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June 23, 2024 38 mins
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Meat Bob. He's a four timetire rotation champion. When he was a
baby, his first words were automatictransmission fluid. Bob's so cool he has
engine coolant running through his veins.And then there's Kyle, also known as
Premium Unleaded. Legend has it thatKyle can change your oil with his toes

and that he can tell your tiresall pressure just by how you're walking.
He's Bob, He's Kyle, andevery Saturday morning they morphed together to form
the greatest superhero known to man.Mister Mechanic check engine lights don't stand a
chance. This is the Mister MechanicShow on eleven ten. Kfab great Saturday

Morning too. This is a MisterMechanic show. Five five, eight,
eleven ten is the numbers to getin. Get in early so we can
answer your question, so we canget you back on the road and get
that air conditioner fixed, because I'msure that's what you're looking to try to
fix this weekend. Anyway, I'mBob sitting next to me. This weekend
is Carl. We got good morning. We got Kyle on extended road tip

assignment and in a cheap Cherokee sowe'll report just how he did when he
gets back vacation across America. Yeah, I don't know what he's he's you
know, he's testing. We're mechanics, so we're always testing something. Rattle
here, rattle there, yep,squeak there. Long tests, we don't
find out what it is. Soit's going to be hot this weekend.
As you know, if you haven'tfixed your air conditioner, you're probably gonna

want to. As we mentioned beforethe last couple of weeks, it's not
working as good as it should beeither. Maybe a low on refrigerant.
It's just too darn hot, becausesometimes it does get too darn hot and
it just doesn't feel like it doeswhen it's eighty. Takes a little longer
to cool. Yeah. Watch yourtemperature gauge, you know it starts to
get to one hundred. The coolingsystem gets taxed about another fifty percent when

it gets over one hundred. Yeah, and that those those cars that have
radiators and condensers that are plugged upfrom all that debris that like you see
at home on your condenser of yourair conditioner at home, the same thing
happens to your car. So itdoesn't really come out in eighty eighty five,
even ninety. Boy it comes out. It comes out at about one
hundred yep and beyond that, andthen all of a sudden things are overheating

and it's hot and blah blah blahblah blah. So nothing good happens.
No, nothing good happens, andthat's what you're looking forward to if it
happens along that line. So ifyou're out looking for a car this weekend,
be patient. I guess there wasa big cyber attack. Sixteen thousand
dealers nationwide, which are quite abit are having problems, you know,

trying to get through what they needto get through, and maybe some of
them are back up, some ofthem aren't. But it's been going on
for about three or four days,so you might experience some problems if you
get there. So they've probably gotto get the old paperwork out and figure
out how to do that again.You know, we still do it.
We still have paperwork orders that wecan pull out, and we have to

pull out every once in a whilewith you know, if the power's out
or computers down or whatever, sowe write about you remember how many pins
we used to go through a month. Yes, Oh my gosh, your
writer's cramp. When now we've gota different cramp that we're typing things and
you know, we it's it's justa different deal. But it's always trying
to find a pin. Yeah,and you know when you find that perfect

pin and somebody you lay it downto go somewhere else and somebody takes it.
We've all had that having me.I went searching the other day and
I said, where's my pin?Yep, and they finally fest up and
gave it to me. I said, I got to have that pin.
And then you never go to tryit, buy it somewhere. It's never
the same one. You notice thatdoesn't fit as good, doesn't write as
good. No, it's almost like, ah, it's just like it's great.

So that's uh, if you're outlooking for renews car used card,
I mean that might affect you alittle bit, you know, getting some
parts. Hopefully that that problem willget handled. And that's too bad for
them in the cyber attack people,gosh darn it. So yeah, what
other news you know? I tellyou what. We got a couple of
callers. Let's just shoot over intothe collars and then we'll talk about some

mother stuff. So we got Robertwith a twelve Mazamiana. Robert, what's
up today? The air bag lightkeeps coming on and flashing. It flashes,
and it goes off, and itcomes back on and it flashes.
So I took it to I tookit to the Mazda dealer in Bellevue and

they said, diagnostic check engine life, found air bag codes stored for low
battery, voltage tested battery and batterytested good, and no air bag light
on at this time. Okay,Well, I got the car home and

