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May 16, 2024 97 mins
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Hey, you know, I gotan email from our boss ross, from
the big Boss yesterday with hiccup tips, and that was one of like,
if I, in fact, Ihave probably fifty potential remedies if in fact
hiccups break up, break out again, and I'm gonna be I'm gonna be

queasy if I ingest most of thisand probably inebriated with some of your suggestions
if I tried them all at once. So you know, stay tuned.
We'll see if that's a thing today. But for now, we got to
get to uh. We got alot of international stuff, a lot of
international stuff, and what's going onover in Ukraine. I know that it

gets like it's easy to be distracted, and look at the feral college students
out there quickly running out of timeas a traditional calendar year is grinding to
a halt, commencements that they're disruptingor happening. It's easy to look over
there. But things are kind ofnot good over in the old Eastern European

front. Obviously you have Russia Ukraine. You have an attempted assassination yesterday.
Repeat that, you have an attemptedassassination yesterday of and I think people would
do well to fully understand an individualbefore they before they throw in the Slovakian

prime minister what is his name,Robert Faiko Fico. I don't even know
how to pronounce it was they attemptedto assassinate him yesterday. Although I have
to just throw this in here asa caveat, that is the story,
That is the narrative. I haveno reason to doubt it, by the

way, and they have identified adude who seems seems to have been or
or appears to have been a partof this. But and you know,
they say, well, the Slovakianprime minister is a is a hard hard

line conservative right winger, and theperson who that they're saying try to kill
him is, as you know,a leftist, a progressive, and like,
all of these things may be true, but what you have to understand
that dude hates us and you theprime minister there like that's his whole thing.

His whole thing is f America.Yay, Putin, Okay, I
know I know there's some of youare like sitting here like why you why
you wading into this? What's theyou know, what's the problem with put
Look, I don't care how youwant to feel about Ukraine, Russia.

You know the levels of corruption thatthat exists there are our own Secretary of
States strumming a guitar one day ina wide open bar in the middle of
the capital city and then supporting thesuspension of elections, Like I got it.
It's it's all a mess. ButSlovakian Prime minister dude not saying he
should get shot. But he's alsonot your buddy. Everything's a little different

over there and not and I gotmaybe just more of an open way to
compare to what we see here inthe United States. But hey, man,
it's a wild story because he hewas not. He told the UN
with their mass mass immigration stuff,He's like not. It was like Poland,

Slovakia, Slovenia and a couple othersand then they just they also last
week the Slovakian Prime minister basically toldthem that he's not going to sign on
to the global is it the GlobalPandemic Initiative or whatever they're calling it,
but basically scary time. You knowwhat would have made the pandemic a lot

easier to deal with, not individualcountries doing stuff. Come on, man,
remember how that was where one countrydo one thing, although to be
fair, most countries kind of didthe same thing, but you had a
few outliers, whether it was travel, whether it was what they did with
schools, whatever, it was.What a mess. What if you hand

have just one group of unelected bureaucratsor elected but elected in some other part
of the world that you have tocontrol over and somehow you're seeding control to
them and you have no you haveno oversight over them. They want to
sign on to that. So hemay literally have run a campaign talking about,

uh, you know how much wesuck, which you know that's your
prerogative, but also on that pointnot inaccurate. Why would you seed control?
And it is it is terrifying tome that that so many people so

willingly signed on. But you've trainedhim, especially over in the European Union.
Man, you've kind of trained himfor the most part. Oh well,
because you're it's a very effective tool. Because if you're in a country,
obviously there's going to be just likethere is a spectrum of politics within
the United States, in the EuropeanUnion, there is a spectrum of politics,

and there may be people who arein a position of power in a
country that is where they are moreprogressive than their country, and they know
that if they do something munilatterly,it's on them that likely will not bode
well for them in coming elections ortheir party or some other initiatives they want

to do. But if that dandalwill use hammered it down, hands are
tied. So there's all sorts ofall sorts of intrigued there. Man.
There's been a couple stories that arelike straight out of like action movies.
One that the assassination attempt. Butdid you see the video of the uh

the criminal leader who goes by I'mthis is literally the boss of a criminal
empire in France's name. Okay,we'll be very clear here. I did
not make this up. This iswhat he went with. Before I tell
you what it is real quick.I think you and I and everybody else

who spent five minutes digesting any sortof blockbuster action flick knows it's only as
good as the villain, right Ross, You would agree with that. What
would die Hard have been with JohnMcClain, But without your boy from Hogwarts?

It wouldn't be the same movie,would it. Hans Gruber, No,
Hans Kruber die hards dish. Ifirmly believe that. So anyway over
in France, this dude he goesby Mohammed the Fly, all right,
whatever that is. But he wasbeing transported and they went all like super

dialsh action movie, waited for thetransport vehicle to get to a toll road,
which is another reason why tolls areterrible, right, because you've got
to slow down so that you canbe attacked. I think that's a pretty
good reason they should use that whenwe're talking. In fact, we have
a little toll thing we're going totalk about here locally. And then at

that moment just ran the car rightinto the transport van, got out operator
style, and they ended up killingthree security officers, wounding three others,
but they got their boy, Mohammedthe Fly, which obviously a name that
strikes terror into the hearts of many, but the many are French, so

it's probably not difficult. All right, six seventeen. I'll give you a
rundown to some other stuff, andwe're gonna be busy on the guests front
today. I'll explain next on theCaCO Day radio program. Casey oh much,
that's what? Oh? Look,at that. You need to hear
that. Yeah, my little littlemic cover thing. Finally, I have
to get a new one of those. I think you're supposed to replace him

every six months, and this oneis how old is the show, Ross?
It's that old. Probably time fora new one of those. All
right, I'll put in a troubleticket. We'll see if we get one
here in the next what is it, twenty twenty four? All right?
Good? Ross was just surprising meon the goings on of the French overseas

colony of New Caledonia. Yeah,I didn't think that was the thing I
was gonna have to think of thismorning, either triggered by so you.
So I was doing a story aboutthe French criminal mastermind, the Fly,
but France's been a busy boy,man. I didn't realize. I guess

I didn't realize New Caledonia was underFrench purview. But it is. If
you don't know, New Caledonia issits in the Coral Sea, named after
Ross's favorite to zombie show. Ibelieve directly between New Zealand and Papua New

Guinea and then Fiji and so basicallyin Australia. So if you literally drew
a line between those four places outin the middle of the ocean. That's
that's where that is. They bannedTikTok, but it's not for the Chinese
spy stuff. It's for something else. Do we know specific? Do we

know what happened with the uh therewas some sort of officer involved shooting,
and they banned TikTok because of whatthe way people reacting to it or rioting.
I guess there was a riot,like four people are dead. Four
people are dead. They had ariot and and it was propelled so quick.

I wonder how many people on NewCaledonia here we go, Well,
quick facts, and one of noneof the quick facts here are how many
people live there. New Caledonian isa French territory comprising dozens of islands,
although it's got the big big one, I mean, it has pretty sizable

all right. Well that's super helpful, thank you Google Maps. Well anyway,
so, yeah, so we didget a TikTok banning, but not
for the reasons you think. AndI don't even know if it's permanent.
So I'm just kind of digging intothat, all right. Let me get
to just a couple things here,if I could. So, I don't

know what the hell happened yesterday.I mean, I know what happened,
but I don't know. I don'tknow if I should take it as what
is going to be happening in myforeseeable future. I'm sure many of you
are aware that there is a viciousrumor that Biden is not going to be

the nominee whatever I And frankly,it sounds like they can do that with
the way, you know, becauseit's a party nomination process, and if
you remember, the Democrats vastly overhauledtheir own party apparatus years ago because I
guess maybe it was too hard tocontrol who was your nominee, and they

created their super delegates, which isliterally a cast system for for presidential nomination
purposes, Like you recreated a cast, like you couldn't get back to subjugation
fast enough, and so you havethese super delegates, and basically it's House

of Lord's House of Commons, andone's got a whole hell of a lot
more power than the other. Sothat is why people are throwing this out
there, Oh, Michelle Obama orGavin Newso or maybe not him anymore,
but somebody because all of a sudden, Joe Biden, he went to the
doctor and they think he uh,they think he might have tonights or something.

It'll be it'll be something completely trollingin its nature. But if none
of those things come to pass,and then I'm in this, at least
one of the debates, yes I'mtalking debates here would proceed the what is
I'm sure going to be a verypeaceful gathering in Chicago for their nomination stuff.

We would see Joe Biden and DonaldTrump do a debate. And my
mind's run a while, man like, I don't know I'm gonna go detailed.
I'm slow rolling it here a littlebecause I want to set up the

timeline because it's just so weird.But this has been a question people have
been wondering about for a while.So the Biden, the Biden folks,
after Trump saying hey, let's getsomething on paper, they put a little
snarky video out and there's gonna bea reference to Wednesdays, and that's because
it's when the court's not on right. So this is Biden talking about literally

the prosecution of his political opponent ina snide manner, in a challenge to
debate that's wild, right, that'slike Putin. That's like Putin trash talking
the dude, who who is thecat? They just had a cabinet member
that was forced out who you know, probably was a warded you know,

I don't give a gold watch inRussia. They go big man. Maybe
maybe a penthouse staring out over theBlack Sea or something for all his years
of sirt. Yeah no, no, no, see those condos. Yeah,
you're on the top floor, buddy. Like everything else. That was
just fun. Once they'll find away to screw it up. But until
then, enjoy the videos that allthe teams put out now for their schedule

releases. Yeah, some of yousent me Tennessee's they did. They really
kind of kicked this off last yearwith one that went viral or two years
ago. I can't remember when theirfirst one was, but it was just
Man on the Street and they're askedto like show a logo of a team,
you know, week three, we'replaying this team, and then the
idiots would just ask, hey,what do you know about that team?

