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May 22, 2024 64 mins
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Phone number eight eight eight nine threefour seven eight seven four. Alrighty,
this is such a weird phase.Ross. Do you find it weird that
every Monday or Tuesday you're treated toclips on the Twitter of Bill Maher making
sense? Is that kind of weird? I mean there's you know, it's
the evolution of Bill mahertin and heis, well, that's didn't Yes,

I think he has with age,but you can also say it's like an
Overton window thing where everything has shiftedso much to the left that now makes
Bill Maher look like a centrist.There the only issue or I think Bill
Maher has consistently been and you canlook back. There's a really really uncomfortable
Ben Affleck Bill Maher episode where BenAffleck's like, no, no, oh,

the you know isis I can't rememberwho he was apologizing for. He
wasn't apologizing per SE's just like likehe was really uncomfortable around. I want
to say it was the Muslim brotherhoodthing in Egypt, Like it goes back
that far. And like Bill Marsstarts talking about terrorism, right and he's

not saying all Arabs, but he'spointing out that like literally the group that's
in question here, like they're terrorists, not big fans of the Jews,
and Affleck is so wildly uncomfortable,and mar picks up on that, which
is is a thing with him,and he keeps going down that road and
he kind of puts Affleck in thiscorner. Like you can say that some

people have this view of Islam wherethey got to go out and murder people.
You could you could make that claimin totality. I've heard people do
it based on, you know,what's in the Qur'an. I don't necessarily
tend to agree with that, butit's it's not outside of line, especially
when you're looking at what's going on. And you could tell Affleck didn't want

to be there. And I rememberthen people are like, look at mar
is based before based was a term. But that's always been his position.
However, on all the rest ofthe stuff. To your point, Ross,
I think he used to go alongand get along on it, and
now he's at the age where hecan flip off little kids in the store
or whatever, you know, wherehe's just like, I don't give a
crap. But it's like every Mondayor Tuesday, man, there's just clips

floating around from the show over theweekend or in this case, Bill Maher
went on the View, Yeah Idid, and among other things, told
Joy Behar to her face that she'sa bias idiot listen to by the way,
listen to what you know to betrue, but that she is willing

to point out and casually like they'rehaving a private conversation in the green room,
listen to this. But I'm nervousabout saying anything against Biden because I
feel, you know, not thatI have so much power and you have
some with them that I do,obviously, but I don't know about that.
Are you afraid that you might,you know, influence the people who

are on the fence. I thinkyou lose all credibility I do. I
mean, my bond with my audiencehas always been I don't pull a punch.
Yeah. My bond with my odienceis you're not going to like everything
I say. Yeah, but youknow, I'm saying what I really think
is true. All right, Andagain I think I think younger Bill Maher
there was a lot of stuff.He kind of probably did the Bayhart thing
too. And I think you canlook at Bill mahrk twenty sixteen and see

this, but you know her justcasually being like, yeah, so I
don't criticize him because I don't wantto swing a vote. Well, now,
who would come to you as anarbiter for information? Who would put
their trust in you that you're doinghonest analysis of stuff. Not that I
think people came there for that,but look, there's a few women who

watched that show who think those chicksare right. We feel bad for them.
And has become her role when hegot done with behar Sonny Hostin Houstin
whatever her name is, she justher new thing is just to like sidetrack
the things like when Coleman, Ican't remember Coleman's last name, the young

black journalist was on and she decidedthat even though this guy is an Obama
voter, he's a liberal, likehe tells you what he votes for all
the rest, Like she just couldn'tdeal that he had some thoughts, and
she did. She turned it intoa straight attack piece, saying that he
was, you know, essentially atool for the right and if you ever

listen to the dude, he's gota lot of thoughts and they're not necessarily
right leaning. But Damnity believes them, and it was a really bad look
like he was completely But that's herthing, right, She's the attack dog.
She's the pit bull out of control, not your pit bull, your
pit bulls fines the Gandhia pit bulls. Nothing bad whenever happened. But yeah,

and it's when Sue, when theysend her into a buzz sauce.
She's so dumb. I used tothink that she wasn't dumb, she was
vicious, But I'm beginning more andmore to think she's an idiot that you
get up against somebody like Bill Maher, Who who is? Who is fine
to roll with you? One ofthe most awkward seven minutes of video if

you haven't seen it, is alittle loop running around of Bill Maher and
Bill Burr from like two weeks ago. Ross you mentioned you mentioned it to
me because you watched it, right, Uh, yeah, I watched it
was like super uncomfortable. Yeah,but that's two guys comics argue with each
other differently, and do you knowwhat, do you know what? I'm

watching that thing? And I hateto say this, I wouldn't want to
interview Bill Burr. And it's andit's not just that if He's a really
interesting dude if you ever watch himin interviews, because he's always he's trying
to drag you somewhere, and he'svery good at it, right, or

he wouldn't be very good at hisjob. And so like not just the
Bill Maher interview, but if youjust type Bill Burr local local news,
right, there's tons of videos ofhim sitting down with some morning anchor,
right who normally does five minute puffpieces. Who's the new guy at the
comedy club? And then Bill's inthere talking about how his cares suck.

Yeah, Bill Burr. Bill,don't you hate it when you have to
hold your wife's purse? Yeah?And he's just he got no time for
that, and you do that orbring up Philadelphia dead, right, he
loves that. Who was the whowas the big YouTuber that he chewed up

Ethan the h h what is it? H what? H three? H
three or something? Ethan Klein?You want to see one of the most
awkward things that literally sent the hostinto pharmaceuticals. He had to go he
had to go to a psychiatrist afterit and got prescribed essentially anxiety drugs.

