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The Boiler Room

Join the new voices of conservatism, Russ Fine and Rob North, as they attempt to change minds of those oppose liberty, freedom and American Constitutional values. The United States of America is a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. We are that beacon because of our constitutional values and foundational beliefs. Beliefs and values developed around the idea that our rights come from God or nature and no person or government can grant us our rights or infringe upon our rights. The Boiler Room aims to preserve these values and principles by being a voice for American conservatism.


March 19, 2022 56 mins
Another loaded episode of The Boiler Room.
Russ hits on these Boiling Points:
🔥 Apparently 30 million people in China are now on lockdown due to a surge in in the mild Omicron Covid variant.Is this proof lockdowns don’t work? Also, why is China all of the sudden so quick to put information out regarding their Covid statistics and how they are addressing Covid?
🔥 Jussie Smollett uses minority privilege to get out of jail.
🔥 Russia...
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Another packed episode of The Boiler Room.
This episodes Boiling Points:
🔥 The Biden Administration is blatantly lying about the cost of energy and inflation. These lies are so aggressive they border on treason.
🔥 January 6ers have become political prisoners of the deep state.
🔥 Mask mandates have been lifted, yet young healthy people continue to mask up. Why is that?
Plus more!
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Join Russ Fine for another packed episode.
This eepisodes Boiling Points:
🔥 The fog of war is blinding. I discuss the propaganda, lies and deceptions of war.
🔥 Conspiracy hacks are trying to make money to! Be careful what you believe.
🔥 Who’s the real enemy in the Russian/Ukraine war? The answer is not as complicated as you’d believe.
🔥 Biden did that!
Plus more!
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Join Russ Fine for another packed episode of The Bliler Room.
We stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦
This episode’s Boiling Points:
🔥 Biden-Obama-Clinton radical leftist lead from behind foreign policy played a role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but climate hysteria played the largest role. We will tell you why.
🔥 Russia wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still President. We discuss.
🔥 A former Ukrainian citizen who now calls ...
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February 20, 2022 72 mins
Join Russ Fine for another packed episode of The Boiler Room!
This shows Boiling Points:
🔥 Kim Potter, the former suburban Minneapolis police officer twho accidentally shot and killed criminal Daunte Wright while he resisted arrest was sentenced to two years in prison. She is a political prisoner. We discuss.
🔥 Two episodes ago Joe Rogan had a climate expert on his program, Steve Koonin, author of the book “Unsettled: What Climate ...
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The Boiler Room presented by Project 56. Join Russ Fine for another packed episode. This episodes Boiling Points:
🔥We discuss how America, a free nation protected by constitutional law, should have handled the pandemic, and how we get out of this mess.
🔥 There is a piece of Joe Biden audio I need to discuss. It’s more evidence that there’s no possible way 80 million Americans legitimately voted for Biden.
🔥 Ukraine and Russia ten...
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Join Russ Fine for another loaded episode of The Boiler Room, presented by Project 56. In these episode he hits on these Boiling Points:
🔥 You won’t believe who the front runner is for the Democrat nomination for Lieutenant Governor in Pennsylvania.
🔥 The Leftist are attacking Joe Rogan for misinformation, but there’s something missing from their attacks.
🔥 Let’s talk about the Chinese Genocide Games.
🔥 Our schools are not safe,...
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Another packed episode of The Boiler Room, presented by Project 56. Join Russ Fine as he hits on these Boiling Points plus more!
🔥 Infrastructure, Garbage Collection, Police are not examples of socialism. I’ll tell you what socialism is, and it’s not good.
🔥 I predict what happens in the Russia - Ukraine conflict.
🔥 A school board in my area lifts the mask mandate.
🔥 Isn’t it fun when the left cancels itself?
Plus more!!
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January 21, 2022 88 mins
Join a voice of American Conservatism, Russ Fine for another packed episode of The Boiler Room, presented by Project 56.