it's still the airbag light is stillcoming on and flash. And should I
worry about it? No? Imean, in the grand scheme of things,
if the lights on, it's renderedthat system inoperable. So it's it's
if you're worried about it coming outat you, that's not going to be
the case. So they defaulted tozero so it doesn't come out. Airbag

lights can come on for airbag problems, sensors in the front of the car
which are crashed. Sensors can comeon for seat belts. The seat belt
pretensioner. The pretension is kind ofthe buckle part of it, and then
the part that comes over your shoulder. What goes bad probably most I think
Carl isn't Probably the sensors, andprobably the seat belt buckle. Yeah,

and it's usually probably going to bethe driver's side seat belt buckle, because
that's the one that you've a lotused a lot. I will say,
what are the problems have I seen? I've seen shoes, water bottles of
assorted crap. I guess you'd wantto say that in somebody's back seat,

makes it to the floor, getsjammed underneath the seat, and as you
go back and forth, it disconnectssome of the connectors, either makes a
bad connection or disconnects it. Idon't know how many shoes we've taken out,
I mean high heels and shoes andother things and water bottles we've taken
out to solve that problem. Yeah, so that's kind of what it's doing.
Though, No you can. Butyou know, in the same token,

if you're getting a crash, itain't gonna work. You get you
get a front row seat to whateveris gonna happen. You'd rather it probably
work than not. Okay, tobottom bottom line, check under the seats
to see if there's a trash underthere and then don't worry about and then

when it comes on solid stays on, maybe have them take a look at
it and or have somebody take alook at it and see if you can
capture that. So if you've gota bad connection on this, deal it.
The code may set, may comeon and then all of a sudden
it goes out low voltage. Whatwould typically mean that? Uh, you
know Mos and Miata. You probablydon't drive it all the time. Maybe

did the battery go dead a coupleof years ago the battery went yeah,
yeah, and I put a newone in with sell. So if it
comes on and stays on, maybeyou can go to have somebody else take
a look at or maybe even aparts store could take a look at it.
Maybe not, I don't know ifthey're sophisticated enough to get into that
deep. But there's something going onthere and you probably would like it to

work. But you'll be okay fornow until you make that decision. Okay,
all right, thank you appreciate it. The cal Robert all right,
Uh, we're gonna head over toSam. Sam's got a question about refrigerant
on his car. Sam, what'sup my car? Is working fine now,
but it's an older car. SoI have a general question about in

a year or two, if Ihave to have the refrig it changed.
My car is a nineteen ninety sevenGeo Prism, and as you know,
that's centially a Toyota Corolla nineteen ninetyseven Joe Prison and in a couple of
years I might have to have someair conditioning work. And I've heard that
this new refrigerant is expensive. Somy first question is will they be able

to mix the old and new refrigerants. No, I'm guessing that no.
So then the second question is,obviously, if I have to have work
done on it, it would bethat new refrigerant, and that's pretty pricey.
And that's really all I wanted toknow. Is there a ballpark current
price on that refrigerant? Well,so if you're thinking about recharging this car,

yeah, but yeah, I'm justtalking generally maintenance and that could be
a huge event and it might notbe worth it. So I guess I'm
answering your question. Yes, Soif you're going to recharge this particular car,
you're still going to use that oldrefrigerant. You're not going to take
Oh, You're not going to takeout what's in there and then replace it

with this new stuff because things aren'tquite compatible this. Uh, the old
style refrigerant will be around for awhile. It's still it will still be
produced, and uh, it's goingto be around. It was ran from
nineteen ninety four. I think Iwas up to four yeah, yeah,
roughly about twenty sixteen on some cards. That's when they started it with the
new style, which is one two, three four YF So great, great,

Hey, I like your show.I've been listening for quite some time,
so I know appreciate that. Soto answer your question of what they're
going to cost, so on yourcar, depending on how low it is,
it's going to be anywhere from aboutone hundred and seventy five to about
two and a half. And thereason of that range, yeah, just
well that's the charge recharge it,evacuate, recharge checkford leaks die in the
system. And because heys like Isay, I like your show, Thanks

