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March 26, 2024 76 mins
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So let me get into this what'sgoing on over in the Middle East with
the Houthi rebels. You know,we've obviously taken a wait and see approach,
mostly because they're really bad at whatthey do. What is this sixty

two different ships covering sixty two differentships covering eighty seven ownership groups. I
guess maybe because like the one shipthey shot at that was the US.
Ship was one third US owned,one third is Raeli owned, and one

third like some with the UK.So you know, you have some ships
that literally transcend three different nations.However, this one's kind of a big
deal. So Houthi rebels had hita tanker that is primarily Chinese owned.

It's primarily Chinese, the other partis mostly Russian. Why is that a
big deal? Well, for themost part, Iran is actually friends with
China and Russia, but also Iranis a staging ground for escalation of things

in different regions. So specifically,while Iran maybe friend to China, North
Korea, and Russia, a kickoffpoint in a part of the world where
the US is we'll just say heavilystressed, is something that Iran has provided,

specifically with Syria, previously. Soif you remember with Syria, you
had the Obama administration towards the veryend dealing with the gassing of citizens.
And at first it was Trump isa bad guy because he doesn't involve himself,
and then Russia basically did Russia's stuff, so it kind of fell by

the wayside, but was a prettygood example of how the Trump administration wasn't
going to get involved with stuff.So now you have this incident that a
lot of people are seeing as howdo we say two perfect basically providing an

end to a conflict that the USis already involved in. All right,
so according to reporting, this isfrom Bloomberg and I ran back, hoothy
offense has conflicted with the safe passage, which is a really weird way to

write this for a commercial vessel thatis partly owned by China partly owned by
Russia. Here we go. USCentral Command announced on social media the bablistic
missile fired from a Huthi Rebels Panamaniumflag Chinese owned chemical tanker. Right,
so you got nine different people inthis thing actually struck what is, for

all practical purposes, a Chinese flagship. So that happened three days ago we're
just now finding out the Huthi's launcheda four anti ship ballistic missile attack in
the Red Sea on the Hung Pao, which is again Panamanium flag, but

primarily Chinese Russia owned oil tanker.What this sets the uh I guess the
stage four is China, as they'resaying, now to exert a little more
control in the region, which iskind of nightmare scenario for the US.

Forget the Panamanian flag part, noneof that matters. Half of the ships
that are under US control are Panamanianflagged, But specifically, China now has
an excuse to run parts of theirnavy in there, which is what they
say they're going to do pending adetermination that the UAVs blah blah blah.

Basically they're going to determine whether itwas bad for them, then they're going
to run their navy in there.And up until this point, the US,
basically with their Middle Eastern partners,has kind of controlled what happens in
the Red Sea area. This hasalways been seen as a point of initial

conflict. Should the US and Chinaactually get into a scrape. They don't
want it to be over in theChina Sea they don't want it to be
near the Koreas, near Japan.This is kind of that escalating scenario.
Now, whether it actually escalates,I don't know. But China has now

indicated that they're going to run uhwhat is it, six warships basically into
the waters off Yemen. So that'swhere we find ourselves this morning. While
it has been determined the UA thisis from the Bloomberg article, Well,
it's been determined that the UAVs presentan imminent threat to the US, the

coalition, and the merchant ships.The escalation by China to attempt to control
the waters is seen as and I'mquoting worst case scenario. So if he
needed something to wake up this morningand make it a little nervous, that's
it right there. So the sixships are initial Sorry just reading the update

to this story. All right,So the six ships will be moving into
the area to attempt to extract thewang Pa, which I guess I'm pronouncing
that correctly. Yeah, here wego, as well as China determining what
further military stable stabilization is going tobe necessary for their ships. Referred to

under the UN Treaty as a geopolitical disruption member states are allowed to determine
their own offensive needs. So basicallythat means China, even though they say
they're going to send six ships,can basically put whatever they want in there.

I was looking for a UN statementor a US statement, all right,
neither of Here we go. SaudiArabia, on behalf of the coalition
which we're part of, it saysthey welcome the stabilization plan both on behalf
of China and Russia as well astheir Iranian partners. So yeah, this

week's going to be a little crazythere, given the chaos in Eastern Europe
with Ukraine in Russia. Let's see, the houthis stand currently well armored and
ready to continue to attack ships theysay invade their waters. You know.

The irony of course, being thatthey're in southern Saudi Arabia. They're not
recognized by Saudi Arabia. They're amember of our coalition, And basically the
lead statement on this is, yeah, whatever China wants to do. It's
the large here we go, largestbuild up of Chinese warship since twenty nineteen,

going back to the that's the kurdstuff. So yeah, that's a
whole other issue right there. Withthe Trump administration. All right, the
six ships actually are already in watersin the US says they are attempting to
bring them into the coalition. Dude, we're such cowards. We're trying to

bring people into the coalition that literallyare with the Iranians who were responsible for
a very good portion of what happenedin Israel. Oh dude, all right.
So the name of the Chinese coalitionis literally known as the Bad Dragon

Confete. I don't even know whatthat means, but basically it's like a
destroyer group or a one of ourone of our naval groups. Yes,
the Chinese Bad Dragon Group, alsoknown as Don the t Rex or Virgil

the Drippy Dragon. Why do theyhave all these stupid names. It is
expected to occupy the area off Yemenfor the next six months. Well that's
wonderful, all right, six fortyfive kco Day radio program. So what's

coming up on the spring break front? Well, we have an update for
you also yesterday, a twist,a tweak by the US Court of Appeals
in the Donald Trump I guess bondposting and MSNBC is beside themselves. We'll
give you the d DE tells comingup CaCO Day Radio program, CaCO Day

Radio program. Now some of youare reading into stuff, right. You're
taking a perfectly innocent situation, evaluatingit, and you know, creating this
whole narrative. And it's easy todo that just because what is his actual

name? Is it Shawn Combs?I believe it's Shawn Combs. Ye,
that is your actual legitimate name.Just because somebody, either legally or you
know, within the court of publicopinion, attempted to change their name twenty
two times. Some people are decidingthat the raid yesterday of it's multiple homes.

