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April 12, 2024 78 mins
Today on Valentine in the Morning: Friday brings the happy news, and we scope out a few stories of what discoveries were made while tracking someone's location.

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It's the Valentine in the Morning replayWelcome to the breakfast table a Valentine in
the Morning. I laughed heartily.Oh help us respectful to say I love
you. The full show podcast startsright now one A four to three.
My fam, it is Valencie theMorning starting the show. Good morning,
Jill, how are you? Ifeel like such a dumb dumb. I'm
a dumb dumb because I didn't knowsomething, and I really feel like this

could have been very, very badif it continued on the way it was
the way it was going. Okay, yesterday, I was trying to wash
my comforter Okay, the wash anddryer throwed in the dryer. My door
would not shut to the dryer,and I've been having problems with my lint
trap. It won't go all theway down, and I have been getting

lint on the lint trap for months. So I'm like, why won't this
close? I finally get to close, I leave my garage. Where the
washer and dryer are? You wantlet me just jump in one set,
because obviously we know where this isgoing. When you say you're lint trapped,
you mean your lint trap in theactual machine. Or on the side
of the house. Oh no,in the machines. You've been having a
problem getting it to go down allthe way down, but there's no lint,

no lint at all, and you'vebeen cleaning it and everything. I've
been trying to lint. See,this is where the problem is. The
reason it wasn't going down was becausethere were four pairs of my chonies stuck
in the bottom of my lint trap. How did you get underwear set the
bottom of your lint trap? Absolutelygranny panties or small Victoria Secret things.

They are not granny panties. Theywere just small enough to fit inside a
lint trap. We'll just put itat that, all right. So I'm
like, oh my gosh, andI'm trying to unscrew the lint trap.
It won't open up the traps,like the little screen is out, but
the actual lint trap you could godown in there a little fish hook and
some thread. I got scissors,I got tongs, I got like.

I was like, you know whatI got to get in here? Yeah,
I was trying to get it alldown. Are you ready for this?
Okay, this is my hand forsize. That's how much lint was
inside my lint trap. I amshocked that I did not start a fire.
Right. Have you ever cleaned outthe ducting from your dryer outside.
I've been there for twelve years.I've never done it once. Babe,

I clean. You can have cleanprofessionally enough to make a Gramma sweater.
So now let me ask you thisbecause I'm a big fan of lint traps
and understanding how they work and everythinglike that. And I always like having
a house where the dryer is upagainst that outside wall, so the lint
run isn't far. I know somepeople have it in the interior of their
house and then you've got to runall this ducting to get outside. That's

a long way for that lint tohave to get Yes, so you've never
opened yours up? Where does itexit on your house? On the outside
of my garage, so it's allin the garage, that big long tube.
That's great, So you have accessto it. Yes, So if
you ever had to replace it,it's not hard to replace. No,
it won't be hard. That's greatto know. But I didn't know this.
I know you're supposed to clean thatout, ever, like, have

you ever been out there and justnot felt any heat or anything coming out
in the dryer's on. She alwayslook for heat and air flow. No,
I've never because when I'm doing mylaundry, the garage door is closed.
I'm not out there looking. Weshould go check every now and then.
I know, right right. Icouldn't believe it because I walked down
to my garage while it was tumblingand it smelled like something was burning.
He's like, what in the world? And then I had four pairs of

underwear. You never realized you weremissing thoseonies? Okay? Can I tell
you? Honestly? I was becauseI'm like, where did those nice ones
go? Because it was all thenice ones, like silky ones. Can
you see, like, there's mythere are my chonies? You can't.
You could just see the material They'renot on me. I didn't believe it.
So I'm so glad that my buildingdid not go up in flames.

Yeah, I can't believe. Ididn't know this, right that you have
to clean a lint traff well,no, like the actual it was just
a screen. I don't know.You yell when something got past it.
Usually there's not a bunch of stuffdown there because the LNT trap catches it,
but you probably because of the underwearbeing stuck down, their lint trap
wasn't closing properly exactly. That's solint was getting in there. So no
wonder there was no lint on thescreen. It was all collecting at the

bottom. I know. Man.Once that was cleaned, my clothes were
done in like five minutes, Likethis is this has been my problem.
Anyway, clean out your lint drops. Folks'll be asay and know where your
chonies are? Yes? Always justfive o'clock do you know where yours are?
Do you guys? Ever hear that? When you were kids, it

was like a nightly news thing theywould do, and it usually happened like
on Thursday nights and it was anational thing. It was like a public
service thing or something like that.It's Thursday night and say o'clock, do
you know where your kids are?You just to make sure that you knew
where your kids were and stuff.It was so weird. There's no story
that that was tied to. No, it was just like, you know,

paying attention to your kids. Arethey out doing something bad? A
they're out getting drugs? Are theyout get in the troubler? Or something
like that. Are they, youknow, out causing problems? Huh do
you know where your kids are?My dad would be like, you're in
your room? Yeah, all right, we checked it off. One of
four, three my family. Itis Valentine in the morning. Good morning
to you. Coachelle is this weekendI'll be going to Coachella with my son,

my wife, and three of hisfriends. So, uh, we'll
see what happens. Wizley, whathappens? When are you gonna leave?
Do you want to like handle thenine today? What do you mean handle
it like John and I can doit? You leave at nine am?
I don't know if you can handleit? A little thank you for a
show, and we get out ofhere. You guys can't even clean out
the linch trap, you know,so very I'm so sure if you can

handle flying the spaceship over here?Good point? Uh No, I probably
a bit like ten okay. Imean I know it's gonna take me forever
anyway. I don't mind long drives, and I'm driving on my own.
Unfortunately, but also fortunately, Iwas actually thinking that it might not be
as bad for you because you're goingto a hotel and you're shuttling in.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.Now, let me ask you about the
shutles on Yeah, because we aresaying a hotel, we're gonna take a

shuttle from the hotel over to Coachella. Yeah. Are there designated like shuttle
lanes or do they have oa sothey're it's stuck in the traffic lane with
all the cars. There are somestreets that you're stuck in a little bit
of it, but the majority ofthe traffic is trying to get into those
parking lots, so the shuttle bypassesa ton of that. It does.
That should help me a little,I really think it will. Yeah,
Okay, that's going to be onyour side to take the shuttle. I
think you just go right inside.They drop you off kind of near the

entrance. Right, it's just abit of a walk here, and that
shuttle mine's coming from a hotel.Yeah. I assume they must have other
shuttles off site for people to catchor something like that. Yeah, a
few different areas I believe they Okay, yeah, gotcha, and like offside
parking or something, probably a tonof offside parking. Yeah, but like
you're waiting in that's where they getyou because that's when you're waiting in all
the traffic, and then sometimes you'rewaiting in the traffic for the lot to

be closed, and then you cometo every lot and everything's closed and there's
no park in the city. ToLaura and I last Yeah, because last
year, the two of them,it took him eight hours and they just
bailed on Coachella that first night andwent to a Mexican restaurant. Yeah too.
Yeah, literally in line for likean hour and fifteen minutes, just
in a parking lot line, justfor them to be like, we're closed
and everywhere. They're like, ah, but the shuttle. I don't think
you'll have to deal with that.Oh well, that's exciting. That's good.

I think you have saved yourself withthat thing. All right, No,
not really, you should find outthe cost. I did not save
myself at all on this thing here, but I'm excited about it. I
guess, you know, first time, it'll be fun. I don't want
to catch any diseases. Did youcatch any diseases last year? None?
Then came out in the tests,all right, what you're not gonna get
a disease? Well, we can'tsay that with certainty. A disease,

yes, some kind of who knowswhat? People touch stuff with their hands
and okay, maybe a virus,yeah yeah, yeah, but a disease
case scenario COVID, there's porta ponies. Who knows who's touching what. I'm
not going to sit in any seats, obviously, I'll be a hoverer,

right, take good, Yeah,solve it, especially by day three.
Dude. Oh man, they've beenbaking in there for three days. Oh,
nobody claims them. I think theytried. They try. We've got
some kind of VIP pass. Ihope that helps. Yeah. Yeah,
you'll have some nicer bathrooms. Wellthat's good, So I have to pay
for that too. Man, theygot you coming and going with this thing.
You know, it's ridiculous, absolutelyridiculous. Hey you doing, Brian,

I'm feeling okay, okay, yeah, the friend of vibes are flowing.
That's what Lisa Fox says. Whois it? Yesterday when I was
doing my impression of missus Dallafire,somebody goes it sounded like a poor man's
Lisa Fox. Somebody texts it inbecause we have that clip of her going
hello, Hello, Yeah, whatI forgot. I was trying to do
the part where Missus Dallafi is speakingright to camera and she got a letter

from little boys parents going through divorceor something. Well, sometimes mummies and
daddies just don't feel the same wayabout each other that they felt when they
first got together. But that doesn'tmean, Darling, that doesn't mean they
don't love you anymore. They do. They love you very very much.
Well, it's pretty good. Yeah, yeah, I missed Rob Williams.

