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April 16, 2024 94 mins
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I said I wasn't gonna do thatnow that I know that that is problematic,
and I couldn't help myself. It'syou know, in the world of
radio, sometimes it's just a musclememory and you don't even mean to I'm
pretty sure, uh probably Ross,We probably need to go home, buddy,

because I feel like now there's gonnabe an investigation, and I hate
to say it probably will take therest of the week based on the use
of that simple greeting. So,uh so I'm not gonna lie yea,
so recording that audio in this morning? Oh no, yeah, I was

about ten seconds in and I figuredout where idiot was going and I banged
my head against the against the counterhere. Yeah, well, oh no,
that's very hard, the one whereall your your stuff is. That's
that's very firm. So but didyou learn something I sure did not.
Okay, I learned there's a lotof people on the Internet that just should

should shut up because they're so dumb. I mean, I guess that's the
definition that's the internet though, yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean would
the internet be as I understand thatit's a range of emotions, but like
if you didn't have the really stupidpeople. Would it really be as good

as it is? No, probablynot. Like you said, you have
these people that have no idea whatthey're talking about, and those are the
people that have the most opinions thatare the loudest. I love it though.
I love it though. I lovebeing lectured about this thing, which
if you haven't heard it, you'relike, what are they talking about?
Don't worry coming. I I enjoylearning about that. I enjoy learning about

how the I'm going to get itwrong. And it's not because I haven't
seen it before. It's that everytime I hear it, I start laughing.
I like, you know, oneof my favorite theories is how the

original people in America were people fromAfrica. Do you remember that one where
it's like there's different versions of this, but basically, ah, what was
it? It was black people foundedAmerica, but then they left and went
back when the white folk got there, and then the white folk are like,

nah, we're going to do thisthing. I believe that was one
of the theories out there, whichwas I'm like, didn't see that coming.
So you know, it has alittle of the black Israelite vibes with
stuff, but not really, itjust sounds like people who were told something

or or had something pop into theirhead one time, and we've all been
there, and then they just decided, hey, you know what, that's
right, let me share it witheverybody else. Case in point, this
woman right here, are you ready, let me get the take your bell
for this, because this is thisis gonna be a big thing. You're

gonna have to watch out for.Here we go. What made Ross attempt
to concuss himself this morning? Thiswoman? So let's talk about where the
word good morning originated from? Goodmorning? All right? So during slavery
times when the women used to mournabout their child being taken away and sold

to a different slave master or okay, and by the way, by the
way, that is a thing thathappened, right you had the splitting up
of families. That was that waspart of the horrible news that was the
institution. All right. Anyway,I'm sorry sitting here, and you know

it's very early, ma'am, soplease explain this in detail that my right
current like seven year old brain cancan follow. Go ahead, I'm sorry.
Or if one of the family membersdid something that resulted until them getting
whipped or killed. Most of thesethings used to happen in the evening time,
when a child was sold off orsomebody was getting whipped for something.

The black women used to cry allnight behind it. Not even just the
women, the black people in general, all the black slaves, male or
female. When something happened to afamily member or a close friend or anything,
they used to cry all night behindit. Right when the slaves used
to cry about what happened all nightlong, the white slave master the oppressors

will wake up in the morning timeand they'll tell the slaves, did you
have a good morning? Basically,did you have a good cry out?
Did you do enough crying last nightbecause of what happened to they family member
of day prior, So the whiteoppressors came up with good morning as a
mockery towards black people. By theway, by the way, kudos to

Ross to make it exactly to oneten, so we can have the explanation
about what the hell because she actuallygoes on for at least what another minute,
minute and a half, right,And I'm sure the the I stopped
there, and I was I justassumed it just reiterates it. Yeah,
Oh no, I assumed that shewas gonna explain what hamminin is and she
would explain, you now, it'sit's two words that have you sound the

same or have the same spelling,two completely different things. Obviously she's confusing
morning which morning no, no,no, if you actually keep going in
the audio, the very last thingshe says, but it's okay because she
doubles up. She says that theyremoved the you to hide it. It's

a conspiracy. Yeah, dude,you didn't know. Oh yes, So
she didn't very end at the veryend, she says, and I'm assuming
pronouns, she says, and thenthey removed the U basically to cover their
tracks, so she didn't explain howshe didn't go back in the history of
the word explain how they're like Germanicwords and they're actually being two different things
because they're two different words. Onemeans the to grief, right, which

would be would m O you areand I and Andy, And the other
one would be morning with m Or end yeah, but which means the
first part of the day. Yeah. But that's the play on words that
she's pointing out that they used.And at the end she says, and
then they remove the U. Okay, once again, I gotta go back.
How these are Germanic words? Thesethey go way back into you know,

Germany. These are old words.Yeah, which predates slavery in the
United States. I mean in theUnited States. How do you know this?
Uh, this very same hidden thingwasn't going on with you know,
Slavic slavery is at Yeah? Welldo I feel dumb? Yeah? How

complicit are we too? What?Uh? What current day part? Are
we doing a show in mornings?Oh? Wow, m morning drive?
I mean it is morning drive?Yes, yeah, now that you know,
I don't feel bad. What's up? I feel like she's an idiot
there? You know what they meanis they're then driving to the auction.

You didn't know, dude, Youhad no idea, did you. You
and I are not from the Southoriginally, so you know, perhaps we
we too were fooled, I believecorrect. I am from New York,
Yeah, which is a little bitto the north of the Mason Dixon line.
There we were. We weren't evena state. Bro you weren't,
right, but did so? Ican I can attest to the fact that

growing up in New York, wedid use the phrase good morning quite a
bit. Did you over there?Oh wow, in the wilds of Wyoming,
did you use that term. Imean it's a little different. You
know, it's one thing I guessif you know people, it's a little
different. You know, just inlike if you're out doing Wyoming stuff early

in the morning, right, Sowe would use an abbreviation and you happen
upon another individual, You're not goingto go full good morning because you know
you're talking the wild West here.If I could for just a moment,
so you know, while you mayencounter an individual at a distance of say
two hundred paces, it's going tobe pretty clear what's up once once you

gauge how well that person's armed,whether they're with somebody else, whether in
fact animals are chasing them. Imean, there's a lot of complicated stuff.
So we didn't have time for yourword shenanigans. Instead, we played
a little game out there called lifeand just you know, did our best.
So you know, we didn't wedidn't have a chance to do that.

But you know that's because cattle rustlersbandits bandtos depending on your proximity to
the border. It was. Itwas a little different. So I didn't
know, and now we're educated,and here you are being like, oh
I gotta violently slam my head intostuff, dubbing this in and that was

not my intention. So I apologize, all right, what is this?
Oh? Now, some look atthis? Now I got now, I
got bigot's up in my email.They're like, that's not what it means.
Those are two different words. Sirma'am. Whomever watched the video,

it's entirety shall point out how theconspirators removed the enhanced Here we are,
okay, so yeah, probably probablygive your house to somebody. I don't
know. I don't know what thepunishment is. So I just googled it.
Yoh no, oh, here wego, good morning origin. The

Google machine tells me it comes fromseventeenth century England. Okay, so I
mean so the sixteen hundreds and Englandslavery was going on in the United States.
So are you going to you wantto admit you're wrong? They even

know who was who was said to? Apparently, how is that possible?
What? They all right, explainthis to me getting in and out,
tell me now I have to know. So yeah, so I got to
click it. This is the firstsaid it's seventeenth century England, right in
this greeting to a girl named LornaDone, Good morning, Lorna Dunes.
Yeah, the cookies, right,you know about the warn of doing cookies?

Right. Oh, this one saysit's Middle English period eleven fifty to
fifteen hundred. Anyway, it goesway back right right, So you know
there's you know, people have beensecret bigots forever. That's the other.
But here's also the thing too.I like, I'm I'm you know,

tongue in cheek here. But alsopeople didn't try to hide that they were
a whole racist bigots in the fifteensixteen hundreds. You know what I'm saying.
Right, Look at this one ismorning derived from morning? So mr,
Yeah, it's the thing, ismorning derived from morning? Stupid people
went look it says no, welldoes that dude? What do you think

the over under on changeing that is? I mean, not based on her
video, but you get like,who's the uh, who's the dude who
gets paid five hundred thousand to goto corporations tell everyone they're racist? Kendy
Kendy, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, dude, if

he says it, I promise you, they'll change it. On Google,
this search goes back to April second, twenty twenty. So mm hmm.
Now, now I can't believe thewhole internet is in on it. Dude,
this is systemic. I'm telling you, we got we got a really
really good bench of folk. Imean, this is all they work on.

What is it? Now? Listento that. Now people are pointing
out that for somebody who is makinga video about grammar, that they feel
that this individual may have made oneor two grammatical errors in her diatribe it.