I mean it's like properties or something. I think at first it was
reported is too la in Miami,but I believe there's another one in New
York City. Now I think itactually I think the actual the actual warrant
covers eight addresses, so you knowsome of it could be adjacent. When
that happens and you immediately go toflee the country, what does that mean

when you flee the country and whenyour children are in handcuffs on TV?
What does that mean? Is thatbad? All right? So let me
let me run a scenario by youon the fifteenth, which was not last
Friday, but the friday before,I was hell bent on my vacation,

which you know, I flew outSaturday. So if you know, if
there had been a raid on thesixteenth or on the fifteenth, and I
didn't have to be there for it, would I have still gone to Argentina?
And the answer is yes, Soyou know it would. It would
create this scenario. Now you rossare filling in the blanks, like just

because his kids are in handcuffs,just because there's this weird video of him
like pacing around while they're executing theWarren in Miami that Sean p Diddy,
Puffy, I don't even remember allthe names. Umm, might have something
to hide, but that's a thingthat happened yesterday. So you're thinking that

he just had the vacation booked andhe's like, this is bad timing,
but I already bought the tickets.Dude, do you know what airline tickets
are right now? They're so expensive. Oh dude, they're crazy. I
had I literally almost didn't go onmy trip, but you know, uh,
for whatever reason, they came downhere at the last week. There
are rumors that he's actually the biggestsmuggler of Cambodian breast milk on two coasts?

Really is that a a thing?Posted that yesterday on X and there's
like somebody who obviously had never seenthe Ye Did Chappelle show skit with Diddy
and they're like, well, Idon't know what the hell, dude.
It's also weird. So so theproperties of Sean P. Diddy Combs.

All right, So they claim it'sover smuggling, a human smuggling. But
essentially when you see charges, likeespecially when it comes to entertainers, what
you're talking about is somebody who legallywasn't of age, who may have gotten

into car and literally cross state lines. That's what you're talking about. You
saw it with R. Kelly too, although his trial was more about him
videotaping some we'll just say some prettynon typical acts. That's really where they

went after him. But with SeanP. Diddy Combs, when you get
into the smuggling, it's basically somebodywho's under age got on a jet,
something happened on the jet, andthen the fact that they were across state
lines, that's what you're talking about. But to Ross's point, then when

you go out of town and Idon't just mean like you went to Akron
for something but specifically left the country. People got they got questions. But
yeah, all told eight different properties. When I thought I had it in
the stack, Oh no, Isay, here we go. I sent

it to myself after Yeah, eightdifferent properties in three different locations. So
I guess, amaze, he ownsadjacent properties. I have not seen what
his excuse for leaving is. ThoughI was looking on the post there was
a quote he said, I can'tstop, won't stop. That's not something

he said that. Go back,go back and listen. It's on the
tapes. Okay, all right?Do you think maybe has something to do
with the the Francis Scott key Bridge. Do you think that's a metaphor for
anything? Can't be right. Imean, you don't know what he can't
stop, what he won't stop?Maybe it's uh paleo diet like I don't,

dude, I don't know, Idon't know. I don't see a
quote. I'm not gonna throw blamehere, but you know, generally when
they're they're coming after all eight ofyour properties looking for stuff, even like
stuff you don't have things built on. I don't know what they're looking to
fun. Do you think there's apossibility he might have confidential documents? How
does he? Have you ever doneany politicals? I just read Historian X

that he last time he endorsed Biden, but he was also considering starting his
own political party. Yeah, butthat's a rapper thing. Nobody takes that
seriously. All right, So I'mlooking at it here. But so they
refer to him as non political,that's a bunch of bs, because,

as you pointed out, he cameout and literally endorsed somebody. Florida Man.
Florida Man is something in the wanderyerr or sand that makes you do
all that crazy crap. That's likethe state is one be dumb ass trapped.
Nowhere else has the Florida Man.It is almost like as the Weird

Factor climbs and you find out ithaven't in Florida every time. Florida Man,
Florida Man. If anyone can cheerme, if you know you can
to find life be crazy. Butof course, but it's not as bad
crap crazy as yours. Nowhere elseare you gonna find him? They're so
used to it, they don't findhim. Hooray for Florida. Man,

Oh boy, let's go ahead andstart here with the machete, shall we?
All right? Tampa, don't worry, we're spreading the state. We
got one Tampa, one Miami.A person was arrested after an alleged machete
attack at a wah wah in Tampa. I wonder which one it was.

Where is this? Oh it's onMaybury, all right, so it's on
the way to the station there.I've been to this wah wah all right.
According to police officers, when didthis happen? Six point fifteen last
night? Officers responded to a wahwah store following a disturbance between two men.

According to video by Fox thirteen,a man is brandishing a machete outside
a convenience store. Now, look, this is why we got the sword.
This is why we went through allof that to acquire the Golden Samurai,

which you know is now the officialsword of the show. One of
our wonderful listeners sent it just todeal with this scrap. But Fox thirteen
showed a viewer Brandy Sheen, amachete outside a convenience store, arguing with
another man as you do, andtelling him to call the cops. In

the video, a woman can beseen pleading with one of the dudes.
It's a little unclear. She doeshave a stroller, so she is beseeching
whichever one of these morons is hers, I guess for the sake of their
baby. However, you eventually seethe two going at it. Stroller kind

of in the periphery, so youknow, not safe for the baby.
And there's also a photo that gotpost of a gash on one of the
dude's arms. Please say, oneperson taken into custody. It is unclear
what started the machete argument, sogonna have to kind of fill in the

blakes. But could be an iguana, we don't know. Florida man number
two, please say. A yogaclass taking place in one of the parks
in Miami. What is this?Legion Park turned into a medical problem after
a man was left bruised and bleedingfollowing an iguana falling on his face.

All right, so look, youknow one of the things that is an
issue in southern Florida. I guessnot just Southern Florida, but basically anywhere
you have a Guaneye is the temperaturesright if they get too cold. The
iguana cold blooded, kind of atthe mercy of the weather. They fall

out of trees. They literally issuewarnings for this. This is a problem,
especially in Miami. According to MiamiNew Times, a yoga class which
was roughly forty seven minutes in whichis really specific, was cut short after

one of the participants had an iguanafall in his face. The iguana,
which I guess was perched in anoak tree above the park, was subdued
based on the temperatures. In fact, he created such a ruckus that literally,

as this dude is recovering from aniguana falling and is somehow getting mad
at some other dude like he hadanything to do with it. They reported
that a second iguana fell on thedude while he's yelling at another dude.
That caused a fight, and blamewas tossed. I guess the best way

to say this, all right,here we go. What's this guy's name?
Sanchez? Why do they have thisfull name? I hate that.
I hate it when they do that. This is Daily Caller wrote it,
and then they forgot to get thisguy's first name. All right, So

it's a little unclear of the processof events, but basically iguana fell,
dude blamed another dude, like youknow, somehow he had anything to do
with it. And then during thecourse of that quote unquote ruckus, a
second lizard fell, that one fallingstraight onto Okay, so the dude who
had it fall was watching the yoga. The guy he was fighting with that

the second lizard fell on was takingpart in the yoga. That's the way
I read it. The second individual, identifying the police report merely as Michael
let's see, initially was arguing withthe first guy. However, when the
second lizard fell, became embarrassed overthe nature of the incident, saying this

is a quote saying he didn't wantto be known as quote the guy whose
face was used as an iguana landingpad. All right, dude, why
I don't understand what the problem is. Ross. If let's say today,
you're out in your yard, Idon't know, checking the henge or whatever
you do, and an iguana fallsfrom a tree and lands on your face.

