will be runningnews broadcast on the station. I'm speaking
from people's perspective on stuff, right, and you and I both tell people
that, right, not news reporters. We're trash talking, clever, trash
talking dudes with access to audio editingequipment and occasional blue jokes. But you

know, every now and then westumble into teaching you something we don't claim
anymore any less. But you know, people didn't have that expectation that you
know, your radio host is goingto be on all the holidays. You're
the newspaper, especially if you're onthat that that slope there. Did you
show over in the Washington Post?What's going on right now? Bezos had

enough and UH was bringing in someBritish dudes to run the paper. And
they're absolute revolt over there, absoluterevolts. So it doesn't seem anyone's living
in reality in the industry, allright, coming up on the show.
We got mobsters, we got attackdogs. I'm making air quotes. You'll

understand why. Oh AND's speaking ofac units. In fact, that's like
one of my favorite stories of theday. And we will get to that
and much more coming up Kcoday Radioprogram. And Hidalgo and that's the mayor
of Paris and Anne is a big, big moon. Bet. I know
you're shocked to learn this. Andsince the city of Paris is hosting the

Olympics, somebody let this idiot comeup with the environmental plan which includes are
you ready for this? And thisis an actual quote from the mayor.
She says, I want the ParisGames to be exemplary from an environmental point
of view. Okay, And thenare you sitting down? It's Monday.

I know we're just back and youguys probably been in the grind, but
I have to point this out.I have to, uh, I have
to share the other half of thisquote. It will be more similar to
the very first Olympic athletes. Okay. I I think what she's implying is

she said she said that twice.Well, she said the part about exemplary
environmental point of view a bunch andthen that's quote in the AP article,
but she was on, uh,what was the name of it, whatever,
it doesn't matter, and she waslike intimating that, you know the
you know, the people who mightcomplain over it. The first Olympic athletes

didn't have ac They also didn't haveclothes. I mean, how far do
you want to go with this?Look? I'm sure, I'm sure if
you had I'm if you want tosee a boost in the women's competitions,

you could go original Olympics. IBoston Paul would watch for sure. I
don't think there's a question in mymind about that. Be excited man,
it's like back in his olden days. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nostalgia.
That's a good point. Yeah yeahyeah. So dude, Kim and
I got into like this email exchangeyesterday when the moon bats stormed the golf

tournament, and let's just say,he's got some old timy ideas how to
handle that very very gangs of NewYork policing. So it was angry.
So anyway, so that's dumb.But this is even more dumb because you
are unnecessarily equipping the world's best athleteswith how many times have let me ask

you this, ross. When youwoke up in the morning staying at your
mom's house last week, did youfeel well rested? I did not know.
The bed was like your head isjust like wet to the pillow,
you know, yeah, soaking wet. Gross. Well, keep waking up
with headaches and stuff. Dude,there is a spider here, all right,
whatever, we'll deal with that ina moment. Your days are numbered,

buddy, anyway. Yeah, no, you don't feel well rested.
You feel so everything that a toptier athlete does, the you know,
the best in the world. They'revery for the most part, they're very
regimented, very I told you oneof my roommates was was track and field.

Yeah, d one track and fieldand super nice. Dude didn't eat
the same way we did, didn'tdrink, didn't stay out, didn't do
any of that. You know whybecause that was him. That was his
his dedication to, uh, youknow, being the best that he could
be. Great, dude, theseare the best athletes in the world.

So if you're you know, ifyou're you have entire nutrition. This is
the this is the irony of it. The how much what do you think
the carbon footprint is of the nutritionstaff for the US Olympic team. I
was gonna say, there's there's nothinggreen about the Olympics. No, Okay,

You've got everybody traveling there, You'vegot a little jets in the air,
you've got to opening ceremony, allthe resources being used. Everybody going
there either you know, however they'regetting there by plane, by automobile.
However, there's nothing green about theOlympics. Nothing, So you remove the
easiest thing that admittedly does utilize power, but pales in comparison to all the

minute stuff that is done. Oh, when you're dealing with top level athletes.
I've personally met just because we werethe broadcast team, the support staff
for the Minnesota Vikings. How manysupport staff And when I say support staff,
I mean people who work directly withthe players in different capacities from sports

medicine to catering to whatever it is. It's way more than you think.
And you know how crazy they areabout you know the pollution and cal farts.
Do you how much protein these athleteseat? Remember, like Michael Phelps,
I remember them reporting and him aslike fifteen or twenty thousand calories a
day. Yeah, So anyway,so we've responded, and our response is

America FBS and we're bringing our ownAC units and I look, I want
our I love our athlete walking intothe Olympic village right past the giant dispenser
of condoms, because that's always hisstory. Well it is, it's not
gonna be this year. You hearwhat they're doing to their beds, Well,

I know I didn't want to.They google what Yo. They've replaced
their typical beds with these beds thatthey say they're sex proof beds. And
when you look at it, itlooks like a medieval torture device. It's
not like a bed. It's gotbumps in it and it like goes up
and down and it's made. Yes, there is, and they are installing

them in the Olympic village sex proofbeds. There is no such thing as
a sex proof no thing. You'vegot these these athletes that are like,
you know, super amazing. Yes, you can see how they can bend
and contort, and you know theycan do a handstring. They'll figure it
out. They'll figure it out.No, but not even for not them.
How many stories have we done,mostly in Florida, right where two

people are getting on. You're like, how how are you having sex on
top of the the deep friar?What is going on? So? No,
those are not things that exist.Oh I didn't see that. Yeah.
So that their goal is for themto be hot, malnourished, and
uncomfortable, most in a horny yeahyeah, yeah, yeah, dude,

it's it's it's it's France, right, isn't this their thing? This is
the thing, right, It's like, you know, the the romance of
Paris. Right, They're like,ah yeah, very romantic. Now you
know what that sounds like. Itsounds like they took those hobo benches,
right you ever seen those? Theyinstalled, yes, and then just threw
a mattress like they kind of theyhave an airports where you can't sleep on

the bench at an airport. Theymake all weird stuff on purpose. Yeah.
Do you know the last time Ihad to sleep in an airport because
I got my flight ended up gettingin It was supposed to be getting in
it at seven, and I wasgoing to get a hotel. Just walk
out. There's a hotel in theairport. Right. It was Tampa Airport,

just you know, or out upstarting not Tampa, Miami airport and
there's a hotel. I get rightthere, and I was just gonna go
over there and if not through somewhearound the corner. This was last last
year, dude, This spider isbulletproof. I just whacked. It's probably
gonna come over and eat this.Your powers, this is your origin story.
Yeah, it's gonna be great,and you're all here to witness it.
Hold on one more whack? Ohoh yeah, I don't think he's

coming back from Why are you onthe ceiling? So I broadcast from up
here because the acoustics so and Iwant the maximum heat like at your mom's
house, so heat rises. Whyare you sleeping upstairs? I don't understand
that. So so where was Ibefore I got superpowers? Oh yeah,

yeah yeah. And and so I'min the Miami airport and I got in
at like one in the morning andmy flight the next day was, uh
six fifteen. So you're not gonnago get a hotel room, right,
I've got but there's nothing really goingon, and I'm like, all right,
I'm just gonna find a spot andkick it. I walk the entirety

of the d concourse and there's youknow, there's people sleeping in the airport
all over. I don't need much. I just need something that's remotely gonna
allow me to pass out for acouple hours. I ended up having to
go into the the E terminal,which, if you don't know, the
airport is like it's a walk.You go to this big hallway and whatever,
and lo and behold there's a children'sa children's playground in the E concourse.

