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June 6, 2024 94 mins
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Ah, yes, the the remnantswhich everything was fine until about five minutes
ago. So but I do feela crap ton better. So we'll go
from there. I miss anything,anything happened, or I'm not you know,

I wasn't really alive for the lastfew days, so frankly, there
could have been a shift in government. I don't even know who's in charge
this morning. So any of thatstuff I don't know, maybe hit me
with the inbox. But I didsee lots of other stuff. So we
will we'll start to unpack. We'llstart to unpack everything that we need to

talk about over the last few days, including check this out, a brand
new grievance. What could be themost created grievance I have ever heard.
In fact, it's so creative.Let me and make sure I read it

to you. All right, you'reready for this, all right? So
this is the latest tool of oppression. It's not the latest, like it's
new, but it's newly identified andit's almost inarguable because like so many of
these, it's not about an individualaction or something like that. It's about

the fields. All right, you'reready. Heterochronology, So have you been
a victim or or an oppressor utilizingheterochronology. So you don't know because you're

like, what the hell is that? What are they teaching my kid at
school? Now? I will attemptto explain it to you coming up a
little later in the show. It'sonce you get it, it becomes more
simple and its sheer stupidity. Butyou got to get there first. So
I figure, hey, that that'llbe a good project for me back in

the saddle. Okay, we'll helpeducate folks. We also we have more
Border News, which it's a newsman. The standard. The standards continue

to to dip, but this oneis, you thought the scripts from the
various charities that are down there basicallyprime and folks for exactly what they need
to say, whether it's true ornot. When they hit the when they
hit the border was pretty bad.This one is. This is more of

a catch all. And today isas you probably heard on the news there,
it is the anniversary of D Day, and I have I got a
lot of questions about what some membersof Congress are doing. So many questions.

So anyway, will well, we'llget into all this stuff. Eight
eight eight nine three four seven eightseven four. Now normally we would chat
with Stephen Kent today. What ishe he's traveling or something? Russ that
he's traveling. So, uh,yeah, he's got work this week and
next week I guess he'll be inPoland. What and it just happens to

be the D Day anniversary today andthen he's going to be in Poland next
week. I'm just saying like that, that's that's quite the coincidence. Wasn't
he just in Poland? I thinkhe was, wasn't he? I guess?
I guess for work he has togo to Poland. Wow, okay,
all right, well good for him. So we will not well we'll

still talk about it, but wewon't get to chat with them about the
gayest Star Wars ever. Not mywords words I would use, but not
really in that context and not affectionately. As the director is. Also,

we're going to learn some R twoD two lore. So yeah, yeah,
it's it's going to be exciting.So all right eight eight eight nine
three four seven eight seven four Thatis the phone number before you before you
reach out. Yes, I'm awarethat my voice sounds rough, okay,

So sending me an email telling methat will do zero good? Okay,
Because I have ears, Ross hasears. We record stuff. We have
literally decades of tape to compare itto, so I appreciate it, but

no, better use your time.Maybe maybe just respond to one of the
stories we're going to talk about.In fact, I want to talk about
what some members of Congress are doinghere to commemorate D Day and why.
I have some mixed thoughts, okay, and some very specific questions. So
we'll get to those. Your calls, those stories, you name it,

coming out CaCO Day Radio program phonenumber eight eight eight nine three four seven
eight seven four. Check this out. A group of US Congress Members of
Congress veterans are going to be doinga jump out of C forty seven today

into Normandy or no, I'm sorry, are they doing it today or tomorrow?
It might be doing it tomorrow.Well, anyway, it's all a
commemorative yeah, so it's part ofthe Friday D Day celebration. Got it?
Okay? If you don't know thatthe Douglas is an era correct plane,

so let's see here. Florida RepublicanMichael Waltz announced that he and a
bipartisan group of veterans in Congress willmake the leap over Mont Saint Michel in
France, out of again the verysame plane used by Allied forces. I

have a question knowing what you know, and I again this is not meant
to detract from I understand what thecommemorating, but I get really, I

I'm not gonna question why everybody's doingit, but like I wonder if there's
some some interesting looks, like who'spacking the shoots? I guess it's gonna
be my uh my first question,you know what I mean? Like even
though at that moment you have membersof Congress that are you know, willing
to put aside any any differences toto honor this the the amazing accomplishment which

was the beginning of the end forthe war, and you know, utilize
their veteran status. I don't knowif all of them have jump time,
but that that's great. How aboutthe Democrats packed the report, Republicans shoots?

And then the other way around,just to keep things interesting, just
to just to say, yes,you know, everything everything is as it
is. Also how many are jumpingbecause like you, it's not it's not

all of them. Do you knowwhat I'm you know what I'm driving out
like it creates a scenario. Iam. I am back from being sick
for a while, so I understandthat I will I will not weave this
as smoothly as I should normally,as my brain's only back about probably eighty

five percent. But I'm I'm I'masking like a real awkward question that that
may have passed through somebody's head,right, like, what what what happens
if a significant enough chunk of kindwhat if something happens? And I know

these cats are on planes all day, every day, and they're in buildings
that are pre you know, atlevel one potential targets for you know,
for terrorists and and and everything else. But it's kind of crazy to me.
Let's see. Also, what Ifind far more fascinating is the World

War Two veterans that jump because there'salways always, uh, somebody who is
looking incredibly good for their age.Plus they they do a flight, or
they do several flights, but theydo these flights to you know, bring
and travel guys who actually were thereas part of the D Day invasion over

and I think the oldest vet thisyear. Now this person isn't jumping from
the lane, but just traveling there. You got to understand that they signed
these flights up. I can't rememberthe name of the flights, but they
signed them up, and it's alot of not a lot of them,
a significant enough number of people thatend up on their don't end up going

with the flight. I think AmericanAirlines does it. And so then they
have to rotate somebody in whoever's thenext there, and then they'll fly them
over and it's quite the experience.I had mentioned that I went over to
Normandy. It was not for thisevent, obviously all of the commemorative stuff

there, but there's always something goingon over there and it's always fascinating.
But also again, you got abunch of members of Congress. They're gonna
jump out of a plane. Okay, that's see here. In preparation for

the jump and knock off some ofthe cobwebs, the Florida Republican Waltz,
who I told you about, ledmost of the group on a practice jump,
going over simple safety stuff. Wellsaid that when Speaker Mike Johnson found
out about the jump, he madeit clear to him that with the Republican

slim majority, every one of thembetter make it back. Yeah. See,
this is this is why I'm bringingthis up. Man A little disappointed
they don't have the full list here. I guess maybe it's still kind of
ebb and flow. Here's it.Look, if you're the Republicans and all
of a sudden the Democrats who weregonna jump are like, oh man,
something came up. Anyway, howfun guys you know want a triple check

probably all of your all of yourequipment. Just just a recommendation. Okay,
all right, so that that'll begoing on. We'll we'll get into
more of that tomorrow. There isa there is a crazy story up in
Minnesota. And I mean I haveI spent years broadcasting in Minnesota and there

are a lot of you know,everywhere that you work is there's there's unique
things and the like the makeup ofthe communities obviously, the history the new
Like I'm not explaining anything you don'tknow, but so you have old world
and then you have newer world.So you know, in North Carolina obviously

we have and it doesn't mean anythingas good, doesn't mean anything as bad.
It just is what it is.The you know, the history,
the generational history of North Carolina isthat of a southern state, right and
it had a huge impact and thetypes of settlers that came here, and
the the type of agriculture and commercethat that was there, the weather,

the the yes, honor flights,thank you again, my you just have
to forgive me were I feel better, but I'm still like just a step
behind, which is not typical usualI'm perfect so like that instruction. And

that's why you have you know,you have mountain folk, right, you
have you have the really unique historyof the outer Banks, the the oak
you know, Okra coke, andthe and the actual accent out there is
its own thing that is so remarkablydifferent. And and North Carolina is unique
for a lot of reasons. Well, in Minnesota it is as well,

right, it's it's Dutch, it'sGermanic, it's Lutherans, it's hot dish,
it's it's almost a Fargo esque accent. It's a it's a Minnesota nice
which I you know, maybe that'sa thing. I don't know, but
it's its own unique thing. Andthen you have a more recent version of
it. And in Minnesota they havetwo very unique groups that I find that

