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May 29, 2024 95 mins
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Case O Day radio program and things, uh, things getting real up there
in New York. I'm not sayingthere's campaign events literally happening out, but
there is. I'm not saying thatthe jury is uh uh, I'm gonna

be making some decisions and everyone assumesthat the reaction is going to be a
civil war, but it's projected basedon one side or the other, essentially
instigating it based on whatever the rulingis, right, I don't know about

that. It's just like every timeI see I have you watched like a
good group of legal analysis on thisstuff. And I don't mean like Jonathan
Turley or who's the other guy onWell Dershowitz would go on Fox, but
there's another guy, but also likethe legal analysts over on MSNBC, CNN.

Pretty fascinating because they're talking about thesame stuff. They're identifying the same
things that are quite unusual about thistrial. You just had. You got
one group going and this is reallysimple appealable stuff. I mean, this
is stuff that screws whole trials up. But they're both identifying it. So

whether it is the order of operationon closing arguments, which for some reason
is reversed with Trump. There isflexibility within the New York system. It's
not hard and fast, but generallyin New York, the whoever's on trial
gets the last word. That's howit works in most states. I gotta

be honest, I is that howit works in North Carolina. I'm sorry,
I've never been on trial in NorthCarolina, but I understand it right
because it's it's an individual against thepower of the state right or the federal

government in some cases. So yeah, you get little stuff like that,
yeah, and it and I don'tmean to dismiss it. I just mean
you get, you know, theseindividual incidents that fall outside of this,
and there's this discussion that formulates wherethey go, yeah, well, this
thing's irregular. But and then thenthat's what I see, like CNN analysts

do and they go, wow,but you have to understand the irregularity of
this trial. And it's like,oh man, you are so close,
You're so close, and so,you know, we sit there and watch
it, and then as I'm likedoom scrolling Twitter yesterday, it's just like,

oh yeah, yeah, moment thatthing comes down, it's gonna turn
into full scale riots. Well one, I don't think it is two.
What do you mean full scale riots? Do you mean absolute pandemonium across the

entire country, the breakdown of governmentalsystems? Or are we thinking twenty twenty
ish summerish, mostly peacefulish? Isthat a full scale riot? And I
guess when I sit there and dothe analysis, like if one tenth of

what happens summer of twenty twenty happens, it will literally be the new nine
to eleven, right, because rememberthe January sixth, the nine to eleven
comparisons. That is the direction thatthey will take this thing. And yes,
you will point out you go,yeah, so some idiots and Idaho

doing there, you know, pickwhatever the state is, and you think
this is an indictment or at thefederal level, maybe you know, we
have to protect ourselves, we haveto do something. And it's like,
you know, they need one hundredthousand more of them to recreate the level

of destruction and damage that we sawduring that era. I'm not the one
who's wanting to compare them. It'swhat I keep seeing brought up and then
either ignored or twisted in a certainway people the revisionist history that some people
are able to convince themselves of especiallythat are up within the Washington apparatus.

I know it's up in New York, but let's face it, this is
politics. Is truly astounding to me. What was the tweet I saw yesterday?
Oh, this wasn't on the Trumpthing. It was on Yeah,
here we go. It was onthe uh you know, Israel Doza stuff.
All right? And and by theway, I'm gonna read this to

you, and I will admit youprobably if you're eleven, I guess maybe
you might not know this. Butif you're an adult, I I I
feel like you're gonna have some You'regonna have some background on this. So
let's see here. Yeah, herewe go. This is Brandon. Even

his handle has d C in there, just to show you how government he
is. Brandon Friedman d C.All right. Uh, let's uh,
we're gonna simultaneously fact check this throughthe power of AI, which probably won't
be correct, but it will beamusing. All right. So the discussion

was, hey, don't know ifyou all know this. One of the
things the Boss likes to do isessentially embed themselves and their stuff right where
civilians are and then to hamper theability of civilians to be able to leave,
and a grown As adult who obviouslyis old enough to remember Afghanistan and

Iraq wrote the following after nine toeleven, the US dismantled al Qai.
This is in response to a simpleobservation that Hamasa's strategy is to hide behind
civilians and force anyone who fights itto have to make decisions around innocence,

which I don't know how how youwould say that's not true after the palace,
headquarters, under the hospital, orany of you know, nine thousand
other examples. Again, and peoplego, I'm not talking about Hamas,
I'm talking about this right, Butin this instance, when we're talking about
where the actual bad people, thebaddest of the bad, the ones that

even you state are bad because youdon't want to be associated with me,
say I now, I'm for thePalestinian people. I'm not for Hamas,
who is the elected I'm and yes, I understand how elections work over like
it goes back and forth, butat this point it is simply a critical
observation of a tactic that is undeniablyused by Hamas's leadership. And uh,

this is how quickly you can memorywipe and fall right in line. Here
we go after nine to eleven,the US dismantled al Qaeda, killed most
of its foot soldiers, imprisoned itsleaders in a Cuban dungeon a Guantanamo reference,
and had its founder thrown into thesea kind of depending on which either

he was dead and they threw himin the sea or it's all the aliens
and c whatever. But I getthe reference here, But it's this last
line. By the last two lines, had its founder thrown into the sea.
No similar attacks followed. I mean, was there another nine to eleven?

The former whelming congressman said it washappened on January sixth, But no,
and then here we go, alldone without destroying a single city.
So I read this yesterday and Ithought to myself, Wow, that's not

what I remember. I remember someother stuff. I remember one of the
one of the things that would ebband flow, but was always an issue,
was you know, you had peoplerunning around saying that the US military
in Iraq and Afghanistan killed what likethree million civilians. At one point they

were claiming, right, there's nonumbers on any to back that up.
I mean, we have numbers thatwe feel with the official numbers, and
I got no problem if you gotbeef with them, But how are you
able We just withdrew finally from Afghanistan. I don't know if you saw that

went. It didn't go well,but I'm pretty sure they screwed stuff up,
and I look understandably it can bedifficult to look at some of those
cities in Afghanistan and go, didwe screw that up? Or was it
like that? I like, Iget it, but like shock and awe

was a thing the we uh whatwas the uh the Mother of all bombs?
Right, remember when we all learnedabout that crazy thing. They're like,
well, it's not a nuke,it's one step below, and then
they describe what it did and it'sbasically like, yeah, yeah, it's

like a nuke for underground. Sothese are all things that happened. I
actually texted a couple uh military orformer military friends, and I'm like,
did you all not destroy anything?And they assured me that there was some
stuff that got, you know,pretty messed up. So you know,
this is uh, this is thepolitical age in which we live. But

with all that in mind, Ihave to thank you for wheeling Robert de
Niro out yesterday. The amount oflaughter and joy watching him try to do
whatever the hell that was out infront of the courthouse with a Biden campaign

person kicking the thing off and thenclaiming this, oh, this is no,
this is not this is not aboutwhat's happening over there, And it's
like, I don't know, why'dyou hould de Niro out there so we
could be across the street from youknow, Maga folk, which you'll address
right in front of the courthouse ifit's not about that, and then have

de Niro talk about all of that. Well, try to and as it
goes, you will, you will, you'll you'll see how horrible it went.
So we'll dig into that audio.We got high school soccer shenanigans.
We just got a bunch of Butright now we've got to break six eighteen

hang on Cacoday radio programs, sothey get themselves. De Niro out there.
I gotta tell you the Hackle game, the Hackle game was strong with
this, and I think, look, I appreciate when people, even with

their seething discontent or hatred, aretrying to at least amuse me while I'm
watching it. Right, even ifit's screaming stuff at Trump, right,
Be creative, be interesting, it'sa it's a big boy sport. I'm
fine with it. But you know, too often people and they don't come

with their A material. So likewhen they're doing a good job, I
want to encourage that, because you'renot going to stop people from screaming at
other people. So at the veryleast break new, make it creative.
If you do, then you knowit's one less step towards you know,

a turning physical. So they bringto Nero over for a not campaign event
that has nothing to do with thecourthouse that they're in front of, and
from the jump, because he's scoldingprimarily Trump protesters. You have to understand
pro Trump people. You have tounderstand who's in front of that courthouse.

