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June 13, 2024 95 mins
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Well's forgotten this out of my ownvoice. Man. You know, if
it's a lot easier when you don'ttry to do the show with a towel
over your face. So did thethe did the escape pod Land and Raleigh?
Yeah? From high pointing you yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah,
touch touchdown yesterday? Uh around lunch. Look. I like our new

studios, but they do sound uhthey sound a little interesting. So uh
anyway, Uh there there we go. All right, so uh back back
to the normal sound of the voice. Uh so uh excuse me, I
was just cutting in some some audio. I want to be very careful because

my beef is not with this woman, all right, I want to be
I want to be a thousand percentclear on this. I have no animosity
to this woman. Am I gonnasit there? I saw some people,
you know, speculating politics or anyof the rest of it. I got
none of that. I have nothing. It's sympathy for this this incident,

and it sounds like it's more thanjust her. It's witnesses that were there.
Police actually did I guess they wentand made a report or something,
but it doesn't sound like anything cameof it. And that is the breathless
story that Ril was doing yesterday,that they themselves. This makes me so

angry. I try really hard notto personalize individually personalized stuff because I understand
that you work, you work fora news a larger news entity. I
work for a larger news entity.Okay, Right, So it's you know,

sometimes there's like if you guys heara promo you don't like, you're
like, oh my gosh, what'sgoing on? That's not Ross and I
screwing with you all the time,okay? Or if you don't like when
Ross and I I you're on vacation. Who the fill in is? Sometimes
the reality is not going to beone hundred percent what you want. But
you know that's life, okay,is now what you tell your kids,

that's life. Sometimes you don't getwhat you want. That being said,
I see stuff like this and Irealize everybody's kind of have to be bought
in on this stuff. And whensomebody is not just clutching their pearls over

something that they themselves are largely responsiblefor, but then they're trying to spin
it as a political attack against theirfoes, I just lose my crap.
If you don't know what The storyis a woman says she went to a
carry auto like a quick glube orsomething. It look they had a picture

in there. It looked like everyone of the quick loubes you probably see.
You know, the square brick building, got a couple bays to oil
change. Get your nine thousand pointinspection. Hey, your car's falling apart
by a new one, all right, whatever. This woman is also dealing
with stage four cancer. And Idon't know if there's anyone out there who

doesn't understand that when you are undera regiment of cancer drugs, it messes.
It messes with your system a lotand immunocomp being immunocompromised as a result
of taking chemotherapy drugs, whether itis you're going in and you're getting the
actual you know, IV, oryou're taking the pills or you know,

any of that treatment there. Peopleknow that's a thing. And I want
you, guys, mentally, tojump into the wayback machine of North Carolina
from five years ago, for thoseof you who have lived in North Carolina
for at least five years. Nottrying to exclude anyone, but I want
to make a point five years ago, if you walked into you walked into

Low's, or you walked into HarrisTeeter, or you walked into food Lion
or Bigly Wiggly or whatever, orthe auto. You know, the oil
changed place near you and you sawsomebody wearing a mask over their face.
Was that even a thing? Wouldyou go say something to them? Would

it be a point where where wherewould it draw up? Would it well
emotion within you? No, youwouldn't. You wouldn't you would he probably
wouldn't even notice, or if youdid, it would be so passive as
to not register with you. Becauseit wasn't a thing. Nobody went over

and said, I better go andI better check to make sure they actually
need that. That was never athing, And then very much became a
thing, and it very much becamea thing, even though we the data
is clear it was a useless thing. But it was a thing that was

used as a marker, a markerof virtue, and if and if you
didn't have one, even even ifyou were meeting the requirements for whatever the
policy of the store was. WhenI saw elderly women with enphysema being harassed

and chased through a paint store,when I saw people's ability to just live
their life while correctly observing that thisthing that even was was Remember it was
the original lie to the American public. You don't need mass, don't go

get mad. What are you doing? Go stop it. We had Fauci
on the show talk about it,and the reason they did it is because
they were concerned that it would run. There would be a run on them,
and it would inhibit the ability ofactual medical professionals to get end ninety
five's. So what was the solution? Get whatever one you want, get
one with bugs, buddy on itif you want, but you better have

one, and if you don't,will out you. How many articles and
how many interviews and news stories didoutlets like WRIL do. Can you believe
this guy who wants to hold churchoutside where everyone's in their own car.
He needs to be canceled, Heneeds to be lawsuited and the governor acquiesced,

Oh, you're at a racetrack outside, not near anybody. That's a
lawsuit. The politicalization of all ofthis I contract to nothing else but the
insane policy, the social insanity,the go along to get along among Democrat
lawmakers and their willing media cohorts.You were a monster who was trying to

kill people, and it was okaybecause you were lower than dirty. It
was okay to harass you in public. And it doesn't matter if you sat
there and said I can't. Mydoctor literally says I can't because my O
two is this, and I can'tdo anything to inhibit my breathing, which
is an actual thing. And evenwhere laws were passed where exemptions were supposed

to be built in, they hada policy of denying all of them.
In some instances, it is onrecord that you denied first it didn't matter
religious exemption. Now we just saythat's the thing, but we'll never find
one. So if you want to, if you want to track back why

people are so whacked out of theirbrains over mass you need to look inward.
And how dare you run a story? And I'm gonna play the audio
from you and act like, ohthere, oh you can. You don't
believe with evil? Tim Moore andthe rest are up to over and Raleigh.
They got this thing, this poorwoman, this they got this poor
woman harassed, and again she shouldn'tbe. I feel horrible for her.

I hate that she's caught up inall of this, to have to be
having to go through what she's goingthrough right now and then deal with some
idiot, some moron. I don'tcare what his position on mass is.
He's an idiot. He's a moron. That's you know, that's right there.

If you want somebody to hate inall of this, Uh, you
can assign a percentage there. Let'sgo ahead and get into this. Here
is the report. We'll go pieceby piece because I'm just so irritated this
morning. This comes one day afterGeneral Assembly passed a bill that would punish
people who wear masks to conceal theiridentity while committing a crime. The bill

also has provisions for health reasons.Wrils. Carly Haynes is live at the
state Capitol after speaking with the womanwho says she was threatened. And Carly,
this bill is not even state lawyet. All right. So there's
Gerald, Gerald Owens and Carly andthe whole team there. And that's an
accurate that's an accurate representation of thetimeline we're currently under. They did just

pass this bill, Okay, Sowhat happened, Carly? Give me this?
Give me the skinny, Carly.Anytime Sherry Stewart goes to a small
public space, she'll put on hermask. She has stage four breast cancer
and a weak immune system, soa common cold to someone could actually put
me in the hospital on a ventilator. But she had a new experience this

morning at a carry car service whereshe says she was harassed by a customer
when he confronted me, I actuallyshowed him my medical ID card and he's
lashed out at me like that.She says he threatened her, coughed on
her, and said wearing a maskis now illegal in North Carolina, which
is not true. Now that theysay in the story that they talk to

multiple witnesses there, whether all ofthat is exactly how it happened or if
you're dealing with eyewitness I don't know, but I believe this woman was harassed.
I think she's just there trying toget her oil change or whatever she's
trying to do. She's also evenif you think she's over correcting on her
doctor's advice, don't tell me howto what to do. If I'm sitting

there facing cancer and I'm doing whatI think needs to be done, what
my doctor tells me, what Iyou know needs to be done. Again,
I got I have no problem withthis woman at all. I feel
horrible for her, just as Ifeel horrible for people who had their livelihoods

stolen from them. So what exactlydoes the bill say. Let's dive deeper.
The General Assembly did pass a billTuesday punishing people who wear masks to
conceal their identities while committing crimes.But it keeps exceptions in place for some
health reasons, and Governor Roy Cooperhasn't signed it, so it isn't law

now. And I'll explain something aswe get a little deeper into this.
There is a willing, disingenuous exclusionof explanations as to the issue of health
exemptions within this law, which isnot a new law. It is the
old law. I just want tobe abundantly clear here. So is the

law that was in effect since thenineteen fifties so that the Klan would stop
harassing black people and or any oftheir allies. But with that being said,
again, leave it if you see. If you think once this law

does go into effect, if itgoes into effect, and I think it
probably will, they probably have tooverride the governor. And you think somebody
is violating it is wearing a maskfor the purpose of concealing their identity from
crime commission or during the during thecourse of a protest or whatever it is.
Call the police. I know theyprobably don't want to do the right

call the police. That is that'show you handle it. Okay, can
we all agree that's how we handleit, because that's how adults handle it.
Here, don't go U don't deputizeyourself. Then I'm gonna have to
call you Deputy DIP and that's gonnabe your name forever. Okay, we'll

get your little plastic badge. Youdon't hurt yourself. It's gonna be nice.
So that's what the bill says.That's what happened. Uh, let's
go and harass him Moore, shallwe? We asked how speaker Tim Moore,
how he's reacting after a woman experienceda scary moment less than a day

later. No one should be harassedwhatsoever if they choose for health reasons to
wear a mask, just as thatone should be harassed if they choose not
to wear a mask. Thank you, Yes, absolutely, Look you know
what that is. That's the sanesttake. And I've screamed about Tim Moore
before, I've screamed about all ofthese guys. Slea Ross stole my mask

this morning, so I'm just verymean. Anyway, that's the same take.
That's a normal take, and that'show it was five years ago.
Tell me I'm wrong, That's howit was. So they go back to
the woman. Here's what Tim Mooresays. Stuart is worried. It's not
that simple, and state health officialswarned lawmakers that people might be harassed if

masks were banned for health reasons.Did they warn officials that folks might be
harassed if you implement draconian mass lawsthat have no scientific benefit. And then
even once you know that to bethe case, because the data's in,
you double down and then you holdpress conferences digitally so nobody can ask critical
questions of the governor. Did theymake any recommendations then, I don't remember.

