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June 9, 2024 37 mins
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Meat Bob. He's a four timetire rotation champion. When he was a
baby, his first words were automatictransmission fluid. Bob's so cool he has
engine coolant running through his veins.And then there's Kyle, also as Premium
Unleaded. Legend has it that Kylecan change your oil with his toes and

that he can tell your tires allpressure just by how you're walking. He's
Bob, He's Kyle, and everySaturday morning they morphed together to form the
greatest superhero known to man. MisterMechanic check engine lights, don't stand a
chance. This is the Mister MechanicShow on eleven ten, kfab great Saturday

morning to you. This is aMister Mechanic show. Five five, eight,
eleven ten is the numbers to getin. Get in early so we
can uh don't have to answer themoff the air. You know it gets
busy after In a half last halfof the show, we are Buchanan Service
Centers at fiftieth and Dodge eightieth inDodge Guaranteed Breaks forty ninth Avenue and Dodge

stop in see us. Let's seeif we can help get your car back
on the road or stop in theconvenience store, get some gas. We're
a full service facility, you know, in full service. You know.
We were just talking to a customerearlier about didn't know we had full service.
What is full still a thing?It's still a thing. He says,
how long have you been doing fullservice? And I said, well,
dawn a time, I said,let me automobile was released. We

were open. We were open,absolutely. I think I said that we
started it. Well, we startedit forty years ago and we're still doing
it. So a lot of peopledon't want to pump their gas, you
know, older, older people don'twant to do it. You know,
professionals don't want to do it sometimes, so we're there to and then sometimes
just normal people stop in and say, I don't like checking my oil.

I don't like checking my tires.So we got for you. Yeah,
we'll check the tires oil, youknow, vacuum out to get you a
car wash over seven gallons and you'reon your road. It's a great thing
to do if you don't like tocheck your car out, and you do
give you a peace of mind whenyou pull away from you do it once
a month, because you know,I can I can tell you how many

times we've changed oil out on thedrive where we've poured four and I think
our personal my personal best is fourand a half quarts of oil. We
poured in a car one day becauseit was making a little bit of noise
when they rolled in Toyota. Youknow, no, it was an old
it was an old ford. Itwas old fod escape is what it was.
And then he says, well,I think I'm a couple of cords
down. So I poured in two, and then I poured in three.

Then I poured in four, andI said, well, do you on
top it off or not? Youmight as well, yeah, And so
that was my first five bucks.You get a filter, we'll be done
here. So that's something we do. Stop by, see us more happy
to fill your car. And itis a little bit more than the average
price that you see posted because wedo a little more. We do a

little more. We've got people that, yeah, you gotta pay people to
do it. So there you go. It's gonna be a great weekend to
get that car done, you know, before it turns hot. You know,
June is hot. It's middle tothe latter part of June's gonna be
hot, and you're not gonna wantto do unless you've got an air conditioned
shopped and most people don't. Andso get those projects out and get them
done, get them going, youknow, pull it in the shade.

Best time to work on a car'sfirst thing in the morning, right after
the humidity gets out of there andit's still cool. You can turn a
fan on. That always happens tome. I get out there bright and
early in the morning, and Istart working, and then by the time
the sun comes around, I'm alreadycommitted to something. I'm not gonna stop
and put up my umbrella cover thing, and then I end up sunburned.

Hey, looks great. Rule athumb in our neighborhoods. You can't do
any noisy stuff till after eight o'clock, is what I've you know, oh
talked about the neighbors. So Idid you know eight oh one, boom
boom boom things start happening. Butyou know, I my air compressor kicks
on, and I don't rolling.I don't do that. I don't do
that. I don't I don't needto be visited by anybody. So hey,
we got a call, let's goover to Bob. Bob's got an

F one fifty. Bob, what'sup today? I got a problem with
something's draining my battery. Okay,I leave it set for a day,
maybe two days, and the battery'sdead and it's the battery is a month
old. So okay, what yearf one fifty? Are we talking twenty

twelve? Newer f one? Okay? Is there any have you had anything
put on this car, like adifferent radio after maybe a remote start?
Anything after thatt? I gotta ithad a diverter in it. I eliminated
a diverter. I touck off thepower to the radio battery for the diverter.

