Welcome to Unicorny, a podcast about the business and practice of marketing, how it creates value, who's doing it well, and how marketing helps businesses win the future. Unicorny seeks to answer the question: how do I create value for my business? We speak to CMOs, CEOs, CFOs, venture capitalists, private equity leads, consultants, influencers... anyone that can provide clues to finding and unlocking value. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: OP3 - https://op3.dev/privacy Podder - https://www.podderapp.com/privacy-policy Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


July 23, 2024 26 mins

In this episode, Dom Hawes chats with James Gatoff, Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Lombard International Group, about the complexities of marketing in highly regulated, multi-jurisdictional environments. James shares his journey from finance to marketing and discusses the strategic use of technology, cultural nuances, and the importance of a commercial focus in marketing communications.

James provides practical...

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In this second part of our discussion with Blair Enns, we explore the internal dynamics that influence agency-client relationships.

Host Dom Hawes and Blair continue to discuss balancing efficiency and innovation, focusing on how departmental goals can conflict with overarching business objectives.

They examine bounded rationality, the inefficiency principle, and the role of leadership in fostering a culture that supports both oper...

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Today's episode of Unicorny tackles the complex dynamics between brand marketers and creative agencies, focusing on the dysfunctional commercial relationships that have emerged over recent years. Host Dom Hawes is joined by Blair Enns, founder of “Win Without Pitching”.

They explore how procurement practices and outdated commercial models hinder innovation and value creation. Blair offers insights into redefining these relationship...

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Welcome back to Unicorny! In this episode, Dom Hawes continues his chat with Andrew Davies, a CMO and serial entrepreneur. Andrew shares his thoughts on how to integrate value-based pricing, the importance of packaging, methods for retaining customers in the competitive SaaS landscape, and the concept of thesis-driven marketing. 

  • Understanding the impact of frequent pricing and packaging experiments on growth 
  • Key eleme...
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July 9, 2024 26 mins

In this episode of Unicorny, host Dom Hawes speaks with Andrew Davies, Chief Marketing Officer at Paddle, about integrating entrepreneurial principles into marketing strategies. Andrew discusses the benefits of approaching marketing with the mindset of a startup founder, comparing the methodologies of venture capital and private equity, and stressing the importance of growth and innovation. He shares his journey from launching mult...

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Welcome to part two of our myth-debunking session with Dale W. Harrison, where we explore the realities of demand creation in marketing.  

Dale, a polymath with a broad view of business, explains why performance marketing is flawed and introduces the 95/5 rule, which outlines the natural buying cycles of customers. 

  • Understand the 95/5 rule and its implications for demand creation.
  • Learn why brand marketing matters even ...
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Curious about why "demand creation" might be a ‘lie’ or a myth? In this episode, Dale W. Harrison challenges conventional marketing wisdom by arguing that demand cannot be created but only captured. We discuss real-world examples like the iPhone and the Apple Newton to illustrate the differences between capturing existing demand and the futility of trying to create it. You'll also hear about the importance of strategic branding and...

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In this special episode of Unicorny, we're gearing up for B2B Ignite, the business marketing conference taking place on July 3rd at 133 Houndsditch in the City of London.

Dom Hawes, your host, talks to Richard O'Connor, CEO of B2B Marketing, about the Propolis Community Index and the key trends shaping business marketing.

We dive into insights on budget allocations, customer growth, and the evolving structure of marketing teams. Pl...

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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes continues his conversation with Maya Price, SAP’s Global Head: Field Marketing Events Management. They discuss the balance between standardisation and customisation in field marketing, focusing on creating global consistency while maintaining local relevance.  

Maya shares practical advice on optimising resources, the importance of continuous learning, and effective leadership strategies t...

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Join Maya Price, SAP's global head of field marketing and event management, to take a peek behind the scenes of field marketing. Learn how she connects brands with customers, navigates the shift from regional to global roles, and strikes the perfect balance between local flair and global consistency.  

Get ready for practical tips on crafting events that truly resonate, building trust within your team, and turning real-time cus...

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Discover the keys to effective product positioning with April Dunford, one of the leading experts in the field.  

In this episode, April reveals how to harness the power of internal knowledge to understand competition, customer needs, and the value of your offerings. Learn why traditional customer feedback can mislead and find out the right questions to ask for actionable insights. 

  • How to leverage your sales team for c...
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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes speaks with April Dunford, a leading expert in B2B tech marketing and the author of "Obviously Awesome" and "Sales Pitch". They explore the complexities of effective product positioning.  

April highlights typical pitfalls, such as the shortcomings of traditional positioning statements and the critical nature of understanding the knowledge gap between existing customers and new prospects. ...

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In part two of Rachel Fairley's discussion with Duncan Daines, Head of Engagement at Gama Aviation, she explores the intricacies of growing market share and connecting marketing to business outcomes. Duncan shares his unique approach to achieving commercial success through strategic thinking and adaptable marketing strategies. 

  • The importance of blending organic growth and M&A strategies. 
  • How to stay agile and avoi...
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In this episode, Duncan Daines, Group Head of Engagement at Gama Aviation, shares his perspectives on aligning marketing strategies with commercial outcomes, the evolving role of agencies, and the importance of segmentation.

From his unique career spanning product design to high-stakes mergers and acquisitions, Duncan and guest host, Rachel Fairley, discuss what marketers need to drive true business growth. 

  • The shifting ro...
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In this episode of Unicorny, guest host Rachel Fairley and brand strategist Sarah Robb tackle the challenges of imposter syndrome in marketing and the confusion caused by jargon. They discuss practical ways to simplify language, improve cross-departmental communication, and build confidence among marketers. What’s the connection between jargon and imposter syndrome, and how can marketers regain control of their brand strategy?

  • U...
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In this episode of Unicorny, Rachel Fairley kicks Dom out of the studio to meet brand expert, Sarah Robb. Together, they discuss the essential elements of creating a brand that genuinely reflects its purpose.

Discover how aligning your brand’s purpose with business activities enhances authenticity and learn about the crucial role leadership plays in this process.

Are you struggling with marketing jargon and agency challenges? Sarah...

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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes and marketing strategist Paul Worthington continue their examination of marketing's modern challenges. They tackle how to turn the overwhelming flood of data into a strategic advantage and discuss what it really takes to make an impact in the C-suite. Are you leveraging your data to its full potential? Let’s find out how you can sharpen your approach. 

  • Critique of dashboard metrics and...
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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes and guest Paul Worthington discuss whether marketing should be recognised as a formal profession or continue as a trade based on practical experience. They evaluate the potential impacts of standardising marketing practices—could it inhibit creativity and diminish competitive advantage? 

  • Weighing the merits of making marketing a formal profession—necessary organisation or a barrier to ...
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In this episode of Unicorny, Dom Hawes continues the conversation with Géraldine Tenten, a seasoned IBM marketer, about uniting a company around the shared goal of creating happy customers.

They tackle the challenges of aligning sales and marketing, the power of cross-functional "diamond teams," and how digital transformation is reshaping B2B marketing. Can your organization truly put customers at the centre of everything it does?&...

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What’s holding back your business from reaching its full potential?

In this episode of Unicorny, host Dom Hawes and guest Géraldine Tenten discuss how to achieve sustainable growth by focusing on happy customers and avoiding common pitfalls.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, Geraldine brings a wealth of practical advice on aligning sales and marketing for business success. Can you optimise your conve...

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