You're still going to get judged ifthat law is out there. You're
still going to get people like thegentleman I encountered today that's going to have
something to say to you and getupset that you're wearing. Absolutely, she's
one hundred percent, and I hatethat that's where we are now. But
we also need to understand how wegot there, and the way that we
got there is by turning mass intothe political football of political footballs. Wasn't

like this five years ago. Iwill keep saying it unless somebody wants to
show me evidence that I'm wrong.And just you know, I've lived here
what like almost fifty what twelve thirteenyears? Ross's at least that he lived
here before I got here. Sothis is do you remember the mass wars
of aught ten? Were you wereyou around for those? Were you around

for the mass wars of at ten? Is that it was that big?
Oh all right, one more.Then they try to give a timeline and
they leave that part out. Sothis is how we got to this point.
The bill was filed demand mask wearingon public property. No, no,
sorry, Gerald, you screwed upalready. You forgot all the crap
for the three years proceeding that putus here. So I can't even play

the rest of your audio cut becauseit's not accurate, and I would argue
that's by design, man, themass swars oft ten. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to trigger folks.Probably probably should have given a trigger warning.
Anyway, we'll be back you recover. I guess technically it would be

eight oh six. If you wantto be one of those people, well
technically it'd be eight oh five fortyfive. I'm just telling you this because
I don't want to hear any whining. So coming up at eight oh five,
we are going to give away apair of really nice passes for Saturday

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pores passes. Okay, it's nothow we roll around these parts. You
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head over to a temperature controlled cateredset up over on sixteen, which is
that's a really great place to watchthe players come through, especially with what
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tortoiseshell. This will be the onlyway I could describe it, the rock
card. They have kind of aunique look to them, and when they're
cut at PGA speeds that's gonna bemaddening to keep balls on the green Man
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Your food, your drinks, it'sall included they and they even have ready
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So you want to be listening,We'll do a call in. I'll pick
whatever how we're gonna do it.I'm not gonna tell you, and then
we'll hook somebody up and then wewill force you when you go to send
us photos so that we can usethem for social media. So the other
half of the building is happy aboutsomething. Okay, So b listening if

you want to win those and headdown Saturday. Did I mention it's temperature
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and then you have the interior partwhich is and it's just it's the
way to do a golf tournament.Okay, that's all I'm saying. So
I'll be listening for those. We'llbe giving them away coming up at eight

oh six, unless Ross once Ross, do you want to go. No,
you don't want to go to thegolf. You don't want to go
to the golf tournament. Man,what's the best in the world. You
can you can run out on thefield like you're in a congressional baseball game.
We'll we'll do get arrested again.Oh, Scotty Scheffler, you didn't
see that meme I posted where Yeah, it's it's like it looks like a

shift briefing for the pine for thePinehurst Police Department with Scotti Scheffler picture right
there. Don't arrest that guy?Or yeah? Or they could do the
funniest thing ever, right, Yeah, they could, No, they could,
they could take turns. They coulddo it, and then like Southern
Pines could get in on the action. Maybe get a sheriff's department or two

up in there. That'd be great. So I don't know, man,
I'd probably get arrested because if thosegreens are gonna be as hard as they're
gonna be, I would get sofrustrated I'd fling my putter and probably murder
somebody, not intentionally, but couldhappen. By the way, do you

hear the good news? Since thisis great? Somebody found my grenade.
I guess, do you guys seethis? So I don't know if you
guys know that Ross knows he canattest. So the other day I was
over hanging out where I usually hangout, on the six hundred block of
King's FOURK Road, just my favoriteplace, and as I was leaving,

I'm like, what happened to mygrenade? Where's my grenade? And now
I'm reading the story this morning accordingto Police and Carry. According to Police
and Carry, homeowner there found himselffor grenade while doing a little landscaping in
the backyard. I didn't realize itrolled that far. I apologize, So

if I just go ahead and getthat back. This is the grenade you've
told me about in the past,where it's been handed down from generation to
generation. Right, it is ait is a private security of last resort
apparatus. You said something about howyour dad's buddy kept it at a prison
camp in Vietnam or something. Well, that's where he kept, right that
is. Look, I just can'tget into on the radio, but I'll

let you imagine. It's your birthrightmm hm. In fact, he came
to me when I was a veryyoung boy and said this is your grenade,
and then he told me the story, And let me tell you,
trying to process that kind of storyat like eight, were you scared of
the grenade? Like looking at itwhile he was just kind of playing with

it telling you the story? Like, were you like going? A range
of emotions flooded through me. Yeah, so this is this is my Grandpa
Py's grenade, and I'm gonna needthat back. So you're so how lucky
do you have to be to finda grenade in your yard? I feel
like this is a trick by womento get men to do yard work.

Right. You're like, I'm not, like, who wants Nobody wants to
mow a lawn tomorrow because it's gonnasorry I started to cough there and I
emphasized the suck, but it's gonnasuck outside. Nobody wants to mow a
lawn. But if you think theremight be a grenade, that might be
the motivation you need to get upand get that honey do list going.

But this one's mine, so I'mgonna need it. Apparently though, uh,
police didn't even ask, don't andthey're like, ah, we're gonna
send it down to Fort Bragg andso they had them Fort Bragg folkus.
This is why do you ever findlike precious metals or gold or shut up
and just it's yours? Yeah,the coins, your famous coin story?

You ever find your mortars? Uh? Well, I mean would I say
that I found my mortars? Doyou know what I'm saying? Right,
I'm really I'm still trying to findthat nuke I dropped by Goldsborough fifty years
ago. You remember that, Rememberhow upset I was when I'm like,
oh no, my nuke fell outof my little nuki, Yeah, a
little nuki and into that farm field. And then just like one day I'll

find it, but and we'll beyou know what, that'd be a good
episode of that show you're addicted tonow. You could have Robert Stack in
the farm field. We've been watchingthese just tell me all about unsolved mysteries
this morning. For some reason,we're always looking for different stuff to binge.
Yeah, yeah, just watch beforewe go to bed, something to
you know, like he goes toBetty eight a clock and something to put

on TV to wind right. Yeah, So we we went through watch Resident
Alien. We've watched a bunch ofthe Office and stuff. And now we're
watching old unsolved mysteries, the RobertStack ones, not the new ones,
not the poverty. Yeah no,no, no, no, that doesn't
even count as a kid. Whenyou imagine Robert Stack, you know,
hosting that show, you can picturehim wearing the Untouchable start right, go
ahead, get the Untouchables trench coatin front of like you know, yes

street, you know, very mistywhatever, always foggy like a street lamp.
Right, Yeah, But we've beenfascinated about where is he going to
be this week because it's always someplacedifferent. It's not like that picture you
see in your head. And sometimesit's the trench coat. And sometimes it's
like he looks like a granddad fromnineteen eighties that you went through ww W