But I do have a remote start. Okay, Okay, generally that's
the first place I'm gonna go.But before we do that, we need
to find out how big of adrain this is, because I mean overnight,
I mean you could be talking afew milli volts, you know,
over but I mean we need toget down to how many volts are draining

this battery? Is it a straighttwelve volts? Is it eight volts?
You know? What? Do wegot going here? And then from there,
generally I can determine is this amodule draining. If it's a solid
twelve volts, I'm gonna look fora light on First of all, it's
a cool box light staying on somethinglike that. You've gone through and checked
all the lights, and there's nolights on the dash to say a door
a jar or anything else like that, right, No, no light Okay,

And you know Kyle's right, yougot to just you gotta put a
test light or a meter across theyou know, negative posts or positive posts
between, pull the cable off andput in between and see what your voltage
is. I will say, ona ford, if you're gonna attempt this,
you're gonna put that whatever tests areyou have on there, whether it's
a volt meter and you can essentiallyuse a test slight, it's going to

light up. And if I meanit's dim, I mean you're not going
to know where you're going from there. Kind of old school it is,
but it does work. But ona Ford you're gonna see a crazy voltage
right away. You have to holdthose together for an hour. On this
particular one, I would give itat least an hour before you pull those
cables apart and see what your actualdrain is. Those modules, those twenty

some odd modules in there are poweringdown. They they basically say, okay,
you closed the door, you walkedaway. Security is up and alert,
other things are up and alert,and it just has to power everything
down and then what's left after anhour is your draw. And they can
be it can be a pain.And if I have to throw something out.

That's fairly common is radios. Radios, especially in a Ford, those
aftermarket remote starts. Yep, unpluggedunderneath, find the box. I'm you
don't have to take it all outof there. Just unplugged the electronic you
know, circuit board box and andand see if that makes it go away.
Because they're they're cheap. You can'tfind parts for him. If they

go bad, you just get anotherone. You don't actually go anywhere.
Yeah, by the time you boughtit, it's already obsolete. It is
pretty much. It's probably five yearsold. Yeah, and that may not
be it just so you know that, I say, but it's easy to
unplug and test correct. And there'sprobably gonna be four or five plugs on
this particular box. You're going tosee it right away underneath the dash.

It's going to be the only thingprobably ZIP tied under. There still a
GEM module in that truck. KOkay, it's part of it's called a
body control module, but that's essentiallyyour GEM module and no, no,
we're talking about something else. There'salso a body control module or what they
used to call GEM module back inthe days, and that controls everything on
the inside, and that can beleft on. Look at a lot of

the obvious things too. The glovebox is shut. But is it all
the way shut? Do you haveso much stuff in there that it it
you have to jam it shut andjust holds that open a little bit?
Okay? What about stuff plugged in? Phone chords and things like that?
We found tons of phone cords shortedand people leave in there. No,

okay, okay, So I meanwe're back to square one. Let's you
want to run fifty milliamps or under. I think that's correct, Kyle,
Yeah, that's where you want tobe. I mean you're looking for about
a half an amp, yeah,and you want it to be down ideally
in the fifteen to twenty milliamps.Okay. I know if that's all confusing,

and it may be, you mighthave to take it somewhere so they
can take a look at it andbecause the next step is starting to pull
all those fuses until you get thatto drop to thirty millivoltes and then you
know where your problem's at. Yeah, it's a it's a process. Seat
belts, radio glove box, seatswitches, seat switches. You could have

seat switches stuck on. Yeah,I found one of those finally one time,
after months of figuring out what theproblem was. A seat switch sticks
on the way back when when somebodygets into the passengers ie pulls a seat
all the way back, doesn't realizeit's seat switch. Yeah, it can
stick and it's on all the time, so it's pain. I don't have

any great advice or yeah, there'sno point your finger to this, and
that's always that's not the case withthis. It's kind of runs a per
hour basis to kind of figure itout, because that's what it takes.
A per hour deal. Some taketwenty minutes, some take weeks. Yep.
The yeah, I know, Iknow, we don't like them either,

but that's that's what we do.So Bob, I'll just get a
cut off switch and go that way. Well yeah, yeah, you know,
cut off switch cheap. Yeah,you're right, but you don't want
to do that every night either.All right, I appreciate the call,
Bob, appreciate it. Thanks forthe call. All right, we're gonna

take a quick break on the MisterMechanic Show five fight, eight to eleven
tens and number to get in.We'll be back in a bit and welcome
back to the Great Mechanic Debate,where Barnie Fenders is really taking a meeting
from our incumbent, Mister Mechanic Barney. You say you want to eliminate all
car loan debt, but how exactlydo you plan to pay for it?