I find fascinating. I find onemore fascinating because of the the the lengthier
backstory, and that's the Mung people. And if you don't know what the
Mung people are, and did yousee Grand Chirino, Those are Mung people.
And basically these are a group ofthe mountain folk of the road variety

that threw in with the United States. They're at the end of the Vietnam
War and as a result we hadto we did mass relocation and when you
need to get in around the SaintPaul area. And it's really weird because
Southeast Asia and Minnesota, the climatesare obviously exactly the same, and it's

it's a very tristine rich history.Is it all good that comes with it?
No, it's like any group ofpeople, but it's fascinating. You
saw in the news. You sawa headline about a big bribery story this
week. Basically there is a federaltrial going on up in Minnesota and somebody

tried to bribe one of the jurors. You ready for this at least because
they had promised more one hundred andtwenty thousand dollars in cash. Just I'll
explain how the bribe took place too. It was it was one of it
created one of those instant moments whereyou got to figure out what it is

you're going to do. And itsounds like in this case they did the
right thing. But the backstory isfar more fascinating, and there hasn't been
a lot of national coverage, andI think that that's largely due to the
particular community here. So I hadmentioned before the break that up up in
Minneapolis, there are two distinct,newer, more recent additions to the tapestry.

That is the Upper Midwest, andin Minneapolis and Saint Paul, it
is Mung and it is Somali.And so when I spent time working up
there, within the Somali community,there was a there was a pretty significant
scandal, and it was it hadall the hallmarks of people trying to be

overly politically correct and also a reallyreally efficient apparatus of people just being so
insular and closing everyone out that itwas really really hard to figure out what
was going on. So if youdon't remember, I don't know, fifteen

years ago, twenty years ago,when it kind of first kicked off,
you had Somali, young Somali menwho were just gone, They just one
day they weren't there, and thenumber continued to grow, and the number
continued to grow, and and alot of times the parents, even the

parents of the kids, I saykids, they're late teens, early twenties,
they were they weren't willing to workwith folks. The FBI attempted to
do an investigation and they were stymied, and eventually you did have a video

that emerged, and it was avideo of one of these guys who was
over in Somalia and had what wasthe name of it, I remember al
Shabab, which I always thought soundedlike a dou had joined al Shabab,

and long story short, at leasttwo of them were then almost immediately killed.
And that is when it started tocome to light that what you had
within the community there is you hadsome moss that were recruiting military age males
to go back over to fight.And it was it turned into a pretty

big story, and the numbers werepretty staggering, and we still don't know
all the answers. But what struckme is how little of the community,
for the most part, wanted anythingto do, including parents who potentially their
kids are of the right age theycould end up literally dying on a battlefield
so you know, on the otherside of the world, another side of

the world where you you know,fortedly wanted to get away from. One
of the other big things that thatwas deeply disturbing is you would have fake
these fake families. So it's easierto get over to the US if you

present as a family unit. Somom, dad, some kids, they'd
show up that he'd get them onthe list, they'd head over to the
United States, and then all ofa sudden, no more family. Maybe
mom and dad are together or youknow our couple, probably not. And

the kids, the kids were orphansin many instances, so they would literally
be abandoned on the streets of Minneapolis, which I don't know if you know
this, they have significant weather there. Now I'm telling you all this not
to just bore you with my raspyvoice, but it's you know, there's
a lot going on, and thenthere's all of the elon Omar stuff and

everything else, and it's it's it'spretty crazy, and it's sad, especially
with the kids being abandoned and otherparents who actually maybe do want they don't
want any of what they fled.Yet it seems to keep coming back to
that all right, So here's whatthe trial's about. The trial is about

a gigantic and I think as ofyet fully unrealized number, amount of fraud
that had permeated the Somali community upin Minneapolis. According to prosecutors, let's
see over two hundred and fifty million, and that number is continued as continuing

to grow. Over two hundred andfifty million in taxpayer funds was allegedly stolen.
The seven who are on trial rightnow are specifically accused of stealing forty
million. So how did they doit? So they created a giant network

of feed the kids things all right. Feeding our Future was the group and
the way it worked. Prosecutors saythat they would access funds that were included
as within the US Department of Agricultureas part of the two bills that were

passed by Biden, and then theywould just go ahead and put the paperwork
together. While the food aid camefrom the US Department of Agriculture, it
was administered by the state, nonprofitsand other partners under the programs were supposed
to serve meals to kids, butthey didn't. Instead, they produced invoices

for meals that were never so theycreated shell companies, they laundered money.
There was passport fraud that's alleged.And basically, whenever they'd come to investigate,
the entire community who was getting apiece of the action, right,
which was a significant number of people, would all pretend like everything was on

the up and up, and whenwhen people come out to check, they'd
be like, oh, okay,well look, we came here because we
want to observe one of your feedthe Kids site. We want to see
the kids you're feeding. And thenthe uh you know, the folks from
the state with the clipboard to showup and they'd be like, ah,
where's the kids. Oh no,no, no, no, no,

the kids. Oh the kids.No, the kids are over there.
Yeah yeah, yeah, no,yeah, you went to the ruck.
This this is the kids thing onTuesdays and it's Thursday. I see see,
I see what you did there?Yeah, that's you got to go
over there. The kids are overthere. Then they go over there and
they'd be like, oh, youjust missed the kids, Which isn't that
frustrating, right? You just wantto see the kids getting fed with the

two hundred and fifty million of taxpayerdollars, and you just you keep showing
up five minutes too late. Andthis went on. This went on for
almost two years. They'd show up, where's the kids? Ah, you
just missed them. You know howfast kids are. Yeah, they got

a belly full of food and theyjust ran out of here. Don't believe
me. Ask these other three peoplewho all have new cars and not wanting
to I guess, I don't know, come across as bad or racist or
something like. It was really lighton the investigation. The whole thing is

insane, and that you could fortwo years just go, oh, no
the kid, Yeah no, thekids will be here later, and that
worked. Meanwhile, the head ofthis thing was given all sorts of awards.
There's pictures of her standing with TimWalls, who's the governor. There

she there were activist white House folksthat she received awards for through some of
the you know, the different programsthat they do, and she was honored
every step of the way until itall came crumbling down. The massive scheme

exploited lax rules during the pandemic tosteal from the program. Here. Basically,
here's what you need to know.If if a program adds for the
kids on it, it's probably,I don't know. Maybe just give it
a second look, that would beThat would be my advice here, because
it almost sounds like you're trying toohard. All told. Prosecutors say that

the the two hundred and fifty millionwent to luxury cars, jewelry, travel
property authority said they've only recovered aboutfifty million of it. Now here's where

it gets crazy this week. Soone of the jurors is sitting at home
in spring Lake Park, which isa suburb, no pretty central suburb,
And there's a knock at the door, and there is a woman holding a
backpack and the woman, according tothe juror, says, here is one

hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Ifyou vote not guilty tomorrow there will be
more, and hands the backpack andwalks away. The juror looks in,
sure enough, there's one hundred andtwenty thousand in cash in this thing.
Calls the police and this is wherewe find ourselves. Now. Another juror

was also kicked off, not foranything criminal, but after this happened,
they were sequestered. But that individualgot to make a phone call to tell
a family member what was going on. I guess which I don't understand the
rules on that, and that familymember made reference to quote the bribe and

they kicked that juror as well.But this is wild, the amount of
fraud here. And you have anentire community that is absolutely pilfering to the
tune of a quarter billion dollars thatwe know of, and everyone's in on
it, and everyone is so confidentthat they're willing to hand a backpack with

one hundred and twenty thousand dollars incat to somebody and openly tell them what
it's for. None of that nuancedstuff. This is they need to go

back. Why we do not denaturalizewith stuff like this. You came over
and you participated in in something likethis, and we can prove it.
That's it. We are going todenaturalize you. And I don't know how
we do that process or what thatlooks like. But somebody who's just driving

their brand new Mercedes that they boughtwith money that was supposed to go for
the kids, drop them off righton the whatever hell hole battle filled you
want. Okay, I'm just donewith it. And you have to understand
that I people who are on therad or do the guys from power Line

