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May 26, 2024 36 mins
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Beat Bob. He's a four timetire rotation champion. When he was a
baby, his first words were automatictransmission fluid. Bob's so cool, he
has engine coolant running through his veins. And then there's Kyle, also astremium.
Unleaed. Legend has it that Kylecan change your oil with his toes

and that he can tell your tiresaale pressure just by how you're walking.
He's Bob, He's Kyle, andevery Saturday morning they morphed together to form
the greatest superhero known to man.Mister Mechanic check engine light Stone, stand
a chance. This is the MisterMechanic Show on eleven ten, kfab great

Saturday morning to you. This isa Mister Mechanic show five five, eight,
eleven tens and numbers to get inand the interactive call in show.
Or you have the questions and we'llgive you the top two three answers and
I'll let you know where we wherewe would go with that kind of repair
kind of you got buying a newcar, used car. Once your idea

of what you should get to,what you should look at, whether you're
going to be looking at a floodcar, and should you get involved in
that a lot of different things.With me always is Kyle, Kyle,
good morning. We made it.We we did make it, didn't we.
Yeah, we made it through thefloods. We made it through one

in the rain. Yeah, oneand a fifty I just heard on that
on the bumper in that one infifty year event, and there was It's
just I think the loge the way, you know, one storm was moving
kind of slow, it looked like, and the other one was just kept
catching up to it and booming allcame in one shot. Gave me an
interesting idea though, the other daywhen I was, you know, on

the way to work because you know, I have to go across Saddle Creek
Road, which you know floods,Yeah, known for that quite regularly,
and we're going to fix it,you know. The evening before that,
I was doing some reading about acar. Some of you may have heard
it. It's called an Ampha car, the fib A car. Yeah.
I remember one of those. WhenI had a car boat thing. I
was, I should start a dealershipof those right there on Saddle Creek.

You know, I tell you astory about that. It. Uh,
we had one and where I grewup had one of those, and we
were out of the lake you knowwhere we go water skiing, and we
were standing at the dock putting ourboat in, and here comes this car.
He kind of comes up to theedge of the water and I thought,
what is that guy? We've neverseen one, didn't know what it
was. Oh, he's in andall right here, and then he kind

of looks to see and he juststarts getting closer and closer to the water,
and then he edges in and itdies, well we think it dies,
and then all of a sudden hefires it up and just drives away.
We're all just sitting there with ourmouth open at the at the dock
next to our boat going and hejust toodles on a crazy friend that's going
to try to do it and hispick up. That guy could do it

didn't work out. And then wewatched him, you know, some time
later where he kind of come backup to the dock and then just start
grabbing a hold and just drive upand off you go, and it leaks
like a club of those guys.I think that they're kind of down around
the ozarks somewhere because they have liketheir meat down there. Anyway, and
they all drive around the lake.The one thing I know when the doors

kind of open, the one thingI did notice is he was always on
the move. Yeah, you don'twant to hang out. I mean,
you're not going to fish in thatthing. No. The doors are had
big rubber seals on them and stufflike that, and I imagine they seeped
a little bit. Maybe they leakeda little bit. As long as you
could keep moving, it probably didn't. Yeah, you get kind of a
ventory effect and it kind of justsucks it out exactly just like a normal

boat would. But yeah, weneeded some of those because, as as
some people found out, when yougot water crossing a road, don't go
stop. Yea turn around. Thereain't nothing that you need to be.
But I think that would be thebest place to sell those. You know,
just set up a bunch of docks, tie them on all up,
you know, and then you knowfloods you're fine. Yeah, another idea.
They're tied to the dock. They'renot going to go nowhere. No,