I had never been a E.I don't you know. It's like
British Airways and a few others,and they have they have a standard thing
and they have a slide like atube slide, right, you know,
like you go on the water slide. So I jammed. I jammed like
a my luggage, my carry onup under there, and then I took

my backpack which was my pill andI literally it's I slept inside of the
kids slide. That's amazing for anddo you know what it felt good?
You know felt good. I sawin Philly they have the when you're going
from Concourse to Concourse, they havethe big recliners that you can pay to
go in to give you massages.It's a bunch of people just passed out

on those yeah, like this ismine now. They used to have those.
They used to have them in deconcourseand turned into a problem. And
then they had rocking chairs and peoplewere breaking the rocking chairs because this is
why we can't have nice things.So any who, Yeah, so our
athletes are going to bring their ownacs. I think I think you need
to send a message. I don'tthink you stop here. What else sucks

a lot of power that moonbat's hate, what really chaps them? Bring those?
Bring those, Get some non efficientsomething or other. Get one of
those old old energy guzzling refrigerators,and then that you know, it's you
keep your drinks and stuff. Andoh yeah, and what are they going

to do stop us? I don'tknow if I don't know if they know
this. When we want to getinto France, we get into France,
Ross, had you heard this ifus once? Yes? Yeah, yeah,
so we'll bring whatever we want.And by the way, other countries

including Germany, Australia, Italy,Canada, and Britain also plan to bring
their own acs. Well, you'renot going to stop Germany either, and
then Canada, Britain, Australia.Dude, why is it literally once again
the axis and the Allies, thoseare all those are all axis ally teams.

Good to see Italy and Germany havecome over to the right side here.
But serious quick, is Russia allowedto have a team this year?
Ah? You know what, They'regonna do the same thing, so they
can't have the logos. Remember whatthey did last Olympics, right, yeah,
yeah, yeah, but remember theywere being punished, not just for

the Ukraine thing. They were beingpunished for the most I laugh every time
I think about this, the Sochicheating scandal. Oh yeah, well they're
secret tunnels, so for those sothe host country obviously they construct this Olympic
village, and I guess nobody hadthought that when Russia constructed it that they
might put like secret tunnels between buildingsor a secret opening doors is what it

was. So because the buildings werenot separate from each other. They were
like, yeah, like one biglike a shopping center kind of thing,
and so on the other side ofthe medical center and the drug testing thing
was somewhere that you know, justthe Russian officials had access to and they
could literally, like I don't know, hit some secret button or whatever.

And then at night they were justgoing in and swapping the urine of their
athletes. They're like Scooby Doo secretswith the eyes, yes, juicing tunnels
yes. So they're still in troublefor that. So I think they're not
allowed to have the logoing. Butit's like, I, you know,
is it really that different? Well, we don't want it's for the athletes.

Hey, let me explain something toyou. If you are a top
tier, very good Olympic athlete,other countries will they will have you,
Other countries will have you. It'sit's just it's it's the world version of
I'm Cuban and I can throw itninety eight. You should do some research

six forty nine. Hang on,I'm getting to a variety of stories,
okay, And I know that there'sa lot that we haven't covered. But
I can tell you right now,I I'm not digging into what is what
is that? Is? That?That's a cartoon bird. I don't even

I don't I don't I don't knowwhat it. I don't even know what
show that's from. So also two, he's a weird name. So so
no, probably not going to getinto that, but I will get into
some other stuff. But I'm gettingjust absolutely destroyed in my email. Can
I tell you this without having toget into it, how excited I was

to learn that we weren't here theweek that that started. Hm, cuz,
And I mean this, If yougo check the Twitter timeline, there's
no posts after like just a couplehey, I'm on vacation to me turning
on to kind of get back intothe news cycle. On Saturday, I

was blissfully unaware of anything and everythinggoing on, and so when I dip
my toe back in the water,it was shocking, because yeah, it's
not uncommon for my timeline to bea kind of repetitive because I follow primary,

I follow news sources and a fewdifferent pundit accounts that I find amusing.
And every single thing in there wasthat and I can't even get into
the core details of it, andI'm not going to. And here's why,
okay, and I want you tounderstand this. The woman in question
all cartoon bird jokes aside, likemany of the people on Twitter, is

a content thief. That woman beinginterviewed in one of the where was that
Nashville or whatever, I don't evenknow where she's been interviewed at, you
know, and but you know thethe YouTube and the twitch streamers and whoever
they are, that is a targetrich environment. You go down into a

bar district, you ask leading questionsto a bunch of drunk people, and
you know what, you probably geta lot of content. And if that's
your niche and that's working great.So they asked her something. A new
phrase was born. That's not anew phrase, as I'll explain here in

a moment, and everybody lost theircollective minds. It was like Eiler's chick
airplane chick And what was the meme? Who was the fourth woman in that
meme? Oh? The cop?Well she's not a cop no more.
But like it was, it wasa collective embrace of this one joke,

and it was that was interesting.And all I could think of is does
anybody not realize that she stole thatline? Oh you don't believe me?
Huh, Well, allow me toprove it to you. So for all
of your little hawk twoy memes andaudio and I'm not going to play the

audio and everything going on, Ifeel like here at the show, we've
done our research more thoroughly, andI will I would turn to the iron
chic Y' all know who the IronSheek was, old school wrestler man also
known as the Legend of the Earth. Wait does he follow you or no?

No, not follow you? Butwho follows you? Sergeant Slaughter?
Sergeant Slaughter, I thought you hada well and our our friend of the
show there, but so you gotyou got a couple of wrestlers on there,
but the Iron Sheek Man. There'svideo here he is from. I
don't even know when this was foreverago. I mean that, you know,

we call that, we call thatevidence. So I appreciate you bringing
that up because I didn't want toeven talk about this. I'm not I
have to say something just to blattthievery. I it's it can't stand it.
So obviously she wasn't even alive whenIron she uttered those faithful words,

and then she gets credit for it. You know what it feels like.
It feels like those articles we doevery now and then where they're like,
we just invented this new way tosave housing money where we live with another
person who's not a family member,which was an actual thing I think in
the New York Times or something whileago or Lake Zoomers being like, oh,
you know what, we need iswe need a phone that's just for

the house, that just goes tothe house. What you didn't it be
tethered to the house. Oh wow, we should. We're gonna make a
mint. So you know, Idon't want to crush everybody's dreams there,
but it's it's right here. Ohyou cut it off because he said,

spit on that thing, right,okay, all right, Well anyway,
you get the gist of it.So there you go. There's our coverage
of it. You're absolutely one percentwelcome. Let's go to the surrender shed.
Now, the surrender shed many manymoons ago on this show, just
to reiterate, you had a youhad a young man doing some crime running

