Make Change Fun And Easy!

Make Change Fun And Easy!

Are you a ChangeMaker with big dreams to change your life & change the world? Are CHAINS OF FEAR (aka limiting beliefs like, "I don't know enough", "I don't have enough" or worst of all, "I'm not good enough"), HOLDING YOU BACK from taking the BOLD ACTION you need to LIVE YOUR DREAM? This is the Podcast to help you, the ChangeMaker COACHES, TRAINERS & HEALERS, BREAK THROUGH your LIMITING BELIEFS and CREATE the IMPACT and INCOME you desire...with FUN & EASE! :) SUBSCRIBE to enjoy every episode! Note: This podcast is SPONSERED by The Happiness 101 Program.


September 29, 2022 38 min
Are you a #MultiTalented person, but feel pressured to choose just one thing to focus on?
Stop and consider...the world is filled with specialists like #Mozart, but the world also needs people like #LeonardoDavinci, i.e. people who are Masters-of-Many Trades!
True or true?

Listen now to my interview with Terri Babers, Lifestyle Design & Leadership CoachSultant for MultiPassionistas - Jack-of-All-Trades Master-of-Many. Terri give...
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Have trouble with #energyvampires, people who just suck your energy?
Listen now to this interview with Kate Petrlik Horn, Emotional Alchemist, to learn how you can #sayno and #setboundaries to #protectyourenergy, and do it in a loving and healthy way!

Learn more about Kate's work and get some of her fabulous freebies at:

Join Kate's Facebook group "Women Finding Peace, Purpose, Freedom and Wealth...
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Want to take control of your income and how you #BuildWealthAndGrow? Want your#WealthBuilding to be aligned with your values and ethics?

Listen now to this interview with Hannah Chapman, #WealthAdvisor and #Forbes Contributor, to learn how you can empower yourself to #BuildWealth with Joy & Ease ✨

Make sure you listen all the way to the end of the interview to learn about the 4 Stage Cycle of #WealthBuilding!

#wealthmindset #wea...
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Tired of getting in trouble because of your #procrastination and habit of #SeekingDistractions? Want to #stopprocrastinating and learn better #TimeManagement?

Listen now to this interview with Agnese Rudzate to understand how and why time management is #PainManagement. You will also learn specific #productivitytools and #productivityhabits that will help you better #understandyourself and master time management, #productivity, and ...
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Want to get more #productive in life and business to gain the #timefreedom you deserve?

Listen now to this interview with Agnese Rudzate, #Productivity #Specialist and #TimeManagement Expert. Agnese reveals the 4 Productivity Fundamentals that are essential for you to #LeverageYourTime and efficiency, and go from #SillyBusy to #StrategicAndSmart!

Learn more about Agnese at:
You can also connect with Agnese on...
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Wondering... Why can't I be in #HealthyRelationships? Why can't I have a #GreatRelationship? Why isn't anyone choosing me?
You may need some #pastlifehealing.

Listen now to this full interview with Roxanne Kuchciak, #Intuitive #Empowerment #Coach at Creating Beyond to understand how #relationships across lifetimes can impact your ability to choose and have a healthy, #HappyRelationship now…

Roxanne Kuchciak's Bio:
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Want a better understanding of how #EnergyHealing and #intuitivehealing work?

The best way to understand #energetichealing is to actually experience it!
In this very special episode, Roxanne Kuchciak, Intuitive Empowerment Coach at Creating Beyond, actually demonstrates her clearing process with me as her subject.

And that's not all -- if you play along and put your own questions or scenario as if Roxanne is talking to you... a...
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#TransformativeLifeCoach Geoff Seow and Happiness Expert Samia Bano delve into how you can break free of the #chainsoffear so that you can #liveyourdream and #lifevision. Plus, learn the #mythsaboutmultitasking that really hurt your ability to #liveyourbestlife... in case you're wondering -- yes, these two topics are actually connected. Be sure to watch the full interview to find out what the connection is :)

To connect with Geo...
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Transformative #LifeCoach Geoff Seow and Happiness Expert Samia Bano delve into the why and how of making change fun and easy by practicing #selfcare, #patience & #resilience.