Are you embarrassed by that? Orare you like this is an amazing
show feature. No, it's ashow feature. How many people in the
triangle are going to be able tobe like Yeah, so what happened yesterday?
Iguana fell on my face? Yeah, this dude's way uptight, So

anyway, he's our I guess it'sprobably because he gave his you know,
he was yelling at the other dude. The iguana, which was estimated to
weigh between twenty and thirty pounds,fell for roughly twenty five feet in the
air. I bet that hurts likea well, I can't say, Sanchez

who he is, identifying The policereport as noted the iguanas are common in
the area, saying quote, theyare the king of that frickin' park.
According to report, the attack leftboth with swollen eyes and a bleedy nose
and lip. Nearby paramedics kentucted aquick cleanup. However, further medical services

were declined, with the second individual, who didn't want to be known as
the iguana dude, according to report, quote calling his wife to come pick
him up. I don't understand this. Yeah, like, if at some
point today an iguana literally falls onmy head, that's on the show tomorrow.

I'm excited about it. But boththese guys are super embarrassed. And
then this quote, all right,here we go out of the one hundred
and fifty people in the yoga classseems like way too many. The man
identified as Michael said, I justwant to know why me, Why have

I been put in this position?Why is an iguana falling on my face,
to which another individual responded that aniguana falling on your face is good
luck, and then the man isquoted as saying, quote, I don't
believe in guns, and I don'tbelieve in good luck, but I do
believe they should be shot on site. And quote, mounted, dude,

how do you not put this guy'slast name in any Wait? So an
iguana fawn on your face is goodluck? Sorry, I just had to
reread the quote. I guess maybebecause we don't live in Florida, we
don't know, all right, Sothere you go, according to this Florida
resident who's not happy about it,if an iguana falls on your head at

any point today, that's some sortof good luck, is mister Sanchez dirty?
I don't know. I don't,but thank you for your email,
sir. But again, I didn'tknow this about iguanas now we know now
if it happens to you, apparentlythat's the universe, indicating that today's your

now. For it to be luck, does they have to like just fall
in your head or can someone dropit on your face, like say when
you're sleeping or whatever, like,oh my god, good luck? Is
there a difference, doesn't indicating That'swhy I'm literally that's why I'm pausing,
because this guy is indicating that thisis some sort of like known thing and
I've never heard it. But thenhe also wants to make a mount out

of it. He's got to stopfreaking out. Remember back in the day,
there's a classic video of Razor Ramonein the center of the ring.
Actually maybe at the time he ScottHall, but he gets hit with a
beer straight up in the face,like a fastball Ted Cruz, like Ted
Cruz at that parade. Yeah,like a fastball beer to the side of
the face. And he doesn't flinch. He doesn't. It's like it never

happened. He just continues on withhis promo and styles his hair with the
beer that's now in his hair,and he greases it back and he does
a little march towards the camera.If that happens to you with an iguan,
you just gotta roll with it.You got to make it your own
Now some would some would suggest that'sbecause he knew what was coming, right,

Absolutely not if you see the video, absolutely obviously. Like I watched
a video that one of our listenersposted yesterday where a wrestler who was getting
a reverse piggyback used mind control onhis opponents, Like, did you see
that across that? Yeah? Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's different if

you see the video and question I'mtalking about, You're like, there's this
pandemodium and everything is getting thrown inthe ring by the crowd. But I
just how did an iguana fallen onyour head turn into a good like four
leaf clover situation. I know it'sFlorida, and you know neither of us
live in Florida, but I feellike I would have heard of this.

If an iguana falls on your face, it's got Well, now that's a
different thing. So you just mentionedwhat if it's in intentional? The way
I read this is it has tofall on your face. So did it
fall on Hole's face or did it? You know what I mean? I
mean it didn't fall It was throwndirectly at his nogget right, right?
Yeah? Did it hit him inthe face? Though? It sure did?

Oh, well you know what,like I said, but he didn't
flinch, and he just took hishands backwards and he just styles his hair
with the beer. Hold on,he's three power ball? What's the power
ball? It's like eight hundred million? Right? Do we have a winter
last night? I don't even know. I'm just going to go down to
like the dude, this is thestories that through iguanas that people's faces.
This is all right, here wego, no winter, all right,

dude, like we need an iguanagotta go to your face. It doesn't
say whether it has to be thrown. This is literally on urban legends.
I had no idea. All right, one of you weird lizard people.
What you gotta do, apparently isat some point, somebody's got to throw
your pet at you. It's gotto hit you in the face, and

then you might you might win theuh what is the power ball at now?
They didn't win. It was eighthundred million, probably what eight sixty
or something? Yeah, you wantthat money, lizard to the face straight
up? Oh good lord? Makingmillions is a one point. Why I
dude, I'd never pay attention tothis stuff. I never you know what

I did pay attention to Apparently thatdude in California who bought the most expensive
house, Apparently his neighbors are reallyconcerned, and not because he's throwing parties.
I was reading this article yesterday.Apparently they're of the opinion that he's
gone insane with his fortune and thepeople around him are going to murder him.

