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March 17, 2024 24 mins
Manny Cabrera, joins the show to talk about his business Gente Fina and how they're raising money for non-profit New Life Centers. Whitney Reynolds and Dr Sandy Goldberg join the show to discuss 'A Silver Lining Foundation' and their mission to provide respectful and equal access to cost-free breast health testing through a network of partnerships with community, advocacy and healthcare organizations.
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Hello, and welcome to the weeklyshow. I'm Paulina, and every single
week we're here to discuss a varietyof topics that matter to Chicagoland, from
health, to education, to financesand so much more. Today on the
show, Robin Rock will be chattingwith our friend Whitney Reynolds and we have
another story for Whitney's Women, whichis perfect for Women's History Month. Doctor

Sandy will be joining us. DoctorSandy with a silver Lining Foundation, and
we'll be chatting with Henta Fina ownerManny Cabrera, who grew up here right
in the city of Chicago, andwe'll be talking all about the New York
Fashion Week opportunity that just happened recently, and we'll be talking about a special
piece that will be auctioned off onInstagram to raise funds for New Life Centers.

New Life Centers mission is to helpthe community through mentorship, education and
sports programs. So let's kick offthe show. Hi, It's Paulina here
with I Heartmeetia Chicago for our communityAffairs show, and today I am chatting
with Manny Cabrera, who is thefounder of Hendafina. If you haven't heard
of the brand, you're gonna hearabout it all today. I'm super exciting.

But if you're from Chicago, there'sno way you have not heard of
hen A Fina. How you doingtoday, Manny, Hey, thank you
for having me. I'm doing great, amazing, excited to have you today
very much. So to talk about, you know, I want to talk
about you growing up here in MelrosePark and and and you know, being
in the in the fashion scene.I am not a fashion kind of lady.

I'm not gonna lie to you,so I want you to break I
know you're like, oh, butI want you to break it down to
me, you know, to talkto our audience about hen Afina, about
you know, the original story behindit, kind of talk about how it
came to be. We'll also getinto your time at New York Fashion Week,
and then of course we're talking aboutraising funds for New Life Centers.

Amazing. So, Manny, giveus a little bit of a background about
yourself and then of course hen Afina. Yes, thank you. So you
know my aims, Manny, andmy care. I am the son of
immigrant parents Mexican. You know,I've I started my entrepreneur journey right after

high school, just kind of tryingto figure out what I was going to
do next. I knew school wasn'tfor me, so that wasn't really an
option at the time, and youknow, just going trying different things,
and then it wasn't until you know, fast forward twenty That was in six
when I graduated, and then fastforward to twenty fifteen. I was learning
how to sew because I started acompany where we manufacture equipment for logistics companies

and we were making custom tarps andrepairing tarps and I had to learn how
to sew. So, you know, you were talking about how you're a
fashion person, like I really,I didn't think I was a fashion person
until you know, later on,when I'm in twenty seven or something like
that, where I realized, like, I love sowing it like this,
I became an obsession for me andsomething that I would never have expected.

So just the curiosity of the soilmachines on fabrics, all that they just
came subtly into my life kind ofled me into this fashion journey to where
I'm at now. Absolutely, AndI've seen some of your I mean I
followed us on Instagram too, butI've seen a lot of your work and
just like the passion that I cansee that goes behind the brand and behind

the clothes, and I honestly thinkit's like super cool and it's honestly an
honor to talk to you. Iknow you've been featured as well with the
Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls Lids, and a bunch of other ones as
well. So how were those experiences? Like, you know what, those
brands have been so amazing and justso welcoming, very they just let me

do what I do. I thoughtworking with them was going to be a
whole you know, dealing with corporategoing through this ladder and that, climbing
this ladder, climbing that ladder.But they've been able to recognize, you
know that, you know what Ido with what the brand, what we
do here at Hintefina, and theykind of just give me, you know,

they give me the rings to takeover and when we do a collab
and just kind of let me dowhatever I want. Know, if I
have an idea for a jacket andI'm working on a collab with Litz or
Fernando Valenzuela. It was an amazingMexican picture from the La Dodgers and they
just kind of let me do mythings. So it's been such a blessing
working with them. That is socool and you deserve all of that.