Lott, you've bet appreciate it.That cost really comes down to the fact
that it depends on how much isleft in your system. Yeah, and
then we always evacuate the system.Whatever's left we put back in and then
we just charged the proper amount backup and only charge you for what we're
gonna use, not what we pulledout. Like everything else, every thing

gets more expensive every year. Yeah, yeah, pretty much. And this
new style refrigerant, where the oldstuff was purchased by the pound, this
this new stuff is purchased by theounce because it's such small amounts in the
system. So it's only you know, roughly fifteen to seventeen dollars an ounce,

but it takes thirty ounces. Soyes, I think it was a
It wasn't the way we wanted todo it. We would like to stick
with pounds, but now they jumpedit over to ounces and kilograms, which
nobody uses ounces. We use,but no, we use kilograms. I
gotta read the whole machine so Icould figure out what kill a gram.

I just that's not something you normallydo on an everyday basis. Yeah,
we're gonna take a quick break onthe mister mccannics show five, five,
eight to eleven, tens and numbersto get in. We'll be back in
a minute. All right, everybody, the big man himself, that's right,
the head of Marvel Comics is comingdown to the meeting today to hear
what we've got on his latest superheroMechanic Man. So it'd better be good,

Stevens. What, Stevens, how'sthat Mechanic Man jingle coming along?
The Mechanic Man jingle? Yeah,the one you were assigned to produce last
week. That's what the big manfrom Marvel wants to hear. So let's
hear it. Oh okay, youwant to hear the jingle now? Well,
why else would you be here,Stevens. That's what you were hired

to do. Now you better singme the most beautiful, clever, catchy,
soothing jingle I've ever heard, oryou can pack up your knickknacks and
hit the road. Yeah, sure, here we go. I've got the
jingle done, you know, ofcourse I do. You know my throat's
a little dry, though, soyou know it might be better to wait

a few days until after Lero,leroy, get this man some water,
now, sing to me? Okay, all right, here here he goes.
Here, here's the jingle that Idefinitely wrote before today. Mechanic Man,
Mcchanic Man, he does whatever mechaniccan. Mechanic Man, Mechanic Man,

he does whatever a mechanic can he'sa man, he's mechanic man.
Oh my god, Stevens. Thatwas absolutely brilliant, amazing work. Stephens.
He's done it again. Well done. Oh my goodness. That jingle

is already stuck in my head.It's all I'm thinking about. Canic man,
mechanics man does whatever. Mechanic canmechanic man, mechanic man does whatever.
I'm muchanic. He's a mechanic man, man, mechanic McCann now mc

canticle man, mechanical man now mchanalman. Man, not mechanical man.
Man not mechanical man. Mechanic man, not mechanical man. We are back
on the Mister Mechanic Show. Wewere Buchanan Service Centers eightieth and Dodge fiftieth

in Dodge, Guaranteed Breaks forty ninthAvenue in Dodge. Stop and see us
get your car back on the roadfor you. We're gonna jump right out
and back into the calls. Ken'sgot an O nine gmc arcadiod Ken,
what's up today? Well, wehave a situation. I took it in
for an oil change six months agoand apparently mcan extrain the oil and they

said there's appearance of tin and brassI think, and they told me that
it was. I think it's calledthe thrust bearing that actually carries the camp
or not the camshaft the crank shaft. Does that all make sense? Yep?
Yeah, And they're saying that bearingneeds to be replaced, but they
just recommend replacing the engine. Butit's an O nine with two hundred thousand

miles on it. It's got avalue of two thousand. What do I
do with the car? I meanit can it be repaired for less than
five thousand dollars umyh that'd be tough, tough. I mean, here's the
deal. You're gonna tear it alldown. You got two hundred thousand miles
on an engine. You're gonna tearit all down, and you replace maybe

what's going on there, but thatmetals circulated through the engine, and you
know when you get in there,invariably you're going to replace other things so
that you don't have to go backin there again. So the repair gets
bigger, just so you could tocatch everything that's in there to do it.
Very common problems, very common stretchand timing chain problems. The whole