W two. And yeah, he'shad some sweater action. I've seen sweater
action, yea, or like abomber jacket or pants pulled up to his
neck. But it's always someplace different, like it'll be like but it's not
a happy place. It's always aneerie it's like a spooky place. Yeah,
he was such a great word.Yes, the person year at the
beach, an abandoned factory always abandonedstuff. Yeah, an empty museum full

of bus for some reason. Itcould have been the Biltmore, I've no,
probably haunted, probably completely haunted.Yeah, an abandoned prison. Right,
Like he was out in front ofthe Alamo, and we were thinking,
it's this is something we watched fornow when we watched the show,
like where's Robert Stack gonna be thisweek? Carmen San Diego spin off?
Because and as you know, westarted thinking, that's somebody's job. That

was somebody's job, and you knowthey had locations, Yeah, like where
are we going to put Robert thisweek? That they had meetings about this?
You know, they did a fogmachine and wait till dark. That's
ninety percent of your work done foryou, right, that's what you think
in your head. But it's alwayssomeplace weird and different. Now the Alamo
was the outside or was he inthe basement? No, the whole episode

was about the basement. Oh okay, rumors of a basement and something about
a stolen bicycles. Oh wow,that is a mystery that should be solved.
And they had they had that psychkick woman on that Sylvia Brown large
margin, Oh, Madame Ruby,Oh wow, Okay, I mean you

got to get the key players ifyou're going to get to the bottom of
that. Should he put him inthe library? No, to put him
up on the pier, Like,hey man, if you get a nice
fog bank rolling in, that's somespooky stuff. So yeah, we'll get
We'll get him on it. Maybehe can track down Minuke. The old
I'm getting just seeing as from youknow, behind the scenes of production value

of it, like because there's aproduction. Imagine you're Robert Stack and you're
like, where are you sending methis week? And you're like, I'm
on the pier. Women just can'there reading the stupid lines. And he's
such a professional. He's reading thelines and they're just flawless. Maybe you
can help me. He's soul ofthe mystery. He did, uh what
he did the did you see whenthey redid the Twilight Zone radio stuff?

No, but if he did it, I can imagine he did. And
it's really and they modern some ofit, which I don't like, Like
I I'll fall asleep to that stufftoo, like the Twilight Zone the actual
old radio. But then they likethey got voice actors to modernize some of
the stories, which I'm not afan of. But then there's Robert Stack,

you know, doing being Rod Serlingfor the purpose of at least getting
some new lines in there. It'svery well done, and he sounds he
can't see anything. He sounds likehe's in one of the spooky spots.
Like they're like they brought him arant, so they're like, all right,
we're gonna, we're gonna do ourrecording here. Like he's become a
meme now and it's you know,it's something funny, but like he's super

talented. Yeah, yeah, thatis, uh what a good gig man.
Like you think like they were likecards, like que cards behind the
camera because his deliveries is so perfect. I mean yeah, I think just
from a timing perspective all that stuff, I don't know. But all right,
well, uh well where was helast night? He was at some

sort he actually had people with him. He was at like a sheriff's department,
and it was super weird because thecamera angle, they were way too
close to each other. So RobertStack was on the right, like sitting
on like a desk at the sheriff'sdepartment, and the sheriff or whoever was
the detective was on the left,but they were angled in a way where
it looked like he was sitting inRobert Stack's lap. They were like this

close to each other, but thecamera kept panning back and forth. But
when it would show, when itwould drop back and show the wide shot,
you'd realize how close they were.So when you see Robert Stack talking
and did they find the murderer,you realize the guy's like right there in
front of his face, who's theguy who did the things where he'd tell
you a whole story and you'd beall invested in it and he'd be like,
and it's not true. Right,do you remember that? Now you

don't remember that? Oh, thatwas a whole thing, right, same
era of TV. He would bethe part of the One of the things
they would do is one of thestories wasn't true. They were telling you
they were like unsolved mysteries kind ofstory. I remember there was the Jonathan
Frakes thing, the guy played Rikeron a Yes, that's exactly who I'm
talking about. Yeah, he'd tellyou the story and you're just like,

that's that happened near me and it'scomplete bull craps. Yeah, we made
it up. Yeah, that wasthe That was the whole thing. I
remember it as a kid being likepo because my stories would always turn out
to be the ones that I wantedto be true, and then the stupid
ones would be true. Now inretrospect that makes sense, But now when
you're a kid, all right,six forty eight, hang on, all

right, I think I know howwe're going to do that on this boat,
the Yazer two eight, the Nasertwo O seven. The resolution is
adopted without objection. The motionaryconsiders laidupon the table. That is a a
one vote margin on a contempt votefor ag Merrick Garland, who will not
provide the Robert Hurd interview tapes,even though there's no legal standing that I've

heard anyone explain, Like even legalpundits haven't explained it. And ABC News
even there guys like, now,you got to release those. But why
let me take a very cynical approachto us. Why would they have to
what's the consequence. There's no consequence, There never is, And I could
sit here and go, oh,the Republicans aren't going to do it.

They've literally done what they can doright now. So when they are in
some sort of a position. Theyhave a position of power and they don't
do anything, then I'll scream aboutthat. But what are you going to
do? I mean, understand thesituation here. That's the person who when
Congress goes, hey, somebody's incontempt of Congress, who is then in

charge of making the decision whether they'rein fact in contempt of Congress for the
purpose of opening an investigation and oreventually having a hearing on it. Like
if Ross was in charge of who'sin violation of company policy? And I'm

like, I sent him this thing? Right? Ah, we found out
you you're running an illegal sweatshop rightdown on down on the over in sales
when they're not there. It's sweatshopall night. Ross's sweatshop. That's against
company policy. Here's the evidence.Well, I appreciate that. I'm going

to take into consideration and I willwe have video. I'm going to get
back to you on that. Igot our audio. Okay, I appreciate
sho, I appreciate it. I'mgoing to do an investigation on the act.
Are you will we have details ofthe investigation available or will it be
U is a top secret? Beyondyou? I need to know basis,
Oh do I need to know?Is you do not? I do not?
Okay, the sweatshop's not going anywhere. In fact, now he's probably

gonna have two because he's gonna feelso emboldened. There's no consequence for it.
So yeah, is it theater?Do you do? You kind of
have to do it? I guess. Remember that's what Steve Bannon's going to
jail for or is in jail.Right? Did you have to read he
reported last weekend? That's exactly justto show you how arbitrary all of that

is. There will be no consequence, not under the current formation. And
look, this thing has been goingon a while, and there's a whole
lot of cats involved, a wholelot of folks. The chair of the
committee is James Comer. By theway, here's here's a more thorough explanation.

I agree with everything she said.And another point that my colleagues to
my left forgot to mention when theysaid that it's the House Republicans that want
these audio tapes. The Associated PressCNN, AB SEE, CBS, NBC,
writers, Bloomberg, and The WashingtonPost, as well as other mainstream

media outlets, have all sued toget the recordings as well. So it's
the American people want to see thoseaudio recordings in addition to the investigators in
the House of Representative. So Ithink that's a very important point. And
again there is no stated legal reasonfor not providing them, not a specific

one, not that I can find. I looked if you want to set
a little alarm for an hour,well, I've said it for about fifty
eight minutes from now. That's whatwe're gonna be giving away those those super
duper Carolina club passes for the USOpen on Saturday. So it's not parking.

You're on your own. You can'thave my parking pass. Yeah,
what are you gonna do about it? But go down. Then they got
lots of parking, bus and optionswhatever, and then they have some pay
park if you want to do that. But here's the deal. Once you
get on the grounds, you walkright by all the peasants standing around in
the heat. Over to number sixteen. You got a private party area,

private bathrooms. It's catered food,drink all that good stuff, and just
have yourself a day. We'll begiving those away coming up here at eight
oh six ish. Okay, allright, so stay tuned for stay tuned
for that. We're on this weirdmask slash Unsolved Mysteries kick. So I

do like this suggestion I just sawon the Twitter where it said green screen
Robert Stack and start putting him atfestive events. And I laughed out loud.
Rather than a foggy street lamp ora haunted museum, it's like here,
he is at beer fest, right. Yeah, but sometimes That's what
I'm saying, Like, sometimes heis in public spaces too, Like you
know, like a public park duringthe day. Yeah, it's Grandpa walking

around being spooky. Well, thenmaybe they shouldn't be murdering all the people
in that park or what had itbeen chosen? When you actually just thinking
about this, can you imagine you'rejust sitting at your house one day evening,
dawn is falling, right, geta little dark out. All of
a sudden, this car stops frontof your house, knocks on your door.
It's just you know, it's someyoung woman with a clipboard's like,

Hi, I'm Audrey. I amthe location producer for Unsolved Mysteries, and
I was just driving by your houseand thinking this would be perfect. I
think maybe we could do Robert Stackthing in front of her. I would
wouldn't you be a little insulted.I'd be like, ma'am, I need
I need to ask the permission ofthe ghost first. Oh, okay,
and film and I'll give it.Let me ask the ghost. I'll get

to you. Yeah, okay,see, I see now you're on board
with my vision. Though when I'msaying like, as a producer, like
you can look at this and belike they put work into this, this
is all things shut, Like weneed to put him in the abandoned museum
when we need to get permission fromthe museum and we need to put him
up there, and it's got tobe like two in the morning. You
can't put Robert Stack there like youknow in the afternoon. No, no,

you can't. You can't fake thelag you know. You know.
I've done production. I've done literallocation producer for When for the BBC and
for other things. I did thewhen Stephen Fry thet the Host in the
UK and The Hitchhiker's Guide to theGalaxy, the Voice there when he wanted
to come to Minnesota to shoot,I was the locations and I had to

go and coordinate like five or sixdifferent places in some cases for him to
do like two minutes of film.And it was crazy thinking about it from
like the logistics point of view ofproducing that show, it had to be
crazy. There're meetings about this stuff, like this week, let's put him
in a hunted tree, Robert,can you get up on the tree?

