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June 13, 2024 23 mins

In part two of Rachel Fairley's discussion with Duncan Daines, Head of Engagement at Gama Aviation, she explores the intricacies of growing market share and connecting marketing to business outcomes. Duncan shares his unique approach to achieving commercial success through strategic thinking and adaptable marketing strategies. 

  • The importance of blending organic growth and M&A strategies. 
  • How to stay agile and avoi...
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In this episode, Duncan Daines, Group Head of Engagement at Gama Aviation, shares his perspectives on aligning marketing strategies with commercial outcomes, the evolving role of agencies, and the importance of segmentation.

From his unique career spanning product design to high-stakes mergers and acquisitions, Duncan and guest host, Rachel Fairley, discuss what marketers need to drive true business growth. 

  • The shifting ro...
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In this episode of Unicorny, guest host Rachel Fairley and brand strategist Sarah Robb tackle the challenges of imposter syndrome in marketing and the confusion caused by jargon. They discuss practical ways to simplify language, improve cross-departmental communication, and build confidence among marketers. What’s the connection between jargon and imposter syndrome, and how can marketers regain control of their brand strategy?

  • U...
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In this episode of Unicorny, Rachel Fairley kicks Dom out of the studio to meet brand expert, Sarah Robb. Together, they discuss the essential elements of creating a brand that genuinely reflects its purpose.

Discover how aligning your brand’s purpose with business activities enhances authenticity and learn about the crucial role leadership plays in this process.

Are you struggling with marketing jargon and agency challenges? Sarah...

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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes and marketing strategist Paul Worthington continue their examination of marketing's modern challenges. They tackle how to turn the overwhelming flood of data into a strategic advantage and discuss what it really takes to make an impact in the C-suite. Are you leveraging your data to its full potential? Let’s find out how you can sharpen your approach. 

  • Critique of dashboard metrics and...
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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes and guest Paul Worthington discuss whether marketing should be recognised as a formal profession or continue as a trade based on practical experience. They evaluate the potential impacts of standardising marketing practices—could it inhibit creativity and diminish competitive advantage? 

  • Weighing the merits of making marketing a formal profession—necessary organisation or a barrier to ...
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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes continues the conversation with Géraldine Tenten, a seasoned IBM marketer, about uniting a company around the shared goal of creating happy customers.

They tackle the challenges of aligning sales and marketing, the power of cross-functional "diamond teams," and how digital transformation is reshaping B2B marketing. Can your organization truly put customers at the centre of everything it does?&...

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What’s holding back your business from reaching its full potential?

In this episode of Unicorny, host Dom Hawes and guest Géraldine Tenten discuss how to achieve sustainable growth by focusing on happy customers and avoiding common pitfalls.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, Geraldine brings a wealth of practical advice on aligning sales and marketing for business success. Can you optimise your conve...

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Have you considered how enhanced leadership techniques can enable more agile market responses? Or how your team could manage uncertainty through innovative management models?

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Further exploration of leadership roles in Beyond Budgeting
  • Strategies for fostering organizational adaptability
  • Techniques for sustaining business performance in unpredictable markets
  • Methods to align corporate strategies with real...
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The traditional approach to budgeting is broken. Worse. Budgeting builds dysfunction into business and into your marketing department. There is a better way.

This week, we meet Dr Steve Morlidge, thinker, speaker, author of The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting and chair of the European Beyond Budgeting Round table.

Traditional marketing budgeting limits a marketer’s ability to adapt to rapid market changes. This inflexibility, combine...

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In today's episode, part two of our discussion with Adrian Coxon, we explore how marketing drives product innovation and brand competitiveness in B2B. Adrian provides practical ways of using customer feedback and competitive analysis to improve market presence.

  • Learn how marketing teams can better represent customer needs in product development.
  • Find ways of improving brand recognition in a competitive market.
  • Understand the impo...
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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes and guest Adrian Coxon, CMO of Exante, address the ongoing challenge of marketing being undervalued in businesses. The evidence? Many marketers are paid less than their peers.

So how do you boost the redress the imbalance?

  • Understand the implications of short-term focus versus long-term strategy in marketing and how it affects how other internal stakeholders view marketing. 
  • Recognise t...
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Join Dom Hawes and Phil Barden as they continue their exploration of decision science in B2B marketing.

  • Discover how subtle elements like perception and pricing can significantly influence buyer decisions.
  • Learn how distinctive branding and pricing strategies can optimize the decision-making process.
  • Learn about aligning explicit and implicit customer goals

The episode details how (B2B) marketers can utilise behavioura...

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Join Dom Hawes and Phil Barden in this episode of Unicorny as they dive into the power of decision science in B2B marketing.

  • Understand decision science's role in marketing
  • Explore how scientific principles can be applied to enhance marketing creativity and effectiveness
  • Discover how behavioural and decision sciences inform marketing strategies
  • Learn how renowned marketers have successfully applied scientific methods to real-world ...
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In this compelling continuation of Unicorny's exploration of AI in marketing, Dom Hawes returns with part two of his discussion with Steven Millman and Jonathan Harris.

Building on the insights from part one, this episode delves into the emerging role of personal AI assistants and their potential to revolutionise consumer interaction by removing traditional interfaces.

The conversation also covers the broader impacts of AI on reven...

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Join Dom Hawes as he dives deep into the transformative role of AI in marketing with industry experts Steven Millman and Jonathan Harris. Discover the metaphorical shift from "building faster horses" to "creating cars," illustrating how AI is set to revolutionise business practices beyond mere efficiency improvements.

The trio discusses the potential of AI to replace traditional marketing processes with innovative models that drast...

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When Michelle Booth joined us in the studio to talk about marketing transformation, product incubation and agile and marketing in action, we closed the show with a discussion around a PEST analysis like we sometimes do (Political, Economic, Social and Technological).

Normally we edit the main show down, and we edit these bits down too, to make one crunchy show. But this time around, there was so much good stuff, we decided to roll i...

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This is part 2 of a two-part (plus bonus) episode in which we met the amazing Michelle Booth, a champion of marketing transformation who thrives leading teams that are agile and empowered.

We pick up her story, dealing with heartbreak at Bó, but illustrate how positive people often find new futures, even from an initiative that folds. It's a shame that such a successful product was shelved for reasons other than commercial traction...

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Increasingly, I'm seeing that traditional organisational structures are under scrutiny because they're just too slow. But that's not always the case, and today's guest is going to prove it.

In this episode we dig into the experience of Michelle Booth, [these days] head of growth, activation, and innovation at Lloyds Bank. Michelle has thrived as an entrepreneur in businesses that many would think are rigid and very hierarchical. If ...

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Featuring best-selling author, Matt Dixon, this part two of a two-part episode (did you listen to part 1?) that answers the question so many B2B marketers and sales professionals are asking: how come that perfect-fit prospect died?

Matt co-authored a book we've mentioned many times on Unicorny; The Jolt Effect.

Nothing is more important right now than what you'll find in this book. So, whatever you're doing today, cancel it until you...

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