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The Truth Central with Dr. Jerome Corsi

The Truth Central - hosted by Dr. Jerome Corsi Dr. Jerome Corsi exposes the truth about what's happening in Washington, on Wall Street and with the Climate Change Agenda as well as the World Economic Forum's dangerous agenda. We also take a deep dive into investing, health and longevity.


December 1, 2023 50 mins
It was predictable: Hamas does not live up to the provisions of the pause treaty, so fighting resumes with Israel. Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks down what happened and how things could play out on today's The Truth Central.
Climate Fanatics descend on Dubai
The realities of living in Democrat-run cities
Hungary rejects "premature" admittance of Ukraine into the EU
Henry Kissinger's thoughts on the cultural fallout of the Hamas attacks o...
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On February 25th, 1956, then-Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev issued what was called his "Secret Speech" titled: “On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences," in a four hour session at the end of the USSR Communists' 20th Party Congress. It was considered a ground-breaking speech as the media heralded Khrushchev's denunciation of Josef Stalin. Anyone who has read anything other than Walter Duranty's glowing reviews of Stalin k...
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New York Attorney General Letitia James, despite her claims to the contrary, is looking worse each day amid her political persecution against former President Donald Trump. Now, it would seem information out of Deutsche Bank has completely demolished James' claims Trump overvalued his properties. According to Bloomberg, DB Executive David Williams, who directly worked on at least one of several loans obtained by Trump over several ...
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As NATO continues to push expansion, the post-World War 2 formerly Anti-Soviet alliance has seemingly become the aggressor as its leaders pushed to allow Finland in and is looking to contain Russia via the Baltic Sea and dreams of bringing in Ukraine. Does NATO really need to keep this train going? What is the ultimate plan? Its pattern shows the NATO nations are trying to provoke Russia into a war they appear to want. Dr. Jerome C...
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The UN's COP 28 talks are set to take place as the Leftist Elite get together to plan out how to shove the Climate Cult Agenda down the throats of the world's population. In their crosshairs is the global food supply, particularly the production of dairy and beef: Jennifer Larbie, the head of UK advocacy and campaigns at Christian Aid: “The emissions from farming is a huge driver of the climate crisis and one which needs to be tack...
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On today's The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi takes you behind the announced hostage release agreement between Israel and Hamas.
A look back the JFK Assassination on its 60th anniversary
Is NATO still actually relevant?
The US and France plan to push for an end to private funding of coal plants
What the Climate Cultists keep missing

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Another indication of the direction President Joe Biden and his administration has rendered the US Economy is from data released by Fidelity Investments on Monday revealing more Americans are resorting to raiding their 401ks and retirement accounts to cover daily expenses. According to Fidelity, 2.3% took a hardship withdrawal in the third quarter, up significantly from the 1.8% rate observed in the same quarter of 2022. According ...
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Argentina is the latest country to fight back against the World Economic Forum and International Leftist Agenda as the nation elects anti-woke, anti-Agenda 2030 President Javier Milei as its new president. Already, corporate media outlets are on the attack, using the usual "far-right" buzz-term and other tropes to describe the new leader. With the WEF continuing to shove its plan down the free world's throat, it looks like more peo...
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Today on The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi offers the 7th part in our installment of "Where Woke Came from and Where It's Going" as we take a deep look into Mao Zedong's "Cultural Revolution" and how he managed to manipulate most of the world's oldest and most populated societies into abandoning the region's rich history in favor of his oppressive communist dictatorship. Dr. Corsi juxtaposes Mao's machinations with those of today...
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Today on The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi takes a deep dive into New York Times' Reporter Walter Duranty, who was given a Pulitzer Prize for his fictional accounts of Josef Stalin's rule over the Soviet Union, serving as the communist dictator's public relations agent and promoter. Duranty's glowing stories about Stalin and the communist oppression included lies about life under the dictatorship, propping the murderous tyrant up...
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On today's The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi takes two deep dives:
First, Dr. Corsi examines the fall of Europe economically, politically and culturally as well as how its decline affects the U.S. and the rest of the world.
Also, Dr. Corsi looks closely at former Obama Science Czar John Holden, his fascination with the De-populationist movement and how he tried to implement it into US policy.

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Republican and Democrat talking heads are claiming Robert F. Kennedy's independent run for President is going to take votes from their opposing (presumed) candidate for President. Still, where does the truth lie? If you believe the polls, perhaps we might see some votes coming off of both Trump and Biden. On the other hands, perhaps polls are as useless as they proved to be in 2016. What about the swing states? Dr. Jerome Corsi ana...
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It looks like more bad actors are not heeding the warnings from Antony Blinken and Joe Biden as there has been new fighting near Israel's northern border, including the U.S. bombing Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps targets for a 3rd rime. Dr. Jerome Corsi breaks down what's happening the the ripple effects on today's The Truth Central
Kiev is on the way to collapse
10 or New York's 72 billionaires have left the state due to its...
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On today's The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi examines:
Israel is working to root out Hamas as calls for a ceasefire rise
The continued fall of the US economy Why it's time to end the forcing of Electric Vehicles on us
The impending death of the Eurozone
Germany, UK continue subsidies for failing wind farms

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Today on The Truth Central with Dr. Jerome Corsi:
U.S. Debt Interest is now over $1 Trillion for the first time
The Pentagon launches airstrikes against an Iranian group in Syria
The Dems are patting themselves on their backs over some 2023 election wins, but here's why that won't translate come 2024
How the Israel-Hamas War is upending EU energy security
Afghanistan's poppy production takes a big hit
Switzerland is keeping its nuclear p...
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On today's The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi takes a deep dive into the roots of today's culturally woke identity politics, centering on the anti-capitalist book - Anti-Oedipus - by Gilles Deleuze, a French political philosopher, and Félix Guattari, a French psychoanalyst and activist as well as Judith Butler's writings about Gender Theory. Dr. Corsi discusses their contribution to the Modern Left's new groupthink, false realitie...
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On today's The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi explores:
Trump, Judge Clash during the controversial civil trial in New York.
The Decline of the U.S. Justice System
Netanyahu says Israel will soon control Gaza indefinitely
What are the real motivations behind nations calling for a cease fire in Gaza?
Commercial Real Estate takes another huge hit as WeWork files for bankruptcy
San Francisco's downward spiral continues as a downtown McDon...
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Today on The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi explores:
Israel on the move: its successful airstrike hit 450 targets in Gaza
Volodymyr Zelenskyy is worried the Israel-Hamas War will take attention away from Ukraine's war with Russia
Why and how Zelenskyy is deluding himself into thinking he can defeat Russia
A brutal week for the Green Agenda
The Green Agenda Cult still ignores the sun's role in the change in climate

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On today's The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi explores:
Russia's Wagner Group Sending Air Defenses to Hezbollah
The Russia-Ukraine War is in a Stalemate
Why Globalists are trying to claim Climate Change is a "Global Health Crisis"
FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried is Convicted on Fraud Charges
The Rise of Homeschooling is re-shaping the education landscape
Democrat Sanctuary City mayors are crying over immigrant influx; begging Biden for he...
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While the UN and many nations want Israel pressured toward a ceasefire, the nation is determined to defend itself and take Hamas down at all costs. Dr. Jerome Corsi examines what's happening now, Israel's strategy, what comes next and what may lead to further escalation from other forces in the Middle East on today's The Truth Central. Also:
Putin revokes the nuclear test ban treaty
The abandonment of another wind farm project piles ...
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