So that tells me, emailers,you're in on it. You're trying
to deflect here. I didn't hearanything that, did you. I didn't
hear anything that sounded grammatically incorrect duringa two minute diatribe about grammar. Okay,
wait, hold on. Now peopleare sending me other, uh where

the word came from? I don't. Here's the deal. I know it
didn't come from that. And forthose of you accusing her of making other
drammatical airs, you know that's yourown fight. I just I hear somebody
who's explaining a theory on something,although she thinks it's true. But I
don't know what you're listening to talkabout where the word good morning originated from

good morning. I can't. Ican't because that was the second time I
listened to it. I listened toit yesterday, said it to Ross.
He listened to it, and andstrangely, I feel that that's probably enough.
It was over how this this entrancehere in the Google machine explains how
Jesus said good morning in the Bible. I'm sorry, so you're putting Jesus

at the head of this conspiracy.What are you doing, dude? Come
on, we just had Eastern stuff? What are you doing? I can't.
Oh, man, wow, wellI I am. I am taken
aback dude. Uh anyway, goodgood day sir and ma'ams. I can't.

I'm not even able to help myself. I'mnna be so suspended by the
end of the day, all right, Although on the bright side, this
is the excuse I need not tohave to acknowledge people in a public setting
today before noon. So just belike, yes, yes, I I
yes, but I can't because Idon't want to be part of the problem.

So I'm just not going to interactwith you. And I got a
meeting with muckety MUCKs later today,so our bosses and stuff, and it's
in that it is before noon,so I'm going to be very watchful during
that. All right. Anyway,you've been educated on that, and we'll

educate folks a little later on becauseit's so insane. All right, coming
up on the show is is thisAmerica? Or what you can't practice katana
in a parking lot? What isgoing on right now? So we got
that story for you. More ofthe Israeli Iran insanity we'll get to the

bottom of. Probably violate the littleword problem there a few times. And
I don't like how the reporting's goingon. This RASCA teacher caught with her
student naked in a car not forher. I don't mind that. I'll

never understand that, but I don'tlike how some of the conservative media is
doing the husband. I'll explain.Hang on, you know I didn't see
in the Young Ladies video. Isit only in English? I mean right,
because we're using the bastardization of twowords that look similar, sound similar,

but are not the same. Soif I wish people greetings for this
early part of the day, butI do it like if I say guten
morgan, I believe is I believethat's trying to remember back from the five
minutes I studied German. I thinkit's guten Morgan is good morning, although

I can't tell you that because Ijust said it in England. Non part
of the problem. So maybe we'llgo with that the rest of the show.
Oh but as Ross pointed out,it's stood Germanic, so and what's
more Germanic than German? Right,so one big violation. Trying to think
how many different languages do I know? At least that phrase for German?

Obviously Spanish, although Spanish is interestingbecause a lot of people would say one
is dis but you could say onedia. You say a lot of things
in pretty much any language. Now, did I think about it? Everythink's
so stupid? Oh man, I'mtelling you, dude, every day every

day, the amount of authority thatpeople will make videos with nothing to back
it, and then the idiots thatwill share it and just be like,
oh no, this sounds correct.Absolutely anyway, you know what, It's
easier Roster, just thinking about you, it'd be a lot easier ignoring everybody
before noon that you come across.I would be willing to compromise and just

change that to wait, what wasyour thing again? And you ignore everyone
before noon? You said, yeah, I would just change that event,
just just ignore everyone. Well,but the beef is only with the morning
greeting, so I'm just mean ingeneral. So if you say, uh,
what is tur day, I'm justgonna go to afternoon, I'm probably

might run into the same thing.Now. See that's why I'm just gonna
be an introvert and stay in myhouse. Okay, kind of like the
German one. So oh and thenItalian's easy, right, I think you
know Italian the Italian way to sayit. But you people, I'll forget

about it. Yeah, I knowthat's not what is to me. No,
dude, hey, come on,think about it. Forget about it.
Good morning? What forget? No, that doesn't sound you're not even
doing the hand thing, dude,I am No, I am. I

have because I'm holding the I've gotthe phone over here because I've called up
literally other languages. Now. Ohand by the way, in Germany you
just say Morgan, which gets confusing. I think if your name is Morgan,
so there you go. But Ibelieve it time is Bonorno, Portuguese,
bondia. I remember that because Ithought people were saying bomb to me

when I was in Brazil, butthey were not so and I can't remember
French. It's not what you thinkit is. I remember that. So
anyway, there you go, armedwith information you can use. But Ross's
plan is just to avoid people,so you don't make the mistake. I'll
let you pick your poison there.All right, So there's a it's not

a news story, not a newsstory at all. But you have a
teacher in Nebraska. She got bustedor she got found in a car naked
with a student, and you know, it's one of those stories where you're
just sitting there looking at it,like how in the world. And for

some reason, everybody's reporting, especiallyon some of the more conservative sites,
are about her husband because he isa he's a government muckety muck kind of.
He's director at the US Department ofDefense, and specific or a director

and specifically he serves out of Ican't remember the name of the base in
Omaha. What is it? Ross? You remember what the Air Force base
in Omaha? It's called? Isit o foot o foot? I can't
remember how to pronounce it off offit is that? How it Okay,
I again, I vaguely remember.So anyway, he's uh, he spent
two years with Strategic Command. Iwas looking at his bio here. Now

he's within the DoD but out ofOffit Air Force Base in Omaha, and
the reporting is about him. AndI look, I understand the concern when
you have somebody who's in a anupper level government position and they have things
within their life that can be compromising. Right. We just we just all

got the lesson on compromid and Trumpand all that crap. So I get
that. But why the focus ofthese stories are about this dude and not
his skank wife? If I could, for just a moment, who decided
I'm gonna go? And look,I don't know how their marriage is.

I don't know any of that,but I haven't seen anything in the reporting.
Why this guy is the focus.She got caught. It's out there
allegedly right if you read the story, the whole incident seems really cut and
dry. So let's see, heis, he went to Harvard, he's

he's he's working to complete his doctorate. While he's doing what he's doing,
he sounds like a driven dude.I why why is every story about oh
my gosh, look what this guydoes for a living. Let's let's let's
focus on him. This is adude who unless there's other you know,
there's a lot more here, likethey had some sort of weird open marriage

with super secret stuff that he's doingtoo. Why why is literally many of
the stories the second photo the wifewho's accused of this, and the first
photo this dude, because the wayit for what we know now, this

is a guy who is probably worksa lot right in the position that he
has whatever I understand that that canyou know, that could be that can
be tough on a marriage. I'mnot justifying what she went out and allegedly
did, But why are you runningthis guy through the ringer? And why
is he the core focus of thesestories? And and and not this woman?

And in what other scenario would wedo this? This is what I
don't understand. And I feel likethere is this need on the part of
some conservative outlets to assume that anyonewho works for the government is part of
the swamp. And maybe the guyis, I don't know, maybe he

lights cigars, sitting with the raytheonpeople with one hundred dollars bills before they
ingest the Adrina chrome. I don'tlook, I don't know, but I
don't like it because here's what Iknow. Officers responded to the call of
a car parked on a dead endstreet around three am. They show up,
they look at the vehicle. Thereis a completely naked forty five year

old woman gyrating on top of ateenagers. That's what the police report says.
So what do they do? Accordingto the report, the team gets
out from under his substitute teacher,jumps in the driver's seat and attempts to

get out of there, and theneventually he crashed two blocks later. Because
it's a panicky teenager and the womanin question, Aaron Ward, remained in
the car, got dressed, allegedlyconfessed to sleeping with the boy. She'd
been a substitute teacher within the OmahaPublic School district. And actually I think

the kid jumped out of the car. But the whole thing is a mess.
Now, the team technically is abovethe age of consent in Nebraska,
which is sixteen. However, thereis a law school employee right student,
so that's what they're going to chargeher with. But what did he do
other than probably have his life destroyed, or at least his personal life.

Like I said, I don't likeit, and it's not the normal way
I do the story. But Isaw different versions of this going through different
sites this morning, and I haven'tseen a credible reason to make this guy
the focus of the story. Soany who, just but two cents let
me throw that out to you thismorning. All right, coming up,

we have an office well, wehave an officer involved shooting. It was
actually about a week and a halfago, but we have the we have
a body cam footage, is it? It's kind of crazy, man Like.
At first, I'm like, Iunderstand everybody's part in the call,
and it looks like the police interactionsgoing fine ish and then it goes sideways,

to say the very least. Sowe'll get that for you and much
more coming up. Six forty four, Hang on k M Mosa manyana,
how's that? Since we can't saythe other thing if you don't know,
we had to cancel your standard morninggreeting because using the word morning with the
word good in front of it isactually dog whistley code for something something something.