They said after I after I foundall the spots because we were doing an
ice fishing segment and among market.Okay. They flew five people from the
United Kingdom too, Minneapolis in likeDecember, there's a month for we're shooting,
so that I could physically take themto all the spot. They didn't
just have meetings. They they spendtens of thousands of dollars just on that

aspect of it to fly these folksover. You know what I did.
I put them in the top.I put them in a tahoe and I
drove in Excelsior, Minnesota because we'regoing to go out shooting on the lake
on the other side and Wisetta.And you got to understand, the lake's
frozen over now. But if you'reBritish, that's not a thing you're real
familiar with. I didn't even slowdown because Main Street in Excelsior just they

just they have they carve a streetinto the ice you drive on. So
I just start driving. They're inthere and they can see on the GPS
on the dash that we're now inthe middle of blue and windows start coming
down. The one the main chickwho was who had a real attitude problem

anyway, she's like, she justgoes, stop, what are you doing?
Where are we going? I thought? And she had her little map
and I'm like, yeah, we'regoing across the lake over there. But
I could tell the problem wasn't thehow far we were, because we weren't
that far. It was that Idrove her out on the ice without saying
anything. And I'm like, youcould put a semi truck on this right

now, You're fine, right,this is way before ice road truckers was
a thing. So and then Igo, unless there's a bunch of carp
that's where people fall through the carpthey get they pull together and school together
under the ice, and then itthins the ice and then vehicles go through.
And she's just horrified looking at me, and I'm like, but I
know that that doesn't happen on thatlake. But I had to add it

at that point because that's the kindof a hole that I am. So
if a Robert Stack was filming,you'd be like, we have to put
Robert out in ice the heck,Yeah, I know exactly why I put
him too. There's this real creepybridge going into Grey's Bay that has like
gargoyles and stuff on it because likesome really really rich fam did you see
some of the mansions around Lake Minnetonka. That's crazy. There's this really like

old cool gothic mansion and that'd bethe perfect spot, right his dusk is
falling, got some gargoyles in thebackground, I mean, put him in
front of Prince's mansion. Well that'snot on there, it's in what it
isn't what Zeta, but it's technicallyon the lake, on the other lake.
But yeah, and then the mainhis main estate is actually like not

next to the lake. It's kindof weird, but yeah, for sure,
absolutely all right, so uh anyway, and and and then what was
the episode you were just talking abouttoo? It was such an amazing episode.
I and I haven't laughed this hardin forever. It was like one
of those really just crying laughs.Where it was about a German immigrant.

I think it was in California,somewhere saving Northwest or somewhere. I knew
this story when you explained it tome, not from that from Unsolved Mysteries,
but from like a YouTube guy thatI watched from time to time.
So this is a good story.Yeah. He starts talking about how his
hobby was he liked to go upinto the mountains or up but the lake
could ever he liked. He wascaught. He was looking for copper and
rock. Sea stuff would bring rockchisels hammer and he would just have chizsel

rocks looking for golden stuff. Andone day he was sitting there and this
weird thing happened where this ginormous shinydisc landed up on the mountain front and
he thought it was something from themilitary. And he starts walking up to
the big, ginormous disc on themountain, going, hey, Yankee boy,
as you do as you do,you need help, Yankee boys,

you crash yankeus. So he thinksit's like some sort of classified yeah aircraf.
And then he gets up and he'slike and then the door opened and
I'm yelling inside the crad Day Yankeeboy, and it was like the visual
because it's like eighties, you know, late eighties special effects on network television.
So you've got this guy on thisobviously you know, fake Mountain with

this disc that's been like super imposed, and the door is open on the
flying saucer and it's just this neonpink outside the craft. It looks like
an interesting palette and he's screaming.Inside you have this guy with this horrible,
awful accent pretending to be the guygoing yeah, yank keep by,
you need help, and then hegoes and then I touch it. I
touched the craft. I touched it. Now he's rushing and I can't really

do that. Well, you gotto touch it, and the actor shirt
burst into flames, and the actoris running around the lake going, oh
what you do? He ends upgetting these like radioactive It's like it looks
like if Ross's board was super hotand you laid your chest on. Yeah,

because he drew a picture of thecraft and has like ventilation, like
a panel for ventilation, so imaginelike you know ventilation, you know,
like you'd have in your house foryour air conditioning. But that pattern was
on his stomach like for some reason, it was burnt in and there were
these radioactive injuries that would just comeback. They would flare up and come

back and then and they couldn't figureout what happened. But like they hurt
that they look really painfully showed himlike Robert Stacks, like can you show
me your wounds? You know?Yeah, and they could never figure out
what it was. But it's justthe funniest episode I've ever seen because not
only did he see a UFO,but this thing landed next to him.
It kiuse most people now when theyhave a UFO story, right, so

he's fuzzy or sure, you can'treally see it's not in fun like phoenix
lights and stuff like that, stupidthis, but this was like this thing
landed next to him. It openedthe door. He nearly went inside the
pink disco inside. Yeah, ohgod, what a great episode. That
was. There an update, believeit or not, there was not enough
for this son because the son waslike, I'm just really thankful for unfold

mysteries. I'm hoping that you know, we can we can solve this mystery.
I don't want my father to passwithout understanding what the thing was on
the hill that gave him the radioactiveburns. I mean, we need to
know if anybody out there knows whatit was. Well, look hes uh
at that in that era. Imean, how many eyeballs are on?

Right, that's the thing, man, because the updates are so amazing on
this show, Like you live forthe updates, right, especially back in
the day, because I know thatthat that era of childhood was unsolved mysteries,
the dude with the fake stories andAmerica's most wanted and that was your
I remember that being the school nightTV viewing and it was amazing. What

an amazing time for TV. Yeah, and when that update would go Now
all of them tend to have updatesbecause it's been so long. But back
in the day, the update chimeSpooky Sounder was like it was like a
treat when that thing would happen.Is a payoff? Yeah, no,
I got. And you realize thata lot of those crimes were solved though,
because back then you had like howmany channels to watch? Everybody watched
the same thing, right, thebig shows are really on the network television.

Yeah, and then maybe you watchUSA a little was early on.
But yeah, no, for themost part, everyone's watching those shows.
But you didn't have a thousand channels, and you didn't have YouTube, and
you didn't have Netflix, and youdidn't have streaming. You sat down with
your family and you watch those shows, and that's what everybody watched. So
if you committed a crime back inthe day and you ended up on America's
Most Wanted or Unsolved Mysteries, goodluck, buddy. Yeah, everybody's watching

it. You're gonna be like,Oh, it's Hank across the street,
you know, I just Hank callthe police or whatever. And then you
look over you see Hank in apanic, realizing he's been a national television
and he's like running out of itdown the street and naked, like I
gotta get away from rubberstand right,like he just jumped out of a fair
window or something. You're screwed,man, I'm dude. I've watched I
remember watching Who is the Dude fromAmerica's Most Wanted? John Walsh, John

Walsh. I remember watching Walsh doan interview and he was talking about the
response and capture rate and that theamount of law enforcement agencies that every week
would send them, you know,a request for stuff because it was so
damned defective. Everybody's watching it.If you're Hank, you're screwed. I

don't know what Hank did. MaybeHank's the one with the flying saucer.
Wouldn't it have been amazing if theupdate to that story was not about the
saucer but the German dude? Isthey turned out he's the butcher of bucket
Wald, like like some some youknow, some g I who remembers when

they were liberating it. This guyslipping away just was watching that night because
everybody's watching, and they're like,I don't know about the aliens, but
I know that dude. That wouldbe an amazing update. Oh my goodness.
So wait, hold on, didsomebody just send this get bent?