He's great. Yeah. I thoughtyou were doing a Lisa Fox impression that
entire time. No, that wasRobin Williams again, got it. Lisa
Fox doesn't have a British accent.Thank you, deary, wake me.
Valentine in the Morning. One offour three My Family nineties to now one
of four three My fam It's Valentinethe Morning. Sprina Carner. She's gonna

be a Coachella. Yeah, andall these rumors now about a certain submody
popping in the Coachella. They're evensaying where she's staying. Really, yes,
some like exclusive. I don't evenknow if it's a hotel or just
a mansion. She and him,she and him, Oh, that's right.
Maybe just say the Dame Taylor SwiftTravis. But then is that Coachella

certain that rumored just so people willbuy tickets? Probably well, weekend one
sold out. Anyway, Is thatyou told me it wasn't gonna be crowded.
Oh, I told you it's gonnabe crowd no matter what. It
was Laura that told you it wasn'tgonna be crowded. Oh, suck a
sucker. But you might have aglimpse of Taylor Swift on stage off stage,
who knows. I've seen her before. She's a very lovely lady.

I'd rather know crowds. She's notgoing. Guys, don't go cancel all
your plans. It's just gonna beme and no doubt. That's it.
That's what you want to see.Go. If not, don't go,
well, we have some artist suggestionsfor you since you will be at Coachell
this weekend. Are you ready?What do you mean by artist's suggestions?

We want you to go see openyour mind and open the app and it
lets you schedule like where you're goingto be and stuff, and it gives
you reminders and everything like that.I'm like, it's kind of a cool
app. But I'm like, oh, this is gonna be work. We
should add these to your lineup.We each picked someone that we think you
have to see this. You wantto see my straw hats I got for
all of us. Yeah, downin the car, we said all of

us. Yeah, oh you meantlike the family. Yeah, not you
in the morning summer straw hat.Oh we should make those cool. You
guys should start a knitting straw whateverweaving like knitting and straw hat. Well,
yeah, so I got these strawhats. And then I was like,
I was at Ace Hardware last night, but they're all out. It's
looking for walkie talkies, you know, God, you got yours? On

is your dad over? Collin?You got yourson? This is your dad
over? A little buddy out there? Hello? I think I turned it
off. Would you even be ableto hear him even if you had them?
Well, some of them have liketones, you can set alert tones,
vibrations, you can send them stufflike that. I should have got
them. I should have got themon Amazon like prior, because there's so

many variants. But I couldn't findany last nights. I may have to
stop like a home depot or somethingin the way home, I'm the way
down. All yeah. So theseare musical acts that you think I should
not miss. Yes, so mypick is tanase you know her? I
do? Do you tell her I'mcoming? I didn't tell her? Why
not? Do you want me todo? I can go back, stay,
you get a photo or something likeone of my dearest friends that I

can fight and that I love somuch is going to be there. Boy,
be a hood if you could say, hi, Okay, all right,
I want to know. But she'sperforming tonight. All right, I'll
be there hopefully tonight. Let's hope. What time she going on? One
pm? One pm? I'm notgonna make Why did she pick the one
pm slot? He's like, Iwant to do this and I want to

get out of here. I don'tknow. She wanted to beat the traffic.
Not only does she have a greatvoice, but she's such a great
performer. Okay, she's a greatdancer. She writes her stuff like she's
just it's so fun to watch herperform. She hots you right right,

Oh my god, one of themost women on earth. Yeah, I
know, you've been like so bombedanytime she's been up here and didn't stop
in or something like that. Yeah, you've talked matter, haven't you.
She's Jill had her send me abit here. It was just the same
hello, Hello. What it meant? It just hello? Like literally just
tello. It was kind of justlike, hey, who's this? Yeah,

Hi, okay, big fan ofyours? Love you? All right?
I dig it because nobody's like goingto be mosh kitting to this,
right. No, it was justgrooving. Yeah, I'm cool with the
grooving. Man. I don't wantto do too much. Yeah, I
don't want to groove too much.That hold John Mayer incident from years ago.
We don't want that problem again.A good head nod. Yeah,

I'm a good head nod guy,Like yeah, all right, yeah,
all right, So this couple more, let's do a break, and then
right after three things you need toknow, we'll hear how it changes,
how we go from the groove towhat John wants me to check out at
Coachella and what Brian wants me tocheck out John, what's training? So

TLC is actually trending again today becausetwenty five years ago this week No Scrubs
hit number one on the Billboard Hotone hundred. Twenty five years ago kind
of Wild, and that followed theirprevious hit Waterfalls. And I'm singing a
ton of clips resurface from the RadioMusic Awards where we were lucky enough to
see both of them. Sure don'tmake it like uh who twenty five years

ago? That's crazy. It's almostthe amount of time I've been a lot.
Yeah, But I mean I wason the year playing it. I
was going, here's TLC Waterfalls,brand new song from them. How cool
youve been doing it that long though, But I've been seeing this performance trend
a ton this week online from theAiredio Music Awards. You can stream that
performance in the entire award show onHulu. I'm John Kamuci and that's what's
trending in music. It's one offour to three Mi faminous Valencina morning.

All right, do you want toplay the song? Stright here? Brian,
right here, right now, righthere, right now, let's do
it. So they've been talking aboutwho I should see at Coachell. I'm
headed to Coachella after the show.My son started sixteen. That was his
birthday gift to one to go toCuceello. So him and a few friends
and my wife were all headed toCoachella. So fun. So Jill over
here says Tanash. I gotta seetanasehe'n She's gonna call Tanase get me back,

say hang with Nash. I'm gonnahave a weekend with Tanash. I
don't know about that, but I'lltry. Is at one o'clock today,
so the odd seas are very veryslim slim. What time do the gates
open? I Coachell today? Iwant to say noon. Do people get
there? Then? Yeah? Somepeople do. It's really empty, but
yeah some people do. Yeah,good for them. The emptiness. I
like that. So that's just picknow who's up next to you? I

want to recommend one to you?Okay, I think you need to see
Bleachers this weekend. What John wasthat? Jonathan Kimuchi? Can you not
grab the clean versions? Oh?I didn't understand that that was a But

I think you need to see Bleachersbecause A. Jack Ansonov is the lead
singer. I've had lunch with himbefore, have you really? Yeah,
downstairs at Morton's we had lunch oneday. But here's my thing with this
album, Like, I wasn't reallya Bleachers fan until this album. This
album came out. It made mea Bleachers fan. Yeah, And there's
saxophone all through this. It's verysaxy. So I think if you see
them live, you're gonna see thatsaxophone and it's gonna feel like you're dancing

in a fifties diner when they're onstage. I really think it's gonna be
such a vibe and you should checkit out, all right, when you
checked out the entire album? Didyou know that? See that? E
for explicitly notice that anywhere? Idon't know if he says that on stage
on stage? O gay right,Brian, who's next? In me?
And I selected for you? It'sdeaf tone? Not a chance on god,

I can't hear anything. How amI gonna listen this? This person's
not singing this? He is holdon beautiful youno beautiful boys? Who is
Gina Marino? This band but fromnorthern California. Excellent thing, excellent bit.
I know this seems like I'm toldingyou because this is like the loudest,

most aggressive act. But you're therefor a new experience. Open yourself
up to the possible one of thego okay, put them to the side.
Pro moment you go in there,mashing is also not that scary.
I'm not gonna mosh. It's like, my kid's not gonna mosh. This
is not for him. I gavehim a full on no mosh commands.

