StreamLeader Report with Ross Brand

StreamLeader Report with Ross Brand

Welcome to the StreamLeader Report, the show that delves into the latest digital media trends and predictions. An accomplished media strategist and on-air personality, Ross Brand provides insights and analysis on topics such as social media marketing, content creation, and live video. For our weekly Live Panel shows, Ross is joined by Hall of Fame podcaster Rob Greenlee, singer and international recording artist Claudia Santiago, and marketing copywriter Rebecca Gunter. With a focus on helping creators, entrepreneurs, and brands grow their revenue through compelling content and real-time interactivity, StreamLeader Report is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay on top of the latest digital media trends. ROSS BRAND Ross Brand connects brands, startups, and customers through live video. As an on-air personality and consultant for industry brands such as StreamYard, BeLive, LiveU, and Wirecast, Ross helps grow audiences with compelling content and real-time interactivity. He was named one of "5 Live Video Experts to Follow" by Switcher Studio and the world's #1 livestreaming expert by Klout. Ross is the founder and author of the "100 Predictions" franchise, with his book series reaching #1 Amazon Best Seller status in six countries and winning 23 book awards. He’s been featured by Nasdaq TV, Forbes, and Psychology Today. CONNECT with ROSS Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: Website: This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at


October 28, 2023 59 mins
Must the show go on? We talked about the mass shooting in Maine and whether we made the right decision to do a show the following day. How do creators decide if they should cancel their show or go live as planned following a tragedy?

Our panel also talks about:
-TikTok's impact on the younger generations' perceptions of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Is it the algorithm?
-Jon Stewart and Apple part ways over "creative differences." What i...
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With the news media providing inaccurate or incomplete coverage, creators have jumped into the void to discuss events in the Israel-Hamas war. How do we, as creators, navigate the fog of war? What extra steps, if any, should we take to verify our information is accurate or prepare for our shows when discussing events with major global ramifications.?

Our panel also talks about:
-Amazon testing robots for warehouse work + Amazon and ...
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Will Justin Trudeau’s new mandate mean Canada will lose access to Spotify and Joe Rogan? All streaming media services, including podcast platforms, generating $10 Million from Canadian audiences must register with the government. Will podcast platforms such as Spotify choose not to register? It’s Trudeau vs Rogan! Canada vs Spotify, Rumble & X. Which side are you on?

Plus our panel talks about how to tell if a photo is a fake an...
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It’s time to future-proof your marketing with Generative AI. Kim Reynolds of the AI Prompt Exchange joins us to share what marketers need to know about how to leverage generative AI for your business. Get the tools, tips & tactics for marketers and creators.

Our guest, Kim Reynolds, is offering viewers of the StreamLeader Report no set-up fee for paid media advertising services. ▶️

🚀 GO LI...
Will a robot take your job? Can the robots rise up to become our bosses? Our StreamLeader Report panel looks at the future of work. Which jobs are most likely to be safe and which jobs will the robots take? And how will people and robots co-exist in our shared workplaces?

We also discuss what's next for TV.

StreamLeader Report Live Panel is livestreamed & recorded with StreamYard.
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Our topics on today's show: Why did Canada's parliament honor a Nazi? Will TV go back to normal now that the Writers Strike is over? Who exactly does Tinder think will pay $499 per month for its Select Plan? What does Google and YouTube have in store for podcasting in 2024?

StreamLeader Report Live Panel is livestreamed & recorded with StreamYard.

🎬 Watch the video: ht...
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Why were these men cancelled — Russell Brand, Mel Tucker and Joshua Katz — and why now? On today’s StreamLeader Report, our live panel explores the weaponization of past indiscretions to cancel people when the motivations for cancelling having nothing to do with those actions.

We also discuss the integration of DALL-E 3 with ChatGPT for image creation and the strange ways people are making money during difficult times.

StreamLeader R...
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A dangerous escaped killer is captured thanks to the combination of advanced technology, human intelligence and canine courage. Police and border patrol, a K9 dog, a drone and a FLIR camera all played important roles in the capture of Danelo Cavalcante. Our StreamLeader Report Live Panel talks about the technology used to apprehend the escaped killer.

Other topics include Google cutting 1/3 of its recruiting staff (making way for AI...
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Our StreamLeader Report Live Panel continues our discussion of mental health challenges faced by creators. How can you get into the genius zone as an entrepreneur? How do people with ADHD and Autism experience when working in our current online environment? What steps can you take to enhance your well-being as a creator?