And the answer is nothing, Andit made for very funny kind of that
Jay Leno bit they used to do. But some of them are going like
they're like using AI to do stuffthe Chargers did want and basically the whole
thing was just toatrol the Chiefs andso like in it, they're taking shots
at Taylor Swift Chiefs Aholic and ifyou remember, that's the dude. He's

like one of the very recognizable Chiefsfans. I think he just what he
was doing, robberies or bank robberiesor something. And what's going on with
the kicker from the Chiefs is wild? Are you following this? So the

Harrison Butker is dude, he isa believer, Okay. In fact,
I think he went to Benedicteah,he went to Benedictine. No, he
didn't get where if he went there, but regardless, guy's a Catholic.
Got some thoughts. He gave acommencement speech. Oh it was Benedictine where

he gave the speech. But Idon't know if he went there, but
I'm trying to determine. Well anyway, and during the speech he made it
known how he feels about issues throughthe lens of a Catholic. It is
a private Catholic university. Given aspeech to those students, and he said

that he was in favor of theposition, the current position of the Catholic
Church. It's non controversial, andpeople lost their minds so much so that
the City of Kansas City, theCity of Kansas City sent a tweet out,

and let's just say it did notage well almost immediately. So the
City of Kansas City sent out atweet after this, you know, obviously
they were wanting to Oh and specificallywhen I say the City of Kansas City,
I mean the city of Kansas City, Missouri, Missouri, however you

pronounce it, sent out a tweetand the tweet said, let me read
it to you. Here just areminder that Harrison Butker lives in the city
of Lee's Summit. So ha haha, see a little snark. Oh,
evedn't live in Kansas City, livesover at Lee's Summit, not one
of us, which was I don'tknow if you know this. The Chiefs

are pretty popular on both sides ofthe river and the surrounding area, and
this looked incredibly petty. And sowhat happened that tweet disappears. What happens
after that, whoever, whether it'sthe same genius who tweeted that out or

damage control whoever it was was fumblingwith trying to get this apology out that
they literally wrote this. They wrote, we apologies for our previous tweet.
It was shared in air. No, I think it was look, somebody
had to write that. Somebody hadto go, yeah, that looks good,

click and he click click you guysdo a I don't know they have
a great check verified. I'm assumingthey have access to the same features like
rostas and others who have the premiumaccounts. They had what sixty you said,
sixty minutes to think on it rightbefore you where you can alter tweet,
like sixty minutes, right, Sothey had sixty minutes to think on
this thing and didn't do anything,and then you know, everyone lost their

damn minds as they should. Youkind of people are saying they doxed him.
You know, yes, and no, I don't know that necessarily.
The city, especially a city wherea lot of the very well the athletes
live, is really given away thehouse. But it was the intention of
whoever wrote it to be like,no, it's not ugh, yeah,

oh we can barely stand it.Yeah, we'll let him kick game a
Super Bowl winning field goals, butyeah, yeah, he lives over there.
The biggots incredibly dumb, and thento uh misspell it. And then
what was even worse is they putit out. They didn't lock the replies,

which is pretty unusual, but Ithought, okay, well that's good.
Then they realized they obviously forgot to. Then they locked him, which
I didn't know you could retroactively do, and then they took so much crap
for that, they unlocked him again. It was the worst series of just

social media pr that I've seen,but in a government, and that's saying
something. Remember, I have toweigh that against the people who rolled out
the Obamacare website. It was bad, But I do enjoy the debate,

and I am enjoying a long wayof saying, I'm enjoying some of the
videos, so be sure to checkthose out. I'm enjoying watching. You
know, we got our own littleYou know, every team's got their storyline.
The Panthers have their storyline. Thislooks good in the schedule, this
doesn't. This is all this rival. The Vikings fans seem generally upbeat about

our schedule. Well, what's thebills? No, it's the Miami Dolphins
are mad because the Bills get toplay them at night, which I guess
if you don't know, the reasonfor that is the Dolphins, if you've
ever been to their stadium, ifyou play a day game there, half
the stadium is in sun beating drivinghot Florida, Southern Florida's sun. Yeah,

and the Dolphins fans will be like, it doesn't make a difference.
But then yeah, the Week twoschedule comes out, It's Buffalo in Miami.
It's the first Thursday Amazon Prime gameof the year, which is and
night game, right, and Darrenshambles. Then there is a conspiracy because
this way the Bills don't have toplay in the heat. Well, which
one is it? I say,look, embrace it. This is the

thing too. Did they build thestadium wanting that? I don't know.
That stadium has been there a longtime. That being said, teams embrace
it. There's a reason that wheneveryou know, whatever, a an open
stadium, Northern team, right,if you play outside your Northern team,
and there's been stadium discussions, thatstadium discussion has happened about whether you need

a roof or not. And thereare there is a huge slice of fans
who recognize the teams that are betterequipped to play the be a good example
of this that that is part oftheir identity. You want to come to
Lambeau in January, bring it right, Embrace that. I mean, that's

part of the reason with the Bill'snew studio the stadium, they're not putting
they're not making a dome that yes, yes, yes, so if your
Miami embrace it. But to yourpoint, don't go, oh, now,
that's not a thing, and thenget really mad when you're thinking that's
not a thing, can't be athing. You sound a little whiney,

cry baby, just my two cents. But you know that's that's the that's
the back and forth. That's thethat's the part of sports I like right
there right because there's a level ofdishonesty and the conspiracy that goes along with
it. But that's the fun stuffabout sports because that's those are those other
guys and you just know they'll dowhatever they take. Not my team.
My team's fine, my team's great, And go out there and it's you

know, it's rudy wrapped in theeighty hockey US men's team and a flag
surrounding them like they can do nowrong. But those other guys, they
are a bunch of criminals, andI'm cool with that, and I love
that aspect of sports, which isfrankly why I would be. I am

one hundred percent fine with a lotof the coverage around Caitlin Clark. Deanna
Tarassi, you probably know the name. I would say that to this point,
she is probably the I would sayshe's probably the premier talent all time

in the WNBA. Right. Shedefinitely commands the respect of it, and
she has. She's been pretty consistentin the way that she's been talking about
Clark, and she has taken alot of grief for it, and I
think unfairly when you look at whather counterparts are up to, and her
thing is, look, yeah,she's awesome, no doubt she. But

when she gets up here and playsher first w NBA game, you're going
to realize that the jump from men'scollege to men's pro and women's college to
women's pro are not the same,and the women there is a much much
bigger gap. And I believe she'saccurate with that. And Caitlin Clark went
and struggled in her first game,but that's not the person who's that's not

who should have a problem with.She was spot on and people are being
negative and it's like, no,this is the reality on the ground.
Okay. The other people tacking Clarkare a bunch of the players, including
you have players the other day thatwe're saying that you know, this is
this is because she's white and andso we're going down this road and it's
like, can't you just trash talkand then you know, do it on

the court. I got no problemwith you know, some player is a
big time like the one, theone player for Las Vegas who was saying,
why does she get chartered flights beforewe do? There's a whole thing
there where they're starting to do charteredversus just you know, going commercial.
But like, but that one isn'tnecessarily race based. It's like, and

there's an answer to it. There'sjust like you have no you have no
idea how much money we just madeis what the WNBA and their parent company
would want to say. So that'sfine, but you have players that have
come out and are saying, look, this is all about because she's white.
I think that you're gonna see somereally hard fouls put on her quite

intentionally, and I'm sitting there andI'm looking at this stuff and it's like,
all right, you realize this islike it feels Jackie Robinson. E.
I know it'll irritate some people,but think about it. You ever
see the movie. I think itwas just his number, right, I

can't remember what his number was,but I came out the last ten years.
It was a good movie, butit was He's there. The only
thing people can talk about who don'twant him to succeed is the color of
his skin. And people are deliberatelygoing out of their way to injure this

dude. And I read the Ican't remember. I read the biography of
Jackie Robinson when I was younger.It was one of those books that I
read a few times as a kid, and I thought it was really good.
And it goes into great detail there. You know, a little guys

would sit around and figure out waysso they could you know, they could
injure him weird sliding into unnecessarily slidinginto first and stuff. And then even
when they moved him around, itwas a whole thing. I'm telling you,
you're getting little vibes of that.And if I'm picking up on that
as some guy who's just kind ofa passive viewer of this, I don't

understand how you think this is goodfor you if you want to grow your
program. But this is where wefind ourselves in the world of sports analyses.
And over on NFL Network, theydid a takedown of Butcker, telling
you, man, everything is absolutelywow. What is the chicks? Yeah,
Jamie Ardahl calls out Harrison Butker fortelling women to stay in the kitchen.