Those are pro Trump people. There'ssome moonbats, don't get me wrong,
but in the photos that I've seen, the pro Trump people tend out number
them, which is actually crazy tome. It's a New York City,
right, but whatever, for whateverreason, so bringing to Neiro out there
to hold this press conference, youcould have held it a block away.

You could have held it over atwhatever loft he lives in in Midtown.
He says, it's my neighborhood.You didn't you chose to do it there,
So everything that transpired after that's onyou. Let's go. I mean,
this is really even these people overhere, it's really crazy. And
this this he wants to sew totalhe wants he wants to sew total chaos,

which he's succeeding in some areas andplaces to do. Anyway, beside
all that, this is my neighborhood, downtown New York City. All right,
good for you, Good for you, gangster. Yeah. So so
it's pretty light right there, andhe's already having problems, and his problems
have only just begun because somebody getsand I don't know if it was their

car, I don't you know,or it was happy happy circumstance, whatever
caused it. So he's, uh, he's going to continue to ramble and
insuld half of the country and andthen this happens literally right next to him.
What does that mean? Is thatthe country we want to What does

that mean? Is that the countrywe want to live in? Do we
want him running this country? Assaying I'm not leaving, I'm dictator for
life. He just happened to seea story. I was a little concerned
that we didn't have any Florida inthe stack today, and now we do.
Thank you for that, ma'am.We'll get to you soon enough.

But first, Robert de Niro,so you know, he's just it's like
anything. You know, you hearsome rumbling in your neighborhood, right,
you're gonna go out and see what'sgoing on. Just that. Yeah,
he lives in Midtown. The courthouseis there with the Trump trial, and
there's a podium and literally Trump orexcuse me, Biden, Biden people campaign

people leading this thing there like toj six witnesses, Like the whole thing
is insane for it to open with, oh, yeah, no, we're
not here because of that. We'rejust here because it's a nice day.
We wanted to have a presser.So anyway, so de Niro immediately is,
uh, he's not a fan ofthe people across the street, who

are not in any way, shapeor form keeping him from saying whatever he's
saying. Right, it's New York. It's loud. Yeah, they're yelling
at him, but they're ways away, and I can clearly hear his mic.
I mean, this is really eventhese people, right, sounds fine?
Well, then a car alarm,what does that mean kicks off?

Is that the country we want tolive in? Do we want him running
this country? As saying I'm notleaving, I'm dictator for life and you
and you can tell. Then itstarts literally to unravel de Niro. And
as he is unraveling, he's takingthe bait from some of the people yelling
at him. Who he the firstthing he did was insult all of them.

But uh so, after he makeshis dire predictions, the car alarm
starts banging away. This thing justgoes further downhill. It didn't start high
up the hill, but they founda way, all right, So let's
pick up where we left off.Yes, yes, with the car alarm
still going, he low lies forTrump. They lie under oath. They

lied under oath. So this isa guy who is literally referencing and by
the way, he's not screaming athim, right he he he says something
and Geneera, rather than ignore it, decides to go in it like he's
he wants to go and uh,let's continue the exchange. What are you

telling you? Excuse me? Theylied under oath? What do you say.
But by the way, I thinkwhat he's saying is they lied under
oath. It's an assertion you youcannot believe it, and they can say
no, we did not, andyou guys can go back and forth with
that. But I don't think it'sunclear what he's saying. They're rob they're

traders, you got. I don'tknow. I don't even know how to
deal with you with my friend,I don't even know how to deal with
you. I mean, if youdeal with him like you did that shop
owner and the Irishman, he probablywon't feel it ross. Did you ever
watch The Irishman? Did you everwatch the the whole movie on Netflix?

No? I passed on that one, but you you remember the scene of
him, Yeah, old man stompingthat dude kind of sort of like sort
of like pantomimingly. It was likea really bad like wrestling like punch or
kick. And all I could thinkbecause in this next cut right his because
de Niro thinks he's a gangster,right like the dude thinks he is.

His characters hands down. I thinkPeschi thinks it, but I think Peschi
probably is more right. It's somehowsome way. Also, you can't kill
a made man, but you canhelp. But apparently you're fine. So
one thing that never understood. Butso AnyWho, So de Niro when he

flips into that mode which he's aboutto flip into, where he thinks he's
a gangster, all I see inmy head is him slow mo pantomime whatever
the hell that was, so thathe could look like a badass with the
daging even though his his his jointsdon't work like that anymore. And he

goes all in with this crowd andI just started dying. Man, here
we go you and and there issomething surreal about de Niro who thinks he's
a gangster. Look at some ofhis other stuff. I'm not wrong who
has now slipped into that gangster modebeing the first thing he accuses somebody else

of of being a gangster. It'slike it's like projection at light speed.
It's really phenomenal. You you lovenobody. I love it. You know

why because now he's dealing with NewYorkers. Yeah. If look, if
there's one thing that you should haveseen, if you watched any of the
interviews and the crowd and everything withthe event that Trump did last week in
the Bronx is. I know itobviously is a very blue slice of America

from a voting pattern stand, butthere's a lot of lot of folks,
you know, regular folks who wholive in New York. Remember the Remember
the dude in the construction equipment.The reporter was like, Hey, you
got anything to say to Biden?And then I couldn't play exactly what he
said without ross bleeping in. Right, those are the dudes you're dealing with.

They're a lot harder than you're evergonna be. Between de Niro yesterday
acting like he's just some kid wholives in midtown and probably still works at
the cab stand that, and thenwhat was the Kate Blanchette. I didn't
pull the audio, but I'll justtell you so. Kate Blanchette yesterday was

bemoaning about how she's middle class.She's the word ninety five million dollars,
and it's just like, you convinceyourself of these things. And I don't
need de Niro to be that regulardude from I can't remember which of the

boroughs he grew up in, butI don't need him to be that regular
dude from a movie perspective, becauseI enjoy the movies he's been in,
and I have been fine with it. But it's just like, once you've
transitioned into thinking you are in factthat, and you get taken down by

some guys on their lunch hour whoare just like, what the hell's going
on? Oh look at this idiot, and you can't handle it. It
It just shows how fake you are. And for the Biden campaign folks to
wheel him over there made zero senseto me. Now, the White House

says, regardless of what the verdictis, keep emphasizing that they're going to
have a response, So I'm surethat'll cool everything else. But yeah,
I don't know. Said, there'sa lot of people with a lot of
predictions, and all of them seemto be like this straight the other side's

going to riot, which I wastalking about opening the show. But when
you understand the parameters, right,Okay, we don't even if you think
he'll get convicted because New York jury, and then you know, once it
starts going through the court system andup the food chain. I think once

you hit a non activist judge,even one that's not appointed by Trump,
right or George Bush for that matter. There are some judges out there that
they it's just too much. Butby then, the amount of time that
it takes, you've literally had thathanging over him throughout the totality of the

election. That's the plan, butI don't care if it sticks, which
is why it is such a dangerousgamble because of the way that it's people
are receiving it. Who was theactor yesterday I saw on Piers Morgan who
said he's voting for Trump. Wasit Jeff Was it Jeff Daniels, No,

it was not Jeff dan Who isthe guy was in tron? Why
am I? Why can I notremember his name? Uh? Bridges?
Bridges? Yeah, And he's likeand he thinks and he said, he's
like, Trump's an a hole,but he's my a hole. Way wait
wait, so the big Lebowski isgoing for Trump. He said, I'm

gonna read the quote. I wantI want to be yes, yes,
Bridges Trump, Yeah, yeah yeah. So uh all right, now I
gotta I gotta make sure that itwas it was on Piers Morgan. All

right, Oh no, it wasDennis Quaid. I'm sorry it wasn't Jeff
Bridges. It was Dennis Quaid.I apologize. That's completely different, is
it. Dennis Quaid has not beena Trump supporter, Dennis quit I'm thinking
about Randy Quaid. You're thinking ofRandy Quaid. Oh yeah, that's that's
a different story entirely. Oh mygosh, believe it or not. Cousin
Eddie big Trump guite. Well,also he got how did cousin Eddie get

more cousin Eddie in that booking photowith his wife? Do you remember when
they listed him in Santa Barbara forlike squatty nuts property or something. Yeah.
No, If you're not following RandyQuaid on social media, dude,
you're missing Oh the what's what?The cat? The laser light? I
don't know, I don't care.But he's great, you know what I'm
talking about. With his he makesthese videos where if you should do you

should do some mescaline and then watchthem. Maybe there's not their best.
So Dennis Quaid, excuse me,Dennis Quaid, All right, here we
go. So Dennis Quaid is onPeers Morgan. Dennis quad is not a
Trump dude, And he told PiersMorgan yesterday if the damn thing would load,

Sorry, is every computer absolutely possessedtoday. All right, two,
my two computers have been But wow, there is a very limited amount of
reporting on it. I for one, am shocked from mainstream media articles.