I can't believe you guys would spendtime talking about these shows. You understand
the fakery that was involved here andhow much embellishment they were doing. So
what is your problem? Person?What is your ah? Who are these
people? Do you have any joyin your lif life? Wait? Are

you Bill? Was that the neighbor'sname Hank? Hank? Are you Hank,
sir? It says Robert. Ithink your name is Hank, and
I think you just got triggered whenRoz talked about had time, you almost
got pinched. He's been in hidingfor forty years and he's just horrified,

just horrified this morning, like it'sall going on unravel. Well, maybe
you shouldn't have murdered all those drifters. How hard is it not to murder
twelve through the Pacific Northwest with ahatchet and the pipe wrench was never found
in the pipe wrench? You knowwhat, sir, this is one hundred

percent on you, So you knowwhat, reflect on what you've done,
and don't send me stupid emails.We'll be back. The new book by
the baby mama of Hunter, Biden'slove child or whatever you want to call
it, you know, the grandkidthat the family wouldn't acknowledge and still kind
of doesn't. She got a bookout, and as you can imagine,

it's pretty salacious, although arguably ifwe didn't have all the laptop stuff it
would be wild. But there's someparts where for anybody else that would be
kind of crazy, like detailing theseelaborate drug kits that Hunter reportedly would leave

at all of the different houses thathis dad had or they had access to,
including Virginia and Delaware, and yes, even the Vice President's residents.
They're at the Naval Observatory. Andthen then it just gets crazier from there,

including demands that Hunter would require Robertsthat is her last name, to
twerk upside down on a pole whilesmoking crack while they had relations, which
that's almost Olympic worthy right there.There's wild stuff, man, and then

there's you know, I can't evenget into some of this stuff, like
the Amoeba group. New York Posthas a pretty good write up right at
the top, so if you wantto check that out. The Amiba group,
by the way, was young newstrippers who Hunter required the older strippers
to essentially become his slaves. Sheand then as part of pledging their fealty

to Hunter, the rookie strippers wouldbe on demand for anything, not all
of it, I guess, purelyfilthy, like he could he would call
them if he was sweaty, andone of them be required to come over
and put baby powder all over him, which in retrospect, I don't like

being all sweaty, and we're gettinginto that time of the year, so
you know, if I could hitthe old speed dial and some twenty year
old smoke showed show up and throwbaby powder all over you. I think
some guys would go for that,but as you can imagine, it was

a lot more than that. Soanyway, she got the whole book out
and it's kind of salacious book andor reporting day and I'll let you decide
why the Elon Musk stuff is.That's getting wild man. Now again you're
dealing with ex employees here. Idon't know. It might be true.

Elon Musk likes to have babies.He's a big fan of that, and
he's explained philosophically why right because hethinks that the population crashes are coming and
we need to have more smart peoplebreeding. It's like he watched the first

part of Idiocracy and went yes,yep, and he might be right.
Remember there are studies that have literallytracked IQ averages for what that's worth,
right, IQ IQ measurement. There'sdifferent ways to go about it. There's
criticism all across the spectrum, butI guess if you have consistency in how

you're gathering the information, you canyou know at least profer that it might
show something, and what it showsis the better we got at making sure
stupid people can off themselves by beingstupid. Think of that as Darwin Awards,

as well as the incentivization in somesocieties where go ahead and you want
to have a bunch of kids,you don't have any way to support them,
and you likely don't because you aren'tin a career, you're not good
with money, things like you know, all of these things that could be

hallmarks of people who struggle intellectually.You can literally track the more you make
it easier, the easier you makeit for them to pro create and keep
everybody alive. Because it's not thenineteen twenties where we had eight kids because
three of them get murdered by thethresher. You know, that's a lot

of people. That's that's a workingtheory, and people have done studies on
it. I don't know that I'mone hundred percent convinced, but it kind
of makes sense. But new reportsout these are from ex employees, paint
quite the picture of debauchery. Let'ssee mister Musk, who had previously been

accused this is from Wall Street Journal, previously been accused of using LSD,
cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms, andketamine. I would point he's never been
arrested or convicted of any of that, but he has talked. Didn't he
talk about using ketamine? I believehe did. That's a thing, and

that's becoming more and more of athing where people are like, microdosing ketamine
doesn't sound very desirable to me,but some people feel that, and microdosing
acid in Silicon Valley. That's thestory that's been going on for a decade.

Let's see here. Also, therewere jokes about sexual harassment. Women
were paid less than men. That'sone of those things you throw it out
there with no context. I justignore it because generally, if you subscribe
to the women make seventy eight centsto the man or seventy four whatever it

is, and every corporation is notentirely women, your logic falls apart.
So you can throw that out there, and I'd have to see the individual
details. One former employee accused themof creating a sexist culture in the workplace,

where sexual comments and other forms ofharassment were tolerated. Again, examples
would be good. Now it justgets weird. A former employee at Tesla
claimed that she was shown an unusualamount of attention and pursued and including one

incident where Musk offered to buy hera whole horse in exchange for sex.
The ultimate and horse trading. Idon't know. And again, did he
just walk up to some random hottieat the hey? When did you get
hired here? Do you like horses? Like? That's one thing versus them

having some sort of you know,I don't call it inappropriate because I don't
know there's anything legally inappropriate about itif it could until you told me the
circumstances of it. But you know, them going out there and him making
promises like you know, I knowyou like horses, maybe I should get

you a horse, and then herwanting to break it off, and he's
like, well, okay, allright, well I'm not going to buy
the horse now, right. So, like either of those scenarios, I
understand, it's all about get Musk. He's like the he's like the He's
the target of opportunity number two.After Donald Trump they were holding press conferences

to revoke his conceal carry the otherday. Did you know this because Trump
Trump has a New York state concealcarry. He's had one since the nineties.
And they took great glee, notjust in you know, going through
the bureaucracy behind the scenes that concealCarrey permit holders understand is going to happen

if they're convicted of a felony.They had to have a little presser about
it. What were they? Oh? And then they also yesterday had to
have an announcement about his liquor licensein New Jersey with some obscure law that
doesn't seem to even be on pointthere. But they're sending press releases about

this stuff. So Elon Musk isjust he's the next guy in the barrel.
Another woman who resigned in twenty thirteenalleged that mister Musk asked her to
have his babies. Did you guyshave a relationship? Did he just out
of the blue? Again, there'sit doesn't mean any of this stuff didn't

happen, but contextually, I'd liketo know how it happened if you want
to make a deal out of it. I'm inclined not to care at this
point. The idea that, especiallygoing back on let's see ten, ten,
twelve years, that people were runningaround in the tech sector hooking up

with each other does not surprise me. Doesn't even have to be the tech
sector. The report also claimed thata woman who worked at spacect received SpaceX,
received invitations from US to come tohis house, and then she produced
a text exchange which I without theother side of it, which I don't

know why it's not here. Ilike, could be normal or could be
creepy. So you know, digthrough the Wall Street Journal if you want.
I know there's a paywall there,but there's some good little kind of
write ups about what was in there. I don't know. The problem is

when it becomes clear that it ain'tabout individual incidents and it's all about destroying
political opponents, you have a higherbar that you're gonna have to put out,
and that may not be fair tosomebody who feels that they were legitimately
wronged by Musk, but it's theenvironment. We're in full scale destruction of

your political opponents. Whatever it takestelling one to hold hearings over Elon Musk
not hiring illegal immigrants at a weaponsmanufacturer, which is what a rocket manufacturer
technically is, and by law can'temploy people who are not here legally,

let alone in the country for acertain length of time, there's actually more
requirements. So when people see thatyou're going to do the piling on thing
like you did with you know,the the elections around Trump, people are
going to roll their eyes and youhave nobody but yourself to blame when legitimate
issues come up. Anyway, sevenforty six Ray Stagic from the Weather Channel.

All right, my man, Ihad to make some adjustments coming up
here in about twenty minutes. We'regoing to give away tickets to the Open
on Saturday. And instead of makinga walk around in this heat that you
just oh, everybody should have heat. Uh, we're going to put them
up in a temperature controlled party boxwith food and booze and all that stuff.
So and back on eligible and yeah, what's that I'm not eligible to

enter? No, and no,And then we had to do this because
of you. Yeah, every timewe have a US Open, what do
you guys do? Just make itone hundred. That'll be fun to be
one of the hottest. No,it won't be as hot as the last
one. On no heat index orindsease or however you want to pronounce it.
Today that was in the well intothe hundreds. The whole time it

was miserable. Yeah, I don'tthink it's going to be quite that bad,
but air temperatures will be well intothe nineties and the hottest let's see.
Yeah, this is what I'm getting. This is what they're telling me
here at least an air temperature ofninety degrees June thirteen, twenty fourteen,

and it's only the fourth year thatit's been held in Pinehurst, so maybe
the hottest for either way, itdoesn't matter when and where. Hottest day
tomorrow ninety five tomorrow, probably feellike one hundred KC, but near ninety
today, little cloud this morning,but still temperatures already near seventy degrees end
upticking the humidity today as we said, close to ninety ninety five tomorrow,
low nineties Saturday and Sunday. Ilook cool, maybe some uper eighties as