He's not this. You say toLeilani, I need a moment to myself.
You go over and check out thedeath Tones. You get up in
there, you let out some aggression. Who doesn't need that release of stress.
It's a lot of I mean,it's a lot of jumping, do
you know, like like upset.I was at the Iheartrad Music Awards.
In some respects, I had tojump for a lot of that show.
I had to dance for a lotof that show. I was dancing because

they put me on camera with everybodyelse and I had to dance a lot.
I'm not a front row dancer.They're gonna put me in the back
of the house next year. Whenthat time moshes. Does he have to
run up and like hit other people? No, you know you people in
the areas or listen. I've seenthe little old ladies in the mush,
but I've seen the little kids inthe marshmen. It's kids. Despits me
real quick. Yeah, so itis just kind of it. You're punching

people like the air, but likeyou're moving just kind of like you have
your hands are going out horizontally.You're punching hit but it's not like you're
gonna get hit hard and it's youknow, people were there to support you.
If you're just shoving somebody and theyshove you bad, no, No,
that's more aggressive. It's more justlike you're bumping into people. Yeah,

like you're moving around and if someone'sin your way, that's their problem.
You're not like trying to hit peoplenecessarily, but like if they're in
your way, is it dirty orbodies bumping big time? Going to skin
the skin is halfident but it's anexperience, man, Huh. I don't

know. I will say like everytime I go, because sometimes i'll check
out a set like this, it'salways the nicest people. Really that kind
of meaning, it always is.I think it's like that's their way of
letting out aggression. And then afterthe set they're like, hey, bro,
can buy you a water. Water. You wouldn't expect it, but
it's so true. The nicest people. Huh. I don't know, Brian,

if that's really me? I meanTonasi's sound a great bleachers. You
know, I like Jack anton Offfine, you know death tone seems like
it's a lot for me. Thereason I like, I only have so
many air earplugs. You know,can you put more in one ear?
It could change your life, That'sthe thing. If he's the other one
to make all those school this couldchange your life. Yeah, but what's
it going to do for me?That's a big statement. It's you're going

to realize that it just it soundsangry, but that's not bad. Let
your anger out. I'm but I'mnot angry. Okay, what name what
thing I'm angry about? You?Let all the stress up to keep fun?
Ra to now one four three MYFM. Jill's got the entertainment headlines coming

up. Eleven years since the lastfilm came out. A movie franchise is
getting a reboot. I'll tell youwhich one. Coming up at six fifty
let's do first six six thirty six, Friday, April twelfth, A chance
with this moment to kind of collectivelysalute the day in front of us,
the weekend in front of us,to hold our cup of coffee high,

have this communal spirit. Community iseverything in certain respects. We're not meant
to be totally lonely creatures in thisworld. We're very communal, we're very
tribal in certain respects. We wantto feel the touch and the love of
another, and some of you maynot have that in your life right now.
You might go to work, youmight feel like one of the loneliest
people at work. You might comehome to an empty house. You might

come home to a house full ofpeople, and yet the house still feels
empty. That feeling has probably gracedthe doorstep of many of us over the
years. And community is important.And even if just for a moment,
that human touch, that human connectionthroughout our day, look for it.

It's there and people want to shareit with you. If you feel lonely
right now, if you feel likenobody in the world wants to hold your
hand, and I'm damn sure forone of you you're hearing that right now.
No, it's not true. Thereis humanity out there. This humanity

is simply on the other side ofthis radio. As you get ready for
work or school today, the thingsyou're pretty special that does want to hold
your hand, that does want tobe that human connection for you. There's
such as me. There's people everywhere. We just have to take a chance
sometimes to open up our eyes,open up our heart, to open up
our mouth and say hi, hello, good morning. Try it today throughout

a couplexer good mornings, to seehow many you get back. Find that
connection. It's awaiting you right now. Count a stup Joe one two three,
Hello, good morning, Adele.That was right for her. Right

you want to hold the whole thingwas My whole speech was for Adele.
Now, if you don't know,we found out Adell, listens to our
show what we're just losing our minds. John Kim's got a new music Friday
coming up next and it's one offour three milevan one a four three mi

fan eat his balance at the morningsixty two? Is you headphones working?
Brian? Can you fix those?Try? Brian just kicked the counter,
our producer literally kicked the counter.I'll fix it. I'm I'm the f
from Happy Days. I just onstuff. That's a reference. Sometimes that
does work. That's what's crazy aboutin here. If you know's that reference,
by the way, which one theFawn's reference? You bang it stuff

and you fix it. No,I don't think God darn it, you
know happiness? You ever see HappyDays? No? You've never seen Happy
Days? No? What is it? Did a show? Guys? What
am I missing? Never mind yourheadphones, pay attention was happening. I'm
talking to him about Fonds and HappyDays nineteen? Have you ever seen Happy
Days? And goes? No?What is it? I didn't even know
what Happy Days was in a frameof reference, never heard what the fawns?

Do you know the fawns? No? I'm looking at John and I'm
not judging at all, but theidea that you still in pop culture don't
know who the fawnds is. It'sfascinating. I get it you didn't watch
Happy Days before your time, butjust a pop culture references to the Fonds.
I thought it would have somehow foundits waying to your ethos. Barely
recognize any of these actors, noteven the theme. So Henry Winkler,

do you know the guy? RonHoward? Ron Howard listenery director with celebrity
names. Oh, here's his picture? Wow? Wow, we cross all
generations at Valentine in the morning,fans handed me water when I ran the
marathon. That's Henry Wrinkler was rightthere. In the sud rope passed out

water. I got water from HenryWinkler at the marathon. So it was
funs just like the main character dudelike he was a cool guy, rode
a motorcycle. Nice. Yeah,fun's really art the funds really and then
if someone's broad and goes, hey, old nun, I'll fix the juke
box. Oh it's playing. Thenit was playing. My headphones just went
out again. Oh did they reallywhen I did that? Oh? So
let's try it again. Oh they'reback kidding all right, So nimisic Friday?

What do you got Johnny? AllRight, We're gonna start with doing
lipa? Can she miss? NoChance? Her latest taste is here from
her third album. This one isa song called Illusion. She's something special,

she is. Brian's really got athing for her music, right,
and I get it. I getit. There's just something captivating about her,
for sure. But she's saying,you think I'm a fall for your
illusion? No chance? And shepaired it with this new music video that's
out today too, and they're dancingon a naval ship and just everything just

works. So the theme of thisshe's dancing on a navy ship. Yeah,
man, like Shared did on theAircraft carried back in the day,
maybe's you know, I'm so sorry. It was the dumbest thing I've ever
said in my life. And nowShare. So the theme of this album
that she's got coming out. Thealbum's called radical optimism. She said it
was a term that she recently learnedfrom a friend, and so that's the

theme of this album. She's pushingthrough all the chaos, just trying to
be authentic and optimistic as she goesinto her life with all this chaos surrounding
her. And I'm like, whata theme for the summer that we should
follow to amen for that's craziness thisyear, Let's just have some radical optimism.
Let's just do a Leifa illusion outtoday. Listen to this for a

second. This is a man ora woman a man. His name is
Jake Songs. Felt like somebody hadthat from it here. So Jake is
the artist, good looking, verypopular online, very tall guy, kind
of looks like Jacob Alardy. Youmight have heard some of his songs before.
He's known for being an independent artist. And he's got this new track

right here. It's called this isWhat Slow Dancing feels like, and it's
kind of like a perfect first dancesong, and it's got that old time
he vite to it, kind ofgot that Stephen Sanchez. It sounds like
he's singing it through one of thoseold microphones. This what are and that's

why it calls it, this iswhat slow dancing feels like. There's some
people online who are already using thisas their first dance song at weddings,
and I kind of like that aboutJake. He kind of titles all his
songs like that. He has onecalled this is what Winter feels like,
this is this is what dancing feelslike. And I kind of like that,
like using music to be like,this is the emotion that I feel
listening to this and this is whatthat feels like. An issue with this

one, though, I have onedrap. I've been pumped this song all
week. He teased it at thebeginning. Then late last night he comes
out with this post and he says, I'm still working on the song.
It actually comes out Monday. Comeon, I'm so pumped. So it's
supposed to be part of this newmusic Friday job. It still comes out
at the end of the weekend,but this one from Jake. This is
what slow Dancing feels like, willbe out Monday. And finally we're gonna

send you off into Coachella with abrand new song from a Coachella performer,
Sabrina Carpenter. This is our newone out today is called Espresso. Night
Men. You can see Espresso's justwhat that was gonna need this day a
week, awake, three days,stay a week. He's just stay a

week at Coachella. We found thisguy in the campground there. He's been
here for five days. But that'skind of a point in this one.
She's like, I'm the one that'sgonna keep you up at night that Espresso.
And she's playing tonight at Coachella.Now you might be able to make
this out. Okay, And thefirst time she plays this song live really
okay. She's been opening up forthe aerostore for Taylor Swift tonight. She's

gonna meet that Coachella stage. Sostay awake on the drive there, Pops
went on, it's called this.Yeah, I'm gonna stay awake in the
drive there. I plan on doingthat. Yeah, yes, I will
get to stay awake on the drivethere, drive back to Sunday, drive
back to right, Oh, maysleep on the couch. I might not
make it home. Am I justcrashing the couch on Sunday? I've thought
about that so many times. Yeah, just coming back from the show,
be like, maybe I should justgo to sleep on the cat right exactly,