Blog who did a good job coveringthis. If you don't know who they
are, you should read their stuff. Like there is this weird vibe in
the Twin Cities that if you questionany of this, you're a bad person.
And I guess as long as thatstupidity prevails from a from a thinking
standpoint, you're just gonna get moreof this. Now. The dooziest of

doozey and then I got to goto break is a professor from the University
of Minnesota who is an absolute MOONBTand he's usually the go to guy for
stuff like this, testified that theycouldn't help it. It's cultural. I'm

want to repeat that they couldn't helpit. It's cultural. Now I want
to be clear because some people aresaying what he meant is they have to
steal, not exactly what it wassaying, but what they what was being
said is that basically they don't trustanything that's not done in cash, which
I you know, I guess ifyou're over in Somalia, that probably makes

sense. But we take like trainingon this every year about like ethics and
stuff, and they yeah talks aboutlike in some countries right, Bribes are
sort of like a cultural thing.Yes, like it's just how you do
business. Fifty two hundred and fiftymillion dollar feed the kids, no kids.
That is crazy, man, Andhey, look it's gonna make it

harder for actual nonprofits that are doingstuff. But the length and the distance
that this thing went, and allthe while you see that this this woman,
this horrible woman who runs this thing, standing there smiling getting an award
after a reward, while idiots likeTim Walls, the governor there is like

grinning because he thinks he's doing wokegood stuff and she's robbing everybody blind and
to some extent he kind of knowsit. Everyone's had bad vibes on this
woman. And there's a couple otherfolks. There are members of the Somali
community who do not give me badvibes, to be very clear, but

they're also they also tend to becritical stuff like this. But it's a
wild story. So if that wetyour whistle, there's a lot more,
you should check it out. Okay, six fifty hang on, Oh no,
no, no, no, nono. Read the article about the
I want to say that there's seventythere's seventy people being prosecuted right now,

and that's just like the first batch. So yes, this is not ten
people were running a scam. Thisis this is whole neighborhoods where they just
created fake stuff. So go checkit out. Yeah, I think seventy
is the first slate. And whoknows. I don't know. Maybe maybe
some of the prosecutions won't work outand people will be encouraged. Well,

hey, let's go ahead and doit again. I don't know. Here's
what I do know, though,have you ever been literally shaking, literally
shaking? Ross you ever found yourselfliterally shaking after hearing a piece of news,
reading a story? I would probablysay, like every day, Yeah,

pretty much every day. Yeah,well, welcome to America. Yes,
that's right. A new report outsays that there's going to be a
rather interesting loophole included in this BidenEO Executive Order on border security, and

it's a doozy. So there's afew things that you need to know.
There are trigger statements and phrases thatimmediately move you down the line. It
does may not necessarily get you inthe country permanently, but nowadays it feels
like it probably does and you cansay things like I fear for my life.

And then when that is stated,all of a sudden you have person
after person after person who when theypresent, they are very clear to use
those words in that order. Andthat is because if you look at some
of the documentation that they've literally founddiscarded along the border there in possession of

folks who have entered the interior ofthe US only to be captured and then
processed and then released right where theywere. There are these nonprofits. It's
weird, a lot of discussion there. Probably it's the coincidence here that there

seems to be a ton of manipulationand graft and everything else within these They
will tell them this is what youneed to say, and it could be
that it could be there's a wholevariety of ways that you can do it.
And then all along the way onthe backside, there are people wanting

to expand eligibility for many of theseinstant access. I mean, this is
the way that you do it.If you can't get the law pass,
you just manipulate what it is.So like I'll give you an example a
number of years ago, and they'vebeen trying for this over and over and
over. They basically said anyone whoanyone who's gay should immediately be gold starred

for having so having a credible fear. Did somebody say something No, but
the fact that they are gay isis problematic. So somebody threatened them.
Well know, are there gay peoplein Latin American countries who are not being
murdered? Well, yes, butmerely that act rather than an individual story.

So this is like they keep tryingto soften it. Well in the
executive order. According to reporting byAssociated Press here on the Border patrol iPhone
app yes, that's a thing absolutely, which by the way, the app

let's see legal immigrants apply for asylumonline. They will, they'll make some
tweaks. According to the ICE memothat was sent out this week, the
new Restrictions a migrant asylum claims amemo sent to ICE officers mandating new measures

to make it as easy as possibleto claim asylum through a major loophole to
the rule by claiming credible fear.Okay, so we're back to the credible
fear. They didn't get it quiteas loose. So though in practice it
basically is so there are things thatthe case agent or the reviewing ICE ICE

agent is looking for and it's notjust the words, but also it's nonverbal
actions. According to the report,ICE agents who notice any of the following
should include those as a way todetermine a credible fear. Are you ready,

hysteria, trembling, shaking, unusualbehavior, change in tone of voice,
in coherent speech patterns, panic attacksare unusual levels of silence. So
if you are loud, that's anindicator. If you are completely silent,
that is an indicator. If youare you change the tone of your voice,

which I don't know for anyone who'sever done anything, especially from a
travel perspective or having to deal withgovernment folks, have you ever changed the
tone of your voice? Does thatmean you have a credible fear that you're
going to be murdered? No,no, it doesn't. Again, shaking
or trembling, so literally shaking literallygets you into the country, or not

shaking, right, because then you'resilent and you're calm, and you're collected,
and you're just you're refusing to communicatewith somebody. That's an indicator.
There's a problem as well. Sobasically any state of being, I guess
where you have a pulse, regardlessof how amped the pulse is or not.

On this little checklist will will beevidence that you should be approved for
at least the the long version ofasylum court, which as you know,
takes years and years in some instances. Instructions from ICE Acting Director Patrick I,

who the hell knows with that tohis team includes the installation of signs
instructing migrants what to say to qualifyfor asylum. So do you need do
you need some sort of activist groupdown there handing out flyers? No,

no, the they actually want toinstall signage to tell them what to say.
Absolute insanity. And this is goingto be that executive order where Biden
says he's swooping into the rescue.Look well, we'll send out a link

for you. Check it out phonenumber eight eight eight nine three four seven
eight seven four will have that foryou on the on the Twitter at Casey
on the radio. All right,little audio here perfect, This is this
is nuts man. So this newStar Wars series, I only have to

get into it because I just hadto watch this chick on Trevor Noah on
the Daily Show or whatever, saythat the point of all of this is
quote white people tears and then anentire studio audience laugh. But this is
this is Disney reviewing how everything hasbeen going in the world of Star Wars
and deciding, hey, you knowwhat, we're not identity politics, sing

politicking? This enough? Why don'twe double down? I want to ask
you about because this is I wouldsay, arguably the gayest Star Wars considerable
margin, And are you excited aboutthat? Are you not? It's pretty
gay? Let's be honest, Leslie, are you how do you feel?