So congratulations as well. So talkingabout New York Fashion Week, big congrats
on that. Was this your firsttime being a part of it? Like,
give us how did that happen?Yeah? That was crazy. I
actually did a fashion show down inMexico. Down there where the state where
my parents are from, called Durango. They have a fashion week down there

and I was invited. I've neverdone a fashion show in my life.
I never thought it was something thatI would even be to pull off.
And we went down there just thinkingwe're just gonna on a network push the
brand, show some pieces off,not knowing that we were entering a competition
to be able to showcase in NewYork Fashion Week. So you know,

I'm thinking, this is just asmall, little local show down in Mexico,
and next to you know, theytold us the day before the show
that we're competing. So that madeeverything just very real for us and really
stressful at the time, but wepulled it off. They loved the brand,
they loved our story, the music, for the show that we did,

the pieces that we put together,and that want us a chance to
go to New York Fashion Week,and that was back in October. Beginning
of October, and then from Octoberto February, I had to put together
a collection for New York Fashion Week. So you can just imagine the stress
for all that. Oh, yeah, absolutely, and then also to being

a part of New York Fashion Week. What do you feel like was one
of the most memorable experiences for you? Oh, that was a great question.
There was so many amazing moments.I think the best part was walking
out at the end. That waslike such an intense just feeling when you

walk out and you see like almostsixty or sixty people just from Chicago alone
that came. It was one hundredspeople at the show, but like just
be able to see all these friendsand family that flew in from Chicago to
New York, even if it wasjust for a couple hours and have to
fly right back, that was thebest moment right there. I also I
was gonna propose to my girlfriend atthe same time as well, so all

those emotions coming out at the endwas just probably the best moment that I've
ever experienced in my career. Forsure. Oh. Absolutely, congratulations.
You guys are engaged. Thank you. Yeah, you said yes, thank
God? Like she said yes becauseshe wasn't expecting that at all. Obviously
I'm doing my wrong way show everybody, all the models come out and then

I come out at the end,you know, to say thank you and
wave and all that. So shewasn't expecting that at all. When I
you know, got on one knee, pulled her to the side to the
to the offer of seat, andthen got on one knee, and she
was like shocked. She wasn't sayinganything. I'm like, is that do
you? Kind of you if yousee the videos, you'll see my face.
I'm like, is that yeah?Like I'm like confused because she wasn't

saying anything, but she was justlike in complete shock. So she ended
up saying yes, thank god.And it was just an amazing moment.
Oh. I love that. Well, congrats to you both, And I
definitely want to talk about, youknow, the giving back and that part,
that portion of what you know you'redoing. Hint Fina is doing.
So I do believe that you havea piece that'll be auctioned off on your

Instagram account to raise funds for NewLife Centers. Can you talk about that?
Yes, we are our very lastpiece from the fashion show. I
didn't up cycle piece, but itwas a canvas overalls kind of something that
like Carhart Will do or Biggie's uhinsulated, very heavy duty, just a

beautiful upcycle piece. I had myfriend from Mexico out of the year those
meetings. He came and he hadpainted his designs on the on the on
the pants and it just looks,it looks, it looks amazing. So
and I was trying to figure outwhat to do with that piece. It's
like it's that I put it upin the walls. Essentially it's a piece
of you know, it's a workof art, and I'm not gonna make

it anymore. That was a oneof one piece, so it just makes
it a little more special. AndI was trying to figure out what I
was gonna do with it, andI know I've been trying to find a
way since I started the brand.I always said I was gonna try to,
you know, give back. Sothis was my way. And then
I just clicked and like, thisis what I'm going to do. An
auction where I can raise some moneyand just donate all of it. And