I don't know if you saw thisstory. I gotta call this up.
Yeah, they're like convinced this dude'sgonna go sideway. But that's like
the story of the lottery, right, Remember the dude in West Virginia.
It was like, ah, Itook by two hundred thousand in cash to
the strip club and the stripper stoleit. How did this happen? Yeah,

apparently it's the California version of that. All right, I'm checking the
parameters here. We'll get you asolid iguana news. So I guess you
can get lucky and win either onepoint one billion or eight hundred and forty
two million. That's what they estimate. It's going to. Now here we

go cash payment on that three hundredand eighty four of it. Dude,
that's the part that just irritates becausethey can charge that tax because once you
hit the numbers and literally you geta check for three hundred and twenty five
million, you don't care, right, You're just like, this is amazing,
this is awesome. I'm getting screwednine ways from Sunday only getting a

third of the jackpot. And thedude I'm talking about, Edwin Castro one
two point zero four billion, actuallyreceived about seven hundred and fifty million.
All right, anyway, I'll getyou more on that coming up. Hang
on. Even you know, thisstuff gets hyped on social media where they're
just like, oh, this isthe sketch you have to see, this

is the thing you have to read, and then, you know, for
the most part, or it'll belike Ben Shapiro decimates somebody and it never
really lives up to the hype.I got to tell you. The Donald
Trump sketch, dude, that's good. That's a good Like kudos to whoever

drew this thing. So the courtroomsketch that was released following a decision yesterday
by the Court of Appeals basically totake the what was it, four hundred
and whatever million verdict, which Donaldwe talked about this yesterday, which Trump

was going to have to post priorto the appeals process was knocked down to
like one hundred and thirty and heposted it with cash, and the courtroom
sketch is purportedly the moment he learnednot only would he have ten extra days,
but this whole farce would require himto post, you know, basically

a third of what the initial judgmentwas. And the look on his face,
I'm assuming it's him looking over atthe prosecutorial table where James is and
they captured this fu face on this. It's good. And I don't know

if you saw any of the memesyesterday where they were basically like photoshopping it
onto you know, paintings in thelouver and everything else. But that's a
humdinger, man, you know rossthat be. That'd be a great shirt
for your Lamborghini for the kid,whatever your fake fundraiser is. I'm just

saying that could be a T shirt, man. And it kind of already
is I noticed on on the Twitteryesterday. So yeah, the required post
knockdown to about a third. Theformer president given ten days. He posted
yesterday in cash and now it's ontoit. But the courtroom sketch is I

think it lives up to it justwith the spug look on his face.
Well, let's see here this followinga post from Letitia James which this was
subtweeted under from about a month agoa little I guess a month and a
week February seventeenth, when she postedthe hey, how everyone's how is everyone

feeling today? And I've had myeye on Trump Tower, which I you
know, really set off most peopleand including MSNBC. So if this is
any preview of the potential for electionDay, I'm here for it. So

MSNBC responding to this reduction of whatthe majority of Americans, I want to
be very clear here, what themajority of Americans feel is a political judgment.
Now, don't conflate that with themajority of Americans. Fiel. That's

about fitty fitty. But even peoplewho are happy for it recognize within polling
that politics is to blame here.You just have a you have a percentage
about six percent that don't care,like they're more than happy for the weaponization

of the DOJ and other prosecutorial agencies, like they're down with it. So
I can safely say that the majorityof Americans feel when polled that this is
political. But over on MSNBC.You gotta be outraged, and they brought

the outrage. Here we go legalanalyst. Uh, sir douchebag. I'm
not looking up his name, uhGunter. I believe it is his actual
last name. Uh. Here istheir reaction to that decision yesterday. And
honestly, this is so infuriating.I don't even know what to do.
I don't even know if I carewhat the process is. All right,

Well, one, that's a bigtell. You're a lawyer, you're here
to analyze. You should care aboutthe process. But also, this guy's
so far gone. He's given MSNBCeverything they want. But listen to his
reaction, mister, I don't careabout the process. Let's get it arbitrarily.

It's kind of an admission that heknows what's going on. But again,
you're, as MSNBC's political analyst.You're brought on to have a very
specific interpretation, and he's not handlingit very well. These judges are arriving
at whatever it is. It's lawn, I can tell you that much.

I mean, David put it well, it's this is a different process for
this person. We have decided thathe gets his own private court of justice,
which is true. By the way, I just wanted to agree real
quick. He I don't know thathe decided that, but I think it's
abundantly clear to people that this isa unique experience. So I appreciate you

admitting that, although you're approaching itfrom a slightly different direction. He has
a private plane, he has privateclubs that he lives in, you know,
apparently, you know, he basicallyfashioned himself his own private militia to
try to take over the capitol.You know, now he's getting his own
private system of justice. This isan absolute travesty. It would not happen

for anybody else. Anybody else wouldbe like, sorry, buddy, you
lost me up. Okay, hegets his own set of rules legally,
Tristan, how is that done?We just saw it. They just decided
that. They just you know,the appellate court has now just decided they're
going to swoop in and just changeit. And that's it. And now

the AG's office can now try togo up above them. I believe you
know, I don't know what thedetails are because you just told us.
I'm guessing this is coming from thefirst apartment Bapellal Division, First apartment,
that's the intermediate court here, andthen it's the three judge panel. And
I'm really surprised that the legal analystdoesn't know this, Like I knew this

yesterday when we mentioned it, right, we talked about it. We talked
about why businesses don't want to dobusiness with the former president. And it's
not because they don't think they're goingto make money. It's that they can't
predict what is going to happen withhis enemies. Right, that's the that's

the hitch in the gidea, soto speak. So this guy not even
knowing that it was the appellate courtjudge panel, like that was everywhere.
So like, excuse me if I'ma little hesitant to take the legal analysis
of this dude. But he's righton every reason that this is unique and

different. Right, He's sitting theresaying, look like this is this whole
process is outside of the way thatthis court system normally works, and that's
accurate. But instead of being appalledby it, he's now appalled by it
when he feels that it's like actuallyhaving a sense of normalcy to it,

where the appellate court was looking atit going this whole thing sounds cracked out,
man. So if we want tobe able to sustain it, I
mean, don't think they're doing hima favor if they want to be able
to sustain it as it moves upthe food chain. I think even the
appellate Court realized it's a little problematichow we got here. But anyway,

I'm sorry, mister Gunter or whateveryour name is, continue your work.
That would be issuing a decision here. I don't know if there is a
remedy for the AG's Office to goup to the Court of Appeals, which
is our high court here in NewYork, and try to get them to
basically countermand this order. But inmy view, this is without knowing more

unless there's some sort of other extenuatingcircumstance that we're going to learn here,
this appears to be an absolute grossmiscarriage of justice, right all right,
So if look, if that's thereaction of MSNBC, now, I mean,
just stay tuned as we get furtherinto the general perhaps there's a debate.

I wouldn't hold my breath on it. But also the adjudication of you
know, two or three of theseprobably Georgia and then you know the rest
of this. As we move throughthe election, they're going to be losing
their day mines and we're here forit. So you know, we'll keep
you updated. Seven forty six rayStagic Weather Channel. All right, so

you're doing a good job. Everybodyseems happy about the weather. Don't screw
it up, all right, goahead, Well it looks like I am
unfortunately. Yeah, probably not today. Yeah, I did okay for one
day, right, two days.Today will be okay, But start to
see clouds come in now. Atany sunshine we get today will be in

the morning forties, tryad thirties triangle. So the warmer air coming in from
the west, southwest, and theshower is starting to get into the western
parts of the state, into themountains, but I think most of those
hold off. The triad from aboutWinston Soum, Greensboro and west may see
a shower later today, mid sixties. All no, not too bad.
We'll see that chance of rain andshowers go up tonight through tomorrow morning.