Am I gay? Yeah? No, I know you are gay? But
I'm asked, are you excited aboutputting this? You know this is going
to be a talking point to talkingI'm sure because nerds are gay. Yeah,
well some nerds are very not gayand are very threatened by Well that's
true, but in my world nerdsare gay. Is this the fun elements

of No? I don't think so. And yet people have told me that
it's the gayest Star Wars and I'mfrankly into it. I think that Star
Wars is so gay already. Okay, I mean have you seen the fits?
We'd be like, look how gaythis is and then send each other
a reference. But are you tellingme with a straight face that C three

po is straight. They're a couple. That's what I think. But I
think it's canon that R two Dtwo is is a lesbian. I don't
I don't know what to do withthat. So RTID two is a lesbian.
Her name is Headland, Leslie Headland. She was on like I said,

there's the other clip of her andshe's saying that white people just put
it. I have not seen it. I have not watched any of the
Acolytes, so I don't ross haveyou watched any of it? I I
have lost all interest in Star Warsafter like season one of the Mandalorian as
far as I'm concerned, it's beendead for a long time. Is R

two D two a lesbian? Ialways assumed he was a little like Robot,
right, right, That's that's whathe's aid. He's a he's a
trash. I don't know what doit sult him? He's just he's like
the he's like the the much betterversion of the roly Ball thing. I

refuse to even learn anything about that, right because it's not R two D
two And it's like this is againevery time it feels like maybe they want
to tone the energy down just alittle, right, because you're just you're
just flushing money away. Then youbring somebody in to go ahead and put
all this together, and then theyrun around and this is what this is

how they do the interviews. Wedidn't it feel like maybe, just maybe
after everything that happened with the snowwhite insanity, that behind the scenes at
the very they'd never tell you,but behind the scenes they might have been
like, that's not helpful. Okay, they probably did tell them that,
but they can't help themselves, sothey have no self control at all.

Ah. I just yeah, it'ssame with me. It's a well,
literally, I'm gonna pocket this.And then well when we chat with Steve
even which would be a couple ofweeks because scheduling and he's traveling and all
that stuff, because he'll watch thisobviously he's kind of has to, and
you know, we'll pull the audiout, we'll have the discussion then. But

it's just baffling to me, justincredible. Even behind the scenes, when
you might do some stuff even justto soften it, it seems to be
worse each and every time. Allright seven nineteen CaCO Day radio program Hang
On so let's see if you canfigure out where this is gonna go.
So one of the larger I don'tknow, obviously they're not uncontacted tribes,

but one of the larger groups ofin Brazil known as the Marubo, who
up until very recently continued to liveoff the grid for all practical purposes,
which which problematic because there's a lotof there's a lot of really bad stuff

that happens in the interior of Brazilbetween cattle barons and some of the locals
there. And anyway, that's notwhat this is about. But this rainforest
community about nine months ago received aspart of a social experiment, access to

the internet for the first time.This was part of a experiment that was
being done with one of Elon Muskcompanies, and then they used starlink obviously
to provide internet and we're getting someresults. See how that's going. Ross.
What do you think happened when theyalmost only recently, by historical perspective,

contacted Amazonian rainforest tribe was given starlink. It's fair to ask that because
I love this story. Oh youknow this, I know it, and
I love it. I think it'shilarious. Why because this story wasn't in
prep. But I shared this withMarky last night when I saw the cross

on this morning, I saw thismorning, be kind of holding on to
it. Why, okay, whydo you love it? Because it's predictable.
Yeah, it's completely predictable. Soespecially because when it comes to the
younger people in the tribe. Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, all
right, So long story and theway that they're serving it to them is

via phones. Okay, so theyuse you know, they basically have you
know, Android style phones. Theyhave Internet connections, and yes they provided
him not just to the younger people, but to uh different tribe members.
And a funny thing happened. Theheadline is reloads right is I'm about to

read it remote Amazon tribe finally connectsto internet, only to wind up addicted
to porn and social media. Yeah, they're sitting back. They're like,
dude, I don't want to goout there and hunt and find food and
do all these chores and do anythingwe need to do to survive as a
tribe. I try not to geteaten, right, not be eaten by
things. I want to sit righthere in my house and just look at

porn. Yeah, this is They'relike, man, this is amazing.
Aren't you surrounded by porn all thetime? Anyway? You're on the Kcoday
radio program, and uh, well, first you have to understand the the

dream, I guess would be theway to say this. It is a
partnership with a couple organizations that Ihave worked with. This Marubo tribe,
this two thousand person tribe, it'sone of the larger central almost very recently

from a historical perspective, integrated orbeginning to be integrated tribe within Brazil.
I mean just until nine months ago, they had no access to basically most
of the technology that we have accessto. And even now many of the
tribes there are certain members that willnot just with this one, because there's

a lot of them, but thereare only certain members that generally come out
and interact with the public. Thiswas something that was bigger, and a
lot of it was born from whatis some pretty nasty land territorial stuff that's
going on within Brazil and within variouslogging and cattle cattle raising interest. So

with that in mind, Starlink andothers decided they were going to go ahead
and they were going to give accessto the Internet, and the dream the
way it's described by one of thewomen here in this article was imagine immediately,
And I guess we all kind ofwent through it as well, most
of us least the having that accessto information instantly at the tip of our

fingers, Like you, Ross,You and I are basically kind of in
the last generation that remembers the difference, or that will remember the difference.
Do you know what I'm saying?Yeah, because yeah, yeah, I
grew up on analog childhood in likea digital adulthood. Yeah yeah, And
once that's done, that's done,and who the hell knows, then we'll

get into the psychic era and we'llall look like roops. But the point
is is that's a great dream,right, So she's imagining, you know,
if you're out or whatever, you'dbe like, oh my god,
is this verry poisonous? Or yes, I was just bitten by a snake?
Am I going to die? Doyou know? Do I need someone
to suck the venom out? Oris was that like a lethal poisonous snake?
No? No, on that right, right, right? Right?
Yeah, yeah, but yeah,all that's kind of information, right,

it's gonna help you and the Theidea in the vision is this is and
you see this too indigenous tribes herein the United States or even over in
Asia, where it's like, thesepeople are more evolved than we are,
right, so they're going to useit for better things. Well, that's
that's it. But also they're goingto learn. Imagine never knowing anything about
any other culture, with the exceptionof yours and some you know, some

some white folks who have some similarities, you know, because of the settled
nature of South America. But youknow, imagine never knowing anything about Asia,
and then all of a sudden,here it is, here is here
is all this stuff, and you'rejust like, oh my gosh, that's
crazy. So anyway, that's thedream. The reality is something different.

