The Cleaning Indy Podcast

The Cleaning Indy Podcast

Brought to you by: American Facility Care Visit us at Concept This is a podcast that that dives into the world of Facility Management and the Cleaning Industry. Each episode will run for 15-30mins Delivery: 1 episode a week Goals Establish local brand awareness for our company. Provide insight into the world of FM and cleaning in a professional yet entertaining way. Interview current willing customers, or other leaders across several industry sectors. Tone & Personality Insightful Personal Professional Entertaining


November 7, 2023 18 mins
"Effortlessly Transitioning to a New Cleaning Company Vendor"

In this episode, Tom and Sarah discuss the steps to effortlessly transition to a new cleaning company vendor, which can apply to various vendors. They highlight the common pain points that indicate a need for a change, such as cleaners not showing up, corporate noticing cleanliness issues, or inadequate training and management. Here are the key steps they outline:

1. You F...
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Podcast Episode Summary: The Impact Cleaning Has on Employee Productivity and Morale

In this episode of The Cleaning Indy Podcast, hosts Tom and Sarah delve into the crucial topic of how cleaning can significantly influence employee productivity and morale. They kick things off with a relatable story of a sandwich shop in Avon, where the presence of persistent crumbs beneath the counter caught their attention. The hosts discuss how ...
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Title: "Using Software To Improve Your Operations. What Do We Use?"

In this episode of The Cleaning Indy Podcast, our host Tom Moore takes a look into the world of operations software and its transformative impact on janitorial businesses. The spotlight is on SWEPT, a powerful operations SAAS designed specifically for the janitorial industry. Tom shares how this software has revolutionized their cleaning company's operations and hi...
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October 2, 2023 9 mins
In this episode of The Cleaning Indy Podcast, Tom delves into the intriguing topic of how we perceive our competition in the commercial cleaning industry. The short answer? They are viewed as colleagues and fellow professionals. Tom elaborates on this concept and highlights the distinct types of commercial cleaning companies: nationwide cleaning companies (large franchises), regional cleaning companies (smaller franchises and mediu...
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In this episode, we're delving into How Did the Pandemic Affect The Cleaning IndustryHow Did the Pandemic Affect The Cleaning Industry COVID-19 significantly reshaped how we perceive cleanliness, hygiene, and the demand for disinfection services. We invite you to contribute to the discussion by visiting, tapping into the "send Tom a voicemail" feature, and sharing how the pandemic has influenced your experiences.

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Get to Know Eric Q: An Immigrant Family's Journey To America, & Character Formed By Adversity

In this episode, we delve into the life of Eric Q, a remarkable individual whose family immigrated from China to the United States. Eric shares his family's experiences and the challenges they encountered, as well as the opportunities they seized upon once they arrived in the land of opportunity.

Recording on the weekend before July 4th,...
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In this episode, Tom & Sarah delve into a comprehensive comparison of franchise cleaning companies, national cleaning companies, and privately owned cleaning companies.

They provide a thorough analysis of the pros and cons associated with each type, offering valuable insights for both business owners seeking cleaning services and consumers in need of cleaning solutions.

Starting with franchise cleaning companies, Tom & Sarah ...
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In this episode, we dive into the topic of industry standards for commercial cleaning. We address the common experiences we have all had with cleaning expectations, whether it's dealing with messy roommates, guests, or children. The question arises: Are there any standardizations when it comes to commercial cleaning?The answer is a resounding "yes," and we provide two valuable resources for understanding these standards:
  1. The ISS...
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In this podcast episode - "6 Ways To Lower Your Cleaning Budget Today," we discuss valuable information that can help you save thousands of dollars per month. We provide six practical ways to reduce cleaning expenses: with a BONUS at the end!
  1. Consolidate Services: Instead of hiring multiple cleaning companies for different tasks, find a single company that can offer a wide range of services. This can lead to better pricing, simp...
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In this episode, the host Tom Moore discussed transitioning to a new cleaning company.

He shared the results of a LinkedIn poll of 738 facility managers that showed the top reasons for changing cleaning companies were poorly trained staff, inconsistent attendance, missing items, and little communication.

The episode also offered an insider tip about the importance of focusing on one service rather than taking on everything. The guest...
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Are you a facility director, property manager, or point person in charge of your building? If so, tune into this episode of the Cleaning Indy Podcast brought to you by American Facility Care to learn all about the pros and cons of in-house cleaners versus outsourcing to a professional cleaning company. Put your building in the best hands possible - listen now!
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Welcome to our New Podcast!

In this Episode, Tom introduces himself as the co-founder of American Facility Care, located in Central Indiana.

He shares with the audience a crazy but true story of working with two different cleaning companies, and what he experieced through completely different training at each company. The story may turn your stomach, so be sure to skip that part if you're a little squimish.

Episode Theme: No Two Cle...
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