No, they're just swim on overand buy one. It was a
convertible too, so yeah, Icould get swamped. I did notice the
water came really close to the topof the mean if it was on a
rough day, he couldn't go out. It had to be really nice.
Yeah, you don't want to takethat in the high wake zone. No,
yeah, you're not going on theGreat Lakes with that guy. No.
Oh, waves are coming over thetop and it's it's going to be

a it's it's going to be ahome for fish underneath the water. Yeah.
So yeah, we bucket list thing. I want to go around the
world in an Amphi car. I'dtake a long time on on great seas.
Yeah, you're yeah. So wehad quite a few cars come in
uh you know, flood waters out. We had to send two or three

to the salvage yard unfortunately because uhwater got into the motor and they cranked
it over. We didn't wed andruined the rods or the water does not
is not a lubricant there for whenyou started up and running. If it
does run, it'll it'll knock.No, and it doesn't compress very well
either at all. So a coupleof older cars it would have still been

running around kind of had to goone. We got dried out and got
most everything done except for the rodiowon't come back and cruise control won't work,
and that's because it got wet.But you know when you got to
pull the spark plugs and you kindof have to crank it over by hand

and try not to use a starterif you can, and then after that
maybe you use a starter once youget most of the water out. Big
issue. Yeah, So the moralof the story is, if you could
see water up there, watch whateverybody else is doing. First, don't
you don't be the one that drivesthrough the water. I mean you can
turn around there. Yeah, ifyou see jeeps and lifted trucks going in
there, don't go through there inyour Honda Civic. Yeah, you can

be late, they'll understand. Yeah, go around. So I'm sure we'll
have more than a few cars headingthere and the salvage yard. O beef.
That's not the kind of water youwant to get on your shoes.
No, no, And I'll tellyou what it's uh. You know,
if you can get it and getit, open the windows and dry it
out. The only thing you canreally do is just like you know when
we had the flood the last time, you just have to dry it out

and get fans on it. It'lldry out. Electronics gets wet and every
time you turn it on and itcross circuits and can blow up things and
have problems. And you just haveto get in there and dry out the
carpet. And you certainly don't wantto close up the close it up and
say, well, the heat ofthe car is gonna No, you don't
get a microwave effected. No,it's not good. Got to open the

doors, get some fans in,get all that stuff out, you know,
suck out as much as yourn makemold, and you will make you
will make mold if you don't geton it right now. You know,
park it on a hill, letyou know, let it drain. You
know, you getting all drained tothe back. We had a couple of
those. It had to drain tothe back of the spare tire. And
then you just have rubber plugs.Most cars have rubber plugs that you can

pull and it just drains out.Interestingly enough, and I read about this
this week. Also. This ismy truck, the old beater garbage dumpster
looking truck for the drive every day. There's no drains on the back doors
for water to go out. Thereis no drain on those back doors,
and I can tell you that thatplastic sound deadening seal. It seals.

I took off the door panel Wednesdayevening because I was driving home and I'm
like, why do I hear gas? Why do I hear? It?
Reminded me of the Volkswagen Beetle Ihad, because you get going down the
road and you'd kill the engine andmove it back and forth. If you
hear gas slashing, you know youhad gas. Same thing. I heard
all this water and I was like, where is that? And I opened

the back doors and both of themwere half full. Well, that would
make sense why they rust out.Yeah. So if you don't know what
we're talking about, is in yourdoors. In the very bottom of the
doors, I mean you have tokind of get down to take a look
at. Usually there's a rubber sealthere. You have drain holes in the
bottom of your doors. So thosethose seals up top next to your windows,

they do a good job, butthey're not sealing it all out.
So you want water. It's kindof like coming in your basement. You
want the water to come in andthen you control it trotted away and go
to a some pump. Same here, as you want the water to go
down the door and actually get outdown below. If it can't get out
down below, then it just sitsin there and rusts, and next thing
you know, the doors are allapart, and then and then it has

a permanent drain. Yeah, becausethe whole bottom of the door's gone.
So yeah, I got the readingonline. Yeah, there there actually was
a recall that my truck did not, you know, get really a part
of. But I went out thereand performed to recall myself A three h
drill O three ches drill. Ithought they all had it. I guess
it never paid that close attention tothe ones it didn't. Yeah, I

think it was like seven oh eight. Was those years just the back doors
on the four door trucks? Hmmm, interesting, but yeah, I guess
my seals have just shranked that muchto where it. Wow, you're right
that that inside sound deadening stuff isit's like a it's like wool. Yeah.
I took that door panel off andI could see it slashing behind this

plastic. I was like, you'vegot to be kidding me. Nothing a
big drill and usually if you parka lot underneath a bunch of trees,
these things are all full of debrisand mud and all that stuff. That
doesn't an uncommon thing. You know, if we're in there doing a window
motor, you get the vacuum andsweep it out. You know, we
see it all the time. Somethingbreaks a window, something breaks a window,

and now all that stuff gets pluggedup with broken windows. So yeah,
a lot of interesting stuff comes outwhen it rains like that that you
just never know that you had aproblem with so and goofy stuff. All
right, we're gonna take a quickbreak on the Mister Mechanics Show five,
five, eight, eleven, tensand numbers to get in for you got
some open lines. We'll be backin a bit. Juicy Stolen Canada,