When it arrived, everyone was happy, said to Sunama Marubo. By the
way, that's the name of thetribe, and you'll find out a lot
of people are named that. Butnow things have gotten a lot worse,
said the village elder Rubo, whois seventy three. So how did it

play out? Well, first,you got to know a little about the
tribe. The tribe is very conservative, very chass, very They don't go
in for that stuff. They basicallywere fine doing their own thing. They
have they have, you know,very strict ways in which courting is done

and right, so a lot ofvery conservative stuff there. So they handed
out and and they handed out sothat people could access this, and then
really quickly it became clear that itwasn't being used to go and learn about
the wonders of the world, orthe pyramids in Egypt, or you know,

the oceans, or space space.I mean, think about the perspective
that when you know, when youhear about old, older tribes and older
civilizations and what they think of space, then to compare it to what would
be available on the internet, that'sgot to be nice. I mean,
you're literally giving them all the knowledge, all the collected known knowledge of humanity

in the palm of your hand.And I was I watched a video and
X recently talking about you know,if you go back in time and if
you could try to impress upon,say like somebody in the medieval times,
you know how things were different now, or impressed right, you probably wouldn't
last two hours or you'd be deadin a second, but you were obviously
people would say, well, Iwould take out my phone and I would

show them my phone. But whatwould you show them on your phone?
Well, you might want you mightgo to Wikipedia and be like, here
is all the known collected information thathumanity has gathered throughout the centuries. Anything
you need to know about, it'sall right here, and that's pretty damn
impressive. But then maybe, yeah, you know, you're in the search
part of there, and before youknow it, you stumble across I don't

know, misspell something right, thesesights pop up and suddenly there's endless amount
of boobs. Yeah, and bythe way, you're surrounded by boobs all
day every but these are different boobs. They are some of them don't look
real. I might add, thesearen't the These aren't the these aren't the

knee bangers. These are now yougot right. You got European boobs and
Eastern European boobs and Asian boobs,boobs and as the world yeah to them.
By uh. Also, somebody pointedout that they have webang d.
Now they all think they have cancer. That's good points, sir. You
know when you go to Google yoursymptoms like cancer by the snake, Am

I gonna die? Oh? Igotta have cancer? Yeah, it's cancer
snake anyway. So so yeah,and and believe it or not, especially
younger members of the tribe kind ofgravitate towards that. But it's not just
boobs. It's also social media.And you know, you talk about the
algorithm like, I think we noticeit less because it's part of it's just

part of growing up really, andyou know, the algorithm so to speak,
in social media has been evolving myentire life, and you know,
the entire entire lives of most people. And they just get better and better
and better at creating this this elixirthat looks so great, but in reality

is is laced with poison. Andthen you throw some boobs in there too.
And what they have managed to accomplishin nine months is to addict a
good chunk of the younger members ofthe tribe to online adult content and social
media. Right in social media andthe online adult content, it's made purposefully

to addict you. Yes, Ohthat's I'm sorry, that's yeah. That's
the point I was trying to make. Like they don't know because they're looked
at it and they're like, thisis this is the knowledge of humanity.
And so when you're told that,how can you think that it's something that's
you know, that is intended toaddict you. It just it's so outside

of the comprehension that one would havemaking this transition from nothing to your own
device, in your own hand,with your own Internet. Let's see here
the Rubo or a Chash tribe whoeven frown upon kissing in public. But
Alfredo Marubo, by the way,again, everybody's last name is Marubo,

so it will it does get alittle tough to follow that. He's anxious
that the arrival of the service woulddelivered super fast internet to the far fron
corners of the planet and build asa game changer, could end up destroying
standards of decorum within the tribe.So they figured out they had to do

anything. They had to do something. After it became a habit of the
young Marubo men to gather and literallyshare their favorite porn videos in group chats,
and that has manifested, according toresearchers, into actual aggressive offline sexual

behavior. It's crazy starlink works.Let's see. Well, I don't have
to I'm not gonna get into thereasoning there or because you understand that,
but so what are they going todo? Well, like anything, They're
not just gonna cut them off coldturkey, so they're going to try to

wean them off of it. Otherminor problems include, according to Kapa Marubo,
I don't know. I'm not evengonna read their last names anymore.
I said that some of the youngergroups also are playing violent first person and
shooter games. That's gonna be wildtoo. Can you imagine you're running around

with weaponry that you know, Amachete's probably the most the newest thing.
I'm sorry, what machete? Thankyou? Sorry again, I'm in recovery.
So yeah, and then all ofa sudden you have access to the

weapons of I don't know, picka game with a lot of weapons,
Borderlands or that's gotta be wild.Can you imagine you're first playing a top
tier, full level video game afterhaving not seen one. That's gotta These
are people that survive of obviously hunting, and imagine a lot of times you
need to be very patient, rightand wait for your prey. And this

thing is gonna These games are gonnaabsolutely kill and the social media is gonna
kill their attention spans. Uh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so,
yes, they don't. They're nothappy about it, but they are.
They are now trying to limit theirscreen time. I guess you know
which most parents probably try to dothat if they can. But what a
wild, wild little experiment there,all right, seven forty six Cacoday Radio

program Ken Boone. Oh, that'sright, R on the phone here,
Ken Boon from the Weather Channel.All right, Ken, what's going on
today? Not well, hot andhumid force here today, mix the clouds
in sunshine. We've got a chancefor showers and storms late this afternoon into
this evening. Any storm that wedo see would have the potential to be
strong to even severe, So keepan eye out for that. If we

get the storms later today. Temperaturesall the way up into the low nineties
here this afternoon, seventy tonight.In behind it, though, a couple
of nice days force heading into itthrough the weekend. Sunshine tomorrow, a
bit of a west breeze, alittle cooler midlelue, upper eighties, sunshine,
mid eighties on Saturday, Sunshine closeto nineties Sunday, but I think
we'll stay dry during the day.Maybe overnight Sunday night we could see a
few showers and storms. All right, we'll talk in an hour. Thank

you, sir, appreciate it allright, and we will. We'll come
back in just a few here onthe CaCO Day Radio program, looking back.
It is the CaCO Day Radio Program. Phone number eight eight eight nine
three four seven eight seven four.So yeah, they're yep, you do

this all right, cal streener,you'd be good. Oh that freaks me
out so much when all of asudden, it just all the stuff disappears.
All right, let's try this.Let's go to the phone, sarge.
What's up? Yeah, okasey,good to have you back. Ten
years ago, Green County Middle schoolstudents got laptops and our ne two neighbor

boys the very next day were suspendedfor accessoring pornography and getting caught at it
and doing it in school and soon. But anyways, they went on
to have a lot of problems inlife. They would have had them anyway,

I suppose some of them. Itseemed to me that the Internet was
like a very exaggerated but similar toTV and its effect on children and families.
I know, I think you're Ithink you're accurate. What's wild here?
And I know that you obviously understandthat is that I suspect those kids

in Green County had understood the conceptof this, whereas these these folks didn't
even understand the concept and were almostimmediately addicted to it. That's wild,
Yeah, I believe it. Whoever, I would just point out, I
don't know any young people that wantto find out about China or any other

place compared to the number of peoplewho just entertained themselves. They don't seem
to know anything about a whole lotof anything. But I understand why because
I was that kid, you know, I want to know about China,
but also I wanted to see Boop. So like I, not every not

every young man who you know isyou know, has that that thought crossed
their mind or the you know,digging for dad's playboy kind of thing.
The difference is here is that itis digitally refined to addict you, especially
in the world like we're talking aboutthe pornographic site, but the social media
site is is what's wild? Allright? All right? Anyway, all

right, I appreciate the call there, sir. Phone screeners acting a little
weird, all right, Yes,so, Jamal, what's up, Casey?
I'm about to call in then defendit. K I'm forty nine and
the same glen. I was partof the generation like KC that had the

look at things doing that cycle pand then finally you know Internet boom,
like wow, okay. So forthese this tribe to see different and accidentally
put something in and see different womenand actually see the emotions and be like
wow, shower scene, Bronco ridingand all these different things and stuff like

that, and they never yeah,and so they they saw all these things
positions they've never seen women, they'venever seen it. It got addictive and
sometimes and I be honest, youdo learn some things from watching adult movies

because you're like, wow, Ididn't know you can have this done.
Because let's say, for those soldiersthat went to be Ignomed, those soldiers
that went to France and because dthey bought, those who fault and served
and those liver deliving veterans we haveleft, they went, they experienced things.
But there's certain techniques is over therethey could come back and tell us