Why because it's on TikTok and itmust be true. So you've been
warned now, you know, sodon't make the mistake. Okay, all
right, wonderful. Yeah, letme let me go to this do do
do do do. This is inArizona. This happened in Tucson, all

right. Newly released video shows theconfrontation between a man. Uh what is
he he's at like a daze inor something. It's in that. We'll
hear the audio here in a moment. So he's at a day's in and
he is he's he is causing concernfor some of the other guests. So
in this case, the days inand question, I guess it's pretty similar

to most days in right, wherethe doors to the rooms are on the
outside. You know, you park, hopefully you can park in front of
where your room is. But youknow, once you're out of the room,
you know out If you're sitting outsideof your room, you're basically out
where everyone else is. So anythingyou're doing out there, people are gonna
see. So what's he doing.He's got himself, Ah, he's got

himself a katana man, and uhhe's out there doing and katana stuff.
But according to some of the otherfolks around there, he is doing it
rather loudly, and that prompts anine to one one call eventually from staff
at the day's in and throughout thetotality of this, and we don't know

fully what the conversation with staff andhim was. Sounds like they went and
talked to him. But like,I can find nothing to fault with the
way officers are dealing with him.I don't know that he technically did anything
illegal, and he probably would havebeen within his rights to tell officers I'm

I don't want to talk to you. If I did something wrong, then
you know, then fine. Butbecause again I don't know that he did
anything, but I also understand whyofficers are going to respond. So let's
get into the nine to one oneand I'll give you there's several cuts.
I will give you the rundown,but you should see the video. Will

tweet out a leek to you.So here we go days in Tucson.
Officers respond. Listen to the waythey're dealing with him. Help you over
here at the day's end, andI just have customers complaining that there's a
guest here that's waving around the swordand screaming four eight, five y five

South Caliverty Road, and what isyour where is the mail at? He's
around the other side of the building, on the bottom floor. He's in
room one sixteen. He just didn'tlisten when we told him this stuff,
and we just room doing this,or is the outside room doing this?
He's outside, like just right outsideof his room, just like screaming,

waving his sword. Okay, allright, all right, so you know
that's probably gonna get police there.Like she said, they went and tried
to talk to him, and hejust kind of pretended they weren't there.
So but here's when officers arrive,and I want you to visualize, he's
standing just outside of his door.So officers pull it, you know,

right where the car the nose ofthe car would be. He's standing there.
When officers arrive, he's got hissword. He's got sword kind of
at his side. So at first, I want you to listen to the
way that officers are dealing with him, but also I want you to listen
how quickly things can change. Iput it, they put it down,
they laid on the ground, oryeah, we've got a call, said

you say that you're screaming, wavingthe sword and stuff. And swear.
What's that? I swear I'm screaming. No, that's fine. I mean
I didn't hear you screen when Ipulled up. That's just what the call
is is. Now listen to mealways how you listen to me? Dog?
Oh? Yeah, what's going on? I mean he's he's listening to

him. He's doing what you're asking, sir. And obviously at this point,
you know, I don't care ifyou're a cop or not. Like
the whole thing is, there's badvibes all over. But you know,
the officer continues, and again,I don't know that the guy simply standing
outside of his door reenacting, youknow, kill bill as long as it's
not any on anybody. I don'tknow that that's illegal. I guess the

hotel can tell you not to doit. But and then the officer might
be in a position where he hastrespassed to do. But I don't know
a crime that's being committed to achieve. So huh, I'm trying to achieve
greatness in the Katana's it's not cloudin the kind of seas, all right.
So what he says is, I'mtrying to achieve greatness on the katana
I guess that's not allowed in theUnited States. He literally said the meme

kind of all right, anyway,continue, Well, I mean we got
people calling I mean, I'm nottelling you not to achieve that. What
I'm saying is a hell of responsible. By the way, I love the
responsor in the officer. He's like, I'm not telling you not to achieve
greatness. Bro go out and achief greatness. I'm just telling you,
like, this is what we gotcalled for. Unless somebody comes to me

and is willing to kill me,I'm not willing to kill them, right,
all right, So the officer gettinglike, unless somebody's trying to kill
me, I'm not going to killthem. All right. Look, that's
a good policy. Okay, fine, But what we're trying to understand people
to kill me, and if theydon't accept that, they're romans kill me.
No, I mean that's not thecase. Man. Like I said,

we're here to see what's going on. All right. It's not every
day that somebody's out at a hotel. You know what I mean, you're
what I'm related to dionysis. Well, by the way, that last line
is, uh is bonkers. I'mrelated to Dionysia is. What Dionysius is?

What is it? The Roman orGreek god of like wine and chaos
or something. I guess it fits. Sorry, I'm not up on my
uh deities, so so anyway,but but here's the deal. And this
is why this video is important,not just because dude thinks he's mastering the
katana and related to Greek gods.But it's almost an instantaneous decision he makes.

So the officer. You hear thisofficer talking to him, and and
like, I think things are goingfine, and then in a moment don't.
Apparently Ross is now terrified of Dionysius. No, I'm not like terrified
by it. But I'm saying,if you meet somebody who says that they're
related to them, you might wantto back off or tase the person immediately.

So as I cry, I didn'tlook at a wine and chaos,
is what I said. Well,it was that pretty close wine making fertility.
It's like a hundred things. Heremembers the god of everything, festivity,
insane, ritual, madness. Ohokay, that sounds fun. And
it says his people who worship orbelieve in him can be possessed by him,

especially a family member. Probably right, So actually it doesn't. It
sounds like dudes trying to work anaffirmative defense. Oh like, not guilty
because he's being possessed by Yeah,I mean, if you're possessed by somebody,
are you in fact guilty of thecrimes. I'm just wondering. I'm

I'm simply asking. I like horrormovies, you know, that's a trope
in many movies, especially like exorcismmovies. If there's an exorcism movie and
it's not god awful, I'll probablywatch it. But really, if I'm
like, the officer, Blair isnot guilty of, you know, puking
on that dude. So if I'mthe officer and I'm not blaming the officer

at all, because this dude wasobviously a lunatic and crazy, as says
the headline at Casey on the radioon the blog Poace. Yeah, but
like if I'm there and the guy'slike, hey, I'm related to how
do you pronounce it Dionysius Dionysius?Yeah, he says, Hey, I'm
late that dude, and I whipout my phone. I'm like, well,
let me google this real quick,and it says the god of ritual
madness. At that point, I'mlike, all right, yeah, stuff's
about to go down up, Maybeget the robot or something in there.

But like, look, it's veryapparent when he starts talking to the dude.
I don't know if he's nuts orif he was it's he also might
have sounded like he was incredibly druggedout of his mind. I don't know
the finality of it, but atthat point, obviously the hackles are up
for the officer. But I feellike the officer handled that as best he

could. And you know, there'sa reason that one and I don't remember
the exact is it twenty one feetor something. Basically, there is this
there is a a distance where anindividual who has an edged weapon is able

to close that distance, and it'sa you know, it's more than you
think before the average officer can drawtheir weapon and place and aim shot,
all right, And so they talkabout that, and that's why officer,
especially in a situation where guy's gota katana, even though at first he's
standing there and he looks non threatening, that officer is not gonna get right

up on that dude. I havethere's no fault I can find with what
this officer did. And if youwatch the video dionysis relative or not,
I mean, dude's closing on thatofficer asap. So check it out.
It's titled what you said title atlunatic with a katana and then whatever.
It's on the blog at cacondradio dotcom and then link for you on Twitter,

and our handle is ATKC the twoletters a case ATKC on the radio.
You can check that out, allright, This dude's like the he's
like the consummate leper of my time, John Wayne Bobbitt, remember him.