What do you mean? How amI going to pay for it? Shouldn't
you just be happy that you're notgoing to have car loan debt anymore?
I mean, come on, butto answer your question, I'm going to
raise taxes I want hey, hey, hey, only on the wealthiest car
owners. Okay, after all,it's like I always say, if you
drive a Lamborghini, you can payan extra feefee. Oh okay, Moster

Mechanic. You say the car industryis the bust, it's off for bed,
But how exactly are you planning tostop car factories from opening and other
content. How will I stop factoriesfrom opening in other countries? Easy,
I'll simply tell them that they can'tdo it anymore. And if they do

well, then I'll just come upwith a funny nickname that call them what.
That's the most idiotic thing I've everheard calling people nicknames? Are you
in third grade? On what's wrong? Boring Barney? I just came up
with that. I am not boring. You're like a boring old shoe Barny.
Very informative. Okay, I smelllike a shoe Doolet's keep this so

long. You know what? Youdon't know how to change your time?
You take that back round? Man, if you've never done, I've lost
control. I only sniffed it once. And we'll be right back with more
of the Great Mechanic Debate after wewere from our sponsors. The Mister Mechanic

Show on eleven t kfab is broughtto you by you Can in Service Center,
visit us online and you Cannonservice dotCom. I found an interesting article,
Kyle, and this maybe helps alot of people that are going on
vacation, because that's that's what summeris vacation. Yeah, there's a small
town in Morrison, Colorado that's gota speed trap. Okay, they have

dished out a whopping over ten thousandtickets over ten thousand, So it's depending
on the size of the town.I mean, that could be a that's
a support, that's a cash itis they think they could raise well,
they said it's not a cash grab, but it could pull in about four
hundred thousand dollars this year. Soit must be one of them towns that

you screwed along down the interstate andyou're going seventy five and it goes down
to a thirty five all the allon about three trees. Not a cash
crown. Huh. So if you'reout in Morrison County, you better watch
out. You never know. I'dsay, scoot through there slowly. We're
gonna head over to Steve. Steve'sgot to ninety nine rangers. Steve,

what's up today? Good morning.I really enjoy your program. The problem,
one of the problems I got myRanger has to do with the clutch.
When it gets warm, you wantabove eighty degrees. Typically I typically
press the clutch all the way intothe floor when I shift it's got two
five with the four speed transmission.When it gets warm or gets hot,

the clutch won't retract. It staysto the floor and the clutch is disengaged.
In other words, if you're rollingdown the road or whatever, you
know, it's you can rev theengine and nothing happens. You pull over
to the side and let it cooloff for fifteen minutes. The clutch will
then retract, But then you pushon the clutch and it will not.

It will not release the clutch,and you wait another fifteen twenty minutes and
it will work normally. So youneed your clutch slave. Clutch slave.
Yeah, that's where I'm going first. Yeah, so these are inside that
you have to pull the transmission toget to this particular one. There.
They were a pain, and theywere they were stupid and they were just

bleeding them was terrible. I mean, their functionality wasn't great. They were
an afterthought and installing them were terrible. And here's why is that you could
never the pilot shaft on. Thesethings were so tight that you some transmissions
you can just kind of pull inthere, wiggled around, boom in it
goes. It just it just sealsright. Up and you're no problem because
they've left you enough clearance that thatcould go in. That's a two man

job on your truck. Yeah.Every every time that we put one of
these in, we had to drawit in and you'd wiggle, wiggle,
wiggle, draw it in, wiggle, draw it in and turn, turn
the crank the whole nine yards.And the problem with the drawing it in
like that is you can bend theflywheel, not the flywheel, but the
uh, the pressure plate and andthe and so it's pain it just it

was so tough. But while you'rein the and then Kyle's right, you
got to pull the transmission out inorder to get to the slave cylinder that's
on the inside. And then whenyou do that, you're gonna want to
take a look at the clutch andthen get it all done it once.
I would will, And if it'sme, I'm going all back to Ford
products, I really am, justbecause there's just gonna fit way better than

anything after market. And then thenext after you get all that done,
they are got to bleed it.Yeah, I got to bleed it,
and they are. It's it's apain in the butt. Sometimes you got
to stand on your head and praya little bit. And the biggest thing
that we have found is that youbleed it. Bleed it, bleed it,
bleed it, Let it and letit sit for about twenty minutes.