from police. They had reason tobelieve he had a weapon too. By
the way, I believe he didhave a weapon, he didn't have it.
I don't think he had it outwhen eventually the whole thing came to
an end. But he attempted toevade police through the yards of a neighborhood
and eventually got in got into ashed which was being used by the homeowner

to store just a bunch of stuff. Some of you probably have a shed
full of crap ross you have ashed, right, I do not have
a shed. I would love ashed. I thought you had a shadow.
I have a side closet with mylike hotwater. Okay, that's why
they were able to steal my lawnmowerback in the day, because I do
know a shed. I don't knowwhy I thought you had a shed.
Okay, well whatever, but ifyou had one, it'd be a good

place to hide from police, right, Oh yeah, if you get enough
crap in there. So he shimmiedin there and was able to literally crawl
into it, like into the messof stuff that was in there, except
the homeowner or somebody saw him goin there. So police are like,
you got to come out of there, you got to come out. And
he first he plays like he's notin there, and then they can hear

he's in there, and he's refusingto come out, and they're telling him,
like, you hear that barking.That's not the homeowner's dog. That
is our own personal firm missile whois absolutely excited at the possibility of going
in and getting at you. Ohhe wants nothing more, which is pretty

I've seen on many of the copshows. Can be a pretty effective threat.
So that goes on. The officeris you know, they're looking in
there, they can't see him,and that is a very dangerous situation.
So they send the dog in andthat works in aboutzero point three seconds.
Eventually they get him out of there. They drag him out that he put

him under arrest, and mom holdsa press conference. Oh my baby,
he was surrendering. He was surrenderingto police, and they sick the dog
on him, and she had herlawyer there, and of course the news
ran it and everything, and wemocked it relentlessly. Well, actually I
didn't. I took the tact orI explained to people that it's a surrender

shed and what you want to do, if you're going to be involved in
a life of crime, figure outthe geographic area where you're doing the crime,
locate any sheds around, pick yourfavorite, and that can be your
surrender shed. And for some reasonthat is reference to me regularly. And

I don't know that we've done asurrender shed story in forever. Well,
I present to you surrender shed too, extreme surrender shed. A woman says
she was sexually assaulted by a manin a shed. This happened in Las
Vegas. So this happens in Vegas. This guy drags her in there.

It's a dangerous part of the city. It's near a shopping mall. And
you know this, what did thishappen? And this happened like in the
middle of the day. Well,some folks who are standing around they hear
something. They hear a ruckus agroup they're described as a group of men.

They hear a ruckus and they rollover the shed and there they find
a fifty something year old man.Fifty something year old man dead from dead
from status with the police find butthe group of men find him in the

act of literally having just sexually assaultedthis woman. And he sees the group
and I'm assuming he was going togo ahead and surrender, but they ain't
give him a choice. Accoring topolice, the group of men, after
determining that he was literally in thecommission of this and hearing the woman's scream

and everything, they stabbed him todeath and left. Well, I point
this out, they just went straightstreet justice in this dude's shed and left.
The man stabbed pronounced dead. Afterbeing transported to University Medical Center,
all the men fled police stay they'retrying to identify them? Are they how

hard are they working on that?But yeah, you know, and it's
good to see because this is oneof those neighborhoods where too often you see
those videos where horribleness is happening andnobody does anything, and you're just like,
how is it possible that you couldbe watching this and not intervene in

a see, especially if you hada group of people. So, you
know what, I hope the LasVegas PD some more important stuff comes up.
That's all I'm saying. All right, eight eight eight nine three four
seven eight seven four what is this? All right? I don't I don't

know, dragging me back into this. I haven't seen anything definitive on this.
I saw rumors that the chick whostole iron cheeks line was a teacher
and they fired her, and thather dad was a pastor, but I
I didn't dig into it, SoI don't know, but I wouldn't be

surprised. So there you go.There's the extent of the coverage I'm gonna
do on that. I don't knowhow you think we can get into that
story anymore than that. Where doI want to go? All right?
Well, here's where we need here, here's where we need a little civilian
justice. Did you see what happenedon the closing hole of the the Travelers

yesterday? Then this is the Thisis a big golf tournament. This is
one of the important ones. Andas you got Scotty Scheffler, who is
bearing in, eventually went to aplayoff. And obviously Scheffler's won like six
of the last ten. He's numberone golfer in the world. He's got

a tear drop tattoo, and itto see him back in in in form
was was pretty darned impressive. Soif you're a Scotti Scheffler fan, like
apparently Dave portnoy Is, who wona half million on him winning, that
was also clogging up my timeline.You were pretty excited to see what was

going on yesterday. And on theon the flip side of that, you
have a an up and comer,uh South Korean golfer Kim U. I
don't want to call him an upand comer because I think he's in the
top twenty five or something rankings,but he's been very consistent force and it

was really entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, before they could get into the playoffs
when they're on the closing eighteenth pole, which would leave them in a tie
twenty two. Under this happens,Oh boy, they got we've got use

your words, Joe testers here andthey've been tackled on the ground on the
green. Well at least I've respondedquickly. But we've got see I see
four protesters that have been handcuffed.They just came flying down the hill out
of the gallery. There's some redpowder right in the area of the cup.

Yeah, no, that is thatis. I don't want to go
full smoke bomb like militarily, butthat's a smoke bomb. They have smoke
bombs and they are it's the glueourselves to stuff idiot or oil people.
And they have infiltrated this event withsmoke grenades and they are on the green

and this is a big damn dealbecause the plane surface and the protection of
it is really important, and they'rebeing tackled on this surface. If you
golf and you walk through a dude'sline, explain to me what happens.
You know what happens? That isno good. So this is going on.
They've got again these smoke devices andI don't know if you've been to

a golf tournament, or if youwent to the Open at all, even
with a press credential. I havemy stuff searched, and they decide they're
going to go ahead and do this. Now, here's the street justice,
because it wasn't gonna happen there.I want them brought back for that Phoenix
tournament. Do you remember the Phoenixtournament where like shirtless dudes or are four

hundred pounds shirtless dudes or slipping slidingdown it? Because and then they had
to cut off beer sales because thecrowd's out of control. I feel like
this would have ended a lot differently. Also, if you're Scottie Scheffler and
all the cops are rushing the green, you get a little PTSD. I
don't know how that worked. No, they can't affect him at this point
because like it's like someone that's beenin prison. You can't shake him like

a regular person. They're lucky thathe didn't shive them, right, They
could have got serious danger. Yes, putter handle pulls out. Well,
hold on, I'll have more ofthis in a moment. You're listening to
the CaCO Day radio program. Hangon, Uh, what is this.
Yeah, let me let me helpyou out here. If you send me
a link to something on Instagram,I can't see it because I don't have

an account and I'm not making one. Ross. What's your account on Insta?
What is it hays or what?Yeah? Yeah, no, I
don't have one. It's called Idon't have one. I don't have one.
I just don't have one. No, it's haze. I don't have
one. No, no, Ididn't know it doesn't exist. Oh what
a shame. So I appreciate.But thankfully, sir, I actually know

where you're going with this because Idid see some of this insanity quoted elsewhere.
So all right, let me getback to the golf. What happened
to the travelers? And it's actuallymore fascinating and a major Olympics update that
just came through. Okay, Iknow we had talked earlier about how the

Olympic moon bats are, like,no, we're not gonna have air conditioning
for you because the planet and stuff, but we're gonna hold the most extravagant
light show you've ever seen. SoI think you was this power I'm not
sure? Or do those do thedrones fly on I don't think they do.