Every dude does, every dude does. The irony, of course, is
he was really the first. Imean he wasn't the first probably in you
know, recorded history, but hewas the first horrific story that what was
that ninety three? So I'm thirteeneven I'm thirteen, and I'm filling the

cringe when, of course he madeheadlines when his then wife chopped off the
sports car while he was sleeping andthen drove drove to a field. Where
was this It was in what Manassas, Virginia or something. I want to
say it was outside of DC.I can't remember. But drove to a

field, tossed it in there,and well, you know the whole story.
Of course, then had to hadto pivot career wise, and for
a while he was doing like adultvideos and stuff and working at one of
the brothels in Vegas, which,hey, you know what, ladies,

if that's for you, good foryou, I guess. But well,
now he's back in the news.If you didn't know Bobbitt is a former
marine or a marine, don't callhim be like once I got it.
Okay. So this is where theNorth Carolina connection comes in. So in
the latest story, Bobbitt found himselfa reportedly a victim of the water issue

at Camp La June, which obviouslymost of you are probably aware of.
He was diagnosed with toxic peripheral polyneuropathy. Doctors believe it is due to contaminated
water at Camp La June in thelate eighties and as a result, now
they basically are amputating his toes andstuff, like, if there's some attached

to this dude's body, they're choppingit off. Now. Unfortunately for bob
it was all of it. Thecondition left him with two raw stumps for
feet, a limp a special prostheticshoes and it's pretty nasty stuff. And
you know, here's the deal.Obviously, there's you know, there's the

other part of bobbitt. I don'tbegrudge him obviously. Well one, he
didn't deserve that even, you know, with everything that we learned about how
things were going in the marriage there. But bob It claimed her then husband
raped her and beat her, andin June of ninety three, she took
action using a kitchen knife while heslept. She then fled to her boss's

house and on the way Todd,Yeah it was manassas. Okay, I
was correct, But now you havethis connection, and obviously people are recognizing
a little bit of the irony there. I don't know that that's fair.
He didn't do anything to deserve thatpart. But crazy stuff, man,

And how much time did his wifeget? Sorry, I'm scrolling because I'm
trying to Oh yeah, that's right, all right. So here here is
the post op from ninety three.He went on to launch an adult video
career. For those of you wondering, Basically he had they had to,

you know, put a pump andall sorts of stuff in there. So
I guess there's there's a niche forthat in the world of adult entertainment.
Yeah, and then he spent timeat a brothel where he said that he
hosted seventy women, but decided todo the video thing instead. The wife
faced up to twenty years in prison, but was found not guilty due to

insandy. That's right, Well,you know, and I was conflating that.
What's the other story from around thattime? It didn't all day severing
of the manhood? Was it?It was with the girlfriend where the where
the girlfriend went and tried to killthe wife? Oh? What what was
the other story around that era?Um? All right, well I'll look

it up. Don't don't. Don'ttrouble yourself. I know you're very busy.
So all right, seven fourteen cacO Day Radio program for marine correct
term. Just don't use ex marineunless they're discharged outside of the normal process.
I know. I just I justross got enough going on because like

twenty people will call. So I'mjust when I say stuff like that,
I'm just staving it off. Letyou know, we recognize, all right,
sorry, and then I just shutthe damn thing. I was going
to go for it, all right. Eight eight eight nine three four seven
eight seven four. Ah, wehave an issue up in New York we

got to tell you about. Apparentlyapparently some of the some of the folks,
some of the what the what isthe term that they were using,
the the new whatever. Anyway,some of the folks who crashed our border,
who are now being put up onfifty three million dollars of allocated money

up in New York with gift cardsand housing and everything. Apparently there some
of them are very upset with thetreatment they're receiving of all the pre stuff.
And I lost my damn mind watchingthe the New York NBC or CBS
affiliate doing this report. I'll playthe audio for you. It's crazy and

there's even a little bit of ironyin there. We'll give you that coming
up CaCO Day radio program. Allright, So it was the Buttafuco thing,
that's the what was the term theygave Amy Amy Fisher was all right?
So Amy Fisher High school student JoeyButtafuco Mary joe Buttafuco the seven,

she's seventeen at the time, showsup at the house, shoots Mary Joe
in the head, doesn't kill herbecause she's been hooking up with her husband.
And that's what a way. Itwas actually a year before the Bobbit
thing. For some reason, Ithought it was after, but I knew
it was near. But yeah,that's what I was thinking of, and

everything like the same thing happened,right bobb It goes and does adult films.
That's what Amy Fisher did. Shemade a lot of money doing it
too, did a book and it'sa did like her own series of adult
films and made millions. And thewife in this case, she wrote a
book that was pretty well received.I want to say that they Amy Fisher

was also like a columnist for anewspaper. It was just weird out on
Long Island. So what did hegot charged with? The monster stuff?
She obviously got charged initially with likea big charge, but they they,
I think they dropped it to assaultbecause of her age and both her and

the husband. I think just didabout what six months in jail or something.
So there you go. Brain wanderingwanted to bring it to you,
all right, let me get overto this. Uh sorry, it's the
thing. I shut and then I, for whatever reason, didn't reopen during

the break because I'm dumb. Uh. This is pretty crazy, just since
we're talking about officers having to dealwith people with large weapons and oft did
he Hope Bills police officer jumped intoaction after seeing a man attack another person
with a machete over the weekend.This happened again Hope Mills, south of
Fayetteville. There it's not get alaundry matters. Yeah, here we go

the wash house. Not familiar withit, right there on Main Street and
Hope Mills. So if you're aI guess the person who goes he's go
to a laundry matt you live inHope Mills. Judging by the photos here,
I just called it up. Lookslike a nice enough place and they'll
be entertainment out front, so youknow you got that going for you.

According the police, the officer noticedaround four pm on Friday and altercation taking
place in front of the wash house, at which point the officer saw the
machete carrying suspect identified as James MacIntyrestrike the victim several times, causing serious
injuries to the head. The offto the officer intervened, stopped the assault,

actually gave life saving treatment to thevictim. So yeah, the officer,
a three year veteran Hope Mills Department, and I don't know, they'll
probably sue him for something. Andit's the guy's day off. He's having
to deal with this crap. Sothere you go. All right, hang

on, people are sending me theAmy Fisher News. Why are you following?
I had to look this up.Why do you know this stuff?
Oh? Man? So anyway,good on this officer over there in Hope
Mills. Did he light the dudeup? Oh? Okay, here we

go. This is what I wantto do, find out. So he
got charged with a tempted murder,assault inflicting serious bodily harm, possession of
meth shocker, and a drug paraphernaliabecause you know, when you're off doing
meth at the laundry mat, youwant to make sure you have your giant
edged weapon with you, you know, just in case things go sideways in
the Hope Mills area. By theway, I got a question, what

the hell is going on east ofus? What? What? What is
God would do with like a fourthbody now in uh Rocky Mount What what
is happening here? Right? Letme uh, let me pull this story
back up. This is the oneI closed. That's why I just pivoted

over to something. All right,here we go. No Goldsborough, I
said, Rocky MOUNTA No, RockyMount had their own thing. I'll get
to. So in Goldsborough here fourpeople have been found dead. Uh yesterday
they really they There weren't a lotof details on this. So Friday,
Saturday, Sunday and Monday all ofthe individuals between what thirty four and forty

seven. Now police are saying thatthis might be a fentanyl issue, which
is sadly something you see, right, you get you know, you get
one dealer with a with a badbatch, so to speak. This is
what happens. I remember a storywe did in out of Chatham County quite
a few years ago where you hadquite a few people succumb to what was,

you know, bad drugs, andthey all had apparently bought from the
same dealer there. But the differenceis obviously with you know, when something
like that happens. And I don'tremember how many people got killed or sick,
but it was in Siler City,which obviously is much smaller. So
when you start putting real numbers up, people notice. But yeah, it's

so crazy, sad man, you'llprobably be shocked to learn that I was
Caitlin Clark the number one overall draftby the Indiana Fever, which I understand
the team name, but you know, sounds like unlike disease you get.

But okay, all right, anyway, so number one overall in a little
bit of irony, the LSU checkAngel Reese, who look, she plays
the heel. I don't whatever mayif that's her thing, what I don't.
I don't begrudge that because again,I kind of like this element in

sports within reason. She went Ithink seventh, Yeah, here we go
seventh overall. So you know they'rethat rivalry will continue, Uh for sure.
Let's see, uh the analysis.I only watched a little of it

from the actual draft analysis, andit was pretty down the middle. But
as you can imagine, now,we will be presented with everyone on ESPN
with a bad opinion and seemingly alittle bit of bias or a lot of
bias to just analyze this whole situationahead of the start of the season.
I don't even know when the WNBAseason kicks off. Now here's why,

if you are the Indiana Fever,why this is such a great thing As
a result, it thirty six ofthe forty regular season games for the Fever
will end up being broadcast nationwide.So I don't know if I don't know

if it's revenue share or what percentagesin the WNBA, but obviously that is
you're making whatever you're paying This checkback in short order. And Ross and
I were talking off the air aboutthis. She's not gonna make a ton
of money on her on her actualcontract, but I have to think that

year one she's going to set therecord for endorsement revenue. But I don't
think there's any question. But Ithink she would make that even if she
didn't sign. I think the endorsementswould still be there because she's Caitlyn Clark
and everybody knows her. I no, no, no, I got that.
But also like she still has tothere still has to be a thing
right that, Like she's Caitlin Clark, but people also want to see her

go out and kick everyone's butt,do you know what I'm saying. So
you have to have a venue forthat. And I remember what was it
ice Cube or ice Tea who hasownership in that three on three league,
which is kind of a thing offeredher like five million bucks. Yeah,
she'd be better off going there.Like it's a four year contract with three
hundred and thirty eight fifty six dollarsher first year, she's gonna make around

seventy six and a half thousand dollars, And I think she could from from
WNBA paycheck right, not yeah right, not a million right. The endorsements
are like where she's going to makeall the money, But I think she
could make those even if she wasn'tplaying. She could go back and sit
in her ass and do nothing andjust enjoy a peaceful life and colleck the
money probably for a little while,but I think then people move on if
they don't see her out there playing. And also she probably really likes to

play basketball. Yeah, I guess. I mean, you know, the
man, she must really love playingbasketball to play for that, right.
It's like the reminds me of theMitch Edburg joke he doust really like Tide
talking about the NASCAR driver. Whydo you really like Tide? Yeah?