Alright, so yeah, so basicallywhat he said is he would be supporting
him. He never would have supportedhim, but the lawfair thing. He
said that after he watched what theydecided to do with the Justice Department,
He's just done. He wants Trumpin there. He don't want Trump to
do anything right. He wants himin there and just not using the DOJ

as your personal hit squad, whichis seemingly a pretty low bar. And
then he calls Trump an a hole. He but he's done, and I
think he's just veteran enough actor hecan probably he can ride that out.

But because as you can imagine,some of us Hollywood folk are not happy,
right because they have the de Nirostance, likeh this thing's gonna turn,
you know, into a lifetime dictatorshipthe moment he's in there, whereas
Quad is looking at it going,look, I mean he's looking at it
going, I hate all these Ihate all of them. Quaite is on

the record during Trump, you know, going, hey, this guy's dangerous
bubbah, Like he didn't he wasn'ta secret Trump voter previously, but he
just looked at and he went,this is a bridge too far. And
the amount of pressure on somebody inHollywood, even if you're a veteran actor
to go on the record with that, I if I'm somebody sitting there looking

at this, I think that's abig deal, because you know how Hollywood
will literally just go all right,well, that person doesn't work anymore or
whatever they have to do. Likeat people they were in movies with and
friends with for years will be askedabout him by reporters. Did you hear
what your co star from such andsuch movie twenty years ago that you've always

been friends with said? And they'llthrow him under the bus. So you
probably got a lot of people sittingthere who maybe aren't going to come forward,
but are making that meant decision orwill be public about it. They'll
be at work, same old groupthey always trash talk Trump with. And
he's just like, I can't man, Yeah, the guys guy's orange and

I like to call him Cheetah Leini, And you know, I think he's
he hates he hates anybody from Who'snot Lily White? Like all that's fun
in games, But then when youstart seeing the DJ literally weaponized in that
way, like some people's conscious goes, I'm sorry, I can't. I

just can't with this. So whetherwhether that will in fact continue, I
don't know. And yes I agreewith Ross. I think Randy Quaid,
Randy Quaid is he Canadian? Isn'the Canadian? Can he vote for him?
I don't think. I don't thinkRandy Quaid identifies as a resident of

Earth, judging from some of thevideos I've seen. But anyway, it
was a great cousin. Eddie lovedthat. All right, six forty nine,
hang on case O Day Radio program. Glad to have you along,
and lord knows we love a goodconspiracy here on the show. You're probably
aware of this, But all right, let me tell you something, and

tell me what your first thought is. Elmer Boyd? Do you know who
Elmer Boyd is? I guess,technically was who was the Dallas detective who
took Lee Harvey Oswald into custody?He died? Now? What was your

first thought when I just told youthat the detective who took Lee Harvey Oswald
into custody. Fun fact, alsoa detective with the Dallas Police Department who
originally was supposed to be flanking Kennedy'smotorcade because I guess there's Dallas. There
was Dallas lawn for been obviously secretservice, but but there was like a

switcheroo. So he got moved toa different assignment. And then that propelled
him obviously into the investigative part here, right, because you couldn't investigate obviously
if you were there at the scene. So yeah, so that dude died,
I thought, oh okay, Iwas surprised he was alive. So
he got Lee Harvey Oswold at themovie theater like Ozhold shoots, Tibbet shoots

in the theater, and this isthe guy that got him at the theater.
Yeah, he's the He's the onein that boat in the classic photo
of him being, not the onewhere he gets Jack rubied in the in
the parking lot, but walking himdown. It was the it was a
library or hang on, they actuallyhave it here in the article. I

scrolled up to look at something else. Yeah, here we go. Boyd
was initially assigned to be part ofKennedy's motorcade. However, last minute change
had him waiting and then i'd obviouslypropelled him into this investigative role. He
said where he was waiting for himand then would have picked it up had

because he swapped assignments. He washe was waiting for He said it was
five minutes away, and then allof a sudden they learned that there had
been quote, an accident was whatthey were told first. So after the
then they figured out what was up. So goes to the hospital. Uh
and then who was who was I'mtrying to remember who the chief? Well,

well, anyway, so go tothe hospital. Then they say no,
no, go to the book depositorythey had over there. Obviously,
now they're tracking Lee Harvey Oswald goesto his address turned out to be a
spouse's addresses. There's a whole litanythere, and his partner is Tippett.
That is his partner who was killedby Oswald during the man hunt. Souh

but yeah, that so he's theguy who then takes him into custody.
And obviously you know the rest howthat went right, So I can't believe
that dude was even still alive.Yeah, but the internet had some thoughts
They're like, this is one ofthe few people probably still knows what happens

to Ken. He was ninety six. It was it was the ves like,
there's there's some guy to see.I went, oh, my god,
guys, we missed one. Theywere like, wait, we thought
he was dead too. Yeah,yeah, you know too much. We
gotta get him. He was ninetysix ninety six and looks ninety six in

a photo from when he was eightysix. I'm not hacking on the dude,
but it probably wasn't a wet teamthat got him, you know what
I'm saying. It was probably awet floor. Oh that was fun.
But I didn't even think of thatbefore. Right, you don't need to

you don't need to send assassins.No, he was about to turnment.
He's about to like give it allup. It was right on the right
there, he's like, God,last thing I'm gonna do. You know
some people when they're facing the youknow, right on his chest, he's
like, I gotta get this offmy you know, my conscience here.
And so when he started writing anemail and then the dude on on a

rope with a pistol like Boondocks Saintsjust from the ceiling and took the he's
wearing down. He's like, thisis who killed get dead? Took him
out? I mean again, youcant he's ninety six, and you know,
as far as conspiracies go, it'sa big boy. But I don't

think they're greasing ninety six year olds. Does even say with the cause of
death, Well, it doesn't matterwhat it says, because like you know,
they could have hit him with amissile signed by the CIA, and
then they'd be like, oh no, he fell down, fell down in
the bathtub. Yeah you don't.You don't got to send your best for

a guy who's ninety six. Ithink maybe he just died. But yeah,
to the other point, wow,he's still alive. Craziness. So
AnyWho, there you go, justbringing up to speed on all that insanity.
Let's head to Kansas, shall we. So let me set the scene.

Girls soccer, girls, high schoolsoccer. It is being radio broadcast
by this one dude, Toby Moore, and there's also another person in the
booth. So it's it's like alot of broadcast boosts at high school fields.

Right. You got the little woodstructure generally on stilts, that's where
the radio team's gonna set up.Sometimes it's open, sometimes it's it's not.
But I've done some broadcasts for afew of those in my time,
and a lot of times the onlyperson in there is the radio guy and
the PA guy. So if you'reat a break, he's not doing PA

announcement, you're just cutting up,You're just talking whatever. Not unusual,
but you gotta make sure the MIC'soff. I would say you have one
job, but they each have onejob because what was happening was actually being
broadcast, and I'm a little unclear. I think that it was an open

broadcast feed, all right, Sohe's got a feed coming out of there
the network or the station that's broadcasting, and it seems to be a network.
In Kansas, they have a highschool sports network. Is then utilize
sending that feed. Well, alot of times you'll have a local out

on your audio chain. So,and I'll give you an example. I
spent some time doing a color commentaryfor hockey for college hockey when I was
in Minnesota. Right, I'd notdone play by play very much, but
I wanted to. It was anopportunity. I wanted to hone the chops.