car had problems. It just Iwould just drive it till it goes.
So does it run? Okay?I mean, is it just you just
seeing it in the oil and that'sall you're seeing, or do you have
any symptoms of it at this toyour point, we when we did the
oil change, it was starting tomake a grinding sound or a squeal sound,

and that's what we've alerted them too. We thought maybe it was power
steering or something like that, andthey says, nope, not that lucky.
So now they've told me that thisis a common problem with the older
GMC acadias. So do I'm willingto drive it, but I don't want

to be sitting on the side ofthe road either. In the meantime,
we've replaced it with a new ChevyTraverse. So now sitting in my driveway
trying to decide what to do,same car, and you just got a
new version of it. It's reallywhat you did. So were they going
to put a used motor in itfor five thousand or yeah, that's what

the suggestion was, or a rebuildone or something. So if you like
it a lot, it's going togive you a few more miles. If
you don't go trade it in.Yeah, yeah, yeah, you traded
in on something else. You alreadybought something else. But at two at
two thousand dollars, you're putting moremoney into it than it's worth. So
you know, you either sell itto somebody and kind of make them aware

of the situation, or just driveit and drive it till it quits.
I don't go out of town tomake it a to and from the grocery
store and to and from church kindof car. Yeah, and when it
dies, keep a screwdriver in aglove box so you can take the plates
off and leave it right there andcall the tow company and get your seven

hundred bucks for it at the salvageyard and try to get your two thousand
dollars out of it. But youknow, you might sell it and discount
it to somebody, and that's youknow, tell them the situation and be
honest with them. And uh,you know, just because you're done with
it doesn't mean somebody else doesn't needtransportation in a big way, you know,

or donate it, you know,something along that way. And there's
plenty of people out there like that. So that's what I would do.
I mean, a lot of timesthere's just an A and B. Maybe
you don't live that far from work, you know, and there's go five
miles one way, five miles theother, run it till it dies and
call it a day. Okay.You know it doesn't make sense to put
money and unless it's unless it's imperfectshape or its sentimental is kind of what

I say. Yeah, not sentimental, it's near perfect shape. But five
thousand dollars sounds like an awful lotto put, as you said, into
a two thousand dollar car. Soyeaheah, it doesn't make sense. Agreed,
Agreed, Okay, appreciate it.You guys have provided me a second
opinion, just like going to thedoctor. So I do appreciate that.

Okay, we'll send you a billlike the dog. Yeah. Thanks,
Ken. All right, we're gonnahead over to Jack. Jack's got a
two thousand and six Dodge Dakota.Jack, what's up, Hey, I
got a problem with this Dakota.I keep having to replace the map sensor
and the I know it's gonna happenbecause the transmission starts jerking. And I

replaced that sensor and everything is finefor about two three thousand miles and then
it happens again. What kind ofand I repeat the process and I'm good
again. What kind of sensor areyou using? Oh picked it up at

NAPA. I don't know which.If it were me, I would uh
go get one from the dealership andif your repair changes, Yeah, that's
what I would do. Okay.Sometimes well I've had that happen before on
Chrysler products with belts and things likethat. But one thing I do want

to ask you when I remove it, it's a little bit oily back in
behind it, and should oil begetting up in there on the map center?
Yeah, because it's sitting in theintake correct, Okay, Yeah,
it's sitting in the intake and intakesinvariably going to have some oil get drawn
through it over a period of time. If it's in the air intake booth,

then no, you shouldn't have anythingin there. But I believe that's
an older style that's on in theintakes, and yeah, you'll have a
little bit oil on it. That'sand that doesn't really shouldn't affect that too
much, but that's sometimes we runacross things that there's just only we will
only use OEM parts and that's justthe way it is better and last long.

