The Jordyn Jones Podcast

The Jordyn Jones Podcast

Sometimes life and fame aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. From ups and downs to heartbreak, failure, making it through, and successes, walk with Jordyn Jones and experience first hand how to stay true to yourself while on your life path. Featuring conversations with special guests, answering your questions and giving advice, this is The Jordyn Jones Podcast. From Straw Hut Media


July 3, 2024 18 mins
In this week's episode Jordyn Jones takes us on a joy-filled journey exploring what makes life truly happy. From blasting tunes with her besties to the hilarious antics of her adorable dogs, Jordyn finds pure bliss in family ties and the comfort of faith. Living by the beach brings daily paradise, along with thrilling hikes and endless car chats with her gearhead pals. Feeling the earth beneath her toes in nature’s embrace is pure ...
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In this episode, Jordyn Jones spills the tea on modern dating, weighing in on whether dating apps or meeting in person is the way to go! She shares her insights with online dating dangers like catfishing and why she prefers the magic of face-to-face connections. Jordyn also dishes out juicy tips for keeping long-distance love alive, from communication hacks to surprise visits. Need to ask someone out? She's got you covered with fun...
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On this week's episode of The Jordyn Jones Podcast, Jordyn answers questions from her Instagram followers covering a variety of topics. She shares her summer plans, including trips to Michigan, hosting her friend Lily in LA, and possibly visiting Catalina Island. Olivia Rodrigo tops her current music playlist.

Reflecting on her growth, Jordyn discusses what her 16-year-old self would admire most about her today, feeling grounded and...
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In this lively episode, Jordyn Jones takes us on a nostalgic journey through her exciting time on "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" when she was just 13-14 years old. She spills the tea on the drama, revealing whether those epic mom fights were the real deal or just for show. Jordyn also shares her favorite dancers and moms from the cast, adding a personal touch to her stories.

Ever wondered how she got on the show? Jordyn reveals...
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June 5, 2024 19 mins
Dive into summer vibes with Jordyn's on this episode packed with all things self-care and sunshine! Get ready for glowing skin tips, bikini shopping secrets, and the lowdown on why Pilates is your ticket to a toned bod. But it's not all about the workouts—Jordyn spills the beans on her favorite online stores for scoring those perfect summer outfits. Need a new hobby? Jordyn's got you covered with the scoop on the latest craze, pick...
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May 30, 2024 13 mins
Join Jordyn Jones as she takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about iconic toys and pop culture from the 90s and 2000s! Despite being just 24, some of these throwbacks made her feel old. With a little help from her team, Jordyn dives into Light Brights, Crazy Straws, CD Players, Squishy Foam, Bop Its, 8 Track Tapes, Waffle Makers, Silly Bands, Scented Markers, Scooters, and Heelys. She shares fun memories of her childhood fav...
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May 22, 2024 21 mins
In this week's episode, Jordyn shares stories from her recent trip back home, including surprising her mom for Mother's Day and her brother proposing to his girlfriend. She then gives advice for growing on social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. Jordyn shares her top social media growth strategies, emphasizing consistent posting, trend following, live interactions, repurposing content, engaging with pos...
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May 15, 2024 19 mins
Jordyn delves into the world of relationships and dating advice, offering invaluable insights and practical tips for navigating matters of the heart. From overcoming a crush without resorting to social media stalking to bouncing back after a tough breakup, With her signature blend of authenticity and relatability, Jordyn draws from her own experiences to deliver advice that's both heartfelt and refreshingly realistic. Whether you'r...
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May 8, 2024 18 mins
In this episode Jordyn discusses the importance of having support during tough times and shares what has helped her and her listeners through difficult moments. From video games to music, friends and family to self-reflection, Jordyn explores various coping mechanisms and sources of comfort. Join her as she delves into the ways in which different activities and relationships can provide solace and strength during challenging times.