Low sixties tomorrow and a little bitmildur in the morning as most of us
are near fifty degrees, and thenwe may get a little little bit of
a break tomorrow afternoon Tomorrow night,and then as the front goes east,
there's gonna be this little wave oflow pressure developing, and it's gonna be
a round of rain Thursday, Ithink for the eastern half of the state.
So the further west you go,let's say, from the triad west,

less of a chance of rain.With a triangle in east, especially
out near the coast, there'll besome rain, maybe some heavy rain for
some and gusty winds. Really gonnabe an ugly kind of day out along
the shoreline. So the best chancetriangle east Thursday, and then sudden'll be
back for Friday. In the upcomingweekend. The weekend looks great. It's
a little tricky, especially on Thursday, to see where that rain sets up.

But casey, we'll be here.I we'll be able to tell you
where it is, where it's going, and who's gonna get it. But
to have a couple of days Wednesday, Wednesday night at the Thursday before the
great weather comes in for Friday inthe weekend. All right, Well,
I'm just telling you this because likebuddies who had beach houses are already like,
oh, we're gonna get a coupleextra weekends. It's gonna be amazing.
Even though Memorial Days kind of thekickoff, so right, unfortunately they

put it on you. So yeah, and this work for them, well
we'll just want to borrow their beachhouse. So that's really okay. All
right, thanks, I appreciate it, man, All right, there you
go. Yeah, yeah, Igot the I got a crazy message from
one of my Buddies's like, no, we're down at the beach. It's

gonna be crazy and like the waythe but you know what, we're getting
three extra weekends this year. SoI don't know if like school moved in
the triad or what. But goodfor you, sir. So there's your
question asked. We'll talk to Rayagain in the next hour. Coming up.
What else is the state of NewYork from a prosecutorial standpoint busy with

It's a doozy. We'll get toit coming up cac O Day Radio program.
All right, let me grab acouple of phone calls. Alan,
you're up first, go right ahead, what's up? Hey? I was
just thinking I hadn't really heard anybodytalk about this, but the judge if
this all goes through has devalued mara Lago, So by default, would

that not make the property values aroundmar Lago depreciate? And then that asset
wouldn't If you're a homeowner, wouldn'tyou sue the State of New York for
devaluing your property? And if you'rethe town of West Palm or the state
of Florida, couldn't you sue forloss of tax revenue? Well, at
like two things. One, Idon't know that you would have standing to

sue the State of New York,and I don't know that the tax valuation
has changed. But what was interestingis yesterday in the ruling they said that,
and I'm paraphrasing here, I don'thave it in front of me.
Basically they at this point they wouldhave to estimate what the value is.
So you have a second set ofjudges who is simply saying that there's no

way to determine it's only worth eighteenmillion. So arguably it literally flies in
the face of the way that theruling worked. I saw people posting that
yesterday, and that's true. SoI don't know, sir. It's almost
as if it's a kangaroo court.So not beginning to think that. Well,
yeah, I bet. I'll justsay. You know, if I
was his neighbor and all of asudden they got deep value that much,

i'd worry about by property value asan investment. Yeah. Well. And
one of the ironic things, andthank you for the call. One of
the ironic things is one of theways they arrived at that is another piece
of property which is less than ahalf mile away, which is sorry I
didn't hit the button, which isliterally one third the size, sold for

one hundred and fifty five million.And you probably know the property. It's
Rush Limbaugh's old house if you lookat it on a map, literally Limbaugh's
house, which sold for one hundredand fifty five million and is like four
acres versus twelve. I think marLago is kind of flies in the face
of what they were saying. Sojust throwing that out there, Jamal,

I got about three minutes. Goahead, tall, little break, good
time, Come on. Then let'scelebrate. There's a party going on,
ed naga, let's celebrate. Let'scall me going on. Yes, boy,
say't see I saw that picture lastnight. Let me talk about that
picture. First. My wife,who usually don't get in a politics,

because walsall tell you she's a little, she's a little, she's a lot
different from me. She started laughingwhen she saw that picture. And I
hope y'all post it on KCO DayMorning show Twitter page or page for Sharf's
Twitter page. Make sure y'all checkthose t Twitter pages out. I hope
y'all check those. I hope y'allpost that because it is comical. It's

almost like if you put your amean one mister Risch and boy, you
can just see this to day rightcry that she woke on Christmas morning Tharnald
Trump. It was so fun.Then watch them mentally break down. This

is one thing, Jamal, Thisis one thing, man. This is
just going to get crazier. MSNBCis going to be joy for audio for
me anyway. By the way,welcome our number three CaCO Day Radio program.
If I had to put a listtogether on what troubles the city of
Oakland, it obviously would be aone hundred and two year old veteran in

a wheelchair. Oh what is goingon? Like I said, welcome to
our number three let me kick offhere. So Oakland, which is basically
kind of a business ghost town,if you look at the stats for businesses
opened last year and the first partof this year, it's pretty much non

existent. Just isn't happening. Infact, we've had several stories including In
and Out Burger, Walmart, CBS, or Walgreens, one of the the
big pharmacies who've all announced either theclosures of all of their businesses or at

least the halting in opening of anynew locations in the city of Oakland.
In and Out was especially kind ofhumbling because In and Out Burger has never
closed a location. They're very timidin where they open, much to the

dismay of a lot of people.Look In and Out's great. If you've
ever been to an In and OutBurger, it's fantastic. I didn't truly
appreciate it because I didn't know whatwas up. I just remember kid in
Wyoming going to Sand Barbara for college, and they had an in and Out
literally on the highway right before yougot off at the first exit for Galada,

which is a suburb of Santa Barbaraand is the adjacent suburb to Isla
Vista, which is where all thecollege housing is. Where you see Santa
Barbara is. Although I think technicallyyou see Santa Barbara's in Galata, the
Housings in Isla Vista, but whatever, And I thought, well, it's

just really good, but it's verycult like and unlike a lot of especially
in the nineties and into the twothousands, unlike a lot of regional branches
and what's the word on living franchises, they really didn't expand I think that

the majority that Arizona, Nevada andthen California primarily, so they're very timid
in what they open. As aresult, they haven't had to close any
So them announcing they were literally closingwhat was a very successful branch in the
city of Oakland. They only hadthe one, and I believe it was

out by the airport. And ifyou've ever flown into Oakland, which I
have, God help you not thatyou know, the San Francisco airport's much
better. Although we do have directs. There are directs out of Raleigh and
I want to say Greensboro. PTIalso has one in the Silicon Valley area.