I think you got to charge themAnyWho, And so the American Olympic
team says, we're going to bringour own AC units pound sand. What
are you going to do about it? So, no, this is not
even an update on that. We'llget to that here in just a moment.
But anyway, back to the golftournament eighteenth hole. You got Scheffler

and Kim their cruising in. Theywould eventually end up tied. After that
eighteenth hole, we go to suddendeath and Scottie schefflerd win. Spoiler alert.
But as the eighteenth toll was beingplayed, here come the Climate Moon
by Jim Nance with the call playit one more time for you use your

words. Jim. We've got awhole group of protesters here and they've been
tackled on the ground on the green. Well last I've responded quickly by we've
got see I see four protesters thathave been handcuffed. They just came flying

down the hill out of the gallery. There's some red powder right in the
area of the cup, yeah,about four feet away, And as everybody
was running around the green, youkind of wonder what sort of footprints were
left out there other than the paint, Trevor, there is no apparent damage.
I mean that's good. And look, when it comes to manipulating and

maintaining greens, the folks who doit for the PGA are really good at
it. I was as part ofthe media deal at one of the tournaments
I've covered. They actually had likethe green. They have all these press
conference there's always a press conference goingon, so if a golfergets done,

boom, they go to the pressthing. But when they're all still kind
of playing or waiting, they getother folks in there, and I remember
being fascinated by like how they canmanipulate these screens and what they do,
and I remember thinking that would helpmy golf game, and it really didn't.
That being said, they're tackling peoplethere. They're tackling people. They
are you know, they have dutybelts on and all of that stuff can

damage the green. Now the securitypeople, I don't know if they were,
but even something in the pocket man, so that is a concern.
And then they they start hooking thesefolks up. They've many of them have
ripped their shirts off. So youcan see the no golf on a dead
planet, which is that's their theirlittle their little logo or their little mantra,

and then they just insert whatever theactivity is and and they're screaming,
they're hooked up. One chick isscreaming about Biden. Everything's just dumb.
And then they got to go andthey got to play the hole out and
there's a lot on the line.And by the way, in the world

of betting, you can bet ina golf tournament on an individual player to
win. You probably realize that,but you could also bet on an individual
player not to win, which youknow, if you've got sixty golfers or
whatever going into the weekend, oryou know, whatever it is, or
if you're making that bet at thebeginning of the tournament, that's going to

be a really expensive bet because itis profoundly more likely than not that you'll
be correct. So whoever you're gamblingwith is gonna win a lot on the
line and the bet. According toone dude who bet seventy three thousand dollars
at negative fifty nine hundred to wintwelve hundred dollars, So to win one

two hundred dollars he had to hehad to wager and put it risk nearly
seventy four thousand dollars. I can'timagine making a bet like that. He
made the that on the dude whowent into the playoff. What do you
think that dude's man cave was likewhile that was going on. He's just

wagered seventy Yeah, I guess anew not loaded truck to win twelve hundred
dollars. And it was on Kim, the South Korean golfer. And I
don't know why he hates on him, but he did. And he has
to watch as Kim comes in thereand was in a and by the way,

was in a better position to winthan Scheffler going into that. He
almost he almost eagled man. Thatwould have been all she wrote, and
unfortunately he ends up you know,he ends up not getting that. Going
into the eighteenth, they end uptied, and he three putts in the
in the playoff. Old Bogie's itAnd that's all she wrote. But I

did see some people alleging they werenot moonback protesters but rather gamblers, which
just shows you how sports gambling isbecoming ubiquitous with sporting events, which is
fine. I don't have beef withit. By the way, you know,
I've been known to place a wagertwo from time to time, but
I can't imagine trying to make twelveYou want to talk about making twelve hundred

dollars the hard way, putting upseventy five of your own money, That
is wild. So anyway, theydrug those nitwits off and those but that's
where our breaking news comes in.All right, ready for this, this
is your Olympic update. Do youremember a week and a half ago when

we told you that these very sameclimate protesters were organizing a poop in so
you got to understand so too.In all of the lead up and all
of the fan faar to the Olympics, the president of France and the mayor
of Paris, the one who saidyou can't have ac they were going to

demonstrate the cleanliness of the water inthe Seine, in the river that runs
through Paris there because it's been anissue, and they've also had they've had
some issues and they don't really talkabout it in the press release, but
they've had some issues with folks whonow live in Paris who where they used

to live. It's more it's okayto defecate in your water source. So
they decided they were going to dothis big cleaning thing and to demonstrate how
clean it was, they were allgoing to go swimming in the river at
a press event. So you're goingto have the president, you're gonna have
the mayor, some other dignitaries.They're going to go swimming. So the

climate protest moonbats were going to getall of their buddies, eat a big
meal, I guess, and andgo upstream and do that at the same
time that they were in the river. And they allegedly they had like over
one hundred people sign up to dothis. So you know, all of

a sudden they're holding the press eventand now it's that scene from caddy Shack
with the Milky Way. I thinkit was a milky way, right,
I think it was. Well,unfortunately they've had to cancel the event.
Yeah, I think that was ababy ruth. Oh baby, they would
baby ruth. Yes, yeah,I know. But you know, as

Bill Murray pointed out, was delicious. So ah, what a great movie.
And I'm gonna have to watch Caddyshackagain. So anyway, yeah,
the cowards have have decided that they'regoing to postpone. Now they say it's
because I'm going to be very clearhere. They want to say it's because

they've had a recent inflow of somesewage issues and one part of it,
I think they got into this andthey said, I am not good.
There is not going to be aphoto of me surrounded by floaters. I
mean, you want to talk abouta docccus moment. And yes, I

know the pun that you want tomake. Right now, we all know
what it is, so it doesn'thave to be said. Ross. Do
you know the pun that could bemade there? I can figure it out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sowe're good. We don't need it.
Everybody, it's in your head.Laugh, Okay, good, wonderful.
By the way, it's actually illegalto swim in the river. Did

you know that? And if ifyou're in Paris and you've tied a few
on and you want to go swimmingin the river and they'll they'll arrest you
for it. But if you're liberatingFrance, well then there won't be any
friendship there. He's there to arrestyour right. I accept your surrender.

Okay, Well they surrendered here.They need a shed, that's what they
need. So uh, now they'renot going to do it, and they
wouldn't even comment on whether it's becausethey just you know, that thing that
was threatened. They just made somethingup. That's what I think. That's
my theory. So uh, thereyou go. All right, let's get

Ray Stagic from the Weather Channel.Ray last week I was angry that we
were on vacation and tried to killRoss and his mother in New York with
a heat ray. Let me tellyou about the hemity in New York.
Oh my, oh my lord.I have to tell you something. You
know, people have always said,you know, you go to the South
and they're like, oh, it'sso hot and it's so h would believe

it or not? In places likeNew York State, it will actually get
hotter and feel more human. It'sjust for less days. I think it's
just the longevity of the heat inthe South that gets the people. But
I mean the humidity up there.Now, Ross, I don't mean to
take too much of your time here. Did I hear a rumor that you
were in a little town in NewYork State that maybe I've heard of.

