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June 12, 2024 95 mins
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Phone number eight eight eight nine threefour seven eight seven four. That'll get
you on the Old Show. Aswe bang through today's stack of stories,
what do we got isis terrorists hittingthe hot recurrence Ross gets that reference.

We'll do a little of that.We'll try to figure out why grown men
are lusting over some dude's pants.It's creepy. And I in no way,
shape or form encourage the defacing ofpaintings or any of that, because

it's such scumbags out there doing it, you know. The Uh I'm a
glue myself to something. I'm gonnamake it so you can't go to work
today in a timely manner, youknow those those a holes, right,
So I'm not happy about it.I'm just mostly confused as to what happened

with the latest painting vandalism thing yesterday. I don't get it, And maybe
it's because I don't really I don'teven like, I know what a wallace
in grama grammt is, but Idon't know why I know it, and
I don't know anything about it.Was that like a kid's cartoon in the

morning? Was I am? Irealized I have no depth of knowledge on
this. I don't know what awallace in grammat is other than some sort
of animated thing with a British twist? Am I wrong? Right? That's
what it is. Okay, Soyou guys remember the new King Charles portrait,

that red monstrosity. Although I didsee some people liked it, which
is fine. Whatever. You canlike what you like, as long as
we can agree that the worst leaderportrait ever devised in modern history will always
be the Barack Obama floating in thehedge thing or whatever that was. You

guys, remember do you remember thatpicture? It's your official presidential photo,
and it's like him on a chairlike superimposed into like a like some ivy
or hedge. I don't have itin front of me. I'm just remembering.
I'll never forget it. It's burnedinto my brain. I just can't
remember what the foliage is. Ithink they were trying to hint that it

was like the Homer Simpson meme wherelike he goes into the bushes but then
he comes back as Biden. Ithat's nice, dude, it's nice.
That's nice. You agree though,that thing is is abysmal? Right,
You remember looking at that going whatthe hell is that? Yeah? That's
the I remember being offended on behalfof my president is weird, you know,

as much beef as I could havewith, you know, decisions that
Barack Obama made. I'm like,oh, why'd you do him like that?
And then he's got to stand thereand be like dah, this is
great. So then the King Charlesthing came out and it's just like the
perma red wedding or whatever the themeis there. That's a Game of Thrones
reference ross You give, I getback, so whatever. So the thing

is on display at the Philip MouldMold Gallery whatever it's called. I don't
know. And of course here comethe moonbats. Now these are the animal
moon bats and not the climate moonbats, but I suspect there's some crossover.
And uh so, rather than throwingsoup on it, they posted they

like plastered, oh over a pictureof Wallace over the face of King Charles
from Wallace and Grommet, which againI don't know anything about, like he
is Wallace? Is there is therea feature of Wallace's personality that that's trying
to send a message I don't know. But then it also had like a

thought bubble and it's not even clever, be clever, the bubble red quote,
no cheese, grommet. Look atall this cruelty on RSPCA farms.

What so I can't have cheese nowbecause you're miffed about chicken distance or what.
I don't even know what your beefis. Yeah, I used beef
there. I don't how much youguys love that. Let's see they thank
you, reporter. It appears theactivist group blah blah blah blah blah.

I'm not gonna read their name whosought to draw tension was seeking to draw
tension to animal cruelty on RSPCA affiliatedfarms, which I guess is the King's
land right, this is this isthe property we're back in the day if
your family was starving and you shota deer to the gallows. There's so

many elements of the system that,like, you know, it's so funny
when when you see some of theselists that college students will put out,
you know, some of the activistcollege groups, and they're like all of
these things are remnant of horribleness andGod's to go. And then there's stuff
on there where you're like, wait, what's wrong with sweet tea? Sweet

Tea was on a list one time. I know, I know, good
luck. Yeah, sweet Tea goesback to slavery, does it though?
Yeah? Because they would be upthere in their plantation they would drink the
sweet Tea while they watched the slaves. Is this from a movie you saw?
I'm just channeling my inner moon bat? Oh okay, all right,

well no, no, no,no, because it literally is from Django
Unchained, And I know you haven'tseen that. I have, Yeah,
yeah, yeah, okay. Butthe point is, like it's just so
dumb. The thing that annoys menow is like it seems like everything is
it's genocide. Now if you're like, if you're a college protester, literally

everything is genocide, right right.But with the British Empire it kind of
was you know what I mean,Like the monarchy was genocide? Am I
wrong? Here? It was untilseventeen seventy six. Well they got reverser
who knowed? Yeah they did,and by the way, nobody even knew
what the game was at that point. They were so confused. I think

Ben Franklin invented who know? Didhe? Oh that's probably true. Yeah,
you know what, I think Rossis absolutely one percent spot on there.
So uh, you know, Idon't don't check us on that on
that so but it like literally wasand and and but here's the thing,

I'm not saying you necessarily have tolike just purge everything. You know how
I feel history's got its ups,its downs. It's fascinations. I wholly
enjoyed visiting the United Kingdom, visitingIreland, Scotland, Wales. Uh.
Yes, I understand that UK doesnot include the but I'm talking northern Ireland.

Uh. And then of course Irelanditself, the actual republic of and
and because there's so there's so muchhistory and really cool stuff. Plus I
have family history to this day.Over there, we have a buzz old
castle thing, a dicer disert odit's a thing. And I have a

you know, branch off family membersthat you know, we're like, nah,
we're fine with no potatoes. We'llstay here and and like that's cool.
And then you could go see thesechurches and these castles which are part
of amazing stories and historical things,and and it's it's awesome, but also

it's not all awesome. And andto your point, when literally everything's genocide,
how is that? How are thereso many moonbats over in the UK,
but they don't tend to operate thesame way that with this hatred of
history, of the totality of historythat we have here in the US.
Do you know what I'm saying,Like in the US they want the founding

fathers gone out of here but bye. And yet there is a much longer
history of conquest and bloodshed and subjugationthat you could even with minimal basic knowledge
of the uh, you know,the monarchy in the UK just going just

going back to you know, thethe iteration of the modern day monarchy when
they got the last few pesty vikingsout there and decided to go ahead and
do their thing, and and andevent and and and and if you want
to get conspiratorial, how strange itis that they the five big monarchies of
Europe were all related. I meanit's strange in the sense that it's not

strange in the sense that, youknow, you would have the marrying of
people, but like you have spurswhere multiple suns turned out to be the
multiple kings of different places. Andit's crazy, man, and and I
don't see them run around wanting topurge that just put stupid Wallace and Gramet
stickers on something and whine about chickendistance, which is their beef. I

looked it up or one of theyhave so many, So yeah, that
was the thing yesterday confused me justa little bit. But you know this
is how we learn, all right. Coming up on the show, we'll

go we got to talk fitness forsome reason. Isis like I mentioned and
somebody another road sign thing where somebody'sgot to apologize for doing nothing because nobody
is. Somebody's always got to bethere for the executioner, and it's just
it's sometimes it's just dumb. Sowe'll explain all that coming up here on

the CaCO Day Radio program six threeHere on the CaCO Day Radio program.
I almost feel bad, must feelbad because and you did. Russ had
to dip back on it. Ifeel like we could only dub Joe Biden
making that stupid cannon point once foreverand then just recycle it over and over

because every time he gives a gunspeech, he makes the same stupid point.
And I know that we've played theaudio of him saying that every six
months for his entire presidency. Sowe'll get to that here in just a
moment, But I saw something soincredibly stupid this morning. I feel like
I feel like we kind of haveto hit that real quick and then we'll

do the isis stuff too, becauseI need to package deal that at the
bottom of the hour. Also,we got to give away coming up.
I'll tell you about what that is. That'll be tomorrow. And we do
have a guest today because we hadto switch some stuff. But that in
just a moment. Do you guysknow who Joey Chestnut is. It's a

pretty pretty unique name. He probablyheard it, even if you don't.
No, that's the dude who cansit there and wolf down eighty hot dogs
every Fourth of July or however manyhe needs to. I don't know if
he did eighty what he did sixtytwo last year, but that's enough to
win. The whole technique on thattoo, is incredibly troubling. Have you

ever tried it? How many ofyou have watched the professional hot dog eaters?
Because what they do is they havethat cup of water and then they
dip and I understand why they do. They dip the bun and dog into
the water and then eat it soaking, soppy, nasty wet from a like,