Yeah, yeah, all right,let's see. So she she went first
trying to think, if I'm justlooking at the list here, there's not
really a North Carolina connection that Isee for at least from the teams to
teams for the other top ten.But yeah, like everyone knew she was
going to be first up. Inthe same way, like I don't know
that there's going to be any surprisesfor really any of the drafts. The

NFL draft, that's done right,that's going to be a usc dude to
Chicago, and then you know,two years later, I guess they'll draft
again Chicago. Just like I've bemoanedthe Vikings with where we've been from a
quarterback standpoint. I know we hadCousin, and I like Kirk Cousins and
it's a shame that that he's goneand all that, but I still don't

know if he was the dude whowas going to get us there, which
you know that's a that's a fairassessment. But this is the way,
in my opinion, I go isjust cursed. Man. Anyway, what
to do the draft? Like youknow, there's season just ended and then
now here's the draft. I wishthe NFL was the same way. I
wish we could have the NFL draftlike a few weeks after the Super Bowl.
It'd be amazing because I can't standwaiting. Please do it well,

but you have all yeah, Iknow, now, no, but I
just I want I'm like for Rucuassault here. I want it right now,
just after the Super Bowl month later. Draft. All right, So
the WNBA training camp kicks off Apriltwenty eighth. They play during the summer.
I didn't know that. So yeah, the NBA just they're going to

the playoffs right now. WNBA comesafter, so they hold the they hold
the draft, and then literally fifteendays later start. So that's what you
want in the NFL, I wouldprefer. I mean, if I had
it my way, I think,yeah, I want the draft to be
sooner, and I want there tobe an eighty two game season? Is
it asking too much? Every wantto be dead except the homes in between?

Man, I just hate it.I know. I'll tell you.
The thing that kills me about itthere is the weight. And then you
get this in your head. You'relike, oh, the first preseason games
coming up, and then like twominutes into it, how are you feeling.
Yeah, You're like, this sucks. This sucks. I'll see you
in a month. So baseball getslike I don't know what it like a
million games or something like one hundredand sixty one or whatever it is.

We get seventeen regular season games orseventeen weeks and then playoffs if you're lucky.
Right, So there's that. Bythe way, I'm not going to
send it to you. Do youknow how many people have sent me the
OJ Simpson Bills memes? Now,Ross is the Bills fan, not me.
When the OJ thing went down,I didn't get to see it say

this earlier. Yeah, when thefirst thing I thought when I saw the
OJ had passed, I was like, the curse has been lifted, The
Bills curse has been and now thisis the year. This I feel it
in my plums. I feel itin my bones. This is the Bill's
year. I want to know whatyour plums are. So so people you've
seen this. People are sending melike, so if Buffalo had won one

game, then they would have hadthe draft, they would have taken OJ,
and he would never have met hiswife because you met. I've seen
it all, blah blah blah,And I'm like, why am I reading
this? So? But I didn'tknow there was OJ curse, right,
And then it goes to the Kardashiansof Kaitlyn Jenner and the case yeah,
oh yeah that one. Yeah,I know the OJ curse. Really the
bills are to blame for the Kardashians, which I get on board, like

somebody's to blame, so I hatethat it's you guys. But you know,
if the shoe fits there, yougo. All right, seven forty
three ac O Day Radio program.Let me know if the weather guy's ready
to go, and we're there,Hey there is yo. We do a
weather guy. Yeah for the uneated. Yeah, how are you good?
I'm good, I believe it ornot. Kaitlin Clark went first. Overall,

we're all very good, I believeit or not. You know,
it was it was funny like mydaughter was sitting there, we were watching,
and she said, what if shedoesn't get picked first? I was
like, well, that is aninteresting question. Look, I'm not going
to drag you into it because there'ssome bigger issues, but I think if
some of the ESPN analysts, whoI feel, in my humble opinion,
are being racist with this issue,I think that if they were advising teams,

they would have had her pick.It's pretty pretty disturbing how some people
are handling this when I'm just like, this is a great story. Let's
just it is this thing, like, did you see the ratings for the
combined all of her games during thewomen's They ten million plus people in like
four games, which is unheard offor women's basketball. So everyone, I'm

sucking. Just what I'm saying.I love how people are not. People
are like, is she the goatin in female basketball? And then I
saw somebody comment and nextually like,I don't know, we just started watching,
dude, We have no idea,but we just started watching because of
her. There you go, rightlisten, I'm on, I'm all in.
I mean, we I started lastyear, was kind of paying a

little bit of attention. But andI'll watch Iowa. I don't know if
you guys know this, but mydad played football at Iowa. So I'm
not I'm not We're Iowa shocked thatyou have a relative who played football at
Well, I played, but notat Iowa. I played Division III.
But that's different. So and soI'm not like a bandwagon jumper. We
always root it for Iowa teams.And I hate when people comment because I

had somebody comment to the effect of, well, all of a sudden,
You're I'm like, no, Ijust have a reason to you know now
say, and I'm in I'm alreadylooking for tickets when they play in Atlanta.
I mean, I think it's great. So I've been having I've been
having a lot of fun with it. But I love that. I love
the Angel Reese went seventh too.And by the way, I don't even
have huge beef with Reese. Ithink if she wants to embrace the heel

thing, which seemingly she was willyou know stated for in their own words
it was willing to do during that. I love it. And I'll watch
those two play because they're going tobeat the crap out of each other and
Clark's gonna drop forty on it.It's gonna be amazing. But again,
it'll it'll be interesting to see himagainst each other. And I'm glad to
see Kate Martin surprisingly from Iowa goingto Vegas. But I won't get into

it. Yeah, I know,probably wait more than you guys. No,
no, no, no, I'mjust like just this would be and
she her contracts worth three hundred thousand, she'll make twenty times at in endorsements
the first year, So there yougo, oh, exactly exactly. Yeah,
let's see the weather thing. Yeah, well, there's not much going
on, so it's it's kind ofeasy above average temperatures continue. Was already

looking at the rest of the weekand the weekend. I think that's when
the change comes. By the weekend, so low eighties on average sun with
clouds today, more clouds than sunTomorrow, Thursday Friday sunny, mid eighties,
might get some uprages, especially inthe triangle, and then a chance
of showers over the weekend. Bestat Sunday with cooler weather finally coming back.
Highs only in the sixties. SoI think it's gonna be real nice

the rest of the week. Imean, not bright and sunny every day,
but Thursday Friday looked real good.The sunniest days. Might be a
shower kind of sneaking in on Wednesdaynight, but really not much rain at
all. Okay, all right,we'll hold you to it and we'll talk
to you in an hour, sir, have a good one. Sounds good?
All right, there you go,Race Stagic from the Weather Channel.
All right, let's talk immigration,and we got some audio for you.
Plus we have a North Carolina storyto pair with it, where once again

we're conflating things. I'll explain hangon seven fifty one here on the CaCO
Day radio program. By the way, you want to hear the new flex.
All right, so this is littlesub if you're you know, if
you are one of those people andyou like to you like to drop things
in let people know about your status. Well one, you're annoying, right,