Plus, AI art is faking people out. What are the implications?

StreamLeader Report Live Panel is livestreamed &...
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Our StreamLeader Report Live Panel tackles how creators can avoid burnout. Our panelists share how they attempt to maintain positive mental health and overall well-being while coping with the demands of content creation and business.

Plus, Tesla's Full Self-Driving 12.0 All AI vision driving is here. We'll talk about the implications.

StreamLeader Report Live Panel is livestreamed & recorded with StreamYard.
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Our StreamLeader Report Panel takes a fresh look at the war on TikTok. What's it about? What is the US government's real motive in negotiations with TikTok's parent company? Is the app a force for good or bad?

StreamLeader Report Live Panel is livestreamed & recorded with StreamYard.

🎬 Watch the video:

Join us on ...
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Our StreamLeader Report Panel looks at how some smaller streaming media companies are thriving during a difficult time for many big media producers. Where are the streaming opportunities for smaller media companies?

We also discuss YouTube's new policy to curb "cancer misinformation" and what this means for creators, scientists, health care providers and patients.

StreamLeader Report Live Panel is livestreamed & recorded with Str...
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This episode of the StreamLeader Report Panel tackles the following topics:

1) Is Zoom using content from our meetings to build its AI models? Our panel looks at whether Zoom is repurposing your name, image and likeness. Are your Zoom meetings and conversations really private? Will you change what business you discuss on Zoom or look for other meeting platforms?

2) We also discuss the pros and cons of using Apple Pay. Is Apple Pay ...
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Our panel discusses potential uses for the new 360-degree Insta360 X3 digital camera as Rob Greenlee provides a first look.

We also talk about Canada pulling ads from Facebook and Instagram and Meta not putting news stories on Facebook Canada, a new tool from Wix that enables website creation from AI prompts and the execution of the perfect marketing prank!

👉 Get the INSTA360 X3:

StreamLeader Report Live Panel...
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Why is Elon Musk Launching a new AI company, xAI? What does he mean by TruthGPT? What does his leadership at Twitter say about how xAI might be different from other AI organizations?

Our 100TV Panel explores how to overcome creative blocks to reinvent your business. We have a choice to stay stuck in the old or embrace the new. Repositioning and reinventing is key. A song by PINK inspires musicians to overcome their creative blocks.

Our 100TV Panel debates the new Instagram Threads app. Is it a bigger threat to Twitter or to its users' personal data. Is it a Twitter killer or data invader? And who would win a cage match between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk?

-LinkedIn is changing its algorithm. Should you change how you post? And does chasing algorithms really help your business grow?
-Legal livestreams are building big audiences and the top hosts are getti...
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Ross Brand talks with Dr. Tachi, co-founder of the new independent creator network, IndieSoup Media, on StreamLeader Report Ep8. We discuss why creators should form or join an independent network. Dr. Tachi shares her plans for the indie network and the various formats and destinations for content delivery. Dr. Tachi is also the host of MediaScope on Wednesdays at 6pm ET.

Watch on YouTube:

More Episodes: ...
Is Twitter better or worse since Elon Musk took over? Our 100TV Live Panel looks at the changes, controversies and experiences on the platform during Elon's first year.

We also discuss the economics of content creation. Roundup articles are mostly lame, according to one writer, but you see them everywhere because they're inexpensive to produce. I'm sure there will be pushback on this take.

We also cover lessons from the Titan Explosi...
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Are you facing a scary future? We know AI will change your digital life. How will it happen? Will it be positive or negative? Our first 100TV Live Panel looks at predictions for 2035 in light of advancements in AI.

We also examine unconventional breakthrough strategies gaining popularity in the entertainment industry and join the debate about whether YouTube is really a podcast platform. Plus other trending topics our panelists bri...
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Hall of Fame podcaster Rob Greenlee talks in detail for the first time about partnering with StreamYard, trends in video podcasting and his new show "Trust Factor" on 100TV. Topics include: How to leverage YouTube podcasts and other distribution channels? How to monetize in 2023? What are the keys to succeed with video podcasting? It’s Ep5 of the StreamLeader Report — LIVE — only on 100TV!

This episode received coverage in Podnews ...
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