Yeah, it was. It wasincredibly popular. So them announcing that
was closing, coupled with the otherbusinesses, really let you know what was
going on. In Oakland, likeeven the advocates, the protesters, the
grievance mongers really only put up alittle fight because like they know what's up,

all right, So why do Ibring you this story? Well,
in between becoming a ghost town ofshuttered businesses and a sky high crime rate.
If you remember, there was thewoman who was murdered who owns or
owned a shop in Oakland. Shewent over to Wells Fargo to do her

standard banking and was literally murdered drugto death, I might add. So
it was particularly horrific. And thenher friends like came out and they're like,
no, she was all about socialjustice, like this wouldn't change her
mind. And we talked about itbecause I'm like, I don't know,
maybe at the last moment she's like, yeah, perhaps I was wrong.

The City of Oakland has turned itsattention to a one hundred and two year
old wheelchair bound veteran oh target thatwas the other one it closed. And
you know, so targets considered prettywoke, as you're you know, probably
familiar with, by the way,the target story because I do have it

in front of me. That decisionwas reached after one hundred smash and grab
thefts and similar incidents just last year, so every three and a half days.
It wasn't just people walking out witha cart full of stuff. They

were literally physically going in there andthere were various assaults. There was obviously
damage, but there were violent portionsto it. Before target pulled the plug
a Taco Bell that was the lastone here, all right, this keyword
searched my stories. Yeah, lastmonth, four Taco Bell locations announced they

were closing dining rooms so drive throughonly after. You know, basically they
were getting robbed every other day,fifty four just this year. So I
mean that's that's not even every otherday. I mean, what have we
had. We've had what ninety daysso far this year? Fifty four robberies?

Do the math? Well? Now, authorities in Oakland have turned their
attention to a one hundred and twoyear old wheelchair bound taxpayer, Victor Silva,
who is he's not lived in Oaklandhis whole life, just eighty years
of it, so you know,first twenty two years doing something else.

Has received a citation from the citythreatening him with a fine of one hundred
or excuse me, one thousand,one hundred dollars after he failed to remove
graffiti from his property. So thispoor guy's one hundred and two and you

know, in between going off tacobells, targets and the one and only
in and out location, the neardo Wells also decided that his property needed
a gang gang tag on it,and he has He's decided he's not gonna

he's not gonna fix his fence.Yeah, here's the headline. One hundred
two year old Oakland man ordered toclean up graffiti on fence or pay thousands.
He's had enough. Silvia indicated thathe frequently has had the fence vandalized
and has paid people to come outand fix it, but he's done.

Following a recent tagging on March nineteenth, so one week ago, literally one
week that was what Tuesday of lastweek, Silva said enough is enough,
and uh, he's not going todo it. I think he said he
paid one hundred and fifty dollars previously, who essentially had his to have his

fence fixed, but has decided ifthe city is not going to do anything
to you know, punish people orattempt to dissuade people, he's not going
to do it. And within aweek's time, you have this city which
has failed to respond to all ofthese vandal You know, these vandals previously,

these armed robbers, which are causingbusiness to go within one week's time,
they've already threatened a centurion or Idon't even know what that would be.
Dude over one hundred. Silva,pointing out that people within his neighborhood
have been robbed, beaten, andmurdered every day, says enough is enough,

and he's not paying again. Andalready the city said they would find
it's actually more than that. Seethe citation. Let's see the citation,
and the penalty would run one thousand, two hundred and seventy seven dollars.
And and look they're cash starved.Oakland and Stockton are in really bad places

financially. I remember Stockton, theywhat did they do like two years ago?
They did the bankruptcy thing. Sonow they're going to squeeze their their
residence for not you know, wipingthe gang graffiti off of their fences.
And I did check. They literallynever caught anybody, nor did they ever

search for anybody, as graffiti literallyfalls into the classification of crimes where police
can't be bothered. And in fact, the seventy seven dollars penalty is would
be the penalty for each time theproperty is inspected and fails. Silva indicating

that defense has been vandalized five timesover the last few years, and each
time he was immediately presented with cityofficials telling him that either you fix it
or you don't. Now. Theydidn't give him a ticket previously, but
following his indication he's not going todo anything, they did issue a formal

ticket. Dude, I can't understandwhy. Look ill, let me say
this. I understand why people willstay in areas that they don't want to
live. They don't like the policing. They finally they find themselves handcuffed to

it. Financially, they're not ableto make the move. And I don't.
I don't know what this guy's financesare. I have to think if
he owns a house outright in Oakland, even though it is, you know,
crap hole to the tenth power,that there has to be some value
there. But I don't know hishousing situation. But I also understand where

he's looking at it, going,I'm one hundred and two, what are
you gonna do? Like, Ifeel like he could wake this out.
Probably he looks like he's in prettygood shape for one hundred and two,
but yeah, I don't know whyyou deal with this at all. And
the fact that city officials literally haveinvested multiple people's time into this to go

harass the dude is one hundred andtwo over vandalization, which obviously he doesn't
want any part of. He's paidtaxes for eighty years in the city of
Oakland, and like, you've eventold him you're not going to try to
catch the people doing this. Civilpoints out again people have been robed,

beaten, and murdered literally every dayin his neighborhood for several years. And
he says he calls out Gavin Newsom, who probably if you remember last time
he was called out, got reallyreally mad. I remember the waitress who
didn't know it was Gavin Newsom,and he literally he was asking loaded questions.