By the way, a lot ofpeople reaching out down and love the
music and stuff. Also, HappyDays is where the term jump the shark
comes from. Do you know thatjump the shark? These are just words
to me. You've never heard,Oh you jumped the shark? Never in
my life. Wow, if youdon't jump the shark show, Yeah,
Fons jumps over the sharks, andthat was where it comes from. And
it was about like, oh mygod, you run out of ideas now,
oh you jumped the shark, andthat's from this show. For the

show, yeah, he jumps overshark. Then somebody actually a radio guy,
coined that phrase afterwards. So itjust now I really feel old John.
You gotta watch more TV. Ohmy god, John, what you
don't know the fawns jump the sharksof the Shark. Oh my god,
John, I'm officially old. Comeon, he's got some homework to do.
The funds. Like it's just oneof those shows that's gonna stand the
test of time. Though, Likeif I go back and watch it,

is it's still gonna be No,I didn't know it's yes and no,
probably not. But it was sucha part of American TV pop culture.
I would say watch it a littlebit, Okay, Yeah, watch a
few episodes, get into it.You'll kind of understand the characters pretty fast
and stuff. You don't have towatch all the seasons so much to catch
up on. I still haven't doneSeinfeld The Sopranos. Yeah, there's so
much. Yeah, Sopranos is different. I mean, that's a whole thing

you got to get into and thatwill stand the test of time. Happiness,
I mean, it'll send a testombecause it was part of like America
in the you know, late seventiesand pop culture and where we were.
So it's just like a seventies friendsessentially. No, but it's not family.
Yeah. Is it set more likein the sixties or something, or
is it set in the set?I think it's more set like the diner

type age. And then Ron Howardactually was in a show prior to that.
Does this mean anything to the AndyGriffiths Show. Yeah, okay,
we're getting see, we're geting there. You know the Andy Griffith Show.
Yeah, roughly, you don't knowthe Andy Griffiths Show. I just like
I know I've heard it. It'slike way before Happy Days. Well somehow
I know that black and white.You never heard of Happy Days though,
woa. Maybe if you heard thetheme song you might recognize it. Maybe.

Well, I think we've gone downthis classic Turner TV road too long.
Anyway, you want to recognize musicfrom today, there's a playlist on
the free Just search my New Musicand it'll pop right up one O four
to three MYFM. Here's what's comingup in entertainment headlines. It's the new
animate animated at teenage mutant Ninja Turtlesmovie in the works. This one's gonna
be rated art and it sounds terrifying. I'll tell you the plot right after

trapping one or four three m it'svalences in the morning. My eyes are
kind of like tearing up a littlebit, and I hope it doesn't come
across in the air. But Ihave a beard bomb on and it's like
some kind of mental only beard bombthat Brian gave me years ago, and
it's been sitting in my drawer andtoday I just decided to try this beard
bomb. Very nice that tide theline, I know, but it's coming

up into my eyes and I alsofeel like it could have gone bad because
it felt like it was like surfboardwax. I did give that to you.
I don't know ten years ago.Don't wonder your eyes are filling up
like what has happened to my face? I at the Coachella how weird beard
momb Battle to sex is We're gonnaplay that together coming up after Miley Cyrus

Real Good seven o nine. Itis Valence had in the morning. This
is what a four to three myFM. So all day to day.
He is a Mike for a ticket. Friday, we got a chance for
you to see Jennifer Lopez at theForum. This is all day today.
We'll give you a cuter call youdial eight sixty six five four four my
f m oh, this was agem. You just hop on the phone

line. We sell you to callin and you could be seen a little
boutang. I'm gonna have this crankingon the right down the Coachella theme song.

So anyway, that's coming up allday long today. When you hear
a study to call it for jLow you do that eight six six five
four four MYFM right now. Itis a battle of the sex. Is
represent the medazine is Alvin. Helives in the one day. He works
as a product manager and enjoys coachinghis kids' sports team. Let's hear it
for our friends. Oh, hello, everybody, Hello, Alvin reasoning the

ladies. Her name is Julie.She's from Sherman Oaks. She works as
a loan processor and enjoys going tothe gym. Let's do it for Julie.
What's up, Julie? Hello,Hello Friday morning. Hello, here's
that works, Julie. I'm gonnaask a few questions, alvinj just gonna
be asking you some questions. Bestout of three wins, still time the

end of regulation. We're gonna announcea tough tiebreaker question. Let us start
with the ladies. What Green BayPackers quarterback was named Super Bowl MVP in
twenty eleven? Aaron Jacobs, AaronRodgers, Aaron Rodgers, Yeah, can

you get to say non Alvin?According to the twenty sixteen Bruno Mars song
title, What's on the floor snyOh Versachi all right. Current score is
zero to zero. Catherine Zeta Joneswon an Oscar for her role as a

showgirl in What Musical She Could Know? That is correct? Nice job.
Alvin who starred as roxy Heart inthat same Chicago film Queen Lata, No,
she was a Mama. Morton ReneeZellwegger was roxy Heart. Current score

one to nothing. Ladies. AlfonsoRibero replaced Tom Bergeron as host of what
television show, Dancing with the stunDada, America's Funny his Own Videos,
bibit Oh, and Alvin, whowas the original host of America's Funniest Home

Videos. Oh Oh, you gotbuzzed? You got buzz Really you think
you got buzz And there might besome pushback on the Dancing with the Stars
about to say yes. Tyra Banksreplaced Tom Bergeron, then Alfonso replaced Right,

That's what I was so confused aboutwhen you said I got a little
nervous. Tyra was the one thatplaced, so that's why she said that.
So she was kind of correct,but in the wording of the thing,
it wasn't. I mean, ladieswin anything. Just in case we
get some text, we're just gettingget ahead of your texting. That's all
we're doing here, Julie. Congratulations. You want a Battle of the Sexes

championship certificate posted on social use thehashtag downtime in the morning and share it
with pride. They're well, they'rewell. Thank you. You've also won
a pair of tickets to see BrunoMars into It Dome on the Longest sixteenth.
Tickets are on sale now at ticketmasterdot com. Congrats, I die,

Nice job, Nice Jane, You'rewelcome. Well listen Alvin as you
exit the stage. This moment isentirely yours. You take it away.
Shout out to my wife Jenday andmy three kids, Adrian and Jonas and
Jackson. Thanks for having me on. Appreciate it. You got it.
Have a great weekend. Brother,seven twenty, It's Valentine in the morning.
This one of four three Mi famWe got happiness coming up. You
want to be part of that.Reach out at three one oh four three.

If there's anything that's making you smile, can you tell us what that
is? Small, settle thing,biggest thing, share it with us.
We want to read on the airthree one oh four three. John was
trending. So yesterday, when thisnews dropped, I got a notification on
my phone and within second I geta text from Jill saying, oh my
god, Taylor Swift's music back onTikTok. Remember earlier this year, Universal

Music Group had their music pulled offTikTok as part of a dispute between the
label and TikTok. Well, someof Taylor's music is back a week ahead
of her album coming out next weekthe Torture Poets Department official audio for All
Too Well Cruel Summer Style. Andto be honest, it's kind of unclear
how this happened. Oh, youdon't know what happened. We don't really
know. Oh I thought you knew. You have the inside. I do

have the inside scoop. Here whatTaylor purchased TikTok, So I think that's
the inside scoopy. I would notbe surprised. But if you're looking to
use some of Taylor's music ahead ofthat album released, some of that music's
back up there. I'm Jah Kamuchiand that's what's training in music. Okay,
happy news is coming off? Youwant to be part of that?
Three one oh four three three oneoh four three, be feting everyone because

long gift you feel moments can nowthis You're a happy news. It's eight
six six five four four. He'ssixteen now. The kid turns sixteen this
week. We're gonna celebrate his birthdaythis weekend at Coachella. Wow. Wow,

but my happiness. I got matchingstraw hats for all of us.
All right. I was down Today'shard were last night and found some matching
straw hats. We're gonna look socool out there. What's your happiness,
Jill? I'm so happy. It'sbeen in the back of my mind for
months and now it's finally done.I did my taxes yesterday. I finally

finished. I was about procrastination,but I'm just happy to be done.
Yeah. The deadline is the fifteenth, But is that is that Monday?
The fifteenth? Monday? Yeah,mine are at the tax place. They
haven't got back to me yet,but I'm sure they're done, so hope
from cash backs like the irs.Yes, they're at the taxes now.
I CPA. What about you?John? With you happies? I'm so

excited. So I'm going on attriple date tonight. One of my best
friends has a new girlfriend and Ibarely know her, like I think I've
met her in Crossing once. LikeWe're going to spend some time and really
get to know her tonight. AndI'm so excited. Wow, is Olivia
going with you? She is?Yeah? Okay, so three of you
all hanging out, three different couples, right right? Wow? Are you
going to go? We don't knowyet, we haven't picked a place.