you get in to try it atwest into the mountains, but gonna be
hot. And it looks like thehot weather will continue into next week with
no rain, probably at or aboveninety degrees most of next week too,
so we'll see. Okay, allright, well, Chattenhower, Sir,
appreciate it. Yeah, there youare racetagic from the Weather Channel. Yes,
and like I mentioned, we'll bedoing that giveaway coming up at eight

o six and we'll give you thed it'll be a call in thing,
So just just hang loose. We'llgive you the details on that in just
a few minutes. CaCO Day Radioprogram. Oh boy, yeah, I
mentioned the liquor license thing. TheNew Jersey Attorney General's Division of Alcoholic Beverage
Control has sent a press release toannounce that they will be reviewing liquor licenses

and properties owned by former President Trump. This is, by the way,
this is not how any of thisworks. Okay, it's very clear if
you read the reporting too, thatthis is this is another one of those
where you're going to find something youthink you can manipulate in a law just

so you can just see you canget them. Ah, so you can
give them. Here we go.According to New Jersey state law, no
license of any class shall be issuedto any person underage under the age of
eighteen, or to any person who'sbeen convicted of a criminal of a crime
involving moral turpitude. So they're goingto claim that the moral turpitude clause attaches

to Trump. However, the licenseis not issued to him. And in
a corporate setting like this, itwould be the same as if you had
a board member or somebody in inthe c suite for a you know,
a big one of the big restaurantconglomerates. Okay, that's not how this

works. And when you get intoa country club setting, trumps are interesting
a lot. Most country clubs aregoing to be owned by the memory with
Trump's properties, they're kind of ownedby the members. There's there's different levels

of this, and so the licensedoesn't have Trump's name on it, while
it does have a corporate designation forthe overall parent company. The management and
the day to day is through theorganization that is established as part of the
country club members. And do youremember the movie Casino? Of course you

do, right, even though it'sgot you know, an absolute lunatic in
the lead in Casino, that reallywas a thing that happened where they had
to give him these titles de Niro'scharacter, so he wasn't the head of
the casino. They had who wasit? Was it Billy Crystal? Try

to remember who was the whoever wasthe namesake guy? That was a much
more direct thing because you didn't havethis this quagmire of ownership based on members.
You just had this ownership structure.So they got a guy in there
who was basically just you know,he was squeaky clean. He was just

the dude who's running it. Andthen de Niro, who was kind of
really running it, was like thedirector of food and beverage. And then
they would and then what they woulddo is they would like every year they
would give him a new made uptitle, so it would have to start
all of the licensing with the gamblingboard there in Nevada over again. And

they were so backed up because bureaucracythat that's what they do. I am
not eligible. Kyle Wilson is noteligible. JT and Trevor, our program
directors, are not eligible. MossMays is not eligible. Okay, well
just hang on my phone. Nowwhy were you on your phone? I

don't want to know. All right, So here's the deal, I know,
let me just let me give youthe rundown. And I Ross has
come up with a brilliant way togive this away. It's all on him,
but not to Moss Mays. Sojust we're gonna give away a pair
of tickets. These are called CarolinaClub tickets there for Saturday. So hey,

if you're not gonna be able tomake it Saturday and you're not gonna
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tickets, get that all set up, you know, then don't just get
stuff you're not gonna use. Theseare awesome. This will get you and
a friend into the US Open forSaturday. Obviously, we're postcut. It's

gonna be amazing. And we gotyou set up food, drinks, shelter,
your bathrooms, all that up onsixteen. This is a great deal.
And in honor of the felony convictions, we're gonna take color number thirty
four. So you want to becaller number thirty four Ross, here's the

phone number, and then you canstart picking eight eight eight nine three four
seven eight seven four. Keep diland. You'll just hear him tell you your
number and hang up on you numberthirty four, find me thirty four,
go the number again. Eight eighteight nine three four seven eight seven four.
So he's going to go through andfigure out who the winner is.

Well, I I'll give you thenumber one more time, and then I
got to start setting up this otherstory again. Eight eight eight nine three
four seven eight seven four, Andwhat we got to talk about is pet
cemetery or something or whatever. TheCoastal Housing, a coastal housing development at

the center of a political battle insidethe state legislature, is sitting atop the
state's biggest Native American find in decades, according to North Carolina's chief archaeologist.
Okay, so basically they're going through, uh, this is this is Jacksonville

area. This is what is thecedar point. I guess is the from
a geographic standpoint, it's in CarterikCounty. This is between emerald Isle and
Jacksonville. And this developer is buildinga gazillion homes there because you know,
the demand is there. But asthey were going through and starting the process,

they, uh, they started unearthingartifacts and some bones. And at
that point they did what you do. They reached out to the state and
said, hey, we're going through, we're we're you know, we're clearing
and leveling and grading the property fordeveloping, and we found this stuff.

So maybe you want to send somebodydown from Braleigh to figure out what's up.
So they send some folks from theuniversity and and from the state and
they say that they found more thantwo thousand pieces of evidence buried below the
surface. Now it's not all bonesor something like that. In fact,
very little of it is. Whatthey're what they're finding is timber that was

part of the construction of the longhouses, which were utilized by both the Algonquin
speakers and the was it s Suan. I'm sorry if I'm mispronouncing it again.
I find this stuff fascinating, right, you know, you know me,
I nerd out on all this stuff. So they find drying racks for

fish, some ritual sites, iswhat they're speculating on. And yes there
is, uh, there is evidenceof some burial in at least one of
the places, and it's it's asignificant amount of stuff. Well, the

the Moonback contingent wants any place orany of this stuff is found. They're
just you're done. There's no moredevelopment. The millions and millions you've you've
spent on this land. And ofcourse the way that the story's position is
are like, listen, these evilmonsters, these evil monsters they had,

they spent millions to do this development, and they made a seventy five dollars
donation to at least one lawmaker,which in the grand scheme of things,
ain't that much money, but it'syou know, it's being used as part
of the conspiracy that's being spun here. The developer and some state lawmakers have

downplayed the findings. The reason theyhave is because there's a lot of this
stuff. I'm sorry to say it. There's at what point is does it
have to be protected if something isfound. Now, when you get in,
if you find a burial site andit is a designated burial site where

you know, like some some ofthe mound stuff that you see a little
further north than here, they havesome rather interesting burial site stuff. When
you get out into into the west, specifically in the western Dakotas in and
around the Black Hills, they havesome burial chamber stuff which is fascinating.

But also there's there's gonna be bonesfrom settlers. There's gonna be and that
are historic, right. Jamestown ishistoric. North Roanoke is historic, but
is a small settlement of maybe twelveindividuals who went to try to work their

way up the Cape Fear River,and eventually there was a family burial site
that was lost to the ages,and and and now if somebody comes across
it is that the same. Whereis the dividing line? Is the question?
All right, do we have awinner? All right? Okay,
Ross, give me thumbs up.So we have a winner. And if
you're in your mind going wait,is it me? No, it's not,

you would know if you're the winner, because Ross can see he's got
the winner right there on hold.So so thank you to everyone who called
in. We'll get you the namehere in just a moment. But he's
getting all the info. So anyway, back to this, at what point
does it render the inability to usethe land? I'm asking this because like

I get it to some extent,I really do, but that's because I
kind of nerd out on history.But also I will tell you that on
the property, my family's property,we abut part of the prop pretty of
Butts what's known as the Hole inthe wall. You've probably heard of the
Hole in the Wall gang. Butalso we have we have Fort phil Carney

north of Sheridan. We have outpoststhat sat physically on our property. My
mom one of her favorite things whenshe was still alive, is she would
go out over by over towards thefort with a metal detector, and she'd
find old coinage, she'd find brassfrom you know, from battles, she'd
find uh arrowhead, she'd she'd followus cool stuff. But also we ran

cows all over that property, andwe could develop it if we wanted.
Yeah, you go just down theroad, or you go up to like
the Battle of Dull Knife, whichwas a retaliatory slaughter for what happened at
Little Bighorn. A lot of peopledon't know that there was these other an
ancillary retaliatory stuff that was really horrificstuff, and they had to decide which

portion that they were gonna, youknow, partition for that. And we
have sites all across North Carolina wherewe've done this. But does that negate
the ability just because there is somethingthat is from yester year on the property,
Because especially on the East Coast,you're gonna have a lot of that.
So to turn this into a conspiracywithout having an adult discussion, I

don't know about all that. Let'ssee, there's a couple quotes in here
that I do have a little bit. If we're going to be accurate here,
I feel like maybe we should beaccurate. Robert Chaves Council elder and
wolf clan chief. That's a cooltitle. Wolf clan chief, all right,