To connect with Geoff, visit:

#selfunderstanding #selfcaretips #personaldevelopment #selfawareness

Samia Bano is the #HappinessExpert, author, speaker, podcaster & co...
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Transformative #LifeCoach Geoff Seow and Happiness Expert Samia Bano have a lively conversation about how you can make change fun & easy. Geoff shares how he helps you overcome apathy and #discoveryourpurpose, realize your #passion, and map out your future in #authenticity today. We also talk about what you can learn from elite #Olympicathletes like Michael Phelps & Simone Biles about the relationship between #mentalhealth ...
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#SelfDoubt or #ImposterSyndrome making you feel small and unworthy despite all your accomplishments and success? Think you're broken in some way and need fixing?

Listen now to this interview with Adrian Moreno, #MindsetExpert, also known as the Business Hypnotist! Adrian helps you realize you're not broken, and shows you how you can create the #lifeyouwant by building a mind that works for you instead of against you. :)

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A #lioness is a symbol of #strength, #bravery, #courage, #perseverance, #persistence, and cooperation.

LuAnn Horstman, Mindset Coach shares with Happiness Expert Samia Bano how too you can live like a lioness!

To get a copy of LuAnn's book "Shift Your Shit: Use This Simple System to Remove the Weeds, Shift Your Story, and Be the BAD-ASS Business Owner You Desire", as soon as it's published, email her now at: LuAnn...
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As the Buddha taught...our #attachments are the root cause of all #suffering.

But #beingincontrol is also a strong need that oftentimes won't allow us to practice #lettinggo of many of our attachments… #SelfMastery Coach, Zack Michael, and Happiness Expert Samia Bano reflect on how you can better understand and balance these two needs to achieve the peace, happiness, and success you desire.

Connect with Zack at: https://www.ins...
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Find it daunting to #LoveYourNeighbor, especially when your neighbor has different beliefs and different practices than you do? Maybe your neighbor even has attitudes toward you which may not be so friendly...
This is something you must learn to overcome in order to create #InterfaithHarmony, #InterfaithFriendship and #InterfaithUnity.

Listen to this full interview with Ruth Broyde Sharone, Creator of “INTERFAITH: The Musical” to lea...
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“The reason why people #sabotage isn't because they want to...No one consciously wants to suffer... This is a matter of the unconscious mind…”. Zack Michael, #SelfMastery Coach shared this with Happiness Expert Samia Bano during their soulful conversation to help you better understand what #selfsabotage is and how you can get out of your own way to create a #successmindset and more #peace and joy in your life.

Watch the full int...
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Carlo The KingMaker and Happiness Expert Samia Bano have a fun conversation about how you can #ManifestAbundance like a King/Queen in your life.

Carlo says, “…Every time you smile, #success comes to you…money comes to you…you get that which you want.”

Wondering how that can be so? Make sure you listen all the way to the end of the interview to find out!

Connect with Carlo The KingMaker at:

#manifest #abund...
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"...if we want something changed in our life, the first thing we need to change is us...", Laurent Coste, #Transformation & #PerspectiveCoach shared this insight with Happiness Expert Samia Bano towards the beginning of their conversation, and then went deeper and deeper... Among other precious insights, Laurent reveals "The Control Model". It's essential for you to understand this if you want to make it mor...
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"We have to acknowledge our accomplishments. Too many times people aren't willing to share that. They think they're bragging or showing off. But it's important to acknowledge small accomplishments, small steps, that you make." Neil Rosen, #LifeCoach & #SchoolCounselor stated this during his conversation with Happiness Expert Samia Bano on how to make it more fun and easy to increase your kid's #selfconfi...
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“...Life doesn’t come with a manual, but it does come with a #GPS...” -- Visionary, Founder & Chief #SpiritualBadazz at You #Spiritual Badazz Jenessa MacKenzie shared this intriguing idea with Happiness Expert Samia Bano during their conversation on Lunar Living...Listen to the full conversation now to learn exactly what #lunarliving is, and how it connects you to our life's GPS :).

Learn more about Jenessa's work at: ww...
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What if I told you that life is like a huge #VideoGame that comes with some magical virtual reality glasses?

Discover how you can #StepUpYourGame, improve your #RelationshipWithYourself and loved ones, and live a life with more joy! Watch the full interview now.

Dani Ferrara is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Certified #LifeCoach and #LifePurpose Specialist - University of Michigan.

Dani is devoted to empowering men who have a lifetime of #...
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