Yeah, yeah, it's just maybethe electronics or what they are,
and uh sometimes it not. Sometimesthey're built to a different spec. The
aftermarket parts do pretty good most ofthe time. But I sometimes you just
gotta say I'm gonna do this,and you've got to first and second of
all, you've got to change yourpattern. You can't just go do the
same thing. You've got to moveto a different part altogether. That's why

I say go to Chrysler two thatway, if you still have the same
problem, when we obviously know that'snot it. We've got to We've got
to keep moving. And what's causingthis problem to go do that? What's
shorting it out, what's causing itto go bad? And that's your next
thing. Okay, okay, yeah, it's just kind of a slow depth.
It starts off just with a littlebit of a shimmy occasionally, and

then it gets worse and it getsworse, and uh sometimes news stands for
never ever worked either. So uhyeah, I understand, I know what
you mean. Okay, Well,thank you very much. You bet appreciate
it. Jack, appreciate the call. All right, We're gonna take a
quick break on the Mister Mechanics show. Five, five, eight, eleven,

tens the numbers. We'll be backin a minute. We're gonna head
over to Rich. Rich has gotan eight trail blazer. Rich, what's
going on today? Hey? Yeah, a little sunshine. Hey listen,
first tell you two things quickly.One is I just had a tire replacement,
and I had the tires wheel aline and balance and everything and rotated

when they put the new one onalong with the others. And this tire
symbol stays out my dash all thetime. Why, well, eight trail
problem. I think that's an indirectsystem, isn't it. I don't know
what it is. Well, we'reCarl and I are talking individual here.

I think it's a in that sense. I think it's an indirect system.
An indirect system means that all thetires have to be aired up to the
proper amount for thirty six, Solet's say thirty six. Let's just pick
a number thirty six pounds all theway around, and then when that is
that way. An indirect system,it runs off of the ABS system,

so as the wheels go down theroad, they'll turn at a different rate
and the system knows that a directsystem is they have a sensor in each
wheel, so it depends on whichsystem you have, and they could have
either one in there. So eitheryou got a low tire somewhere on the
car that doesn't match the other ones. You got to make sure they're above

what it says on the door.So if it says thirty two, have
it at thirty two or above,you know, thirty two, thirty four
to thirty six. Or you havea sensor that's bad on one of the
wheels. It's an embedded battery insidethe tire pressure monitor and those batteries will
go bad over a period of time. You can't change them. You just
replace the sensor. Okay, theon this vehicle, according to the label

inside the door, it recommends thatthe front tires be a lower uh higher
pressure than the rear ones, andthat's not uncommon on cars. So a
lot of times it's reversed. You'llhave a higher pressure in the rear than
you will affront and most of thetime they're the same all the way around.

It all really depends on how themanufacturers set it up for handling and
tire war Yeah, you know,what any other question is, if you're
driving along you're hearing a slight hummingsound, uh as you're moving forward?
Uh, would that relate to thewell humming humming noise going forward? Is?

Uh? Wow, there's a lotof there's there's a lot of possibilities
there. I mean, you couldhave have differential pinioncy a wheel bearings,
tires that are cupped. Yeah,there's there's a lot of things that can
hum as you're driving down the road. So what we normally try to do

is try to figure out whether it'sfront or rear. And then once we've
say, just described that it's inthe rear, then we start narrowing it
down till you get to the point. Sometimes it's so loud it's easy to
tell. Sometimes you really got tostruggle to find it. So, yeah,
I get I guess I can feelit a little bit in my steering
wheel, but it's not it's notreal loud or nothing like that. It's

just a slight feel, and youknow, it could be a front differential,
could be does it here's a question, does it make noise? Does
a humming noise there when it's justsitting still or is it only when you're
driving anyway and moving forward. Okay, so we can eliminate anything on Uh,
you know, is it spinning infront like all nator? You know,

power string, pump, all thatkind of stuff. So we know
that it's moving, so you're morelikely got a wheel bearing. Wheel bearings
in front are not uncommonical bad inthat car at all. So yeah,
more diagnostics its going to be neededin order to kind of figure out where
that's coming from. Yeah, it'snot real loud, it's just a mild
feeling feeling. Well, well letme tell you. Let me tell you,

just because it's not making a bunchof noise to you doesn't mean it's
not bad and ready to fall off. Yeah. Yeah, I've had I
don't know how many. I betpeople come in at some point and I'm
going a wheel bearing and say,uh, you know, this is just
making a little bit of noise andI go out to get in and to
move and it won't move. Theydrove it right to the point where it
died and locked up and the nextstep of the wheel was coming off.