Don't touch it, walk away,you know, go have dinner, come
back, pump it four or fivetimes and see if your pedal comes back.
I don't know why that does that. Sometimes you have. We've got
backward bleeders that you that we puton there to force to fluid up like
you do in a motorcycle. Boy, we've done it all and none of

it works any better than anything else. No, it doesn't. They all
take a long time and it makesfor a long day and you're gonna be
covered and break fluid. But itcan be done. Once you get it
done, it's it all works great. But it was just it was just
a pain. It was a pain. Well, it's nice to talk to
somebody that's seen it before and hasa pretty good idea what's wrong with it?

And some other some other cars dothis too, and it's not a
bad idea. It's very compact designthat you put it all in one shot,
which really, when it boils downto it, the only reason they
did that was because the ease ofthe installation at the factory. Yeah,
so put the transmission and slave cylinderon the outside. We just they just
shot gun and put it together andthey didn't have to do anything more than

that. So that's how most carsare built. I think I've come to
realize over the last close to fortyyears is that it's all about the ease
of installation at the factory, andthey really care less about me the mechanic
and you the owners already hope wehelped, Well, you sure did.
I appreciate your help and I reallylike the program. Appreciate the call.

Thanks for listening. All right,we're gonna head over to another quick call.
Kevin's got a nineteen Twitter Tacoma.Kevin, what's up? Hey,
good morning. I just have aquestion about changing the transmission fluid. Everybody
wants to do a complete flush,and years past, all we did was

drop the pan, replace the folder, and top it off with fluid.
Is that still the recommendation or what'sthe on that it's just going to be
draining the fluid and filling it backup. We don't really flush many anymore.
Yeah, and you could hook upa flush system and do it and
flush it all the way out andput it all the way back in.
That's probably. Yeah, it's kindof the what you do anymore. You

just don't have the breakdowns, andthe quality of transmissions have gotten so much
better. You just don't have alot of debris in the bottom. And
if you've got a debris in thebottom, there's a bigger problem. So
you're just trying to get out theold, old fluid and put new fluid
in and you know whatever the recommendit is, sixty or one hundred thousand
miles. Yeah, and if it'sleaking, if it's leaking, then yeah,

drop it down, put a filter, you know, factory gasket back
in it in the pan. Butno, that's that's pretty much what everybody's
gone to some of this fluid,and yours probably isn't that bad because yours
is not a CBT, but someof this fluid can be stupid priced.
So yeah, yeah, so you'renot recommended that you drop the pan,

do the filter, just do ablush and yeah, be done. Yeah,
for the most part. Yeah,And the only reason you drop the
pan is if you're having a problemwith you know, a leak of some
sort and then then drop it there. But they're not they're not that like
the normal filter you'd see on alike they used to be twenty years ago.
It's not a paper filter. Yeah, and they used to have.
But sometimes it's just a screen,that's all it is. It's not really

trying to filter anything. It's justtrying to keep the big chunks from going
in. Okay, great information.I appreciate it. Yep, appreciate the
call. All right, we're gonnatake a quick break on the mister Mechanics
show five five, eight to eleven, tens and numbers to get in and
got some open lines for you seein a minute. Got another article here,
Kyle, just like to fill insome stuff here. The top most

stolen vehicle I think you and Iknow and everybody else but Hyndai and Kia
for you know what those reasons theyhad, which I think they're getting on
top of fixing all those so youcan't steal them anymore. Now they're kind
of getting stolen by guilt association,which means that they don't thieves don't know

you can't steal them anymore because they'regetting retrofitted to not being able to do
that. Yeah. Anyway, thefull sized trucks were the top of the
list for years and years and yearsand years, and they got thrown off
the Now it's down to four fouras a Chevy Silverado, who is the
most stolen. But in this topten list, Hyundai and Kia own the

six of them, you know,six of them. And then after that
those ones at the bottom. Imean, they aren't the most popular of
the hyandas in Kia, so there'snot as many of them now. They're
so far down on the list.They're just doing it so they could do
it and say they did it.You know, it's just a it's a
waste of time and effort and moneyand just inconvenience. It's kind of what