Oh, I got three bugattis whatever? Shut up. Here's here's how
you can do it now and letme show you. Hey, Ross,
let me uh, you have carinsurance for you and the fam Yes we
do? Oh good, good,good good. You have homeowners insurance for
the for your pad there, yes, yes, we do. Got health

insurance I mean through the company.So it's debatable. Well, all right,
fair enough, do you have anyother insurance? I'm trying to think
what else you might have? Thethose are the big ones. Most have
maybe some of the supplemental insurance thatthe company offers, like a flak or
something like that. I know itpassed on that. But you have those,
you have at least those three.That's ross. That's ross showing off,

by the way, that's right,which they've all gone up astronomically,
which is awful right. Well,and that therein gets us to the story.
So, yeah, I know itis. It is awful. In
sure, there is the headline insuranceis the new luxury item. God help
us. This is where we are. Many America is no longer able to

buy cars because they cannot afford toinsurance. The cost of auto insurance has
risen twenty two percent in the lastyear, twenty two percent, the biggest
one year jump since the nineteen seventies. The average new car loan rate now
at nine percent and the average carpayment for a new vehicle seven thirty eight

a month. That is mind boggling. Along with that high mortgage rates and
record home prices. Homeowners insurance isalso up twenty percent over the past two
years and is expected to rise anothersix percent this year. And they go

through this and they, you know, they talk about what the costs were,
where they are in the decisions thatpeople are making. But you know
the idea that insurance, which bythe way, is you don't really have
a choice if you you know,if you've got a mortgage, you don't
got a choice. I guess ifyour home's paid off, you can roll

the dice to some extent, althoughI don't know fully what the law is.
But and auto insurance obviously, ifyou're going to drive, you're supposed
to have it. Although the amountof people I see driving around with license
plates that are like four years outof date, and ugh, that was
just that's just one of our stationvehicles. Pretty crazy stuff. Yes,

insurance, by the way, isnot part of the official inflation calendar calculation.
Excuse me, I said calendar there. By the way, this is
where it gets really ugly. Notonly insurance rates up around twenty percent over
the past two years, the costof insuring the average home, along with
the increase in payments by homeowners dueto a variety of different issues. We'd

Ross n evers talking about this softthe air, like, even if your
insurance stays the same, the valueof your home may be assessed differently.
Your taxes are going up likely,I don't know how it is for every
county, but they are in WakeCounty and many others. Our mortgage payment
just went up like three hundred somethingdollars. And just be clear, Ross

doesn't have an arm, right youtell you I here's something like that.
I'm like, why do you havean arm? That's what I would used
to think, But it went upthree hundred just for the ancillary stuff,
right, that's yeah, yeah,it's property taxes and uh and and the
insurance. Oh, it is theinsurance because yeah, because it counts it
like you know, it goes intothe payment, right right, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. WellI have a quiet Why would you build

your house next to eight hundred thousanddollars condos? That's it, right because
like way everything is building up inwake Forest and they have the giant monstrosity
behind my house, you know,with those condos or whatever, the townhouses
that start at like four hundred somethousand dollars. Right. Once again,
I don't know why you would wantto buy that, And I like,
my house is your view on yourbalcony. It's so dumb. But you
know, to each their own.So yeah, now it's gone up,
so it sucks. Got the hingethough, I mean, that's gotta be

nice, right, especially on nightswhen you're having ceremonies. I'm about to
act I've had enough. Okay,all right, we'll watch out if you're
living in that place because Ross hascheesed over his payments. But yeah,
look, guys, you break thisdown as a bunch of Blueburn dubbers on
this, the cost of insuring theaverage home in twenty twenty three versus twenty
nineteen went up fifty percent twenty nineteen. That wasn't I still think about things

that I think happened a year agothat happened in twenty nineteen, because that's
just that's my brain. But yeah, the average cost of insuring the home
in twenty nineteen was twelve hundred andseventy two dollars. It's now nineteen hundred.
That is the US average. Sopretty scary stuff there, Man,
re explain it. I kind ofopened the show with it, but I

just need to do better. Yeah, apparently that phrase is canceled. And
let's face it, when you usethe GM slur, we'll call it right
good And then you know what timeof the day it is. You knew

what was up with your secret littleracist code, or if you didn't allow
the Internet to help you understand theair of your ways, as this genius
explains it to us. So let'stalk about where the word good morning originated
from. And by the way,Ross, you were researching this earlier,

what did you determine the origination ofthat to be? Because like, it
was running the gamut, wasn't it. It was everything from like seventeenth century
to Jesus, right with people speculatingthe well's only yeah, it goes the
way back. It's a Germanic word, but I mean English derives from the
Germanic branch of the language tree browwhatever you want to say to so Germanic

goes way back, though, Butit was like even like the the fifteen
hundreds before that, your way back, by the way, I'm exaggerating with
Jesus obviously. Well, no,there was a theory online, you did.
There was a theory online that goodmorning comes from God morning. This
from a theologic theologic I found,So I don't know if it's there.
It's if it's true. But theysay that good morning comes from God morning,

which is the resurrection, and thenit's tight into Jesus. Oh okay,
that's what the connection was, allright, Not that he was uttering
it, but rather the well.One would argue that when he was resurrected,
that was a pretty good morning.Right, Yeah, I guess if
you know, Jesus is your jam. But anyway, all right, well
that's not where this this scholars goinghere. I'm assuming she's a linguistics expert

or something. I don't know.Anyway, I'm sorry, go right ahead.
I didn't mean to pause you there, ma'am. Good morning, Yeah,
all right. So during slavery toms, oh, the women used to
mourn about the child being taken awayand sold to a different slave master.
Did you mean taken or or isthat I'm sorry, is that? Oh?

No, you probably can't use thatbecause it's Liam Neeson and I don't
know. Probably a connection, allright, I'm sorry, go ahead with
your linguistics lesson here. Or ifone of the family members did something that
resulted into them getting whipped or killed. Most of these things used to happen
in the evening time, when achild was sold off or somebody was getting

whipped for something. Was it,now, by the way, is that
a thing where the I guess punishingand or the selling of one's human property
was an evening endeavor. I'm justcurious. I don't know. I don't
know the answered necessarily to that.I don't know from an auction standpoint,

necessarily that's was pretty well documented wherethat wasn't strictly an evening thing. But
I don't know. I don't know. So anyway, I'm sorry, we're
all learning here. Let's continue tolearn. Go right ahead. Black women
used to cry all night behind it, not even just the women, by
the way, I imagine you know, you don't have to sell me on

the horribleness of the entirety of it. I'm with you here. I can't
imagine one day they just decided todivide your family and that's it. So
all right, I'm learning, allright, Black people in general, all
the black slaves, male or female, when something happened to a family member

or a close friend or anything,they used to cry all night behind it.
And when the slaves used to cryabout what happened all night long,
the white slave master the oppressors willwake up in the morning time and they'll
tell the slaves, did you havea good morning? Basically, did you
have a good cry out? Didyou do enough crying last night because of

what happened to their family member aday prior? So the white oppressors came
up with good morning as a mockerytowards black people. Okay, hmmm mmmmmm.
Now the question that's probably arising inyour mind if you're still conscious,

like uh ross, uh ross,This morning almost slammed his head into the
the the desktop in his studio havingto dub that in. So, I
guess if you haven't concussed yourself,let me ask the question, uh that
you're probably asking. Don't you meanmourning like with a you and not the
other one? And Uh, I'mnot going to play her entire three minute

diatribe. You can go check theTwitter if you want. At the very
end, she points out that theythey made a decision to remove the U
to hide the racism. See sothey you know, it's like so she
knows that mourning is spelled with you, and mourning is spelled with you know,

not a you. But as shepoints out, they at one point
they went, oh my gosh,they're going to catch us, and they
remove the U but kept the otherwhere. I don't know. So anyway,
that's your answer, that's your cancel. And you know what, Frankly,
the last thing I want to doin the morning. I mean,
I understand I do it on theradio because I do Morning Drive. Oh

is morning drive okay? Because youhad to drive to the auction? Right?
If we're making tenuous connections that haveno base in you know, history,
I guess maybe I can't use that, But yeah, I don't really

want to talk to anyone in themorning anyway, not necessarily mornings where I'm
literally I you know, we dotalk to you on the radio. I'm
talking about like Saturday Sunday morning,Like mostly Saturday morning. I want.
The only day where I don't haveany work usually is Saturday. And even
that's not true because I'm still diggingthrough Twitter and stuff. So but on

Saturday morning, I don't want totalk to anybody. So like I'm willing
to abide by this on days whereI don't want to deal with people.
But there you go. But that'swhy we're on guard for the use of
that particular word. So all right, so come up with something else.