Were you in Sargates, New York? I was not where. Did where
Somebody told me, well, well, you'll have to go slap your friend
over there in Ashville then because somebody, he said, said that maybe somebody
from here was in Sorgates. Nowmaybe they got confused with Schenectady. Oh
yeah, you know what I cantell you how this I know exactly how

this ten game can game happened becausePete, who uh I know Mark very
well, but Pete, who usedto work in Ashville works in Charlotte down.
We have Pete on our show andwe you know, do a little
cross talk on Fridays. Well hecross talks with he does that same thing
with Mark still in Ashville. Andso I think Pete Calendar heard a New

York town with an S when weyeah, and then it went there.
So I see how that happens.Okay, Well yeah, now that we've
got all that Schnectay connectity, yeahyeah, because I knew Ross was up
in that air, but not sorry, I was like sorget as well.
Anyway, well he came back.At least we'll drop the heat a little.
I mean it was one hundred yesterdayofficially in Raleigh, low nineties over
the try and yeah, that didtie a record today load the mid nineties.

Maybe a storm as we head throughthe afternoon evening hours. Not much
rain. We're gonna stay in thenineties, maybe even back into the upper
nineties of the triangle this week.I don't see anything below ninety degrees for
the next two weeks. So getused to it. Okay, all right,
sorry that laude. Do you haveto talk to Mark again? Not

today, tomorrow? All right,tell it, just call him fake news,
okay, okay, well, allright, all right, thank you,
sir, appreciate it. Write thatdown startling fake news, fake news.
Yeah, he's probably got the dropon his button bar ask him.
All right, thank you, sir. A staging a weird but a weird
chain of events. Probably helpful thatthere's only like five tak hosts in the

whole state, so and we allknow each other, all right, seven
eight? Hang on. I Theonly reason I'm doing this story is because
this is not some Mirando. Thisis not some avatar you know, or
Pokemont you know avatar Twitter account,or you don't know who's on the other
end of this. This is awoman by the name of Brianna Joy Gray

who was, among other things,she was the campaign comms I think she
was the head of communications for BernieSanders campaign. I believe she also spends
some time right after the election workingfor some in some capacity for the White

House. Maybe she was over No, I think maybe she did some with
the First Lady's office. Yes,yes, that's what it was. And
then eventually she found herself hosting ashow for The Hill, which does some
TV shows. But she was firedhere I don't know a few weeks ago
because they were interviewing an Israeli womanwhose sister was one of the hostages being

held by Hamas, and during theinterview, she's rolling her eyes at the
woman. The woman's not making boldclaims about anything other than I just want
my sister home cause all of thehorribleness that the other hostages have said that
we're done to them. It's killingus as a family. And she had

no sympathy. She berated this woman, she rolled her. It was so
over the top they fired her.Well, this lunatic has some free time,
so she took to Twitter yesterday andposted a challenge to the New York
Times and other publications out there toget with the program. By the way,

she denies that there had been anyrape of bay Hamas, even though
there's videoed, rape of it,of it happening, or all sorts of
stuff. She's not a fan ofthe Jews, so anyway, she wrote
quote, I might have missed it, but has the Times or any other

major US paper covered the reports ofIsrael training dogs to rape Palestinian prisoners?
And she's serious And in fact,when people started criticizing her, rather than
just deleting it, she doubled down. I'm sorry, I see a lot
of rumor mill stuff, but whatso the Israel's training rape dogs but only

dogs that rape Arab people. I'mreally confused by this. I've heard of
the dolphins with the knives. Thatwas what Ukraine or something, but this
is wild man. Now, look, do we utilize dogs in military capacity?
Sure? I remember getting to godown and watch the dogs down there,

to Seymour Johnson getting a demo fromthe guys down there, and our
former producer Chrissy wanting to pet one. Don't pet one because they're working dogs,
but they're looking for bombs and stuff, and you know, sometimes drugs,
sometimes fruit and vegetables or bodies oremotional support of this is no the

hell is this woman on? I'mthinking of changing and we get drunks or
whatever it is who's shorter you orme? We're basically the same height,
aren't we. So I don't knowwho would be shoddy in this, but

that is AOC dancing or something.And Frank, I can't even play all
the audio. I can't play theaudio from uh Bowman Congressman Bowman because it's
nothing but F bombs. But yeah, so like this video emerged of like

a SmackDown walk on of AOC andJamal Bowman taking the stage for some rally
up in New York. And whileI'd normally ignore it, it looked so
stupid that it you know, itended up a lot of people commenting and
looking at it. But I wasgetting vibe. I know, she's not

that old and he's not that oldin the grand scheme of Washington, but
I was getting definitive people who've agedout trying to still feel relevant vibes there.
Did you pick up on any ofthat as you were dubbing that in,
because that's where I was kind ofstuck in that. But what really
stuck with me though, was thelanguage. So between the F bombs and

the and you know the rest ofthe insanity there, the language was we
got to take this back, Wegot to fight, fight, fight.
You know, it's all of thetrigger words that when Donald Trump does it
or says it, obviously he's callingfor a civil war or something along those
lines. And it was like theentirety of the rally. And then it

was people going, look how manypeople they were able to get out here.
I'm like, yes, that's impressivein Queens that you were able to
find so many Democrats to show upto your block party. But if you
haven't seen it, we'll tweet outa link you can you can check that
out. Okay, all right,I gotta get over this other story.

How many of you probably feel thatyou have a pretty good handle on all
of the insanity that is Portland.I mean, think about everything over the
last few years that we've learned,all of the videoed incidents, the interviews,
just the just the mug shots rightduring the mostly peaceful summer of protest

ross. You ever see a mugshot collection that looks like Portland's when they
were finally making arrest there, I'venever seen one like that. If you
had normal colored hair, it stoodout. No, yeah, they all
they all had that blue hair.Like there maybe from Mars or something,
and like they're all wearing the blackright look and one unblankable every fill in

the blank there right that all,yeah, there was some action there with
the ugly stick. Yes, yeah, hideous would be the only one who
was just was a possibility. Doyou remember the chick who was naked in
the street with her legs spread atthe cops as a form of protest.
I'm a very brave Yeah, verybrave. She was the only one that
said all right. I was sheshut up? I don't know, but

probably probably not. And I likehow she thought that those dudes, all
the male cops who'd been standing therehaving to deal with her ugly friends,
were I'm sending a message. Nah, they're good. That's why they're not
arresting you right now. But justwhen you think you've you've figured out all
of the moon bad insanity that isthe city of Portland, I present to

you one of these pedos pedobuster YouTubeaccounts. I don't know how many there
are, but I know that they'vebeen busy this week, including what the
Maryland's LGBT director who thought he wasgood. I can't even read that.
If you if you've read the textmessages, you'll understand why I can't read

any on the air. They are. They are as crude, lude and
disgusting as you would ever think.And he thought that was a fourteen year
old boy, so he got confronted. They confronted some dude into target and