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fixed right and fixed on time,two locations seventy ninth on Dodge and fiftieth
in Dodge in Omaha. Another kyle. They are, we're still trending higher
and higher when it comes to howlong we're keeping our cars. You know,
we're up to the point where justpast thirteen years twelve point six as

of January one, twenty twenty four. No, not not not too bad
at all. Not when you're configuring. It was right at about just like
nine point one in two thousand andtwo. So we've we've jumped that,
you know, quite a few yearsalready. You know, cars are getting

more expensive, and it's they seemto be lasting a lot longer. They
do last a lot longer. Usedto be you got you in the sixties
and stuff. Seventies were I don'tknow how good they build them then.
I mean, you know, theforties and fifties cars seems like they lasted
pretty good. But we didn't startputting salt down the road and everything else.
But yeah, they didn't rot awaylike I mean in the sixties.
I mean, we've all seen thosecars from the nineteen sixties that just fell

apart. The Ford Mustang was oneof them. Yeah, I don't know
that. I've well many of thoseunrestored that have a floor left. No,
they didn't. They they thinned outthe sheet metal pretty well. And
you have owned a forties vehicle andI have owned a forties and I've got
a fifties vehicle, and they're they'rethick. I mean, uh you yeah,

you know, if you drip andhit your head on one of those,
you don't dent it. It dentsyour head. Yeah, on nowadays
vehicles, if you do the samething and uh yeah, the rake falls
on it wrong and you total thething out, you're about right. They
are thin thin thin, so youknow, and depending on you know,
one of the things that we've alwayskind of stressed is you buy a car,

you take good care of it,and you drive it for as long
as you can. Yeah, andyou know, thank god, there's a
lot of people out there that don'treally care about what they drive and just
beat it up terribly. And thoseare the people we like. But you
can run a car for easily twentyyears. I mean, I've got a
couple of what I got a coupleof hont To crbs that are on their

way around to thirty years. Whenare you opening the museum? I don't.
I don't have. Well, I'mgetting rid of one. I got
rid of one, Kyle. Iwas thinking about them, well, I
was thinking about a museum. Andthen how did you part with that?
It parted well, somebody needed acar. I was helping somebody out.
Sure, that's what I had todo, and it had to go.

It was it was the lowest onein the Totem poll and that's why it
went. But there, I lovethe cars. It's they're all beat up
and there's dnse everywhere. All theydo is run. That's all they do
is run, and you don't haveto do anything to make up run.
It's that car we take down tothe the Chi Center so I can park
it anywhere and I don't really carewho who door dings it and you get

out. It's it's always there.It's just it's a great car to park
downtown. I just love it thatway. All right, we're gonna head
over with Terry. Terry's got aninety two S ten pickup. Terry,
what's going on today? But Istep on the brakes, it tends to
seize up. After I've been drivinga while, I've had it looked at

by a break place. They saidthey could fight nothing wrong with the brakes,
and I was pulled by a nonmechanics that possibly I have too much
fluid in the system. I wasjust wondering, you guys have any comments
or insights. Well, you're it'snot possible to put too much fluid in
that system. No, if youput too much fluid in the system,

it just runs out over the top. Yeah, so that's that's a Yeah,
that's a new one. I haven'theard that. So yeah, X
that off your list. Okay,is it wet? Does this happen when
it gets wet? No? No, so you're you got a wheel locking
up? Is that what I'm gathering? But what I tend what happens is

when I step on the brakes.They're very sensitive and if I go at
least a little bit hard, theytend to seize up and the tires will
squeal. And it only happens afterI've driven it for a while, maybe
ten or fifteen minutes. Well,there's only one way to look at this
terry. We just got to lookat it. Yeah, we just got
things are going all four wheels.I'm taking the brakes, I'm looking at