I don't know how that's palatable,and I understand why you'd have to
eat at that speed, but that'sneither here nor there. This guy wins
every year for like sixteen in arow, or no, he's won at
sixteen. He's won everyone since twentysixteen, so eight in a row,
sixteen total. Who was the didn'tyou have like some Japanese dude who was

kind of his nemesis for a while. But every year Fourth of July Nathan's
hot dog eating competition And then yougot to hear how somebody eight seventy six
hot dogs, which is what hewon with in twenty one and or twenty
twenty one, and is the record, by the way, or maybe even

you watch the thing and it ofcourse dominates the news, and it's just
a fun part of Fourth of July. It is an homage to the excess
that is being an American at times, and I am unapologetic over it.
I think it's great. Also,the was it South Park who did the

thing? Where they were they hadlike they had gotten like a TV over
in Ethiopia and it just happened tobe that day. The guys was so
mean. Yeah, I can't carehis family guy or them, but whatever
whatever, like they just ate all. The village got a TV meanwhile in

America, Yeah, they flip iton and it's that, it's a few
other things and it's just it's theNo, it have to be south Park
because it's the Starvin Marvin, right, Yeah, it was Starvin Marvin with
the with his tribe that went toSpace. That's a great episode too,
by the way. Oh man,and they're like, oh, the village

finally has a little bit of arun of water and somebody, look at
this old TV that's Sally Struthers broadLet's turn it on. See what's going
on. It's just Joey Chestnut shovingall the hot dogs in his face.
What it's so, it's it's it'spart of the lexicon, is part of
the it's an iconic thing. Butit's not vegan dogs, okay, And

something happened. So Joey Chestnut,who's the man, apparently has signed a
sponsorship agreement with Impossible Foods, makersof the Impossible Whopper, Ross's favorite whopper,
because he lived with it for fivedays after he ate it, his
stomach was like, what is thisthing in your stomach. Yeah. So

here's the thing. He's the manat the night Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest,
And that should be really important tounderstand the name of the event.
Because as much as you may likesome red hots or something here, you
know, in the Carolina tradition,or maybe you really like the dogs that

use over at Snoopies or whatever itis, that's fine. The fact is
the hot dog eating contest that takesplace on fourth of July every year and
has taken place since nineteen sixteen isthe Nathan's Hot Dogs. It's in the

name. So the best in thebiz, Joey Chestnutt signed himself, excuse
me, signing himself a deal withImpossible Foods, which makes vegan dogs.
And that's fine. He's not.He's not. He doesn't work for Nathan's
per se, although he kind ofdoes. And I'll explain what I mean,

because I do pay him a feeto participate in the event, so
he is, in a way,he is getting paid by Nathan although he
doesn't work there. It's a youknow, paining an athlete to participate is
not the same as paying the athlete. As weird as that sounds, some
of the big golf tournaments that arenot tour events that take place during that

little window of an off season,especially over in the Middle East. They
pay appearance fees to get the bigname golfers over there and your favorite athletes
during the off season. Some ofthem will do stuff within the bounds of
what they're able to do. ButChessnut wanted to flex. So at first
he said he wanted to eat thevegan dogs, and Nathan's is like,

no, no, that's not whatwe do here. That's look at it.
Look at the look at the nameon the shingle there right, look
at what the name of the eventis. And then he simply wanted to
be able to part promote the vegandogs during the event, So he would
eat the regular Nathan dogs that healways has, but he would also be

able to promote the competitor of thenamesake of the event. And I don't
care who you are. I've neverseen that and I don't know that anyone
would ever agree to it. It'sjust weird. Plus, yes, I
mentioned that while that he doesn't workfor Nathan's itself, he does take endorsement

fees and appearance fees from him,and that's the thing. Look, that's
the thing we run into here onradio. Yeah, it's just so that's
what is so extra baffling for me. That can you imagine Jordan Prime Jordan
coming out and being like, yeah, I'm the face of Nike, but

I'm a play in these New Balances. What do you want? Because he
just got a big old fat checkfrom New Balance. That would he's Jordan
and that wouldn't work. Tiger Woodsgot into this with his Nike club stuff
because he wanted to use a differentclub and I think initially they didn't let
him. And then Nike stop producingirons. I don't know Nike used to

produce irons. I guess if you'reyoung, maybe don't know that I used
to have. I still have apair actually by backup clubs or just you
know, kind of junk clubs.There the Sasquatch irons man and I got
one of the last sets that theyever had. But like, none of
this stuff flies. And if youif anything that creeps closer to the idea

that I could tune in to America'spremiere competitive eating event and I gotta watch
people eat soy dogs. I'm outpack it in just just we're done.
That's in America. Good game,it's over. Try again next time.

Plus, I don't want more kidsto eat these things. Bill, I
would feel bad because now you gota battle with the impossible thing sitting in
your stomach for five days or whatwas the math ross every hot dog you
eat is six months off your lifeor whatever. That BS study was like
a story we did a few yearsback. Yet, yeah, I wonder
if he is trying to get likehealthier, you know what I mean,

because he realizes, Hey, Ieat like a zillion hot dogs a year
and it's probably not good for me. But listen, I love hot dogs.
I love but yeah, exactly,it's your job. Well you're the
hot dog dude. Dude, Imean, is getting paid, by the
way, what did he what doeshe make? They pay him like a
quarter million dollars to show up andeat hot dogs for two hours? Right,
And you can't suddenly be like,oh, I'm trying to be healthier,

so I'm just gonna eat the vegandogs during the contest and be like,
no, you're eating our hot dogs. It's our hot dog contest.
And also, if you do themath, if if that math was true,
I would be negative three. No, I'd be like three hundred years
old. Oh yeah, dude,he would have turned into mist on the
stage, just implode. I'd hidon hot dogs for lunch yesterday, sitting

here at the sitting here at thisI'm at the Greensboro Studio or that in
high Point. We're in downtown highPoint and they have a hot dog place
called the Doghouse. I don't knowif you guys are ever eating there.
If you haven't, you should.They don't pay me anything, and I
paid full price for my hot dogsyesterday, but I went into beef loaded
all the way, chili slaw,mustard onion, the proper way to eat

a hot dog. Don't argue withme, and I didn't feel that I
was making a good health decision.I thought I wasn't making an amazing lunch
decision. And at no point inmy life, I don't even think they
do they sell those over there.I love the old dude, the old
school hot dog joints that we havearound North Carolina, whether it's the Doghouse

there at high Point, whether itis the of course everybody's favorite hot Wieners
sign there downtown Rawleigh. Don't youdare bring ketchup, right, I love
that. That's that nostalgic stuff.Even going to snoopies. Man, I
know it's not exactly the same,but don't forget Downtown Wig fourst wee shorties
shorties. Yet I was trying tothink of some and I know I'm just

gonna get in trouble. Somebody's gonnabe mad at me. But trust me
when I tell you, if you'reone of the old school dog places,
you've been around for for a longtime, and I see you and it's
lunch, we're doing business, probablylook at that. I'm choking up just
thinking about it. But no,I will not have America's premiere competitive eating

event bastardized with fake meat. Ifyou like fake meat, that's for you.
Enjoy yourself, Okay, but no, this is not happening, all
right eight eight eight nine three fourseven eight seven four And good on Nathan's
because now it appears they just said, all right, well, you're not

in it this year. You dowon't play by the rules. You're not
in it. You out take yourimpossible foods money. Oh they even actually,
by the way, Nathan's even offeredto create a Labor Day hot dog
eating competition in partnership with Are youready for this? The mL E the

new sanctioning body of Major League eating. I wonder how quickly that'll corrupt is
a parent organization? Dude, wegot slap you know you got the slap
League, You've got Major League eatingcornhole? Do you know you can bet

on cornhole in North Carolina? NowI'm serious, I'm serious. So you
know obviously we got the sports bettingin North Carolina. And just full disclosure,
I do I work with DraftKings,right, but I love that.
I like their interface, and i'veI've used them for other stuff for a

while, and you use who youwant. I think it's great. But
also what I think is really greatis if you dig through, if you
go to like DraftKings or something,if you dig through, you can literally
bet on like professional corn hole.Like we have everything, man, So
when you have everything, don't comein here and try to crap all over

the thing that we like. Idon't care if you're the you're the league
leader, mister mister chestnut. Nono, no, no, no,
all right, six forty four CaCODay Radio program. Let's get into this.
Oh, just real quickly. Togo back to Ross's point on the
health thing, because I could seethat camel, you know, Cammel Campbell's

nose under the tent. There.Being a professional athlete comes with inherent physical
things that are your where going tolive with right you look at all,
And it doesn't just have to belike the CTE stuff in NFL. Former

professional athlete, former professional golfers.Man, they got eights everywhere. Even
if you don't think that's a sport, they live with that. That's part
of the tradeoff being an NFL player. It's part there's a reason that the
average age of running action is solow because all they do is just get
beat up. Well that's when youknow that you would have the single back

and you could play fantasy and itmattered. And get me started on that.
The Rock posted a video yesterday.Man, he banged his arm up.
You should see his elbow. It'sjust completely it looks like it's the
giant. But it's fake. Ross, Ross, that's fake. It's all
fake. Remember he can't he's notinjured. That's obviously it's obviously a work
right, No, it's not.These guys, their bodies are destroyed.