back. Yes, there's something calleda Karma Sutra, the book, but
how many people took time to readit and what porn did and it got
this tribe. It exposed them andthey're like, wow, So the girl
who's in the bottom foot down,now you look in at Hull like really,
just the best you can do foryourself, you know, make smile

a little bit. You know,let's try this. Let's try this.
And if they're really concervative, youhave a lot of people that are talk
casey that the only position merrit peoplesupposed to have sexually. Yeah, because
I have, I got about aminute here. You're not wrong in that
sense, but this is everyone keeps. It's funny to focus just on the

first thing. It's the social mediathing is far scarier to me, as
weird as that sounds like, justbecause whatever, like bottom hunt girl,
Now maybe she knows how to payfor a pizza in a different way,
but social media going through and literallyaddicting stuff. I probably don't have pizza,
But what a crazy show it hasbeen. I got a bunch of
audio I've been needing to get toand we will, we will infect start

banging away into some of that.But you know, back although I have
to admit when I first started theshow today my my voice sounded a lot
rougher. So I'm good to seethat it is working its way out.
But uh, you know, bearwith me a little today, a little
tomorrow, and uh then we'll beback back into normal grind the week after

so and then rosson, I actuallyhave vacation coming up, so it's been
planned for a long time, likeat least what a couple months or something.
So, but I just I anticipateyour email and just want to let

you know what's going on. Butthat's that's a couple of weeks away.
So all right, let me,uh, let me get into a few
things. Oh, I just Idid find this modely amusing. So Donald
Payne Junior won the Democrat Party primaryand New Jersey on Tuesday yesterday, so,

which is really impressive considering he's deadnow. He you know, I
didn't have anyone challenging him. Andit is because of the way it's districted.
Now it is a right a youknow, a conservative district, conservative

leaning district. But he won this. I don't know, man, I
don't trust, especially in New Jersey. So wouldn't that be a crazy town
if all of a sudden the guywins the general election? I honestly,
I don't know what the law is. I'm assuming he doesn't end up on
the regular ballot, but maybe people'shands are tied. Paying who had been

serving New Jersey's tenth congressional district sincetwenty twelve and who had succeeded his father
in the same position. New Jerseyis just one big NEPO place. Man
died suddenly of a heart attack atthe age of sixty five. So and

again he was on the ballot.He had no challengers democratic primaries, so
but you know, going into theactual general there wasn't much hope that he
would have won even if he wasalive. But never put anything past anyone.
So this is this is kind offunny. So Pope Francis I had

a little statement that's raised some eyebrows. Let me let me tell you.
I'm gonna I'm gonna play what hesaid and then I'll explain. We'll translate
it for you. But here's whathe says. He's got some crazy uh

they've been like these weird deep divesand stuff that he said, like he
had he'd apologized for using a wordthat is it's a variation of the word
the F word, which is,you know, from a gay slur standpoint,
but it rhymes with like baggerty.I'm trying to be very careful here,

and he was. He was referringto an attitude within uh, some
of the Abby's and I can't rememberexactly. Yeah, everybody was talking about
although he they how do I describethis? It's not a pure translation.

But he's still apologized, all right. This, on the other hand,
though, I don't know that heneeds to apologize for it. So what
did he say this time? Around? Here? You go, you're going
to insult my mother, I'll punchyou in the face. Forget about it,
forget about it? For gazy?You said that? That was you

said? It was like the areyou proud of yourself? Yes? Why
are you so proud of yourself?That's funny? So you think that that.
You know, he's not Italian,right, he's Argentinian. But he's
been over there for a while,yes, and you know, visited many
many other times. So just tobe clear, just to be clear,

what now, I've got to resetthis whole damn thing. What Pope Francis
actually said is, quote, ifsomeone insults my mother, they can expect
a punch in the face. Right, So I got the gist of it.

In what sense in the transmit ifyou insult my mother, we're gonna
punch in the face of forgot aboutit. No, not that, No,
there's a few, there's some addons there, and I just I
just pointed out with this with theother stuff from the other week, I
want to be accurate here. Andso yeah, yeah, he did say,

because the whole thing sounds so ridiculous, that said that now to piled
the base. But that's like athing he said, like you say that
because he's had he said, hebless you. He's had so many controversial
things that he's been saying recently.Right, Yeah, it's a matter of
he says this, and I thinkmost people hear that are like, yeah,
okay, I understand the position he'sin as the pope and whatnot,
but you know, you insult somebody'smother, you might get punched in the

face. It's literally it's uh evenit's it's one of the Lost Commandments.
Yeah, it's it's based pope rightthere. It was on the back of
the first set of tablets, right, so yeah, you gotta be I
know about it. Maybe you don'tknow about it. So anyway, all
right, let me hear this thisthing that obviously you spent time on this
morning. One more time. Herewe go. You're gonna insult my mother.

I'll punch you in the face.Forget about it, forget about it
for gazy. So it's the gist, but it's but I wouldn't go quoting
it today. If you're going toshare the story with any You know how
hard it was to get the AIto say forget about it. I kept

putting it in. It just wouldn'tread it right. Yeah, I gotta,
I could. That might be aproblem. So I had no problem
with Fugazi though. Huh No,it did. It did. I'd spell
that differently as well. Oh okay, all right, well, why does
it sound like the pope is aflight attendant giving safety instructions on an airplane

about to take off? I haveI don't know. But also he didn't
say for gaze or forget about it, okay, which is of course a
notorious crime family in New York.You might know about from the Haesy for
Shriff Twitch channel for a special guestsJoey Rose Beef, which we've had in
the shore before. Fugazy Fughazy isthe name of the family. Yeah,

but that's Fugazi's faith, is it? Why would you want to be so
confused? All right? Eight eighteight Sorry, I'm trying to get this

thing to reload. Eight eight eightnine, three four seven, eight seventy.
So many I have so many peoplethat are now texting me the word
forget about it and for gazy.I'm so glad of them working out for
you. Oh, let's see FloraDutra, a Brazilian activist who works Oh

wait, hold on, you know, And I'm not even gonna deep dive
into this because you have some peoplethat just don't like the pope. So
and that's fine, you can feelhowever you want. But now I'm completely
sity. You know what, doyou understand how I'm that I'm doing to
hang on here and I can't.And if I start laughing, if the
gazing forget about it, I'm gonnastart coughing like a madman. I'm gonna

be honest. If I ever metthe pope, and I was, I
was raised Catholic, and we talkedabout this before. Ginormous Catholic church across
of our across from our house,there's gonna get yes which is now a
Hindu temple a giant banner outside ofit. Last time I went home,
giant banner outside like homemade banner.It's this Hindu temple. They got rid
of the Catholic Church because some stuffhappened. But we'll move on. But
if I met the Pope and hedid not say forget about it, I'd

be disappointed. But why it justseems like something you should say. But
what But why should he say it? That he's already siting it. He's
so great and and contrary to popularbelief, the Pope doesn't live in Italy.
You realize that, right, youkeep mentioning this. Yeah, in

all fairness, that's your opinion.You know, well, I don't know.
I mean, get a get ahold of one of those Marubo phones
right close all the porn, probablya lot of pop ups there, and
do some Google kiss the ring,and he goes forget about it. Be
great, he really, I'll tellyou what he does. He doesn't like
you ever see him with the handshakeand touching people. Though. This Pope

isn't a fan, No, he'snot. I get it though. Man,
He's standing there on the receiving lineand people are trying to They're all
trying to kiss him his hand.I'd be weirded out by that too.
You have like a thousand people ina row slobeign on your hand. So
if he says forget about anything,it's probably that. And then if you
don't listen, they'll make you listen. All right, Uh, let's do