But my friend Joe Jolly Joe broHe's has a girlfriend, a girlfriend.
I know he's cuffed up. Ohyeah, so I'm excited to meet this
girl. Oh is he cuffed up? Yeah? Is that what a girlfriend
is? Cuffed up? Yeah?Okay, yeah, like handcuffs. Yeah
yeah, you could say that.Yeah, cuffing season. Yeah right.

I didn't know that meant like justboyfriend girlfriend. I thought that meant like
you got engaged or something. Ohno, no, so it's just like,
hey, we're cuffed up. Yeah, let's cuff it baby, coughing
baby, Brian, what's your happening? Is My son Micah is into a
y soa soccer now and he experiencegood for the first time I've ever his
team won a game. Oh mygod, did you get a goal.

He played goalie and he saved theother like a goal, and then they
they won because of his you know, yeah or whatever you say. I
don't know. I hate to likedo this to you your I mean,
I don't want to. Don't tellme, dalmate keeper he played. He
played keeper, so goalie is likehockey. He played keeper and he prevented

the other team from scoring. Andyes he was. He was so happy
that they watched. Does he fallon the ball and like lay there for
a couple of seconds to make alittle bit of a time delay. No,
he's not that they should do that. Yes, we might have some
gloves for him we'll take Yeah,Oh that's awesome. Is that his regular
position? No, just trying itout normally defense, but then they needed

him at goalie and he stepped up. Man, right, he must be
aggressive. He's very aggressive. Lovethat. I'm great. You can't teach
aggression to a kid. They haveto kind of find their own way.
So the fact that you're firstborn hasan aggression, that's great because usually like
the middle child, like you think, okay, like Maddox is going to
be lights out, just like knockingpeople over being middle child. Yeah right,

But MIKEA doing this. It's greatman. Well, thank you,
Val I knew you would love it. Three one oh four three eight sixty
six five four four MYFM. Whatis your happiness? Text Valentine in the
morning three one oh four to three. I'm Russell Ford Detro traffic on one
o four three my FM. Allright, Russell, thank you very much,
by the way, what's your happynews, Russell? Oh my,
my happy news is that I'm I'mgonna have a nice, relaxing weekend this

weekend. I'm not gonna be atCoachella unfortunately. Oh the good adult weekend.
What'd you do? Nothing? Absolutelynothing? Oh it was the best
weekend ever. I did nothing.Well. You enjoy your weekend. Then,
weather today partly cloudy, TIMPs sixtiesloseseventies, scattered showers Tomorrow and Sunday
only about happening. Terrain total expectedthough over the weekend fifty six and dwarf

Day fifty seven. Huntington Beach.Jill's got in the entertainment headlines coming up
a certain Las Vegas residency just addeda ton of new dates. I'll tell
you who coming up with seven fiftyHeather, good morning, what is your
happy news. Good morning guys.Hi Heather, I just I just wanted
to share that my seventeen year oldson recently enlisted in the Navy. He's

gonna ship out in July, buthe's going in as a nuclear technician.
We're super exciting he enlisted. Sois it a delayed entry program or how
does it work? Yeah? Whenhe graduates, when he got high school
here in six weeks, that's amazing. We're excited for him. Yes,

And what's his ms? What's hegonna do again, He's going to be
a nuclear technician, So he'll bethe person that builds the computer that powers
the nuclear reactor, that powers thenuclear aircraft carrier. What experience does he
have? Wait a minute, he'sgonna be the guy that's running the entire
thing. That's so cool. AndI will tell you that's a good job

to have, even though I don'tknow that much of it. My brother
in law was a Navy guy onsubs for a long time. He works
at a new power plant up inthe Northeast and it's been a great career
for him. And then when hedecides to retire, he can consult because
a lot of those men and womenthat serve in the navy, that work
in that world. They love thatin the private sector. So he's going

to do well whether he stays inor gets out. That's awesome. Are
you there? I'm here. Hesaid that you were going under the water
in a sub Will he go on? Will he go out to see what?
Will he be on a sub?No? He opted out of the
submarine, so he'll be on anaircraft carrier. Oh, that's so cool.
Good for him. I know you'reso proud. We are very proud.

Awesome. Well tell the congratulations anda big thank you for your service
ahead of time. Okay, welldo thank you guys. All right,
you take care quiet? John idiot? Who this is? Village people?
Yeah? I feel like it ringsa bell dance stance revolution. Okay do

you remember that? Yeah? Okay, because I would play this all the
time, and I was an expertat this song. Do you know this
song? The Yaca? Do youknow that? Okay? The generations of
this show is absolutely amazing. Hey, Annabeth, good morning. How are
you today? Good morning, I'mwonderful. How are you guys? We're
doing good? What's your happy newsthis weekend? My husband and I are

celebrating our twenty ninth anniversary. Oh, girls, heading up to San Francisco
after work tonight. Good for there, We're gonna go see Steph Curry play
in Persons. Good for you havean absolute blast. That's so great.
Twenty nine years. Wow, wejust celebrated first time in San Francisco.
Oh is it really? Oh?He'll love. Yeah, you have an

anniversary this week? I did.Yeah, thank you for asking me.
I was kind of leaning down thatroad. No, we just celebrated at
twenty six and can I tell yousomething very funny about that? Yes,
So my wife she makes a post. You know where I'm going to Would
you like to lead this story?Go right ahead? She posted about your
anniversary. Yes, twenty six years. Yeah, happy twenty six years or

whatever she said. But then shewrote, here's to twenty four more.
Oh, putting an expiration on it. She's putting an end date. Most
people, when people do this commonly, they'll say something like twenty six years,
here's to another twenty six You commonlyuse the same number that you're celebrating,
or you don't put a number onit. There's so many more.

Yeah, forever sounds good. Yeah, but twenty four more years. I
will be uh, I will beout there free if you're looking for me.
Now, you know, plan ahead, plan ahead, right, She's
obviously planning ahead. She's got aplan in place. I was die laughing.
She thought it was so funny too, because I know people would think
that ha ha see I am thefunny one in the family. An expiration

date on our marriage. She roundfifty, like what a milestone. I
know, I know, but fiftytwo is pretty good as well. Joe,
yes, getting past fifty or maybeshe's like, well, that's when
the insurance money runs out. Soidefigure out this and Beth have a great
weekend. Thanks for calling us.Okay you guys YouTube Okay, bye right
bye, and here's due twenty fourmore is ever done? Seriously, Sam

Smith, I don't want to betonight. It is one of four three
mifm. It's Valentine in the morning. If you've got happiness, reach out
three one o four three. Thisis something we do every Friday, do
a little bit throughout the week,and it's always there for you honestly as
an outlet if you just text init. Three one oh four three that's

our text line. We have thesebig screens here in our studio and your
text scroll right across. So verylive interactive morning show and listen if it's
your first time coming to our showor your first time coming to one four
three MIFM. Just a bunch offriends hanging out around a breakfast table.
That's what you get here. Andwe just got a couple of microphones in
front of us. Odd for breakfasttable. I get it, you know,

I get it. Well, that'swhat we have and you always always
have a place at this table.So please do reach out, even if
it's your first time. Three oneoh four to three. A ton of
happy news text coming in. Thissays my son Dakota is taking his driver's
license test today. Good luck,Dakta. My happy news. I was
just promoted to staff accountant with myjob at Viking Cruises. Congratulations another time,

says my daughter Ava, she's sixyears old, has a cheer competition
at Knotsberry Farm. And then Tillysaid, I just booked my trip.
I'm flying out to meet my momand sister to see Mulan Rouge on Broadway.
I haven't seen them in a longtime, and we're all very excited.
Oh my gosh, Mulan Rusge onBroadway. Oh, how amazing would
that be? It's so good.By the way, if you work for
Viking Cruises, how amazing is broadcastingfrom the LEDO Deech set it up?

Yes, make it happen. Welove cruising. We have a friend of
ours does the radio show New Yorkand they're always going on cruises and broadcasting
live. We were so jealous everysingle time was here. A. Yeah,
it's not fair. It's not fair. Sewo what's your happiness? Reach
out right now, one oh fourto three MYFM. Here's what's coming up
in entertainment headlines. If you're afan of any of the Bachelor's spinoffs,

We've got some news this morning.It's all over for one couple. One
four three my SM entertainment headlines.It is sadly all over for our Golden
Bachelor Gary and his wife Teresa.Stop it, No, they got married?
Are you kidding me? I'm sorry, I'm as shock right now.