You know, it's good to havethings on your resume in this crazy
business. And the way that itwould work is when we go to the
there was two universities where we dothe games for and when we went we
had our little broadcast set up,but I had to maintain a connection back
to the station, which was donevia this wonderful device called a Marty unit.

Not Marty with a y, Martywith an eye ross. Do you
remember the days of the Marty units? I do, man and the vehicles
like it. We had a ginormousbread truck with power the heading on our
program director like completely destroyed it,car washed it. I think he went
through like a fast food restaurant orsomething and he hit the overhang. Yeah,
the chicken the at iHeart Minneapolis.She didn't have it down all the

way, and she drove into likea car was she went. I mean
she was spraying it off because ithad been covered with stuff, and but
she didn't have that bad boy tucked. It would retract and then you had
to lay it down on the onthe vehicle so that it would sit flush,
and she didn't do that, soshe drove in there and it ripped
all of the stuff off the topof it. It was not good.

But the Marti unit all right,and it had these horrible little antennas or
you had the boom antenna on there, and it was a whole thing.
That being said, I would alsohave to provide a separate, separate cable
out and that, and I knew, as the guy doing the broadcasting,
that that cable, that audio chainwas not going to the station. It
was going into the ability of peoplelocally, right, because you're in a

hockey arena and it's not always youknow, you're not always easy to get
AM radio in there. Because itwas on an AM station, we broadcast
that and so people could literally listento it. So I was wholly aware
that anything that I said, evenwhen we were at break, Now,

I person I'm talking to is anotherradio dude, he's the play by play
guy. But we were abundantly aware, and there was no way in that
and there was no way to reallykill it there sort of unplugging stuff right,
just just the way that it worked. But you also, even if

you think you've got yours covered,the PA guy may not. So you
just don't talk that way in astation. I can't tell you the number
of radio people who like got themselvesin hot water or fired or basically run
into it oblivion because they were ina room with microphones and nobody thought to

look if its on. Especially whenyou're considering a lot of people in radio
tend to swear a lot off theair. What I mean, I don't
know. If you've ever checked outthe Hayes for share of Twitch channel,
you should stop by the spreence.You might hear swear word every now and
again. Oh no, but youknow, you learn to control yourself when
you're in a radio station control room. Yes, in a in a radio

setting. I'm not gonna lie.I got a little bit of a body
mouth too. But you know,the moment that you're having to do the
radio people like, how do younot swear? I don't. I you
know, I don't know. That'sa good point. I have no idea.
Absolute After the show, I couldgo have a conversation with a guy
and if it's a it, itcould be definitely not for radio. But

it's just a it's just a mentalthing. So with that being said,
Uh, this dude starts going intodetail. Now. First he just starts
talking about how much. The gamesucks, right, nobody's scoring. Everybody
just can kick it a mile,but nobody can kick it to each other.
What the hell's going on? Butthen he, uh, he's he

starts thinking about others. Oh,and he threatened. He tells the dude
he's gonna jump from the broadcast booth. It's one of those elevated ones.
He just he doesn't think the fallwill kill him. And I think maybe
if he'd have left it there.Although some people are upset, Oh,
you can't say that about him.I don't know a lot of people say
that about all soccer. But Ithink that would have been fine. But

he went in a different direction.Let's follow that path, and then let's
talk about who's really mad. Here. Was that first time as ugly as
I thought it was? Yes,yes, thinking they had no flow whatsoever,
my mind kind of flicked he killme now switch At about thirty minutes.
Then if they're just keep kicking thedamn ball out of bounce and missing

passes, all damn, I was, we'll just go home him and down
the claremore. I just want todo a header off the top of the
press box. Okay, all right, So that's the that's the stuff,
and everyone can hear this. I'ma little unclear if it's because it's through
a secondary feed or if it's throughthe PA guys thing. But the people
there are listening to this because they'retaping it. It's wild man. And

then it goes in this direction,and this is where and then listen,
by the way, also someone hesays, after, but this is where
people are big mad. Unfortunately it'stoo low. It would kill me.
It's like they're not even trying topass. They're just chucking the ball down
field. A little technique will benice teaching those kids. Here we go

a little hard to hear, buthe's like, you know the really good
part about this job. Uh,kind of looks around the soccer moms.
Okay, and is there some hotsoccer moms out there? Yeah? Absolutely,
by the way, they know it, and there the hotness of a

soccer mom who is hot is alsoproportionally two flex on other soccer moms.
Sorry spilling secrets, ladies, Iknow what's up anyway. But he goes
a little further up top. Babiesright there kicking one out. Gotta be
the boy facing us. Yeah,you can tear them. I guess I

can't see the legs like I feelthem here, which, by the way,
I've never heard that turn of phrase. I can't see the legs,
but I can tell you the dairyair hits from here. Well, you
can't see the legs. I guessmaybe she must be turned around. I
mean, we're gonna need photos probablyanyway. So yeah, yeah, and

they're recording this now. Yeah,this conversation never happened. By the way,
we get in trouble, all right, all right, I think we've
got a lot of our system.We can put the mic live again.
Dude, that makes me cringe asa radio person. You can tell by
the quality of the microphone in theway that he goes to turn it off

when actually he thinks he's turning themicrophone on, but it turns off.
I can imagine that sounds like it'sone of those like like streaming USB type
mics. It's not like a professionalmic or even like a sure mic.
Yeah, it's it's not like anice right, So those like the mic
that he's using, they could bea little confusing with the button on the
front when it's on or off.It's not color coded like obviously our buttons.

So we can look at it asa giant red light and the pot
is up, so we know itsometimes sometimes right, sometimes right exactly.
But I guarantee you it's because ofthe mic they were using. You hear
the quality of it because it's sohigh end and it's very kind of it's
sort of like tiney. So Ibet you it's just one of those mic
where he thought he turned it off, and he didn't turn it off,
and it was on, and thenhe went to go turn it on and
he was like, oh crap.Now people are saying, well, what's

the problem. At least he wasn'tlusting after the high school girls, which
you know, yeah, you're right, but that's a pretty low bar.
But also they're like, it've defendedthe soccer mom. Did it offend her?
Who do you think's matter her orthe other soccer moms? You want

to venture a guess, because Ifeel like I feel like there's some soccer
moms mad as hell. This guywasn't saying whatever that weird thing was about
them, Yeah, should he besaying it? And also that is a
concoction of what is a much longerconversation all cobble together. Why did nobody

tell this dude? They're clearly recordingminutes and minutes and minutes, and nobody
thinks to yell, hey, yourMIC's on now. They just keep rolling
with it and he starts talking aboutone of the mom's behinds and legs or
whatever, and everybody loses their crap. And by the way, it's never

good when there's audio of youse sayingthis conversation never happened. It's not you
know, cloak and dagger stuff.It just makes you look dumb. So
there you go. That's the controversy. We'll get into more, I'm sure
coming up here on the Cacoday radioprogram. We're gonna bang through this.
By the way, did you guyssee the video of all the goths at

Disney. I saw that popping aroundTwitter, and the first thing I do
now when I see something on Twitteris I just assume it's not new.
It's just engagement farming. But I'llgo Google and I learned some stuff.
But when I say goths, Imean, yes, goths like the you

know, everything sucks nihle is,the dress, the mannerisms, all that
stuff, And if you want tobe goth, that's fine. This is
not me picking on you, butI have some questions, Like I didn't
know that there every year is agoth event at Disney where it's nothing but
goths. How does that work?Would be my question, because it's got

to be really hard to maintain characterat the happiest place on earth, doesn't
it? Or is this like fortop level goths? Right? You can't
you know, you can't show thatyou're actually enjoying one slice of life.
So the ultimate test fast passes itDisney on your own day break a smile

that kick you out. I don'tknow what the rules are, but they've
been doing for like twenty five years, just us wild. Oh boy.
That begs the question would you ratherhave any of you ever gone to Disney
and didn't realize that it's one ofthe big theme days. There's a bunch
of them at Disney. They gotDisney Theme Day everything from military to LGBT

to goths to all of Brazil accordingto Ross or maybe they're just loud and
every day is their day. Butlike, I don't know, man,
I don't know if that would heightenor lessen the experience. I would be
incredibly amused because now, in additionto walking around and getting my wallet absolutely

ransacked, I do have the littleslice of pleasure that I'm on. It's
a small world with you, andI saw you look happy, and I'm
gonna point it out. I wouldbe that dude. They don't look very
sad. I know your makeup stays, but you get your arms in the
air and you're smiling for the photosplash Mountain, Like, you know,

how do you look? How doyou stay in character doing that? I
mean there's parts of the experience.I understand why everyone's in a bad mood,
but not that and that there's thisbig group of videos looking at him
and everyone looks miserable. It's likeyou're Disney. You went there willingly.