He's like, who do you blamefor this? And she said Gavin
Newsom and he told the story abouthow he went to her manager because he
thought she should be fired. Well, I don't know what he's going to
do, the one hundred and twoyear old dude, but yeah, guy's
not happy, and he says he'snot budget. Yeah, considering it takes

five years to throw somebody squatting outof your house, maybe five years if
you're lucky. I don't know whyyou pay any of this stuff, but
yeah, there you go. Cityof Oakland. Don't know why anyone lives
there. All right. So Imentioned what the city of New York's up
to in the state of New Yorkin between these crazy Trump trials. Apparently

they have a big bootlegging thing thattheir work on. And I don't mean
like where you go to Chinatown andthey have all the purses that you can
tell her not right, but yeah, they look pretty good. No,
no, no, it's something elsethat I didn't realize you could copyright.
I'll tell you what that is comingup, and what Israel says they found
in one of those hospitals that's totallynot a headquarters for Hamas militia. We'll

give you the details coming up.Casey O Day radio program. All right.
So for those and by the way, I'm getting just blasted in the
email with conspiracy stuff. Don't worry, I'll be I'll be digesting that today.
So if you don't know, overnightthere was an incident in Baltimore specifically,

you know Baltimore's harbor. I don'tknow where it ranks now. I
remember seeing some numbers obviously during COVID, but the Baltimore Horror is among the
top three in the United States fortraffic, right and because they have a

great natural harbor there. And thenyou have the if if you ever go
to Baltimore, do you don't wantto go to the shooting part. You
go to what are they call itthe Inner something or other. And they
got a casino there, they gothotels, they got great restaurants. You
got the stadiums for the Orioles rightnext to the Raven Stadium and they share

a parking lot, which is youknow, from a design standpoint, it's
pretty good. And actually went Iwent and watched the Rangers play the Orioles
there. Although what do they callit's bolt It's Orioles Stadium or Baltimore Stadium
at Camden Yards. So the oldstadium was Camden and that's what they call

it now. But anyway, obviouslythey have a little problem. Basically,
you had a ship CALLI with theFrancis Scott key Bridge and I'm sitting here
and I'm digesting this, and yougot folks that are like, oh,
it's a conspiracy the cargo ship,blah blah blah. Don't I don't know

any of that, all right,So but if you want to go on
Twitter and read about it, it'sall there for you. Basically, around
one thirty this morning, a largecargo vessel hit one of the supports of
the bridge. So didn't but theyhit like the really bad part. I'm
not a bridge expert, but everythingI'm reading is like, it would be

more fixable if they didn't hit thatparticular angle. And I don't is it
a draw or is it just Ithink it was the fire that did it
from what I'm reading here, allright, So yeah, here we go.
And as a result, by theway of striking it, it literally
decimated the road and vehicles fell intothe water. So, I mean,

this was a bad deal. Let'ssee. Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace said
two people had to be rescued.Others are believed to still be in the
water. What is the final updateon this story? Eight fifteen am Eastern,
so twenty minutes ago. So,I mean, this is very much

ongoing. But as you can imaginethat's a huge problem. I don't want
to pull away from the human tragedyside, right, that's an important component,
But also that's a huge issue asit pertains to shipping. Right.

And you saw what happened with slowingat just one port or I guess it
was all ports, but you sawwhat happens with even mild slowing with Long
Beach, Miami, Baltimore and everything. During COVID fire, Department Director of
Communications Kevin Cartwright tells AP, thisis a dire emergency. Our focus right

now trying to rescue and recover thesepeople. I now, I was still
in Minneapolis when I thirty five happened, if you remember that. Crazily enough,
I was actually at a radio conventionthat happened to be in Minneapolis that
year on the day that that happened. So we're all in Blaine, which

is like a northern suburb, andyou have all these radio news people that
are literally in Minneapolis when it happens, and you know, from there,
I had to leave and I literallywent to our you know, the talk
the FM talk station KTLK was thecall letters at the time, and went
into reporting and ironically and I don'tcelebrate this, but if I had to

track back, the opportunity gave methe possibility to do my own show.
It was that. It was twothings. It was that and it was
a tornado that happened several months beforethe I thirty five collapse in Lino Lakes,
which is a suburb north of SaintPaul, that went through a daycare

center and killed a couple people.And like, knowing that those were the
incidents that got me heard by managementand given an opportunity to do a show
is kind of dark man. Butalso we had all these radio people in
town, and like literally like fiveor six people that worked for our company

for different like they came in andwe had all these makeshift studios. It
was obviously a big deal. Andwhere you think that they can immediately concentrate
on what's going on, it's muchmore complex than that. And it took
him days to fish cars out,Like there was a while that they didn't
know how many cars went in,and I want to say it was two

days later they found another car,thankfully the person wasn't in it. So
just watching what's going on here andhaving much deeper water to deal with,
albeit without the current that the MississippiRiver provides, which is what the I
thirty five crossed. Let's see herethe cargo ship, which was flagged out

of Singapore, is about one thousandfeet long one hundred and fifty seven feet
wide, but officials referring to itas a mass casualty event. So I'm
not looking. I'm not gonna sither on the air and speculate on any
event. It's it's unusual in thesense that this is like, it's not
an unusual harbor. The ships thatcome in to Baltimore. Maybe not all

the way into what's known as InnerHarbor, but at least that shipping area.
There's a couple bridges that they haveto go by, not even team
the bridge is downstream right because theentries is through. Is it through Chessa
Peak? Hold, I just havethe map up here, but you know,

Twitter doing what Twitter does. Peopleare already wildly speculating here. Yeah
here, I just want to makesure I have it in front of me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Soit is they have to go through
Chesapeak and then they just don't cutup the Potomac. So, I mean
it's a huge waterway. Yeah,Let me, look at the bridge here.

Yeah, there's two bridges that theyhave to go through, and only
one if they're large ships. Soeight ninety five, which is the Harbor
Tunnel, obviously is not an issue. So this is this is the main
bridge coming in. So what that'sdoing to traffic and around Baltimore is crazy.

Yeah, and then there's a thirdbridge if they want to go all
the way into the I don't knowhow to pronounce then, but yeah,
so you know, if you're alarge cargo ship, this is this is
a regular thing. This is athis is a port and port of entry
that you know, frankly handles asignificant portion of the nation's goods. But

what is unclear is because the iswhy they actually transcended that bridge, and
they're not even saying in the storyhere. So look, that's the extent
that I can give you. Butif you want to wildly speculate whatever,
we're here for it. We'll takea couple of calls here in the last
segment. But yeah, that's whatwe got, and I'll fill you in

on the rest of that New Yorkstory. Got a little distracted lot of
emailing. Want to let you knowwhere it's at that's where it's at.
But I it's probably a little earlyto start dipping into it, all right,
Race Stagic from the Weather Channel.Dude, I was just looking at
a matt. I didn't realize thisis the secondary bridge in Baltimore that got
hit. And are you do youdo hit with the Baltimore stations or DC?