it is. I mean, I'ma plus side for us. Their steering
columns are not that hard to repair. No, no, we've been We've
done several of them, and severalof them a day in the height of
all that's going on. They're easyto work on. But they hold the
six of the ten spots. Andthen it was Chevrolet Silverado at four.
I get that Honda Cordon Civic atsix and seven, and the F one

fifty down at nine. Kind ofinteresting numbers. Their statistics on everything,
everything, everything. How long ittook me to say that there's a statistic
on it, so we don't readthose. Yeah, all right, we're
going over with Troy. Troy's gota twenty twelve jeep compass. Troy,
what's up today? Hey guys,Hey love the show. Thanks taking the

thinking about the thermostat and the ontop of the air The air box is
the computer and you're supposed to takethe wire fees off of there, yep.
And it's got the red levers onit that you lift up to release
it, and on one of themit did not release, and the housing
is kind of up a little bitoff of there. I don't know if

that's going to be a problem forme or not, but what do you
what do you think about that?So you can't get it unplugged? Yeah,
okay, so how that it's acamlock deal with those computers you have
your you push your button and youpull that lever up and it flips up.
Well that moves to I don't wantto call them rods because they're not

rods, but two pieces of plasticthat unlock your connector it's kind of got
to go up to twelve o'clock inorder to yeah, and then push these
things back and then you can pullit up. It unlocks it basically.
But they've never been taken off,I'm sure. And there's dirt and all
kinds of stuff in there. They'restuck, Yeah, dirt, debris,
rocks. What I do is,you know, I use bright cleaner because

I've always got it right around.But I mean you can use you know,
maybe a little bit of water anddish so open, just kind of
spray that connector and get it inthere and just kind of work it a
little bit and those things will startmoving. Penetrating fluid. Somebody's got that
at home. Yeah. WD forty'llwork great. Yeah, a little bit
of a breeze. But if youlook at your one that you've gotten a
part and just kind of move thatlock back and forth with it unplugged,

you'll see what I'm talking about,those pieces in there moving on the bottom
side of that connector. And onceyou see that, I mean you'll kind
of see what has to happen.And I mean, worst case scenario if
you end up breaking, you canget you can use a screwdriver and just
kind of shove them to unlock them. Yeah yeah, what about together?
Then? What do you mean whenyou well, you got to put it

back together. If you have todo that and it breaks it, then
what do you do just go toreplace the whole thing or what? No?
I mean, because what's going tobreak? I mean if you end
up forcing this lever. I mean, you're just gonna pull the lever off
of there. Those rods that arein there that I'm talking about, the
you know, you'll see them,Like if you go out there, flip

your connector upside down to where you'relooking at the actual plug and kind of
move the one back and forth yougot unplugged, you'll see what I'm talking
about. And there's just those twodeals in there that lock it. And
you can you know, use ascrewdriver and kind of push one side and
kind of help it. I say, once you get some WT forty or
something, Yeah, just kind ofbe gentle with it, work it back

and forth. Don't uh, don'tget the biggest pride bar trying to go
it over there, and just workit back and forth and you'll get it
off of there. It'll come off, okay, alrighty bet, you bet
appreciate it. Call. Yeah.We've had him stuck many at times,
and you're right, they're just ohyeah, they just had nothing but a
whole bunch of time with dirt underneaththere and don't want to come out.

I don't think it's the brightest youknow, that cam lock deal. I
don't think it's the best lock theycould have come up with for a connector
for that. I mean, everybodyelse just uses push tabs. Well yeah,
but if you put a if youput a connector on there and had
to go get a wrench to tightenit up at the factory, that just
slows things down to factory to geton there. And you just rotated around.

Because it's all brand new, it'sjust gonna go boom boom, you
know what I'm talking about. Everybodygets the easy job exactly. All right,
We're gonna head over to Greg.Greg's got a ninety nine Buick Park
Avenue. Greg, you're keeping itrunning. What's going on today? Well,
I'm just wondering if it's okay touse each and if the book says

don't use methanol with an M andI've heard different stories sometime I can't s
something I can't can I use Eten and okay safe, absolutely, absolutely
absolutely, it's not going to hurtit because that'll save me about fifty cents
a gallon millions upon millions of otherpeople that are doing it. Yeah,
stay away from me. Eighty five. E ten is going to be just

