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February 6, 2024 46 mins

In this episode of the Unicorny podcast, Scott Stockwell, a seasoned brand strategist at IBM, shares his valuable insights on leveraging design thinking and agile methodologies to revolutionise marketing efforts.  

Scott provides practical examples of how to enhance creativity, flexibility, and customer-centric approach in marketing. He emphasises the significance of looking back to inform future decisions, embracing diverse learning styles within teams, and understanding cognitive preferences for effective communication. Scott's expertise shines through as he discusses the importance of adapting to changing market demands and delivering value to customers in a timely and relevant manner.  

This conversation with Unicorny anchor, Dom Hawes, offers marketers and entrepreneurs actionable techniques to stay ahead of the competition and effectively navigate the demands of modern marketing. 

About Scott Stockwell

With 25+ years in B2B, Scott has a wealth of marketing and sales experience to share. He's a pragmatic communicator, constant learner and is fascinated by the ways people work together and get work done.  

Scott is an experienced Design Thinking workshop leader, Agile Marketing coach and certified LEGO Serious play facilitator. He's an ardent supporter of the B2B industry and Fellow of the IDM. he chairs the DMA’s B2B Council and he's a Strategy and Leadership advocate in B2B Marketing's Propolis community.  

Scott has been the hanging judge on many an industry jury and knows how to interrogate strategy, creativity and results. Always eager to try out the latest tech, technique or tool, Scott recently appeared in Harvard’s ‘Top 20 Most Innovative Tech B2B Marketers’ list as a ‘disruptor’. 


Full show notes: 

LinkedIn: Scott Stockwell | Dom Hawes 

Website: IBM | Wimbledon Tennis Championships 

Sponsor: Selbey Anderson 

Episode outline

Introduction to guest Scott Stockwell  

The Concept of "Greyge" in Fast Fashion  

Using Retrospectives for Continuous Improvement  

Building Comfort with Admitting Errors in Agile Marketing  

Leveraging Experience and Tools for Anticipating Customer Needs  

Blended Team Approach  

Preparing for Real-time Marketing  

Root Cause Analysis and Customer Expectations  

The Role of AI in Marketing  

Customer-Centric Design Thinking  

Understanding Individual and Team Preferences  

Common Misconceptions about Job Roles  

Personal Bias in Communication  

Impact on Team Building and Communication  

Applying Understanding to B2B Marketing  

Different but Equally Criticised  

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