And he claims it's because he didan interview with Bill Burr. Hey,
you did a bad interview. Iwatched it, and I like to think
that I can like we're going tohave a more comfortable interview, especially something
like that. I still don't wantto deal with Bill Burke's don't want to
get on his bad side. Man, That guy will spit you out.
So the the Bill Maher Bill Burrthing is you can watch it, but

it's it's you're watching a car accident. Well, the thing with that is
is like Bill Burr, Bill Omaris obviously very on one side, right,
He's he's really has the right todefend itself and and he that is
a side which is interesting, rightbecause he's a big atheist obviously right,
But he has a side there thathe has taken uh with With Bill Burr,

I feel like a lot of timesI think he was trying to set
himself up for a punchline that Billwasn't allowing him to deliver because he've seen
him do this before and Conan before, talking about Trump and the wall and
stuff, and he always has apunchline and it's funny, and I think
he had a punchline. Those twoget each other. Those two getting right.
Yes, I think it had apunch because he said Bill Burg said,

I'm on the side of the kids. Yeah, I wanted and that
means he doesn't want to talk aboutit. But I had a feeling,
like, I want to what's thepunchline. I have a feeling there was
gonna be a punchline, or hewould at least explain where where he was
coming from. And usually his thoughtstend to be very funny, and you
they'd get a chuckle or a laughout of it, right right, But
Bill Bill Maher wasn't having it now. He's he goes, you have to
you have to show your affinity now. And I will say this, even

though he didn't deliver the punchline,you could see on the fly him handling
it. Because I'm looking at that, I'm like, this interview is about
done right, this is normal.This is like tear off your your uh,
your mic and walk out of theirterritory. And he's and he spins
it very massive. But as youcould tell, they're arguing the whole time,
but they're arguing in comedic. Incomic, it's just so weird.

So that's Bill Burr, and Ithink that Bill Maher handled it just fine.
If you're this view check, Sonny, you don't stand a chance you're
done, especially if you're on theattack. Listen to this. I mean,
it's just astounding to me that theycan't tell the good guys and the
bad guys. I mean, justthe morally. I mean, let me

tell you, if you're for Hamas, just live in gossip for a day.
And I'm not talking about while thewar is on. I mean before
the war, trust me, youwould go running and screaming and begging to
live in Tel Aviv, a placethat has your values. I mean,
women have no I mean just theshow watched by a lot of women.
Women have no rights right in thisplace and a lot of majority Muslim countries

around the world. I mean,there's no equal rights as far as speech,
dress, opportunities for education, notreproductive rights, freedom from sexual violence,
freedom from sexual that too. Butyou throw around the term apartheid.
There is a gender apartheid in alot of the world where women are second

class citizens at best. All right, So, and that's sunny, just
broaching it. You mostly heard Beharin that cut where she's kind of nod
and along. So you think atthat point she leave it be. She
did not leave it be. Miscentcivilians that have been all concerned about the

innocent civilians that have been collectively punishedand murdered, largely children and women,
and you at all concerned about thefact that the International Criminal Court just today
issued a subpoena for BBTA. Well, that's that's ridiculous. But it's a
war. It's a war because it'sa war, and they were attacked and

they're defending themselves. Now, thisis a war. Do you think Hamas
needs to be destroyed? This isthe question you do, yes, okay,
what the sea's fire? All right? So Hamas needs to be destroyed
because they are a terrorist organization whosay openly that they want to commit genocide
on the Jewish people, on thestate of Israel. That's what from the
river to the sea means, okay, and they say it very openly.

They said, we did this attack. They've attacked the Israel five times,
They've started five wars since they weregiven that land back. They could have
chosen to turn that place into anyplace they wanted to, and they took
a lot of money that they tookfrom the international community, and they spent
it on bombs and guns and buildingtunnels. So if they need to be
destroyed, how do we do that? It's a war. I don't know

how to do that, and youdon't know how to do that. I
assume the rightily, of course everybodyis. But that's what happens in a
war. Here's a way to stopthat, stop attacking Israel, right,
And she's try to find ins thatthat whole time. And he's got he's
got zero patients for it. Andyeah, I don't know if you've noticed

a pattern. They don't like itwhen you I think, I don't know
that. I'll put that up withmy favorite I know what my favorite view
moment is? Ross, Do youhave a favorite moment from the view if
you had to think about it?And I'm gonna tell you the one I'm
thinking of, Probably not nothing norHead nor McDonald. Oh yeah, I
agree, Yes, original Barbara Waltersthere referring to Bill Clinton as a murderer,

and they can't deal. It's amazing. Yeah, I thought it was
common knowledge that they were murderers.Yeah, dude, you know what I
feel. I I hate to putthat. We got to play that,
Okay, I don't remember if weplayed it when Norman passed away. It's
one of the best. It's it'samazing. And what's so great about it

is is Barbara Walters is still there. And she had a way about her
where she didn't just try to getyou into a break and then you'd come
back and you'd be on a differenttopic. Like she'd openly brate people if
they were talking about something that shedidn't like. And Norm MacDonald is loving

every minute of it. All right, so we'll find that all right coming
up on the show. How muchyou guys like new technology? I like
new technology. That's got the companyscrambling want to bring you the very best.
In fact, the find folks overat Microsoft have cool new stuff.

Not the anti semitic AI bot.They already did that and yeah, it's
a funny story, but it didn'twork out. So they're working on some
other technology that I'm sure is justgoing to be fine. It'll be fine,
absolutely fine. And what wrestling movewould you most like to apply to?

Have you? You probably asked yourselfthat before sit around daydreaming, like
if you ever got into a steelcage match with Shammoux, how you'd handle
that. People's elbow. That's probablya stunner. Could you tombstone and orca

We'll figure out what your signature movewould be, because yes, that's an
actual story. I'll explain coming uphere on the CaCO Day radio program.
Eehaw. Norm MacDonald on the View. We're just gonna listen to that for
our pleasure because I'm always amused bythis and I want you to listen.
Think of Norm as a dog whojust had his bone taken away, or

they're trying to get it, andhe leans right into it. Man,
it's great. See, I don'tI think we should get the homicide out
of the White House and get likea fresh because we don't want any more
murderers. I think we should justgo on to the next question. Well,
murdered a guy, you know,you know, but I know accusations

with that that's a little too far, it does. Let's just let's just
go on to the next one.Yeah, this is not my week.
What can I tell you? Oh, it's not mighty either. I'm being
very nice. Okay, I'm agood boy now, Norm. No,
we don't needn't want to get outof this, and I don't, by
the way, that's the worst thingyou could say to the student that moment,

you'd be a good boy, becauseit's all you want to hear it,
and this is not the place tomake those accusations, and you're supposed
to be funny. There you go. This is a love song. Who
but you have been properly chestised byBarbara was the next record? If you

could put any wrestling move onto anOrca, what do you think would be
the most effective? Yeah, yeah, I spent like twenty minutes thinking about
that yesterday. For all you,For any woman who's ever looked at a
dude who's just kind of staring offinto space and you're like, well,
I wonder what he's thinking. Iwonder if he's questioning if I've been fat

or that conversation we have. No, he's thinking about finishing moves on an
Orca, probably if he's seen thisstory, because that's where your head goes.
I say this because some jackass hisbuddies videoed him going off the top

rope onto an Orca with a calf, which, by the way, don't
do that. You're lucky you're alive. But still, that's the most drunk
dude thing I think I've ever seenand we do floor de mand stories around
here, but this is guy goingtop rope off a yacht onto an orca.