I talked to the artists. Heloved the idea, and I talked to
New Life Center. They were youso happy to be a part of this.
So that's kind of what we wantedto do. I was going to
do it last week, but youknow, your your interview came up and
I said, well, what agreat moment, you know, so I
really appreciate you guys allowing me,you know, the the space to be
able to talk about this and hopefullyget some more attention to it so that

we can raise as much money aspossible for New Life Centers. Of course,
no, absolutely, we're very gratefulthat you're able to come on to
here and talk about this opportunity forthose as well, because you know,
we do love supporting giving back here, and I think this is a great
initiative as well, so for thosewho are maybe not that familiar with New
Life Centers as well. Their missionis to help the community through mentorship,

education and sports programs. So Ithink it's a very great thing that you're
doing, and I think everybody shouldhead over now to get these funds,
you know, to make sure thatwe are able to raise that, So
where can we follow or can wherecan we donate to help new life centers?
So I plan on going and doinga live on Instagram on Monday,

Okay, and I see I've seenbrands and a lot of stores do auctions
through there, so I think that'llbe the easiest way for everybody, and
everybody can join so they can justfollow us on Instagram at hint A Fina
shy c chi uh and we shouldbe able to do it by Monday evening.
Perfect. And then last question foryou, Manny, where can we

keep up with you and hint aFina as well for anything you have upcoming
this summer or maybe even for likeyou know, the rest of the year,
all your all your you know,everything that's going to be happening for
you guys. Where can we followyou? Yeah, you can follow me
at Midwest Many Midwest dot Manny onInstagram. Uh, if you just type
in Midwest Many it'll it should popup or Ena Shi as well, either

one of those. I'm active onboth both of those. Uh, you
know you'll be able to keep upwith everything going on this year. We
have a lot of collapse if wehave a beautiful jacket that I'm making for
the Chicago Bulls. Uh. LikeI said, I have a collab with
Lids for Fernando Valinzuela from the LaDodgers, and what the white Socks hopefully

September. So a lot of alot of cool class and then the collection
that we just dropped from New YorkFashion Week that's out now online as well.
So that's amazing. Excited for youand for what's to come for the
rest of the year. So congratulationsagain, thank you so much. Of
course, thank you so much,and we'll talk to you soon. I
appreciate you. I appreciate you.Guys. Hi, It's Robin Rock And

can I just tell you how honoredI am to have a special guest in
the studio. I want to welcomeWhitney back and we're talking Whitney's Women here
today, Robin. This feels sofull circle to be back doing Whitney's Women
with you this week, but todayI have doctor Sandy. You are such
an outstanding person. This is liketrip number two or three on Whitney's Women

because you are moving and shaking andreally changing how breast cancer is handled in
Chicago. Land Well, number one, to be here with you and to
be here with Robin. Oh mygoodness, gracious, and I thank you
very much for what you're saying,because my goal personally is to make sure
that all women, regardless of age, regardless of background, regardless of financial

circumstances, have access to cost freebreast health testing. And why, as
you well know, because testing easesand saves lives. It really does.
And you know, one thing Ilove about your story is, you know
I do a TV show and youdid a TV show to help people understand

how to navigate it all. Tellus about that? Well, I think
what's very important is that we don'tknow what to do when we have questions
about our health. So in termsof what I do now founding a silver
Lining Foundation, which funds our breasthealth testing programs, is to really simplify
how to be able to get breasthealth testing. And you do that by

picking up the phone calling our office. We ask you a few questions and
then you're referred to one of ourNow get this a teen partner oh hospitals?
Am I going to say that again? Oh? I love to say
it again? Eighteen partner hospitals?Oh my goodness you have. You just

keep going and growing with this andit really like I know this story,
but I want to bring the listenersinto it where your heart comes from with
a silver lining foundation. Well,I was diagnosed with breast cancer in two
thousand and I was very, verylucky, again given my work in the
media, that I had great insurance, great support, the world's best husband.