So these rumors started last week.We've been talked about it on the show
because people were saying that they weren'tliving together, and they weren't because he
still lived in Indiana. She stilllived in New Jersey. But everybody kept
saying like, oh, no,they're fine, they're fine, They're fine.
Well, we had that house thathe built for his wife that had
passed away or something. It wasa beautiful home by a lake or something.
I believe a picture is like outin the woods or something. I

don't know. They announced that theyare getting divorced. What were they married?
Three months? A divorce depends onthe state, Okay, And uh
So he was on Good Morning aMaria and he said, Teresa and I
have had a number of heartheart conversations, and we've looked closely at our situation,
our living situation, so forth,and we've come to the conclusion mutually

that it's probably time for us todissolve our marriage. Then Teresa said,
we have received so much love andsupport from so many people who watch The
Golden Bachelor, and I don't thinkwe can tell you how many people told
us that it gave them so muchhope. And she said, we want
none of that to change for anybody, and an artist for them, I'm

just not wasting even more time,like knowing what they want immediately and making
those decision. Yes, and anartist has doubled her dates for her residency
in Vegas. Mariah Terry. Shehas added more dates to her shows in
Vegas, including some in late Julyand then early August. And this is

on top of the date she announcedfor April. So she is just adding
more and more dates. And ifyou want to see Mariah and Vegas,
those tickets are gonna go on saletoday at ten am. I'm Jill with
your entertainment hup tech. Make sureif you do see Mariah that you are
in for a long night because shewill pause for the Glam Squad like four
or five times during a show thatHollywoodall Show. Oh my gosh, dude,

two songs in Darlings, give meone second. I'm just gonna pause
for the glam Squad. You know, gotta have the glam Squad. Everyone's
like, yeah, the squad.Oh my god, we've got the Battle
of Sex is coming on. Youguess when we're part of that. It's
eight six six five four four MIFM. Good morning to you for getting ready
for school. It's gonna be agreat day, an awesome day if you
headed into work feeling good about ittoo. Shaggy Wood one of four to

three miles famous Valencin in the morning, rumors that she might be at Coachella,
y'all gonna be bummed out. Ohanybody want to buy my ticket?
You bummed out? Then I'm sittingthere hanging backstage with Taylor and Travis and
in the VIP section I'm hearing duringLona del Rey's set, she's apparently,

Oh, it's like Sunday night's havingthe Winter Street. I believe it is
Sunday night. Is it Sunday night? Yeah, I'll probably be driving back
at that point. I think it'sFriday night. Actually today. Oh hello,
nobody knew though, well, butyou did though, You're like,
I think it's Sunday night. Maybeit's Friday night. Maybe what days today?

Battle of Sex is coming up,Jennifer Lopez. Your chance to hang
it with her. It's my freeticket Friday. So anytime we tell you
to call in with j Low,you hit those phone lines, you can
be seeing her in concert. That'llbe coming up very very soon. Wink
wink, hint hint soon. DHDlistened to your heart one of four to

three, I fam it is balancedotday morning. You get the blood pumping
right there. Huh cool dancing inthe studio. Are you sweating over there?
Yeah? Wow, you were reallygoing after it. Too good for
you? It really was right.I went hard for like thirty seconds and
I poured a new cup of coffeecoming up later on this hour? What
did you discover while tracking somebody's location? Texting at three one oh four to

three. My poor family, theydidn't know that we were going to drop
off the girl Scout cookies at Bobpap Uso at Lax. This was years
ago, years ago. They didn'tknow we were going that day. Yeah,
and they all have my location.They all thought I just finally snapped
and left town because they saw meat Lax and everybody was like what in
the world. Like the group chat, I like one hundred texts with my

family chat when I finally got backto my head and now she's inside because
we're dropping off cookies for the girlScouts. They thought, like she said
that Jill snap, She's hopping ona plane, she's leaving the country.
I was getting text from Karen,her mom, going, do you know
what's going on? Jill? She'sat Lax. Do you know what's happening?
It's wild? How easy that thoughtcame to them. Oh yeah,
yeah, it was a dark timefor me. It made sense back then,

it did make sense, Like Iwould have expected to come in to
the show one day and she's textand goes, I'm not there, I'm
good. Were up, and theperson that my family texts if anything's wrong.
They need to stop that because if, like God forbid, somebody passed
away in the family or something likethat, Sheill might be catching a plane
the Guatemala or whatever it is.They text me like, I know.

I'm like, I don't have herlocation. People, you have her location.
I was gonna get massage one time, and they texted Valve if he
could go over to check on meat the house. They didn't know I
was gonna be a massage. Iwasn't responding to any text. So she's
not responding any text. I happenedto live as Santa c Leader with my
wife and son and at the time, and so like, can you run

over and see if she's okay.There's another time of the race over there
too. That's not when you thoughtyour water heater was on fire. It
wasn't that Jill looked into her waterheater and she saw the pilot flame,
and she thought, oh my god, my water heater's on fire. She
literally saw the pilot flame in thereand thought it was a problem. Left
the house. She left the housethinking was going to explode because she saw

the pilot plane in the water heater. Oh man, So anyway, what'd
you find out when you track somebody'slocation? Three one oh four to three.
But right now it is a battleof the sexes reps in the men.
His name is James. He livesin the Hopper Heights, works as
an insurance adjuster, and enjoys playingbasketball. What up, James, Hey
James, good morning? Two barksfor him here thought James was the dog

hey b representing the ladies. Hername is Cassandra. She's from East Los
Angeles, shereks, has a teacher'sassistant and enjoys game nights with the family.
Let's hear for Cassandra. He slowsin the house. All right,
here we go. Here's how itworks, Cassandra. I'm gonna ask you
a few questions, James, Jill'sgonna be asking you the questions. Best

at the three wins still tied theend of regulation, we go to a
not's a tough tie breaker question.Let us start with the ladies. What
fast food chain introduced the baconator intwo thousand and seven? Think John Camucci

Wendy's now Wendy's. John loves Wendy's, He loves her spicy nugs, he
loves her? What else? Sendhim on poll apart? Dude? Right?
Oh, James, what fast foodchain introduced the crunch rap? Supreme
cargo? Though? Yep, that'sright. Current score guys up one?
Oh? What member of the BlackEyed Peas sings the song Big Girls Don't

Cry for You? That's correct?Nice job, James, who released a
song called crimea River on their debutalbum Justinterally? Yes, all right,
we're playing now. Current score istwo to one. Guys, got to
get the stright through the men win. Cassandra Camilla Cabeo left What Girl Group

in twenty sixteen to pursue a solocareer. Fifth harmony, Fifth harmony is
correct, James, can we look? Abao played What Princess in the twenty
twenty one movie for Amazon Prime Video? What Princess think of a princess?

Bo that? Oh you got buzz? But it was Cinderella. I almost
feel like he was saying something,but the phone didn't sound like it was
getting through. But I mean yougotta go by that right, Get a
better phone, bro, get abetter phone. What are you a horse
over there by the way? Whatis that? What didn't mean them?

No? I wasn't that. Isaw his face. No, James,
he said, I saw his face. He's like, give it a phone,
bro, all right? That meansto go to ans. A tough
tie breaker question. Holl aren't youname to know? The answer you name
will be your buzzer. Wait untillour producer Brian Burton finishes asking the question
before you buzz in? What animalcan you do? An impression of James

horse dog? That's a dog,Dad, there's a horse in my house.
You got it? You win,James, Nice job, buddy.
Battle of a Sexist Championship certificate postedon cel shoes a hashtag Valentine in the
Morning. You share that with pride, okay and clear that runaway. Here

comes twenty one p takea in MyTime, Mama, twenty one pilots Into
It Home August twenty seventh, onso Now at ticketmaster dot com. There
is a bonus chance to win onlinefor everybody one O four to three miaf
in dot com. Congrats, man, pair excited. I can tell dog's
excited too. I love that.Now listen, Cassandras, you exit the

stage. This moment is entirely yours. You take it away. Thank you
guys for letting me playing. AndI want to give a shirt to my
mom and my brother and cousin Hort. Listen right now you got a big
shout out to them. You guyshave a great weekend. Okay too,
thank you. All right, John, what's trending? There's a grandma trending

right now. She's getting some attentionbecause she just broke the world record for
the world's longest plank. Planks whenyou kept to keep your forearms and toes
on the ground, you got tokeep your whole body up. It works
your abs and your core. Well, this grandma, Donna Jean Wild,
fifty eight years old, just brokethe Guinness World Record for the longest time
in a plank for a woman,four hours and thirty minutes. Four hours

and thirty minutes blanking thirty minutes.She held that thing out there. How
about that? Fifty eight years old? How old is she? Fifty eight?
Okay? Is that wild has agrandma, mom of five, a
grandmother of twelve. Wow, okay, still killing it. I'm joh Kamuci.
That's what's training on socials. Okay, coming up? Three one o
four three? Text in what didyou discover when you were tracking somebody's location?