I watched that little part that everyone'supset with him. I didn't.
I didn't hear that. I thinkI heard. I heard somebody explaining that
if that is what a woman wantsto do, and by stay in the
kitchen mean be a homemaker, theywant to use that term, then she

shouldn't be judged for that. Anduh, you know, God's a big
fan of that, you know,the family and all like, there's nothing
outside of what many many, manypeople believe. Even if they don't think
that's right for them, they don'thave a beef. If somebody wants to
be a homemaker, you got theNFL picking them out, you got other

teams picking them out. That's whyI think these videos are gonna go sideways
real quick. But either way,and what's going on with the WNBA stuff,
just shooting yourselves in the foot man, just don't get it. But
you know, lots to be distractedby. Oh no, speaking of Ben
Affleck, Jennifer Lopez getting divorced.Who saw that coming? Oh you just

it shows you you just never know. You think everything's gonna work out,
man, oh man, all right, well I'm gonna grieve. Oh wait,
hold on, Boston, Paul,you forgot to mention Tom Brady will
be in the broadcast. Yeah,yeah, he gets to cut. He
gets to do the Browns game.Welcome to Welcome to the team, buddy,

go do the Browns game. Theyplaying the Cowgirls, right, yeah,
yeah, yeah, all right,maybe we'll make fun of Stagic for
that later. He didn't do nothing, but he'll be an innocent victim here.
Yeah, I did see that.I also saw Tom Brady is like,
I can't believe I did that roastand they made jokes about my family,
and I'm like, bro, theonly there's only two things they can
hack on you over. You're cheatingand uh maybe her cheating. Right,

that's it. What did you thinkwas gonna happen on the roast. Do
you think there was gonna be footballpuns? I'm so confused. So if
like he couldn't figure out what wascoming in a roast, I'm I'll be
very interest interested to hear him breakdown anything that's just not x'es and no's

because you gotta fill time, gotto come up with stuff. Can't have
too many pregnant pauses. I myselfhave to fight the urge, mostly because
I'm staring in disbelief at something likehow is that true? Anyway, let's
get a break and I'll share oneof those stories with you that had me

staring in disbelief. We'll do itnext. Hang on, this is the
puzzle getting moved around. I don'tknow. It's all very technical. Ross
takes care of it in the back. But what does it leave us?
It leaves us with a slightly differentinterview schedule. So at eight oh five,
Senator Ted Budd will be joining us. Normally we'd be chatting with Stephen
Kent and he's chatting with us now. Steven, thanks for doing the early

thing. How you doing this morning? I'm doing well. Happy to wake
up extra early for you. Cathieand because you were so accommodating. I'm
not gonna do to you what Iwas gonna do to you, which I
had been salivating for all week becauseI realized it would now it would allow
me like twenty minutes to go doother stuff. I was just gonna be
like, hey, here's Stephen Kentto tell you all about eurovisions, so

I don't have to know anything.And then I was just gonna walk away
and walk away. Yeah, Idon't under understand the starring Will Ferrell,
and yes, this is what Iunderstood. Yes, yes, what even
is that? And who are whois the Irish demon person? And the

what happened to the Jewish person?And like this whole set of circumstances and
things unfolded that it's like when somethingreally popular in soccer happens right where you're
like, why is the rest ofthe world so excited? And and that.
So I'm not going to stick thatstick that to you in the totality

of explaining it. But the theNickel version is it's like an American Idol,
but the contestants are countries with theirown contestants. Would that be fair?
That is that is accurate? AndI am looking at this Ireland contestant
Bambi thug and yeah, I'm scared. I'm scared for Ireland. You had

not heard Bambi thug, I wouldnot watch video then if you're if you're
scared now, I am an American. I do not seek out Eurovision.
What happened unfortunately but totally predictably whenit is something that is across it's not
just because, like you know,one of the things that I find interesting

and I think that it it contributesto a lot of these stories about Hollywood
that that we do is when youget the cam I shouldn't say you get
the cameras, when you get thenews opinion side away from most artists,
right, musicians, actors, thingslike that, for the most part,
they can get along even though theythey're the because it's about the craft.

And like, for whatever reason,with Eurovision it becomes very you any,
very nationalistic and like the whole thingwithout getting into it culminated in this insane
Bambi person from Ireland who you knowyour own peril Google video and then them
doctoring crowd noises when the Israeli performerslike this twenty year old girl who is

not in charge of anything. Iwould point out other than singing is being
booed so relentlessly in the arena becausethere's video that emerged and then you pair
it with what it looked like thereand even a judge who filmed a video
saying because she's from Israel and YadA, YadA, YadA, I gave her

a zero. I wouldn't give herany points showing that the whole process was
like what a while, she's fromLuxembourg, she's Luxembourgish and that's like the
fascinating little wrinkle there. You know, it's definitely not anti Semitism. Yeah,
don't. Don't you see I didnot imply that at all. I
just was saying everybody was representing.It's just everything is crazy. So but

we don't even have to go thatfar from home because Disney decided to ban
her. Tinkerbells apar problem. Stopshooting yourself in the foot, dude,
did you not see this? Whatdid tinker Bell do? Now? It's
not what tinker Bell has done.Now that got tinker Bell canceled. We
use the taker bell here on thisshow. It's very final. So we

talked about this yesterday and they usethe words. This is the thing I
failed to understand. And as youas a writer, this is probably especially
top of mind for you. Youknow, when a phrase might have been
a useful phrase, but it's beenso lambasted by your political opposition that when

you use it it sounds cartoonish,right, you take us some examples.
One of those is modern audience.Does anybody should anybody use for a modern
audience un ironically anymore? Or becauseI feel like that's one of those phrases,
Yeah, I mean for a modernaudience. Basically, it's just a

way of saying that every one whocame before you are luddites and cavemen.
Nobody who says that in their articlesshould be taken seriously. So, uh,
this is the statement Disney put outtinker Bell. Wait, do you
wanna you wanna pond? You wantto venture a guess as to why tinker
Bell is problematic? First, Iguess, I guess because she like is

pining after Peter Pan in a weirdromantic way kind of That is that is
the that's the secondary, that isthe list. It can't be the outfit,
it can't be the hair. It'scouldn't it. I'm fast. Couldn't
it couldn't it couldn't it? Letme read the it's a very it's a

one paragraph statement. Ready. TinkerBell unfortunately, has become a problematic image
for our guests, specifically young girls, specifically in terms of the portrayal of
an unrealistic body image. Oh now, yeah, yeah, but wait,

why tinker Bell, there's so manyIt's not the wings, who are physically
fit. It's not the wings,it's not the two inch height. It's
it's she's so little you can fither in your pocket. Well, yeah,
because she's Anarexi, because the mendrove her there or whatever. The

damn nary is so dumb, andso they're going to reinvent her because of
course. And then it goes onto say, as well as dependency of
approval and or attention from Peter Panhas seen in previous incarnations of the character,
we feel these traits are no longerrepresentative, and we're in the process
of redesigning an updated tinker Bell formodern audiences. Disney can't help themselves.

Yes, well, I'll tell you. I think that an updated tinker Bell
would probably be wearing pajama pants.So keep the green dress pajama pants underneath
and a couple of tattoos and problemsolved or yoga if they're going to the
Harris Teeter on Saturday mornings. Buteverybody's just yoga, like some sort of

some sort of commy committee within Disney. I mean, I'm saying that there's
basically some sort of approval board withinDisney where they flag potentially problematic things.
This is this is a slippery slopeif there was was ever one. Well,
the slipperiest part of it, ofcourse, And you pointed out,

you have this committee that exists forthis purpose, so nothing can all be
fixed because if it's all fixed,now you got a job, right,
you got to go do other stuff. Now. Our theory on the show
yesterday is that if we want toknow what the new tinker Bell is going
to look like, we need tolook to who the who's doing the art,
because that seems to be the trendnow where the redesigns of characters like

April from Teenage Man, Ninja,Turtles and Velma and others all kind of
look like the people producing them ina weird sort of way, even though
they claim that that's not the case. So yeah, let's figure out who's
drawn Tinkerbell. And I think you'regonna know what she's gonna look like or
they's going to look like. Yeah, you know this is this is a
fascinating story. I see that thisblew up within the last twenty four hours,

and the most recent article is basicallyrefuting all of the rest. But
the most recent article saying that tinkerBell is not being removed from Parks is
TMZ, and no offense to TMZ. They're not exactly a place that I
nobody said she was deemed removed from. Disney didn't say they were removing her.