I don't know. Craziness, butnot the craziest thing in the stack.
Are you ready for this? Thisstory? Man? I saw this last
week and I forgot to put inthe prep. But we're gonna talk about
it. This from Axios North Korean. North Korean it workers are posing as

Americans to score coveted remote IT jobsat Fortune five hundred companies in the United
States. This is this is wildto me, so uh basic and and

by the way. They're not doingit because they found a way to make
some money. They literally are doingit at the behest of North Korea for
a couple of reasons. One informationgathering. And you remember North Korea's thing
is they're always trying to hack stufftoo. So if you get people in
an IT position at a you know, at a decent sized company, you

look what happened to Sony. Youknow that was part of that. It
wasn't just a straight hack with Sony. There was also what was it a
contractor or something who had that basicallyallowed them some access. How many of
you interact with remote IT people.I've always wondered, I'm not gonna lie

ros we put a trouble ticket in. I always want I mean, I
know our guys like you know,Matt and Fred and the crew. But
when you put it into that portalthing that we do now, I don't
know where it's going. So themoney that would then be that was then

derived from these jobs, it wastwofold one. It gathers information, but
you don't get to keep the money. Instead, the money, according to
the article, was then utilized forthe North Korean missile program. So you
have literally hundreds which are are aretalked about in this article. Hundreds of

individuals who are not Bob from it. The person you've never seen but occasionally
interact with in chat, maybe aphone call. Probably not though that was
you know, ping or oh Ijust thought, oh ping, I didn't
even think of that. That's whyRoss's assistant he pays a dollar a day

too, probably, uh, informationgathering intelligence operation. So anyway, Yeah,
so they're doing the IT work,and it's not just about stealing information
but also the money that is thenderived from the companies. But I that's
wild to me, especially when youstart talking about Fortune five hundred company.

You're telling me that. And andthe way that they were able to do
it is they stole identities of peoplein the US. So they'd find somebody,
they get all their their details,and then they would go and apply
and it's all remote ever seeing theperson and then what do you know,

Now you're the IT guy at andthen insert whatever the company is. And
some of these companies they would useVPNs to disguise the computer's actual location.
Remember they're on the tech support side, so generally they would be the one
looking into this stuff. I justdon't understand when you get in a big,

big company because there's so many people. All right, So how much
revenue, how much pay was beinggenerated? Well, according to the article,
what they could find, what theycould actually nailed down was seven million
dollars in revenue last year, whichyou're thinking, well, how does that
pay for a missile program? Andthen I would encourage you to see the

launch they just had where their newsatellite turned into a fireworks show. And
I'm sure a lot of people areprobably having a really bad week right now
they're in North Korea. But yeah, they were just they just be like,

hey, no, I'm I'm Billfrom Phoenix would be a remote IT
worker, and then they were giventhe job. Axios was able to document
sixty specifically, but the estimates obviouslyare quite a bit more. Let's see.
Yeah, here we go. GregLensowitch, senior threat researcher or at

proof Points, says, this isjust tip of the iceberg. This has
been going on, and it's beengoing on for a long time and way
more people. Well then, maybeno offense, dude, maybe you were
saying stuff, but should have broughtthat up, because when I heard I'm
like that's not good. Now.Even the US government has issued warnings to

American companies, Hey, when you'rehiring the remote IT worker, make sure
they're not a North Korean stealing somedude's ID. Let's see here, Yes,
yeah, okay, And the ideais simple. US and other Western
companies offer higher salaries posing as Americansbypasses potential un Is there a UN background

check for I don't know. Butalso have you you ever see a picture
of a computer in North Korea?Do you remember when Kim Jong un went
to what I'm assuming is the mastercontrol for all the missiles and was on
that computer. Do you remember thatphoto? Do you remember how mercilessly we

mocked that computer as it appeared tobe one that was probably not loaded enough
to run the old Apple two eOregon trail. It was that old How
the hell are they doing it stuff? I mean, I know it's a

lot more than that. Obviously,hacking's a thing with them. But like
when you're going to your military commandstract sure where you launch your missiles from,
and you got a commodore there andthe you know, deer leaders over
and it's got the weird mouse withthe ball on the top. You ever
see weirdos who use that We usedto have a boss who used that mouse.

Who uses that mouse? You know, he'd sit in his office and
he'd watch and he'd have like hismonitor was the TV in the office.
But let me show you some stuff, and then you had to watch him
painfully slide that ball with like fivemotions up to where he wants to click
and then across our motion Like whodesigned that mouse? If not to torture

people at Abu Grabe, But that'sthe mouse they're launching missiles with. And
apparently your IT guy may be inon it all right? Seven five ray
Stagic is not a North Korean intelligenceasset posing it as an American? Do
you see that story? I didnot. The Justice Department, the State

Department has warned Fortune five hundred companiesthat North Koreans are steal American identities and
then apply for remote IT jobs withbig companies, and they were quite successful
with it. So now they havenow they're they're you know, they they're
in right, they have access tothings that you probably don't want North Korea

having access to. But also theirpaychecks were then being used for missiles,
so Oh, they didn't even getto keep them. That's great. I
just realized, Ross, have youever met racet agic in person? H
h, we need to makes youwonder. And I do not have the

mouse with the ball on the top. Just so you're in case you're curious,
have you seen one of those?I have we actually? Had you
ever try to use one? You'dhave to be half an psychopath. Yes,
it's not. It's not how wellpeople do stuff. I'll tell you
a quick story we had. Isit about your time in the d m

Z Okay, I'm sorry, goahead. So it was it was a
while back, and uh, thatperson no longer is with with our division.
Uh, and they actually requested thatspecific mouse with the ball on the
top because of the carpal tunnel inthe I guess it's yeah, we had

somebody actually request one for work.All right, Well, look that's the
REA. Because I asked this personwho's also no longer with us and may
or may not be Brian the badboardop from back in the day, I
asked him, I'm like why,and he's like, I like it.
So he didn't even come at mewith the Americans of Disabilities Actor, you
know, He's just like, no, this is the way, and it
was at that point I'm like,no, it is not the way.

I got the one with the rollieball, the rollie thing on top.
You know, he got the littleroller the role forgetting where you can where
you can use it to scroll.You're talking, yeah, but I'm talking
the ball on top and then itfalls out if the thing turns over and
you can play golf. Kind ofit's stupid. You could, you could?
It is it is? Anyway,how's the weather y? Is Pengyang

gonna be nice today? No?Always sure, yes, I'm sure it
is in that world. But youimagine being the weather guy and Peng,
I'm sorry, can you here onthe news You're like's gonna rain today?
And they execute you like you hadanything to do with it? That would
be bad. You know, Iget beat up pretty good as it is

here. Yeah. Different, that'dbe terrible. Yeah, it's prog it
is. It's it's easy. Froma meteorological perspective of the rest of the
week, beautiful. The warmest daytoday of the next three, coolest is
probably going to be Friday. Samething with Friday morning. This morning,
it's all little mild especially triangle Eastand south up sixties to mid sixties.