ended up getting physical. But overin Portland, this dude shows up.
He thinks he's meeting an underage kid, and so they're just doing their thing,
well, they're trying to do theirthing. Because while they're doing their
thing and they're telling this guy,hey, I know you thought you were
going to show up and there wasgoing to be a tween here that you
could assault, you garbage human,all of a sudden, a woman walks

over to where this is going on, and it just added another layer of
the insanity that is Portland. You'reready for this, Here we go.
How's it going, man? Soyou know, I should point out that
the dude doing the confronting, let'ssay a standard white dude, and the
dude getting confronted it looks like hispanicdude or maybe I don't know, but

the point is that's what this womansees from a distance. How's it going.
Man, So you know why I'mhere obviously, right, this is
this is you, right, SoI'm not here to hurt you. I
want to have a conversation with you, though. Do you think we can
talk about this? Uh? Yeah, in a terrible manner. Yeah,
I can yell at you or anything, right, I mean you can ask
them while you hear, if youwant to ask. I live in the

neighborhood and I did a lot ofthat each lad for the houseless. Oh
no, he's to make sure thathe was not being harassed. Oh am
I harassing you? You want totell her why you're here? Or do
you want to just to probably movealong? He does not know, he
doesn't everything. Okay, not really, but do you want him to go
away? I do you want totalk about this? Or I I want
to talk about right? So okay, I just wanted to make sure that

the brown person listens. Okay,the brown person is safe because we have
a go have a have a goodday, have a good have a good
day, have a good day.Sorry. I laughed too, because he's
laughing. And you have to understandthis woman looks like and Ross. I'm
gonna make a Disney reference here.This woman looks like Edna Mode from The

Late the the lady from Incredibles withthe glass. You know what, I've
never seen that one. I meanyou you haven't seen the who Edna Mode
is? Huh? All right,hold on, hold on, hold on.
And I, by the way,the reason I know this is my
nephew that was you know, kidsget obsessed with a movie dude incredible.
So last time I visited, Iended up watching it like three. Yeah,

I've never seen it. I've seenlike everyone like this. Past Halloween
though, I ordered what was supposedto be an inflatable dancing banana Halloween outfit.
Uh, and it came like theHalloween day because I thought Lincoln would
find it funny, like Daddy's againstYeah, thinks that dancing bananas are funny.
Was it a rosta banana or justa rosta banana like dancing? So

it was like this could be funnyand like I opened it the day up
we were about to go trigger tradingand it was an Incredibles like mister incredible.
The Red Spandex was like, whatis this crap? Check your text
messages to send you a photo there? Tell me that's not the woman who
rolled up on him. Oh completely, dude, that's her. Yes,

so yeah, I just saw awhite person talking to a brown person.
Yeah, that's right. So wejust sent me an email. Those text
messages can't be that. Oh mygod, my eyes, where's the bleat?
Yes? Yes, yeah, don'tgoogle that unless you're brave. The

Maryland LGBT State director do not.I just stop prepping for a moment after
I write and get a drink.So anyway, back to Edda mode.
So she just randomly sees this.She has no idea what they're talking about.
Obviously there's a certain confronting going on, but she comes up because she

advocates for the homeless, the houseless, the house. Yes, you know
what, you're absolutely right. Iapologize. Oh oh here's she cobs.
Oh but here's the thing. Whyis it she walked up to that group
and assumed the brown dude was thehomeless or the houseless dude? Huh?

Like, if I was there,that would have been my question to her,
because you know, she would havejust turned into a sputter sprinkler of
words. Man, she would havenothing. But anyway, yeah, that's
that's Portland, where you can't eventell a guy not to molest children.
She got a stick her nose init. So, yes, Portland just

could. Portland's like Florida. Man, it just keeps impressing Land right here.
What's up? Man? Not much? So what do you what do
you do? Do you understand whyI'm here? Obviously to you? Okay?
So here I thought I was hereto fight you. Bro. I
would have put you in the riveralready, okay, right, you came

right here to the river. Anything. How long do you think you've been
talking to this girl? A fewweeks? All right? Anyway? And
the girl I think thirteen? Yeah, thirteen. And you know with those
they always make a point to tellthe age. So it is that's the
thing that always killed me about theChris Hansen stuff. Once it becomes clear

that they've seen the text messages,you know what you wrote, or you
have an idea, and they justbe like, I don't know, man.
She never said her age, neversaid her age. Yeah. She
sent me a photo that was datedyesterday from her thirteenth birthday party, and
the cake has thirteen on it andthe balloon say thirteen. How was I
to know? That's because you gotto read into the numbers. Bro got

to read into the numbers. Howdo I know? Cause, Uh,
we gotta. We're gonna head upto Wake Forest for a couple of stories.
Uh and R. E. Lis very upset over something. I
have to tell you what they're upsetabout. But uh, yeah, we'll
we'll, we'll, uh we'll touchbase on a couple there and uh,

Jerry Seinfeld Heckler's video is pretty fun. Oh and we do have a Florida
story, so we get to allit more coming up. Case O Day
Radio program. Thank you to thoseyou know getting your listening in. If
you can stream it, it mighthelp, I don't know necessarily, And
maybe you gotta stream one of that. The point is some folks on the

on the on the high Point Greensboroside. I'm gonna say high Point because
that's where our studios are now.Uh, the audio is crackling, there's
some stuff there. The engineering ison it. I what I suspect is,
if that's what I'm hearing from people, I wonder if we might be

on our backup tower. Maybe they'redoing some maintenance or something. I don't
nobody tells me anything, so butthey're on it. Okay. But that
that kind of thing that you're describingthere with the audio sounding like that makes
it sound and our and the backuptower is generally lower powers, so the
signal is not going to be asstrong. So I apologize for that.

Did you if you want, Ross, do you want to put Gordon delon
in Greensboro for I'm kidding, I'mnot gonna do that to you. So
truck through check out the iHeartRadio app. You search out ninety four to five
WPTI. Hey, if that doesn'twork, we're on the one O six
one over in Raleigh. But they'reon it, okay, And I appreciate

you letting us know, but trustme, you don't want Ross and I
trying to fix stuff at the towerwould not end well. And that's being
polite there. Or we could juststeal it like that tower in Alabama or
whatever, but first we got togo to Wake Forest. I don't understand.

This is the ultimate self fulfilling prophecy. I just want to point this
out. So, Ross, youheard that somebody decided to steal some stuff
from the old Walmart near your housethere? Yeah, I sure did.
I read about it about maybe liketwenty minutes after it happened. Okay,
all right, because you're right,why is there a chase going on?
So this is what is that onSouth Maine? Right? Yeah? All

right? So man and a womanarrested Sunday after authorities say they attempted to
steal from a Walmart in wake Forest, leading authorities on a chase that ended
in a crash. So it wentlike this, Walmart calls like, hey,
we got some thieves, please showup. Obviously though they had they
had left Walmart, but they hada description of the vehicle. It probably

knew who they were, considering therecord we're going to hear about here.
But police say that they then observedthe suspects at a traffic stop, so
they attempted to pull them over,observed them, attempted to make a traffic
stop, and they quote fled ina careless and reckless manner. And words

matter. And I don't know whatWakeforce policy is on chases. Every department's
different, but a lot of departmentshave curtailed your ability to pursue and criminal
dirt bags are not unaware of this, and ironically it almost forces them,
if they're thinking about it, tobe more reckless in the way in which

they leave, although some departments therecklessness is what allows the pursuit until certain
other things happen. And again Idon't know what wake force policy is.
But eventually the suspects crashed on ninetyeight your Camp Kanata Road, non life
threatening injuries. They're under arrest,bunch of charges anyway, And I'm reading

the WRAL article and I assume that'sthe end of it, but it is
not. This is the second lawenforcement chase since Saturday that ended in a
crash. WRAL data trackers recently reportedthat chases involving law enforcement have spiked in
recent years. There have been fortythree chases since the start of the year.