I went through my treatment, whichwas challenging, and I started a
little cable show and from that cableshow with people calling in, I realized
that people felt they weren't worthy becausethey had no insurance and they had no
money. And I was sitting withmy husband and he said, what's wrong?
And I was telling them what wasgoing on, and he said,

well, what do you want todo? And from somewhere, you know,
as you talk about those voices,we have to sort of impel us
forward. He said, so,what do you want to do? And
I said, from somewhere start afoundation, when he said, and then
we will, and that we calledit a silver Lining foundation because my late

mother, whose philosophy guides us,always used to say, there's a silver
lining whenever I would complain to herand our philosophy is her philosophy. She
would always say, we are allfamily and we have to help each other
through the tough times, and thatwe do with a very specific focus on

access to cost free breast health testing. And as you know, Whitney and
being happy and proud to share withyour listeners is the fact if anyone who
comes to a silver Lining Foundation fortheir breast health testing is diagnosed, they
are taken care of for free fromthe minute they become as I call them

a silver Lining woman or a man. Through all their testing and god forbid,
through diagnosis, they never pay adime that levels the playing field,
at least in this aspect of healthcare. Robin, I mean, I'm going
to bring you in this conversation rightnow. Isn't this incredible what she's saying,
Like they're covered and you know,and I have to tell you,

honestly, doctor Sandy, what I'mthinking of is, as you're telling this
story, I think of people likemy mom, who you know, my
mom's by yourself and every little penny, every little dime for her manners right
and to have a diagnosis like breastcancer, I mean, thank God my
mom is healthy. But you know, knowing that there's help. And I'm

sure my mom isn't the only one. There are a lot of seniors who,
a lot of women who just everypenny matters, and to know that
if you need help, there ishelp there. And there isn't interestingly enough.
You know, people say, butit's only in Illinois, and I
go, no, we have peoplereferred to us from fifteen states. We
always say, we can't pay foryou to get there here, we can't

pay for you to eat, wecan't pay for you to stay. But
what we can do is pay foryour testing. And we had a situation
where a woman who was insured butcould not get the one test that she
needed to confirm her breast cancer diagnosisor the extent of her breast cancer diagnosis.
She'd been diagnosed already, and herinsurance wouldn't pay for it. This

is an essential test. She livedin Florida, and she said, I
can come to you round trip onan economy airline that I can afford.
I can't afford the test. Sowe worked with her and she got into
Chicago, she had her test,and she went back to Florida that same

day. Incredible, that is trulyincredible. But I also want to bring
in how people can get involved withthis mission because what you're doing is not
an easy task. It also doestake funds to come in. And so
you have a big event coming up, let's talk about it. Not only

do I have a big event comingup, my dear Whitney, you are
involved, you know, Robin.I. I have an alter ego that
comes out on the runway and so, oh yes she does. It's a
very interesting thing. It's like Ihaven't named her yet. I'm very happy
if people want to submit some nameson Instagram and what I should name my

little runway five foot one model Whitney. But we have a big event coming
up, so I'll say we haveone and my alter ego is getting very
excited. Yeah, Debt is absolutelywonderful and your alter ego should be.
If I may offer a name,Miss Whitney Firecracker. Oh wow, Okay,
that's done. Okay, no submissionsneeded, We got it. There

you go it is. Our eventis on March the eighth at eleven o'clock
at the Peninsula Hotel. It iscalled Glitz and Glamour. It is a
fashion show. It is sponsored byAmeric Fine Jewelry and every single time that
is brought in on the day,ticket sales, raffle sales, everything goes

to fund our breast health testing program. And Whitney Firecracker is going to be
walking the runway as one of ourcelebrity models. I'm going to be walking
the runway. And if we yellhis name loud enough, my husband,
he is going to be walking therunway. It is so cool. O
god, whenever you see him hitthe stage, you know we have accomplished

the goal. Yes we have,and the room goes wild. Oh it
is. It's a wonderful event.There's just so much camaraderie, so much
warmth, so much consistency in termsof the response to our mission. And
it's really a fun afternoon. Anddon't you have fun looking at everybody.
I love it. I always getgreat ideas for the fashion scene, and

we have a lot of Chicago designers. We have amazing stores. But what
I love to do is being agal and media in Chicago and being around
these other women that are modeling.It takes away any competition that day and
you realize, okay, we're actuallyreally united for this mission of a silver
Lining Foundation. It's beautiful that isthe beauty I think certainly of women in