Even a couple of these must berogue. I see a couple say yeah,
maybe seventy degrees, and then backtoward the west. As you get
to try it into the mountains,you get upper fifties and low sixties.
So there's a little bit of aboundary of cooler air to the west,
and that cooler has continued to comein, but lots of sun load to
mid eighties today Tonight, everybody's inthe fifties. Tomorrow we're close to Eightyes,

Friday, we might not get outof the seventies. The mid to
upper seventies for daytime highs. Fridaymorning be pretty close to the coolest morning
with low and mid fifties. Samething for Saturday morning, but a nice
recovery with temperatures over the upcoming weekend. This weekend is going to be great
load to mid eighties for highs,and it looks like well have mostly Sunday
to partly sunny sky. Good week, good beach day heading out to the

outer Banks. If your rental doesn'tcollapse into the ocean, Hey, hey,
stop picking up and rodanthe stop.Isn't that terrible. I think that's
I just switched. I wish RichardGear would been in it, but no,
not and not got hurt, butit would have been, you know,
kind of a thing because you knowwhat, you know, why if
you lived here and you went tothe outer Banks with your girl and you

just wanted to get where you weredamn going, and you tried driving through
Rodanthe and not having to stop forthe stupid pictures and stupid house back in
the day. Yeah, so tumbleaway. Yeah, all right, but
it should be as I said,had no rain mentioned, we might not
get back into showers and humidity untilsometime early next week. So may I

go out. Real nice ju willcome in Saturday. First day meteorological summer,
real nice, first day of thishurricane season. That's supposed to be
exceptional. Let's say that, andbelieve it or not. The northern hemisphere
we're below normal, and that countsthe East pack in term of tropical activity
to date. Usually the Eastern Pacific'sgot some stuff going, but it's been

fairly quiet. But yeah, everyall indications are as we get into the
heart hurricane season over the summer end, it's a fall. Things are going
to get pretty active. So uh, we will as as needed, should
certainly give the information on that incase you are heading to the outer banks
and then there may be more ofthat bad stuff happening. Okay, all

right, was better in Florida.I just took the record for world's leader
in sharks so us A yeah,Daytona beach man number one. All right,
have a good one, sir,well, yep, talking an hour.
There you go, speaking of Floridabeaches. Have I got a story
for you which we will get into. Oh, I was going to test
ray On. I was going tosay something. I was trying to learn

the Korean word to see if heknew it. I have some questions.
We'll be back. Hang on Ross. How was your idahobbit? M Do
you have a good idea your Idahobbit? I don't like hobbits. No,
no, no, you're ida hobbit. Yeah, I don't like them.
We never got through Lord of theRings some sort of holiday. It's

not Lord of the Rings. Butwhat do you say, Well, it's
a midget drag queen from Boise.No, no, it's Idahobbit Day.
Idah Hobbit Day is a holiday.Not here but it is an international holiday
and some countries have made it afully full on holiday, including all Australia,

and to commemorate the here's what itstands for. By the way,
I'd just say it has no Hobbits, but it could have hobbits as hobbits
if they break down the same waysociety does with their preferences. It is
the International Day against Homophobia, byphobia and transphobia. Is there a lot

of by phobia, more specifically bywomen? Are you living in the shadows?
Because I feel like you're not andin the shadows, especially not in
the younger generation. So but anyway, so that's what it is, all
right. So it's just and thisis by the way, it's a it's

a May holiday, and then obviouslyyou get into Pride Month, which is
all of June. So it isa never ending set of acronyms. Yeah,
I D A H O B IT International Day against a Homophobia.
They went with it's a you knowwhat, I bet they had to add

or I had they had to addthe buy I understand why it's in here
now. They had to add thebuy because if you didn't add the BUYE,
it would just be Idaho Day,and that would be confusing people around
the world to be eating potatoes,right, They're like, oh, it's
Idaho Day. No, it's sothen you throw the H O and then

the BI which is the BUYE andthe T get they get one letter because
then it would be I Holbrooker orsomething. Anyway, so that was hot.
And why am I bringing this up? Well, let me explain.
In fact, this is a funquestion. Ross. If you could pick
any cabinet position, which cabinet positionwould you want? Of the cabinet Of

the cabinet positions available, which cabinetposition would you most want? Secretary of
state? So you want to beable to but you don't like to travel
out of the country. Yeah,I can do it all over zoom or
whatever. But you might be talkingto a North Korean secretary of Defense.

Okay, all right, that's fine, that's fine for the home all right.
So you know what if the Australiancabinet, which which do you have?
One that would not familiar with theirpolitics because I'm not interested in third
world politics. Well, but alsoyou know their cabinet is going to be
based I'm assuming they have a secretaryof like sharks probably uh, probably not.

You probably have to have some youcould. You can't just have all
the things that want to kill youas one second. It would be way
too much. So there's probably ashark one dingoes, right, things like
that, But there's also another newone. Let me introduce you to a
guy now he has he They havecreated a new cabinet position. Now they

do it a little differently because it'sa parliamentary thing and the structured thing,
but it's a it's a cabinet position, right, And his name is Tim
Richardson. In fact, let's let'slisten to him celebrating I Hobbit Day or
whatever, but in an Australian accent, shall we Okay? Here we go,

happy autoholbitsie everyone. It's Tim Bridgetsand he of the step member from
Morty. I like added the beautifulrhinebo drop scene in our local community,
and I want to give a bigshout out to our lgbt iq I eight
plus communities and our Rainbow youth celebratingidahov a day. We see you,
we love you, who with you. You've got some challenges in our community
with sixty eight percent of people notout of work and two out of three

young people experiencing abused just for whothey are. So allies and all of
our community have to step I'm sorryyou said to just I have started.
Sixty six percent of Australian children arebeing bullied for who they want to sleep
with? Or are they just beingbullied as kids? Sixty who's doing How

are the bullies not all gone?If two thirds of the country's being bullied,
one third's doing the bullying and hehad all that in the middle with
nothing and except for you know,murder things, how is this still a
problem? Anyway? I'm sorry,go ahead, and I haven't even told
you with this guy's title is that'sgoing to be the kicker. But let's

continue the video to make sure thatwe support now lgbt QII plus communities into
the future. And so getting onthe rainbow, speaking up and always each
and every day in Victoria, promotinglove, prospect and inclusion is what we're
all about. So we see you, we love you, and we want
to support you, and we giveyou a big shout out on Idaholic Day,

Idahoba Day. All right, allright, So this is literally the
name of the new Cabinet position.You're ready Secretary for Men's Behavior Change.
You could sell me into indentured servitude, into that job. What the hell

is that the Secretary for Men's BehaviorChange. How quickly has this country gone?
Our country? It's working on Australia. I remember saying this during COVID,
like, what the hell is goingon down there? What did What

was everybody's view of Australia before COVID, I'm going to generalize it was like
the United States, but they hadgiants, drunker, they had what giant
spiders Yep, yep, yep.Lots of giant spiders like to mess with
critters, although we you know,we like to too. They like Barbie
for some reason. Canada had thesame issue right before COVID, where it's

like it was just they're just likeus, just a little different, quirky,
and yeah, they got their ownthing. But I think people had
a better opinion of Australia than Canadatoo, because Canada kind of gets the
uh. They're always apologizing all ofthat, and most of it's good.
But I have a lot of Ihave a lot of friends that are Canadian
and they rag on themselves about thesame things that people make fun of that

being said Australia. But also ifI if I said, Ross, you're
United States for this, okay,and and you're good. It looks like
you're some guys want to brawl atthe bar. Are you asking your buddy
Canada? Are you asking your buddyAustralia. You know, I'm asking the
Aussie. Yeah, that's the dudewith the knife. No, that's not
a knife. He's got a knife, okay. And then I don't know

what the hell hap I've been to. I went to Australia, but I
was a kid, so I don'tknow that I have. It's not a
good representative memory. The animals werewild, the flight. Even as a
kid, I'm like, this isawful, and but you know it was.
I seem to remember it was cool. And by the way, I

was even in a university setting forsome of My grandfather was a college professor
and he did this thing where professorsgot professor exchange and we went visit.
It was a whole thing. Butso I was even surrounded by what should
have been moonbats. But everybody seemedlike Paul Hogan ish right, like they
they'd fight as syphilis laden Kowala ifit came to it, that's just the

commute. And now it's like,what is what happened to you during COVID
some of the most insane videos.Remember Australia was the one building the camp
and they built it. Remember,yeah, I remember the video of the
woman who posted a pregnant woman postedsomething about COVID, and they came and

arrested her in her house, yes, for social media post And she was
not the only one. They manymany Australian was taken into custody for social
media posting. One guy, there'sa video. What was the what was
the video? Okay? So itwas across the street from this townhouse where

this couple lived was a park andduring COVID you could leave your house during
lockdown because the laws of the smokinglaws didn't allow you to smoke next to
a stre sure, because they nannystated that, so you could go across
the street to smoke. So theguy along with the woman he was his

girlfriend who lived in the house withhim, walked across the street while she
smoked. He got like he gotsome sort of like food cart food and
they arrested him because he wasn't smoking, which begs the question, what's the
food cart guy doing? Everything?Was insane down there every time I saw

one of the videos. And nowyou have a secretary of for men's behavior
change, Like because you haven't newtedPaul. I looked it up. Paul
Hogan is alive, he's in hismid eighties. Handle this, handle it
please. I think you could ifif you are still Paul Hogan of Crocodile