I guess you could go with anotherlanguage. She didn't. She didn't say
anything about that. So if youwant to go like von Journo or Buenos
Dias or Glenda, I guess wouldbe more accurate. Or what is it
in France? I think French.I think it's just bonjour. I don't

know if they have a separation forday parts. And then Guten morgan or
you can just say morgan if youwant to do German, so I have
armed you with everything you need rightthere. All right, let me flip
over to this. I think Ihate that I'm gonna have to sit here
and kind of defend Sex in theCity because I have no affinity for the

show. I remember when the showwas really hot, I was dating a
girl that was really into it,and I did watch a couple episodes with
her, but my thought process was, I don't want I'm not gonna pay
attention. But two, it's onHBO, so you know, maybe there's

hoots. Sorry, I'll just bean honest right, I'm an honest arbiter
here, and there was not nearlyenough to overcome the brain cancer that was
that show. That being said,I'm going to defend it for this purpose,
I'm getting really really and this thisis not go for the entirety of

gen Z, all right, I'mnot I'm not gonna pigeonhole an entire generation.
I think it's unfair when we dothat. That being said, there
is this seeming pattern and that anythingand I mean anything that's like even a
year old, is unacceptable. Right, It's cringe cringey is the word that

they use here. But you know, what they're talking about is wokeness and
microaggressions and all of that stuff.And for whatever reason, Sex and the
City, I guess are they it'scoming back or something is the reason for
this. I don't know to whatextent. I just saw that in the
news and now we have to watchour you know, read all these articles.
Hey, this is from the Independent. I'm gen z watching Sex and

the City for the first time.It's not just outdated, it's cringey.
And then the author goes through abouthow she's a writer living in New York.
But other than that, everything isis racist, sexist, homophobic,
you name it, everything under thesun. It's the same treatment that they've
done to many of the shows,some of which I think are still on

the damn air in and are amongthe top ten most watch shows. Friends
is a good example that one continuesto be one of the most viewed shows
in America. It's why Netflix paidthis stupid money for the rights to it.
It does well. But what's missinghere that I've noticed is more prominent

in other generations is the duality ofthe thinking that you're allowed to have.
There are some things in my mindthat are better the old way, and
there are some things that are betterthe new way, right, and I
think that most people can understand that. Let me give you an example of

that. I am glad that.Let's see here, what would I am
glad that we can There are medicalprocedures which are far less arduous today than
they were even ten years ago.So I don't have to wax nostalgic about
the way that they used to dothis one thing. Right, the way

they used to do rabies treatments versushow they can do it now is a
bit night and day. That beingsaid, I also constantly find like I
have a fan that I bought ayear ago and it broke yesterday, the
motors working, but the fans notspinning, and inevitably what's going to happen
today is I'm gonna take it apartand it's gonna be so much worse.

I'll probably electrocute myself, but whatever, And so, like I can be
nostalgic for the fact that I haveanother fan that's like fifteen years old that
still works, and they were roughlythis they're roughly the same fan. As
far as what I remember paying forthat I don't fully remember. But like,

so I can recognize that appliances nowwhile they have more bells and whistles,
I'm still nostalgic for the old handlehandled fridge that we had in our
barn all those years, and thething still works. There is a refrigerator
that sits in our barn with limitedtemperature control in the area where it sits

that has worked from I remember whenI was a kid, and my brother
says he still has it and itstill works. It's mostly like overflow for
you know, soda and beer andstuff in there. But like so,
I can recognize that, for whateverreason, appliances used to be better,
and there is seemingly this and Iknow it's a small thing. There's like

seemingly this attitude as you get youngerand younger. And I don't blame necessarily
gen Z for it. I thinkthis is what's beat into their brain.
You can't operate under the assumption thateverything's racist and you have to question it.
Which is that quote you see fromthe gamer Gate girl a lot.
I see the meme. You can'toperate under that assumption unless you wholly reject

everything that's come before you, becauseyour way is the only way. Whereas
I can operate under the under thevalue I can evaluate and operate under the
assumption that some things are better theway they used to be, and some
things are seemingly better now and somethings just sucked the both times or were
you know what I'm saying. Andso we saw this with friends, and

now it's sex and the city they'regoing to go back through. And I
guess maybe because I don't care aboutthe program, like I'm not going to
stress anymore after just sharing this storywith you, which kind of irritated me,
but like that's how that's how humansnormally think. I thought. Apparently
I'm wrong. I'm also wrong aboutwhat's going on in Seattle. I thought

they had a bunch of things theyhad to get to know. If you
remember Seattle, well, one itis a absolute drug haven. Two you
got like crazy drug addle people likehanging out in trash cans and stuff.
Saw this one documentary Crazy You havehomeless camps that are like a five star

resort in pun To Kna, wasit, Yeah, Seattle. The dude
had he had a gem mine.We just had that story a couple about
a month ago. Some hobo hadbuilt a mine, which is very industrious.
I'll give him that. Man.The problem is it was in the
middle of a park, and youknow they weren't fans with that. But

apparently they must have handled all thatbecause yesterday the Seattle PD, having apparently
sold all the stuff I just talkedabout, decided to start tweeting some stuff
including are you ready for this?A community notification letting the citizens of the
city of Seattle know that Seattle PDand I'm gonna read this verbatim SPD,

Seattle PD is closely monitoring conflict betweenIsrael and Iran. Good, So the
Seattle Washington Police Department is sending outa series of tweets letting the public know
that they're keeping a close eye onwhat's going on between Israel and Iran and

then just putting that and if youas you can imagine, the mockery is
substantial on the tweets. But whywould you send that. I understand that
in Seattle, you know, youhave all the citizens there that are like,
ah, we have to go demandcity council, you know, put
out a strongly worded proclamation, andI like, you know where, I

think that's just dumb. Although Iam I am interested in the the reaction
to this woman in California. Ifyou haven't seen, this woman threatened literally
like violence on city council members.And we had a woman with a shoe
at the Raleigh City Council, exceptCalifornia actually like charged her with a bunch

of stuff. So I'll share thatwith you coming up. I cannot fathom
during my years in high school oneof my class the idea that one of
my classmates would put their hands ona teacher. Now, don't get me
wrong, I had a few teachersthat probably needed some hands put on them.

Not literally obviously, but it mighthave done him some good. But
that's you know, that's that's thethat's how it works, right, you
take the good with the bad.That being said, I could never fathom
a moment where it happened. Ithink the closest thing that I can remember,
hang on, Brandon, I'll goto your call here in just a
moment. The closest thing I canremember is in in wrestling, we had

a kid who was sparring with oneof the assistant coaches and you could he
he had some anger issues and hewas getting really like mister Chape and it
was a really small dude, andthe guy who was wrestling him was one
of the lower weight classes. Ican remember which one it was, and
in his frustration he put he wasclearly it was not sparring anymore and he

was suspended big time for that.And that was that was one of those
things where it could go either way. This video I'm watching from Winston Salem
is nuts. All right, I'mgonna go. I'm gonna send Ross the
link, We'll get it tweeted out, and I'll tell you the story here
in a moment. But let megrab this phone call, Uh, Brandon,
what's up? Hey? I justgotta know, Casey, with all

this woke stuff about Good Morning,are we gonna cancel American Dad? Because
that's gonna be a bummer for me. I mean, just I gotta know.
Is that Are they still producing newepisodes of that? I don't even
I'm not sure, but I stillcatch a rerun once in a while,
and you know, the intro rightat again is good Morning Usa. I

just, I mean, I justgotta go. Are they gonna cancel that
like they've done other cartoons? Imean, I was just thinking one of
my favorite movies is canceled too.In classic Robin Williams classic man. Oh,
that's that's unfortunate. So all right, it's terrible. Yeah, I
appreciate it. All right, thankyou for the call there, sir,

do appreciate it. Yeah, Ross, I didn't even think about that no
more. You know, this generationwill never know about what happened to Jimmy
Waughs. We're going to cancel this. That is that is unfortunate. All
right, let me send this linkto Ross. He's doing about twenty different
things. They'll probably dub that movie. How are you doing on this fine

day Vietnam? We'll find out.So all right, let me let me
flip over to this. I'll getthe immigration story too. All right.
So this is Parkland High School,Winston Salem, and you have a you
have a student. This video doesn'tsay what grade, but you know,
high school whatever in the video andthis is the links is from an outlook

called the nc Beat. The video, obtained by North Carolina Beat captures the
students lapping the teacher twice. Soyou have a student who's got wearing a
hoodie, got the pajama pants on, which is a you know, standard
student uniform. Now I don't reallyhave a beef with that, You know
whatever, If nobody cares, nobodycares. But I do have a beef

with this because in the video,the teacher who's seated the student is standing
up kind of a moves around sideof the teacher and slaps the teacher.
It doesn't just slap the teacher once. The student in the video appears to
slap the teacher twice, then askedif the teacher wants to be hit again,

and then hits the teacher and knocksher glasses off. According to the
district, the student will be subjectto disciplinary measures and potential criminal charges.
According to school officials and the itis currently under investigation. School now Here's

the quote of the century. AllRight School of Fit have described the incident
as inappropriate and unsettling. Inappropriate wouldbe raising your voice to the teacher,
even if the teacher's wrong, andthey sometimes are still Inappropriate would be raising
your voice at the teacher, maybeflipping the teacher off, saying something in

a derogatory manner that is outside thatwould be inappropriate. Slapping your teacher multiple
times, including knocking the teacher's glassesoff. I don't think in a use
stronger words and if you don't knowstronger words, and you're in the you
know, the one putting this together. I'm not even beefing with the comms
person because they were probably told whatto say. You have access to English

teachers. I'm sure that they canbust a the source open and figure it
out. But again, I justI can never imagine this happening in school.
I guess maybe it had to happensome point, but I can't remember
what it was. Just the thingthat happened with coach of Scarlett or Chapin.

