The Raising Alphas Project

The Raising Alphas Project

Introduction to the Raising Alphas Project and what it takes to Raise the next generation of Alphas. We are committed to engaging parents in open dialogue on difficult topics that would promote raising the next leaders not followers. For decades our children have had their family morals and beliefs challenged by people we thought we could trust in their schools, the sports they play, and the peers they are around. It is time for parents to recognize who we surround our children with and raise them to be strong, independent leaders, free thinkers, all while having the courage to stand up and speak out when something is unethical or wrong. Raising an Alpha means being involved and passing on the legacy of strong family values, skills, work ethics, and being respectful.


June 17, 2024 88 mins
Sometimes in life we get so focused on what we want to be when we grow up that we tend not think about what else we can achieve in life. We get fixated on that one skill that it defines us for our entire lifetime. We will surround ourselves with the same people, with the same goals and aspirations, that in most cases we get bottlenecked in that direction. In this weeks episode, Kyle Ontkos joins the Raising Alphas Project, in a dis...
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In the thick of government lockdowns and worldwide tyranny, there were few men who stood up and challenged the system. Who put their neck on the line for others and their own livelihoods. Ian Smith joins the Raising Alphas Project this week in a detailed discussion about Inspiring a Nation! His public appearance in 2020 sparked conversations around the health industry to challenge these illegal and bogus rules and policies set by g...
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Jon Mason is Back!! In another episode of Financial Literacy conversation and what it takes to move out of your current environment into an environment that challenges you. 

It isn't easy walking away from a comfortable situation, however, if you take the chance and accept the difficult challenge presented, the reward is beyond measureable. This is called calculated risk. 

The Jon discusses with the Alphas the historic changes in our...
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In this weeks latest installment of the Raising Alphas Project, Stephen and David touchdown with Graham Hood aka HOODY. Hoody is a retired commercial airline pilot out of Australia, who was very influential through the lockdowns and mandates in the country during 2020 and 2021. 

Australians all over the country witnessed Hoody stand up in uniform for his own personal beliefs and the many others in his profession. His role inspired p...
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May 20, 2024 56 mins
In this weeks episode, the Alphas discuss some controversial clips that have gone viral on social media over the last couple weeks. There is truly an attack on our American culture and beliefs. We have sat back far too long and have refused to call this nonsense out. In this weeks cigar talk... we do just that. We call it out. Time to get Real... might get a little offensive but it is time to call it out. 

Remember, you can’t run fr...
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April 20, 2024 76 mins
In this weeks episode, the Raising Alphas Project travels up to Jacksonville, FL for the 25th Annual Guns and Hoses Boxing Event. Police Officers vs Firefighters in a charity event. Official Weigh In Event.
This event is something special for David and Stephen. They met in the ring for the first time at Unique Boxing in Tavares, FL where they began their friendship. Both trained and competed in this event over 9 years ago. Today, th...
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April 8, 2024 54 mins
In this weeks episode, the Raising Alphas Project brings from behind the camera, Gary Rice. A husband, father, and soon to be former fireman. Gary has struggled with the decision of leaving a career he is passionate for, to Taking a Leap of faith and becoming an Entrepreneur. He explains in this episode that his biggest priority is to have more time with his family and reach financial freedom on his own terms vs waiting on others t...
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In this weeks episode, the Alphas travel to the Diamond B Meats Ranch to get a glimpse of the rancher lifestyle and what its like to raise young children with good family values and hard work through daily responsibilities.

Josh and Sara, both professionals in the fire service, have taken the leap of faith to leave the fire service and improve themselves and the lives of their children by investing in their family. Its not an easy t...
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March 25, 2024 49 mins

Sponsored by Sovereign Ammo
In a world where our young kids are exposed to the worldly things on a daily basis, the culture we have allowed to take over our society has created a shock to everyone. On this weeks episode, David and Stephen discuss the many problems in Hollywood that have led to the downward turn of our school system.

Sovereign Ammo is Top Shelf ballistics that are second to none. Make sure you go over to https://sover...
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In this weeks episode, Amedeo Primiterra, the "Ammo Sommelier", joins the Raising Alphas Project to discuss the importance of paying attention to details. Without understanding this concept first failing can lead to catastrophic results.

