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Welcome, my darlings, to Rotten to the Core, the enchantingly sinister history podcast that weaves dark tales of humanity's most infamous characters and events. This award-winning podcast shall bewitch you with wickedly captivating stories of true crime and the shadowy corners of history, exploring the twisted desires that drive these Rotten souls to the brink of infamy. Hosted by the delightfully devious queer monarch, Joshua Waters, Rotten to the Core invites you to embark on a wicked journey through the annals of time, unearthing the tantalizing secrets behind the most notorious figures and spine-chilling events that have left their mark on history's dark tapestry. Join us, my precious listeners, as we unravel the forbidden stories that lurk in the shadows, revealing the true nature of those who have been cast as villains or misunderstood souls. With a spellbinding combination of cunning wit, devilish charm, and meticulous research, Rotten to the Core promises a bewitching auditory adventure that history enthusiasts simply cannot resist.


December 10, 2023 26 mins
I have my fair share of knowledge on cults, The cult of Henry Cavil, Gaga, and Dollyisms. I also live in Indiana, after all, the birthplace of the Jim Jones cult, the People’s Temple.

Alas, we aren’t here to learn about him today. I have another cult leader who I believe was just as rotten, only a lot better at hiding the crimes….eventually.

He is the man responsible for the cult, I mean the Church of Scientology, and all thanks to a...
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This is rough, but I want to use it to educate everyone on just how big of a problem child trafficking truly is. There are so many in power who are helping to fuel this horrific crime, and as long as they have the shadows to dwell in, they will never come to justice.

He is, by far, the most rotten person we have covered. I did not want to do it at first, but I kept thinking about all of those poor babies who are victims of human tra...
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November 26, 2023 22 mins
The more that you listen, the more you will know. A man who was Rotten, Oh, say it ain’t so!

We grow up thinking we know all there is to know about a person, but little do we know that they were nothing but a rotten apple right under our noses.

He has gone down in history as a popular author of children’s books, but there was a darker side to the man who put a cat in a hat.

Aside from not actually liking kids, to being a racist. There...
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November 19, 2023 19 mins
We all know that it takes a lot for a priest to get into trouble. They do all sorts of rotten things and end up with only a smack on the wrist and a relocation to another church. The sins of the priest in our lesson today were numerous and eventually led to him being the first priest executed in the United States. Let’s take a peek through the mirror and see how a man can claim to be called on by God, only to turn out to be a rotte...
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November 12, 2023 22 mins
I ain’t no saint, but the lady we will learn about today sure is.

She helped the poor, fed the dying, and is now prayed to by millions, but her life wasn’t all Godly!

She also believed that suffering was necessary and her true mission was more of conversion than compassion.

Grab tight to your rosary beads because today we will be peering through the holes of the holy Mother Teresa.

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November 5, 2023 19 mins
We’ve been getting kinda heavy with our last few Rotten lessons. This one is more lighthearted. Rotten comes in many shapes and sizes and doesn’t always have to mean death and destruction. Oftentimes in can be things that are done in excess that make one forgo their responsibilities. Our topic is all about Emperor Elagabalus and how their lifestyle caused an attempt to erase them from history. I mean, would any of us be prepared to...
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A lot of us have heard people call someone their “ride or die,” but what would they really do if it came to actually being unalived? The couple in our lesson for today is the original ride-or-die, and they really meant it. A young, outlaw couple who spent their short time together breaking and running from the law. They ultimately met an untimely demise and ended up more holy than a Swiss cheese factory. The short life and relation...
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October 22, 2023 86 mins
...1 eerie corn maze...
...9 haunting figures...
...9 spine-tingling tales...
...Will YOU find your way out? This holiday season, step into a labyrinth of shadows and suspense with Shane Waters as your guide. In this chilling collaboration, you'll encounter the hosts of 9 acclaimed true crime podcasts, each offering a dark tale and a life lesson to send shivers down your spine. This is not just a special episode; it's an immersive jou...
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October 16, 2023 33 mins
Some say that everyone is just a product of their upbringing—the grand debate between nature vs. nurture.

We have learned in our past lessons that this is very true. Some of our rotten people seem to have been born bad, while others succumb to their horrible circumstances.

