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July 7, 2023 5 mins
Don't let me leave, Murph! A fond farewell to Watch This Tonight. To everyone who listened, DM'd, texted, wrote a review, guested, or helped in any way with the show, a sincere thank you.

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Hugh Howey, creator of the Silo story universe (which encompasses now novels, graphic novels, and the Rebecca Ferguson starring Apple+ TV series Silo), joins the podcast to discuss Season 1 of the show, the generation of the core foundation of the Silo, what a supernova talent Rebecca Ferguson is, how surprising the knockout success of the show has been, what parts of the book and graphic novel you can read without spoiling Season ...
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June 30, 2023 11 mins
If you, like me, missed M3gan in theaters and were curious what all the fuss was about, M3gan is now available on Amazon Prime. I checked it out and was very impressed, M3gan in its own way is part of the recent wave of theatrically successful horror (Smile, Barbarian) that hopefully will trigger a renaissance of original films getting made. Did you see M3gan? What did you think?

Trying to figure out, "What should I stream tonight?"...
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For years, I was adamant I did not like Interstellar and that it was Christopher Nolan's most flawed film. I revisited it as I'm very excited for Oppenheimer and wanted to give it another chance - maybe I was the problem. And my experience revisiting it a decade plus later was drastically different than my first viewing in theaters. Did you love Interstellar on a first watch or did it need time to grow on you? I'd love to know what...
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June 26, 2023 10 mins
Watching this film post-COVID pandemic has made it 10 times more compelling. So much of the film feels even more real and credible given the echoes of our experiences during the pandemic. It flies by with great pacing, stellar action, and intriguing cross-cultural differences in how different countries handle a zombie apocalypse. Was this a great movie we kind of underrated back in 2013?

Trying to figure out, "What should I stream t...
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June 23, 2023 10 mins
Samuel L. Jackson gets a long-awaited showcase series, which uses Marvel characters to create a modern-day espionage/terrorism thriller. Calling to mind The Thing, the show uses the shapeshifting abilities of the Skrulls, along with their refugee status, to combine fantastical elements with potential modern-day social commentary. But does it deliver on all that promise? A late game twist is promising, but I had a pretty mixed react...
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June 21, 2023 9 mins
Inspired by From, I break down the scariest films and TV shows I've ever seen in my life. What are your scariest movies and TV shows? Let me know. You can reach out anywhere listed below.

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June 19, 2023 9 mins
In honor of yesterday's Father's Day, we're doing best dad movie deaths of recent years (just doing favorite movie dads felt a little soft for this show). These are deaths where the character dying is directly connected to their role as a father in some way. What are your favorite dad movie deaths? I'm sure I forgot some great ones. Let me know.

Trying to figure out, "What should I stream tonight?" Come back to Watch This Tonight as...
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Dune recently popped up on Hulu, and despite having already seen it 5 times, I immediately threw it on again. Since this first came out, every time I watch it, I like it even more. On this episode, a do a survey of the highest grossing 30 or so films of the last 3 years, and compare them against Dune in terms of substance and staying power. This movie, so incredibly photographed, production designed, directed, written, scored - it ...
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June 14, 2023 12 mins
A scrappy independent Canadian film starring Jay Baruchel and Glenn Howerton, directed by Matt Johnson (an under-the-radar genius, who will no longer be under-the-radar now) - Blackberry is legitimately competitive with The Social Network as a thrilling ride from nothing to world domination with three men of very different personalities and skill sets, who create something every single person on the planet is affected by. This is a...
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June 12, 2023 12 mins
In the spirit of Silo, I recorded this episode on a relic (my iPhone SE) like the residents of Silo, in a secret unmonitored room (my bathroom under a blanket) - these are the lengths I go to, to get the truth out. Silo had a lull that almost killed it for me, but in Episodes 6 and 7 it really has regained its creative mojo and is now back running at the same creative pace it was in the first couple of episodes. It's great to see I...
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Idiocracy became a cult classic almost immediately, but for that to happen, the people making the film, like Mike Judge, had to contend with an almost comically low VFX budget, near-zero promotion from the studio, and a generally bruising production in which neither the filmmakers or the studio seemed to want to work together.

Trying to figure out, "What should I stream tonight?" Come back to Watch This Tonight as your podcast for t...
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June 7, 2023 9 mins
An experimental 80 minute slow motion panic attack, HBO's new film Reality recreates a transcript of FBI agents interrogating and searching the home of Reality Winner (that's her real name) that would later be charged with violation of the Espionage Act. Syndey Sweeney really delivers a captivating performance in a film that is almost 100% reliant on her to function. What's really surprising is that the film is shot through with th...
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Still trying to wrap your head around how Barry ended? Me too. In this series finale episode, I look back at how Barry started, back in Season 1, Episode 1, and compare it to where it went by the end, which was surreal, bold, experimental, emotionally true, thematically true, but maybe in some difficult-to-define way less satisfying? I'm of two minds about it, but glad it was risk-taking enough to inspire a lot of debate. Regardles...
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June 2, 2023 34 mins
Another All-Star episode, this time with one of the producers of this film, Jonathan Fernandez! Jonathan was kind enough to join me to discuss, for-real hanging a semi truck above JT Walsh, for-real Kurt Russell hanging on the side of a moving truck, Jonathan Mostow's similarities to Kurt Russell's character, producer Dino De Laurentiis mortgaging his home to get the film made, and more in this fun look at a movie that only gets be...
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May 31, 2023 30 mins
An all-star episode on one of the top 5 weirdest movies ever made? That's Annihilation, the 2018 Alex Garland / Natalie Portman film, which has only grown in my estimation as the years have passed. I'm joined by filmmaker Jeff Schellenberg, to marvel over this staggering, brain-breaking, gorgeous film, which you need to rewatch just to try and understand it. Is this the best film in Alex Garland's filmography? What do you think?

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May 29, 2023 13 mins
What is in the water over at Apple, that they keep making these affable, relatable, realistic, TV series about actual people doing relatively normal stuff? Apple has really defined a brand with these comfort food shows, and Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne's new series, Platonic, is another strong entry into that Apple+ TV universe. Reuniting and not losing a smidge of their chemistry from Neighbors, Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen feel like OU...
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The great Jack Austin of 7 Lamb, who has his own pop culture podcast, Alter Ego (check it out anywhere you listen to podcasts) where he discusses pop culture in more of a Marvel-oriented way, joins Watch This Tonight to try and lure me back to the world of Marvel films and TV, that I've abandoned. We discuss how Marvel saturation reached a tipping point with the Avengers films and had to start over, the highs and lows of the Marvel...
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My personal favorite working screenwriter, Richard Wenk, who wrote Denzel Washington's The Equalizer films (1, 2, and the upcoming 3rd film with Dakota Fanning), joins the show to discuss the incredible power of writing great stories by starting and ending with character. A real peek behind the curtain with an A-list screenwriter at the top of his game, on how he birthed a new franchise. If you're a writer, if you love Denzel Washi...
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Sometimes, you just get something wrong. In doing this deep dive, I turned up Kenneth Turan's Los Angeles Times 1994 review of The Shawshank Redemption, an incredible bashing of the film that is now indisputably one of the most revered films in human history, beloved around the world, and still #1 on the IMDB top movies list. I also discovered that this male-centric film likely would not have existed, not cast Morgan Freeman, and n...
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