Learning from your failures can be beneficial is some environments, however, Failing in Critical Environments can lead to injury or death. This is why Failing is Not an Option is Amedeo's profession...
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We Train them to be the Best, We Train Them for the Worst!

In this weeks episode, the Raising Alphas travel on location to the gun range with the 2A Boys. Keith Davis, husband, father, and Founder of the 2A Boys has provided his children with the necessary tools to protect themselves and be prepared for the most dangerous threat.

Owning and operating a firearm should not be a Taboo topic or stance in our American culture. Allowing o...
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In this weeks episode, Ian and Lisa Lord join the Raising Alphas Project to discuss the importance of Adoption over Abortion. Parents of 3 Adopted children, Lisa and Ian have made a selfless commitment to Raising the Next Generation of strong leaders.

Parenting your own biological children can be very difficult at times. Any parent can tell you this, but throw in parenting someone elses child, that is next level selflessness. You l...
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February 19, 2024 94 mins
In this weeks episode, the Raising Alphas Project welcome Yousef Hafza. A former law enforcement officer turned Entrepreneur after facing one of the most difficult times in his life. Yousef is a husband, father of four and a man strong faith.

We go deeper into the conversation of Yousef's life after he received the best news in the world... NOT GUILTY.

Yousef shares how important it is in today's culture to Stand Your Ground and bel...
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February 12, 2024 73 mins
Sam Eaton joins us this week on the Raising Alphas Project to share about Leaders staying involved even after they’ve retired. Why is this important? Some of our most valuable people in business and government find that day where they essentially walk away from their career to enjoy life. Nothing wrong with this… we all want it. However, being completely disconnected after retirement can lead to some of the corruption left in those...
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Paul Lawrence joins the Raising Alphas Project for the second time updating us on his and his wifes journey with raising alphas after they've hit adulthood. Paul joined the Raising Alphas as our first guest back in 2022 and shared with us the challenges he took on as a father seeing his first born son getting into a near death accident back in 2020. Paul and his wife, Cathy, were forced once again to care for their child and go thr...
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January 22, 2024 82 mins
From Break Dancer, to Collegiate Athlete, to MC, to Life Insurance Rep; Jon Mason has built his empire on complete investment of himself and with Calculate Risk for the Newest Challenge in his life.
In this weeks episode of the Raising Alphas Project, Jon Mason joins the show in his Private Members Club, London House, where he dives deep into the investing in yourself and making Calculated Risk into planning for a future of Health, ...
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The Raising Alphas Project would like to Welcome Tomo Marjanovic to the show. Tomo is a prior First Responder and Law Enforcement Officer gone Entrepeneur. He owns Aspire Rejunvenation Clinic where his misssion is to allow men and women to focus on the younger version of themselves again. Tomo is also the Co-Founder of the Cement Factory Nutrition comp...
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December 25, 2023 86 mins
The Raising Alphas Project in this weeks episode, Celebrate Christmas and bring on the New Year leaving 2023 behind them, while also introducing Hector Perdomo to the show. Hector is the CEO of the Angel Business Inc. He assist men and women with achieving financial goals and getting through difficult times when there is an unforeseen setback in their lives.

Chris, Dave and Steve would love to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supp...
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In this weeks episode, the Alphas invite Carlos Martin to the show to have that difficult discusion about having a plan in place for your family before you die.
Carlos is an Attorney and the Owner of the Forest Lake Law firm located in Apopka, FL. Carlos explains during the show the importance of having an Estate Plan in place and gives several examples of familes who have struggled financially during the worst moments of their live...
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In this weeks episode, the Raising Alphas Project welcomes Jonathan Octeus (More than a Hooper) to the show. Jonathan is a collegiate D1 athlete, who saw time in the G League of the NBA, then took off in his professional career in the Japan league. Jonathan tells his story of many roadblocks, setbacks, and moments in his life where he did not lose focus but gained motivation and traction to becoming the better version of himself to...
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