They said that they are updating her. So this is a This is
one of those listen to the wordsand pay very close attention. We're not
removing her, We're updating her,like the very Godmother update the everyone loves
so much during the live show thereright, everyone, Everyone was fine with

that, obviously, all right,you sent a you sent rossa text and
I started laughing at this and Iwant to pivot over to it real quick.
And it has to do with theAdam Carolla series, mister Bircham,
which is I know you're you're you'rea big fan of the Daily Wire as
they continue to expand their their programming, and it's like, hey, did

you guys see this? You can'tgo to the Data. I have to
go to the Daily Wire because it'sone of my prep things, and every
time I go from one page tothe other page, I get a damn
pop up for it. So,yes, Stephen Kent, I am incredibly
familiar and kind of annoyed now thatsite works. I am very familiar with
this. Let me, I'm gonnaplay just a little of the trailer here

and then talk to us about it. Check it, check it out here
it is, and we'll get alink for you. Tell what you need
up into the first one, rollingspeed at anime Sogbucks looking a little chubby
wobby, so I bought him somenew food. It's organic and vegan dogs
are supposed to eat meat. They'rejust sending some of wolves. Do you

ever see a vegan wolf on theNature Channel? I'm a vegan. Coffee
is for closers, Ladies, Listenup, don't make this a prisoner.
I'm a heteronormative, sis gender whitemale, for which I apologize. I'm
black and that used to be enough, but I'm also bilingual and I'm non
binary. Where are the Army?We drink more before nine am? The

Navy pukes too old ten all right, So if you like that kind of
stuff, they're they're taking all theboxes. Yeah, there's a There is
a definite Ron Swanson vibe on theon the main character there, uh the
parks and Rex Dude, which uhhas some I never really got into that
show, but I can watch Ronswanson best lines and amuse myself. So

talk to me, man, what'sup? Yeah, Well, the prem
this is simple. Mister Birchman isa wood shop teacher who hates his public
school children, and he belongs inthe nineteen eighties rather than twenty twenty four.
So this guy, yeah, exactlylike Adam Carolla apparently developed this show
and a pilot fifteen twenty years ago, but couldn't find a home for it

at ABC, CBS or Fox.I think Fox was the last place that
considered it over a decade ago becauseit was just a little bit too on
the edge of political correctness. Andit has found a home over at The
Daily Wire with voices from Danny Treo, interestingly enough to Megan Kelly and Rob

Rickle, who you might remember fromstep Brothers in the Hangover. Just like
a who's who of stars, theDaily Wire has managed to bring into their
sort of center right universe of televisionshows and movies. And it's pretty funny.
I watched the pilot. I foundit really enjoyable. Little bit like
the character is part major pain inanother part Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

He's like a good dad but amean guy. And it's pretty funny.
I I they I don't know howmuch they are expanding, but the amount
of money that they're dumping into it. Some of the productions I've seen,
and I saw that there's an updateto on the Snow White movie, which
I'm still I still love that.Back to that back and forth with Disney

over what they're doing. The qualityof the production is really good. And
too often folks have set out,especially in the vein of hey, we
need more conservative voices in there.And we've talked about this, it gets
too preachy. The stuff I've seenis not preachy. I you know,
it's it's fine, and you know, I would encourage people to at least

check it out for sure, especiallythe kids stuff. Man. Yeah,
yeah, the stuff over at bentKey for Kids is really good, and
I agree with you on the preachinessrisk. Basically, conservative media has the
risk of falling right into the sametrap they're trying to run away from,
which is the politicization of everything andthe daily wire. They walk the line
pretty well. I would say thatsome of their humor is a little bit

too online, like Lady Ballers aswell their live action movie about guys playing
on girls basketball teams. There canbe sometimes too much Twitter focus in terms
of far left insanity, and Iwonder if that's like something that resonates with
everyday people who aren't following this asclosely. But it's very funny. They've

got this crazy school counselor called misterCaponzi who calls himself a JEDI, meaning
he's the captain of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion at the school.
EDI. Nice. How do youknow what this stuff? I watched the
pilot? Oh really? Yeah?So did you watch it when everyone else

could watch it? Or I'm areyou special access? Yeah? Ross said
you had changed, Yeah, yeahI was. I was supposed to go
to the red carpet event in LosAngeles, but you know, my schedule
casey, Wow, build up there, all right? Two quick things I
got about two minutes, A coupleof video game things. Assassin's Creed,

Shadows, finally they're going to setit in Japan. Two protagonists, black
dude, black woman. I lovehistory, and there is some callback to
a thing that is historical an individual, but it then deviates quickly from the
path. Is this another one wherepeople should you know, our right to
be outraged or get over it andjust hope it's a good game and that

Ubisoft doesn't try to steal your mortgage. We're talking about the Assassins Creed,
the Black Samurai. Yeah, yeah, yeah, So I saw this joke
kind of passing around. You knowthe SX show Shogun that is getting so
much love right now about Japanese samuraisin the fifteenth century. Yeah, there

was a joke going around about howthat show lacked diversity, equity and inclusion
because they didn't have enough black andlesbian Japanese pas going around the show.
And when I look at this thisgame, I kind of immediately think the
same thing as like, this isantihistorical, why would you do this?

But you know, I don't careabout this stuff. It's a video game.
It should be fun first and foremost. And you know in a video
game, it's you're just looking atthe back of the character's head the entire
time, So who cares? Okay? And then well, and then the
other thing is Ross found a gamewas squirrels shooting people, and he's very
excited. I know nothing about itother than that it's just called squirrel with
a gun, so I but youknow, I will add one more thing

though, Like the game. Thegame has the character named Yasuki. He's
Japan's first black samurai. Yeah,no, no no. I talked about
this yesterday, but he wasn't.Kind of wasn't was the thing right?
There was neither was neither was TomCruise. Like we've done this like a
well a million times again. Whiteguy finds Japan and becomes samurai. Well
no, but again both historical figures, but both went in a different direction

unfortunately. I gotta go, thankyou, and we'll be back. Cac
O Day Radio program coming up ateight oh five. Reminder Senator Ted Buddle
join us. Dude, I gottagive him to break down this debate stuff
like I don't understand the gamesmanship here. I think I understand it, and

if I if if it is asI think it is, which it probably
is because I'm very, very perceptive. It was. That was a horrible
gamble. So if you don't know, let me give you let me fill
you in on this before we reallyget into the meat of it coming up
here in the next hour. ButI'm curious your thoughts. So basically,

you had Joe Biden's keeps put avideo out. It is thirteen point six
three seconds? Is it? BecauseRoz you dubbed the whole thing in right,
That is the totality of the video. It's not even fifteen seconds.
I just want to be abundantly clear. I'm gonna play it, and I'm

gonna tell you a couple things aboutit. Here we go. Donald Trump
lost two debates to me in twentytwenty, sins that he hadn't shown up
for debate. Now he's acting likehe wants to debate me again. Will
make my day, pal, I'lleven do it twice. So let's pick
the dates. Donald, I hearyou're free on Wednesdays, all right?
So and then he gets uh.He literally makes a joke about not that
Trump would have made the joke.But if you're like, ah, we're

not that. One of the thingsthat you're One of the problems you're dealing
with right now is and I thinkit's an important poll, is that the
majority of Americans, the majority ofthe vast majority of Americans, think that
Trump's prosecution is political. The thedivide is a certain swaths are cool with
that. That's why it's not allof that, Like there's a there's a

big swath of Democrats there, andmathematically that would mean that a lot of
them are like, yeah, no, this is fine, and then you're
gonna crack a joke about that andthrowing out this gauntlet. It's just so
weird. But it's what what followed, what was behind the scenes you didn't
see, which we'll get to ina moment. But on the video,
I don't want to pass it rightby Roster. When you were dubbing that

in this morning, you're watching thevideo, you're doing all these stuff.
Do you notice anything about that videothat stood out to you. I mean,
I don't know what the official numberis, but there's like seven or
eight cuts in like fourteen fifteen seconds. Would you say a lot? Yeah,
I mean there's a total of Iwas reading on like fifty one words.

Yeah, yeah, he's gonna getthrough fifty one words without you know,
seven or eight edits. It's oneof those jump cuts and it's and
people going, well, you know, it's about perfection. I understand that,
but it's a debate challenge. Helike, it's a debate gauntlet he's
throwing down. So if you can'tformulate your challenge in one take, I

don't even have to be one take, right, do a few takes get
the way you know we do promos. Sometimes I'll cut promo, especially if
it's short stuff like that fifteen's I'llcut a couple just because you're trying.
It's word economy. That being said, if you're not able to structure your
challenge in under eight jump cuts insideof fifteen seconds, you probably shouldn't be

issuing the challenge. It reminded meof you know, when you have a
kid and you're you're spoon feeding yourchild lines for a funny video you're going
to be putting on social media whatever. Wait, people do that, yeah,
believe it or not, they do. Yeah, So you're spoonful them
lines and you're cutting it up right, because they're reading it line by line.
Reminded me of that everybody. Youknow what that's it's a very good
way. Reminds me of taping aclient kind of. I'm not picking on

all our clients. Many clients comein and they just do straight read,
but many and listen. Some ofyou listening, you know how it is.
I want you to look your best. And don't get me wrong,
when Ross and I record a commercial, it's not always you know, hey,
here's a straight sixty second read andhunky dory, Okay, there'll be
a lot of times where you stop, you may recut part of it.
I was doing one this morning andit was supposed to be sixty seconds in

the copy. I don't know whyyou do your production before the show.
I would that would would lose mydamn mind. But anyway, but yeah,
it's so stressed. I was doingit and the copy was supposed to
be, you know, like sixtyseconds, and it was. I recorded
it over and over again and itkept coming up as forty eight seconds,
so you have to fill twelve seconds. And yeah, you should have heard
the swearing and the screaming and themic. You know, you know,

here's the thing. If I seeif I see you like on a monitor
like between the studio monitors, screaminglike that, I don't need to hear
it to know what's do you knowwhat I'm saying? Like, you know,
you can just tell when somebody swear, Like you ever see like a
CC you know, like a camerain a you know, guy's getting robbed.