them, I'm taking them apart,making sure everything slides. Do I have
a hose issue in the rear thathas drums? Do I have a rusty
backing plate that's holding my shoe on? Do I have a wheel cylinder that's
sticking, maybe starting to leak alittle bit, hanging up those pads,
those shoes. If it's only afterfifteen minutes, it makes me think that
things are expanding back there because you'restopping on it and those pads are expanding

ever so slightly. We have hadto in the past, uh where the
where the drums? We've had tocut more out of the drums than we
really would on a normal basis.Normally, when you cut drums and rotors,
you cut off whatever is necessary inorder to get it flat and smooth
and call it today. But I'lltell you there was some of the parts

out there some of these shoes arethicker than they were fatter. Yeah,
yeah, you might that that youmight instead of just getting normal brake shoes
if you if you want to solvethis problem, maybe go back to a
genuine GM part sure. That way, you know your consistency is same and
that that may solve your problem.That's probably what I would do, is
I agree with Kyle, as you'regonna we're gonna look at the wheel cylinders,

make sure there's not something stuck inthe boar when it starts to expand
backing plates, wheel cylinders, makesure the rotors are around, and then
I'm probably putting a different set ofpads on it. More than likely,
I'm probably putting a g A righthardware too. I mean, if you
have a broken spring, it's notgoing to return. Yeah. I know
you've already done it once and youdon't really want to do it again.

But I would go back with genuinepads. That way, I know I'm
not doing it again and again andagain. Yeah. Okay, Well,
thanks for your accountments, and I'lldo that. Yeah, I appreciate the
call. You know, we justyou know, we were just doing a
break job the other day and wegot some rotors, and inside the rotors,

the rear rotors are placed for theemergency brakes. So the right one
went on just find no problem becauseit was all machine properly. So the
left one went on, started boltingit down. Nothing would move. Yeah,
it was stuck. So I pullit back off their a little bit,
looked at everything, and then everythinglooked fine, so we stuck it

back on there. This time wedidn't bolt it down, and we could
know we could move, but itwas scraping. It turns out the back
of the rotor had not been machinedproperly and needed to take off literally about
fifty thousands of it. Sure,so since we have the tools and a
new rotor was going to be atleast two hours away, we just chucked

it up and cut everything off weneeded to cut off to make it right,
and put it back on the car. Now it's gone. Isn't that
fun? You're gonna make something work. You get to make something work,
but oh my gosh, now yougotta got the headache factor to get you
up to that point. Yeah.So we've been through it more than once,
so we're able to diagnose that prettyquickly. But boy, if you're
a guy doing it in your driveway, you're just driving you nuts. It

was fine when you drove it there, and now you can't get it out
of the driveway. You're gonna getupset and you're gonna say some things that
you don't mean. Oh, comeon, We're gonna head over to Larry.
Larry's got a dirt bike. Larry, what's going on today? Yeah,
I've got a dirt mark. It'sa trials bike. And I took

the muffler off of it and Istood it up on it and it ended
up overnight damping oil out of abig time all over the table. I
said, it on probably a twofoot in diameter, big round spot of
oil. No I do that.I mixed the oil at one ounce to

the gallon, so I can't seeleaning it out anymore than that. So
this is all this is atro Yeah, it's a two stroke, I'm pretty
sure. And it's a crank case. So you just you just had to
let things run right past there,past the rings, or it came past
it filled up the the board thereand was just able to run out through

the exhaust. Maybe you had exhaustvalves open at that particular time. Actually,
it's probably a good thing that allcame out, so it's not in
the cylinder and you you fired itup and compressed that and caused a problem.
Yeah, you know, forsac aredifferent whether he's got a compartment for
the oil and compartment for the combustion, and it kind of happens in separate

areas where two strokes are can beare different that way. So there's lots
why there's so much oil in theexhaust just because of the two stroke portion
of it. I wouldn't I wouldn'tworry too much about it. I would
put it back down where it's supposedto be. Get get everything kind of
cleaned out, and you have ahuge cloud of smoke when you run it.
You will probably and and put putsome oil back in the crank case

and then uh, and then runit out as much as you can.
I don't think you damaged anything.Well, the crank case is low.
It's got a sight last for thecrank case oil. It didn't it didn't
low. Hey, is there anyreason I can't just fill that muff or
up full of solvent in an effortto clan it planing solvent? I don't