this. We'll we'll hit a brake, we'll get into that a Do you
guys remember scarfs, scarves whatever.Deborah Burks, the physician. Uh,
and I guess number two to Fauci. And and if you remember also the
one who would go and do thepress conferences next to Trump and then the

on the left, they're like,oh, she's a Trump's Trump supporter and
she's got to go and she's horrible. And and then when Biden got in
there, she didn't go. Sheended up moving up the food chain,
along with our own Mandy Cohen andthe of course the Faucies of the world,
who, by the way, havemade seventy or excuse me, seven

hundred million, not just him,but of payouts just in royalties from all
of the all of the development that'sbeen done within the NIH through the course
of their tenure. So she's backat it and she's got some thoughts and
this is gonna sound really familiar,so we'll get into that next. Hang

on, if you're fine out you'refollowing all the bird flu stuff. By
the way, I don't have birdflu, So thank you to the several
people who sent me links going whathave you got? This? All right?
Wasn't making out with a chicken orwhat like? I don't even know.
I did eat some chicken the otherday. It was one of the

last things I ate before I kindof didn't eat for three days. This
wild what a great weight loss thing. But anyway, Yeah, so there's
a lot of conversation. You hada human death, and then they bring
miss scarves out, which, bythe way, what a horrible weather wise
today, Like can you imagine wearinga scarf sweaty around the neck? Yeah,

but she has some thoughts and I'mgetting some like flashback vibes man to
the very same conversations that we actuallyhad with COVID that drove people wild.
All right, So what is Burke'scalling for? Bert is calling for testing

for asymptomatic cases of bird flu,saying not doing so is a mistake.
Yes, that's right. She saysthat not testing to really see how many
people people have been exposed and gotasymptomatically infected is going to be one of

the big mistakes if they don't doit. Uh, let's see here.
This is why I'm quoting here.This is why I'm really concerned, because
we're making the same mistakes today thatwe made with COVID. And what do
I mean by that? They're nottesting to really see how many people have
been exposed and got asymptomatically infected?Where is this pot this giant pool of

asymptomatic infections? Where where is I'mnot saying that it's not scientifically possible.
And again I'm not a research healthblah blah blah, but I have a
basic working knowledge and generally i'm trustbut verifying stuff, And so again,

can people Is there a window inwhich people can get from you even though
you may not feel sick yourself,Because this is one of the things with
COVID. They drove people in sayingyou're like, well, I need to
be tested to see if I'm sick, right, nor typically I would know
if I'm sick, and that andthat was one of the things that made
the pandemic go on forever because you'relike, well, no, I mean
you could show symptoms in two weeks, or you could have it and you

could be spreading it not know itright, like you're a character in the
Walking Dead spreading the zombie disease orwhatever. You know, there's bad.
People do not want to do thatagain. You you would agree that that
and not just necessarily in this,but there are there are times when you
don't feel sick yet, but youmay you very well could could spread right

in certain circumstances. Get you know, cases of flu like that, uh
some of the respiratory stuff, uhnot COVID like like the big respiratory stuff,
but you know, uh, stuffthat generally stuff that can get in
and get around to school real quick. That isn't necessarily deadly, but you
know, kids are just yeah,kids are just filthy. But in a

school setting, just how quickly thatthat passes around. But the idea that
everything is that is going to thenrequire all of the efforts during COVID that
drove everybody wild. Oh boy,oh boy, oh boy. There is
not a day man when the folksdown south are doing their level best to

improve our broadcast. And in fact, it is so helpful. They have
their own song. Let's do this. Florida Men, Florida men. Is
something in the water they errors handthat they should do all that crazy crap.
It's like the state is one beetdumb ass trapped. Nowhere else has

the Florida Man. It is almostlike as the Weird Factor climbs and in
Florida every time, in Florida,then Florida man. If anyone can jeer
me, you know, you can't. Just mind life be crazy. But
of course it's not. It's thatcrowd crazy as yours. Nowhere else are

you gonna find him. They're soused to it they don't mind him.
Hooray for Florida Man. Now youhave to admit, we've had some wild
headlines today, including the Amazon tribethat was remote and now they're all addicted
to social media and porn. Thatwas a doozy. We had the Pope
Francis story, where there is somedebate about exactly what was said, but

whatever, but check this headline outyou're ready. Anti Trump cross dressing man
smash his car into County jail beforehurling snakes and shouting the devil told me
to kill everyone. I feel likethat might win. I understand that a

tribe, an ancient tribe, hasbasically now been in in infected with with
horribleness, and and that is thatis that is tragic in and of itself,
but just for sheer absurdity of headlinesanti Trump, cross dressing man smashed

his car into county jail before hurlingsnakes and shouting the devil told me to
kill everyone. Is probably not whatyou had on your Bengo card today,
or maybe it is, all right, So what are the details there?
A homeless man wearing women's clothes intentionallyrammed his car or do we know pronouns

rammed his car into the side ofa county jail in Florida. This is
Martin County, which just cent onan know that what is Martin County?
It doesn't matter. Forty year oldJoseph Leady's accused of four counts of aggravated
assault on an officer. All right, so I'm gonna tell you exactly what

panned out. And if you weregoing to siege a law enforcement facility,
let me know if this is howyou would do it. Okay. Surveillance
footage shows the suspect drive through theparking lot, up the walkway and right
through the glass lobby doors. Onceyou go inside through the lobby, when

you actually get into the secure partof the facility, that's where you're not
going to be able to drive,as it has a steel security door inside.
So he didn't get through that.But it wasn't just the driving,
so it it gets a little crazierfrom there. No one was in the

lobby and the crash and he wastaken into custody. After exiting the car
wearing a blouse and no pants,Leady began pouring motor oil all over the
jail floor, saying he was goingto set it ablaze. He also slammed
the ex president, expressing a desireto kill everyone. He's then shown throwing

snakes on the floor in where themotor oil is not now hold on rubber
snakes. I was about to askwhere did the like did he bring the
snakes in like a sack or somethinglike? How do you get the snakes
in? Well, you don't havea bag of snakes in your car.
I have not chake the snake.No, dude, you put it with
you. You have a jack,right, you got to have a like
one of those thin blankets is probablysmart. Yeah, even if it's the

little polymer ones. You know,it's like I had a whole winter in
Wyoming. Everyone's got like a winterkit in their car, and I'd be
listening to everybody. See in EarnestSaves Christmas, I understand how to smuggle
snakes in. Oh, that's fair. But you know, so they were
fake snakes. Yes, they wererubber snakes, because you know, you

wouldn't want to abuse animals. Ifthis happened at the Southern border they give
them asylum, they probably would,absolutely, So yeah, he's just it's
location, location, location for thisguy. All right, Well, hold
on, the fund's not over throughthat much. Shot is wild the lunatic,

all right, So again got outwearing the blouse, no pants port
tomorrow Motor Oil talked about how hewants to kill everyone. Threw the snakes
all over the floor. Let's seehere, I'm reading the Daily Mail mail
article version, and they always doubleup stuff to fill space so they can

sell more ads. So it's kindof hard to work off of them because
you want just the facts. Alsoincluded photos of the snakes the suspect hurled.
Clearly they are fake snakes. Ohyeah, all right, so here
we go. This is where itgets crazy. The snakes. Now,
Ross, you asked her where didhe have the snakes? He had a
backpack full of the snakes. Andthen you see the motor oil there.