Dundee, even at eighty five oreighty six or whatever, he is,
this current crop of Australian dudes you'rehandling that. How embarrassing, as I
mean, in a way, it'snot surprising. Once a prison colony,

always a prison colony. But holyhell, a secretary for men's behavior change,
and no, there is not asecretary for women's behavior change. I
know you're I know you're shocked tolearn that. I don't even know.
Man mel Gibson was smart. It'slike, get me out of here.

We go to America and then havean unfortunate traffic cam incident. All right,
eight eight eight nine three four seveneight seven four. Let me ask
you this, Ross, I unfortunatehaven't put you in this position, not
that you would do this because you'reyou know, you're a law abiding citizen.
But let's just say you're one ofthese folks who basically thinks, you

know, they can do whatever theywant, whenever they want, and laws
be damned, and hey, ifyou want to get busy in public because
you just can't control yourself, you'regoing to do it. If you were
one of those folks there, wouldyou would mentally probably have some parameters,
right, like you may you know, you don't have time to get home,

but you would think, hey,maybe we let's go over here where
less people can see us. Sothis isn't the exhibition thing. This is
the people who can't control their horninessthing. Right. You would do some
things to mitigate people catching you.There's a reason that mile high thing is
in the bathroom and not in Aislethree. You know what I'm saying,

right, Which is why I'm baffledhere, because it is clear that no
thinking went into this to Florida,where a twenty year old woman and a
twenty three year old man decided,Hey, why don't we sneak out to
the end of the peer and youknow, have a little little fun time.

Okay, all right, I wouldsay if you're going to do that.
I'm not familiar with the peer inNaples. I've never been there.
Do you see a picture of ithere? Looks like standard issue peer.
The there's only one way on oroff well, as you come to find

out, not exactly, but forthe most part. Right, So,
if you're going to go do acrime at the end of the pier and
somebody catches wind of it, youliterally so you have to walk all the
way back down the pier and duringthat time could be easily surrounded by law
enforcement. Also, if you're goingto do it and you're not going to

take my advice on the peer issue, timing right like three in the morning,
maybe under cover of darkness, maybeit had been a drizzly days,
there's less people out there. Sothese nitwits at four thirty in the afternoon
on Memorial Day went to the endof the pier at a beach in Florida

at four point thirty on Memorial Day, and believe it or not, they
somebody saw them. All the peoplesaw them. Everybody saw them, and
they were just going to town.And then, as you can imagine,
police show up pretty quick because policeare nearby. Because everybody's at the damn
beach, and they start going outon the pier because this is going to

be the easiest arrest ever. Butit isn't. The twenty year old woman
identified as Alicia Razzo reportedly dismounted,and when it dawned upon her that they're
on the end of a pier,they're trapped, she did the logical thing.

She jumped her naked butt into theocean. That was her getaway plan.
The problem is she didn't realize Idon't know. I don't know if
she thought you're in Naples, soyou're not. I don't like, where
are you going? Because there ain'tnothing for a long ways out there,

and she realized that. So basicallythe scene is the police just then left
the pier and started walking down thebeach and she's swimming and swimming. Eventually
she gives up and then has towalk right on the shore and they arrest
her. So but yeah, fourthirty in the afternoon, Memorial Day out
of Florida Beach and you couldn't waitfive minutes. I guess when the the

mood gets you, So do betterplanning that if you're gonna participate in such
things all right, eight twenty three. Coming up on the show, we
got to get a little on thelittle more on the Trump trial, the
f thirty five stories crazy. I'lltell you about that as well. It's
all coming up CaCO Day Radio programphone number eight eight eight nine three four

seven eight seven four. We canget your calls as well, and of
course we'll talk to Jeff and andmister Stage, who may or may not
be a North Korean asset, allin this hour. So don't go anywhere
do that peer, the Gaza peer, I guess is what they were calling
it. Were being the operative wordhere, so this is right. So

now, no the US boots onthe ground. But what we decided to
do was essentially construct a port floatingoff of Gaza there so that human you
know, food and medical supplies couldliterally arrived by ship, be unloaded and
be quickly wished away to the Palestinianswho are in dire need because big bad

mean Israel. All right, Sothat thing's gone. They kept attacking it
during construction. They wounded a USservice member doing it. I'm not sure
exactly what capacity, but and allthe stuff's gone too, and it floated
away and sank it wandered off.Essentially the Joe Biden Gaza peer wandered off.

If you can even comprehend such athing so appropriate, But I'm reading
this, and so not only didthey sink the pier, they stole all
the food and medical supplies, whichhas been an ongoing thing. I don't

know if you know this. Theyestimate that all of this cost and is
now gone three hundred and twenty milliondollars. Because what happens is it shows
up and then immediately it's either stolenby Hamas or stolen and sold by people

who are not Hamas that are justdirt bags, or is stolen and sold
by dirt bags that work for reliefagencies, including the one of the un
the UNWIR, whatever the hell itis. There are stores, there are
literal stores that weren't stores that arenow stores where they're just selling like Uncle

Sam green beans, right, becausewe packaged stuff. You could tell we
packaged it, and then they justsell it. Right, it's not getting
to it. So because it's thenbeing stolen and either consumed or utilized by
Hamas or then sold in a lotof cases to fun to hamas. Joe

Biden made a three hundred and twentymillion dollar in kind donation to hamas absolutely
brilliant not to mention the thing withthe red line. And now, by
the way, did you see thislatest screaming for Oh, they went into
a safe zone and they murdered thesepeople in their tents, and uh in

Israel came out and said that therewas a mistake that was made, but
we didn't get details on it.Well, now there's some here. Do
you want to know what the mistakeseemingly was as best I understand it.
Okay, here is the mistake,all right? Ross, you are the
family, You're the loving family.You don't want to you just you just

want to be safe, right,and you're huddled in You're huddled in your
tent there right, and except yourtents not in the safe zone. Your
tents and rafa the safe zone isa mile away. Important distinction. And
then you got to ask yourself whyam I living in a tent? And
the reason you're living in a tentis because where you used to live is

now full of military looking dudes,including a couple of big muckety MUCKs,
and they park their cars there.There's other guys around it's clear that they're

strategically launching stuff from there, notlaunching missiles. But you know, folks
are leaving there and going out todo uh hummas kinds of things, right,
So they hone in on this,and so they decide they're going to
grease this where the leaders are,and then there is this giant explosion and
it's crazy, by the way,there's video of this. And then there's

a giant explosion, but then there'san even greater other explosion and then a
bunch of others. So the mistake, I as best we can tell,
they haven't a hunt. I mean, they put the details out, but
I haven't seen where they said thatthis is the mistake they're talking about,
just to be abundantly clear, butI think it probably is. See when

they wanted to blow the Hamas dudesto smithereens, what they failed to calculate
is that the other vehicles, includingthe jeep that was adjacent to where the
quote unquote civilians were, basically hadbeen turned into a bomb. So when

you shoot the other thing next toit, and then you have a vehicle
that is basically made out of seafour at this point, there you go.
So one, the location was notaccurate. They were definitely not in
the the quote unquote safe zone,but also what was supposed to be a
more specific detonation. And I thinkthe mistake was they just didn't calculate for