I'm sorry, Scarlett was the othercoach, and and uh, you
know the student who let his angerget the get the money. He didn't
hurt the teacher, and they wereyou know, they're already wrestling, but
it was pretty clear what was up. And I remember that being wild.
We were like, oh my gosh, that that just happened. This I
can't And then the rest of thestudents just sitting there. You know,

you need to be expelled and likethrown into juvie. I mean, the
disciplinary action. You're gonna let thatstudent back in the school. It's crazy.
Now you watch this is you hadjust this first time you saw the
vision yeah. I mean, likeI'm from an elegant inner city like urban
school. Like we were one ofthe first schools in New York to ever
have like metal detectors, and wehad shootings and stuff, and I can't,
like you said, I can't everrecall this sort of thing happening to

a teacher. All that being said, everything happened in my school, stabbing,
shooting, not to a teacher.Yeah, what if your teacher is
undercover former marine and he's there toactually bust up a ring that's being run
out of the school that the principal, And well that's the thing. See,
I just assumed they were all undercover. Oh that's a good point.
Yeah, like cops or something,so we wouldn't mess with him. I

mean, twenty one Jump Street wasmore prevalent at the time. So ah,
that's that's another very good point.Now, I was thinking the Tom
the substitute and the four other thatfollowed on that movie. Was that Berange
that was Tom Berenger in that ring. Yeah, he busted that ring.
Spoiler alert by the way, kickingass taken name. So all right,

well, if you want to seethe video, we get the link out
before you can check that out.And then like we got some crazy videos.
You see the video of this thisthis guy down in Lumberton, Jonathan
Lacompte. If I'm pronouncing that correctly, all right, So if you have,
if you've seen the video, maybeyou didn't know it was local.
So you have it's a you havethe guy in the workers vest, you

have a you know, a whitework truck. This happened back about a
month ago in March, but nowwe have the video out there and another
guy who police say his name isRicky Driggers, was stealing the vehicle,
carjacking the vehicle, and in thevideo you see what looks like la compte
open fire pull a piece, whichI don't even know how that's going to

comport because he's he clearly looks likehe's working, and that's the work truck,
but not I guess it's not gonnamatter now. But he appears to
fire several gunshots at Driggers in thereand then kind of like scurries out of
the way because the Driggers backs thetruck way up and he is he's absolutely
free at that point to just flyby on the open road and get out

of there. But the horribleness isyou then see the truck fire, you
know, go flying at the guywho had fired at him, whose truck
was being stolen, and another dude, and at whatever speed he was able
to achieve, which was significant,slams right into this dude kills him.
Just why why led stuff out there? Man? And the video shouts from

the crowder heard as people tell everyoneto get out of the way as the
truck was coming back and to hithim. It wasn't it wasn't one of
these things where he's going and theguy was still standing there. Dude is
up on this up on the grassat that moment, and this this dude
just hits him with a truck.So he's charged with you know, murder,
larceny, just a bunch of stuff. And he's got a court date

next week. So there you go. Crazy times. Man. All right,
let's get some weather. That's theonly sane thing around here. With
race agent from the Weather channel souhyeah, give us, give us boring
weather and I'll offset all those stupidand sanity in the news man. Yeah,
and pretty boring clouds, clear skykind of in and out of it.
Though there's more clouds from a linefrom about Pittsburgo down towards Fayette Villa

in points west, and they're comingeast. So if you're in sunshine now,
there'll be more in the way ofcloud coming in. And I like
the cloud sun mix for today.Still warm though didn't get any records yesterday,
but most of us did hit theupper eighties today. I'll seventies to
low eighties. There is a smallchance of a shower thunder shower tonight.
We'll keep the clouds Tomorrow still probablyaround eighty degrees, and then as we

get at the Thursday and Friday,we'll stay in the eighties. I think
Thursday is going to be the warmerday where we'll go mid upper eighties,
and then a chance of showers Fridaylow eighties. So between now and Friday,
no significant or widespread rainfall. It'sover the weekend. I think the
chance of showers and thunder showers willgo up, especially Saturday night and Sunday,
and by Sunday will cool off intothe sixties. So enjoy the warm

weather. It will come to anend and so will the dry weather.
Small chances of showers until about Saturdaynight Sunday then that chance will go up.
Okay, all, I appreciate it. We'll chat tomorrow, sir,
have a good one, okay,and we'll come back with Jeff Bellinger.
And you know I mentioned it earlier. I got to play the audio again.
Just a crazy officer involved shooting withad with a katana. We'll have

that more coming up. Hang on, well, morning, casey. Futures
look good this morning, but thatwas the case yesterday too, and we
ended up with a sell off latein the day. Now, futures are
up two hundred and thirty five pointsat the moment. There was a bigger
than expected pullback a new home buildingactivity last month. The government reports housing

starts declined nearly fifteen percent in Marchto the lowest level since August. Economists
thought we'd be hearing about a dropof about two and a half percent.
Building permits for new residential projects weredown more than four percent, suggesting the
numbers could remain weak in the monthsahead. Internal Revenue Service data indicate fewer
taxpayers getting refunds this year. Asof April fifth, just under sixty seven

million taxpayers had been reimbursed as ofApril seventh. Last year, just over
sixty nine million refunds had been issued. That means more than two million Americans
have not gotten the boost to theirfinances that they gotten twenty twenty three,
Some people who waited until the lastminute file tax returns were frustrated if they
tried to e file using H andR blocks Desktop software Block confirmed the program

didn't work for several hours yesterday.Online clients and people who worked with professionals,
whether virtually or in person, werenot affected. Antitrust enforcers at the
Justice Department reportedly have Live Nation entertainmentin their sites. Source to say a
complaint could be filed as soon asnext month to try to force Live Nation
to spin off its Ticketmaster business.Employed workers set the bar really high for

companies that might try to lure themaway from their current employers. A survey
by the Federal Reserve Bank of NewYork found that the lowest compensation employees would
be willing to accept for a newposition is just under eighty two thousand dollars
a year. Three years ago,before inflation took off the way it has,
workers were willing to switch jobs forabout ten thousand dollars and AKC Starbucks

has added some new lemonade refreshers toits menu for spring. The coffee chain
says the drinks are both sweet andspicy or swicy if you will. They'll
be around for a limited time.Starbucks says sweet heat is trending now and
it's looking to cash in casey,I'm not using that word. What was
the word you just used? It'sswaysy. That's well Starbucks. I know

you didn't make it up, butyeah, no, no, no,
I'm not going to do it.So okay, all right, this will
be the last time you'll hear itfrom me too. I don't know,
man, We'll see all right,Thanks, Jeff, appreciate it. Okay,
have a good day. Yeah,I'm too. I've also hit the
agee I'm too old to learn newwords, which is not true. I
enjoyed learning stuff, but dumb wordsanyway. Uh wait, what is this?

Okay? All right, sorry Igot sidetracked. There are they really
suspending delivery of the cyber trucks?Now? What is this over? It's
over a pedal issue? Oh okay, so it's nothing somebody I haven't seen.
Have you seen a cyber truck inthe wild yet? Ross? Have
you seen one driving around. Igot email a picture from a listener,
So there's one driving around care butI no, I haven't seen it.

Be amazing if they did, though, Mark, he just found out that
those things are real. What doyou mean? She was on social media
Facebook or something the other day andshe's like, wait a second, is
a cyber truck like a real thingyou can buy? She thought it was
a meme or a joke. Whatbecause it looks ridiculous. It No,
no, no, it looks itabsolutely doesn't look like anything else out there.
But like shed you say, centerthe Joe Rogan elon with the bow

and arrow and uh what was thatlike two months ago when he was on
Rogan Show and they just stopped inthe middle of it to go out and
shoot the cyber truck with arrows?So yeah, okay, all right,
so you guys get in one orwhat it'll uh get one, maybe get
a turret on it or something.Are you cool? Now? You're just
telling about her? And I can'teven imagine what insurance would be on that

thing. It was supposed to beindestructible. You think it'd be uh less?
Did you ever know to see thetruck bed of that thing. When
you open it up, it lookslike yeah yeah, yeah, yeah,
it's pretty crazy. I watched someof the other stuff. I remember when
they had initially they rolled the oneout on stage the demo and like the
window broke. It was like itwasn't it wasn't a great look, and

people, you know, people hadjokes and all that, but there were
a bunch of features. There wasa follow through video of them going through
that truck, and they had likesome serious go go gadget stuff that didn't
make the final cut. But soif you're a gadget dude, I you
know, by and by the way, you can buy whatever you want.
That's fine, we may judge you. But I just I haven't seen one,
and the number of that they've alreadydelivered is pretty substantial. So
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