know that you'll hurt much of anythingin there. I don't know if there's
much in there to hurt. It'sjust a chambered muffler. I would have
to imagine. No, I wouldthink. I think you want it's gonna
stink like once you fire the engineup, it's gonna smell terrible until it
gets hot enough to burn all thatoff, right, And you might want
to as far as it, youknow, catching fire and doing that,
you might want to, uh,you know, clean it out the best

you can. But the solvent willprobably clean a lot of that out and
maybe flush some water through it maybe, I mean it's that that would kind
of neutralize some of that. Thenfire it up and go drive it.
That's what I would do. Ithink it'd be fun to probably get that
muffer all full of oil and fillthe neighborhood all full of smoke all over
the place. That'd be more funthan anything else. I had a car

like that before, so did Ipick up? Yeah? I couldn't wait
to go drive that car and getto a stop sign and go room room,
and the guy behind me couldn't seewhere the heck he was going.
You can see the mosquitoes falling fromthe air. Try that one more question,
Go ahead, I got one morequestion about my knotty model for Torah

Sahoe. When I'm driving down theroad and I I'm going, say twenty
miles an hour, thirty fourty whateverspeed, and I put it neutral,
I'm wondering why the idol doesn't goback down to standard IDOL. It's always
it's always reveed after like idles,about one thousand dollars pian in the rev

maybe fifteen hundred, and then theslower I go in neutral, the slower
the engine will gain finally when Istop, it'll finally die down to a
thousand cc idol. Does that makesense? And this is a manual,
right, Larry? Yeah? Yeah, Okay, So you got the clutch
out, so I mean you're prettymuch running it should go back to base

idol. You would think you wouldthink it would go back to base idlelsh
out. I mean you could havesome centrifical drive coming from your axles.
That could be I mean, becauseyou're a manual, so you're still connected
with the clutch out. I mean, if you push to clutch into the
idolo down. No, not ifyou're moving, it will when you finally

stop or I do stop bye,it'll slowly run back down the fountain RPM.
Yeah. I mean the only thingthat really controls that is your IDOL
speed control motor. I mean,once you stop letting air into the engine,
it should go back to base andit might gradually go down based on
like Kyle said, as it don'twant to drop straight to base. Idol.
The computer knows that things are moving, things are spinning, things are

going. Once it finally gets backto and it knows everything is stopped with
the speed speed density system that ithas, then it probably returns down there.
Yeah. I've never really noticed that, but I bet you that's factored
in for things that are moving andthings that are going. Yeah. Yeah,
okay, nothing to be concerned aboutthat. I wouldn't worry about that,

all right. Alright, we gotto take quick break on the Mister
Mechanic Show. I appreciate the callfive, five, eight, eleven,
tens and numbers that get in.We'll be back in a bit. The
Mister Mechanic Show is brought to youby you Canon Service Center two locations seventy
ninth in Dodge and fiftieth in Dodgein Omaha. Here's something that California.

California is just their own They're theirown country. They are their own country.
You know, they're doing proposed legislationnow that anytime that you reach over
and this is going to be allmandated for all those cars that get made
in California. Okay, and I'veread many times, so California goes,

so does the rest of the country. M Well, okay, I'm not
interested in all that kind of stuff. But they run that past those people
in Texas. Yeah, because exactlyexactly, because they don't go for any
of that kind of stuff in Texas. They do what they want to do
there, just like we like todo what we want to do up here.
So anything passed ten miles an hourover top of the speed limit,

whatever that speed limit is, you'regonna get yourself a flashing red warning light
on the dash constantly. There's somecars that do that now. I mean,
there was a super Rue I drovethe other day and it like,
I was, well, you canturn it on and off and that I
didn't know, but I was I'mgoing down Dodge Street, you know,
and Kyle, let's just say Ineeded to create a problem, and I

did, and the car told thespeed limit is forty miles an hour.
I was like, well, that'swrong, I'm doing fifty. I thought
that was suggested. Wasn't that suggestedmiles per hour? That's what I thought.
Well, unfortunately, and we don't. Kyle and I never speed until,
no, until we do, butwe routinely, routinely, I probably

have to break the speed limit tryingto get to duplicate the problems of the
car that's going from here to thereand wherever. So yeah, I just
safe about it. Well, yeah, yeah, we haven't really I don't
remember really hitting anything particularly, andI don't really never hit anything, So
yeah, you just got to knowwhat you're doing, how to do it.