respect for that. Wolf clan chiefof the Tuscarora tribe in North Carolina,
says he spent years fighting for acloser look at developments across the state
that he believes encroached on sacred orhistoric grounds. Well, what makes it
sacred? Should you have to provethat? Should the mere presence make it
sacred? Look, you already don'twant to bury your dead cat or kids

in the you know, if ifyou subscribe to the the occult side of
some of this stuff, and ofcourse you know Stephen King representation there,
but like you know, there's gonnabe an uneasiness, is the point that
I'm making. But does that encompassthe totality of this? Should it be
only the places where bones were found, and then only if they were multiple

sets found? Because nobody's explaining whatthey want done here except Chavis is given
a little bit of it away kindof where he thinks it's it should be,
says the government already stole many ofour land generations ago. Well they
took it, and I'll be thefirst one to agree that the inability of

the United States to honor these commonpacks that we'd make was a thing.
But also when you get into thelarger concept of it, I don't like
the word stolen because that's the almostevery inch of land in the developed world.
Man, somebody'd come in and defeatsomebody else and take it. What

makes something stolen versus defeated? Andif everyone has ever had land defeated or
had their land, you know,not their land anymore because they as a
society or a tribe or a peoplewere defeated, and everybody goes switch roo.
How would that even work? Butnow we're going to turn it into

a big conspiracy because that's what wedo over there instead of telling me what
that what does that look like?Also, if any time something historical is
found, your your ability to developland that you own is instantly negated.
Two things happen. One nobody asanything. It's the old wolf joke in

Wyoming, shoot shovel and shut up. I don't subscribe to that personally,
but I wouldn't tell you if itdid. Or I'm not going to make
an investment in an area where there'sa higher likelihood for that because I could
lose millions of dollars on property Ipurchased, and what you're doing to the

property that is owned by individuals inthat area is devaluing it, as crazy
as that sounds, because I'm notpaying ten thousand an acre or whatever crazy
number you're coming up with if Ithink there's a possibility that it could be
rendered farm field in perpetuity. Sointeresting story, but not a lot of

solutions on the backside. All right, again, we have a winner.
Ross you want to Oh, okay, all right, hang I know he's
still he's still putting that together.Okay, wonderful. All right, we'll
get into that. But we dohave a winner. So hang hang loose
on that. Thanks for playing,and if you want to weigh in on
the on this, once he's donedoing all the phone stuff he's got to

do, we'll get the lines backopen. But for now, eight nineteen,
so hang on call her number thirtyfour in honor of thirty four felonies.
We just needed a number. Andthen we've just done the story.
So this is what you get us. Think it on the fly. So
congratulations to Chris from Morrisville. We'llget you hooked up and I'm you know,

take some photos, hit us up, always always cure. You may
even see me over there, sobut we'll figure that out. So yeah,
but if you're calling to win,we we got the winners. And
now I need my phones back todo other stuff. Maybe I don't know,

I could. I could talk anotherhalf hour if you want. But
you got that going for you.Also, I'm blown away by the number
of people in the construction industry whoare now telling me about all the stuff
they found. Dude, it's whatI predicted. Ross. Did I tell
you what we found on our property? A lightsaber? How old is that?
Right? I mean right, long, long time ago, far far

away, and then it was Wyoming. That's where they meant when they said
far away. It used to beworth a lot, but I'm not sure
these days. I'm gonna take itto antique road show, sell it to
Stephen Kent. He would really likeit. He would like any he'd even
like that messed up one or thewhip. Sorry, I'm teasing. I'm

teasing him, and he's not evenhere to defend himself because he's in Poland
doing whatever you do in Poland.So all right, we'll tease him next
week but yeah, yeah, Ijust at what point is it's stolen land
versus captured land, which is alwaysthe discussion there, But more importantly,
how old does something have to be? Because I feel like it doesn't necessarily

have to be that old to behistorical. Right, There's a lot of
stuff from Jim Crow era and theCivil Rights era that is incredibly historical.
There's also stuff from fifty years beforethat isn't particularly that historical. Not in
a preservation under at the force ofa gun, right where the state steps

in and does whatever they want.There's you know, the cool old tobacco
drying barnes all around North Carolina.Should they all be preserved? I mean
maybe aesthetically you think they should.They are, It is kind of cool.
I like that part about North Carolina, but I don't think this state

has any sort of They don't havean obligation to do that. So something's
going on. So apparently the aliensare here and they're trying to soft pedal
the the info to us. No, all right, So the story I
have in the stack? Where didI Where did I put this? Just

holding out right here? Okay,sorry, Tim Lowmans and Brendan case of
Harvard University, along with Michael P. Myers of Montana Tech, have released
new research claiming that aliens might beliving underground on the Moon. Sure,
why not, it's hollow, right, I thought it was full of Nazis

and dinosaurs I saw in this onedocumentary. But there's another. There's another
movie called Lunopolis. If you've neverseen that, and you kind of like
those fake you know, documentary thatare mockumentaries. I guess is what they
call him. I think he's prettywell done. It's entertaining. There was

another story earlier this week that thethey were subterranean aliens on Earth, And
now what's the new one? ThePentagon saw something or something? Oh you
just said, okay, thank you, make sure I have it here?
Sorry, ross has hit me rightbefore here we go. Pentagon contractor claims

to have witnessed a one seventy footlong barbell UFO. Dude, I want
to what happens in one of these? Looks like a shake weight? How
do you jump start it? Well, let me show you what is interesting.

Apparently, and I don't know howthey would determine this. I guess
hell, who the hell knows?The blue UFO was admitting enough power to
power a small city, and thatwas just like cast off of missions,
so lord knows how much it's actuallyusing. So no, that's three alien

stories in a week. Dude.I'm telling you. If that thing comes
down here and it's all pink anddisco inside and my shirt catches on fire
like that weird German dude and theUnsolved Mysteries, I'm gonna be really upset.
I like this. I wear oneof my favorite shirts today. I
don't want it to burst into flameswhile I run around screaming for no reason.

But also they could be directly undermy feet right now, so maybe
there's nothing I can do about it. Yeah, what was? Yeah,
they get into a hole. I'mnot gonna bore you with all of it.
But if you just if you justgoogle like aliens living on the in
moon or in Earth, there's there'smultiple stories this week. Yeah, you

know, if you, if you, if that's your hobby, it'll be
available. So all right, letme let me flip over to this.
You ever you ever done any sabotageor revenge on your way out from a
job. I'm not saying you gottacause damage or something along those lines,

but maybe it's just been the wholething's been such a nightmare, and you're
still sticking it out because you've convincedyourself that you owe them two weeks,
even though they would fire you inin a second if they wanted to little
sabotage. You know, in theworld of radio, it's a thing.

It's kind of a thing of legend. And in fact, without getting into
details, I believe a host inRaleigh did at one time somebody who worked
in a rock environment and then workedin a country environment. Yeah, Ross
is shaking it. You know whatI'm talking about, don't you. Yeah,
it was there that day. Sobut when radio guys do it,

they just sometimes they just throw ona record in perpetuity. Like there's other
ways you can screw with stuff,Like if I wanted to screw with somebody,
I could put in our operating system, I could put a hard time
to event, and a hard timeto event could be anything. It can
be the news that you hear fireat the top of the hour, right,
But I could put it anywhere inthe logs so you couldn't see it.

So if I want to like screwwith Ross and I want it at
seven thirty five for no reason whatsoeverto have like the Russian national anthem just
start blasting in there. He wouldn'tbe able to see it until it happened,
unless he scanned the totality of it. So there's ways you can screw
with people. I would never dothat, by the way, management listening,

that's not I'm just saying, likepeople do some of that stuff.
This one though, I don't know. So in Manhattan there's a kind of
high end restaurant called Tao Asian Themed. I'm sure he picked up on that
Asian fusion specifically based on the name. And you know how it is to

a nice Asian place. A lotof times they'll have a very ornately decorated
dining area. Get the koi ponthe bamboo maybe, you know, you
really set the scene in the atmosphere. I like that stuff. However,
a former hostess got into a beefafter she was fired, so she came

up with a plan and is nowfacing charges and thousands of dollars in restitution.
Aeriel Roman allegedly disguised herself in awig and glasses slipped into the restaurant
in Chelsea, unbeknownst to her formercoworkers that didn't pick up and deposited a

garbage bag full of human refuse intothe koipon. Where'd you get that?
Right? That's that requires some planning, Am I wrong? You gotta you

can't just go down to the fecesstore, right, you gotta. That's
a let's a do it yourself project? D U d I y man.
So anyway, dump the bag inthere, not quietly though. After unloading