the fact that they had a bombthe size of a of a jeep right
you know, in and around there. It looks like there were others too,
So then you have to ask yourself, why are all of these jeeps
loaded with more C four than thefirst Twin Towers attack in the nineties or

that rider truck in Oklahoma City?The hell's going on? So yeah,
that that and the peer washing awayand three hundred and twenty million dollars of
food and medical supplies for Hamas justeverything's just working out great, height man.
Meanwhile, back home, you probablysaw, speaking of explosions, a

report yesterday of the US military aircraftcrashed in New Mexico. Well here's what's
Here's what I find is wild aboutthis. When you see one of those
big, badass jets, who doyou assume is piloting that thing, who's
behind, Who's who's got their handon the on the stick, you know,

going uh mock whatever, looking likeit's you know, it's like Maverick
dudes, right, that's what youeither in the jumpsuits. They got a
nickname. They talk a lot oftrash. I got buzz cuts. That's
who it is. My buddy's dadwas a fighter pilot. I didn't know
him obviously then, and the firsttime I met him, I said to

myself, that dude looks like afighter pilot. And then my buddy,
who had moved to Buffalo with hiswith his family, he said, yeah,
my dad was. He was afighter pilot in the military. From
I'm like, wow, eleven yearold me is perceptive, right, they
just have a look. But no, apparently it was. It was it

was the dude. It was theValet. That's probably not fair. The
plane was being taken by a personwho I guess transports planes for Lockheed Martin
because they have the contract on itto do some maintenance. So wait,
how do you get that gig?That's that? You think valet at the

hot club where all the lambos arerolling up is fun? How'd you like
to be the f the fighter thefighter jet valet. I had no idea.
We just had a random non militaryfolks that just show up at base
like, yeah, I'm here totake the F thirty five, which,
by the way, uh Seymour Johnson, I'm just I might be down there

later, believe whatever I say.Okay, I'm just here for that.
Or do I want of those orI want to go out to the Marine
Bay to Cherry Point. They gotsome cool stuff there too. Marines probably
not be happy about that, butmy point is I didn't know that was
a thing. Now. Thankfully thepilot was able to eject what a great

job that must be. What areyou doing today? I'm moving some stealth
bombers. Oh, I'll be backat five. What's for dinner? What
an amazing gig man. But yeah, and finally, we have a mystery
to solve. And uh, let'sbring Ray Stagic and my Unsolved Mysteries music

into this. You to dip thatdown just a little, all right,
Ray, you want to help ussolve a mystery, Sure, let's do
it. All right, We're gonnasolve a mystery. Everybody, here we
go. Doctors are advising women whoare taking the ozempic right the skinny pills,
to make sure that they have ahandle on their contraception after they have

seen, but are unable to explainan uptick in the number of women who've
taken the skinny pills who are atan increased risk for pregnancy. So yeah,
so the women who took the pillsto lose the weight are getting pregnant
more often, and they don't knowwhy. You got any theories? I

might, but I think I'm gonnaoh, you coward, you cowered.
What's that say about the men?Though? It's such a but I thought
about this because that's the easy thing. You're like, oh, it's the
men and other but men, youyou don't have to take the pills,
and there will still be a lineof men who will do that for you.

Do you know what I mean?But it's also, you know,
women are probably more confident. Womenare more confident. Yeah, and they're
just yeah, I got my uh, got my swagger back on. Let's
let's go. I'm on crap,I'm pregnant. So yeah, but it's
like they're gonna pay somebody to researchthis, and I know the answer,

pay me. I am shocked.I am shocked at women who feel better
about their bodies and or look betterto the men around them, are you
know, getting pregnant more. It'salmost as if there's a connection. So
anyway, well, all right,storry to dragging into that, No,
no problem. Yeah, it looksgood. Your weather, that's fine.

Not much going on here, soit's kind of an easy one to even
across most of the nation. Thingsto settled down, and there will be
no exception to that. Lots ofsunshine for the rest of the week.
War mistay today, mid eighties,and then we'll go to the upper seventies,
low eighties for Thursday Friday, andsome of these morning lows coming in
in the fifties. Might even seesome forties sneak in by Friday morning and

Saturday morning into the mountains, andthen slowly we'll start to modify again.
So enjoy the next four days,five days, let's see, I extend
this out. I don't have amention in the forecast of showers and thunder
until maybe Tuesday, so it'll startgetting milder, a little more humidity.
You come here, humidity you triedto say coming back. Well, it's

not your native language, you knowit's not. It's not Koreans. So
yeah, so yeah, no raintill maybe Tuesday. Enjoy this nice run.
You don't get many of these nowas we get into the summer months,
but we got one, and it'sgoing to continue for at least four
or five days, maybe longer.Okay, all right, thank you sir.

Yeah, have it going, okay, all right, we'll come back
with Jeff Bellingers totally not at alla North Korean intelligence plant. All right,
that's next. Hang on. Oh, good morning, Casey. Looks
like we could have an early pullbackon Wall Street. Futures are lower right
across the board this morning. Dowfutures down two one hundred and fifty points.
Shares of American Airlines were down nearlythree percent yesterday. The carrier cut

its profit outlook ahead of the summertravel season. The oil industry still consolidating.
We have another big deal in theworks today. Conoco Phillips agreed to
acquire Marathon Oil. That transaction willbe all stock. It's valued at about
seventeen and a half billion dollars.Meanwhile, Hess shareholders approved the deal for

that company to be bought by Chevron. The deal is being challenged by Exxon
Mobil shares. Fabercrombie and fit yourhigher pre market, the team focused apparel
chains first quarter sales topped one billiondollars. Its profit beat expectations by a
wide margin, and Day and Fraised sales outlook for the year. Dick's
Sporting Goods doing well, benefiting fromstrong demand for its products and services.

The increase in comparable store sales forthe last quarter was more than double what
was projected in Casey, A lotof Starbucks baristas and store managers complain about
understaffing it coffee shops. They sayan algorithm that Starbucks uses to allocate store
labor does not take into account thetime it takes to prepare special orders,

and more customers have special orders thesedays. Wait times have increased since the
pandemic. About eight percent of customershad to wait fifteen to thirty minutes in
the last quarter. Technomic says thatwas virtually unheard of during the same period
in twenty nineteen. Casey, youcould fix that by not going in there.
That would be a that'd be away to say time, Hey,

quick question, which is the betterof the two Koreas in your opinion?
Yeah, the better of the two? Well, I say, I guess
I would go with the South.Okay, all right, just making sure,
did you see that article where likeit remote it workers were actually North
Koreans and stolen Americans identities. Ican't remember. You guys reported on axios
and a bunch of brothers and thegovernment literally warned people. And now I

don't know who's a North Korean intelligenceperson and we've never met, so I
see. No, I hadn't hadheard that story. But no, I'll
pick the South. Okay, butthat's also what I would expect a North
Korean plant to say. So,thank you, Jeff, appreciate it.
Okay, all right, have fun? All right, look at that,

right, because what do we talkabout That dude is so from from a
Pyongyang no question, I mean,doesn't get pop culture references. Ask them
about food places you're surrounded by,hadn't eaten there? You know why,
because they're not in Pyongyang food?You tell what is food? I've never

ever been to the You've been tothe olive garden in Pyongyang? No,
you haven't because there ain't an olivegarden, because that would Can you imagine
that business model? All you caneat in North Korea on something you'd be
out a business in a second manAnd then fine, it's not a fuzzy

UFO or a furry UFO. Andthat is not a UFO where the aliens
are dressed as furys, but wherethe actual UFO is furry. What a
crazy story man. So a NorthCarolina man who posted some photos of the
quote furry, It's not a ufit's a panel with a bunch of stuff

on it, and it looks furrybecause it's carbon fiber that did not handle
the re entry real well. Becausenow we know that the photos on this
are actually from a panel I guesson a booster rocket for it's one of
musk booster rockets. And I'm notsure the story of how it happened,

but I feel like there was divineintervention because the panel, which didn't hit
anybody, did fall on a glampingcollective in in Haywood County. And I'm
here to tell you all space junkshould fall on glampers
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