The pink backpack, which is emblazonedwith the phrase girl power apparently is where
he had the snakes. By theway, it was a Toyota What is
that a Toyota camery? Anyway?All right, but then some of the

statements get crazy. So leady,who's originally from are you ready for this?
Chicago? Uh? Didn't see thatcoming, did you. He He's
not sure with attempted murder or anything, because again, there was nobody in

there. However, the facility,which is a seven hundred bed lockup facility,
so this is not a small littlestation this is it's a pretty big
county facility. Authority say. Theyinitially told him to step away from the
vehicle, which he responded to themwith a blank stare. He then grabbed

the castro a castro castro oil andbegan dumping it everywhere, saying that he
was going to essentially light the facilityon fire. When asked why he did
it. He said, quote thedevil made me do it. Why don't
you shoot me? Or if youwon't shoot me, then me and the

sorry. That was very hard tosay and get the beeping. So he
told the deputies responding, shoot me. But if you're not going to shoot
me, then me in the whichif you're a deputy, I mean like
there's a third option, obviously theone that they exercised. But what a
what a what a predicament to beput in. The report also said the

lead he was subdued after being uh, you're ready for this taste? Yeah?
Yeah again. Motor oil and rubbersnakes versus taser. We constantly have
these conversations. Now, there isthe part where didn't they tase a dude
who had been covered in some sortof flammable liquid and he caught on fire?

I think that was an actual thingthat happened. And they're like,
police should have known, and Isaid it. I'm like, well,
if that's the case, then thefirst thing I'm gonna do, if I'm
gonna you know, if I'm doingsome er, I think I might counter
law enforcement is telling him I puta flammable substance on me. You just
everything's so dumb when that's why Idid it. So the devil made me

do it again. Gave deputies theoption to do the one thing or do
the other thing, and they choseneither and just taste them and took them
into custody. So there you go, Florida once again, overperforming each and
every day, keeping things interesting hereon the show. We do appreciate it.

Right now, it is eight fortyfour here on the Cacoday Radio program.
Do we not Ken Moon ready yet? Oh good? Okay, all
right, Callscreener's been kind of likeme, a little under the weather,
not very cooperative, not doing whatit's supposed to do. I'm far funnier

though. All Right, I seeit. I'm gonna try to just pick
it. Okay, ready, ohwait, there we go. All right,
here we go, Ken Boon fromthe Weather Channel. Our phones are
a nightmare this morning. How youdoing, Ken, I'm doing well.
I'm doing well. Mix the clownsand sunshine out there today, A hot
and humid one for us said abouta forty percent chance for showers and storms

as you look towards later on thisafternoon and into this evening. Any storm
that we would see would have thepotential to be strong to even severe,
with the primary threat being strong winds. So keeping close eye to the skylake
this afternoon if we do get thosestorms to fire up. Low nineties here
this afternoon, but certainly feeling hotterthan that with the humidity seventy tonight.
Better weather ahead though for Friday ofthe weekend, sunny Tomorrow, a light

west breeze. It'll be a littlecooler, a little less humid. Highs
tomorrow, middle upper eighties Sunday andmid eighties on Saturday. The humidity start
to climb on Sunday, but Ithink the showers and storms hold off until
overnight Sunday night. So another sunnyday Sunday for look for him here ninety
All right, Ken, appreciate it. We talked to you tomorrow, sir.
Is it you hanging out with us? No? Jeff marrall be in

with you, okay, all right, we'll have a good weekend in advance.
Thank you, sir. All right, you too? All right,
there you go? All right,Wait, hold on, somebody wants to
know was it the one gallon orthe No, it was the handle on
the oil. Yeah, it's it'sthe fiber it out Gallon Court. Yeah,
it's the handle. It's the bigone, so I can't see the

actual viscosity of it though, littleblurry voters. But you know, maybe
do your own research, sir.There you go, just like the tribe
in Brazil doing their own research.We'll be back hanging Bloomberg Update with Jeff
Bellinger. What's going on, jeffycase and welcome back. We can add

the weekly tallly of new claims forunemployment benefits to the indicators suggesting the job
market has begun to soften. TheLabor Department comped to two hundred and twenty
nine thousand first time applications last week. That was more than expected, in
eight thousands more than the prior week. The agency's May employment report will be
out tomorrow. We also had areport that employers eased up on the layoffs

last month Challenger Gray and Christmas,as nearly sixty four thousand job cuts were
announced. That was down twenty percentfrom May of last year. Artificial intelligence
spent very good for Nvidia, makingthe company the world's most valuable semiconductor maker
now. It is raised nvidious marketcap to more than three trillion dollars,

making it more valuable than apple.The last time en vidious value topped apples
was in two thousand and two,and that was five years before the introduction
of the iPhone. Income from investmentshelping a lot of Americans deal with inflation.
The Commerce Department says interest and dividendincreased totaled about a dividend income I
should say, total about three pointseven billion dollars in the first quarter.

A senior economist at KED Bank toldThe Wall Street Journal the one potential downside
is that people's ability to continue payingfor goods and services could complicate the federal
reserves fight against inflation. The AmericanAirlines Flight Attendant union, which is threatening
to strike, has rejected a companyoffer of an immediate seventeen percent pay hike

plus more profit sharing. The raiseswould have been separate from the payhikes being
discussed in contract talks, but theunion wants to focus on those contract talks.
And Casey Boeing Space Taxi is ontarget to dock with the International Space
Station early this afternoon. The starLiner, with NASA astronauts on board,
was launched into arbit yesterday after lengthydelays. Stock market futures narrowly mixed this

morning. Casey S and P futuresare flat. Nasdaq futures are up nineteen,
the Dial futures are down eighteen.Casey, all right, I do
appreciate it. Jeff Well chat toborrow, sir. Sounds good talk to
you. Then all right, thereyou go, Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg News,
all right, and Nicall screener justworks super fast. Now. So I

don't know what is right in thesame violent manner with whatever you just did,
so we'll figure it out from there. I don't understand this stuff.
I mean, I don't understand anyof it. Bearing him under the prison
if guilty. But how you area friggin TV anchor, right, You're
everybody knows what you look like,even if they don't, do you know

what I'm saying, Like maybe ifthey don't watch that channel or they particularly
watch the local news, you stillkind of I'm I have I'm friends with
a couple TV folk and in inin the region, and I've and I've
gone, you know, I'll goout with them, and you know,
they get recognized. That's the thingabout radio, which is kind of nice

and not getting recognized. But ifyou're TV, it's it's pretty tough.
And so with that in mind,why you would think that going onto the
Internet to randomly try to hook upwith a fifteen year old in the market
in which you broadcast, and you'rea TV anchor who's covered how many versions

of this story going back to theChris Hansen days, to some of the
the internet based kind of vigilanti groupsthat do this. Plus when it's not
even a sting operation and it's justsome perv creeping up on a kid on
the Internet, like you've you've probablydone one hundred reads of this story as

an act. This guy is adesk news anchor. His name is Bill
lunn Ah. He's Shreveport, Louisiana. All right, here we go,
married Louisiana TV anchor has abruptly quithis job after he's accused of sexting someone

he thought was a fifteen year oldgirl. Then he set up the meeting.
Turned out to be the Predator Hunters, one of the higher profile folks
there on YouTube, and they makethe they make these videos. I don't
know some of them. Here's thedeal. I got no problem with some

of the groups going out there andand stopping, you know, mining information,
information that can be used to stoppeople from doing this. But some
of them give me real Patty Mayovibes, which it's going to run into
legal complications, although from what Iknow of this particular group, I don't

know. Their videos look pretty cutand dry, but what the hell.
And so he's waiting for a fifteenyear old to show up and three dudes
show up. He claims the menbeat him up and then tried to steal
his truck. The whole thing iscrazy, but how do you fall for this
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