By the way, were you surprisedto learn that they are Australian.
Sorry, that's got a very Australianguy. And you can hear the women
simultaneously like this is a horrible ideaand the dudes like, yeah, this
is amazing. I've touched it allright, so anyway, don't First of

all, don't do that, ordo do that. I'm literally the fact
that you weren't eating, sir isamazing to me. But yeah, no,
in the video you see actually he'suh, he's from news. It
happened off the coast of New Zealand. I don't know if he's Australian or
New Zealand. But anyway, sothey're on a boat. They see this

orca swimming with a calf, whichshould be majestic. Right, you've been
on you've been on a boat inthe ocean and you've just seen a dolphin
chasing you. That's cool stuff.Right, you see a whale or a
killer whale like this, that's prettycool, I will say. For all
of its horribleness in governance, California, which I long said is probably one

of most beautiful places in America.And that's coming from a kid who grow
up near with the teetons. Okay, it's just filled with a holes.
But like any given day when Iwas living in Santa Barbara during a certain
time of the year, I couldlook off my back patio because we live
beachside and to apply out near theuniversity there, and if with a telescope

you could see humpback whales, bluewhales migrate and all sorts of stuff.
Man, And I don't know thatwill always be cool to be. It's
less cool if you're in a seakayak like that one dude in the video
a few weeks ago. But that'samazing. But at no point did I
go, you know what, Ibet I could put that in a figure
four leg lock and have submit,which you can't because they don't have legs.

So cross that one off your list. Somebody did email that, sir,
they don't have legs. It wouldbe wildly ineffective. I think you
got a tube stone it. IfI'm being honest here, Ross you ever
considered which finishing move you would puton an orca if you were in a
cage match. Maybe you didn't thinkabout it until you saw this story,
but the thought probably crossed your mind. Right course, Let's see, he's

facing a six hundred dollars fine,he did touch it though, He's absolutely
right. But according to folks withthe Department of Conservation, they'd prefer you
not put wrestling moves on shamou.Now I would understand it. That one.
We're the one whale who ate itstrainer for like forty five minutes in

front of the kids, I think. And by the way, that killer
whale, uh the I can't rememberwhich one, what its name was,
they had eight, like three people, but yeah, really the they had
a female trainer worked with this forthe shows. And then literally they're at
one of the you know the shows. The kids are all front with their
tarp like they're at a Gallagher show, and everyone's excited, and the orca

is just like, you know what, enough of this, I'm eating you
and uh literally just grabbed this womanobviously killed her, but did it And
over forty five minutes in front ofa quote a very emotional crowd. I
would ask why you stuck around afterthe first minute, Like, why were

you there? For the other fortyfour, especially if you got kids there.
And obviously some people left, buteven at the height of that video,
people are just sitting there right becausethey're like, this is not the
show I paid to see, butit is the show I'm seeing and I'm
gonna watch it. It's really gruesome. And of course there's like three hundred
camera angles. But yeah, andthis guy's like, nah, nah,

people's elbow. Here we go,all right, hold on, hold on,
here we go. Yes, Chris, what's up, hey, good
morning? Casey Uh, it's afigure for finn Lock. Okay, well,
somebody wrote email said leg Lock andI'm like, that's ridiculous, sir,
So thank you for clarifying. Okay, all right, look at that.

So I miss I misunderstood. That'sobviously on me figure for finn Lock.
Yeah, it makes perfect sense.Yes, Jamal, what's up?
Hey? I just want are youliterally underwater fighting in Orca right now?
Because your phone sucks if you are. No, I'm a regular phone.

No, I just got to finish, explained to my daughter will Wild an
orkle. But you're like, Dad, it wasn't ocle. I'm like,
that's a big killer wheel. Wellyeah, but did your daughter have any
your daughter have any suggestions for asubmission move for the Orca. Look.
I showed her this song, DumbWays to Die, And when I explained
it to her, she starts singingit. Started singing Dumb Ways to Die?

Best advice you'll give her? Anyway? What do you want to say?
Man? You know you know whatcase? Why hear Bill mar He
started criticizing liberals. Bill Maher isthe person who went out there and told
the people, Hey, go huga baby calf moose, and when you
see his mama, you make sureyou really grabbed that type, really grabbed

that little tike really hard. He'sthe one that started a lot of this
rope craft that he's complaining about.He's the one that sat down and said,
hey, I hope the economy crashesso we can get Joe Biden.
Well, guess why Israel got attackedbecause Joe Biden was in office. Then
he sat there and he said hewon't let go of January the sixth.