American founder and Patriot, Thomas Paine once said “THOSE who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

Russ discusses the meaning of Thomas Paine’s incredibly accurate statement plus these Boiling Points:

🔥 Freedom is always under assault. We better be re...
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January 12, 2022 111 mins
We are at the forefront of a great American awakening, and it’s because they came after our kids! We have a loaded episode, tons of important information and opinions. They came for our kids, our kids are off limits! It has kickstarted an awakening. Russ Fine jumps into the great American awakening that is beginning to occur in the United States.
This episodes Boiling Points:
🔥 We revisit a 2016 interview with the late Country Mus...
Mark as Played
It’s time to put the long year of 2021 behind us and move forward into 2022. It’s also time for us to put the Pandemic behind us! Before we can dive head first into 2022 we need to look back at the mistakes America made in 2021, learn from those mistakes and improve in the new year! Russ Fine analyzes the mistakes of 2021 so we can improve in 2022.

This episode’s Boiling Points are the key mistakes America made in 2021:
🔥 The inau...
Mark as Played
December 24, 2021 39 mins
Join Russ Fine for The Boiler Room’s annual Merry Christmas Show! In this episode he tells the story of Saint Nicholas and covers some critical boiling points:
🔥 The Democrat party is the party of the rich.
🔥 The jury has found former Minneapolis-area police Officer Kim Potter guilty of first and second degree manslaughter charges in the April 2021 death of Daunte Wright.
🔥Stop judging Biden’s Covid response based on how many Co...
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December 18, 2021 59 mins
We take our country back by taking our schools back. Join Russ Fine as he discusses the significant concerns in our schools. From crazy parenting to a lack of transparency by school administrators, he covers it all. Boiling points for today’s show: 🔥What’s going on in our schools? 🔥Will Covid ever end? 🔥Congress does not have a legal authority to launch a criminal investigation into the January 6th capital breach. 🔥 Facebook a...
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Join Russ Fine as he discusses the evil left in America. There is evidence that the left is a cult and The Boiler Room has the evidence!
This episodes boiling points:
- The left is an evil cult. The evidence is beyond convincing and our schools are the gateways to this evil cult.
- President Trump was always right about China. There's one theory regarding China we think he was beyond right about. We discuss!
Plus more!!
Mark as Played
Welcome to another packed episode of The Boiler Room. Russ Fine discusses these boiling points:
1. The Michigan school massacre. Are the parents of the killer culpable?
2. The totalitarian mandates. How do we combat them?
3. What were the founding fathers of the United States opinion of Abortion?
Plus more!
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November 24, 2021 28 mins
The Boiler Room refuses to cancel Thanksgiving! In fact, we are beyond grateful and thankful the Pilgrims landed in America. Their brave journey and arrival set forth the foundation for the greatest civilization human kind has ever witnessed, The United States of America. In this episode, Russ Fine discusses the meaning of Thanksgiving and some of the great heroes from that time, forgotten heroes many of us don't know about. The la...
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November 22, 2021 40 mins
The Boiler Room - The Kyle Rittenhouse case was bigger than Kyle. America was on trial. Join Russ Fine as he discusses some key boiling points regarding the trial. (This show was recorded before the verdict)
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The Boiler Room presented by Project 56. Join Russ Fine as he discusses Xi Jinping's plan to destroy America and control the rest of the world. His plan is working and a lot of the chips are falling into place. Russ looks at the plan and discusses a way to stop it. Plus more!
Mark as Played
The Boiler Room presented by Project 56. Russ Fine welcomes Fred Lucas, Daily Signal White House Correspondent and author of the book "Abuse of Power: The Three Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump" back to the show to give an update on President Trump's future plans. Be sure to pick up his book here:
Mark as Played
The Boiler Room presented by Project 56. Everyone remember when the dems were advocating against mail-in-voting back in the early 2000's? Some of you might, some might not. The left is doing its best to cover it up. Russ Fine breaks down the Democrats strong stance against mail-in-voting and why it changed in the last election cycle. Plus much more!
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