You know what's up, like youknow the language, So yes,
let's just say that you don't.I don't need to be able to hear
your words or you know. Itreminds me of you mentioned the kid getting
his line spoon feedtals. It remindsme of like back when they did music
radio and you record people for songintros to up the ramps of songs.
Yeah, and you would get theguy get a calling in and you would
literally just tell him line by linewhat you wanted to say, and you
would piece it together. And it'sequipment called a vox bro. It's just

like that, Okay, Joe saythis, No, no, it would
be funny if you say you saythis and he's just whoa, Oh my
gosh, you do. You didn'teven tell people to sit down. Now
people are gonna think that everything theyhear on radio. Is someone else?
I mean not in this market.Oh okay, all right, very good,

me like small you know, boiseor whatever. Ross quit beating who
gets the roses? That's what Iwant. Okay. Can't believe she was
cheating on him? I mean wasshe? I don't know. So with
that in mind, you're gonna issuethat debate challenge the behind the scenes.
This where I think that this isgamesmanship is when you start to see what

is demanded. Right, So thisis let's go Old West gunfighter, right
you just you just told you knowfast whoever the fast gun you know,
dude, is to meet you atsun up or high noon or you know
whatever. You pick your poison andand then you're like, and and by

the way, high noon, Imean high noon, but only only if
it's partly cloudy. I would likea little shade, uh, you know
for our gunfight to the death thereand it's gonna have to be on uh
oh, let's see one of thetuesdays that coincides with this and no guns
guns, let's go guns with andto to the point where you're just like,

are we doing a gunfight anymore?What the hell are we doing?
And that's the look you got withthe with the debate stuff. So as
you start diving through it and checkout the actual list of requirements here,
they are among them no audience.What you cant do a debate and no

audience? So it's like Kennedy Nixonnineteen sixty style. I guess yeah,
in a famous debate where they werelike, oh, look Nixon his sweating
and Kennedy looked so handsome, rightthat there was no audience there during that
debate. And and do you thinkthat that I see where you're going.
Do you think that that would beif you had to pick them right?

Picking horses here? Do you thinkthat that is a better thing for Trump
or for Biden? I mean initiallypeople like, oh, it's the probably
better thing for Biden, but Idon't know about it. Maybe for Biden
because he'll be less distracted. He'llbe less distracted, but so will the
camp because it's so easy to throwhim off, right, But the right
that awkward silence, it's like youever want to sit com and there's no

fate clapping a bad Yeah, it'sweird, man. I've seen some clips
on YouTube. What was the oneI said, Oh, home. Somebody
had a home improvement with no laughtrack, Like it's really cringey, but
hey, you know it is whatit is. I like home improvement.
That being said, I don't knowwho that no RFK Junior. Now this
is interesting for a couple of reasons. It is a tacit admission obviously by

Biden's folks that they feel that heis more problematic to their numbers. But
also it requires them to set thisup outside of the Debates Commission. You
know how we feel about the DebatesCommission. Clearly a bunch of leftist leaning
decisions, there's no question they've madeover the years. Uh, and you

know, basically the Republicans. TheRepublicans had to go in there and be
like, we're not going to dobusiness with you cats anymore unless you fix
it. And then they tried tofit Megan Kelly was I think one of
the suggestions. And yeah, youcan decide whether that was good or bad
for Trump. But the you know, the factor remains that this would bypass
that because they have a hard andfast polling rule and they wouldn't just agree

to exclude somebody if they met theirpolling requirements. So this has this has
to happen outside of that. NoTrump remarks during Biden's answers, and uh,
they gave a list of outlets,and of course they're all, you
know, big fans of the BidenUh, specifically for the first one.
It looks like CNN. The factthat CNN after it was it is known,

right, it's not in debate anymore. It is known that CNN gave
questions to Hillary. That's not upfor debate anymore. Yeah, Brazil,
right, what's that was another namethe report, Yes, gave questions to
Hillary. CNN their person gave questionsto one of the you should not have

one maybe ever, but at leastnot in not dealing with some of the
same people, for God's sakes.And and and I think that they thought
maybe he wouldn't agree to that.And what did he do in like five
minutes, like, yeah, let'sdo this thing. I I don't know

if that played out how they thoughtit was going. Right, You've got
no audience, You've got no overlappingof the voices, right, the microphones
are going to be muted once yourtime writs up. It's like it's all
catering to Biden to make it acalm, quiet environment, because when there's
a lot of chaos or noise aroundhim, he easily gets thrown off.
No yeah, yeah, no hedoes. But I don't think it goes
far enough because if if and thelittle there's other little things that they'll have

to negotiate, Like do you thinkthey both walk up to the podium or
do you think it had the camerastarts and they're standing there. I believe
right the camera it's gonna be likea COVID type thing where they're already in
place. They're in place, youknow why, because just those dudes walking
on stage, going back to yourKennedy Nixon reference, that's the visual man.
You know what they should have askedfor zero G call the light howe

yeah no, no, no,no, hear me out right, if
you want to eliminate that, wejust kind of get pushed in like Joe
Biden the Space Center or whatever.But otherwise right the other way, you
could take him forever, like walkin this still emotion in the podium,
You're like, oh my god,is that dude dying? Like what's going
He's got the dementia shuffle. Butif there's like no gravity, be like
he is spry. Yeah, lookat him. Zip it over there,

Wow, bounce it off that wall. That'd be amazing. Yeah, you
guys didn't go far enough do that. Aren't the Saudi's or somebody over in
the Middle East they're trying to buildone of those, because of course they're
trying to build everything for they spendall their money. Yeah, so uh,
just my two so oh crap,I'm sorry. Just race staging.
I'm so sorry. Yes, you'repracted with the thinking about Biden and Trump

floating around in zero G debating eachother. You'd watch that, right and
don't Yeah? I would, don't. They always say don't interrupt the don't
interrupt each I always And look,we all remember the first Biden Trump debate
thing, whatever that was. Ithink if Trump goes the way that he

debated Hillary, that'll be on brandand not as annoying as what that turned
into. I'm not laying blame.I think was just awful, But in
zero G I would almost put upwith that. S that's just me,
all right. You had your fun, make it nice, make it nice,
nicer. Yes, today I've gotSorry, the fun goes away in
like one day because the showers thunderstormswill be back, so enjoy today.

Hang on to it now. Thislittle guy just popped up just on the
west side of the don't try andgo, oh, okay, well,
there might be a rain shower.I just went through Chapel Hill heading south
toward Apex and maybe Holly Springs andfurther south. But it looks like it's
very weaky. We get a coupleof rain drops and that's it. We
should see sunshine develop, so thecloud and the fog will go way.

There are dense fog advisory southwest mostnear eighty today near sixty tonight, fifties
out in the suburbs. That couldbe a passing shower. Tomorrow morning you'll
be dry. Not so lucky inthe afternoon and evening with more scattered storms
coming in. Some strong storms arepossible. Let's see outlook for severe weather.
Hold on beginning banging. I don'twant to take too much time here.
Yeah, it's a marginal risk formaybe a strong storm, and then

same thing over the weekend, scatteredshowers, storms and decent chances of rain
each day. I mean, ifI put percentages on it, it's up
there to seventy eighty percent each day. They'll be dry periods, but the
better chance of dryer weather is goingto be early next week with a warm
upcoming middle of next week. Sotoday great, after we lose this stuff
this morning, and then early nextweek will be good. In between maybe

not so great. So I justwant to recap you said that in Chapel
Hill there's a little weak dude whojust popped up trying to make noise.
But we'll eventually go nowhere. Eventuallyit'll eventually go nowhere. Yeah, it'll
weakled it. And it's not justone. You should check your doppler.
There's quite a few. All right, thank you very much. All Right,
welcome everybody. It is seven fiftyfour here on the CaCO Day radio

program. All right, let's let'stalk pizza. So how many of you
have ordered a pizza? Show ofhands? Okay, pretty much all of
you. You know how it works, even though the ordering may have changed.
You don't just call or back inthe day. You just call and
a lot of times they recognize thenumber. One we've got caller ID.