media, but I think that toa great extent, women panoramically, you
know. I think we all respondalmost with a shudder in a way to
the term breast cancer, you know. And here we are in a room
and we know that by our presenceand our support, Firecracker being up there

on the list, is that wecan help other women who otherwise would not
be able to get a test thatcan potentially saved their life. That's what
it's about. And last year's fashionshow, I want you to know,
funded one hundred and fifty women withthe entire scope of breast house testing,

screenings, diagnostics, ultrasounds, MRIsbiopsies, all for free, and three
were diagnosed, Oh my god.And they were taken care of for free.
And that's from our show on Marchthe eighth, eighth, called Glitz
and Glamour at the Peninsula Hotel.And now where do people get tickets?

Actually, what they'll need to dois go online. Theoretically speaking, we're
sold out, but we can alwaysif somebody really really wants a ticket,
I promise you I will make thathappen. And you call us at a
silver lining Foundation three one two threefour five one three two two, and

I promise if you want a ticket, we will make it happen. The
tickets are one hundred and fifty dollarsapiece and it is cocktail our beautiful,
beautiful lunch. Wait till you seethe dessert. I can't wait, mom
Ma Mia, and the fashion show, which is tremendous. One hundred percent
of all the proceeds go to ourbreast health testing program, Beautiful Clothes and

my palace walking the Runway. Youknow, this was one of those events,
Robin that right before everything happened duringCOVID. This was literally the last
event and then I got on anairplane and everything shut down after that,
and I just remember thinking back intwenty twenty, I'm so happy that we
got to do your event because thosewomen during the COVID times would still get

that testing. And then coming backfrom when everything opened back up, it
made me so happy again to hitthat runway and know that we're there on
a mission. So I can't wait. It's going to Firecracker, Whitney's going
to show up. We'll have toget Firecracker Robin next year, for sure.
I can just imagine you like youknow Firecracker, Robin, you really

to come on the eighth and watchFirecracker, Whitney watch the runway and then
inspiration right there when my husband Greggoes walking I should say strutting down.
Oh yeah, it's an experience.It is a wonderful, wonderful day.
And I love you and I thankyou so much for your sport across the

board. We will help us shareour mission. Well, I'm honored to
have you as a re recoming inthe studio Whitney's Women, a repeat guest.
You are fabulous. I love thatyou are charged with this mission and
you're growing it. Thank you somuch for coming on. It is my
pleasure and you know I love you. I love you back. You are
the best doctor Sandy Whitney. Wait, okay, film, what's going on

with you? What's what's what's new? Well? I am very excited that
it is approaching March, because youknow what that means. We are in
the month countdown to the new seasonof the Whitney Reynolds Show. And you
know, Robin, I get askedall the time, what is it?
How where do you want to go? What are you doing with this and
really I want to be doing thisfor the rest of my life. But

being that household name of hope forthe nation, when we went nationwide three
years ago, we knew we wereon a whole new landscape and we want
all of our viewers know to knowthat there is hope in their story.
And so that is as we bringour new season, it's a reiteration that
yeah, we have tough chapters,but no matter what, we can find
inspiration in those hard moments. Socoming out April eighth, the Whitney Reynolds

Shows new season. I love it. Whitney's Women. What a pleasure to
have you, Doctor Sandy and Whitneyback in the studio. Thank you,
Thank you, Rovin, thank youso much, and thank you for tuning
into the Weekly Show here on iHeartRadioand ninety three to nine Light FM one
all three five, Kiss FM,and Rock ninety five five. We do
this every single week and we alsodo share our podcast. Episodes are always

up on our free iHeart app.You simply just search for it the Weekly
Show. If you know somebody whoshould be on the Weekly Show and whose
efforts should be highlighted that are doingamazing things for our city and our suburbs.
Please contact me at Paulina at iHeartMediadot com and I'll try my best
to get an interview set up withyou so you can tell us how you're
making our city and suburbs a muchbetter place to live. And like I
said, we placed this episode inall previous episodes up on our free iheartapp

just search for the Weekly Show.Thank you so much to our guests for
being on today, and of coursethank you for always listening and supporting the
Weekly Show. Have a great week, Chicago,
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