We've done it for so long.Yeah, unless the brakes go out,
that's always a fun trip, especiallyif they didn't tell you that the
breaks have a tendency to go tothe floor. It's always it's a fun
surprise, isn't there. It's alwaysa fun to when somebody brings a car
in for breaks. They're getting aquiz. They didn't know that they were
getting that, but they're gonna haveto answer a few questions before I get

behind the wheel. Yeah, let'sgo over to Gary. Gary's got an
O one? Did ram Gary?What's up today? Okay? Uh,
When I'm going down the highway,the air conditioners working just fine, blowing
cold and everything. But when Igo up a hill accelerate, I lose
the air out of the fence untilI level back out again, and then

the air comes back, you know, blowing up the uh the dash fin.
We've got a vacuum leake vacuum onthat truck. Yeah, there's one
tube that comes off of your intakeand goes around. Then there's a small
I call it a manifold, butit's important that has probably three or four
other vacuum mines coming off of it. And there's small plastic, brittle lines.

I'm sure yeah, one of them'spopped. Yeah, right, there's
a rubber line to the manifold,and then after that they turn it straight
into plastic. And of course it'sbeen underneath their bacon in the oven,
for it's brittle. It's brittle andbroken. So a lot of times you
find the break and then you justfind a smaller piece of vacuum hose that
fits over tight on both ends andyou might want to just we usually bend

the ends of them to see ifthey're gonna snap them again, because sometimes
you'll add six inches of tiny vacuumhose. Sometimes you'll add six feet of
the tiny vacuum hose. It's gonnabe under the hood because once it goes
inside the car, it turns backinto rubber hose. And rarely do we
find any issue inside the dash.Yeah, mainly on the right side the
engine or the left you yep,yep, right, it's on the right

or the left. I don't,I don't remember. But also go look
there's a vacuum ball underneath there too. It's a vacuum reservoir that allows for
that to when you open the hood, like, there's gonna be a sticker
somewhere underneath there. That's vacuum diagramand that vacuum ball or vacuum canister or

vacuum it's it's gonna be a it'sgonna be a black plastic piece. It's
got a couple of vacuum hoses goingto it. That's yeah, it looks
like a soft ball, or itcould be square. I can't, I
can't remember. In the dodge,but that also that could be broken too.
And you can also take a vacuumuh tester, put your finger over
one side, pump it up theother side. Make sure it doesn't have

a crack in it. That youcould have good vacuum lines and that be
broken. So that's something else youwant to check too. Perfect. Okay,
the good news, I got itcold air. Yeah, yeah,
you'll find that. You'll find this'dbe easy. Appreciate the call, Gary,
Thanks true. Yep, all right, we're gonna head over to Donna,
and Donna's got a Ford Escape.Dona, what's up today? Thanks

you, gentlemen. I've got anineteen ninety eight Ford Escape. But it's
a simple question. I'm opening andclosing the doors, and the gasket that
goes around the door has gotten loops, and really you can just get it
back on the door, but thenit'll come loose again and it'll get banned.

Is there some type of gasket?I was just gonna throw the hard
to the auto store and see ifthere was some type of gasket glue that
could glue it onto the frame soit stays. Put three M super weather
strip adhesive. Yes, that's exactlywhat, exactly right, Yellow it's stringy,
it's sticky, and it'll work.Yeah. We kind of it's it's

exactly right. Everything there, andit kind of looks like yellow snot it's
kind of what it looks like.And say it again. Uh, it's
a three M product. It's calledsuper Weather Strip Adhesive. Yes, it
just comes up adhesive. It lookslike a tube of toothpaste. Yep.
From three am. Yeah, askfor that specifically. It works really good.