But when people sit down and tellhim that, he sat there and and
pushed be but Hillary Clinton, sayingHillary Clinton was election denier. Hillary Clinton
was an election denier. He don'twant to admit that. He says,
well, that's not just different.No, that's a huge thing to happen,

Daddy, love you so will reclitting an election on. You're letting
your daughter out. You well,hold on, you're letting your your daughter's
off to school. I'm glad youlove her. Did you also explain her
if she really can't attack an Orcatoday? I just want to make sure
that I'm not responsible for anything,so she understands she's in or on the
way to school, not to wrestleit. Right. Look, I've seen

that she already knows because she washearing you say about how good people she
was, right, Daddy, Orca'steeth, I said, there, I
said, they're not called Orca.They're called Tuller wheels for a reason.
Well, now you're just stereo.That's you're just stereotyping Jamal. So it's
because he's black. No, halt, half whack, It's not even what's

going on here anyway, all right, So yeah, no, Bill Maher,
Bill Maher loved a lot of this, unundoubtedly, and I think eventually
he's just like it's one thing topassively go you know what, I supported
is going on in Portland. It'sanother thing to be confronted with one hundred
nights siege on officers in the federalcourthouse and try to pretend it's not a

thing. It caught up with him. So I agree, and so now
and so when I and when Iheard him. I don't know if you've
seen them him in the Meggie Kellyinterview, she was paying him when he
brought up that Trump about the thenine elections. She went into him.
Did I like everything? Megan Kellysaid no, but she really brought it

to him to when he got frustratedand he got angry. So when I
look at Bill Mark coming this showand he says about Joey Bajare about not
calling Trump support of Nazi, youknow because she said because if we were,
if we wear a red mccaht oh, we're Nazi. He was the
one that o red duty call.Does that I don't know, I don't

look. I don't bring up BillMartin say that he's a guru. I
bring it up to go. Isn'tit interesting that I see a bunch of
red leaning accounts every Monday or Tuesdayselling sending bill Mark clips or posting them
on Twitter. I just that's myobservation. I'm not letting opinions. Yes,
j C. I do the samething, Casey whenever, because you

know you got Hayestle Sheriff. Ofcourse, you got the the podcast you
guys do, and got the Twitterchannel. Please go to k C O
Dain on Twitter channel. But gorgeousCasey on the ready on Twitter. But
Casey I screams all the time.Bill Maher is not our friend. Because

if people play thirty seconds of whathe said, this man said, he
has said, all right, extreme, all hundred percent. Let me just
say this because I gotta go toRay. It's one hundred percent. The
uh, the the car you know, the car wreck you can't look away
from. Factor with Bill Maher isnot necessarily what he's saying. It's that

it looks how far what? BecauseI think Bill Maher has is consistent.
I think that he is consistent inwhat he believes. So at that point
when you watch a Bill Mahr clipand you go, guys making some sense,
it's because you have to recognize thathe realizes the goalposts have moved,

and it's just a very shiny exampleof that. All right, let's get
I bet Ray's got an answer raceagent from the Weather channel. All right,
so you find out, Let's sayyou find hypothetically later today you're in
the boss's office, like, hey, Ray, uh, mandatory overtime you
have to wrestle and orcut in asteel cage match. Which wrestling move are

you putting on the orca to gainsubmission? The rake to the eyes?
Immediately? I'm and this is apoint. This is not just a point
about wrestling orcas, like the jackasson the boat. Have you seen the
video where a guy literally kind ofjumps off a yacht put the people's elbow
on an orca. Doesn't go well, it doesn't go as horribly as it
could. He's still alive. ButI'm like, that's a dude thing.

But if you ask any guy whatwrestling move, they they'll give it some
thought. That's how our brain works, they would, they would. Yeah,
maybe maybe if you're jumping from aboat, maybe you should go with
the flying elbow first, because that'seasy. You'll fall, maybe startle them
for a second, and then therake to the eyes so they can't see
you. But spoiler, you won'tstartle them. I mean you must startle

them, but not like submission.Didn't you open this up with hypothetically?
Well, I mean a guy reallydid so yeah, well yeah, but
you said, you know, hypotheticallyto me, all right, hypothetically,
if I could stun him, thatwould be the move, because it would
probably be the easiest to certainly notgoing to be any you know the sharks.
You just punch it in the nose. I don't know if that works

for the workout, but if somebodyelse wants to try, I'll watch from
Yeah, and if you did theflying elbow to a shark, it would
probably work if you get him inthe nose. So same concept straight up.
Yeah, nobody's questioning that, Yeah, exactly. All right. Anyway,
you were just at the beef lastweekend. How many sharks did you
have to get submission over over?Now you don't have to count all of

them, but probably what five aday. That's such a thing would do
at least at least Yeah, Rossis he's just a part of a shark
punch of machine, dude. Yeah, it's a signature move, just a
just a punch of the nose.Or I would go with the sharpshooter.
I would go over the back spineof it and take its fin and pull
it up. Yeah, that's veryThey tend to tap out. They can't

tap out, they don't have arms, but you know they they look like
they're tapping out. So anyway,I'm sorry, which probably uld go.
So yeah, yeah, let's gowith that. We'll tap out after today
because the weather's gonna be a greattoday, a little more cloud coming in
as the day progresses lit to mideighties, and then it goes downhill tomorrow
afternoon tomorrow night, some scattered showers, thunderstorms, gonna be some stronger storms

and marginal risks for severe storms too, So that would mean wind and hail
and even the chance of a spinup or a tornado, And then would
go a little unsettled for Friday andthe upcoming holiday weekend. But we'll still
manage to get ourselves, I thinkinto the little mid eighties, so I
don't think all day rain any day, but decent chances coming in, so
at least expect some shower storms forthe holiday weekend. My favorite reaction to

that work of video too is peoplelike they can't lie. Oh, why
would somebody think they could do this? And I'm like, I did remember
the story last year when they're askingdudes would animals they could fight, and
like like elephant, Like six percentof dudes not that they could fight an
elephant right where a polar bear wason. It was just ridiculous. So
yes, that's why this is notI was not blown away by this being

a thing because opinion of ourselves.All right, thank you, sir,
I appreciate it. Okay, allright, there you go Ray stage Jic,
who is probably bigger than the Orcacalf in this video. He's a
very tall dude, but still heknows. You don't go wrestling now,
especially not on their grounds. Rightthat cave, you're gonna do the cage
match, you want to be outof the water. In the water,

you don't stand a chance. Sevenfifty Hang on, how bad do you
want a new holiday? Remember everyonewas complaining about Juneteenth for some reason.
I would like to remind you theofficial position on the show is you want
to give me another day off?Cool, which I think is the right
take. But I also understand bypeople want to get into debates over everything.