Professional wrestlers bodies are destroyed. AmI wrong here? I'm not wrong.
He was talking about his previous injuries, and he's like he was running down
the list of all the surgeries he'shad and the things he's broken. Is
ridiculous. Yes, with hip andhis shoulder and his back and like every
part of him. But if youask him if he do it again,
I feel like he would because youknow, it kind of led to some

stuff. It's a pretty good,pretty good decision. And if you're gonna
suffer, you know, long termback pain, would you rather do it?
Uh? You know, Uh,you're doing directional boring, right,
doing piping under roads or living inall of your mansions. So people make

these decisions because they're adults and theycan go ahead and do that. All
right, Everybody, when we comeback, I want you to know how
many pieces of flair you have.It's really important. I'll explain next hang
on. Coming up on the showat eight oh five, we're gonna chat
with Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, whois the object of ire among national news

outlets and publications for some reason.Well, I mean we know the reason,
but you know the reason. Youknow why they don't like this guy,
and uh, they just like wehave the New York Magazine article,
yes, say, which I'll talkto him about today. That's why I
rolled it over. But he's justan upholsterer. He's an idiot. Why

would you trust him. He's agun you know, he likes guns.
He thinks that. He thinks peoplein the government around Pearl Harbor may have
been complicit in allowing the attack tohappen because it furthered their ability to continue
the military industrial complex and whatever.A lot of people, by the way,

a lot of people believe that,And you got to understand the mood
of America at that time. Whetherit's true or not, I don't know.
I'd like to think it's not,but I've you know, I've been
doing this too long. The thingsthat people are willing to do for political

furtherance, regardless of the impact thatit has. You watched it on display
with the Russia stuff. They werewilling to destroy the country over that fifty
Some individuals were willing to lie toyou. The leadership of our intelligence apparatus
for the last two decades were willingto ban together, put their name on

the line, to lie to you. Why wouldn't you think any of this
stuff's possible at a time, asI mentioned, yeah, yesterday, at
a time just ten years removed fromwhen the federal government was poisoning alcohol to
teach people who were violating prohibition,they were poisoning their own citizens. But

let's write a big old hit pieceand talk about how if you apolster furniture,
you're unqualified to also be apparently incharge of anything. This scum of
the earth man all day, everyday surrounded by it. So yeah,
I understand why people believe all sortsof stuff. Uh oh, let's get
a call here on the hot dogfront. Yes, Brian, what's up?

Ay KC. You know, Iwas just I've always wondered that after
these events that you must have tocall in like professional maid services and plumbers
after the at the hotels. Ohmy gosh, I mean, can you
imagine, sir, No, no, no, no no. I'm glad

you brought this up, because Ithought people knew this. I don't know
if they still have it, butI laughed out loud one year when I
realized that one of the sponsors ofthe event is a porta potty company in
the long Island. Yeah, that'sCanine. Great sponsor. You may just

walking like, oh my god,oh they're here. I'm sick today.
Sorry, I'm not going in.No, they have like a they have
a porta potty sponsor. I can't, by the way, I would.
It would suck to work for thatcompany to your point, But yeah,
I thought that was funny as heckwhen I learned that. So yeah,
all right, all right, look, heah, I here's what I know.

It couldn't look any worse than theporta potties over at the Wolfpack tailgate,
especially the ones right there between thePNC and the I don't know who
you are, how you how earlyyou get there, and how you do
that to it every damn home game. It's impressive, really, more than

anything kc O Day radio program,I think. And uh yeah, we're
we're just banging through the news,oh the day, And uh, I
was just kind of setting up this, this this story was something I thought
we could all relate to, evenif we've how many of you have worked

in some sort of minimum wage environmentwhatever, it's not the job you want,
doesn't mean you come in and doa bad job, right, You're
developing work ethic. But it's hardsometimes, especially if you have management that
just insults your intelligence. You know, does things like we need to have

a meeting because it's the you know, it's it's the holiday season. This
is in a retail environment. Theholiday season's coming up. But I don't
know why all of you don't wantto come in fifteen minutes early for no
reasons, day as late as possible, and you know, working on an

on call environment. That's one ofthe most insulting things I did. Is
part of modern day corporate culture.You're not on call where you're being paid
for it, like you'll they'll belike, you need to be available during
this calendar period, and then thenight before we'll call you and let you
know if you have to work thenext day. Well what if I don't

have to work? Do I getpaid for making myself available? No?
No, this is part of yourcommitment. All those scumbags just right in
the wood chipper right, whoever thinksthis stuff up, I get it,
and it was It was hilariously exemplifiedin the movie office Space with the with

the flare you know, the blinkybuttons and the wacky stuff. When you
go to you know you go torestaurants that are the you know they have
a thousand things on the wall andlittle cute see things and that was portrayed
in the movie Office Space And letme in fact, let me play the
audio, cause it's gonna parlay intothis actual news story. You ready,
we need to talk about your flare. Really, I have fifteen pieces on

well, okay, fifteen is theminimum? Okay, Okay. Now you
know it's up to you whether ornot you want to just do the bare
minimum or well like Brian, forexample, has thirty seven pieces of flair
on today. Okay. It's aterrific smile. Okay, So you want
me to wear more? Look,Joanna, Yeah, people can get a

cheeseburger anywhere, Okay. They cometo Chachikey's for the atmosphere and the attitude.
Okay, that's what the flair isabout. It's about fun, Okay,
so more than yeah, Look,we want you to express yourself.
Okay. Now, if you feelthat the bare minimum is enough, then
okay, but some people choose towear more and we encourage that. Okay,

you do want to express yourself,don't you. Yeah? Great,
great, that's all I ad,Right, Okay, so what a great
movie. Overall, it's not thebest restaurant related movie, even though there's
some really good scenes in the restaurant, because it's kind of about the other
thing. I think that would bethe movie Waiting. If you've never seen

Waiting, that's hilarious. That beingsaid, it's about expressing yourself. A
new memo that has been sent outto employees of twenty four Hour Fitness has
established new guidelines for flair. That'sright, the freedom. It's literally entitled

freedom of expression. So okay,all right, you're trying to what T
shirts? Can you wear? Buttons, pins, all of those things,
and just in time for the LGBTmonth or LGBTQ month, right, and

it outlines all of the things thatyou can use to express yourself. I
know, good stuff. Right.So if you go through the memo,
they list what are considered always approvedforms of freedom of expression as well as

those who are are those that areonly allowed in very specific instances. Among
the items that are always approved includeBLM's BLM stuff, so you pin or
a hat or a T shirt,excuse me, pride or Pride rainbow logos

June teenth symbolism so what's not alwaysapproved. Do you even want to venture
a guest or do you know exactlywhere I'm going here? Well, those
are going to be items that areare, should be, will be,
and should be reserved to coincide withtheir calendar locations. Which is weird because

if it's Pride month, the othereleven months are not Pride month. So
you see how you start digging yourselfin. If you want to just say,
hey, be who you are andfreedom of expression and then go ahead
and do it, admittedly, you'regoing to have to have some guidelines as
soon as some guy comes rocking throughand his you know, is Hitler uniform

or whatever. I guess I'm takingit to the extreme here, but just
understand what's going on here. Butalso if you're going to make these judgment
calls and label the United States flagor any logo depicting the United States,
so I guess that could be likethe presidential seal. Maybe I don't know.

