The Podcast Without a Name

The Podcast Without a Name


#31 Election 2018, Results and Analysis; Should Everyone Vote? The Mindset of Partisan Voters; The Girl Scouts take on the Scouts!

November 14, 201866 min

66 min
#30 The slow march to the legalization of marijuana; Unions, what are they good for?

September 7, 201861 min

61 min
#29 The Border Crisis; SCOTUS; Bakers, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Civility

June 29, 201852 min

52 min
#28 Who are the Intellectual Darkweb? NFL bans kneeling; and Why do people lie about police interactions?

May 29, 201854 min

54 min
#27 The Gun Control Big Picture; Package Bombs; North Korean Diplomacy, part of the March to War?

March 22, 201853 min

53 min
#26 New Tech from CES 2018; Wi-Fiber and Net Neutrality; The Chilling Effect of Social Media Censorship; Steven Pinker's "Alt-Right"

January 18, 201873 min

73 min
#25 Obstacles to Civility: Misuse of Technical & Academic Terms; Trickle Down = Supply-Side, so what is it? Net Neutrality, does it matter?

December 23, 201762 min

62 min
#24 One Year Anniversary Extravaganza! What are we doing? Oh yeah, Tax Reform and the Kate Steinle Story

December 4, 201773 min

73 min
#23 Thanksgiving Special: Don't talk politics, we offer some safe dinnertime topics/stories; The Role of Social Media in Politics

November 22, 201759 min

59 min
#22 Defining Terrorism - Hint, Race Doesn't Matter; Harvey Weinstein and Moral Panic; The Rich and Joe Show!

November 14, 201755 min

55 min

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