Whatever, We're kind of part ofthe problem. That being said,
whatever you want to give me aday off and I don't have to physically
show up for whatever the celebration is. Tell me more absolute nut job and
squad member. Congresswoman Corey Bush decidedshe wanted to make the news, so

she has proffered a new bill.I don't feel that it's going to be
well received, but I'll throw itout anyway. Yeah, the bill,
which what is the official name ofthis has an official name. It's like
Obamacare, right, It's not reallytechnically called Obamacare, but that's what people

refer to it as, including Obama. So the Helping Families Heal Act.
That sounds nice, right, HelpingFamilies heal? Who could be opposed to
Helping Families Heal? Goes by anothername. The Mike Brown Bill started off

the push for this. Mike Brownshould be turning twenty eight today, but
his life was taken by a Fergusonpolice officer. This is all that hands
up, don't shoot nonsense, anarrative so big and so continuous that even
multiple investigations by Barack Obama's Justice Departmentunder Eric Holder could yield no wrongdoing.

She wants a Mike Brown holiday.But it's not just about Mike it's about
all of the rest of the folkswho were just senselessly murdered by police when
they're just trying to eat skittles orwhatever the narrative is for that, and
then was really cruel. Here isyou know how I feel about the parents

in these situations, right, Iexpect Mom's going to come out and be
that he was a good boy,but because that's how that's how parents,
especially in the heat of stuff react, and I don't pay that any mind.
But what is real tragic here isthat she literally roped Mike Brown's mom

into helping her like show off thebill Leslie mcspadden is Mike Brown's mother's name.
Years after this, rather than lettingthis woman come to terms with this
situation, that it went in thisdirection and probably you know, inside,
she's probably going to think, hey, did I do enough? Which is

natural, right, And I don'tknow, maybe Mike Mike's behavior that we
know of, whether it is theconfrontation with that store owner, which is
extremely violent, or is you know, grabbing attempting to grab an officer service

weapon he's sitting in a car,like, maybe she not responsible for that,
but still she'd always tell herself thatbut she needs to process it,
and you know, rolling her outfor a bill that's gonna go nowhere so
that you can get the shock valueof being like, we need a Mike
Brown holiday. And then in thedefense of it, I kid you not

to point out that they have PresidentsDay and Columbus Day and they were what
are you talking about? But Idigress. So to roll her out to
introduce the bill, it just seemscruel to me. Man. So anyway,

that was not a good look.But again that's not gonna go anywhere.
And she look at she got herfifteen minutes, so good for her.
I can't get over this University ofPennsylvania student. If you are going
to go on multiple media outlets andscream poverty, here's let me help you
out. If that's your plan.Anyone listening you're like, Hey, this

is what I'm gonna do. Deleteyour Instagram picture of you in the private
jets shower bathroom eating caviar job numberone, right, don't need you don't
need a bunch of photos of youon jet skis, photograph your spring break
trip to Antarctica afoard a private shipgoing to Antarctica's really expends. I looked

at it, you know, Ilike to travel. I looked at because
there's a place. There's this amazingplace at the very southern end of South
America. Technically it's in Argentina,but it's almost in Chile. And it
is a main launching point for alot of the ships that go down to
Antarctica, just due to its proximityto McMurdo in those areas and so,

and it's a very cool talent yushwari. It almost sounds like you worry.
I'm probably mispronounced. It's amazing becauseyou have all a Patagonia is the background,
which is it. It's just oneof the most amazing mountain ranges continuation
of andyes, obviously, but it'slike popping up out of the ocean.
It's just crazy. And there's awonderful hotel that just kind of overlooks the

whole town. And I remember Iwanted to look at what a cost go
to Antarctica. Won it's time consumingtoo, it's ungodly expensive. And that's
in a group setting. This chick'sgot a private crew taking her down there.
You gotta delete those photos because somepeople are gonna feel that you're disingenuous
if basically you're the kid of oneof the most famous people in the Philippines

who just runs around and just poststuff like that, right, just showing
off his wealth. And then obviouslyhis kids do too, including this idiot.
Also Ross when you're on your privatejet, is caviar caviar? Eating
it in the bathroom? Is thatreally the way to go? Anyway?
It just feels like, yeah,why would you want to eat the cat

you are in the bathroom. Buthey, if you're filthy rich, I
guess you can do whatever. ButI, for one, I like my
beluga right out in the main cabin. But that's me. That's how I
flex. So what are you gonnado? Yeah? But what an absolute
nitwitz? Speaking of Nitwitz? Uh, well, we didn't get the Michael

Brown bill. We did apparently getthis. I signed the Pack and PA
Act into law. I handed thepen that I signed it with a nutrition
the most personalst responsible for the legislation, so that that got signed and then
the pen and then gave the penaway. I don't know if you know

this. A lot of times whenthey sign they do like like half a
letter with one pen and then theygrab another, and it's so they have
multiple pens to give away. Ican remember what remember Obamacare? Remember the
fervor to get a pen? AndNancy Pelosi's running out, you know,
running out of there like she's thedog who got the bush. The whole
thing was weird. But uh,anyway, so yeah that passed. They're

getting stuff done. They're getting stuffdone. Ross do you think this bill
will change your life? You're inyour family's life for the better, I'm
hoping. So yeah, what doyou think personally? I'm tired of eating
my caviar down in the cargo holdof my an with the pores and obviously

your your man servants, right,you got to keep them in stowage,
all right. So that's your favoritepart about this bill? Huh? That
thing with well, I just Ithink some of the regulations regarding that sort
of thing needs to be Guy,I want my caviar on the wing,
so specifically, in the air.Can I sit in the window and claim

I seat doing it? But wheneveryone walks by, you're dollar You're not
there? All well, you shouldbe able to, but not before he
signed this bill. Uh what wasthe name of the bill again? So
I can just look it up realquick. The spell Can you spell it
or you don't want to spell?After I signed the Pack and Pack at
Black Act into law, he almostsay Cadillaci, which would be amazing because