Very simple process and now you gotto go through I don't know, I
liked it the old way instead ofgoing through the app trying to figure all
that stuff out, not because I'mold, just because I feel like that's
it feels like a self checkout.So I guess maybe it is because I'm
doing that I'm old and bitter thing. But I also know that then when
the pizza gets there, if youhaven't prepaid obviously through one of the apps

Boom got Cash, we're gonna havea little tip up there. I in
college, I delivered pizzas for Meacheesein Galita, California, and boy,
boy, was that that is aninteresting experience to do that for. I
did that during one of the summersof school there, and that was that

was eye opening, especially when youcould take you could take a pizza to
like the bad part of like notthat there's a lot of bad, bad
parts of Santa Barbara, but thebad part, and then you could go
over to Hope Ranch and it's likeOprah's neighbor or something. It's crazy,
man, but you pay for thepizza and you go. Unfortunately, some
people use it as a robbery opportunity. You order a pizza, either it's

the pizza or the pizza and whatevermoney they have and they try to rob
the dude and that is what isalleged to have happened down in Texas.
Oh, I am Sergeant Mark Holbrookh O LBR Okay with the Houston Police
Department's Homicide Division. Sergeant Mark Holbrook. What we know now is that deceased
victim got into a confrontation with thepizza delivery driver. The pizza delivery driver

shot him multiple times. He isdeceased on the scene. The pizza delivery
driver is cooperating and speaking with investigatorsabout this incident, Okay, And there
were witnesses who saw parts of whathappened. We're not sure how the pizza
delivery went so wrong that somebody woundedup getting shot, but that is what
we're investigating right now. Okay.All right, So that's there you go,

And what I'd be doing the storyif it was just that. No,
because as you dig through the story, you come across a rather interesting
quote from kho U Channel eleven inHuston by the brother of the dude who
is alleged to have been trying torob the pizza driver. The brother of

a mere white. No, thebrother's name is a mere white. His
brothers who was shot is arraya whiteanyway? Said quote. They say he
was the pizza delivery guy. Wedon't have a receipt that he was buying
a pizza. Why do you thinkthat is, sir? Why do you

think that he does not have areceipt for buying the pizza? Ponder that.
Let me read the rest of thequote. If you were the pizza
delivery guy, why were you armedacoday radio program? Glad to have you
along? And what a what aperfect set of circumstances and timing for our

next guest, that of course isNorth Carolina Senator Ted Budd joining us this
morning. How you doing, sir, Casey? You doing great? Well?
We'll find out if you're still doinggreat when I hit you with this,
because I have identified, I haveidentified the thing the most important thing
going on in Washington right now.No, it's not Anthony blinking, jamming

out and then talking about suspending election. It's not the Biden administration saying they're
going to go EO executive order onthe border stuff. No, no,
no, I need to know whereour senator stands on this really important issue.
Menopause is not a bad word.It's not something to be ashamed of,
and it is not something Congress orthe federal government should ignore. Menopause

is something that every woman goes through. So there's no reason that any woman
should feel like she's going through italone, or like she can't find reliable
information or the healthcare answers and optionsshe needs. And there is no excuse
for short changing this issue when itcomes to federal dollars. So we're going

to be working hard to build supportfor our legislation, pass it into law,
and make menopause a part of theconversation until it finally gets the spotlight
and resources that it needs. Well, that's why I'm willing to spotlight it
here, Senator. That is yourcolleague, Senator Murray, Patty Murray.
Obviously, you guys must have fixedeverything else Where do you stand on this

very important issue. Well, we'vebeen trying to keep that as a state
secret, and it's been only inthe secret rooms, but now it's been
out. It is our main issuehere. It's not the deficit, it's
not the border, it's menopause.Yeah, I like the solution of this,
if I if I'm assuming the solutionof this is more taxes and taxes

which primarily would hit higher income earners. You know people probably maybe in their
fifties, right, they've worked alot, they've built up their income.
So menopausal women, a lot ofthem, it's just like, man,
what are we doing? What arewe doing? If you're old enough,
I don't know if you are,Casey, I think I got a couple

of years on you. You rememberan SNL skit back when they called it
Saturday Night Live and it was onmenopause. So it was the news clip,
the news segment of S and Lwhere they talked about menopause. So
I know, yes, yes,yes, what is I'm telling you?

May you're just surround I thought Ithought you were moving uptown and you weren't
just surrounded by stupid. But thenI'm reminded every day that even though you
went on your right side to theother, it's they, it's there,
it's there. You got to dealwith it. All right, Well,
let me get to some of themore important issues. But first you have
to help me handicap the what thehell that was yesterday? So it's the

day started. You know exactly whereI'm going. So Joe Biden his people
in a fourteen second video which haseight cuts at least, right, you
film videos. I see stuff youguys put out and post, right,
you got to do a little Hey, I'm Ted budd. Here's the thing
public. It's part of your job, man, and I'm sure you've you've

shot, done a shot and gohey, let me get a little better
one. There's there's like all thecuts, like every second there's a cut
in this thing. And it's himchallenging Trump to a duel basically with a
list of demands so ridiculous, likeno audience, CNN's got to do it.
Who literally just would we know thatthey gave questions to Trump's opponent in

a previous debate, and yet Trumpimmediately goes, yeah, let's do this
thing. Was that a miscalculation byBiden's people? How do they get through
that? Are they going to beable to because you've done debates, you
know how these things work. Youguys have to agree on stuff. Handicap
this for me, and then we'llget to the real issues that are not
menopause. Jeez, I don't knowhow you want to look at a handicap

on We just came out of theKentucky derby a couple of weeks ago,
but I would say this is aside by side, and you know,
it couldn't be more clear. Youlook at where we were under Trump versus
where we are under Biden. Youwant to talk about inflation, you can
talk about border you talk about energydominance. You want to talk about the
chaos in the world, which I'vejust seen recently in the last week.

You want to talk about the USstanding in the world. Do you want
to talk about inflation? I mean, it just keeps getting worse. So
he backed himself into a corner andtook a paid cuts to do it.
And you know, I don't knowwhat's going to be more important to watch,
if it's Mike Tyson coming back inthe ring or this Biden Trump debate.
But no, you see the gloves. You see the gloves they're using

for the Tyson fight. How manyouthos are these gloves? Seventeen? WHOA,
Okay, yeah, I wouldn't takethat hit from Tyson, but I
think about it at that point,right, yeah, yeah, he's probably
get paid. But yeah, sono, But do you think the Biden
minister or do you think the Bidencampaign excuse me, thought that if they

put that out with all those likeridiculous, those are ridiculous. You can't
have an audience for a debate.What the hell is going on? And
and do you think they thought Trumpwould block and then Biden who teased him
for not debating even though Biden refusedto debate and the Dems refused to acknowledge
challengers. They thought he wouldn't takeit, and then Trump surprised him?

Or do you think they assumed Trumpwould do it all along? That's what
I'm kind of wondering. You know, I just can't You can't see how
much stupid comes out of this WhiteHouse. You know, they're policies,
everything's short term thinking. They're tryingto salvage Michigan and Minnesota and these crazy
states with the way they're handling MiddleEast policy. And now you look at
the political arm and the way theyresponded. Took them fourteen seconds and eight

cuts, and it took Trump probablyten seconds to respond. I mean,
he was ready to roll immediately asthey put it. They're like, yes,
thank you. I don't think theythought he would bite that quick.
They thought they would call his bluff, but Trump wasn't bluff And now we
have two debates. Yeah, well, maybe I don't know there's still the
theory. They're like, ah,they'll replace him or whatever, but that
that's for another day. Let melet me get we'll know that in August.

We'll know that. No, rightexactly. And by the way,
I'm sure that things are going tobe. Everything's going to go perfectly up
in Chicago for the For the dude, I've gone to these things in the
past. Man, you could theyasked us, like, Hey, anybody
any stations have interest in broadcasts upthere. I'm like, not a chance.
Nope, I'm too old for that, because that's gonna be that's gonna

be full combat there. Just tryingto get in and out of that.
You talked about the political stuff.Yesterday the White House mentioned that they want
to go executive order on border stuff. Uh. There seems to be a
lot of moves here lately, includingwhat appears to be a flip flop on
the Israeli funding stuff. And Iwant to get into that, but like
a few of these things that justseem like real quick where they've turned.

I'm assuming they're finally looking at thenumbers going we're hemorrhaging here. We must
do something. The Israeli thing lastweek probably didn't play well, and I
know the border stuff's not playing well. So if he does do an executive
order, are you at least happythat there's some progress or is it just
it's not worth it because it's justa campaign thing. What do you think

that it was totally a campaign thing. It's almost like cartoon like, you
know, they fix one thing andthen a damn break somewhere else. They
think that they make the voters inthe Muslim portions of Michigan or Minnesota happy,
and then all of a sudden,they start losing the Jewish vote in
New York, in California, youknow, and all of a sudden,
then they start fixing that. Thenit makes the other folks upset. But

you can't fix Then they try tofix border, and then now it makes
the open border people upset. Thisexecutive order, it's weak, it's a
sleight of hand. It's too little, too late. It won't fix things.
And you want there's so many clips. They took ninety four executive orders
in the first hundred days. Imean, that's really cranking them out there.

If they would just simply undo that, I mean we would have a
little bit of progress. But they'rejust going to try to do something else
to say that they own it,and they own the border issue. If
you want a little indicator, ifyou look at John Testers, the editor
from Montana. Right. Unfortunately,my colleague, I think we're going to
beat him. We've got to dothe work. Tim Shee's running against him.