They're very because they don't like themchasing criminals. Now, why do
you think chases have gone up inrecent years? Does anybody have a theory
as to why that might be?Because I have a theory. I think
the reason there's more chases, andthe number that should be included here is
the number of people who fled anattempted traffic stop, because that number is

way higher when you pull the data. And the reason my theory that people
think that or people would do thatmore often is because they think you might
stop the chase. What was itthat you posted about on your social media
although obviously you were in New York'syour wife had to go, oh yeah,
yeah on Saturday? Did they touchthe truck for the fly with the

fire trucks and that lea? Wasit just fire or police or yeah,
a police department. We're putting ona weak forest. Okay, cool,
cool and yeah, but it wasfor the Special Olympics and they apparently went
over really well. My wife workedreally hard to get donations for them and
stuff and the baskets. Kudos onthe air for that because she raised a
crap ton of money, went towork and I saw the gift baskets that

she was having there. So whatthey just basically let the kids go in
and just sit in the ladder thingin the back and do all that,
which is like the greatest thing Isuppose when you were a kid. Man
so and the rosso wasn't even there. And he got a challenge coin and
he's been he was bragging about ittoo. I don't think that means you
can do whatever you No, Igot a challenge coin now, so if
I get pulled over, right,yes, it's ically get out of a

jail free card, right, II how it works. It's like those
I donated to the sheriff's ball stickersthat you see. I don't. I
don't know how that works. Doyou have a lot of I have a
crap ton of challenges? I do? I have one, dude, I
have one from an Air Force general. So I'm pretty sure we can use
the planes. Is that how thatworks? We just go down pick out

what we want. I'm thinking Fthirty five, so I can do the
hover thing. But no, ifyou show them the challenge coin and they
don't have the plane you want,like, what is the punishment? Like
what happens to them that they haveto rake dirt? Oh my god?
Standard military punishment. I'm trying tothink. What do I have? I
have a let's see, that's that'sa really cool one. That's that's from

a two star at the time,three star now air Force general gave me
that. Dude, I got onefrom ATF, So I think I can
have all the alcohol, tobacco,and firearms I want, right, just
show them the coin. Hey hereit is. Can't stop me? Is
that a still? Yeah? Itis? Is that a tobacco? Well?

You can grow tobacco. It isthere no tax stamps, don't matter
my that barrel short, but challengecoin, and I think that's good to
go. Uh, dude, Ieven have insult challenge coins. Are you
familiar with these? Do you knowwhat an insult challenge coin is? I'm
gonna be coy on this. Someof you listening who may work for a

certain law enforcement organization might know ofa challenge coin that has a a rooster
on it talking about surviving a certainera, but there's a misspelling on era
and it says air. I haveone of those. There's some, there's

some. There's some dudes on dutyright now and went, oh, I
know what that is. Yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah. So I
think that one's my favorite, justdue to the insulting nature of it.
So very good. So Ross isuh, he's free to do whatever he
wants in the city of wake Forest. Now all right, well, we'll
see how horribly that ends a coupleother things. Let's see here, Oh

dude, you see the newsweek article. By the way, let me ask
you a question real quick. Eighteight eight nine three four seven eight seven
four are you how on a scaleof one to ten, what is your
excitement level for the presidential debate?Even if your excitement level is sheer morbid

curiosity, like you know, ohthere's a fifty two car pile up,
I can't look away? Or areyou kind of not looking forward to it
now? Ross and I obviously havea different, a slightly different approach because
it will. It produces work forus, but simultaneously it produces content.

And I have to admit I don'twant it to be like the first debate
last time around with those guys,but I don't think that that's possible.
But I really want to see what'sgoing to go down. Ross, you're
the one who's gotta dub it allin. How are you feeling about it?
Man? Do you want to seethis thing? I do. I'm
interested in it. I think it'sgonna be I'm sure it'll be incredibly civil.

Well, there's nobody there like they'rethey're in what a a sensory deprivation
chamber? Is that where we arenow with them? I mean, did
you see the video? I guessthat we are on vacation, so I
sort of just saw in passing scrollingthrough an X but the video of like
Biden, I guess who's been hunkereddown there. We're at Camp David and

they just announced he's not leaving untilthey you know, to do Prepp.
And there's a video of him thatcame out while we were on break and
his eyes were like bug eyed,and the dude didn't blink for like the
incredible the entire duration of the videoand he was just you he was he
was hyped up on something like theywere pumping him so full of drugs for
this debate. I wanted. Iwanted him to do a stare off with

Justin Timberlake to see that photo thatokay, anyway, that's going to ruin
the tour su I Did hear thatall right? Anyway? So yeah,
he looked, he looked a littleyou know what when he gets when he's
passionate about something, Dude, helocked in. That's that's the Joe Biden

we know. But it's gonna beyou're a convicted felon, and well your
son is going you raised a convictedfelon. I mean, if they can.
But it's also like there's also thebefore you even get to what said,
whether he'll be able to say it, you know what I mean?
And and my here's my fear isthat at some point Joe Biden is trying

to formulate a sentence and it's takenso long that Donald Trump goes and then
it's gonna garner sympathy for the forthe poor old utter. I think the
best thing for Trump to do inthat situation is just let Joe Biden,
uh, dig himself into a hole. Now, look at his watching Look
at his watch like you're Joe Bidenwatching coffins. Noted because because there are

a lot of dumb people in thiscountry that'll be like, oh, the
poor old man is being made funof by the big bully orange man.
That's what happened. So News Newswe get in prepped for this. Here's
their article, Donald Trump accused ofrepeatedly waving to nobody. Yes, this
is as we start stacking the scandals. I don't know if this will come

up. Uh. Former President Trumphas been accused of waving to nobody in
videos to create a sense of himmeeting large audiences where there are none.
All right, and so they usea couple examples of him waving. Here's
the thing and immediate Ross points outimmediately when we were talking about it off
the air. He's not waving tonobody because you have a picture of it.