I think that's such a fun wordin North Carolina. Say, did you
say pac aalac? After I signedthe Pack and Pack Atlac act into pack
at Lack pack Atlantic Cadillac. Oh, is that free Cadillacs for NC state
students. Maybe that's what it is. He's like, I'm gonna forgive your
student loans, go and buy aCadillac. Spoiler, Uh, they don't

produce them, so you'll have toget a used one. After I signed
the Pack and Pack at Blac actinto Lawn, the pen and then you
get a free pen. So youget a Cadillac, a pink Cadillac,
which is weird because I just referencedpeak Cadillac on the show yesterday. And
by the way, those of youwho tried to correct me, you're like,

no, it's a woman who's sayingthat. Yeah. No, uh,
look it up. There was awoman who covered it. Bruce Springsteen.
Don't question me anyway. So yeah, so he signed that that that
thing that is saving lives, butnot and when he got done with that,
also he did he decided to dothe thing that he's done before and

it never isn't uncomfortable. He decideshe can give a little marriage advice.
Now he's given a commencement speech atan HBCU, and there's all sorts of
pandering, but this one right here, this is one of my favorites because
it's not the first time he saidit. And by the way, I

said, every young man, thinkingyou getting married, marrying a family of
five or more daughters, I did. My wife sold us the five sisters.
You know why why one of them? I've always loved you, But
that same one one of them,it's always been on your side. That's
the biggest advance. Five daughters.Yeah. Yeah. And by the way,

that that very same advice obviously sharewith his kids, and Hunter took
to heart kind of his brother's widow. Yeah. So why do you keep
saying that? And why do yousay that? Is it meant? I
mean, I understand that it kindof sounds like it's a guy who's humble
bragging on his wife. I getthat, but also kind of kind of

like speaking to a lot of women'sfears if they have, like, the
worst thing on the planet is ifyour girl thinks that you think one of
her friends, or god forbid,her sister is reasonable looking. Not all
women, obviously, but if youget somebody who's got some insecurities, that's
a doozy. You ever dated atwin, they have some They have some

weird anxieties. I dated a fraternaltwin. They were even identical, and
you could tell that she was superhung up on that and she was way
hotter than her sister. AnyWho,All right, let's see here do do

do? All right? Check thisout. I tell every young man it's
tell me from I'm sorry, thisis from January. So this has been
a thing for you. I tellevery young man it's told me I'm thinking
of getting married or somebody. Isaid, look, you have any advice,
I said, yeah, pick afamily with five sisters or more.
And they look at me, Whatthe hell is that all about? It?
I said, it's really simple thatway. One of them always loves
you, not the same one.You always have somebody on your side.

Yeah, yeah, I mean,all right, it is what it is,
but it's just so weird. Contextually, I've heard, and I was
doing some research on this. I'veheard really the best case scenario is hot
step sisters, right, apparently apparentlythey want you. It's just something I

saw online a lot a lot ofstepsister stuff. A lot of times you
don't even know what they're doing,right, and you got to ask,
You're like, what are you doing? Stepsister? And then so that's the
direction I would recommend you go.But anyway, all right, now onto
the pandering, because of course it'sa heart attack Cadillac bill. What are

the provisions of that, sir?But I don't think that's what he's say.
That's why I signed the Pact intowar. Yeah, yeah, that
thing. All right, So anyway, let's let's pander. Show. Hey,
in Georgia, they won't allow waterto be available to you while you
wait in line to vote. Allright? Uh? By the way,

this is if I had to makea top ten list of the oft repeated,
most disingenuous, uh political self servingstatement, this one's on the list
with fine people on both sides.And it is the narrative that emerged in
Georgia that was so effective that MajorLeague Baseball canceled an All Star Game to

move it to a place with morestringent laws that they were objecting to,
and the narrative that if you're standing, you know, if you're standing in
the hot Georgia's sun waiting to voteand you're literally not ready to drop dead
from dehydration, if somebody gets youwater, they go to jail. It

is a provision which we ourselves havein North Carolina and many states do that
you can't sit there actively politicking peopleand do so with trinkets and items.
Right, So, if you're arandom person and you want to bring water,
you bring water all day. Ifyou're family members there, you bring

water. As long as you're notpart of an organization that literally would have
distance requirements because you are a politicalorganization. You can't sit there and give
stuff away. This is the lawin so many plays. This is what
he's lying about an election. Whatthe hell is that all about. I'm

sure like they're not even buying itbecause they're like, that's just not true.
Sir, tell us more about theCadillac heart attack bill, will you.
I got more and more house manin a White House telling me what
to do than I know what todo. This is the ultimate pander So
telling his graduates and morehouse that hisstaff is just it's just more house,
more house grads. Every year,you got more more house man in a

White House telling me what to dothan I know what to do. You
all think I'm kidding, don't you? You know I'm not? All right,
Well, now that you've doubled down, yeah, yeah, yeah,
anyway, here's some yogurt. Quietnow, people, Paul So, believe

it or not, the staff ofthe White House is public knowledge. And
so somebody's like, oh, let'ssee how many more house grads ross over
under entire staff of the White House. How many more house grads do you
think are telling him stuff every day? I will just because of the track
record he has, and yeah,everything tends to be complete bull I would

say zero that my guess would bezero zero percent, like it enough to
rise to absolutely none. All right, let's go to that one. Uh
you win. Yeah, there's zeromore house grads in the administration, which
is you can easily check this stuff. Don't believe me, check it yourself.

Yeah, So, like that wasmost politicians would be exaggerating a number
like they have. They have liketwo, and they'd be ah, well,
they're so vocal. No, there'szero, there's none, there's no,
and there hasn't been throughout his entirepresidencies anyway. So anyway back to

the Sisters, you got numbers?What's going on here? All right?
Think about that. We'll be rightback. Hang on. Saw this They
send it to Ross, big disappointment, and it's community noted, so it's
probably not even wholly true, butit's one of these like medical things like
it's amazing, look what doctors aregetting ready to do. And then it's

got like a computer animation where they'relike, yeah, we could totally do
head transplants now, which probably iseasier than ozempic, because you're not walking
around for six months on the vergeof you know, soiling yourself. But
they've but apparently they've they've totally skippedthe entire face transplant and went straight for

the head transplant, which I'm alittle disappointed in because as you know here
on the show, we're big fansof a face tres plants constantly brought up.
Ross, you're a bigger fan.Are you a little disappointed we're going
straight for the whole head switcheroo insteadof the face thing like because of all
the possibilities we'll now miss out on. I mean, I'm disappointed they didn't