But he says that he supports Trumpon the border. Uh, he's
becoming mister Trump, mister border.And he's a Democrat and everything he's done
is completely supported Chuck Schumer and hasbeen anti border, open border. Uh.
And now that's what they're going totry to do is a sleight of
hand Jedi mind trick from now toNovember fifth. I think the voters are

smart, They're not gonna they're notgonna buy it. I have to think
that watching Bowser up in your neckof the woods, uh and uh up
in DC and uh Adams and thereaction in Chicago, I have to think
that that was a resounding success whatAbben and the Santas sent out to do.
All Right, we're calling that awin right in the sense of at

least because it that singularly drove thisissue. It could be hell on the
border as it always is you've beenthere. But once it started getting into
the cities, and I'll you sell, Chicago's coming out screaming because these are
their rec centers that are being repurposed. They it hit home, man,
and I think that might have beenone of the more effective. It's a

stunt, but it's not a stuntin the sense that it worked. Well.
Here's how they here's how they.The Blue States are upping the ante
after Decanus and Avid and Brilliant Movessent them there. They said, all
right, you want to be upand border, here you go. They
said, oh, well, thankyou. We're going to use them for
reapportioning the congressional seats because you seeCalifornia, you see New York. They've
lost congressional seats because people have ledthese fatalitarian policies in these states. And

so they said, well, we'rejust going to use the illegal immigrants that
have come to our states to reapportionfor the next census in twenty thirty.
And we're going like, no,what. That's why we're pushing to say
you got to be you got toput on the census whether or not you
are a citizen. There's several billsMike Lee has led some anyway, it's
about a type of election fraud thatthese folks are trying to do and use

non citizens to reapportion and that's notthe purpose, that's not the intent of
our founding fathers and our constitution.Yeah, and we've talked about that on
the show because people people get itwrong and they go, oh, they're
going to bring them here and thenthey're all going to vote. Now,
don't get me wrong, I'm deeplyconcerned about like auto sign up, if
you get a license and then you'reyou're you're not legal to vote, but
somehow you still like that. Thatwhole thing is problematic to me. But

the proportion, the proportion of thecongressional districts as well as our let you
know, how we handle our presidentialelection. That's the game. Because they
don't have to get they don't haveto make anyone legal. You can be
illegal. If you're counted in thecensus, it counts. And I've been
told that legally they could never overturnthat. But that's of course the pundits
on CNN. Do you think theyhave good grounds to get that fixed?

I think it's going to be trickyand You've got to stop it at registration
because people can say, well,you know they can. They can on
so many different avenues they can maketheir way into the system if it's the
automatic sign up like you mentioned others. And it's really hard to verify.
Yes, it's illegal for somebody thenon citizen to vote, particularly federal elections,
but it's hard to prove, it'shard to catch, and so you

got to stop it on the frontend. Yeah, just a couple of
things. Since you know you arethe Senator from North Carolina, you've been
watching what's going on in UNCEE.I'm sure you've been watching what's going on
at all these campuses and have somethoughts. But UNC is very much in
the spotlight from the fraternity brothers,who I guess are having a half million
dollar party. That sounds fun,And of course what we saw with the

interim chancellor there who went, no, this nonsense isn't happening. And there
were colleges that chose that route,in colleges that didn't. I think Chapel
Hill's better off. And now they'vedefunded DEI. So you have a lot
of thoughts. I'm sure what sayyou? Yeah, look they've made some
for all the challenges across the nation. I'm proud of you and C Chapel

Hill. I'm proud of the studentwho pushed back. I mean, if
you've if you look in the depthof the story, it was it was
a young Kidy from Winston Salem whostepped up, called the chancellor and says,
you've got to come down here,protect these Jewish students. You got
to protect us and help. Yougot to put this flag back up.
So it was some great students downthere who love our country or patriotic they

want to support their fellow Jewish students, and they were getting overrun and then
they turned the tide and so somegreat leadership from interim Chancellor Roberts did a
great job. So I'm proud asI can be of un C Chapel Hill
and the conservatives there. And somepeople aren't even conservatives they I mean,
they love our countries. They're probablyyou know, a traditional liberal there.

Hey, that's politicism, we've gotto stop. Yeah. Yeah, they're
a college kid man just like that. They don't even know they're like,
hey, this is wrong, andthey push back. And I'm proud as
I can be of them good night. But I don't think they I don't
think they're going to throw a halfmillion dollar party. He used to folks.
They got overwhelmed with this go fundme thing. They got a ton
of money, and I think they'regoing to find some great nonprofit to give

it to and have a little keggerthere at the end. No. Oh,
and they can have a big kegerand still a big amazing thing.
Not compared to a half billion bucks, though, wouldn't that be amazing though?
But yeah, like you know theland, I understand that the universities
are probably not what you and Iencountered. And you got to remember I
was a Wyoming kid down in southernCalifornia, so there is some definitive culture

shock there. But ninety percent ofthe students are a political They're just like,
oh, oh, you live ondon't play, which was the beach
side of like, yeah, welive on don't play, let's party.
And then nothing came of that.And then there were ten percent who had
signs and hated everything. So Idon't know that much has changed in the
percentage. But the vigor, andthis is where we get into it.
The vigor of the students, whichis pretty frightening at times that we have

seen where a lot of these schoolsare just gonna let them do. Some
of the schools just agreed to fasttrack punishment and expunge it from their records.
Even though they vandalized buildings, includingcal Poly Humboldt, committed crimes,
won't count against them. What's theyou know, what's the answer to that?
To the extent that the federal government. I saw Virginia Fox was talking

about this. I saw that bythe way, the Code Pink Lady was
chasing her through the elevator, andI think Virginia Fox could have taken her
and her friends. So tell Virginiathat, but she's so strong. I'll
see her here in just a littlewhile. As the honor the Reverend Billy
Graham and the Calgary That was good. My final question for you, Yeah,
jump the gun there, No,no, no, no. What
do you guys do? Yeah?What do you What can you guys do?

I say, Hey, we pushedfor rule of law everywhere. Can
I affect here in North Carolina?What's going on Humboldt State? No?
But can we say to those inChapel Hill, those around the state,
make sure you're enforcing the rule oflaw, whether it's campus or whether it's
outside of campus. That's a wityto have. And when folks sign up
to the students, that's the laws, that's the rules of the campus they
sign up for, and they needto be held to account. And you

said, look, ninety percent ofstudents aren't political. Well, you know,
reality check is ninety percent of folksout there in the world aren't political.
They just want to live their life. They want to go to work,
raise their family, have some fun. And I think we need to
make sure that we don't screw upthis great country so that people can just
live their lives. And you know, they're not political, but they're having
to get political to defend our country. And I hope that people will wake

up and show up at the ballotbox and make sure to vote for the
rule of law and for those whoprotect our country. And right now that's
President Trump. So even if you'renot political, it's time to make sure
that you're registered to vote and getout and turn out and stop this crazy
all right, last I go,I well exactly one minute left. Yeah,
So for folks who don't know whatit is, two statues per state,

right, and Billy Graham is goinginto North Carolina and going out is
mister Acock, which is the mostamusing street name near my house. But
other than that, good riddance,So well tell me about it. Yeah,
well, when you're missing your streetsign in your neighborhood, you'll know
what happened. But we're taking thatdown too. But look, we're replacing

you with Reverend Billy Graham. Iwant to just thank the House Delegation for
their work on this. They dida great job and we are placing that
statue up today so the grand familywill be there. And you know,
he could have lived anywhere, heand his wife Ruth, but they chose
North Carolina. Impacted billions of peoplearound the world through television and it's amazing.

One hundred and eighty five countries andso many people that he talked to
in person. Ted, I alreadyhear all Yeah, I'm sorry, I
got to cut you off, butI want to hear all about it next
time we chat, and we'll talkto you soon, all right. So
Nick Bryant is an independent journalist.He wrote The Franklin Scandal, which was
it was about aren't give me ashocked to learn incidents of child sex abuse

among very rich individuals. You know, a lot of that wayfair stuff,
and yeah, it's over in theagre adrenochrome folks or big fans of the
book. But the reality of JeffreyEpstein is really what this was surrounding.
And you don't have to believe incabals and Bohemian grove to understand that there

are a lot of examples out thereof people who feel that they are untouchable
and can do whatever they want,who also have very perverse vices availing themselves
of it. It's how these storiescome to light. How there's you know,
Lolita Express, how there's an EpsteinIsland. But the thing about Epstein,
as we all know, is itbecame abundantly clear based on what they

found in his house right where ithad gazillion cameras in New York and his
everybody just kind of moving this dudeup the food chain that he knew a
lot about a lot of people.Now, whether he's the one who fleckxs

that, I'll let you be thejudge. But then when he suicided in
prison, as you can imagine,we got to where we are. But
I thought it was just gonna beanother one of those conversations. But no,
he added something at the very end. He's doing an interview with a
podcaster, Sean Ryan, and itjust almost matter of factly, he says,

quote, oh, and a lotof people don't know that Epstein had
himself cloned before he went to jailin New York. I guess for he
reported or something. I don't knowwhat that you lead with that? What
do you mean he had himself cloned? I don't think he means that there

is another one, but like youknow what, it feels like. It
feels like the head freeze thing,right, like I'm gonna cryogenically freeze Disney's
head. And then one day whoknows this guy didn't go deep enough?
Okay, I heard, oh youheard, yeah, anybody else here or
just you just made John McAfee andand and Epstein. They switched faces.

What like a face off? Oh, they had a fight their faces you
beat it high noon, like Iwas talking about. I don't know you're
thinking about. You're thinking of abouta Mexican standoff, and that's racist.
Now their faces switched. How didthat go to that? They? Okay?
With a whale or not, becauseI had heard yeah, yeah,

okay, all right, well wowthat's double source. Now okay, I
were on the safe I heard that. Can you imagine, I don't look,
if they did clone them and Idon't know, let's go, let's
go a little a little wishy here. Wouldn't it be amazing if every time
they popped a new Epstein out hestill retained all that knowledge. Can you
imagine being the Clintons having to killthis guy? I mean, the stress

that would put them under, likeit's like a whackable literally literally, right?
Ay Epstein set to testify tomorrow aboutwho helped him buy the island.
Oh my gosh, you fell outof a penthouse? And then he shows
up, Oh there he is.He made it to because my knowledge of

cloning isn't that great. But like, yeah, when you clone somebody,
they don't have like the same braincompatity, the same memories, or it's
like a new person. Right rememberthe remember the whole Dolly thing? And
then with the cats. All right, so I read a thing about the
cats and it actually creeped me outbecause they you're right, they didn't,
but some things they did where therewas familiarity, and that's the part that

made my skin crawl. Where theywhere they they cloned this cat. Now,
class cats are demonic anyway, Soyou're dealing with that. But I'm
just throwing that out to bait people. But ultimately, there was retention in
a clone for things that shouldn't beenretained, but there's not enough evidence on

it. So you and I arespeculating, right, full disclosure, right
speculation, Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, But wouldn't that
be amazing? Just like even ifhe's on the stand and he's like and
then I the phone rang, andI look down and then it's JFK to
his head right, and they're likefive minute recess and then they just wheel
the next one in. I'd keepprinting that, keep printing that money.