the hall into the pond, shethen hopped up on a table and started
shouting at diners, talking about howit's the restaurant's filthy and there's a human
refuse in the pond. Well,yeah, you just put it there,
Like is that fair? I don'tknow. I don't know. I don't
know what your guys's beef was.Maybe maybe they did screw you over,

but like, if I'm eating,sure, I'm probably done. But also
I'm like, well, technically therewasn't until you showed up like five minutes
ago, you psychopath? And whatwas her? What was the beef?
Evid I she didn't get a shiftshe wanted or something. Everyone's losing their

mind. You see the nut jobsstorm in the baseball field yesterday. How
was By the way, there's multipleincidents. You have the you have the
congressional one, and then you havethe other one, and then you got
the tasing. Tell me you sawthe taste, right? So I woke
up from my afternoon nap yesterday,uh huh, because yesterday was a jim
day. So I got up attwo a m. To go to the
gym before the show. Right,Okay, a little nap in the afternoon,

and I get up and a buddysent me the screenshot of the tasing.
Great picture, and when I justI woke up and I was wiping,
you know, the sleep out ofmy eyes and stuff, and I
thought it was Jimmy Fallon. Lookat that photo. It looks like a
weird contorting I was like, whatdid Jimmy Fallon do? Why did they
tase Jimmy Fallon? And then Iwoke up a bit, looked at the
picture and was like, that's notJimmy Fallon. And then I was incredibly

disappointed. I would like Jimmy Kimmelsmore. Oh, but Stephen called bear.
Now it's got to be Kimmel,right. If you got to tase
a late night like Seth Meyers Idon't know. I don't know. I
don't need him taste Jimmy Kimmel,I'd be okay with that. All right,

hold on, I'm looking at it. I'm looking at the picture.
Hold on, all right. Sothis is because this is so weird because
some people are conflating the two things, the congressional baseball game and the actual
Reds guardian the Reds. This isthe Reds guardian, so he Indians Reds
and it ended up obviously not beinghim and just some random dude. But

first people were speculating. They thoughtat first they might have been a female.
How you misgendered? I thought thatwas a woman. That's a dude.
What's crazy about that is the duderuns out. Now it's a dude,
and I don't think he clocked thatofficer right behind him, so he
did a backflip. The problem ishe backflipped into the cop, so now

you've assaulted a police officer and thengets about twenty feet and it was it's
just the straight taser face dump thatyou've seen on cops a million times.
At least it's on the baseball field, right, and not a parking lot.
So that was one thing, andthen over over in the people are

trying to estimate how long it wouldtake to fill a bag for the koaypod
thing. You know what, sir, you it sounds like you have a
medical issue. I mean, itcould go back to our conversation yesterday about
the Nathan's hot dog eating contest,right right, well, see there you
go, that would make sense.But yo, some guys said, in

a week. Does that sound likesomebody should go to a doctor. That
sounds like somebody should go to adoctor, right a week, he said,
a week, go right to goto urgent care. Sir, there's
something wrong with you. Sorry,I guess got distracted by that estimate.
You're gonna fill up the whole cooypond in a week? Well, it's

a it's a full sized garbage bag. That's that's the challenge. Oh,
we should make it a TikTok challenge? Can you? How do you do
that? You just say it's achallenge, right, and then everyone does
it. I don't know, I'mnot on the TikTok so so anyway.
And then the other one was thecongressional baseball game. In fact, let

me do this. I'll give youthe details on that here In the final
segment, let's get rased agic fromthe Weather Channel. Did you see the
dude get tased at the baseball gameyesterday? I did. I heard about
it. I did not see it. How do you know that that exists
and not go see it? Ijust things like that. I don't know.
Listen, it's easy for me toresist, not only social media these

days, but things like that.Yeah, that's kind of fair. Probably
it is all right, it is. Yeah, what's up? Is it?
Good tasing weather? Yeah, goodtays in weather. I guess.
I mean, you're gonna be outthere and know why you'd be running golf?
Sounds like an option. I mean, don't do a lot of running
there. But it's gonna be hot. Were heading to the open. Prep

plenty of fluids, keep yourself hydrated. Hot to stay will be tomorrow upper
eighties to low nineties today, loadof mid nineties tomorrow and then over the
weekend, probably near ninety degrees foreverybody in the Sunshine and load of mid
nineties may continue even into the middleof next week. Don't really see too
much breaking down here. Overnight lowswill even come up in the seventies,
so warm, maybe a little morehumanian around, very uncomfortable, not extreme

or probably not breaking records or anythinglike that, but how to stretch.
We've seen probably since last summer.Just do want briefly mentioned in best area
going into the Western Atlantic, wetalked about that this week probably not going
to become a depression or storm.And then also in the Western Gulf in
the Bay of Campeache, forty chancein seven days of maybe some development there.
So we'll keep it out of thosethings just for information purpose. You

guys love that Campeachy thing. Yeah, can't peachy Campeche. I say it
both ways, just so each timeI can, I just weather people get
excited, Oh what's going on inthe bay? Were my favorite ones?
The Gulf of Twana Pecker. Somesay it's peck, yeah either, I'm
sorry, the Gulf of Tuana Peck, so they call it. I did

a paper on this in high schoolwhere when cold fronts get that far south
down into Mexico they call they callthe Front of Tauana Pecker because it gets
down into the Gulf of Tauana Peck. All right, well, it's been
fun. I'm gonna go see ifwe get our license. Talk to you
tomorrow. See man, Yeah,yeah, all right, we might be
back. Hang on, well,good morning, Casey. We have another

reading on inflation, this one takinga look at inflation at the wholesale level.
The government reporting the producer Price Indexdeclined two tenths percent in May.
The core PPI, with food,energy and trade stripped out, was unchanged,
and another report from Washington suggests somesoftness in the job market. New
claims for unemployment benefits increased by thirteenthousand to two hundred and forty two thousand

last week. That increase was biggerthan all estimates. No change in the
cost of borrowing the Federal Reserve leftinterest rates unchanged. Yesterday, policymakers signaled
that the most likely scenario now isthat rates will be cut just once this
year, though they haven't ruled outa second cut. Signet Jewelers posted a

bigger than expected first quarter profit,but sales for the parent of the zales
K and Jared chains fell just shortforecasts. And Casey, Joey Chestnut has
another hot dog eating contest ahead ofhim, even though he's been banned from
the Nathan's contest on the fourth ofJuly because of his marketing deal with impossible
foods. Netflix will live stream ahot dog eating contest on Labor Day,

with Chestnut facing off against rival toKo Kobayashi. Casey, it ain't right,
man. We discussed that story yesterday. How many hot dogs you think
you could do in one sitting ifyou were, you know, sufficiently hungry,
sufficiently hungry, probably no more thanfour? Oh? Come on?
Did Jeff work on that? Andthen we'll go. We'll do a contest

on the fourth with us. Allright, abok you two take care there
you go. I found a photoof my dad recently. Okay, real,
I've never seen this photo before.My mom bit sent me a bunch
of photos and it's him from likeit has to be early eighties, late
seventies. It's a black and whitephoto and it's him just throwing hot dogs
in his mouth, and I guessit's It says in the back of the
photo. Uh one one hot dogeating contest, No first place hot dog

eating contest. One a chocolate cake. Can you imagine how little you want
to chocolate cake, even if youreally like chocolate. I saw the photo
on it in the back and itwas so proud. Yeah, absolutely first
and foremant, Yeah, can youimagine, get your dad's PHONEO, You're

like fourth place hot dog. You'relike, oh, don't destroy my memories.
But also, right now, Icould take a picture of you eating
a hot dog and then print itoff and they're right on the back.
First place. No, you couldtell though. It's the photo. You
can see the guy next to himand the guy next to him. It's
great. And then one day,one day, you know, thirty years

down the road, here's the photothat time. Look at that Ross won
a hot dog eating contest and itwas all fiction. First place hot dog
an eat contest, won a caseof hot pockets or something whatever. Man,
yeah, I don't know you.I don't understand why the more food
is a thing. So look atthat. You're like, man, I

really want that chocolate cake. Giveme all the hot dogs. That's amazing.
Oh heay, Boston Paul's sending meupdates on the open score. You
know, I have multiple monitors andcomputers, Boston Paul. But thank you.
I do appreciate it. And I'msorry you didn't win the tickets.
But that would have looked way tooobvious that Moss Mays just saying the Congressional

baseball game had to be put onhold. This happened last night. Was
the event after climate change. Moonbats storm the field. They literally stopped
Congress and they'll probably face very minimalactual punishment. Well, hey, you're

the one who set the standard.Don't don't wine at me, and I
guess I will say this though,I'm just glad that moonbats storm the Congressional
game and work't shooting Republicans this time, So thank you for that.
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