You get the cheap stuff, youwon't be happy. Yeah, and
then make sure you put some gloveson because when that stuff it gets it's
really stringy and everything else. Anduh, we usually always get a little
painters tape to until you put iton and you kind of tape it in
place for a little while until itdries. And once it dries, you're
done. It ain't coming off.It's great. It's great stuff. Okay,

super Weather Strip Adhesive by three am. Get the good stuff. You
got it? Most part stores happen, you bet bark? What's up today?
What could be What could be wrongwith this truck? What couldn't be
wrong with this truck? Right?All right? It's uh yeah, the
old girls, it's a fire speedand Yeah, she's the old crank up

window of the old Yeah, Ihad one like I had one like that.
It was a good truck. Yeah, yeah, No, it's truly
been a solidle vehicle. It's goutabout two hundred fifty thousand miles on it.
When you when you let the clutchout, it winds, you can
hear a whining. What would thatbe? So does it whine all the
way through? Like once you're going, say you're in first gear, you

hear this wine? Does it stillhappen when you shift a second? You
know? I'm sorry? Yeah,yeah, you're in neutral out of gear
and you're sitting in neutral, outof gear, let up the clutch and
she winds in neutral sitting still.That tells the neutral city. Yeah,

like you know, because you gotto push the clutch and to start it
right because that whatever, Yeah,I want to look at. That should
be the first thing I'm gonna do. Do you hear this noise also when
you're shifting up, shifting through thegears at all? Yeah, you know
you don't hear much of this?Yeah, i'd imagine, yeah, yeah,
I imagine. Yeah. I gotthe radio up pretty loud just to

hear it. Yeah, exactly.And I would think that you probably either
got to throw out bearing, Kyle, or you got you just got a
bearing inside the transmission that's getting alittle bit noisy. I had a ninety
two version of this, and itwas always just a little bit noisy,
just sitting at an idol. AndI know that the throw out bearing and
everything else was fine because I replacedit and put a different clutch in it,

and it would just sat there andjust kind of, yeah, just
kind of wind a little bit.And and yeah, I think that was
kind of inherited maybe to that particular. How loud is it? Oh it's
not like super loud, but youknow you can hear it, because I
was gonna say, if you guessany louder, get on eBay, you

can get a super charger sticker forthe fender. There you go, Yeah,
then you can. You can passit off as supposed to be that
way. You know, people don'tPeople look over at you and go,
what is that? Oh it's asupercharger. Okay, Yeah, they just
can glue it. Gluehod Scoop lookout here, I come, yeah,

they go back off. Yep,you got it. Yeah, we don't
have to fix. We don't haveto fix the problem. We just got
to mask the problem too. Yeah. Yeah with this truck that sounds like
a perfect fixer. Uh yeah,not fixed, but uh yeah, further
cover up to me. I likeit, guys. Yeah, thanks,
you bet appreciate the call. Yeah, you leave it up to Kyle.

Kyle will come up with a differentway to mask that particular noise. She
doesn't find your handsome, she shouldat least find your hand. There you
go. We're gonna head over toMark with the twenty ten equinox. Mark,
what's up today, Mark? Ithink this is I think this is
John. Okay, yeah, goahead, tell me. We're going to

talk to you. Okay, We'vegot a twenty ten equinox. Oh,
I'm forgetting a service. I noticedon the roage floor there'd be a small
puddle of oil, clear oil,not red, underneath the right side of
the radiator. After all, Elsdale, I got the book out and lowing

the whole General Motors didn't put dipstickson these models. Apparently you got to
take it to a dealer who hassome type of a tool to check it
the transmission to oil in right forthe transmission right now, is there a
site gauge under there someplace, orhow do you check that? For the

transmission there's a plug on the endof it by the passenger side axle,
and you would start the car andpull that plug out, and if you
got fluid running out your full there'sa there's a fill hole over on the
driver's side. That's just a bigopen hole that you can pour transmission fluid.
In general, motors has done itpretty efficiently where they just you pour

it in and then if it runsout the other hole than your fold.
If it if it dribbles out,you know, you just let it dribble
dribble out until it's and then that'sfull. There's other ones that are much
more complicated and way more stupid tocheck, and uh the range the range.
Rover Ford does another one where theyput a straw up up the tube

of the rain. Yeah, yeah, of the drain and it's kind of
dumb. But so you say youhave clear fluid, but you're checking the
transmission fluid, right, So whatyou're you're looking for clear? Aren't you
on the floor? It is aclear fluid, it's definitely oil. Oh
gotcha? Okay,
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