fine for it. Yeah, yeah, E ten five. Okay, I'm
glad I called and you save mesome money. I appreciate it. Yeah,
you bet appreciate the call. Yeah, I mean it doesn't. The
only thing we've said this many timeson the air. The things that you
don't want to run any ethanol inis all your carburetors. Carburetors. You
don't want to put it in yourold seventy two Ford or whatever it is
that you're driving red whackers on mowor snowblowers and none of that stuff as

much as you drive that old seventytwo forward. But yeah, premium in
it because it's going to save yourcarburetor, because that ethanol has taken so
many carburetors apart to rebuild them,and the bottom's gone out of them.
Yeah, by the time you getthem out of the tank, it just
got nothing and you don't have toa problem for one fill up. I
mean, if you're somewhere and heyI got to fill up with eighty five,

not eighty five but heat ten.Yeah, you can do that to
get where you want to go.But the next the next tank fold put
some premium back in it. Youdon't want to let sit there because it
just it just gums up. Everythingeats the bottom of the car, readers
out, doesn't the gaskets don't likeit. When it gets super cold and
super super cold in your garage outback of the house, you know,

it separates and as long as itsits, and it's going to sit all
summer, it's definitely separated. Soyou don't want to do that. And
like I said, it's not likeyou're driving thousands of miles every year with
these with these cars or I don'tknow, it seems like I never do,
do you right now? No?No, I would love to just

not feasible, Just not feasible.That's part of what it is. Uh.
You know, here's another interesting article, what is the most polluting thing
out there that we use for travel? I thought this was a very interesting
one, and and most people,you know, it's cruise ships, all
the cruise ships out there, wellyeah, I mean they got the biggest

motors out of everything we travel in. Yeah yeah. The COEO equivalent emissions
per I mean, how many persoil does it take to well, it's
all yeah, change the oil inone of those well yeah, about four
hundred. Yeah, so and they'reall using the old one back the exon
Valdezan they're and filler up. Sothe cruise ship on the the COE meter

is about two hundred and fifty.Short haul airplane flights is about two hundred
and forty six, so they're rightunderneath there. Diesel cars are one seventy
one, gas cars are one seventysure, and buses are ninety six.
It's kind of interesting. I neverwould have thought the cruise ship was the

most polluting thing, but you knowthey're using bunker fuel, which is that
well yeah, I mean you're notthinking about that as a means of train
sport. I mean, nobody's like, well, well I gotta get to
work, I got to jump onthe cruise ship. Well but it's all
in ten hours, all in tenthousands, holding a small city in there
pretty much. Yeah, yeah,and it's cruising around to wherever it goes.
I don't know. And I meanthat's a cruise ship, so you

got to imagine. I mean,those things are cut way down, and
I mean they are probably not workingat one hundred percent a minute. They
looks efficiency. I mean, thinkabout an aircraft carrier. That thing's going
full bore. Well, they're notenough of those. I mean, there's
only what you know, a couplehundred of those maybe around somewhere in the
world. But the cruise ships there, they're a diame a dozen. Yeah,

they're thing's made to get somewhere ina hurry. They all look like
they're going to tip over to metoo. In the old days, they
were kind of short and squatty.Now they've got so many decks up there
that looks to me like they justyou take a hard right turn accidentally,
the thing's just gonna lay over.It never does. It never does,
but it looks like it's gonna.It's all an illusion, all right.

Five, five, eight, eleven, ten is the numbers to get in
here. We're gonna take a quickbreak. Let's get you on the radio
before we end. We'll be backin a minute. The mister mechanic show
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The exclusive audio home of NBC's coverageof the twenty twenty four Paras Olympics.
We are News Radio eleven ten kfaban iHeartRadio station. We are back

on the Mister Mechanics Show. We'regoing to jump right back into the calls.
Uh, Judy's got a Cadillac CTSwagon. Judy, what's going on
today? What's problem? Well?I have a twenty ten CTS wagon and
it has a moon roof or asunroof for whatever you call them. But
it leaks if we get a strongrain, it comes down inside. And