No? No, but you know, any help? I mean right
right now that I'm just skidding.Yeah, I've been I've been to Baltimore
long enough literally to go to thecasino in the Inner Harbor, a hotel
there, and to a an Oriolesgame and then like and then I watched
the the wire, So I thinkthat makes me expert too. But yeah,

that's just weird because this isn't known. Like if you're a major ship
that cruises worldwide, Baltimore Harbor islike a regular stop for you. Yeah,
so yeah, it is crazy here. Yeah, that's you know,
for recovery efforts. Water temperatures loadto mid forties and some spots it's colder
in the harbor where you know thatwater doesn't move around as much. The

winds are light, so the waterisn't bad, but there'd be some rain
this week. By Thursday night there'llbe another area of rain and could kick
up the water, so there's there'llstill be recovery or rescue efforts are clean
up going on. So the weatherokay now, but and next couple of
days it could be some rounds ofgusty winds, high seas and all that.
So and this thing too high water. You've probably seen that pictures.

Brush it done. No, nothing'sdone, pretty said. Yeah, all
right, all right, anyway,let's let's talk about the weather here.
Sorry to transition you. What's goingon? No, No, a little
tough, but yeah, I thinkone more dry day before the wet weather
arrives. And there's kind of twowaves want to come in with a front.
Partly sunny today, especially in centralparts of the state, so just

east of the Triad into the trianglein the east. But I think a
lot of that cloud wis start tocome in and thicking up load of mid
sixties and then we'll get one roundof rain to come in tonight. Might
sneak in to the further west yougo. Later this afternoon. It's seen
some showers right now in the mountains, and we may have a little rain
overnight tonight into tomorrow. Tomorrow's highsin the low sixties could be a little
low in the action, and thenon the front, a little wave of

low pressure rain's going to develop,and we'll get some rain back late Wednesday
night the Thursday, tapering off laterin the day, but it's gonna kind
of cut the state in half.So tryad west less of a chance of
seeing steadier rain, and from thetriangle east especially, there could be some
decent rain and maybe some heavier rainfall, a little breezy at times, and

that breeze and wind out near thecoast is gonna be in high water and
dangerous surf or dangerous seas. Andthen by Friday in the weekend's gonna be
great, mid sixties and sunny Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday, lots of
sunshine. Listen to this load midseventies, very pleasant Friday, Saturday,
Sunday, a little rain to dealwith. I'll have to watch that steadier
rain Thursday, and guys we're talkingabout it, we'll be able to show

you and tell you where that steadyrain looks like it's gonna set up.
All right, Well, just don'tscrew with my golf. That's all I
ask. But don't try it.All right, thank you, sir,
and I'll look you this. Howcan you say it's unintentional if you watched
it. I have watched the video, you know what. Here's why I
can say. I don't know becauseI watched a carnival cruise ship drive into

another carnival cruise ship. I knowyou've seen that video, and I don't
feel like dou did it intentionally,so but who knows. Maybe something changes
my mind. But we'll get yourcalls and uh, we'll check in with
Bloomberg next. Hang on. Well, good morning, Casey. Stocks retreated
at the start of the holiday shortenedtrading week, but the stock market futures
are pointing higher right across the boardthis morning. The now futures are up

forty five. We just got wordthat there was a bigger that expected jump
last month and demand for expensive manufacturedproducts. The government says orders for durable
goods increased one point four percent inFebruary. A component of the report that
is an indicator of capital spending bybusinesses rebounded after falling in January. We

get the Conference boards March reading onconsumer confidence ten o'clock This morning, Boeing's
airline customers got the leadership shake upthey wanted. At the airplane maker.
Three of Boeing's leaders, including CEODave Calhoun, or relinquishing control. The
executives will be taking over now areinheriting may challenges, not the least of
which will be winning back the trustof airlines that buy Boeing jets. McDonald's

and Krispy Kream are teaming up.McDonald's US restaurants will sell three if Krispy
Kreme's most popular donuts, including theoriginal glazed. Demand for the donuts topped
expectations at two test markets in Kentuckyand Casey. Courts are going to have
to decide whether non dairy coffee creameris a protected right. Pete's Coffee is

being sued by customers in Massachusetts,California, and Texas. Pete charges a
little extra for oat soy or almondmilk. The plaintiffs and the proposed class
action claim they are lactose intolerant,and they charge the Pets is violating the
Americans with disabilities At OH Casey,come on, really, really, you
know what charge quadruple to buy somethingcalled oat or almond milk, milk.

All right, that's right. I'mfine with that. All right. I
hope they lose. Thank you,Jeff, appreciate it. Okay, Casey,
have a good date, all right, Look at that. I'm spiteful
to the lactose intolerant. Unless you'renot complaining, then you're fine. Do
your thing, all right, Donna, what's up? Good morning, Casey,
welcome back. Did I hear yousay that you saw the video of
the bridge going down? I did, Yes, yes, yes, I

was watching while I was talking.So does it not look like he turns
to hit the trust you know,here's the thing you no, here's the
thing you like? You could makean argument watching that video the dude's like,
I'm going to hit that thing.But also I've seen plenty of videos
including that. Uh it was acarnival cruise ship, and I think a

Norwegian that hit each other in likesay Martin or something. And like I
used to own a boat that wastwenty six feet and that thing doesn't turn
on a dime or stop very quickly. So a thousand foot ship, like
when you're moving, you're moving.So I don't know, I'll just withhold
judgment, but who knows. It'sa crazy world. Maybe he did do
it, don't know. Yeah,this thing that he lost power, so

I imagine then he would have loststeering. Well, and keep in mind,
keep in mind people have this visionin their head that has shipped that
size. They're they're using a steeringwheel. They're they're just not right.
They're using they're using bow and sternthrusters. A lot of times it's a
little toggle sw it's it's not likesteering a car, so again, it

could be anything. But yeah,the video is is pretty janky looking,
so I would agree certainly. Iswell, welcome back and happy birthday.
No, no, we're not doingthat. Look at that Donald just got
hung up on that's her own fault. Janet, what's up? Go ahead,
Hey, I was just calling thesea now name the governor. Koper
is going to be at the microchipplant out in Power City that's outside yesterday

and all right, well look he'sstill the governor, so you know,
don't throw micro chips at him oranything. But yeah, but see,
the thing is the thing right inchicken coop because like he kicked everybody out,
Like my fifteen minute break literally turnedinto an hour break because they came
to me at eight thirty and said, well, leave and don't come back

for an hour. All right,Well, let yeah, you have free
time off, so what's the problem. Yeah, a little extra time off,
But I'm just thinking I could haveused that time. And they're asking
him what he planned on doing aboutall the fentomyl coming across the border and
killing our kids out here in NorthCarolina, or maybe what he intends to
do about the cartel invade in NorthCarolina. I just had a couple of
questions. Well,
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The Nikki Glaser Podcast

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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