Those are only allowed according to thetwenty four hour fitness thing on on
holidays and specific holidays Memorial Day,Flag Day, July fourth, Veterans Day,
Patriots Day, otherwise, any sortof freedom of expression that would include

the American flag or any other patrioticlogoing is only can only be approved by
your GM and or manager, andif not approved and not one of the
calendar dates, it is a violationof their freedom of expression policy, which

falls under their news section equality support. So at least they left with equality,
or they went with equality and notequity, So I kind of like
that, but ironically equity wouldn't workhere, nor would equality for that matter.
Let's see, well I got awhole list here, but I mean,

that's the meaty stuff, that's thebeef stuff. And as you go,
as you go through, it alsotalks about area in which you can
express, so it doesn't have tonecessarily just be on your body. I
guess if you want to hang aposter or you know, some sort of
logoing or whatever it may be thathas you know, the rainbow or BLM

language or whatever it is, itis not allowed. And then they go
through examples. They go through examplesof things that might run a foul,

including are you ready for this USOlympics or Paralympics logoing? That's right,
you can't root on our Paralympians withoutexpressed approval from your manager or from your
GM or shift manager, and theyhave a hot line where you can call

to determine if your flar's okay.I just don't understand why companies put this
stuff in writing and put it outthere, Like, what do you have
to gain from this except irritating thecrap out of most of my audience,
me and other reasonable people going allright? If you know, if Debbie

wants to wear a BLM pin andZach wants to have his, uh you
know, the Rainbow Pride hat andJohn wants to have the US Olympic logo,
who cares? And ironically, you'rein a fitness facility. Wouldn't US
Olympics and Paralympic wouldn't that be appropriate? I hear at these gyms occasionally in

between doing weird like locker room uhyou know, bat back and forth with
people posting stuff to get other people'sgoat, and then others upset about shower
situation, like all of that,all of that going on behind you.
Occasionally, people at these these facilitiesthey try to improve their physical state.

I heard I don't Maybe I'm wrong. I have ross. You go to
the gym, are people working outoccasionally? Is that happen sometimes where people
try to get healthy, it doeshappen. Yes, I can confirm,
all right, Ross can confirm.So sometimes there are these annoying people that
just stay on the machines and scaretheir phone, and apparently they go to
the gym to just go on theirphone. But yes, there are people

that go to the gym to actuallywork out. Okay, do you care
what kind of hat the person onthe treadmill who's not obviously working out,
Just do you care what hat they'rewearing. When I'm at the gym,
I don't care about anybody else butmyself. I'm not focused on anybody else.
I or you don't. You don'twant to be, because if you
do focus on anybody else, you'reprobably gonna end up on social media and

they're gonna be calling you a pervor whatever. Yeah, creeper. But
when it comes to the people workingat the gym, I don't. The
only thing that really sort of bothersme is when there's somebody working at the
gym that that doesn't look like they'veever used the gym. That does that
does annoy me. Like if Iwalk in, it's just like, yeah,
I'm taking a break from my icecream truck to work behind the counter

at the gym because I have questionsabout the machines or you know, nutrition,
and if you can't, it doesn'tlook like you care. It's that's
weird to me. That is weird. Well, but I mean when it
comes to your flair, I don'tcare what you're wearing. I don't care
what pain you have on. Doesit bother me? I'm not focused on
that. By your logic, though, only five hundred pound people should be
able to work at McDonald's. Yes, can you imagine watching behind the counter?

Yeah? No, yeah. Also, I want the person that cuts
my hair to have hair. What'sthat? I want the person that cuts
my hair to have hair? Lookat you? Wow? What yeh?
Mister picky over here? Do youdon't even have hair? It really doesn't
bug me by the gym, itdoes. I know, I get it.
I get it. The McDonald's thinkis probably not fair. But there's
some machines where I'm like, youknow, I'm like, I don't know

how this machine works, and Ihave a question about it, and I
you know, am I doing itright? And I'm not sure? So
I'm going to ask whoever's working here. You look over and you're like,
that person would have no idea.I went to biscuit I went to Biscuitville
this morning because that's what you dosometimes. And and now I'm just imagining
because they had like four or fivepeople that were run around doing stuff for

get you know, like cause theyget busy right off the bat. And
now I'm just thinking, what ifthe everyone behind the counter was like the
season thirteen people from My five hundredPound Life, and then they're all just
trying to move around there and getme my meat loaf, biscuit or whatever
that's dinner in a show right there. You walk in there and you're like,

these people know to cook. Yes, food here it's look is it
called EDGs or is it called bigEDGs? Yeah? No. If I
go into walk house or whatever,right or biscuit or whatever, and it's
like, you know Christian Bale fromThe Machinist, like, well he might
have a health issue, but probablyshouldn't judge. But yeah, no,
I get what you're saying. Yeahno, I want to go in there.

I want to know that that person. You know the other reason why
I don't want anyone judging my badhealth decisions. Right, I don't need
a meatloaf biscuit or a double sausagebisks. I don't need that. I
really don't need that. I've beendoing really good. Actually I don't need
that, but I want that,and I don't want Jerry behind the counter

giving me judgment high all right.Just I want him to go, oh,
that thing, that thing's awesome.I want to I want lie to
me. Jerry, just tell meI made a good decision. So no,
I I get what you're putting downthere, all right, So,
speaking of bad decisions, the PrimeMinister of England feasibly you've done interviews before,

and yet the way that Richie Sunakcontinues to screw the pooch on this
and show up to do the interviewsthat he did around the D Day stuff
again, how just like I asked, why does the company put stuff like
this out? Why would this guysay something like that? And of course

you know they're going to torch himbecause he's not among the favorite of the
political folks as far as British mediagoes. And they did. And you
know why, It's because he's dumb. And I'll explain and we'll play the
audio next here on the CaCO Dayradio program. I feel like we have
to mention that because we're just everything. We're just talking about how you show

up somewhere and you're like, Idon't know that that person knows more than
me, and I'm here for advice. I did. There was a video
what was that like two weeks ago? A week ago? I think it
was when I was sick, andit's this woman who's on she's on social
media and she's ranting about how shegoes like Lows and Home Depot and she
wants she when she walks in there, goes to a section she wants to

talk to Jerry, the Vietnam Warvet right do with the unironic mustache is
working there and not an eighteen yearold because she has hexpre questions. She'd
be like an age minimum like HomeDeep or Lows or like fifty. I
get that. I'm totally up used. Here's what you do though, any
Lows or Home Deep. I foundthe one in Chatham County has a lot

of these folks too. You cango in there, don't look. If
they have people that work there theknow stuff, great, But if it's
not working out on that front.Spin around in a circle slowly and within
fifty feet of you is Jerry.He doesn't work there, he just is.
He's retired now. He wants toget out of the house and he
would love nothing more than you toask questions about flashing. I have done

that. Yes, I've done it. Yes, like the person could not
help me with my plumbing issue.But that dude's gonna know, Geared ye
and guess what he did, andhe was excited to tell you. Political
advice for idiot politicians today's lesson.If you are the leader of one of

the Allied countries from World War Two, don't complain when you have to go
to the memorial once a year.Okay, that's part of the gig.
Look, if you're the you know, if you're the Sultan of BRUNEI fine,

I guess whatever. But if you'reespecially if you're one of the big
ones right us, the British,even the Russians, I guess for the
purpose of that, it's not gonnalook good. And yet the Prime Minister
of the UK can't stop screwing himselfon this thing, including a video of

him showing up to an interview sohe's showing up to an interview. Obviously
they're going to talk about D Dayat the interview, and he's well,
just listen to him explaining why hehad to push back the arrival time a
little bit. I missed that.Good to see you, very nice to

see. Yeah, it will justran incredible, but it just ran over.
I'm sure apologies for keeping you don'tapologize for it. Quote running over.
You know what, I don't knowif you know this the actual Normandy
invasion, it ran over a littlebit. I mean, this guy is

just getting destroyed over there for leavingD Day to do a political interview like
that. Yes, I don't knowif you've seen like the posters and the
billboards and the memes popping up overthere. One of them is, oh
god, so bad man. Oneof them was just saying, it's a
it's a billboarder meme of like awhite background, like a black you know,
silhouette a figure and it's him,and it just says he left them

on the beaches. I mean,I'm not laughing because it's because it's so
easy at that point to just decimatethis dude, you know what I'm saying.
And then he shows up, andthis is making it even worse because
in the audio, you know,the interview actually left D Day four.
He's like, ah, this isI got an interview. You gotta leave

the D day thing, gotta godo my political interview. Goes and does
it, and then this leaks andhe's like, oh, I'm sorry,
I'm late, but the festivities therejust ran over it. We went late.
H Yeah, they had this oldguy. He was like a hundred.
He wouldn't shut up telling stories.Oh you know how they get I
mean, how do you now lookthis guy is he's on the downward spiral.