I've had a claim that about threetimes. But they say it gets stuff
in it and dirt. Where doesit come from? And is there anything
else I can do to not haveit get plugged up? Well, so
do you park outside? Yes,sir okay? And you park underneath the
tree I'm guessing too, yes,sir okay. Well, the first step

is to park somewhere else in thelot besides that tree, because everything that
comes off of that tree, youknow, it gets down inside those those
plugs and then the drain tube.So when you are very big, they
are very big. No, they'reabout the size of a straw, maybe
a little bit bigger. But soon that sun roof, there is four

drains. Two drains up front thatgo down the eight pillars, and then
there's two drains that go down thebeef pillars or even C pillars on yours,
and they just have to be blownout. You just have to get
up there with some air. Onthe front too are easy to do,
but the back two they they're toughto get to, and you might have

to go in the headliner and pullthe tube off and then blow it out
and put the tube back on.Somebody else is gonna have to do that.
But that's so sun roofs. AndI just explained this to somebody else
that asked this question the other day. Is sun roofs were never ever designed
to not leak. They're designed toThey're designed to leak into the car ever
so slightly. And they have agutter system. Yeah, they have just

about a two inch gutter system thatruns around. So when it has heavy
rains, that gutter system fills upand it spills into the car. But
on most occasions, if those tubesare clear, it never has a problem.
Well, how do I find thosetubes? The tubes are? You
have to open the sun roof.You have to kind of step up on

to the sill plate and sometimes aseat, and then you look. You
have to go over the top lookin and you can see them on the
two fronts. Yeah, they're inthe corner, they're in the corners.
And then you how do you cleanthem out? Blow them out or yeah,
you just take some compressed air gentlyAnd then what we do is take
gently compressed air, blow them out, and then we go get a cup

of water, maybe a thirty twoounce water, and then we slowly start
to pour it in, and thenwe watch how it leaks in front of
the rear tires if it If it'sleaking in front of the rear tires,
we know that the water's made itall the way down to the outside of
the body and down if it startsout. If it starts leaking on the
inside, then we know we've gotto pull some of the headliner and got

a tubea or something. Yeah,we down in the cowls they fill with
leaves. Yeah, and right we'vegot to pull the trim off in order
to solve that kind of problem.And most of the time they just need
to be unplugged. But sometimes ifyou blow too hard, you can blow
those tubes off. So okay,okay, So, but I mean since
it's all closed and everything, itstill gets in there. I mean,

well, I know. The reasonthat gets in there is because when those
leaves sit there and all that stuffjust falls down. It's kind of the
goo and gunk that comes off oftrees over a period of time. Yay.
We're not talking about big leaves oranything. No, no, on
once it just you know, disintegratesover a period of time. That's kind
of what gets in there. Yousee a lot of that stuff because it's

not sealed perfectly and it goes throughthe cracks. Okay, well, I
appreciate the information, you bet,thank you, you bet appreciate the call.
All right, We're going to headover to Joe. Joe's got a
jet ski trailer. Joe, what'sup today? Yep, I've got a
yacht club jet ski trailer. It'sprobably twenty years old and a little concerned

about the bearings, and I've greasedthe bearings before. But I've never switched
them out, you know, takingthem out all, you know and putting
new ones in. Is that ado it yourself job? Or do they
have to be pressed in or Nope? Now just a bearing and race.
Races have to be pressed in,but not the bearing itself. No,

And then I have to inspect thatrace for damage as far as if it's
scored or it's got any rust onit or anything like that. Always,
always, you don't want to putback to your defeat and the purpose by
putting a bearing back in that's gotpitting on it and everything else, because
the lubrication is just it's going toheat up and cause problems. So yes,

you want to inspect them all,you know. Then and some of
the easy things that you can dotoo is there are places around town Lows.
I'm trying to think of the otherhardware store that the Northern Tool,
Northern Tool and Supply. I canbuy a whole hub. Yeah, that's
already got bearings and Greece and itjust screw it on the car yep,
on the trailer yep. You know, take that one off there and take

it over there and say can youmatch this up? And they'll sell you
too, and you go back andbolt it on and call today. You
didn't even get dirty. Yeah,they aren't that expensive, No, I
mean for what you'd pay somebody topress the new races and put bearings maybe
yeah, maybe thirty five bucks aside, and you could be inside drinking beer
with all the money and time.You say, there you go, or

on the jet ski, on thejet ski, whichever one you prefer.
Well sounds hey, I appreciate it. Thank you guys, be appreciate the
call. Thanks for listening. Yeah, we didn't used to have that,
did we, Kyle, We hadno other tool. Was great. We
had any small tire you got,you can go there, show them what
you got. Yeah, oh,here you go, see you later. Bye,
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