Our Rotten man today, at least to me, seems to be both. He was a man who was born rotten and, because of the trauma that was inflicted upon him, let that rot spr...
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I love a good rags-to-riches story, but what about a rags-to-viscous one? Our current history episode this week is about a poor boy who grew up to become a dictator. I mean president!

This is one sneaky fella, and his history is as jumbled as a fishbowl of keys after a party. No, I’m not Putin you on! Vladimir Putin is mysterious, corrupt, and 100% Rotten.

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October 1, 2023 24 mins
On August 8, 1974, Dick Nixon hosted a press conference and gave his resignation speech. It is the only time a president of the United States has resigned, and he did it to keep his remaining secrets hidden.

The next day, President Gerald Ford was sworn into office and pardoned Nixon for all of his crimes. Dick got away scot-free and decided to end his career as what he called a fighter.

President Dick wasn’t the worse leader that ...
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September 1, 2023 20 mins
A secretive cult of old white men, or an organization of leaders striving to help through charitable contributions? Let’s find out some secrets from the oldest fraternity in the world.

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August 1, 2023 22 mins
We all know that history can be, Rotten.

One of the things I feel would be really rotten would be to love someone and have any evidence of it erased. To share a life together and have your love story written as only “Good Friends.”

In this sentimental episode, we will learn about some stories from our past about people who were much more than just pals or roommates.

As well as all of the rotten people who have been responsible for ...
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July 2, 2023 15 mins
Last but not least on our list of Rotten Rulers is a man who slaughtered millions of people, and his DNA might still be in some of you today…. Naughty!

The king of raw dogging, Ghengis Khan. The man who never pulled out of a battle, or apparently a woman.

He had people boiled alive, skinned, burned, hanged, and pulled apart by horses. Basically, this man makes Game of Thrones look like Barney’s Playhouse.

If there was a way to kill...
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June 8, 2023 15 mins
You never know what my mirror has in store for us, and today will be Super! When I started learning about our next rotten ruler, suddenly, a bright light fell from the sky and transformed me into a Super History Hero.

The villain today is another rotten ruler, but this time he is from a country that is today still being ruled by a vyalaya sobaka: (flaccid dog.) This one ruled Russia from 1547 to his death in 1584, his name was Ivan...
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May 25, 2023 20 mins
Now, I see nothing wrong with living for life's pleasures. I am not one to shy away from a good time, but our subject for the lesson today took it to the next level. We can either rule or have a good time. History has shown us that we can’t have both….at least not for long. The Universe doesn’t give with both hands: and the Roman Emperor Caligula is proof and point of that.

Caligula is believed to have had sex with his own sisters,...
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May 11, 2023 21 mins
What would you do to be remembered long past your demise? Some try to accumulate as much wealth as possible to pass on to their family. Others wish to create something magnificent and long-lasting.

The next few episodes will be all about several of history’s most rotten rulers and the horrible things they are remembered for.

Starting off is a man who is still remembered for his brutality and blood-lust over 1500 years later. He was...
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[Part 2] This Mother’s Day, join Shane Waters on a chilling adventure featuring 14 podcasters as they share sinister stories of motherhood. Mother’s Day is typically a time to honor the love and sacrifices of mothers, but today we’ll be exploring the twisted tales that lurk behind the shadows. 

It’s an extra special, two parts, more than two-hour, Mother’s Day event. 

Podcasts are listed here in order of appearance:

Part 1:

  1. Foul...
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This Mother’s Day, join Shane Waters on a chilling adventure featuring 14 podcasters as they share sinister stories of motherhood. Mother’s Day is typically a time to honor the love and sacrifices of mothers, but today we’ll be exploring the twisted tales that lurk behind the shadows. 

It’s an extra special, two parts, more than two-hour, Mother’s Day event. 

Podcasts are listed here in order of appearance:

Part 1:

  1. Foul Play: Cr...
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Jinkies! Welcome to the Mystery Inc podcast, where we unmask the truth behind the spookiest mysteries! 

In this episode, we're tackling the mystery at Airtight Bridge in Illinois. It's a place with a dark past, where strange things have been happening for decades. People have reported seeing ghostly figures walking along the bridge, strange noises, and even unexplainable accidents.

Taking us on this spooky adventure are brother hos...
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