So? What did you discover whenyou were tracking somebody's location? Find
my iPhone, find my friends,you know, whatever you use Life three
sixty, whatever it was, what'dyou find? Three one oh four three?
Maria texted and said, I trackedmy mom. I live in La
she lives in Athens, Greece.I spend my entire life constantly worried about

her. And another text textandents andmy husband I go to a tea house
all the time. When I stoppedto check his location, sometimes he will
be there after work by himself atthe old tea house. She's spilling some
tea here one a four three,My fam, it is Valentine in the
morning, talking about what you foundout when you were tracking somebody? Life

three sixty, find my iPhone,find my friends, whatever you're finding.
Right, there's all different apps forthat stuff. So the other day,
when i'd finished up hosting this thing, with John Bonjob over at the iHeartRadio
Theater. I was amped up,was great Bonjos getting a new album coming
out Call Forever, It's fantastic.We sat down and talked to John about
it. So afterwards, I'm like, I'm kind of hungry. So I
texted my family and I go,hey, guys, about to leave a

theater on the way home. Callin. Texted back, Mom and I picked
you up some pasta and pizza.We'll leave it the counter when you get
home. And I go, that'sokay, I'm grabbing something. I'm just
about to pull out right now.And that was it. Well, my
kid out of curiosity. He hadto go on Life three sixty and find
out what I was pulling out of. And when I got home, he

stayed up. It's like ten thirtyat night. He was waiting for me,
like at the door when I pulledin, kind of like a parent
does when you're out too late ona date or something like that. Yeah,
waiting for me, and he goes, you stink, like what you
stink? I know where you were. I know where you went. What

are we talking about? What doyou think you figured out? Brian that
you were at his favorite chicken placeraising canes, exactly right. And you
didn't bring him anything back. Hehad pizza and pasa. Oh, so
you went to raising canes without me. I'm like, you weren't there even
I know that that's your thing withhim. He loves raisin canes. He

loves it. So he's like somad that with the raisin caines. But
he was able to see you werethere, yeah, because he was tracking
me, that stalker. So whatabout you? Three one four three in
the morning, three one four three. Jill's got the entertainment headlines coming up.
It happened a show that was canceledon CBS was just renewed for season

eight. I'll take you the showcut up at eight fifty. Mariam,
you're tracking your sister's location. Whatdid you discover? I caught him eating
on my mom's health together without me? Stop it. You caught your sisters
hanging out without you. They forgot. I had a key and I walked
into them with buffalo walling spread outall around the couch. Oh, different

flavors, and they were like eatingall spread out, watching a movie their
faces and I walked in. Theywere like, eh, we thought you
were working Doe. Oh they shouldhave called you. I get it.
You're the sister, right, I'mthe oldest. Nobody likes to be left
out. It's tough, you know. Some sisters click more than others.

I get it. And they wereat tom last week too. Oh my
god, these monsters keep the listall right. Thanks Mary, Let me
take care of right. I loveyou guys. Thanks Mary. By By
eight sixty six five four four ofmy m texting three one oh four three
Julia and her most of beach.Good morning, How are you today?

Good morning? I'm great. Howare you guys? We're doing good.
So who were you tracking? Iwas tracking my roommate. What'd you discover?
I discovered that she was on adate with her ex boyfriend, who
we are not fans of. Ohwell, listen, you saw she was

on a date. But how didyou discover she's on a date with her
ex boyfriend? You're just tracking alocation? What gave it away? Before
she left? I hadn't seen herin a bit, just because our schedules
are kind of hectic with work.Yeah, and so I was so excited
her and I was excited to getcaught up. And she was like,
oh, I'm running out to yoga, but let's get up tonight. And
so it gets to be like ninepm, and I know for a fact

yoga does not go that late.Yeah, you're stuck in a pose at
that point, right, you're likedown where dogs stuck or something. I'm
like, I don't need to gorescue her or something. Looked it up.
She was on a date and shegot home and I was like,
oh, you're home late. Wherewere you? She's like, oh,
I just when you know what thewith some of my friends. I'm like,

I know all your friends. Weare all your friends, we're all
here, and and then we continuouslyI saw another one of our all you
cut out, all you're cutting out. Yeah, we'll wait. We're just
a live radio, all right.So good. So then you you figured
it out though, you figured outthat she's with her ex boyfriend. Did

you confront her? I did,yeah, And it didn't go No,
it doesn't. When you confront somebodythat's into somebody else, kind of a
let in life, they have tofind their own way out of a relationship.
Sometimes that might be a toxic boyfriend, it might be a toxic relationship.
But you telling her that he's wrong. You know, she's made the

choice to be with him, sothen she feels like she's defending her choice
as well. So you have tobe there to support people, but telling
them they're doing the wrong thing,sometimes it just doesn't work out. No,
exactly, So we're trying to lether come to that conclusion on her
own. Yeah. It's just abummer to have to sit back and as
there every time something happens. That'sthe smartest part. Yeah. Yeah,

And thankfully they always realize it.You know, it takes them some time,
but when it's not right, youwill. It's seeing the pain of
somebody going through something right, andyou see there are trials, stribulations.
You want to step in and help. Because you're at thirty thousand feet you
can see that this guy may notbe right for her, But she's in
the cockpit with him, she's flyingthat plane with him. She has to

realize that he's not her co pilot, and that takes time. Julie,
do you still have your location?Oh? I do? Nice? Keep
that eye open. Yeah, Ilook like Jill and I are like trying
to get some like really heartfelt device. We got an occasion, We got
the nice. Keep that keep thateye open, then keep open. Jah,

Thanks for calling, and you havea great weekend. Okay you do.
You guys have a good day.We appreciate you. Thank you very
much. Jennifer Lopez your chance tosee her, very very very next one

of four to three, My familyeat is Valence in the morning. What
do you say you pick up thatphone right now? What do you say
you call us? Eight sixty sixfive four four my FM G one O
four to three My entertainment headlines.Five Nights at Freddy's is officially getting a

sequel. So this film was basedon the video game and it's about a
security guard played by Josh Hutcherson whotook a job at a pizzeria with murderous
animatronic animals. And the first moviesurprised everyone and made seventy eight million dollars.
And now they're saying they have someloose ends to tie up, and

they think they have to come backin a sequel to tie those loose ends
up. So Five Nights, FiveNights at Freddy's officially getting a second movie.
And about a year ago, theCBS show Swat was canceled, but
a couple days later, they saidnever mind, and they brought it back
for a seventh and final season.Well, SWAT is beating the odds a
second time and has been renewed foranother season season eight. Shamar Moore will

be back to star on the showand be an executive producer. But they
aren't calling it a final season.They're just saying it's been renewed for season
eight, so there might be evenmore after that. I'm Jill with Entertainment
headlines. Shamar more love. Iknow as soon as you say his name,
I could see you were going toa different place. I love him.
The story didn't matter after that.Do you the first time you met

Shamar Moore? Yes? I do. Don't we tell the story here commonly
people when somebody says you're the firsttime you met him? Yeah, you're
talking about the MS Gallo. Yeah. So his mom had multiple sclerosis and
he was being honored for all theawareness that he was spreading. And I
was hosting the gala that night andI have multiple sclerosis as well, And

when I was introducing him on thestage, I hadn't even met him yet,
and I said, my legs arenumb, and I don't know if
it's the MS or Shamar Moore wildplace went not miss a common symptom with
mescation and when you meet Sam Mooreas well. Yeah, so it's like
if you meet Samarro Moore and youget numb, don't freak out. May

not be MS, It just mightbe Shamar Moore. You know you're in
his presence? Is that? Hey, Laurie, good morning? How are
you today? Good? How areyou? We're doing great. You're gonna
go see Jennifer Lopez. Yeah,you got it. You're gonna see Jennifer
Lopez. This is me now thetour at Kia Forum on July eleventh.

Flori, whoo, thank you somuch. Congratulations. I love it.
We love FM one oh four pointthree. Oh, that could have gone
so much better. Say something likethis, we love one O four to
three my FM. Say that Ilove Maya FM one O four point three.