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In this episode, Jordyn explores the potential ban of TikTok, sharing her personal experiences and insights about the platform. She reflects on her favorite moments, discusses the diverse content available, and highlights TikTok's impact on her life and perspective on social media. From cooking hacks to fashion advice, Jordyn discusses the range of content and valuable lessons she has gained from TikTok. Tune in for an engaging dis...
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April 24, 2024 19 mins
Welcome back to the Jordyn Jones Podcast! In this episode, Jordyn dives into the "icks" submitted by listeners on Instagram. From pet-related icks to personal hygiene habits, Jordyn discusses it all with humor and relatability. Join Jordyn as she shares her thoughts on each submission and provides insights into why certain behaviors can be cringe-worthy! Stay tuned for more episodes coming your way soon!
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Jordyn is joined by her longtime friend Teala Dunn for an epic catch-up session! They kick things off by diving into Teala's exciting new movie, "Rock Bottom," hitting Amazon Prime soon. Teala spills the beans on her character, Cat, and the movie's juicy plotline set to a killer soundtrack. Then, it's all about nostalgia as they reminisce about their wild adventures since meeting at Coachella in 2015. From traveling to epic parties...
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April 3, 2024 20 mins
In this episode of the Jordyn Jones podcast, Jordyn answers listener questions to reveal more about herself and shares the long-awaited story of what happened to her Lamborghini. She introduces Matcha, her cat, and announces an exciting development about her niece Natalia preparing for a sleepover. Stay tuned for all the personal insights and updates in this lively episode! 
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March 27, 2024 19 mins
In this episode, Jordyn dives into some hot takes and unpopular opinions, sharing her thoughts on various topics from personality tests to food preferences. Join Jordyn as she discusses her results from a personality test, her views on dogs vs. cats, and her take on Starbucks coffee.

From the excitement of sports games to the debate over pineapple on pizza, Jordan covers it all with her signature humor and relatability. Plus, find o...
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March 13, 2024 22 mins
Get ready for an unforgettable episode of the Jordyn Jones Podcast! Join Jordyn as she celebrates her 24th birthday by sharing 24 invaluable life lessons she's learned along the way. Jordyn reflects on the importance of family, true friendships, self-respect, and much more. Tune in to gain insights, inspiration, and motivation from Jordyn's personal experiences and reflections. Don't miss out on this insightful and heartfelt episod...
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March 6, 2024 13 mins
Join Jordyn as she shares the craziest breakup stories shared by our amazing listeners! From text messages at the club to being left crying at Outback Steakhouse, the tales are both heart-wrenching and, at times, bizarre. Join Jordyn and her co-host, Matcha, for a candid and empathetic discussion about the worst ways people have been broken up with. Listen to the Jordan Jones podcast for a dose of relatable breakup stories, laughte...
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February 28, 2024 21 mins
Join Jordyn Jones in the latest episode as she fearlessly delves into the world of fears. From spine-tingling encounters with ghosts in haunted hotels to the dreaded sight of roaches and the mysterious realm of aliens. Listen as she recounts chilling experiences, from eerie ghostly encounters to the overwhelming fear of drowning or the heart-wrenching dread of losing a loved one. With her trademark conversational style and relatabl...
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February 21, 2024 22 mins
Join Jordyn Jones in this uplifting and enlightening episode as she shares personal anecdotes and dives into the best advice she's received, all while maintaining a positive and relatable vibe. From navigating stressful situations to the importance of self-love, Jordyn covers a range of topics with her signature casual and friendly tone. Get ready for a dose of positivity and inspiration as she shares her insights and personal expe...
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February 14, 2024 15 mins
In this episode, Jordyn reacts to some wild school stories shared by listeners, ranging from spitting on a principal to sneaking into school to steal test answers. She discusses the behavior and its consequences, emphasizing the importance of kindness and the impact of hurtful actions. Drawing from her own experiences, Jordyn reflects on the need to be considerate in our interactions. This episode also includes more outrageous scho...
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February 7, 2024 18 mins
In this episode, Jordyn dives into the topic of red and green flags in relationships, just in time for Valentine's Day. She starts off with a hot take on the Grammys and shares her love for Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. Jordyn then shares a crazy story about a massive storm in California and the unexpected flooding in her apartment. Moving on to the main topic, Jordyn discusses various red flags such as ghosting, valuing money o...
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