use the nick Cage John travoltagraphic inthe ad. Yeah, no, that
is that's a fair point, likeif you want to show because again they
have to distance themselves. This isnot just a face transplant. This is
a whole head, baby, Andyou know what kind of makes sense?
Probably I think if you took myface and put it on like I don't

know, uh, Erica down thehole, right, like you put my
face on Erica's it wouldn't look right. People have questions go with the whole
head. I don't know. Maybeyou bypass that so very sad. Hey,
let me ask you a question.If you wanted to track down the
worst people on earth, where wouldyou start? Looking? Like, I'm

going to find the worst people onthe planet, Like, maybe figure out
who's selling kids to Cony's child Armyback in the day. That's probably not
a good dude, anyone who worksfor the Clintons, Right, But I
would recommend you start your search andwhoever is in charge of replay and finds

and review in any sport in America, because that's where they are. I'm
not a big NASCAR dude, butwhat the hell are you doing? So
for those who don't know, atthe race over the weekend, you probably
know there was a fight, rightAnd you've seen the video of Stenhouse,

Stenhouse's dad, Kyle Busch, andthey're all going and you got crew members.
It's just it's crazy and the beefis If you don't know, Kyle
Busch straight up dumped stenhou sun laptwo straight up. If you if you

don't believe that, then I don'tknow what to tell you. And then
what happened, uh, Stenhouse,Stude and Stude and Stude and then confronted
Bush and got the got through thefirst punch, undoubtedly, but uh yeah,
So NASCAR then immediately started promoting it. In fact, if you watch

the end of the race when whenthey're you know, they're doing the Winter
Circle stuff, they literally cut awayfrom that. They'd be like, yeah,
yeah, yeah, this this personjust went hey, check this out.
And then every like every damn tweetand post on social media, it's
like, look at this amazing thingthat happened, right because NASCAR gets it.
And then I'm sitting there like sothey find they find Stenhouse Junior the

driver seventy five thousand, all rightthrough the first punch, but more importantly,
he waited like two hours, soI think it's the premeditated, which
is literally a dividing line. Theysuspended Senior indefinitely one of the mechanics eight
races, suspended another four. KyleBusch got no penalties for dumping that dude,

and then just openly promoted like,how how do you find these jobs
being so bad at this? Right? Are? How do you walk in
like if you who's the dude onthe other end of the phone in New
York during NFL games going no,my home sacks clearly no holding, No

you just no. They always leavean open field for him to slowly jog
into the end zone. You're crazy, right, that person sucks that these
are the kind of people? Whatis that job interview? Like how many
kittens would be murdered? None,you're obviously not qualified. Sorry, it's

my beef. And then the partwhere they just promoted right because you recognize
and hell yeah, I'm clicking onit. I want to see that thing
from nine different angles. But don'tact like this is horrible. Even the
NFL for all of their horribleness whenthey say they were going to make a
concerted effort not to show dude,you know, getting literally bent in half
sees, you know, career endingstuff and not showing on it super loop,

which it was such a stereotype,like they would do SNL bits about
it. There's a SNL bit fromyears ago where it's the Packers and then
progressively every one of their quarterbacks getsfolded in the most comically pancaked way you've
ever seen, and eventually they likeget a dude out of the stands,
which is just like this goofy.It's Pete the Peter did the I think

he's the one at the end,and they're just like showing his torso ripped
up and they keep going to it'splayed for comic But the the the NFL
frustratingly doesn't show a lot of replaysthat they used to show, not even
even if they're pertinent, like tofiguring out what the hell just happened if

it looks like somebody's getting too injured. There's a reason when one of the
Bills players literally was killed for alittle while that they if you watch the
coverage, they are doing everything they'repowered not to show it again, but
you literally have a guy who justdied for a few minutes. So yeah,

yeah, but NASCAR, they're likehere click and he click click click.
By the way, here's all thefines. I don't get it.
I get I get the I getStenhaus's dad. I guess because he's not
part of the crew. What thehell is he doing down there? But
yeah, so so you can dumpdude on lap two nothing his race is

over all those dollars down the drainand all the aggression gets taken out on
one. And by the way,I just want to maybe abundantly clear,
I don't like or dislike either ofthose racers, don't care. But whoever's
making these decisions, just you.You're well done in the grand scheme of

things. You're gonna fit right in. All right. I have a question.
So if you're tooling down the highway, as many of you probably are
today, and you see a trailerwith a bunch of like construction side equipment
on it, like yeah, maybea couple of little bobcats, some piping
you know where, it looks likeall right, those dudes are off to
put in a hard day's labor andsomething happens and all of the equipment falls

off the trailer. Can you takeit? What do you think the correct
legal move is? Is that justfinders keepers? Because this story in Houston's
crazy, man, and then somebodydied in this, So you have in
Houston, you had this accident.This was a couple of days ago.

I hadn't seen the video. Ijust saw it and I was gonna get
to it yesterday. But now Iwatched the video, it's even crazier.
So you have a full on bigbulldozer like I think it's an eight hundred
series deer. Yeah, crawler dozer. You may have heard these described as
it ain't no joke. That wason a construction trailer, on a flatbed

trailer, and the truck hauling itsome jackassid a Mazda. I'll never understand
people who change lanes in front ofa tractor trailer and get hit, Like,
how do you not see? That'sthere baffling to me. I think

maybe they assume if the worst casescenario, I end up driving under it
like Clark Griswold. But that's nothow that works, even in your little
Mazda, sir. So the Mazdahit the truck hauling, which caused the
truck's trailer and to slam into theconcrete bearing the middle, and it literally
unloaded everything, including a crawler dozer, right onto some poor bastard and a

mustang and they hit a truck too, but the guy in the Mustang didn't
make it. But the video,though, you see the dozer which is
upright right sitting there on its tracks. It's just chilling, obviously far larger
than any of the vehicles on theroad, and you can see where it
hit the mustang in the truck.But there's also other supply and there's people

in the other lane or like takingconstruction equipment. That's not how that works.
Yeah, I understand that Ross's trucktrap with the food. That's a
different thing. That's that's food.You don't get a free crawler dozer,
Okay, it's not. You can'ttag in on that be amazing. It's
a good way to get a crawlerdozer, but not with such tragic results.