Yeah, all right, we'll takeit. You're very sweet, You're
very very sweet. What does itfeel like for you right now you're live
on the radio. How does thatfeel feels great? You've been calling and
calling for a long time trying toget through. Oh glad you got through.
Is there anybody listening? To youright now. You at work at
home where you located. I'm inSeeney Valley. I'm off today and I

was just driving down the street andI have you programmed on My, My,
My, My four programs in mycar, and I did the button.
Are we preset number one? Youare? Yeah, I'm talking about
if you're in your car, we'dlove you to make us preset number one,
first position. Please if you cando that. Some people like to
do it in americally, but Ithink you're gonna have a much better life

if you make us your first preset. Well, hang on, Lauria,
We'll get you. Jennifer Lopez.That's exactly right, we'll get you.
All said you hang tight one moment. This is all day long. By
the way, it's my free ticketFriday, so your chance to win will
be coming up all day long today. Jennifer Lopez in concert. Here's been
some boone. This is called beautifulthings. The news, Well the sun.

I thought the sun was going toburn off a bit today, but
it doesn't look like it is becausewe have some rains and drizzles and showers,
et cetera in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow and the weekend. But
still nice day, man. Youknow, we've had some really nice hot
days and some sunshine recently. Butenjoy today anyway, even though the overcast.
Guys are there. Nice time todrive to Coachella if you're doing that.

Yes, I'm actually if you're drivingto the Coachella, they say to
avoid traffic, you should leave probablyabout one o'clock, that's what they're saying.
Really, you're fine? Yeah,oh yeah, no, you all
listening should leave. I'll be leavingat ten and like the road's clear,

so y'all can wait till one.They had to Coachella. It'd be great
for me and my fam. Appreciateyou, all right. It's one A
four three fan your chance to hangout. Jennifer Lopez coming up again.
It's a my free Ticket Friday,So all throughout the days day until eight
o'clock to night. Whenever we giveyou the queue to call, you have
a chance at winning a pair oftickets to see Jennifer Lopez. This is
me now the tour and uh,I wouldn't leave if I were you,

you know what I mean, wouldn'tleave the radio. Oh yeah, you
know, keep us close by,you know what I mean? Anyone feel
free to respond, Okay, allright, picking it up, all right.
You know something may be happening beforeour show ends at ten. Oh

oh yeah. Right after this break, we're giving out to this for Ja
Yeah, Jennifer Lopez. Right afterthis break comes Dan's and SUV's to full
size trucks. Experience the incredible powerand fuel efficiency with Toyota Electrified. Three
things you need to know right now, all right, The Biden administration announced
plans to cancel even more student loandebt. We'll get right to it.
John Camuci is not getting his debtcanceled. He's bummed about this. Seven

billion in total will be erased.That's for about two hundred and seventy seven
thousand people. In order to qualifyfor this, John, you'll have to
be enrolled in some sort of governmentrepayment plan. Have you been paying?
Yours are just kind of holding off? You have? Okay, good man?
Or repaying your loan for a certainperiod of time ten plus years.
I think details though. Please lookhim up or pass him on to a
friend who might be eligible for this. Facebook dot com slash Valentine in the

Morning. Facebook dot com slash Valentinein the morning. So after a stretch
of warm spring days, highs inthe eighties and stuff, we were getting
colder temps and more rain this weekend. Tomorrow, the rain's gonna be scattered,
you know, not the brightest,but some areas near the mountains could
get up to two inches. Weshould get clear skies and warmer temps by
Monday, john what's trending, Well, Taylor Swift's music had her brain scattered,

not the brightest. Yeah, dudeon fire, on fire this whole
week on fire. What's training,Johnny? Taylor Swift's music is back on
TikTok currently. Remember Universal Music Grouppulled all of its music off of TikTok
earlier this year, while some ofTaylor's is back. I guess this is
ahead of her release of her newalbum coming out next week. The Tortured
Poets departments still kind of unclear howor why this even happened, but of

course, if someone could figure itout, it's gonna be Taylor. You'll
see that music back on TikTok startingnow. I'm John Camuci and that's what's
trending in music, my fam.It's Valentine that morning. Do you have
your podcast today. Brian, No, I do not have taping the podcast
today, not that one, notthat one. Brian does a lot of
like podcasts, producing behind the sceneshere for iHeart Radio. He's actually one

of the top producers in the entirecompany when it comes to stuff like that,
not just our live radio show.And one of his shows is called
Sex, Lies and Spray Tands withCheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars fame,
and I walked in on them theother day. Is it's okay,
but tell a story please. Iknow your wife might be a bit taken
about. I walked in on themtalking on like a zoom call. It's
just him and Cheryl Burke, right. I have never heard such flirtations between

two people. And it wasn't reallycoming from Brian. It was Cheryl flirting
with him. That's just the wayshe is with everyone. And then I
popped around, I go, hi, Cheryl's me Valentine, Oh hi Valentin,
how are you? Oh it's justquick. It was quick. It
was short. It was Kurt.But when she was talking to him,
Oh my gosh, he has away with the ladies. You really,

no, it is true, andI don't mean that in any way to
Embarra. So you really do havea way with ladies who really adore you.
And Cheryl Burke is no big surprise. It was totally professional. I
mean maybe there's some colorful Oh no, it was not professional. There's nothing
professoral about what I heard from theother side of that monitor. The oops,
did I show you something accidentally?She was worried about her low cut
top. But we don't have toget into that. Oops, Brye,

did you see something accidentally? I'mso sorry? And I walked around.
I'm like, what is going onhere? But that's a very good podcast.
That's a very good part. Youshould have her on the show anytime.
Oh, you're friends with everybody rightnow? What's the other podcast you're
working for her? Well? Thereare several, yeah, so many,
probably about ten ten different podcasts.Names some of your favorites if you can,

Hey, dude, the Nineties calledand that's what you really missed,
The Edds, The Real House ofthe Miami, Real Housewives of New Jersey,
the husbands of the Real Housewives ofOrange County. Maybe we stop now,
but who are some the famous peoplethat you come in contact with every
week? Kate Hudson, Kate Hudson, who else the cast of Glee?

Glee? Wow? Yeah, oh, now I'm blanking Christine Christine Taylor.
That's so much. I get starstruckevery time you're talking to her. It
was Christine Taylor. She was onthe show, Hey dude, and then
she was on movies like Dodgeball.Did you like Seinfeld's wife or something?
No, Ben, that's been stife. Oh Christy Taylor is yeah. Oh
that I knew it was somebody famous, right, yes, And Ben Stiller's

popped in. He has said hito you, well awkwardly. Yes.
I just stared at him for amoment, well beforehead because you don't have
a way with the guys. Yeah, it's like, oh, you're the
guy that's the way with the girls. I got it. Yeah, I
heard it with Cheryl and you allright. Nine to forty six. Anyways,
a ton of podcasts for you toperuse on the iHeartRadio apps. Some
of those are great ones. AndBrian works on producers in the background.
Thank you so much. One O, four three my sm entertainment headlines.

It's been eleven years since Scary Moviefive. You know the films where they
kind of spoof all of the horrorfilms. Well, a new scary movie
is in the works and it's gonnabe a reboot. Paramount says it'll film
in the fall and be in theatersometime next year, and no word if
any of the original cast will return. And our iHeartRadio Music Awards are now

streaming on Hulu and jelly Roll.I feel had one of the most emotional
speeches of the night, Jennifer Hudsonand Share perform together. If you keep
your eyes open and don't blink forJennifer Hudson's part of the performance, you
will see John and I grooven tothat song. Beyonce received our Innovator Award,
and make sure you watch the entirething because our host Ludacris not only

did he do an amazing job hosting, he performs a medley of his hits
at the end of the award showthat had Valentine out of his seats like.

That performance was so good. Bell'shands were in the air, we
were all just jumping around and dancing. It was so cool to see him
perform live. So I'm sorry Valentinewas up the entire time dancing, So
perhaps you must have missed that.It wasn't just during Luda jump up.
Yeah, yeah, I was moving. You can stream it now on Hulu.
I'm Jill were intimn headline, right, Jill. Thank you for your
show, Thanke, you for yourshow, John, think you by show,

brianbur and thank you very show.My Copulman, New York City,
think every show. Lauras Alredy atCoachella getting some social stuff. I will
be hitting the road going to Coachellamomentarily. Please keep me and my family
in your prayers this weekend. Ihave never been to Coachella. I'm wearing
a strange outfit. I don't knowwhat to expect. You're gonna have fun.
You have so much fun. Tunein Monday to find out how much
fun I had, and you canfollow along on Instagram too. I'm at

go for Valentine. Go then numberfour Valentine, oh right before, thank
you for your show, Thank youfor your show. Today's your last year
of this, So I believe Nancy'sback on Monday. That is right,
That is right. But I dohave a parting traffic gift for you coming
up. That's why I'm going upright now. Actually, yeah, you
on your Drive coming up next.Okay, well, here comes by parting

traffic gift. I'm ready, goahead,
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