You ever waved in a photo tothe camera rock, Yeah, because
they're filming him and it's on acamera. If there's nobody behind the camera
and he's really not waving, well, he's waving to the people at home
that are watching through the camera.It's so stupid. You know what,
I'll tell you what would be.Here's what they need to do. They
need to do a whole series onthis. And and what I'd like to

see, is there any video wecan come up with a US president not
waving towards the camera, in fact, turned away from it and having a
conversation with somebody who's not there Likethat would be troubling, would see.
I'd be concerning like somebody wandering offand just talking to nobody or a ghost
or you know, whatever the theoriesare. I don't like that. You

know, write a story about that, but I don't. Yeah, I
don't know where you'd find something likethat. Oh Man and a visit to
Wisconsin Tuesday. This is last Tuesdayor last Tuesday. Days after reports emerged
he had made negative comments about acity in the state do you know how
many negative comments I've made about thingsin Wisconsin, many of them having to

do with packers and packer fans.Anyway, made a negative comment about a
city in the state, Trump steppedoff an airplane waved toward an apparent crowd.
However, footage posted on x hisdeputy director of communications appeared only show

a car and a handful of people. I'm gonna call bs here, and
here's why I know he's not presidentanymore. But the same goes for this.
I have been on the tarmac whenAir Force one is shown up somewhere
and got sent out to do themedia coverage. And I have literally been
on the tarmac when Donald Trump's planewas there and we got to look in

it. And that's when he wasthat's when he was running for president,
before he was running for president,but when he was still coming out and
doing political things. And so hecame and he did some stuff up up
in Minneapolis, and I believe it'sthe same plane he still has. It
looked very similar. The point is, when the president or the former president

is on the tarmac and is moving, there's a gazillion people there. There
may not be a crowd sometimes theydo, sometimes they don't. But between
the staff and the protection detail,and yes, the media because it was
there were members of the media therewho were backing with some other photos.
There's not there's not just one carfull of people. Have you seen when

Donald Trump goes somewhere? It isIt is a straight up presidential motorcade,
just as it is when Clinton moves. So yeah, what a crazy article.
Man. All right, anyway,let's get raised agic in here and
I'll take Now I get to makefun of him for what he did to

me, bister Stategic see roasting Rossand he said, yeah, now I
gotta do something to kse. Whythen, did you like, all right,
I'm gonna take the same heat domeand put it over Capos Costa Rica
and we're the poor guys trying tofish and now it's humid and ninety five.
Well sorry about that. Now,now it's always humid in ninety right

Capos the fishing's very good. Soyeah, well that's still I took it
personally, man, Well sorry,I didn't mean it personally, but yeah.
The heat dome, if we'd liketo call it, that, basically
is an area of high pressure thatkeeps US usually mostly dry, and in
this case in the summer month's hotand it'll stay hot. One hundred tight

a record in Rawley yesterday, Ithink it was like ninety three to try
it, So there was that muchof a temperature variation across the region.
And today we'll average a little bitnineties with lots of sunshine. Later today
pop up shower storm. There's awindow in the evening of a couple of
hours there will not be much rain, and that'll be the narrative heading through
Tuesday and Wednesday, sunny and hot, mid maybe even upper nineties, he
returning, and then we'll try toget some iceolate to pop up storms later

in the weeken into the weekend.But I look ahead, I'll see in
the next seven days anything below ninetydegrees. I think we're load of mid
nineties, even a couple of daysin the upper nineties for the triangle right
through the upcoming weekend and early nextweek and later the week and the weekend
pop up storms here and there nowidespread thunderstorm action either. And let me
jump into the tropics quick No actionin the tropics, so that's pretty quick

done. Oh wow, Okay,is that like a bummer for you guys,
or no, well not well notreally. It's it's honest, all
right. I think it's fun kindof yeah. Okay, well we'll chat
tomorrow and who knows, maybe itstarts a little swing in your direction.
Okay, we'll see yep, allright, and then we're coming back with
Jeff Bellinger. So hang on.Well the morning, casey, welcome back.

Stock sended narrowly mixed on Friday,and the futures are mixed this morning.
S and P and NASBAC futures arelower, the Dow futures are up
seventy nine points, and we doget the inflation gauges say favored by the
Federal Reserve Board later this week.They may help to determine how soon policymakers
can start to cut infrast rates.There is apparently some light at the end

of the tunnel for thousands of autodealers across the country that depend on software
from CDK Global. That company washit by hackers twice last week. An
automated message from CDK indicates progresses beingmade. It expects it will take several
days but not weeks, to restoreits system. Restoration cannot come fast enough

for dealerships. They've had to findworkarounds for completing sales, scheduling appointments,
and running credit checks. United ParcelService has agreed to sell its Coyote logistics
business to Roxo and an online gamblingdeals in the works this morning. An
MGM Resorts International subsidiary is buying TipicosUS sportsbook and casino operations. Target and

Spotify are teaming up, allowing Targetto expand its marketplace for third party merchants.
Vendors all already using the Shopify platformcan apply to sell their goods on
Target Plus and Casey Inside Out Towas the number one movie for a second
weekend in a row A com Scoresays the feature from Walt Disney and Pixar

took in another one hundred million dollars. It was the best second weekend performance
ever for an animated film, andthe sequel is already the top grossing film
of the year after just ten daysin theaters. Casey, alrighty, Jeff,
thank you sir. We'll chat tomorrow. Sounds good. Talk to you
then, vidego Jeff Bellinger, BloombergNews. Oh, speaking of Florida,

let me throw this in wrapper foliowas killed, not Coolio. Folio is
Coolio. Coolio died right a whileago dead super dead. Okay, well
apparently Foolio is too. Did youever have chicken wings with or just Coolio?

What? That is one of myfavorite stories to music radio. I
just want you to have the yeahbingo cars. When I worked on g
O five and we were doing theit was like I think it was the
Second Chance prom. It was someevent we were having done the Hilton,
and he refused to go on stagebecause he was looking for chicken wings.

So he was going from room toroom banging on the on the wall like
he was shirtless. Yeah, yeah, shirtless with his crazy Coolio hair,
knocking on doors, going looking forchicken wings. And they finally brought him
chicken wings in this giant platter,and he like didn't come to the stage
until he like devoured all of thechicken wings. And then when he got
on stage, the dude would notleave, Like they they literally had to

pull like the giant you switch thatturns the power off, and to get
him off stage. He would notleave it wings you know? Yeah,
yeah, the wings? That's it. U. Are you gonna stay with
something anyway? Rip all right,see uh so fulio. Uh. And

the reason I'm bringing this up isnot because I know anything about this rapper
or necessarily and I don't even knowthe circumstance. I just know that this
dude he got famous for a songliterally talking about his uh the duty has
beef with getting murdered at his ownbirthday party on his birthday and a worse

way he killed this and know mewhat happened? He says, four shot,
three dead well at a holiday innin Tampa over the weekend. Four
were shot, just one dead andit was folio, so as you can
imagine, that is an immense amountof irony there. But also, and
here's the other reason I bring itup. I've stayed at holiday in before.

I got no beef with holiday in. I've never seen a holiday inn
that has a presidential suite with aprivate pool in a lunai? Is that
a thing? The way to staythere? Shut up? Really, you
stay on holiday in the media,but like because they're like they had this

huge party and I'm like, wellwhere was everybody? And then they show
this giant holiday in the room that'sgot a private pool and a lunai and
like multiple rooms and stuff. Ihad no idea there were holiday inns out
there like that. That's pretty incrediblenow, I didn't realize that's how ross rolls.
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