Printer go burr, Epstein, printergo burr. Okay, there's your meme.
I wish I could do graphic card. The point is that would be
fabulous. Unfortunately, I think peopleare reading probably a little too much into
it. But you remember, oneof the theories is that Epstein wasn't murdered,

he was whisked away and his facewas switched with with McAfee. They
switched faces and they're all living onthe same island with Elvis. Now they're
there the ocean prison. Oh they'rein uh Poseidon's prison or Atlanta. Oh

what did that? I heard?I have actually heard this dumb theory of
the ocean prison. What do theycall it? There is Atlanta, traz
You didn't know about this. I'mjust making this goes with the remember the
UFOs popping out of the water stuffwith the day video the U s O
s Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah. So like one of the theories
around that was those are prisoner transportsand they have a super max under the

sea. Yeah, it's like Spongebobsthe Wharton and he's maniacal. So so
are the the the ocean prisons,the underwater ocean prison ran by aliens?
But there, yes, you're kindof kind of yes, it's there are
some reptilian vibes to it, butthere's also just one world government. So

it's which ocean prison you subscribe to. Well, I'm not gonna lie.
This sounds completely feasible. What Imean, I'm I'm in what sounds feasible
ocean prisons? I mean, yeah, I guess you could technically do that
you stay in hotels that are underthe ocean, all of it. It
all makes sense. Now, Okay, I was confused before. Now I'm

I'm so glad I've convinced you.I want a hundred Epstein standing there waiting
to take the stand. Make itso as they say. But that's just
me, and I'm selfish that way. Uh Ross. I'll ask you,
and then I'll ask uh raced ageingthe same question. Gentlemen, what is
from the weather channel? If he'sthere? What is the crappiest town you've

ever you've ever been to? Didit? You know? Dame? What
is it? Islan? Really?No? No, it's not. Come
on, Can I can I offerone other that may beat it for the
title of crappiest town? Devin England? Did you see what happened today?

I did not. They had tocancel all the stuff because the water supply
gave the entire town explosive diarrhea.Everything shut down, schools. It's not
government, everybody, Wow, thewhole thing just here. Your day is

and God help you if you gotfive kids and two bathrooms? Sure yeah,
no, no, never that badmy hometown. So Atlanta can do
what Atlanta wants to do and youall can hack on it. But I
don't I feel like they win.I mean I was talking about my hometown.
But yeah, I throw a landin there too. Oh okay,
you connected a right, your Rosskin. You don't get up there. I

want to say, Troy. Imean it's the same marketing. Yeah,
it's gone to the Albany Troy,right, and you go, you go
some of the northern towns and itgets a little sketchy. Does everybody at
the same time have explosive diarrhea fromcrypto? No, that's only happened in
my town once, but I don'tthink it was from what. Okay,

all right, that's a lot ofstuff trying to try to play along here.
Yes, Ross has found out aboutalien undersea prisons. He's very excited
about that. Exactly. Get himexcited about weather. Yeah, excited today,
not so excited the rest of theweekend. Of the weekend. Probably

have more on this tomorrow, becausewe're still gonna have some time tomorrow morning
before we get the storms back toget a little better picture of the weekend.
The rain chances are high. Thequestion will be it doesn't rain all
day Saturday and Sunday, My firstguess is probably not today. No rain,
lots of sunshine, still little cloudaround on sprinkle of rain this morning.
Might some leftover fog, but itlooks like a lot of that's going
away, especially south southwest of theTryad near eighty. Today could be a

shower Tonight sixty and then tomorrow's theclouds increase. Scattered afternoon and evening showers
and thunderstorms low to mid eighties,and some showers and thunderstorms. Over the
weekend. We could get some strongerstorms. Percentage wise, the best chance
looks Saturday, but we're still atyou know, fifty sixty seventy percent chance
over the weekend, a wet weatherearly to mid next week, a warming

trend will start in some dry weatherfor a few days. So today great,
Friday, through the weekend not sogood. I'm not gonna say there's
no dry hours, but I reallythink it is. We get into Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, nice warming trend, and we should have high pressure
back, which should mean some dryweather too. Okay, all right,
so the short story, your weekendsucks. There's nothing you can do about

it, but maybe it won't inthe future. Because we're on TikTok.
Dude, you got less than twoweeks. Oh you're on the TikTok.
I'm not on the TikTok. No, no, no, no, TikTok
on the clock because Memorial Days comingup. Oh you guys gotta get all
your crap together. You got toget this figured out. People need this.
I already want the holiday weekend forI'm like, come on, dude,

that's like ten days away. No, I'm just saying, not even
if in the Just get people,start trend and do your work and we'll
talk soon. Okay, sounds good. All right, there you go.
Jeff Bellinger will join us coming upnext. And I got just a couple
other things I got to share withyou here on the Cacoday radio program.
Bellinger Blueberg News joining us. Jeff. What's happening man, Good morning,

Caseye. Homebuilders broke round on morenew projects last month. Just got that
report in from Washington. The governmentsays housing starts increased five point seven percent
in April after a steep decline inMarch. The number of workers signing up
for unemployment benefits eased last week aftera big spike the prior week. First
time applications fell back by ten thousandto two hundred and twenty two thousand.

Major average is settled at wrec hisyesterday. The future suggests they could extend
the gains this morning's opening. Thereis renewed optimism that interest rates can be
lowered this year, but Minneapolis FedPresident Neil cash Carey became the latest central
banker to reiterate that it will likelybe a while before rates can come back
down. Walmart shares are higher inpre market trading. The giant retailer posted

another quarter of sales growth, andit slightly raised its outlook for the year.
Sales for stores open a year ormore increased more than expected. Walmart
is attracting more higher income shoppers lookingto spend less on essentials, and its
e commerce operation has been a bigdriver. New technology will allow Visa to
share more information with retailers. Visauses so called tokens to protect customers banking

information with an extra layer of security. It will only share information involving customers
who have given their consent In casey, This makes one think there is no
safe haven from financial trouble. TheUnited Nations is struggling and some austerity measures
have been composed. Thermostats have beenreset, cut back on air conditioning,

justice temperatures are starting to climb.A hiring freeze is in effect, and
the webcast of one recent important sessionwent dark before the session ended. The
meeting went long, and there wasno money to pay overtime to the camera
operators and translators. I have somany thoughts. I'm not going to drag
you down with me, but thankyou for informing us. Okay, okay,

you have a good day. Allright, all right, thank you.
Jeff Bellinger there, Ross tell mewhen he's clear, because I don't
want to do this to the poorman. Is he clear? We're good,
he's not connected to this anymore.Okay? Are they going to be
able to pay the people who rapethe African villagers? Do we know?
Do we have an answer on that? I mean, austerity measures be damned.

Are they still going to be ableto send you and employees into I
don't know, let' say RAFA withinthis quasi organization they have and then we
find out there's literally like Hamas fightersand they're shooting at people. Is that
still going to be funded? Soare the terrorists and the rapists within your
organization? Are they still going toget their paychecks or are they going to

be hitting the unemployment line? Andwho's hiring them? Right? What industry
out there is looking for a guywhose CV is like? Yeah, so
I worked for a un security organizationfor three different countries in Africa and we

raped a bunch of the population.I'm not being flippant with this. This
is researchable. Yeah, well we'resupposed to be do a humanitarian anyway.
It's a mess. Now you putthat on there. Who's hiring you?

Columbia University might But other than that, good luck with that man, all
right? Sorry, I didn't wantto hang that around justin that. Can
you imagine if I had to bustit out with that rape line with Jeff
on here, I wouldn't do thatto that poor man. And I really
want to talk to him about thepoopy city, because holy just think about

that. Think about whatever city ofyours. I don't care if you're in
one of the big ones, sittingin Raleigh or Greensboro, whatever, or
you're sitting down in four Corners oryou know, pick your whatever it is
state line looking at you moonshiners andand but I want you to envision everybody
you know, that you've lived with, you go to school with, that

you work with, that you seein the grocery store. Just know that
at this very moment they're all alsositting on the throne cause you're dim with
government had in this Cryptosprittian problem forgotto test and only told you after the
fact that you should boil your water. Good times. It's like that speakers

sing where they tell you if you'regoing to go give a speech, you
know, picture people naked, andit's supposed to be a weird exercise that
helps you. This is the opposite, because now you have to envision that
all that's going on around you,with everyone you know, and you will
be this little town in the southof England today who had to cancel everything. Man
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