So I would I wouldn't ignore it. I get it, I get it
looked at, and then you candecide whether or not it's a big deal,
small deal. Yeah, I'll getit checked out. But the one
more thing right now, I'm shavingfor the next three days, and I
listened to your show during the timeI was shaving, So I really appreciate

all the calls in and learning andstuff from those other people. Yeah,
as well as you guys. Yeah, you guys. I'm glad that you
do. I appreciate that you do, you know. And uh, and
for everybody else out there, it'suh, you can you can catch all
the podcasts on iHeartRadio and you canlisten to them way back when. So

yeah, appreciate you listening. Andyou can catch up on and you don't
have to listen right away. Youcan catch up on the weekend while you're
out mowing the lawn or doing somethingyou really don't want to be doing and
you're learning something else, like youknow, blah blah blah. So yeah,
easy way to do that. Nowwe're in a podcast world. So
all right, we're gonna head overto Ed. Ed's got a twelve silverado

Ed. What's going on today?Okay, just Clincidali. This morning,
I was pulling out of a storeand my shifter arm for the transmission.
It was just completely loose. Iwas lucky. I had a guy crawled
underneath there and he, I guessyou put some bailing wire and reattached the
arm to the transmission. I guess. I'm not I'm not sure I'm using

the right terms, but I guess. My question to he folks is you
know I got I got my truckhome. I'll get it to the shop
tomorrow. But what is it Ishould be asking the mechanic that I need
done? How much would it cost? And and is there any potential other
problems that that may exist with thatsituation? Well, yes, no,

no, yes, yes, andno. So the shifter bushing just rotted
out down there at the transmission piece. It's it's not a big deal.
You can repair this one of acouple of ways, depending on how handy
you are, and needs a lowershift cable and it goes down to a

little a little rubber bushing and itpops over a shaft that down there,
and that's it's very simple. Andit just goes bad over a period of
time, so you can replace itthat way if you want to do it.
Otherwise, they do make a shifterrepair bushing kit that you can get
at O'Reilly's, and they've kind ofmade it to the point where you just

read the instructions a little bit.You push this in here, push that
in there, pop it on,and uh it's quick and easy fix.
So if you're if you're a mechanicalat all, you can crawl underneath and
do it and it's an easy repair. It will they've made it super simple
and uh it'll it'll stay on thereand you won't have a problem. You

know, we've done a few ofthem. Yep. So okay, yeah,
yeah, guys saved you probably onehundred bucks from telling it just by
helping me, and you guys probablymade me another couple hundred dollars take it
into the shops. I really appreciatethat. All right, hang on the
hang on the line. We're gonnaget your address and send you a bill.
Okay, thanks, Ed, Iappreciate the call. That's what we're

here for to help out. Imean, if you can do that kind
of stuff and it's easy for youto do, that's what we're here to
help out with. You know,it's some stuff's easy. Some stuff you
want to take it too, andwhen we try to tell you that,
ye say, that's not a youknow, we had a wrench system.
I think it was a nine wrench, ten wrench, four wrench. That's
probably a oh, that's probably atwo wrench thing right there. At least

it is for us. And onceyou get the kit and you look at
it and you're gonna go, oh, oh, that's pretty easy. So
it saves a lot of money becauseyeah, we're a mechanic. Now there
you go. Then you get youyour your patch comes in the mail and
everything you just boom, just likethat. All right, We're gonna take
a quick break into Mister Mechanic Show. We'll be back in a minute.

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Morning News Monday. We're back,mister Mechanics show five, five, eight
to eleven tens the numbers to getin. We're gonna shoot over to Dan.
Dan's got a Subaru Legacy Dan,what could be wrong with this car?
Uh? The tire light is onit's not blinking, but it's on

all the time. I did onthe middle of dashboard shows each tire,
shows the poundage of each tire.That's all blank. Now it doesn't show
any other tire. I just toldsomebody said you could you can reset that?
How would you reset that? Orwhat would I have to do to
baby or what should I do tofix that? Well, yeah, you

can't. So there's two differ fromparts of the system. One is the
the tire sensors and then you haveyou have and that's the that's they put
out a signal and that signal goesto antenna in the car and then and
it basically talks back and forth justlike this radio. Does you know it?
Uh? That that's how it sendsout. So if it's not sending