So this is just just adding toit. But that's not a good
look, man, That's not agood look, especially, and again I
say this especially if you happen torepresent one of the political ideologies, parties,

or even a whiff of it thatis diametrically opposed to the media right.
So it's like it's like, ifyou're GOP here in the United States,
you have to be, you're goingto be You're going to be judged
under a much harsher lens. Doesanyone think that that's not true? And
if you do, you're a liar? Okay, they're gonna be out to

get you. They're they're out there. They were out there the other day
whining about whining about rescuing hostages,because then it makes other hostage stuff harder,
and then they can't have the fullcease fire. Say well, I
don't know, maybe they should notbe killing our hostages or just raping them
all day every day. Did yousee the interview with one of the guys

that they rescued. He the dudehad clearly given up on life. I
don't say that in a flippant manner. It was so sad to listen every
day every day. Under understand,understand how we in our minds think about

how prisoners of war or hostages shouldbe kept, and how we recoil with
that, you know, with theRambo imagery, uh, the you know,
the the John McCain, the HotelHanoi, you know, all of
these things, and we and andthat's just we. We don't do that.
And when and when something like thathappens, or the the Abu Grab

photos come out, right, theworld revolts. The hostages not weren't just
being kept by journalists over there inGaza, but they were beating this dude
every single day, and they woulddo fake execution stuff, get your stuff,
We're gonna take you out. We'regonna kill you now, ha ha,

We're not. And then with thewomen it maybe some of the dudes,
I don't know, but it's justlike, oh, you're up,
time for your raping. Now we'regonna beat you now, We're gonna now,
We're gonna make you wish death uponyourself every day, all day,
every day, And and they're outthere going, well, you know this

may it makes hamas very upset whenthey don't have their toys. So you're
not gonna get a fair shake anywayfrom from people who work in the news,
the news industry. Did you seethe woman on MSNBC when she heard
her own companies polling that said sixtytwo percent of Americans want mass deportations,

and she recoiled like, I can'tbelieve I have to speak to idiots who
don't understand every day, like thebody language and the way that she she
reacted to it was she was discussed, I can't believe these folks. Well,
I bet you work in a securebuilding. You probably have some a
driver each and every day. Youdon't do your own shopping. You don't

have to interact or you know,with any of this. The price of
things is minimally impacting you, sowhen you get you know, the other
thing yesterday was everyone's so stupid theydon't know how great they have it and
how much better it's gotten. Thatwas the narrative yesterday on multiple networks,

as though it all came from acentral clearinghouse talking point place. So,
you know, dip it out onthe d day stuff because it's running too
long. So you go do aninterview to uh, you know, promote
your political jit. Dude, peopleare going to destroy you, and rightfully

so, like I don't even haveto lean into the media being unfair.
They're gonna be that anyway here.They should just be that you're so bad
at your job. Man, you'reJoey Chestnut with your with your fake hot
dogs. I can't even look atyou. That's what he's doing. Speaking

of not being able to see somebody, let's say you go for ladies if
you're your man suggested you guys takea sweet walk on the beach. What's
the yes rate on that? Usuallyprobably pretty high. I'm stereotyping, but
women like to go for walks onbeaches. It's a thing a lot of

dudes do too. I don't mind. I don't mind taking stroll down the
beach. But you ask your lady. She wants to go for a nice
you know, especially if the weather'sperfect, a little sunset or sunrise or
whatever. It is very romantic,but very calming, and yeah, it's
healthy. Do it, something alittle healthy. So imagine you're doing that,

You're getting everything you want, andall of a sudden, as you're
walking down the beach, you lookover. This is from the guy's perspective,
and all of a sudden, yourwife, who looks to be about
a foot and a half shorter thanher husband here, so that's going to
come into play, is just gone. One minute, you're holding her hand,
she's probably talking to you about thosecurtains again for the seventy fifth time,

and then all of a sudden,gone, Well that's what happened.
A woman was swallowed by quicksand whileher and her husband were taking a stroll
along a beach. This is inMaine, outside of Portland, Maine.
Jamie Accord was walking along the water'sedge at Popham Beach State Park when she

was suddenly quote sucked in and droppedlike a rock, initially up to her
hips in just a split second,where she, according to witnesses, let
out a stunned scream because at thevery same time high tides are rolling in

nightmare scenario. She starts yelling toher husband Patrick, I can't get out.
I can't get out. She's gettingsucked in further and further into quicksand,
which, by the way, canI say this? Every guy has
a plan for quicksand? Am Iwrong here? I'm not wrong. We
thought about it. There's no logicalreason we thought about it. Most of

us are not encountering this on adaily basis. But every dude would like
to think that if presented with aquicksand scenario that he'd be able to snap
into action and solve the problem.That's why I walk around with snakes all
the time. Big snake. Yeah, the guy in the quick sandestized did
not coincide. We didn't get togetheron this giant snake. That's rule number

one. And to you Ross's point, and I don't know, there's big,
big old snakes in Portland, Maine. You're gonna have to bring your
own. Just to cat your emergencysnake. Also, he he was able
to get her out of there.It was not easy, but thankfully and

and actually he said, right afterhe got her out of the hole,
the hole the tide rushed in filledback up, and then it all like
even where she had been pinned justdropped and disappeared and then filled in.
And it would have almost absolutely havesucked her down into that. But he
also didn't extract anything. And Ifeel like that's a missed opportunity. Look,

she's up to her chest in quicksand. This is when you're getting the
go ahead on the man cave?Am I wrong? Here? How bad
you want out of that hole?Can I convert the basement? Okay,
all right, here's the snake.Grab onto the snake. So again,

you'd like to think you'd know howyou'd act, and you have best practices
with your emergency rescue snake. Butalso keep in mind, this is a
great way to win an argument.That's literally chapter five of Art of the
Deal. Yes, thank you.You remember when Trump used to throw the
people in on the Apprentice in Quicksand, which is a story I just made

up that CNN is probably gonna reportnow good stuff, mostly through women in
there. He's a monster, absolutemonster. You know we're gonna make it
really juicy. Rasd Agic from theWeather Channel. If your sweet wife got
sucked into quicksand, would you knowhow to rescue her? Would not know
how to rescue her. But Ialready have the man caves, So I

guess. I guess she's out ofluck. You want a new hell cat
or something? I mean something,right, what could I possibly think of?
Don't go there, I was gonnago there. Oh goodness, her
arms are pinned, she can't move. I know. No, we're not
good. It has to be oneof the worst kind of feelings. Just

grab a snake man, yeah,snake, Yes, I do have the
emergency in case you go into quicksands. Snake, Okay, are good?
I thought you were a lunatic fora moment. No, no, so
certainly no, no, we're notcertainly not anything close to being a lunatic.
But okay, good. Yeah that'sso nuch. He's still coming.

So if you will be outdoors,maybe tournament, golf, golf tournament,
maybe a golf tournament, sunscreen,hydro eight, all those good things.
Load to mid nineties, the hottestday is going to be Friday, it
could be close to ninety five.Try it low nineties, so load of
mid nineties. Basically today probably thebest day where we're in the upper eighties,

few clouds. Otherwise, lots ofsunshine. Seeing a few clouds right
now near Sanford down your Faeyeteville ornorth of Fayetteville. It's this little patch
is coming through in some to thewest too, So really just trying to
fill time, because that's about it. As we go through the weekend,
still near ninety degrees, may stayin the upper eighties to the west,
invest area right near Tampa Bay.Now the Hurricane Center has something to talk
about ninety l bringing a ton ofrain to Florida that may get into the

western Atlantic, and it's got asmall chance in seven days twenty percent of
become a depression or a tropical storm. Just in case you didn't know.
Not only are we forecast having aboveaverage and a well above average season the
Atlantic basin. The a storm isal Roberto, but small chances of that
happening. But if it does getstronger, it could have some impacts for

the coastal areas sometime week but rightnow it doesn't look like it's going to
get very strong. Okay, allright, appreciate it, Sarah. We'll
let you get back to it andsee in an hour, okay, and
we will take a break. Areminder, coming up at eight oh five,
Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson will join us. We got lots to get into
with him. And speaking of thesixty two percent of Americans who want deportations

that was from the other day,I think that number might be higher today,
and I'll explain why next. Hangon, excuse me. The arrest
of eight individuals from Tajikistan, everybody'sfavorite vacation destination with potential ties to isis

arrested over the weekend in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles. Several of
the individuals found themselves are you readyfor this? Making their way across the
southern border, including one of thearrested individuals who gain entry through the new
Biden mobile app. Want to goto kill Americans and Jews. There's an

app for that, and we justcreated it. Yeah, So they're here
to do all sorts of horribleness.They're clearly trackable to having crossed the border
in both well arguably in illegal manner. All around because they're lying and they're
not going through what is the stilllegal definition of how asylum works. But

and if you remember, they justhad this random story yesterday, I don't
know, I can't remember if wegot to it where they set out new
guidance saying, unless they're from likesix countries, just let them in.
Yeah, adults, single adults,absolutely, unless they're from six countries.
And Tajikistan was one of them.I think Russia's on their Moldova. I

can't remember the others, but youget the gist of it. So then
they have that story just kind ofpop up. That's weird, man,
that's weird. And you know what, then I saw they had Washington Post.
It is not the first time they'vewritten about this, by the way,
but they have reiterated a point they'vebeen making. What do you think
is perpetuating the Israeli Gaza conflict?What do you think is causing that to

keep trucking on that If we onlydid away with it, the whole thing
would end. What would your suggestionbe, maybe indiscriminately wanting to wipe all
of Israel off the map, that'dbe a good suggestion of something that if
it went away, probably would grindthis to a halt. But you'd be
wrong. Corey to the Washington Post. The problem is the Iron Dome.