But yeah, so if you seeconstruction equipment fly off a trailer today,
it's not yours. But also insome cases it's it like the worst
I ever saw speaking of a constructionequipment. The worst I ever saw the
garb Ray stage here is I saw, dude, a trailer had two of

the little bobcats on it, youknow, just a little you know for
moving gravel on a draught side orwhatever. Yeah, little skids tiers.
But the way they had strapped itdown is it was a flatbed, and
it was wood, right of plankedwood, which is not unusual. And
the hooks that they used to strapit down had clearly been bought at like

home depot and drilled with just standardscrews into the wood, which itself is
only secured to the trailer barely right, And they had tethered down two pieces
of heavy equipment like that. AndI remember looking at that trailer going,
you know what if those fall off, you deserve to lose them, you
absolute idiot. So but yeah,this thing you saw that in Houston,

or this giant bulldozer, it's landedon some dude just going to work in
his Mustang. Wow new fear right. And then but the thing is then
people are also they didn't try tosteal the dozer, but they're like grabbing
other supplies or on the trailer.Oh free PVC. Look at that.
Yeah, hey, that construction equipment. You know, been there, done

that. I can't say anything becausesome of the stuff we used to pull
off or try to pull off.I mean yeah, I mean OSHA would
have been on our case. Butyou know, sometimes tie it down.
Yeah, look, you can't fixedit. When we were young, my
buddy Jeremy Jeremy Turk wrecked his dad'sHis dad had a trailer that was made

out of the tail of the tailgateunder the back end of a truck,
right, so just you see thosewere just sawed off, ye, So
and then he's he's got a hitchto it. And this absolute idiot had
it loaded up with firewood and wasdriving down the mountain on Highway sixteen and
was, you know, gearing down. So he didn't right his brakes,

and I don't know, I can'tremember exactly what caused it, but all
of a sudden he felt the trailerpull around, saw it literally in the
mirror, go inside. He's atspeed, and so he slams the brake
and he had not secured the trailer, and so in a moment, now
the trailer is literally passing him andall the wood comes out and he ends

up wrecking his truck because now there'sall this wood and now this trail of
the trailer goes sideways and he hitsthat thing and he kind of slams and
he wasn't hurt or anything, butwell, his caraalized. He didn't lock
the trailer at any way shape orform Dad's trailer, his truck or dad's
true or antruck. I think itwas Jeremy's child, think his dad that
thing was side literally that they couldhave totaled that truck and it would be

no loss. But still right,yeah, it was dad's trailer though,
Yeah, his dad was. Yeah, it used to be. It was
a different time. We used totry anything, anything to get the job
done. But yeah, I guessthat one he tried stupid and that didn't.
We tried that too anyway, good, yeah, we yeah, Yeah,
you won't need lots of sun today. Temperatures will get back into the

eighties, mid upper eighties, andthen we get a little more typical weather
for this time. You're increasing humidityand rain chances each day right through the
holiday weekend, so most of uswill average mid to upper eighties, closer
to ninety and the triangle. Sotowards the tryad, you may stay in
the mid upper eighties and the rainchance is decent, but mostly during the

afternoon hours. Even painted for maybetomorrow Friday afternoon potentially for some stronger storms.
So I have to keep an eyeon that one. More on that
tomorrow morning and over the holiday weekend. Yes, we do have a chance
for chef hours of lettherstorms. Yousay, rank the days of which has
the least chance of rain, it'sSaturday, Sunday, and actually the percentage
is a little bit better for Monday. So yeah, we'll see. Still
don't see all day rain, butthe chances are there starting tomorrow and then

lasting through the holiday weekend. Allright, thank you, sir, appreciate
it, and we'll come back withJeff Bellinger. Hang on, it's going
to be a quickie here. Casestocks advanced yesterday, futures are mixed this
morning. S and P and Dowfutures both higher. Nasdaq futures are I'm
sorry, s and P and Dowfutures are lower. It's the Nasdaq futures
that are higher. We have sharesof Target under pressure. Target reported that

a key sales metric has declined forfour consecutive quarters. Shares of the discounter
TJX looking good. That company hada strong earnings report, and Casey coming
later this year from Walmart telehealth servicesfor pets. It will be the giant
retailer's first venture into healthcare of anykind. It's going to be a perk

for Walmart plus memory case Oh good, all right, so much people I
don't want to be around, Ican now bring their pets. I don't
want to be around all right,thank you, Jeff you going out.
Oh yeah, you imagine people ofWalmart, but now they all have their
pets. Yeah, I'm just sayingit's it's a thing. But that's the
technology. People want to guess.Microsoft, They're they're moving forward. I

don't know if you know this.Maybe we've mentioned it. Some of the
studio computers are a little slow,a little bit or all of them all
at the same time. I thinkwas Ross's problem on Monday, all of
his computers. So but luckily Microsoftcontinues to innovate and they are it's going
to be really exciting with the newestversion of Windows is going to have Please

tell us about it, mister CEOHoing. We introduce memory, right,
photographic memory into what you do onthe PC. And now we have it.
So it's called recall. It notkeyword search, right, it's semantic
search over all your history and it'snot just about any document. We can
recreate moments from the past. Essentially, here's how it works. Windows constantly

take screenshots of what's on your screen, then uses a generative AI model right
on the device along with the NPUto process all that data and make it
searchable, even photos. I gotto try it out. I searched brown
leather bag. It came up invisual search. There's no place on this

page that it says brown leather bag. It just knows because it sees this
brown leather bag. There could bethis reaction from some people that this is
pretty creepy. Microsoft is taking screenshotsof everything I do. Yeah, I
mean that's why that it can onlydo it on the edge, right,
So this is you know, youhave to you need to shut up now,
who wants this? Who asked forthis? I want you to think

about all the times you've been infront of a computer. Now, I
want you to think, what athere's screenshots of that. You have to
tell me what you're searching that doesn'thave that obviously won't go horribly wrong.
It's it's no one's business what Bibleversus I was reading on my computer
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