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We are all intuitives and healers. We chose this life to grow our souls by becoming our best selves. Well … fine, you say, but let’s get practical: what does that mean for our busy lives? We’ll find out every Monday on The Practical Intuitive as we explore mind, body, and spirit for the real world with humor, warmth, mystical insight, and big doses of common sense. Because life isn’t easy … but it’s so worth it. And becoming our best selves—by learning to really love ourselves—is how we live it. Each week Robyn offers short intuitive readings and healings for callers; guided meditations; practical, thought-provoking, lively conversations; and occasional leading-edge guests—so you can help yourself love yourself, no if’s, and’s, but’s, or BS—ever! Topics we’ll explore include: Personal and business intuition Animal communication and the human-animal bond Psychic mediumship, the afterlife, ghosts, the paranormal Crystals, intuitive partners, rituals Space clea... Show More

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