I'm going to repeat that. Theproblem is the Iron Dome defense system.
You're on our Wednesday now. Youknow, last week I had the plague
or whatever, so we didn't geta chance to check in with the Lieutenant
governor, but thankfully able to movesome stuff around and Mark Robinson joining us

this morning. Mark, how youdoing today, sir? I'm doing good.
I'm doing good. Kay to helpyou out, I'm good. But
also I don't have the national mediaturning their sights on me. So let's
let's go ahead and get into that. I'm actually I'm sitting in downtown High
Point right now. I'm at ournew Triad facility. We are right next

to the ballpark here. They're reallydoing a lot of revitalization here. But
I'm just feet from where you usedto work. And the New York Magazine,
Yeah, New York Magazine decided thatfor whatever reason, and I don't
know if you read the whole article, they wanted to come at you hard
man. And the crux of itis Mark's dumb and Mark used to re

upholster furniture and you can't trust toperson like that. Sure, how insulting
is that on a scale of oneto ten to all of the folks you
used to work with, and allof the folks who are literally going to
work right now within a half mileof where I'm sitting, who are going
to go and bust their butt justlike they do each and every day.
What do you think of when yousee that stuff? I love it when

these elites show their true colors.Do They always talk about diversity, equity,
and inclusion. They always talk abouta fair level playing field. They
want anything but that because they thinkliterally they are better than everyone. They
have told us for years that theseseats like governor and senator and congressmen.

They've told us for years the presidencyis reserved for a certain type of person.
Nowhere in our constitutions that say thatthere are many people from diverse backgrounds
of all stripes that are able todo these jobs. The problem is we
have these elites who have forced themout and told them they're not good enough.
I've been in this job now forthree years. I've been a studying

politics down for the past twenty plusyears, and the one thing I've come
to understand. Some of the greatestpeople who have ever set foot in the
White House, in the Senate seats, at the seats of Congress and governors
are people who have real world experience. That's what it takes to get it
done. These high pollutant e loots, elites who don't have a clue,

They couldn't get out of a wetpaper bag that they had to without instructions.
And these are the folks that getus into these deep troubles that we
see, not just at the federallevel, but at the state and local
level as well. It's fire forus to disregard these folks and start getting
people who have real world experience inthe office to bring real, real,
real world solutions to the problems thatwe face. Well, I don't want

to throw them away yet, becauseI want to watch New York Magazine writers
it Maggie Kelsey. I want towatch her try to reupholster a chair.
That would amuse me, absolutely absolutely. It's that same sentiment of Michael Bloomberg
of anybody can be a farmer,Yeah, right, anybody can be a
farmer, right, yeah, absolutely, As somebody grew up in an agricultural

setting. I'm always amused trying towatch that happen. Actually it doesn't.
I mean, it speaks exactly whothey are. And Uh, well,
I'm sorry, go ahead, goahead, Mark, let you finish answer.
I was gonna I was gonna kindof drag it over here, because
these are the same folks that havebeen telling me that everything's great on the

border, crimes crimes plummeting. Uh, your money, it never went further,
everything's great. And meanwhile I'm sittinghere doing a story about eight Isis
folks who came across the border,including one who just used o'biden's new app
to do it. Man, Absolutely, that was the exact place I was

going, Casey. These are thesame people who want to tell your children
that they're two hundred and fifty sevengenders and they allow them to watch for
pornography in elementary school. These arethe same people who want to tell you
that the border should be wide openand that we shouldn't charge people with crimes
who steal nine hundred and ninety ninedollars worth of your stuff. The same
people who want to put criminals ona revolving door. These are the same

people who call folks like me andblue collar workers the lower classes, the
people who are not fit to bein office. They are the same ones
who come up with these terrible ideasthat translate into terrible policies that end up
delivering horrendous results. Again, we'vegot to reject them. And the more
they talk, the more they showus exactly who they are. The title

of the article from New York Magazineis Mark Robinson is Maga's great Black hope.
Do you like your position like that? And what kind of pressure does
that put on you? If any? Zero? Zero? Because we know
what we're doing here is we're nothere to push any type of but political
agenda. Were here to do iswe're here to be the governor of North

Carolina in order to take North Carolinato its next great heights. The Republican
Party turned the financial fortunes up thisstate around and put us on firm financial
footing. And now it's time touse what we've that groundwork that's been built
by the legislature to get a governorand a Lieutenant governor and Attorney general in
office that can really start the processof really growing this state into the absolute

economic superpower that it can be.And that's where we're going. We're not
after pushing political agendas. We're atto making sure that North Carolina starts that
process of growing into that giant economicsuperpower that it can be. And we
want to do it the right way. Okay, well what is the right
way? Obviously we have been onan upward trajectory the Rainy Day Fund.

We don't carry debt unlike you know, places like California and others that are
insanely in debt. So how dowe make sure that we continue it,
especially with the fact that because ofyou and your existence, the amount of
money and focus on North Carolina bypeople who don't like you and don't like
your existence is going to trickle overto all these other fights. So how

do we keep growing. The waywe do that is we continue to focus
on the subsidi of issues. Numberone. We focus on the subsidive issues
and the work in hand. Wecontinue to do what we need to do
to make sure that our state totry to change the cultures inside of meaning
of our state agencies to make surethat they're not adversarial to the folks that
they have sway over are working with, but instead are there to try to

facilitate those business and success. Now, when I say that, let's be
clear. When I say that,I don't mean allowing them to break the
rules. They certainly need to putup the guardrails, but we don't want
to make the guardrails in the barrier. So we want to kind of change
the culture of our state agencies tolet them know that they're there as a
help not a hindrance. Number two, we need to continue to work with

our legislatures to stay bysically stable andphysically responsible. That will go a long
way to helping us be able toovercome some of the things that may be
happening at the federal level. Hopefullythe federal level will be changing in November,
but if for some strange reason itdoes not, it's even more of
a reason for us to double downon our fiscal responsibility here in North Carolina.

The third thing is this, Iknow for a fact that you can
do things and make things so thatthey are what I call undeniable. And
when I say that, I saythis, I say that it means this
in North Carolina. Yeah, MarkRobinson, is this thing you think is
this crazy conservative? But we wantto make our states so good that despite

the fact that you hate me,you can't help but come here to do
business because you know you're going tobe successful. And that's the kind of
government we want to build here inNorth Carolina. And that's the kind of
standard we want to set here inNorth Carolina. We want it to be
undeniable for these businesses that they're goingto have to grint their teeth and bear
it that this conservative is at thehelm. But if I don't go to
this state, I'm going to beleaving nat as possibly big as the dollars

on the table. Yeah, AndI think that's why we've seen this great
debate. I don't know that it'sa debate because facts are on my side
and your side here. But whatthe Republicans have done, for all the
grief that even I give them,is this is an environment where you can't
help but do business here. Andand that's that's that's got to stick in

their crawl mark every day. Itdoes. It does, and you know,
I think it really you do it, and it starts trickling down to
the local level, which is somethingwe desperately need to do we see it
happen in other states? In someof the big areas that used to be
totally blue, now they're starting toturn a little bit red or almost completely
red in some cases in some states. You know, that's what we have

to do. We have to continueto deliver the goods to folks. We
have to continue to deliver those thingsthat they need, the economy and all
the associated things healthcare, house andpublic safety, infrastructure. We have to
continue to deliver great educational opportunities toeverybody K through twelve adult ed. You

deliver those things to folks, andI think you're I don't think. I
know you're going to say great success? Do you think? And I certainly
believe this, So I'm going toapproach it from I think it's happening.
I think that every every mile comeswith an inch. Right, you say
you give them an inch, they'regoing to take a mile. With the