out a signal for the intended topick up, it doesn't know what it's
doing. So can it can itbe reset? Yeah? Sometimes you've got
to get something inside the car thatthe module and that usually gets by the
time you get into that, itgets pretty expensive. And most of the
time isn't too much of a Toomuch of the time it's a problem.
Most of the time it's the sensors. Yeah, you know, you can

try to. You may have togo to You're probably gonna have to go
to somebody and have them reset that. You got to first start off and
say how many sensors work, howmany sensors or don't work, and then
from there you replace the sensors thatdon't work and then reset the system.
But I just wonder why, uhthey're not they're all not showing. And

one person even said you'd have tocheck your spare tire. Not really okay,
probably not on this car. Someupper scale cars, Mercedes Lexus,
uh, you know things like that, they're going to have a full sized
spare in the in the uh,in the trunk, so that you know
they're not running on a donut.You know, if you've got a Mercedes,

I don't want to run on adonut. You want to run on
a full sized tire and they're goingto have a sensor in there and you
air it up so you can,you know, get where you need to
go. Normal vehicles, cheaper vehicles, they'll just have a safety spare and
some vehicles won't have any spare.So uh, that's that's a there's a
good lesson if you. If youbuy a new car, go check to

see if you got a spare.Uh, if you can buy one,
buy one. You can't. There'snothing really I can do myself. You
can try to maybe, you know, disconnect the battery, hold the cables
together and see if the system resetsitself. But all this stuff needs scanners
and tire tools in order to figureout what's working what's not working. And

beware that they all have a batteryin there, and they all have battery
life. And when you put twobrand new ones in, you could have
other ones that are at twenty percent, and you could go through the whole
deal, and then a month lateryou got a couple more that are bad.
Yeah, so it sounds like youjust carry a better tire gauge.
Yeah. Yeah, a lot ofpeople, do you know, Some people
that light freaks out. Some peoplethey go, okay, well, I'll

just go back to old school.I'll just carry a tire gauge. I'll
look, and I'm smart enough totell and one's flat, you know,
so I'll just air it up andthen go get it fixed as necessary.
A lot of people do that.They don't want to spend the money,
and you know, I don't disagreewith you. All right, take that
route. Appreciate it, Dan,appreciate the call. All right, we're
going to Hellard Francis. Francis's gota twenty fifteen ram. What do you

got? What you got for Mfour to four? There we go.
When I put my brake on thecar, by brake, okay, sounds
like you've been doing a lot ofhigh speed stopping. Is that true?
Oh well, I don't know.I don't drive fast. Okay, all
right, all right, well Ijust check in and see if you're out

the racetrack last weekend or not O, not yet yet. Okay, after
we get these brakes fixed, we'llgo. You've just got warped rotors,
and that's what's causing that particular problem. So what a warped rotors come from.
They they come from heavy breaking.Because it sounds like you're a light
breaker, but you only got twochoices either you're a light breaker a heavy

breaker. But if you've got frontroaders that are warped, you could have
the rear brakes that aren't working atall. So a lot of times a
well, certain cars, maybe thiswhen you're doing like sixty percent breaking in
the front and forty percent in therear. But if your rear brakes aren't
working. Now the fronts are doingninety percent and the rear brakes aren't doing

anything. So that's where you're stoppingthe whole car. And it wasn't designed
like that, and you'll get warpedrotors quicker and faster. So you need
to take it to your mechanic,have them check it all, Check them
all out, pull all the calipersoff, see what you know, See
what stuck, See what's not stuck. See if the pins are stuck.
Make sure all this is moving likeit's supposed to be and working like it's

supposed to. And either you're goingto end up just resurfacing the rotors or
you're gonna into p replacing them,depending how thin they are. So every
rotor, every made on a carhas a certain specification, and if it's
above it, we resurface it.If it's below it, you replace it.
Otherwise you're gonna do You're gonna doall this. If it's below it

and it needs to be replaced,you're going to do all this work,
and you're gonna do it again.You're gonna have to do it again.
You know, in a short order, so breaks are too important. Yes,
a R.
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