expanse of nature of what government hasbecome and the most basic expectations which now
are not something that are just purelyright left, but rather have a lot
of crossover, like childcare. Inever thought that I would see a day
when the majority of North Carolinians thoughtthat childcare should be part of the guaranteed

constitutional educational experience here in North Carolina. But that's where we seem to be
if you believe the polls, andI don't think they're necessarily wrong. So
how do you combat the expanse ofmindset without irritating folks that you're going to
need to vote for you mark becauseyou have gotten. You've got to show

people that the way to pass governmentassistance or the help of the government,
so to speak of the welfare stateis by presenting opportunities to people that actually
yield results. You know, we'vegot to again got to fix our K
through twelve education system to start raisingup another generation of children who are searching
out the diversity, equity and inclusion, but instead of searching out to discipline,

excellence and intelligence. You have topresent opportunities to adults in the works
in the workforce, not just tomove laterally, but to move upwards to
improve their standards. And so theseare the things that we have to do.
The opportunities that you lay in frontof people that actually yield great results
or what's going to determine whether ornot they're going to cold team to lean

on the government or they're going tobe able to lean on the power of
their own hands. Yeah, andI just don't know that it goes anywhere.
And then people are able to goout and say that Mark Robinson wants
he doesn't want public schools anymore.Is that true? You don't want public
schools anymore? Absolutely not. Iwant our public schools to be healthy and
strong, and I want them todo the right thing. But the bottom

line is this, If our publicschools and the people who operate and run
our public schools, the leadership ofour public schools, if they are not
willing to do the things that deliverpublic education to students and parents and teachers
to help that institution be successful,it will not be me so will bring
that to an end. It willbe them. I did not do anything

to close down towards us on radioshacks. Those businesses went down because they
refuse to keep up with the trendsof their customers, that listen to their
customers, or be able to delivertheir goods in a way that was condu
if in the times that they were. If public education and the leadership thereof
wants to be hard headed, doesn'twant to change the thing that's wrong,

the things that are wrong, doesnot want to listen to the parents who
are demanding better, do not wantto listen to the teachers who are demanding
better. Then it's not my faultthat public education will start to decline.
Now, we don't want that tohappen. We're going to do everything in
our powers to try to strengthen publiceducation in this state and make sure that

public education is delivering a great productfor lack of a better term, because
we know that so many people publiceducation systems. But at the same time,
we're also going to make sure thatparents have the ability to choose where
their children are educated, because wethink that is the number one right in

education. So it's not a matterof hating the public education system or wanting
to see it destroyed. It's amatter of trying to deliver all those systems,
and I believe we can do thatif we're all on the same page
as searching for the right thing.Last point I want to make I don't
like it when the media dictates tome what are the biggest issues in North

Carolina? First and foremost, BecauseI do this for a living, I
think I have a pretty good fingeron the pulse. You have folks around
you that also are, you know, making sure that you're talking about what
it is people want to talk about. And yet I read these articles after
articles this from Ril could end seeban birth control, Stein Robinson's spar over

issue and then they go on tosay abortion and birth control is the top
issue in the governor's race. Doyou believe that? Absolutely not, absolutely
not. It's their top issue.It's the only thing that they have to
argue about, Casey. And thereason why is this because when we talk
about public safety, when we talkabout the economy, when we talk about
infrastructure, when we talk about healthcareor education, no matter what it is,

they lose on every single solitary,substantive issue. Let me tell you
about a conversation I had real quickwith a young lady in the gym names
in the gym yesterday. She toldme she was all in the fence about
voting for me, but she finallythat she would. And the reason why
is because she said, your opponentonly want to talk about abortion. And
then she said, I'm as politeas anybody, but there's more to this

than just a bullshit. I'm concernedabout my children's education and whether or not
I'm going to have a job insix months because of the business I work
in. I want somebody is workingon all of the issues, not just
one. Well. It's not thefirst time that the as somebody who has
tried to single issue something and ithas worked. I firmly believe that Dan

Forrest lost because of the mask issue, and I think people were scared.
And so if you've been to thewell once and it worked out, Mark,
I understand why they're going to wantto go there again. It's going
to be on you to expand andsay, hey, no, there's one
hundred other things we got to talkabout. And it sounds like folks are
that's up than they do want todo. Absolutely, But I con tell

you this case, there are morepeople out there that understand that the substantive
issues that we face right now areparamounts. The North y'alline legislature already dealt
with that issue. They set usat twelve weeks, and that conversation is
not due to come up anytime againanytime soon. They set us at twelve

weeks, and that's where we areright now. What we need to focus
on is making sure that North Carolinadoes what it needs, does what it
needs to do to continue to combatthe things that we see at the federal
level. There's massive inflation, thesupply chain issues, so we can help
this state to continue to grow.That's what we need to focus on right

now. We've already done that workon that issue, and we need to
get busy on the substantive issues now, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, Mark,
I really appreciate the time this morningdoing the rescheduling, and we'll talk soon,
sir. Okay, you got it, sir, Thank you all right.
Although I will add this, Ithink the lunatics that no like will
likely follow Mark around on the campaigntrail. They're going to try to make

it the issue of the day andthen the photos can be run by Ral.
Anyway, we'll be back hang onhere on the CaCO Day Radio program,
Home of Cannons and Firearms with twohundred shells, not because we need
it. I was reliably informed yesterdaythat nobody needs magazine that holds two hundred

shells. Which the way you getone of those, if you want to
be technically accurate, is you takeyour kids to the beach with an old
Newsweek and then have them store theirshells in it. But I digress.
It was the semi annual Joe Bidenrambling with the same debunked anti gun crap

speech going on yesterday, and Idon't know it was creepy out more that
or Ross. Did you see JoeBiden not dancing next to Kamma dancing?
I mean, I don't want todance around a bunch of people in public
either, So I don't even knowthat I could. I could hack on

the dude, but I think ourreason for not dancing might be different.
Uh. Anyway, So he's doingthe mom's demand action thing on the same
day his kid is found guilty offederal firearm charges because he has a disease,
which nobody's denying the idea that addictionis a disease, But it also

isn't a get out of jail freecard. Case in point, If I
am an alcoholic and every day Igo to the bar and drink all the
Jack Daniels and then drive home andthen I plow into a school bus because
what are those kids doing out attwo in the morning, I'd not it's
not negated because I have an addictionand that seems to be the way that

this is this is being covered includinguh, was it Mollijong Fast who's like
I too drink too much? Okay, well, don't go out by a
gun, falsify records and probably buycrack two. Don't do that. So

all that's going on. Biden's upthere with his with his gun graber stuff.
And here we go. Why thissummit, why all of you here
today are so damn important. Weneed you, We need you to overcome
the relenting opposition of the gun lobby, gun manufacturer's, so many politicians when
they oppose common sense, the people, the the the pushback by the people.

You realize that the reason that politiciansdo that is because the people who
vote for him go, that's thesecond Amendment. No, you need to
go and tell them no on mybehalf. But you're right, it's just
the gun lobby, because nobody'd wantguns if Ruger wasn't running you know,

print ads or something. It's justso dumb legislation. I used to be
a law when I was no longerthe vice president. I became a professor
at the University of Pennsylvania. Beforethat, No, you didn't not in
the true sense. Just like Hillary. If you ever watched the video of
Hillary at George Washington, you're notprofessors. Shut up. I taught a

cons social law class, and soI talked to the Second Amendment, and
that was that was debunked. Hedid not do that. He did not
teach a constitutional law class. Okay, all right, So so we're clear.
There's never been a time that saysyou can own anything you want.
The never. You couldn't own acannon during the Civil War, that's already

been that's you could. You couldown a cannon. Now Ross has ten
cannons, try to rob his house? Go ahead, fully within the Second
Amendment? How do you how doyou man ten cannons with just three people?
Though that's got to be different.That's very impressive. Actually, I
guess you know everybody gets a turretand watch out who think about it?

How much have you heard this phrasethe blood clash of give me a break?
If you don't know it, that'sa problem because it's about you.
Since we're going with this also,it's not that's not the quote, but
whatever, but it's but I understandwhat you're driving. That's about you.

That's about you, and anyone whowould want to be your in your position,
in your job, and whether youtake it in the literal sense or
if you take it in the figurativesense, the idea, the ideal in
America that if we got to gothrough and we got to throw all of

you out on your on your onyour behinds, sometimes that has to happen.
Over at the FBI, they're literallythey they're literally looking at people's political
affiliation. They removed a guy's securityclearance because from a distance, he went
and watched January sixth speeches, notthe capital insanity, the speeches, because

he works he works there. I'msure other workers from the government went out
and they're like, ah, what'sgoing on, Well watch this and then
didn't involve themselves generally because of theirposition. They just they just went through
and purged a dude. And thenthey find out that they're going through and
they're looking at people's social media whowork there and deciding whether they get security

clearance or hired or fired. It'sexactly what they go, well, how
does how do these agencies or universitiesor whatever get this way? It's death
by a thousand cuts, and it'sthis stuff and eventually, then you have
a work environment where no sane personwho might have differing political beliefs would want
to put up with that every daygoing into work hoping they don't find out

who you actually thought might have hada good idea, so that they can
ostracize you and freeze you out ofopportunity. That's how it happens. But
tell me again, please go ahead, Oh I mean that seriously. And

by the way, if they wantto think is to take on government if
we get out of line, whichthey're talking on again about, well guess
are they've at fifteens? They don'tneed no rifle? Well, can we
have the ones you lose? Canwe keep? Can we play finders keepers?
And also obviously they don't presenting Afghanistan, although I guess maybe now they

have access to F fifteen's the youknow, the idea, and we someday
we can get deeper into this whenI have a story that attaches to it.
If you think that in a civilwar in the United States right now
would would in any way shape orform resemble the civil war as we understand

it here in the US, orthe revolutionary war, that's insane, that's
dumb. And if you're planning forthat, you're planning to lose. And
it's not some you know, chestbump kind of thing. There. I'm
not flexing on. I'm just pointingout that that's not in modern society.
How these things happen. It's asmuch it's as much a mental thing as

it is a physical thing. Andwhat do you do. You're gonna go
through pick a conservative, large city, I guess you know, are you
going to go through and turn itto glass? No you're not, so,
you know, let's let's be honestabout this. Now. He loves

these quotes, he loves these statements. Ross, You didn't have to reload
this stuff. This stuff's in thesystem, right Like we have Biden Cannon
audio we have from the very beginningyou weren't allowed to have. By the
way, listen to how alive hesounds, yeah twenty twenty. Yeah,
that's what I was thinking. Likethe difference, it's so apparent it's the

same lies. Well that's with alot more enthusiasm. You go back to
the audio you just played, right, and he can he can't get through
the line that he's given a milliontimes. He's given this line and this
lie about the canon a million andhe can't get through it. And then
you play the old audio from twentytwenty when he was campaigning, and it's
just completely different from the very beginning. You weren't allowed to have certain weapons.

You weren't allowed to own a cannonduring the Revolutionary War as an individual.
I mean that is night and day, and that's audio that was dubbed
in on the same machine, usingthe same programs into the same system.
There is no difference except what ison the audio. What's the date on

the middle one? Here it's cutoff on my thing. This is the
Tree of Liberty? What's the datesJanuary? Is this January of twenty twenty
four? Okay, this is twentytwenty four, January of twenty twenty four,
the same line. And I lovepeople said the blood of liberty or
ashore me, shoot me? Thetree of liberty is water. Were the
blood of patriots? Well guess what, man, I didn't see a whole

lot of patriots that out there walkingaround making sure that we have these weapons.
Well, and if you really wantto worry about the government, you
need an F sixteen. Oh wait, wait, hold on, I thought
I needed a Ross I went andbought F fifteens. Oh, it was
announced. That's how we get youwhat's that show? I went to the

costco. Do you know how theyhad F Fifteen's you for? You've made
a five pack? Yeah? Andso what am I gonna do with all
these F fifteens now? So thatthis is what they're doing. They're trying
to financially sap me. I seewhat's going on. I'm not falling for
it. Ray stage A here tosee if you'll fall for the weather forecast,

which is you know, magic,But go ahead, wizard, tell
us what's coming. Yeah, well, it's heat and maybe some of the
hottest numbers we've had so far thisyear. Don't want to say summer.
It's not officially summer yet. Uhnot today. The hottest day looks like
it's gonna be Friday. Today willbe in the mid upper eighties, lots
of sunshine, might see a fewclouds at times, and then as we

roll on through tonight, we'll beback in the minut upper sixties, so
starting to get a little bit mildereven at night, and then rolling through
the day tomorrow, you're just aboveninety depending on where you are. I
think it's more upper eighties, TriaTriangle at er above ninety degrees, and
if you are going to be outon Friday, sunshine, mid nineties,
probably the hottest day, and thenover the weekend your ninety degrees and sunny.
I really don't see a bunch ofrain here even into early next week.

Case see not much in the forecast, if any at all. There
is an invest area going through northcentral Florida that's going to get into the
western Atlantic. Twenty percent chance ofthat developing into something tropical, though the
chances do look pretty low. Shouldn'thave any impacts here if there are,
and that does get a little strongermaybe along the coastal areas where they may
see a little kickup in the waveaction and thus the surf and the beach

erosion. But right now that threatdoes look limited, all right, and
then you keep it there and youknow, if it comes to Pinehurst,
we're gonna talk, okay, allright, Yeah, we're good man,
We're good, good good. Thankyou. Raced Agic there from the Weather
Channel and Jeff Bellinger next, hangon, Well morning, investors really like
the latest inflation data just released inWashington. The headline Consumer Price Index was

unchanged last month. The economists thoughtwe'd be hearing about a one tenth one
percent CPI increase. The core CPIalso posted a smaller than expected increase in
May, it was up two tenthspercent. Stock market futures looking really good
right now. S and P futuresare up forty six points, Nasdaq futures
are up one hundred and seventy nine, and the Dow futures are up two

hundred and ninety eight points. FederalReserve Chair Jerome Powell holds a news conference
this afternoon. Investors will be anxiousto hear his reaction to the new inflation
numbers. This has not changed economistsview that interest rates will be left unchanged
today. The question now is whetherit moves up expectations for when rates might
be cut. The housing market showingsome signs of life. Last week,

mortgage bankers report application volume rose forthe first time since mid May, and
it was a solid fifteen point sixpercent. In months of merger talks between
Paramount Global and Skydance Media are overand there's no deal. Sherry Redstone,
whose National Amusements as Paramount's controlling shareholder, has walked away from the talks.

An activist investment firm may want toknow why Southwest Airlines has not joined other
carriers that ring every possible dollar fromtheir passengers. Elliott Investment Management has acquired
a big stake in Southwest it hasbeen pushing for changes. Southwest is the
only US airline that lets customers checktwo bags for free. It is indicated

that policy is not up for discussionin Casey. A lack of charging infrastructure
has been one of the obstacles towidespread adoption of electric vehicles, and the
shortage of charters chargers is being madeworse by criminals. Authorities all around the
country say thieves are targeting ev chargingstations, stealing the cables for their valuable

copper wiring. Casey, okay,so so, more crackheads, more copper
cables, more fun stories. That'sthat's core. We're headed. Okay,
all right, very good, Thankyou, Jeff. Oh shit, have
a good day, take care ofYeah, there you go. Jeff Ellinger
from Bloomberg News, Hey, uh, let me ask you, uh this

for mostly for the dudes, allright, mostly for the dudes. You
ever lusted over another dude's pants sobad? You're willing to spend the cost
of a house to own them ordo would that be weird? Sounds kind
of weird, right, Ross,That sounds weird, right? You ever
lusted over another dude's pants? Pants? Yeah, I can't say that I

have like pants and then will yeah, like pants, you know pants that
they you know, some dude warYou're like, I got to have those
pants because another dude wore them.In fact, I'm willing to spend what
many people's probably spent for their houseten years ago to acquire them. I
only say this because they are positivelygiddy up there in a greater mass well,

you know, the rest of theword land over the fact that Tom
Brady's pants may soon become and it'sthe numbers are there. They got to
certify it the most expensive pants eversold at auction because a bunch of dudes
wanted Tom Brady's pants, and we'rewilling to run the bidding up to ninety

thousand dollars to acquire the pants.Specifically, the pants were the pants that
were worn in the twenty twenty threeNFC Wild Card Game, which is was
Brady's last game. So they're alsoloser pants, you know, just thinking

about that. Not only are youspending nearly one hundred K on another dude's
pants, they're loser pants, Imean technically right. Well now, what
was the NFC wild Card score twentytwenty three NFC. Yes, that's what

I typed. Yeah, that's right. Let's see do do do do Now
it's trying to show me the wholething. Well anyway, so yeah,
you know the gist. By theway, they have, let's see,
overtaken the previous record for other somedudes pants that people just had to have,

which were the nineteen twenty one season, you know, going back to
the nineteen twenty one season, theywere Babe Ruce pants.
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